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All In-Game Vehicles for Construction Simulator

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Construction Simulator
  • Developer: Excalibur Publishing
  • Publisher: Astragon
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Nov 10, 2011
  • Platform: Playstation 5
  • ESRB: Not Set
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All In-Game Vehicles

From: GafOvanny

Every project and builder is different. So it's only natural that you have a large selection of vehicles in the 2022 Construction Simulator. Whether the choice of the country played plays a role, how much it costs to rent or buy and which vehicles are actually available, we'll tell you here! The right tool is essential to complete a project efficiently and successfully.

There are a whopping 83 different vehicles in Construction Simulator (84 if you own the Extended Edition). These can be divided into different categories and accordingly have certain areas of responsibility in which you should use them. You can choose between 19 real brands.

Construction Simulator 2022: All Vehicles
Whether you choose to build your business in the US or Europe, you have access to all vehicles. However, these also have their price and this is often not exactly low. Fortunately, you can also rent all vehicles in Construction Simulator 2022 for 24 hours . In the following we list all available vehicles in their respective categories and tell you the respective prices for renting and full purchase. You can rent and buy the machines in the vehicle trade.

All excavators
Excavators have three different categories in Construction Simulator 2022:

  • Crawler excavators : They run on chains and can rotate their superstructure around its own axis. Loads of weight class B can be moved with the crane function.
  • Wheeled Excavators : These excavators are slightly more mobile than crawler excavators as they are wheeled and have a medium bucket capacity. Class A loads can be picked up with the shovel.
  • Compact excavator : Significantly smaller than its predecessors, but very manoeuvrable and can be used in many places.
brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
CaterpillarCAT 349Fcrawler excavator5,000 cr250,000 cr
CaterpillarCAT M318Fmobile excavator2,800 cr140,000 cr
doosanDoosan DX530LC-5crawler excavator5,000 cr250,000 cr
AtlasAtlas 340LCcrawler excavator3,900 cr195,000cr
LiebherrLF R956crawler excavator5,000 cr250,000 cr
LiebherrLF A918mobile excavator2,800 cr140,000 cr
Wacker NeusonWacker Neuson ET145compact excavator3,200 cr160,000 cr

All backhoe loaders
When it comes to backhoe loaders, you only have one option: the CAT 430F2. You need this model to load bulk goods. You can also attach loads of the lowest weight class (A) to the shovel with the crane function and transport them on the construction site.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
CaterpillarCAT 430F2backhoe loader1,800 cr90,000 cr

All concrete mixers
Any construction site that requires concrete work relies on a concrete mixer. For example, if you have a concrete pump on your construction site, a concrete mixer is essential. However, you can also use the construction machine alone if you want to cover small areas on the ground with concrete.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
MAN/LiebherrMAN TGS/LH HTM 904concrete mixer2,700 cr135,000 cr
Mack/LiebherrMack Granite/LH HTM 904concrete mixer2,700 cr135,000 cr
Kenworth/LiebherrKenworth T880/LH THM 904concrete mixer2,700 cr135,000 cr
CaterpillarCAT CT660concrete mixer2,700 cr135,000 cr
DAF/CifaDAF CF 430 FAK 8X2/Cifa Energya E9concrete mixer2,700 cr135,000 cr
scaniaScania P500 B8X4 4NA/AM 9concrete mixer2,700 cr135,000 cr

All concrete pumps
Concrete pumps can only work in combination with the concrete mixer. To do this, they must be positioned on the back of the concrete mixer. Use the concrete pump to reach high levels.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
DAF/CifaDAF CF 430 FAC 8X2/Cifa K53H Carbotechconcrete pump4,000 cr200,000 cr
Mack/LiebherrMACK LR Cabover/LH 41M5concrete pump4,400 cr220,000 cr
MAN/LiebherrMAN TGS/LH 41M5concrete pump4,400 cr220,000 cr
Scania/SchwingScania P500 B8X2 6NA/S 43 SX IIIconcrete pump4,000 cr200,000 cr

All rotary drilling rigs
Even with the rotary drilling rigs, there is only one model that you can use. With the LH LB28 you drill deep holes in the ground, which are then filled with concrete. A rotary drilling rig must be requested, especially for the construction of high-rise buildings.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
LiebherrLH LB28rotary drilling rigs5,000 cr250,000 cr

All reels
Whether dirt or asphalt: you press everything flat with the rollers.

Rollers come in two varieties:

  • Soil roller : With this type of roller you level soil to have a level work surface on your construction site.
  • Asphalt roller : Unlike the soil roller, the asphalt roller cannot be used on earth, but only to compact fresh asphalt.
brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
CaterpillarCAT CS56Bsoil roller1,800 cr90,000 cr
CaterpillarCAT CB44Basphalt roller1,580 cr79,000cr
BomagBomag BW 213 DH-5soil roller1,800 cr90,000 cr
BomagBomag BW 141 AD-5asphalt roller1,580 cr79,000cr
HAMMHamm H11Isoil roller1,800 cr90,000 cr
HAMMHamm H10Isoil roller1,800 cr90,000 cr
HAMMHamm HD+ 90l VO (CAB)asphalt roller1,580 cr79,000cr
HAMMHamm HD+ 90I VO (ROPS)asphalt roller1,580 cr79,000cr
Wacker NeusonWacker Neuson RC70soil roller1,800 cr90,000 cr
Wacker NeusonWacker Neuson RD45asphalt roller1,580 cr79,000cr

All cold planers
You need these construction machines to remove old layers of asphalt. In order for you to be successful here, you need a dump truck that can pick up old asphalt. You can also sell the milled material.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
BomagBomag BM 2000/75cold planer5,980 cr299,000cr
CaterpillarCAT PM620cold planer5,980 cr299,000cr
host genWirtgen W 210 Icold planer5,980 cr299,000cr

All tippers
Dump trucks are responsible for transporting rubble, based on the symbol that can be found in the machine description you can tell whether this is sand or gravel. There are three different categories here:

  • Asphalt Dump Truck : Asphalt dump trucks are used in road construction in combination with a cold planer and are the only type of dump truck that will haul asphalt.
  • Articulated tippers : Significantly more manoeuvrable and smaller than the other types and can therefore be used on many construction sites.
  • Dump Trucks : Capable of handling more debris than articulated dump trucks and are less manoeuvrable.
brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
BellBell B45EArticulated dump truck3,920 cr196,000cr
CaterpillarCAT 745CArticulated dump truck3,920 cr196,000cr
CaterpillarCAT CT660dump truck2,400 cr120,000 cr
DAF/CifaDAF CF 370 FAD 8X4dump truck2,400 cr120,000 cr
doosanDoosan DA40Articulated dump truck3,920 cr196,000cr
Mack/MeillerMack Granite/Meiller AM12asphalt dumper2,300 cr115,000 cr
MAN/MeillerMAN TGS/Meiller AM12asphalt dumper2,300 cr115,000 cr
mackGranite Meiller H436dump truck2,400 cr120,000 cr
MANMAN TGS Meiller P330dump truck2,400 cr120,000 cr
scaniaScania P500 B6X2 NAH 436dump truck2,400 cr120,000 cr
Wacker NeusonWacker Neuson DV100Articulated dump truck1,120 cr56,000 cr

All cranes
Liebherr dominates the crane market in all three categories. Cranes lift and move light and medium-weight loads (A to B). Only the mobile crane can be placed anywhere on the site because it is on a vehicle. You can only set up fast-erecting and tower cranes in marked places.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
LiebherrLH LTM1060mobile crane6,340 cr317,000cr
LiebherrLH LTM1300mobile crane9,800 cr490,000cr
LiebherrLH L1fast-erecting crane1,940 cr97,000 cr
LiebherrLH 125Kfast-erecting crane5,120 cr175,000 cr
LiebherrLH 150ECBtower crane5,120 cr175,000 cr

All trailers
No matter what you want to transport: trailers. Tractors and multi-trailers are essential for various transports. Tractors can pick up material, bulk cargo or vehicles based on the semi-trailer. Multi-trailers do not require a semi-trailer. Your loading area can transport whatever material or vehicles.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
DAFDAF XT 530 FTTtractor1,660 cr83,000 cr
DAFDAF XF 530 FTMtractor1,900 cr95,000 cr
kenworthKenworth T880tractor2,400 cr83,000 cr
Kenworth/PalfingerKenworth T880/Palfinger PK 27002Tractor with crane2,500 cr125,000 cr
MACKMACK ANTHEMtractor1,660 cr83,000 cr
MANMAN TGX D15tractor1,660 cr83,000 cr
MANMAN TGX D38tractor1,900 cr95,000 cr
MAN/PalfingerMAN TGX D26/Palfinger PK 53002Tractor with crane2,500 cr125,000 cr
NooteboomNooteboom MCOS-48-03(EB)multi trailer800 cr40,000 cr
NooteboomNooteboom MCOS-58-04Vmulti trailer900 cr45,000 cr
scaniaScania G500 A6X2/2NBtractor1,660 cr83,000 cr
WBuilderWBUILDER HS7Smulti trailer1,700 cr85,000 cr
WBuilderWBUILDER HS4Bmaterial trailer1,200 cr60,000 cr
WBuilderWBUILDER HS4Fmaterial trailer1,120 cr56,000 cr

All motor graders
Motor graders are needed on larger construction sites if areas need to be leveled there.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
casesCase 856Cmotor grader3,680 cr184,000cr
CaterpillarCAT 140M3motor grader5,000 cr250,000 cr

All bulldozers
Bulldozers run on tracks and are used to dig up soil and spread bulk materials such as sand, gravel or earth. At the rear of the machine there are teeth that loosen the soil, while at the front there is a boom with which you spread the loose material.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
casesCase 2050Mbulldozer3,340 cr167,000cr
CaterpillarCAT D8Tbulldozer4,900 cr245,000 cr
LiebherrLH PR736bulldozer4,900 cr245,000 cr

All flatbed trucks with crane
Small loads (A) can be loaded and unloaded with the crane on a platform truck. At the same time you can transport bulk goods with the platform as long as you have raised the side walls.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
MAN/Meiller/PalfingerTGS/Meiller D316/Palfinger PK 27002Flatbed truck with crane2,000 cr100,000 cr
CaterpillarCAT CT660Flatbed truck with crane2,000 cr100,000 cr

All wheel loaders
If there is bulk material on the construction site, you can move large quantities of it with a wheel loader and transport it onto a flatbed of your choice. Skid steer loaders are small versions that are suitable for gardening and landscaping. The compact crawler loaders, which drive on tracks, are even more manoeuvrable.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
AtlasAtlas L310wheel loader3,080 cr154,000cr
BobcatBobcat S550skid steer loader860 cr43,000 cr
BobcatBobcat T590compact track loader900 cr45,000 cr
casesCase 321Fskid steer loader1,290 cr63,000 cr
casesCase 1021Gwheel loader3,080 cr154,000cr
CaterpillarCAT 950Mwheel loader3,080 cr154,000cr
doosanDoosan DL550-5wheel loader3,080 cr154,000cr
LiebherrLH L546wheel loader2,760 cr138,000cr
Wacker NeusonWacker Neuson WL95wheel loader2,760 cr138,000cr

All blacktop pavers
To lay new layers of asphalt in road construction, you need asphalt pavers. Before that, the construction machine has to be loaded by the asphalt tipper.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
BomagBomag BF 600 C-2asphalt paver5,980 cr299,000cr
CaterpillarCAT Ap1055Fasphalt paver5,980 cr299,000cr
birdsVogele Super 2000-3Iasphalt paver5,500 cr275,000 cr

Civil, Extended Edition and Forklift
Based on the edition you own, you can choose a vehicle for your character. Extended Edition owners get a coupe in addition to the WB Ramster TX.

You don't have to buy or rent a forklift. These are freely available to you on certain plots of land, such as in the building materials trade. However, this also means that these can only be used there. They are suitable for transporting material on flatbed trailers, just don't forget to close the sides again after loading.

brandmodelcategoryrental pricepurchase price
WBuilderWB Ramster XTPick up1,660 cr83,000 cr
WBuilderWB Coupe GTCoupe--
Sep 23, 2022
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