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Item's List for Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn

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This page contains Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn Codes for PC called "Item's List" and has been posted or updated on Apr 30, 2008 by Lyran.

Boxshot & Details
Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn
  • Developer: Bioware
  • Publisher: Interplay
  • Genre: Role-Playing PC-style RPG
  • Release: Sep 24, 2000
  • ESRB: Teen

Item's List

for use with the Create Items cheat
Note: you can only create multiples of the same item with items that stack, such as scrolls.

scrl9gAbi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll
scrl9pAbsolute Immunity scroll
arow04Acid Arrows
clck14Adventurer's Robe
key08Aerie's Chain Key
scrl16Aganazzar's Scorcher scroll
sw1h34Albruin +1
bag05Ammo belt
amul19Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%
amul16Amulet of Metaspell Influence
amul21Amulet of Power
amul14Amulet of Protection +1
amul25Amulet of Spell Warding
scrl2dAnimate Dead scroll
plat06Ankheg Plate Mail
sw1h27Arbane's Sword +2
blun20Ardutia's Fall +1
leat18Armor of the Viper +5
scrl67Armor scroll
arow02Arrow +1
arow03Arrow of Slaying
arow11Arrows +2
arow05Arrows of Biting
arow07Arrows of Dispelling
arow08Arrows of Fire
arow09Arrows of Ice
arow10Arrows of Piercing
dart05Asp's Nest
waaxeAxe of Hrothgar +3
ax1h10Azure Edge
bag04Bag of Holding
wa2platBalduran Plate
sw1h01Bastard Sword
sw1h02Bastard Sword +1
sw1h03Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters
sw1h42Bastard Sword +2
ax1h01Battle Axe
ax1h02Battle Axe +1
ax1h03Battle Axe +2
ax1h13Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver
ax1h12Battle Axe +3: Stonefire
sw1h30Belm +2
belt10Belt of Inertial Barrier
scrl9xBlack Blade of Disaster scroll
leat19Black Dragon Scale
scalebBlack Dragon Scale (Shadow Dragon)
misc3eBlack Spider Figurine
halb06Blackmist +4
sw1h40Blade of Roses +3
sw1h39Blade of Searing +2
scrl71Blindness scroll
scrl85Blur scroll
bolt02Bolt +1
bull06Bolt +2
bolt04Bolt of Biting
bolt03Bolt of Lighting
bolt05Bolt of Polymorphing
dagg14Bone Blade +4
blun23Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead
misc3aBook Of Infinite Spells
boot07Boots of Elvenkind
boot11Boots of Etherealness
boot05Boots of Grounding
boot08Boots of Phasing
boot01Boots of Speed
boot02Boots of Stealth
boot04Boots of the Avoidance
boot03Boots of the North
brac04Bracers of Archery
brac11Bracers of Binding
brac16Bracers of Blinding Strike
brac15Bracers of Defense AC 3
brac14Bracers of Defense AC 4
brac13Bracers of Defense AC 5
brac03Bracers of Defense AC 6
brac02Bracers of Defense AC 7
brac01Bracers of Defense AC 8
scrl6uBreach scroll
shld17Buckler +1
bull02Bullet +1
bull03Bullet +2
scrl68Burning Hands scroll
scrl8iCacofiend scroll
scrl8aCarrion Summons scroll
sw1h51Celestial Fury
scrl9qChain Contingency scroll
scrl7sChain Lightning scroll
chan01Chain Mail
chan02Chain Mail +1
chan08Chain Mail +2
chan03Chain Mail +2 Mail of the Dead
chan09Chain Mail +3: Darkmail
chan15Chain Mail +3: Melodic Chain
chan16Chain Mail +4 Bladesinger Chain
chan06Chain Mail +4: Drizzt's Mail
chan10Chain Mail +4: Jester's Chains
chan11Chain Mail +5: Crimson Chain
scrl5pChaos scroll
key07Chapel Key
scrl69Charm Person scroll
scrl82Chill Touch scroll
scrl83Chromatic Orb scroll
scrl1dClairvoyance scroll
staf19Cleric's Staff +3
clck03Cloak of Displacement
clck23Cloak of Elvenkind
clck26Cloak of Mirrors
clck06Cloak of Non-Detection
clck01Cloak of Protection +1
clck02Cloak of Protection +2
clck24Cloak of Reflection
clck27Cloak of Sewers
clck25Cloak of Stars
clck20Cloak of The Shield
clck04Cloak of the Wolf
scrl2eCloudkill scroll
blun24Club +2: Gnasher
blun22Club +3: Blackblood
scrl70Color Spray scroll
bow01Composite Long Bow
bow02Composite Long Bow +1
bow16Composite Long Bow +2
scrl2fCone of Sold scroll
scrl1uConfusion scroll
scrl7yConjure Air Elemental scroll
scrl7zConjure Earth Elemental scroll
scrl7xConjure Fire Elemental scroll
scrl7bConjure Lesser Air Elemental scroll
scrl7cConjure Lesser Earth Elemental scroll
scrl6xConjure Lesser Fire Elemental scroll
scrla8Contagion scroll
scrl7uContingency scroll
scrl8vControl Undead scroll
scrlzz or scrlzyCow summon scroll
hamm09Crom Faeyr +4
xbow13Crossbow of Affliction
key01Cult Key
sw2h03Cursed Berserking Sword
sw1h28Cutthroat +4
dagg02Dagger +1
dagg03Dagger +2
dagg19Dagger of...
dart02Dart +1
dart03Dart of Stunning
dart04Dart of Wounding
key05Dawn's light Symbol
scrla2Deafness scroll
scrl7rDeath Fog scroll
scrl7iDeath Spell scroll
scrl8nDelayed Blast Fireball scroll
key25Despana Treasury Key
scrl6kDetect Illusion scroll
scrl87Detect Invisibilty scroll
scrl1sDire Charm scroll
scrl7tDisintegrate scroll
scrl1eDispel Magic scroll
scrl5nDomination scroll
halb04Dragon Bane +3
helm21Dragon Helm
shld21Dragon Scale Shield +2
halb05Dragon's Breath +4
hamm06Dwarven Thrower +3
misc3cEfreeti Bottle
chan13Elven Chain +1
chan12Elven Chain Mail
bow12Elven Court Bow +3
chan14Elven Mail +2: Sylvan Mail
scrl5hEmotion: Hopelessness scroll
scrl6mEnchanter Weapon scroll
scrlaqFarsight scroll
scrl5qFeeblemind scroll
scrl6dFind Familiar scroll
scrl8oFinger of Death scroll
scrl1wFire Shield (Blue) scroll
scrl6nFire Shield (Red) scroll
dagg12Fire Tooth +3
scrl1gFireball scroll
key09Firkraag Prison Key
blun03Flail +1
blun13Flail +2
blun14Flail of the Ages +3
scrl1fFlame Arrow scroll
sw2h12Flame of the North
sw1h24Flame Tongue
scrl7hFlesh to Stone scroll
shld23Fortress Shield +3
scrl9zFreedom scroll
scrl72Friends scroll
plat19Full Plate +2
plat15Full Plate +2: Plate of the Legion
plat16Full Plate +3: Armor of the Heart
plat04Full Plate Mail
plat05Full Plate Mail +1
key02Gaal's Key
scrl9nGate scroll
brac19Gauntlets of Crushing
brac07Gauntlets of Dexterity
brac06Gauntlets of Ogre Power
brac10Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
brac09Gauntlets of Weapons Skill
bag02Gem Bag
scrl1tGhost Armor scroll
scrl1cGhoul Touch scroll
xbow08Giant Hair Crossbow +3
belt03Girdle of Bluntness
belt09Girdle of Fortitude
belt08Girdle of Frost Giant Strength
belt05Girdle of Gender
belt06Girdle of Hill Giant Strength
belt04Girdle of Piercing
belt07Girdle of Stone Giant Strength
misc3pGlasses of ID
scrla3Glitterdust scroll
scrl7fGlobe of Invulnerability scroll
brac20Gloves of Healing
brac18Gloves of Missile Snaring
brac17Gloves of Pick Pocketing
belt02Golden Girdle
misc3dGolden Lion Figurine
scrl66Grease scroll
scrl5iGreater Malison scroll
amul17Greenstone Amulet
key27Guildhouse Key
halb02Halberd +1
halb03Halberd +2
halb08Halberd +2 Darkblade
halb09Halberd +4: Wave
hamm07Hammer of Thunderbolts +3
ax1h08Hangards Axe +2
sw2h07Harbringer +3
misc3mHarp of Discord
scrl1hHaste scroll
bow10Heartseeker +3
xbow01Heavy Crossbow
xbow02Heavy Crossbow +1
xbow07Heavy Crossbow +2
xbow03Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy +5
helm07Helm of Balduran
helm16Helm of Brilliance
helm06Helm of Charm Protection
helm04Helm of Defense
helm03Helm of Glory
helm05Helm of Infravision
leat10Hide Armor
scrl5oHold Monster scroll
scrl1iHold Person scroll
scrl6lHold Undead scroll
misc3hHorn of Blasting
misc3lHorn of Silence
scrl89Horror scroll
leat21Human Flesh +5
scrl1xIce Storm scroll
scrl75Identify scroll
sw1h26Ilbratha +1
scrl9sImprisonment scroll
scrl7qImproved Haste scroll
scrl1yImproved Invisibility scroll
scrl9cImproved Mantle scroll
scrl9eIncendiary Cloud scroll
scrl76Infravision scroll
scrl1jInvisibility 10' Radius scroll
scrl90Invisibility scroll
scrl7eInvisible Stalker scroll
misc3kIron Horn Of Valhalla
sw1h38Jhor the Bleeder +2
key28Jon's Key
amul20Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance 10%
sw1h44Katana +1
key12Key to Aran's lair
scrl8hKhelben's Warding Whip scroll
clck12Knave's Robe
scrl91Knock scroll
scrl92Know Alignment scroll
sw1h25Kundane +2
shld05Large Shield
shld06Large Shield +1
shld07Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles
shld19Large Shield +2
scrl84Larloch's Minor Drain scroll
leat20Leather +3: Aeger's Hide
leat09Leather +3: Karajah's Armor
leat13Leather +4: Skin of the Ghoul
leat14Leather +5: The Night's Gift
leat01Leather Armor
leat02Leather Armor +1
leat11Leather Armor +2
leat03Leather Armor +2: Protector of the Second
leat12Leather Armor +3
xbow04Light Crossbow
xbow05Light Crossbow +1
xbow09Light Crossbow +2
xbow06Light Crossbow of Speed
scrl1kLightning Bolt scroll
key06Lightstone Symbol
sw2h14Lilarcor +3
scrla4Limited Wish scroll
bow03Long Bow
bow04Long Bow +1
bow17Long Bow +2
bow07Long Bow of Marksmanship
sw1h04Long Sword
sw1h05Long Sword +1
sw1h06Long Sword +2 Famir's Blade
scrl6vLower Resistance scroll
scrl93Luck scroll
blun05Mace +1
blun21Mace +2
blun12Mace of Disruption +1
clck09Mage Robe of Cold Resistance
clck11Mage Robe of Electric Resistance
clck10Mage Robe of Fire Resistance
scrl77Magic Missile scroll
sw1h45Malakar +2
bow13Mana Bow +4
scrl8jMantle scroll
book03Manual of Bodily Health
book04Manual of Gainful Exercise
book05Manual of Quickness of Action
staf08Martial Staff +3
key20Mask Of King Strohm III
scrl8wMass Invisibility scroll
blun19Mauler's Arm +2
scrl9hMaze scroll
shld03Medium Shield
shld04Medium Shield +1
shld29Medium Shield +2
scrl95Melf's Acid Arrow scroll
scrla5Melf's Minute Meteors scroll
scrl9tMeteor Swarm scroll
scrl1zMinor Globe of Invulnerability scroll
scrl6pMinor Sequencer scroll
scrl6gMinor Spell Deflection scroll
scrl7dMinor Spell Turning scroll
scrl1lMinor Summoning 1 scroll
scrl96Mirror Image scroll
scrl7kMisled scroll
scrl2aMonster Summoning 2 scroll
scrl2gMonster Summoning 3 scroll
misc7tMoon Dog Figurine
scrl8rMordenkainen's Sword scroll
blun06Morning Star
blun07Morning Star +1
blun15Morning Star +2
key10Nalia's Keep Key
sw1h36Namarra +2
xbow10Necaradan's Crossbow +3
amul24Necklace of Form Stability
amul01Necklace of Missiles
sw1h49Ninja-To +1
scrl1mNon-Detection scroll
scrl6wOracle scroll
scrl5jOtiluke's Resilient Sphere scroll
amul23Periapt of Life Protection
amul22Periapt of Proof Against Poison
scrl6zPhantom Blade scroll
key14Piece Of Burial Mask 1
key15Piece Of Burial Mask 2
key16Piece Of Burial Mask 3
key17Piece Of Burial Mask 4
key18Piece Of Burial Mask 5
key19Piece Of Burial Mask 6
scrl7tPierce Magic scroll
scrl9aPierce Shield scroll
dagg13Pixie Prick +3
key03Planar Key
key11Planar Prison Key
plat01Plate Mail
plat02Plate Mail +1
plat11Plate Mail +2: Delver's Plate
plat12Plate Mail +2: Doomplate
plat13Plate Mail +4 Gorgon Plate
plat17Plate Mail +5: T'rahcie's Tainted Plate
dagg16Poison Throwing Dagger
scrl5lPolymorph Other scroll
scrl5mPolymorph Self scroll
bag06Potion case
scrl9jPower Word Blind scroll
scrl9uPower Word Kill scroll
scrl7pPower Word Silence scroll
scrl6ePower Word Sleep scroll
scrl8qPower Word Stun scroll
scrl8pPrismatic Spray scroll
scrl8fProjected Image scroll
scrl6yProtection from Acid scroll
scrl6iProtection from Cold scroll
scrl5tProtection from Electricity scroll
scrl8eProtection from Elements scroll
scrl8yProtection from Energy scroll
scrl78Protection from Evil scroll
scrl6hProtection from Fire scroll
scrl7oProtection from Magic Weapons scroll
scrl7jProtection from Magical Energy scroll
scrl1nProtection From Normal Missiles scroll
scrl6tProtection from Normal Weapons scroll
scrl73Protection from Petrifaction scroll
staf02Quarterstaff +1
staf18Quarterstaff +2
sw1h33Ras +2
sw1h23Rashad's Talon
scrl6fRay of Enfeeblement scroll
plat18Red Dragon Scale
scrl5uReflected Image scroll
shld24Reflection Shield +1
scrl5gRemove Curse scroll
scrla7Remove Magic scroll
scrl94Resist Fear scroll
ax1h09Rifthome Axe +3
ring40Ring of Acuity
ring28Ring of Air Control
ring03Ring of Animal Friendship
ring04Ring of Clumsiness
ring36Ring of Danger Sense
ring26Ring of Djinni Summoning
ring29Ring of Eart Control
ring20Ring of Energy
ring27Ring of Fire Control
ring02Ring of Fire Resistance
ring09Ring of Free Action
ring39Ring of Gaxx
ring22Ring of Holiness
ring30Ring of Human Influence
ring21Ring of Infravision
ring05Ring of Invisibility
ring35Ring of Lockpicks
ring06Ring of Protection +1
ring07Ring of Protection +2
ring31Ring of Regeneration
ring33Ring of the Ram
ring34Ring of the Spell Turning
ring08Ring of Wizardry
bow09Ripper +2
clck29Robe of the Apprenti
clck17Robe of the Evil Archmagi
clck15Robe of the Good Archmagi
clck16Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
rods01Rod of Absorption
rods02Rod of Lordly Might
rods03Rod of Resurrection
rods04Rod of Smiting
rods05Rod of Terror
scrl8gRuby Ray of Reversal scroll
key24Sahuagin Treasury Key
key21Samia's Key
shld27Saving Grace +3
sw1h22Scimitar +1
sw1h50Scimitar +1 Shazzellim
sw1h15Scimitar +3: Frostband
sw1h16Scimitar +5: Defender
bag03Scroll Case
scrl6oSecret World scroll
key26Sekolah's Tooth
shld22Sentinel +4
key29Sewer Key
scrl2hShadow Door scroll
key22Shadow Prison Key
key13Shadow Thief Prison Key
scrl9yShapechange scroll
amul15Shield Amulet
shld25Shield of Harmony +2
shld26Shield of the Lest +2
scrl79Shield scroll
scrl80Shocking Grasp scroll
bow05Short Bow
bow06Short Bow +1
bow18Short Bow +2
bow19Short Bow of Gesen
sw1h07Short Sword
sw1h08Short Sword +1
sw1h09Short Sword +2
sw1h10Short Sword of Backstabbing
misc3iSilver Horn of Valhalla
scrl8zSimulacrum scroll
helm17Skull of Death
scrl1pSkull Trap scroll
blun18Skullcrusher +3
scrl81Sleep scroll
slng02Sling +1
slng04Sling +2
slng03Sling +3
slng05Sling +3: Arla's Dragonbane
slng06Sling +4: Arvoreen
slng07Sling of Seeking +26
scrl10Slow scroll
shld01Small Shield
shld02Small Shield +1
shld28Small Shield +2
sw2h08Soul Reaver +4
sper02Spear +1
sper09Spear +1: Halcyon
sper05Spear +2
sper07Spear +2: Unicorn Spear
sper06Spear +3
sper03Spear +3: Backbiter
sper08Spear +3: Impaler
sper10Spear of Withering +4
scrl7vSpell Deflection scroll
scrl6sSpell Immunity scroll
scrl8lSpell Sequencer scroll
scrl8xSpell Shield scroll
scrl9mSpell Strike scroll
scrl6jSpell Thrust scroll
scrl9lSpell Trap scroll
scrl9dSpell Trigger scroll
scrl8dSpell Turning scroll
scrl8mSphere of Chaos scroll
scrl6rSpider Spawn scroll
scrl5kSpirit Armor scroll
chan04Splint Mail
chan05Splint Mail +1
chan17Splint Mail +2: Ashen Scales
chan18Splint Mail +3: Armor of Faith
scrla6Spook scroll
staf06Staff Mace
staf15Staff of Air +2
staf09Staff of Command
staf10Staff of Curing
staf16Staff of Earth +2
staf17Staff of Fire +2
staf12Staff of Power
staf20Staff of Rynn +4
staf05Staff of Striking
staf11Staff of the Magi
staf13Staff of Thunder and Lightning
staf07Staff Spear +2
staf14Staff the Woodlands +4
startdartStardart (lasts 24 hours)
dagg17Stiletto of Demarchess +2
scrl97Stinking Cloud scroll
scrl8cStone to Flesh scroll
scrl1vStoneskin scroll
scrl98Strength scroll
bow11Strong Arm +2
leat15Studded Leather +2
leat16Studded Leather +3: Orc Leather
leat08Studded Leather +3: Shadow Armor
leat17Studded Leather +4: Armor of the Deep Night
leat04Studded Leather Armor
leat05Studded Leather Armor +1
leat06Studded Leather Armor +2: Missile Attraction
leat07Studded Leather Armor +2: Telbar's Armor
scrl8tSummon Dijinni scroll
scrl8sSummon Efreeti scroll
scrl9bSummon Fiend scroll
scrl8uSummon Hakeashar scroll
scrl8bSummon Nishruu scroll
key04Sun Ray Symbol
scrlarSunfire scroll
bull04Sunstone Bullet +1
sw1h53Swoard of Flame +1
scrlaoSymbol Death scroll
scrl9fSymbol Fear scroll
key23Symbol of Amaunator
scrlapSymbol Stun scroll
bow15Tansheron's Bow +3
sw1h37Taragarth +2
scrl6qTeleport Field scroll
scrl7gTenser's Transformation scroll
sw1h54The Equalizer
sw2h10The Holy Avenger: Carsomyr +5
blun10The Root of the Problem
blun16The Sleeper +2
ax1h04Throwing Axe
ax1h06Throwing Axe +2
dagg05Throwing Dagger
scrl9rTime Step scroll
book06Tome of Clear Thought
book07Tome of Leadership and Influence
book08Tome of Understanding
clck13Traveller's Robe
scrl7mTrue Seeing scroll
bow14Tuigan Bow +1
sw2h01Two Handed Sword
sw2h02Two Handed Sword +1
sw2h11Two Handed Sword +2
scrl1qVampiric Touch scroll
scrl3gVocalize scroll
sw2h15Vorpal Blade
scrl9vWail of the Banshee scroll
sw1h47Wakizashi +1
wand13Wand of Cloudkill
wand02Wand of Fear
wand05Wand of Fire
wand06Wand of Frost
wand11Wand of Heavens
wand07Wand of Lightning
wand03Wand of Magic Missiles
wand10Wand of Monster Summoning
wand04Wand of Paralyzation
wand09Wand of Polymorphing
wand08Wand of Sleep
wand15Wand of the Apprenti
wand12Wand of Wonder
hamm01War Hammer
hamm02War Hammer +1
hamm04War Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giantkind
hamm05War Hammer +2
hamm08War Hammer +2
hamm03War Hammer +2: Thundercracker
sw2h09Warblade +4
scrl99Web scroll
scrla1Wizard Eye scroll
scrl7wWyvern Call scroll
blun17Wyvern's Tail +2

Lyran, Apr 30, 2008
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