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Various Cheats and Hints for Final Fantasy 9

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This page contains Final Fantasy 9 Hints for Playstation called "Various Cheats and Hints" and has been posted or updated on Aug 21, 2008 by guyg55.

Boxshot & Details
Final Fantasy 9
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Publisher: Square Ea
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Nov 13, 2000
  • ESRB: Teen

Various Cheats and Hints

Real Good Weapons
Whenever u get into a boss battle, always steal! U can get weapons before you're meant 2, and best of all, its free!!! i.e. If u steal from Baku when he fights u on the airship after u leave the tantulus on disc 1 u can get the iron sword early ( I think its this sword at this time, but it may be another sword or at some other part of the beginning of disc 1! It is definetely avaliable before Blank is petrified!!!)

Submitted by: Zidane the King

How to change the costumes:
When you are in the ice cavern and you beat the giant monster that the little man summons without using magic the man will give up and he will give you an item and run away. Now go to deli village and in the hotel you can get changed in to a different costume.

4 Ways to Get the Robe Of Lords:
First way to get it is to play the Chocobo's Hot and Cold game and earn 10,000 points and redeem the points for Robe Of Lords by talking to the Mene the moogle

In-game reset:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start during game play.

Black Jack mini-game:
Successfully complete the game normally and allow the credits to finish. Press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square(2) at "The End" screen. A sound of an item being used will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to play the Black Jack mini-game.

FF9's 2nd Ending:
Complete the Zodiac Coin Side Quest and keep Shina's hammer. Do not use the Hammer in the Legendary Combo Shop. Keep it in your inventory and finish the game. You'll get an additional scene involving Baku.

Getting Excalibur:
Just buy the Magic Finger from the Treno auction and give it to the old man in the Dargeleo Library. Sell the rare items you bought from the auction to the people of Treno.

Getting Excalibur 2:
Get to the final area and beat hades under 12 hours. After that, search the right pillar in the Memory Room.

Quadruple Magic Attack's
When you get a reflect ring, have the four characters you regualary have in your party learn"Auto Reflect". When they all have it turned on,cast a reflective spell such as Bio or any of th elements, at yourself. This will effetively quadruple the power of the spell on to a single target.

Unlimited MP
Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you get reached your maximum MP. Since you can do this to other characters in the party as well, you can end up will everyone with maximum MP.

Easy AP
Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the Auction House and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Go to Alexandria and ring the rope in the tower when the bell rings a box will drop on Zidanes head and it contains the Ramuh Widolon Xard (note: only works after kuja attacks the town.)

Mog locations:
Here are the locations of all the mogs on disk 4 , this will help a lot if your doing the mognet quest:

Black Mage Village- Mogryo
Daguerreo- Noggy
Ipsens Castle- Kumool
Burmecia- Atla
Qu's Marsh (mist contenent)( you need to have Quina in your party to find this mog)- Mois
Dali- Gumo
Treno- Mogrich
Alexandria- Kupo
Lindblum- Moonte + Mogki + Moodon

Also dont forget to go back to Gizamaluke's Grotto to give kupo nut's to Moguta for extra items

Get Moguo angry:
You can get Moguo, the moogle on the world map, angry. Just call him a couple off times and send him away without doing anything. When you have repeated it severel times he will get angry and say three different lines.

Get running shoes:
You can get a pair of running shoes.You go to Quan's dwelling with Quina and Vivi in your party. There will be a meeting with Quan, Qualle, Quina and Vivi. After this is over look in the klok on the balcony and you will recieve a pair off running shoes.

Get the Ultima Weapon:
If you want to get the Ultima weapon for Zidane then get yourself a darkbleu chocobo and go to the exact place of the where the Shimmering Island was (at disc 3). Then use a Dead Pepper and you will get the Ultima Weapon. Note:You must get on the exact place that has been pointed on the world map.

Listen to a FF8 tune:
You can listen to a FF8 tune. First go to Treno. Buy the Doga's artifact and the Une's mirror. Then go to the Black Mage village and go to the Inn. Talk to the black mage that is standing by the doorstep off the Inn's bedrooms. Then you will hear a FF8 tune.

Garnet's real name:
Want to know Garnet's real name? Just follow these steps:

1: Go to the town where you first met Eiko. Walk to the kitchen. You will see Lani run away. Then leave the town.

2: Go back without Amarant or Garnet in your party. You can now talk to Lani. Talk to her twice. Then leave the town again.

3: Go back again without Amarant and Garnet in your party. Go to the Eidolon Wall and walk to the left until you hear a sound. When you hear that sound go walk to the right. Repeat this until you see a talkscreen that says that everything is healed. After that look at all the drawings on the wall. When you've looked at all the drawings go to the drawing off Ifrit and you will get Garnet's reall name

Target all with magic:
When in a fight, target someone or something with your magic. Then, press L1 to target all characters on that side of the battle field for the same MP as if using it on one person. This works very well when you want to heal your party quicker. If L1 does not work, then try L2. Note: This trick does not work with all magic (for example, Shell or Protect). Also, when using this trick the effectiveness of your magic will be reduced slightly, but not so much as to make its powers insignificant.

Scan Bosses:
To scan Bosses, use a tent. It will restore one half of its HP. Multiply that by two to have an accurate HP total for the Boss. Note: This will work only until the middle of Disc 3, since all your enemy's HP are out of range and will just show 9999. This works if you want an accurate stealing.

Hidden items
At the beginning of the game when playing with Vivi, go backwards. There should be an area that you search to find about four cards, two Potions and one Elixir.

Card battle with Phantoms:
In Memoria, whenever you see an exclamation point pop up, press Square to have a card battle with Phantoms, who have a lot of rare cards. The battles are fairly easy, using weak cards such as Flan or Ironites.

Most powerful Eidolon:
Once Queen Brahne dies, go back to Treno. Makes sure you do not leave until you go to the auction. Buy the Dark Matter. This will give Princess Garnet the ability to summon Odin. Make sure you equip Garnet with Dark Matter.

Less monster encounters:
If you are in a place where wild monsters appear, such as the world map, cave, or other locations, walk a short distance, then stop. Walk another short distance and stop again. Keep doing this until you reach your destination. Note: This does not always work.

Cloud reference:
In Lindblum's weapon shop, Zidane will get a (!) over his head and mention something about a guy with spiky hair that had a sword just like the one on the wall.

Holy Lance reference:
You can steal the Holy Lance from Ark in Oeilvert or simply buy it in Daguerreo. This was the ultimate weapon for Cain/Kain, in Final Fantasy 4. It was sealed in the underground of the Second Moon. It can be used by Freya.

Porom reference:
There is a reference of one of the twins from Final Fantasy 2 when you first visit Lindblum. When you go into the Business District, walk near the Card Freak's house. Approach the cart and an "!" should appear over Zidane's head. Press X and the game will refer to Porom's Action Figures.

See Amarant's full face
To see Amarant's full face, defeat him at Madain Sari. When he is shown giving up, the view will pan from the ground looking upwards at Amarant's face.

Use Amarant for gil and weapons
If you have Amarant in your party, fight to earn money. Once you have this money, buy extra weapons. In a Boss battle you can do a lot of damage by throwing these weapons. Some examples are: Gladius, Zorlin Shape, Rune Tooth, etc.

Less monster encounters
If you are in a place where wild monsters appear, such as the world map, cave, or other locations, walk a short distance, then stop. Walk another short distance and stop again. Keep doing this until you reach your destination. Note: This does not always work.

Saved game Moogle
When at the load or save menu, press Select to make the Moogle appear. The Moogle will tell you the levels of all four possible characters, as well as HP status.
Information in this section was contributed by Trevor Bennett.

Moogle help tip
Press Select while in any battle or at an in-game menu. This will bring a Moogle to help guide and help you in battle or in the menu.

Moogle suit and an autograph
During the first time in Lindbum, all the fans love Lowell. Follow him into the art room. Talk to him get an autograph from Lowell himself. Look around in the room (by the chair) to find another key item, a Moogle suit.

Kain's Lance reference
In Memoria on Disc 4, go past the save spot at the entrance and head for the door. Before you reach it, stick to the right against the wall. You will go in and find Kain's Lance. This Lance belongs to Kain from Final Fantasy 2.

A powerful weapon sealed in Memoria, owned by Cain/Kain, the Dragon Knight of Baron. It is the seconnd strongest weapon for Freya.

Water Shrine reference
This is also known as the Tower of Waltz. It sank into the ocean long time ago when the evil forces destroyed the Water Crystal.

Reis Wind reference
This is the econd ability of Freya. Reis was the ancient Holy Dragon. This type of dragon can assume the shape of a human, like in Final Fantasy Tactics (human form but it is a dragon).

Chrono series reference
The Masamune card refers to a powerful weapon in the Chrono series.

Easy exp and levling up
Ok their r 2 ways to do this easy and hard first the easy.
ok the easy way is to get a poketplaystationcheat disk and use the Zindane Tribal codes off it and then go to the grooto place where you can fight lvl 60 dragons i somehow defeated 1 when i was lvl 18 without using chests and then i went up to lvl 30 from it and then 36 and so on.

On the hard way you wont be able to make zidane have 9999hp and 999mp so u wil have to get to lvl 20 and get a synth wepon such as the ogre or the red spkieyone anyway and make sure u have lots of potions and either freya(for reis wind) or dagger(for protecion and cure) and have freya / dagger kepp using them and have vivi cast blizzard,blizzara and poison onto it the dragonand have zidane use skills and attacks also make sure he is very close to getting trance to make it easyer and if u have it equip the corral ring cause when the dragon uses thunderga it will heal u insted of damagin u and if u have dagger dont use summon cause it only does 100damage to the dragon and he has like 10935hp

Submitted by: Zidane Tribal L.V.L 89

guyg55, Aug 21, 2008
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