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Golden Film Reels for L.A. Noire

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This page contains L.A. Noire Hints for Xbox 360 called "Golden Film Reels" and has been posted or updated on May 27, 2011 by bossmanjb.

Boxshot & Details
L.A. Noire
  • Developer: Team Bondi
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release: May 17, 2011
  • ESRB: Mature

Golden Film Reels

Below a list of all Golden Film Reels in L.A. Noire:

The Big Sleep: Go to Hollywood Blvd. At the far west end of the road you should see an intersection and a trolley tack. The track loops around a water tower. Underneath the tower you will see the 1st Golden Film Reel, The Big Sleep.

Nightmare Alley: Go to the intersection of Ivar Ave and Franklin Ave. Locate the shopping center with a row of green trees in front of its parking lot. To the left of the store, you should see a big billboard for Capt'n Saltee potato chips. Underneath this billboard there are a few dumpsters, to the right of the dumpster you will see the 2nd Golden Film Reel, Nightmare Alley.

Brute Force: Go to Schrader Blvd, a small road in the middle of the Hollywood division. There are a few small roads that branch off Schrader Blvd. One of those roads is a dead end, follow that road to the end. You should see the 3rd Golden Reel Film, Brute Force, on the sidewalk in front of a football field.

The Letter: Go to Selma Ave., just east of Las Palmas Avenue. There will be a row of homes with a red brick ground. Walk up the stairs of the first home on the left. Around the corner you will see the 4th Golden Film Reel, The Letter.

Gilda: Go to the intersection of De Longpre Ave. and Cahuenga Blvd. At the corner there is a gas station. Behind the gas station, between the two palm trees, you will see some dumpsters. On the ground, right by the dumpsters, is the 5th Golden Film Reel, Gilda.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Go to Sunset Ave., in between El Centro Ave. and Argyle Ave. There is a movie theater that is playing, "The Big Sheep" and "The Lady from Shanghai". Right under the awning, behind the ticket booth, you will find the 6th Golden Film Reel, Where the Sidewalk Ends, on the floor

In a Lonely Place: Go to the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and El Centro Ave. Go to the mini golf course, in the middle of the course, in the eighth tee, shaped like a circle, you should find the 7th Golden Film Reel, In a Lonely Place.

Sunset Boulevard: Go to the far west end of of Melrose Ave. About a half a block from the end of the road, there is a small courtyard in-between to buildings. Right in front of the tree, on the ground, you will find the 8th Golden Film Reel, Sunset Boulevard.

The Women in the Window: Go to the corner of Wilton Pl. and Lemongrove. On the southern side you will see a row of homes. Go to the backyard in-between the second and third building. There will be a tree and a picnic table. The 9th Golden Film Reel, The Women in the Window, will be on the picnic table.

The Spiral Staircase: Go to the corner of Santa Monica Ave. and Wilton Pl. On the North-East side of the the road you will see a small park with a playground, field, etc. Under the tree and near the bird-bath you should find the 10th Golden Film Reel, The Spiral Staircase

Odd Man Out: Go to the southern area of St. Andrews Pl., near the corner of St. Andrews Pl. and Sunset Blvd. One unnamed road goes through a small development of about a dozens homes. Find this road, go down it, and locate the dark blue house. Behind this house, on the floor of the backdoor, you will find the 11th Golden Film Reel, Odd Man Out.

The Night of the Hunter: Go to the north-west end of Fountain Ave. Locate the Hillside Motel. At the end of the parking lot you should see a swimming pool. On the ground at the far end of the poolside you will find the 12th and final Golden Film Reel of the Hollywood area, The Night of the Hunter.

The Narrow Margin: Go to the unnamed crossroads in-between Lemongrove Ave., Santa Monica Blvd, Hobart blvd, and Ardmore Ave. On the north-west side of the intersection you will see a LARGE tan colored house with red shingles. Behind this house there is a pool and a fountain, right under the fountain you will find the 13th Golden Film Reel, The Narrow Margin.

White Heat: Go to Mariposa Ave., about the middle of the road. Imagine that the road, "Lemongrove Ave." kept going east. It line's up almost exactly where you need to stop in the middle of Mariposa Ave. Once there, you will see a few apartment buildings. Find the apartment that has dark green paint on the bottom half, and light green paint of the top, with dark green paint on the roof as well. Go around this apartment and walk up the stairs in the back. The 14th Golden Film Reel, White Heat, should be sitting on the ground on the second floor balcony.

Thieves' Highway: Go to Rosewood ave., right in between Harvard Ave., and Kingsly Dr. You should be right next to a gas station and a drive-in restaurant. Walk inside the returant and right on the counter in the middle you will see the 15th Golden Film Reel, Thieves' Highway.

Crossfire: Go to the corner of Melrose Ave., and Heliotrobe Dr. You should see a billboard with Cola King on it. Behind that billboard there is a warehouse and a parking lot with a bunch of trailers. In front of the first trailer, on the ground, you will find the 16th film, Crossfire.

M: Go to the corner of Berendo St. and Rosewood Av. Locate the tall 3 story off-yellow brick house. Next to that you will see a 2 story green house with an orange roof. Next to the green house there is a small white house. In-between the green house and the white house you will see a seesaw in the yard. The 17th film, M, is right next to the seesaw.

The Killers: Go to 1st street, right in-between the 'W' and the 'I' in the word 'WILSHIRE' on the map. On the north side of the road they are doing construction all over the land. Go inside the building on the southeast side of the property. Inside the building, that is still under construction, you will see the 18th Golden Film Reel, The Killers. (There are MANY buildings that look similar, so it's easy to get lost and confused. Just make sure you go to the building that's right next to 1st street and on the southeast side of the whole property.)

The Set-Up: Go to the intersection of 6th St. and Berendo St. On the northeast side of the intersection you will see two red houses and a blue house in the middle. Go behind the blue house and you will see the 19th Golden Film Reel, The Set-Up on the ground next to the backdoor.

The Lady from Shanghai: Go to where Council st. meets 1st street. Once there, you should see a baseball field. Sitting right on top of the pitchers mound, you will find the 20th Golden Film Reel, The Lady from Shanghai.

Shadow of a doubt: Go to the unnamed road right underneath the second 'I' in the word 'WILSHIRE' on the map. This is a park. This park, and the unnamed road, it in-between 2nd street on both sides. 2nd street starts on the west/left of the park, stops where the park appears, and comes back on the east/right side of the park. Inside the park you will see a playground, past the playground there are a few picnic tables. Right next to a tree, on a picnic table, you will find the 21st Golden Film Reel, Shadow of a Doubt.

The Third Man: Go to the street right above the 'E' in the word 'WILSHIRE' on the map. This road is connected to Beverly Blvd. Go to the northeast side of it, the tip, it's a loopy road. Look for the BIG red bricked 3-4 story building. Behind that, there are no "real" roads, it's the outskirts of the city. You can go behind the building and look for a dirt path, follow the dirt path up the hill and on an overlook. In-between two benches on the hill you will see a tree, under the tree is the 22nd Golden Film Reel, The Third Man.

The Killing: Go to the corner of 6th St. and Hoover St. Look for the GIANT Church, almost impossible to miss. You can enter through the gate at a few spots, but you need to go to the southwest entrance. Just left of the front doors there is a small bush and the 23rd Golden Film Reel, the Killing, is on the ground in front of the bush.

Shadow of a Doubt: There are two entrances to the airport, where you will find this film reel. The easiest one to find is at the end of Coronando St. Go to the north-most area of the road. You will see an unmarked road that turns into the airport of the west/left. Go in to that road, driving is recommended because it's a long walk. Go past the first parking lot and set of hangers. Keep going until you see 2 red airplanes. Right in-between the two red airplanes is a small hanger. Inside the small hanger, right in front of the airplane, you will see the 24th Golden Film Reel. It's the last one in the Wilshire area.

Night and the City: Go to the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Alvarado St., right next to the bridge and in MacArthur Park. Go down into the water and wade all the way through to a gazebo in the middle of the pond/lake. The 25th Golden Film Reel, Night and the City, is right on the floor of the gazebo.

The Big Clock: Go to Grand View St., and go right next to the unnamed zig-zag street. Once there, drive through the unnamed zig-zag street all the way to the top, where you will find a white house with vines crawling around. Right on the floor of the front step, you will find the 26th Golden Film Reel, The Big Clock.

Murder, My Sweet: Go to the corner of Burlington Ave. and 9th Street. Go down the alley towards Beacon Street to the northeast. Once you reach the courtyard area, go down the steps to find a underground parking lot. Right next to the tree in the middle of the parking lot is the 27th Golden Film Reel, Murder My Sweet.

The Naked City: Go to the corner of Beverly Blvd and Bonnie Brae St. On the southwest side of the intersection you can see a small corner store. The next hose down is a blue and white house with a wrap-around porch. Go on the porch and follow it to the right side of the house, on the floor of the porch you will see the 28th Film, The Naked City.

Sweet Smell of Success: Go to the corner of Union and 3rd Street. There is a whole block of unnamed roads at this corner. go to the northwest corner of this block and you should see a massive gaping whole in the ground that is under construction. On the other side of the whole you will see some equipment and the 29th Golden Film Reel, Sweet Smell of Success, in on the ground in front of it.

Rififi: Go to the unnamed block at the Corner of Union and 3rd street. On the middle of the east sidewalk there should be a sky blue house with white on it. Sitting on the front porch is the 30th Golden Film Reel, Rififi.

This Gun for Hire: Go to the bridge at that connects Beverly Blvd, Glendale Blvd, 1st St., 2nd St., and Lucas Ave, at the northwest side of central. On the north side of the bridge there is some construction. Go down to it and find the medal pipes that are constructed as a small structure. Walk into the structure and you will find the 31st Golden Film Reel.

Mildred Pierce: This Film Reel is under the ground on the train track. There are two entrances, the easiest one is at the corner of Lucas Ave. and Beverly Blvd. Drive your car into the tunnel on the train tracks for about 30 seconds. Soon there will be a small turn off area directly into the wall. Go into this area, that's about half way through the whole tunnel, and pick up off the floor the 32nd Golden Film Reel, Mildred Pierce

The Big Carnival: Go to the corner of 9th St. and Figueroa St. Walk passed the dress shop and through the small parking lot towards a two story white and grey house. Right on the front doorstep of the house, which is next to an ugly Pink building and a 3 story green building, is the 33rd Golden Film Reel, The Big Carnival.

Out of the Past: Go to the farthest north you can go on Hill Street. There should be an open trolley station. Inside the station, in the middle of the back of the room, you should see the 34th, and final Golden Film Reel in West Central, Out of the Past.

Key Largo: Go directly above the letter 'T' in the word 'Central' on the map. Go as north as you can go and you should see a road that looks like a question mark. Drive all the way up that road and you will see a farm/ranch. Right on the porch of the shack, on the left hand side, is the 35th Golden Film Reel, Key Largo.

Leave Her to Heaven: Go directly above the letters 'R' and 'A' in the 'Central' on the map. Directly to the right of the question mark road, that we used to get the Key Largo Film Reel, you should see a roundish intersection. No name for these roads. Your at the right spot if you see an old pool with a building. The water is brown and has garbage in it. Go to the right side of the building, around the fence, and you will see the 36th Golden Film Reel, Leave her to Heaven, on the ground in-between some bushes.

The Maltese Falcon: Go to Grand Ave., right on top of the area of the map that says, "AVE". You should appear next to a tall brown building with medal poles on the roof that look like they once held a billboard. Behind that building, in the dusty backyard, is the 37th Golden Film Reel, The Maltese Falcon, next to a stack of bricks and a structure made of wood.

The Big Heat: Go to the corner of Hill St. and 3rd St. On the west side of the intersection is a landmark called Angels Flight. It's a train-track that rides on a very steep hill. Go to the top of the hill and you will see a small train ticket building. Right in the back, by the guard rail, you will see the 38th Golden Film Reel, The Big Heat.

Touch of Evil: Go to the corner of 6th St. and Broadway. On the southwest side of the street you can see the big theater. But you have to get behind it, to do so, walk on the sidewalk on sixth street and turn back, to the left, on the first available alleyway. You should see a stairway. To the right of the steps there is a golden pole. Climb the pole up to the roof, then go up the two sets of ladders. Finally, once you are on the roof, go to the front of the theater and you will see the 39th Golden Film Reel, Touch of Evil.

The Asphalt Jungle: Go to the corner of Los Angeles St. and 6th St. On the southeast side of the intersection you should see a train station. Walk up to the train station and at the southeast end of the tracks, where two tracks meet each other, you will see the 40th Golden Film Reel, The Asphalt Jungle.

Angles with Dirty Faces: Go to the intersection of 2nd St. and Spring St. On the northwest side you will see a building under construction. Go to the sidewalk and look for the ladder. Climb the ladder and walk on the catwalks to a small shack, inside the shack on a wire-spool, you should find the the 41st Golden Film Reel, Angles with Dirty Faces

Strangers of a Train: Go to the intersection of Main St. and 2nd St. On southeast side of the intersection you should see a parking lot with a ticket booth next to it. Follow the skinny path near the ticket booth until you reach the stairs. DON'T go down the stairs, instead turn to the left and you will see, in the ground, the 42nd Golden Film Reel, Strangers on a Train.

Pickup on South Street: Go to Alameda St., right in front of the landmark. Not actually on top of it, because you will appear in the parking lot behind the building, which is kinda far away. So just go RIGHT in front of it on the street. Go inside the building and go straight, but follow the right wall. On the right you will see a gift shop, on the counter is the 43rd Golden Film Reel, Pickup on South Street.

House of Bamboo: Go to the corner of 1st St. and Alameda St. Now follow Alameda St. south. On the left you should see a metal fence, at one point there is a do not enter sign, bust right through the metal gateway. You should be inside of a warehouse, go up the stairs to the catwalk. On the right, under a big pipe, you should see the 44th Golden Film Reel, House of Bamboo

Scarlet Street: Go to the corner of Palmetto and Alameda St. Follow Palmetto St. east, until you get to the first alleyway on the right. Go down that alleyway and you should see a set of dumpsters next to a yellow metal guardrail. The 45th Golden Film Reel, Scarlet Street, is sitting right on the ground.

Detour: Go to the intersection where Lawrence St. meets Bay St. Right where the two roads meet, you should see an small train station, go towards it and you will see train cars. In between the two train cars you should see the 46th Golden Film Reel, Deour.

Gun Crazy: Go to the east-most side of 1st Street. Go to where the street meets the first and only 4-way intersection across the Los Angeles River. Once there, you should see a gas station. Behind the gas station there is a water-tower, and a trolley track that runs right around it. Very much like the first film reel we got, The Big Sleep. On the ground, under the water tower, is the 47th Golden Film Reel.

Body and Soul: Go to the intersection of 7th St. and Santa Fe Ave, right before the bridge across Los Angeles River. On the southeast side of the intersection you should a parking lot, go to that parking lot and follow that path all the way to a door underneath the bridge. Go in that door, up the stairs, and into a big room filled with homeless people. On the right wall, looking over into the river, you should see the 48th Golden Film Reel, Body and Soul.

Double Indemnity: Go to the 7th street as far east/left as you can go. All the way to the unnamed road that boarders the map of the game. Follow that unnamed road south until you can turn right unto a military base. Turn in there, bust through the gates, and turn at the VERY first building on the left. Go behind that building and locate the sidewalk. Walk that sidewalk until you reach a firing range on the left. On one of the tables you will see the 49th Golden Film Reek, Double Indemnity.

Notorious: Go to Olympic Blvd, as far east/left as you can possible go. Go to the intersection where Olympic Blvd meets the unnamed road that borders the east end of the entire game's map. Drive south on the unnamed road until you can turn left down a dirt path. You should see a big open warehouse, go inside the warehouse, by going through the massive open doors on either side of the building, and locate the small office building inside of the warehouse. On the ground in the office is the 50th and final Golden Film Reel, Notorious.

bossmanjb, May 27, 2011
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