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Various Cheats and Hints for Final Fantasy: Tactics

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This page contains Final Fantasy: Tactics Hints for Playstation called "Various Cheats and Hints" and has been posted or updated on Aug 21, 2008 by peikee86.

Boxshot & Details
Final Fantasy: Tactics
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Publisher: Scea
  • Genre: Strategy Turn-Based
  • Release: Jan 28, 1998
  • ESRB: Teen

Various Cheats and Hints

Music test :
Enter BGMXXXX as a name. Note: In the Japanese version, enter B-G-M-Ki-Ki-Ta-I as a name.

In-game reset:
Hold R2 + R1 + L2 + L1 during game play.

Get level up faster
In the beginning of the game (after the second or third battle)teach Ramza "YELL" and in the next battle keep yelling at yourself and you should get about 10exp. and 10jp.Also by doing this you will be raising your speed.
submitted by: Kyle

Give everbody the Zodiac Summon
This is a long process and will be repetitive. First you have to get one person in your group to learn the summon fromt the boss at the bottom of the deep dongeon. Then you go into a battle that has enemy summoners in it with the person that learned the summon and another with the knight skill. Then all you have to do is to cast Zodiac on the summoner for them to learn it. If the summon is too powerful then use the knight to lower the magic attack power. You will know that the enemy summoner learned Zodiac because it pauses over the person after they have been hit. Once your sure the person learned it then kill the person and wait for their body to turn into a crystal. Then you can learn the Summon from the Crystal.

Defeating Bosses:
Have a male Monk with 99 or 100 Brave. You can do this by using the talk skill Praise of by using Ramza's Cheer Up. Have the Monk simply attack any Boss and it will do heavy damage. This works especially well when he has the Two Swords skill equipped. Keep attacking with this character to quickly kill any Boss.

5+ levels per battle
When you go into battle kill all enemies but one and weaken it so that it is still alive but it runs away and then get your characters to use accummulate and give them jp points up as a set skill and keep using it and you will get anywhere from 20 - 50 exp points.
(send by:Cloud)

Clone weapons
Have someone on your team equip the ninjas two sword skil. then put a sheild in your right hand and the sword you want to clone in the right(works with special swords like exclibur)enter a place that sells swords and best fit the person with the two sword skill to clone that sword.
(send by:shea blaho)

Easy money$$
Go in to any town with a recruting place to buy a slodier but dont recruit one just inter the place and then leave and watch your money rise like the rocket
(send by:chase)

Easy experience:
Have Ramza know Yell, and everyone else Accumulate or some other move that you can use for free every turn. Make sure no one has any form of Counter equipped. Kill all but one enemy, surround that one, but do not kill him. Use Yell until everyone is up to maximum speed (50) and then keep using Accumulate repeatedly to gain EXP and JP.

Last boss extremely easy
When you face the last boss (Altima Arc Angle)make sure you have beowolf in your party.When you fight have him cast his magic sword skilll chicken on him 2 times.then when you cast his magic sword drain it will take off around 795hp damage.i suggest having Orlandu,steelworker7,and Mustadio (as a chemist)as well.Good Luck!

Easy win:
This trick requires Ramza, a monk with Two Swords skill, secondary skill optional (Charge recommended); a male Fighter, Monk with Two Swords skill, steal as secondary skill; a Female fighter, Archer, Dance as secondary skill (for Nameless Dance only); Female Fighter, Wizard or Summoner, Math as a secondary skill; and any special character (Mustadio is best until you get Orlandu). All characters should have Move +2 as a movement skill as well. You find it in the Thief abilities section.

Increased accuracy:
When you have an Archer and the enemy is too close to fire at, aim a couple squares directly behind him. Your chances are greater if you do not aim directly at him.

Easy items:
When Gafgarion or any other powerful character comes to the party, change their class and take their armor, weapons, and other items.

Easier item use:
This trick is used to increase item delivery range. Turn the person you want to use the item into a Chemist, and have the Squire skill Gained JP up. Get into many random battles to get 350 JP. Go to the learn menu and learn Throw Item. This skill is especially useful at the beginning of the game.

Stealing items:
To steal items from human characters cast Don't Act on the enemy or Steal from the back. If you steal the enemy's shield the percentage of you stealing another item from the enemy becomes greater. You can cast Stop on them also, or you can combine all those methods for the best results.

Increased HP:
If you are on low health with your characters, equip the "Gained JP Up" ability , which is learned from the Squire. Then, learn the "Equip Armor" ability as Knight. Use the "Equip Armor" ability on your character and their health should go up. Then, re-equip the "Gained JP Up" ability and your character should still have that maximum HP as if he was still wearing that armor.

Duplicate items:
Note: The sword must be stronger than any weapon currently available or the best fit option must select it. Your character must be able to equip shield and sword. Go into any shop and try fit a weapon in the hand with the shield. This should also get rid of the weapon in the other hand. Best fit the character and exit the fit screen. You should now have another weapon in the inventory. You can also use this trick with the best weapon in the shop.

Using the duplication trick, you can duplicate any item the character holds in their hand (all weapons and shields). This works from the first battle of the first chapter to the last battle of the game. First, put the weapon or shield to be duplicated in the bottom hand (no two sword ability). Give your character all your items that he can equip that has the highest HP, Attack, and Pevade. Go into a shop that has the best weapons or shields that you can equip are weaker than the one you wish to duplicated. If they are same strength, this will only work if yours is more expensive than the shop's best. Then, to the "Fitting Room", choose the character with the item to be duplicated, then choose "Try it on". Pick the top hand, choose any weapon or shield on the list. This should make you lose the item in your second hand. Now, choose "Best fit". It should be your original items. Select "OK" to duplicate the item.

Duplicate Weapons
Set the Ninja "Two Swords" skill on anyone. Equip a shield in their right hand, and the item you want duplicated in their left. Now go to a shop that sells the items you want duplicated, choose "BEST FIT" and buy them. Next, go to the formation screen and remove the items. You should now have two of the item you had in the left hand.

For example, to duplicate Excaliber, go to Lionel castle's shop. You'll get a second Excalibur for only 10 gold!

How to get the Chaos Blade
On level nine of the Deep Dungeon you should fight a team of ninjas. Ready your CATCH ability. If you're lucky, one of the ninjas will throw a Chaos Blade at you. If you catch it you get to keep it!

Ultimate Summon
After beating the battle in the holy land of Myurond, go to the seaport Wo-jirius. Following an short event you can go into Dieve dungeon, and from the tenth floor of the basement you will be able to learn the ultimate summon (equivalent to Knights of the Round from FFVII.)

Drain Boss Health Quickly
Here is one of the easiest ways to defeat the bosses with insane amounts of health. Obtain the ghoul class monster and then breed it until you have the Revenant. One of this monster's main abilities is the Drain Touch, which siphons HP and is the only way to heal the undead creature. For some reason, whenever this ability is used against the big bosses, such as Hashmalum and Altima, the Revenant will drain 999 health points, thus shortening the battle with the bosses considerably.

Ultimate Magician
Have one character become a calculator. To level up the calculator, just have him do propositions seeing as the calculator is very slow. Once he has all the math skills learned, switch his job to summoner. Master the summoner and for the second skill equip math skill. He will be able to cast almost all spells. (Spells that are a must: Flare, Holy, Bolt3, Fire3, Ice3, Cure3.)

Crystal Abilities
When an enemy human character dies and turns into a crystal, and the ability command appears when you step on it. If you select ability and it gives you a list of abilities you can learn, (fire, fire 2, fire 3 etc, I discovered a way to get every ability there. When you select ability, and it gives you the list, go to the very bottom of the list and select the bottom ability listed. Then check the persons abilites that they can learn and you should have every ability that you could learn from the crystal.

Mime Job
The requirement for the job mime is level 8 item user, level 8 beginner knight, level 5 summoner, level 5 talker, level 5 Fu-sui-shi (Element user) and level 5 dragon knight.

Equipment Tip
When fighting battles against other humans, be sure to check their equipment. Sometimes they have items not available in stores. Use a mediator to invite them into your party and strip them after the battle, or use a thief to steal their belongings.

Zodiac Stones

Aries, acquired after defeating Wiegraf.
Taurus, Found hidden in Goug Machine city.
Gemini, acquired after beating Duke Elmdor in Limberry castle.
Cancer, acquired after beating the steel giant.
Libra, in the possession of thunder god Cid.
Scorpio, acquired after vanquishing Draclau.
Sagittarius, The high priest gives this stone to Meliadoul.
Capricorn, Acquired after defeating Dycedarg.
Aquarius, found in the deep coal mine in Goland.
Pisces, given to Alma by Izlude while he was dying.
Serpentarious, Elidibs has it in the last deep dungeon level.
Leo, this stone is acquired by killing Vormav.
Virgo, Altima possess the last stone in the Graveyard of Airships.

Chicken Trick
For this you'll need either a mediator or an oracle. A mediator is best. First learn any skill that lowers brave points. Then all you have to do is lower someone's brave points below 10. They'll turn into a chicken. They can't attack, they just run away. NOTE: They gain 1 brave point every turn, so keep it under 10 or they'll turn back

peikee86, Aug 21, 2008
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