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This page contains Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs for Minecraft: Pocket Edition organized by sections for Android. This game has "Adventure First-Person" as genre, made by Mojang. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Developer: Mojang
  • Publisher: Mojang
  • Genre: Adventure First-Person
  • Release: Sep 13 [2012]
  • ESRB: Not Set
  • Section: Cheats, Cheat Codes


To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Khurram

To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Smoooker

To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Froggy777

To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Antonblood

To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Skittelboo

To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Z19XP


It takes 3 pieces of wood to make four stairs, and when you destroy a stair block you get one piece of wood, so for every 3 pieces of wood, you can turn that into 4 pieces by turning the 3 into 4 stairs and then deleting them. »»

From: TommyF.

There is a limited amount of inventory slots in Minecraft PE. Have you ever finally found that coal you'd been searching for only to find you can't pick it up because all of your inventory slots are used by bricks, axes, stairs, etc? There is a way to create over a doze »»


Since chests haven't come then. Besides the trick of getting about 12 more slots. If you have any items that can go in furnaces, a lot that take space in your furnace, then do this.Take any room of your house,cave or other. Destroy the floor and replace it with furnaces »»

From: creepyfyourself

If you live in a cave and you're having problems with the mobs spawning, then just make a room with a crafting table, furnace, furnace floor(a cheat i wrote), hole that goes to bedrock, and 2 doors (1 in cave, and 1 leads to outside the cave in case you leave the mobs f »»

From: creepyfyourself

Get all of the wood in a few trees. You don't have much time until night so hurry! Build a little hut made of dirt or sand.(You can make better houses later.) Get some stone with your extra time. Be careful not to go that far. It's night! Get back home ASAP. Now in your »»

From: Kyle

Start a game with your favorite seed.(You can build something there if you like.) Tell your friend to come to your house. (You need to use the same wifi to do multiplayer.) Tell your friend to to click join game. (You have to click the button that says server is invisib »»

From: Kyle

Make a moat around your house three blocks wide and five blocks deep. If it isn't three or more blocks wide, then some spiders can get in your house. »»

From: Guest

(Creative mode only on the Minecraft pocket edition full version) Dig down Keep going Make a hole from the top to the bottom Make a hole in the bottom (till u see daylight) There u go and u will die (ps:U will not see the hole after u respond again) »»


Frist go fo creative mode place a load of bricks gold iron etc then go back to the main menu and go inyo survival mode then go to your files click on to games then minecraft then look for the creative mode click on it yoh will see chunks copy it then find your survival »»

From: gegs

First you need two people then two chests 1 of them has stuff you want to dupclate the other one is empty then both you and your friend click on the full chest both press on somthing you want to duplcate (at the same time)put it back then you do more. »»

From: skylanders gian

It is probably a glitch but all you need is a painting two gates a big room and a door. Put a painting down until you get a big one. Make room behind the painting don't delete the wall the painting is on. Then delete two blocks behind the painting. Quickly place your ga »»

From: Sky

Quick note- you will need "wooden planks" get wood from tree go to crafting table to make the wood from the tree into wooden planks.Ready to start! This is like a really easy thing to do, but in case your a beginner- this is how to make a secret trap door. Oka »»

From: Minecraft Fan!!

If you don't know how to fly you should read this you press the button in the middle of the control pad two times and if you want to go higher you should press the top arrow then immediately press the middle you do it down to down if you want to drop you press the middl »»

From: Luke awesomema

Okay go into minecraft app and create a world. The world name does not matter. For the seed world generator type in "nyan" then start. It'll take a few seconds but wait and its awesome! »»

From: cheatnerd

How to make a bow and arrow? You have to get arrows from the stick people You have to get wire from spiders You have to get wood workbench BOW AND ARROW! »»

From: bobo707

You want a lot of wood? You live on an island with 1 tree? Well, here is a way to make a tonne of trees. I found this trick while experimenting on P.E. on my friend's tablet. Step 1: Cut down the tree and take all the branches. Step 2: Wait till night falls and go to be »»

From: mobspawner1

Play on multiplayer, then go to any chest, then you and your buddy press a item at the same time, you will then both get the item.then put the item back (not at the same time) then you'll have double the amount of the item at first. Thanks to this glitch i have 304 diam »»

From: Steelix111

First use the app pocket inventory editor to get lava. cover your house door with any block on the form of a pool and cover it. Then place a sign wrote "break the wrong block and will die" making one block let reach the door without the lava hit who try invade »»

From: Lord of Traps

Hit a door on its bottom space, knock it down, it drops two doors. Or knock a trapdoor down, it always drops two. This is a good way to save wood. Of course, you could grow trees, but you can do this at yer door, literally. »»

From: Gmoney

If you play pvp you must cut some trees from the wood craft some ladders dig down on the spot where you spawn and spots around it place the ladders so u can get up or down mine till u hit bedrock go up kill your enemy when he respawn he will fall down in the hole and he »»

From: mikkey

If you are building a castle in minecraft pocket edition then you need aplace with flat grould and no mountains. When you are building your house you need a flat surface too but here's a secret. when building you house you can trick your friends. Make a tiny little squa »»

From: Acer

If you are scared on survival mode then do what i say!!! So make a survival world and pause it. Then you want to click on options. Find your difficulty bar and put it all the way down. Now when you play on your survival acounts there will be no monsters and you can coll »»

From: Acer

If u want more Diamond or anything such like that follow these steps. Find 9 pieces of diamond, or special item. Next craft the diamond block or desired item, from the crafting table. then place the block down somewhere. After you have placed the desired block down pres »»

From: Cutekitten143

Make a new world. Build a pillar that is 25+ blocks high on the spawn point (preferably using a strong block so the player won't try breaking it) Go on and start building and stuff. When people want to join your game, but you don't want them to, they will spawn on the p »»

From: EpikDoesRoblox

Build your house and then if its wooden make the security 7 blocks away from your house. Next build a trench at least 1-2 blocks deep and 5 blocks wide around your house. Finally fill it with lava. »»

From: Half_Machine

First lets say you found an iron ore and you smelted it. Now you have one iron ingont. Go to your crafting table and turn the ingot into a block then turn the block back into an ingot. You should get nine ingots. Now put 8 of th em in your chest. Now with the 1 ingot go »»

From: Bighawk

Please read all of this before doing it :) First go to creative mode then name your world for example: my world the build any thing then create a survival mode then name it for example again: my world 2 then quit to the mine craft PE then go to the file manager the go t »»

From: MEW

Activate the nether core reacter (you have to have the right pattern.) then once you're in the nether mine the gold blocks quickly before they turn into obsidian then mine 2 to 3 blocks down go back up then mine out of the nether and it will still be active. It's pretty »»

From: Zwagise

To change your skin you need Block Launcher Pro. So before you get on Block Launcher Pro go on Pick a skin of any kind and click download. Then get on Block Launcher Pro and click on the small box on the top. Click on Launcher Options. Scroll down an »»

From: cat

Ok so first you need a house then you get about 9 iron and then you need glass and glowstone make the iron in a square and put the glowstone in the middle then put glass over it. Thank you for listening. »»

From: Weston hale

In creative find or make a lava fall, then go inside the lava fall now you've done that get your bow and then shoot, then chase the arrow you just released and you can see the arrow is blazing. »»

From: Deimos

Where you spawn collect your tools that you need, but Mark where you spawned. After that craft a wooden pickaxe so you can mine up stone. Search for diamonds, BUT before that make an iron pickaxe so you can dig up diamonds. »»

From: Plant

If you have pocketinveditor go get a lot of cobweb and put it around your house and they will stuck over the web and you can kill them with bow or anything you know so good luck... »»

From: DanTE

You need, power rail, minecart, creative(or a lot of mine carts) First dig a hole and dig up the block next to the hole.put a power rail on the ground, 1 block hole. Then put mine carts on the rail. Don't forget to put some space next to the mine carts that fell into th »»

From: Mask masyet

OK. So mine craft made the lava bucket water bucket and a bucket which is used to get rid lava and water. In minecraft they created signs which acidentaly blocks lava and water. Cuz its minecraft science. All you need to do is put signs on the lava or water until the la »»

From: BeaLOL

Did you know you can get away from monsters but still live by them? Well you can... first choose a seed then you find a cave with monsters and then go a little bit further and you will see a mountain of concrete make a path to get high on it and mine away and they'll ne »»

From: minecraft freak

Remember: This only works in Version 0.7.3. Okay, My name is Enderman, I will tell you the cheat of this. Find an ingot or diamond. Get the exact amount of sticks you need. Put all of your ingots or diamonds in a chest. Take one out. Craft a Pickaxe with 1 ingot and 2 s »»

From: Enderman

First put down stone steps then on top of it put stone slab on the steps and keep doing it over and over again and you got stone railings. You can do it with cobblestone, wood, quartz too. »»

From: Leone123

Get far away from the spawn point as soon as possible, if everyone is running towards the other direction go to the opposite direction. When there is no player at sight, get some wood. Maybe 3-4 trees will be enough for a crafting table, sticks and coal. After crafting »»

From: ShunLushiko

Place torches all around your house as we all know monsters hate the light (most of them anyway) and when you're trying to get to sleep monsters won't bug you have fun with your monster free house :) »»

From: StampyFan123

So, this is where you would put all of your valuables. You have your hideout that you SPENT FOREVER ON and you have all these cool items you found in the process. You don't want people to steal them! This is a good way to figure out how to protect them. First of all, pi »»

From: _miserable_

So first you make a new world it doesn't matter what you name it the only thing that does matter is the Seed. For the seed you put in 'nyan' this world is really cool trust me I know this stuff im an expert at this and like I said this world is really cool. »»

From: rydisson

Make a plus with cobble put gold blocks around that. Then put cobblestone on top of the gold. Put a Netherrack core in side the cobblestone. On the top layer put cobblestone on top of the netherrack core. Then not covering the other cobblestones right next to the middle »»

From: nether portal

Get a end portal beat the ender when killed there will be an egg hit it till it goes through the portal and then you need to make a spawned put 3 by 3 dirt smooth stone in the middle hit egg till on stone and then set fire to egg and easter eggs will spawn :D »»

From: MrJackster5

Ok if you want to find diamonds and other things. This is what you do when you type in something in your seeds put in nether4 no caps know spaces. Then when you spawn the block your standing on you'll mine down on that block until you get to bed rock. Then hop up eleven »»

From: n g

Get the stuff that looks like bamboo then go to your crafting table find the cake recipe then tap it there you have sugar. »»

From: chance

To make a secret painting base you will need: A door, A painting. First you take any room and make a hole for a door. Then you place a door down and open it. Then you need to place a painting to the right of the door. ( make sure the painting covers the door and is at l »»

From: Banana101

Okay now go and create a world. The world name does not matter. In the world genarator type "9867diamond" and wait a few seconds and all the rock will have a lot of gold, iron, coal and even lava. But one thing it has a lot of diamond!!! »»

From: toy town45

First get the material you want to build your house with such as cobblestone.To make a tall building in a short amount of time you probably don't want to make it to wide. Now place the outline of your building. Then on the outline place the blocks up til you get it how »»

From: rainbow looomer

For this you need 2 apple products, such pas an iPhone or iPad. Make a survival world and get at least one of the items you'd like to duplicate. Join the world with your second apple device. (I'll call the owner of the world a host and the second device a guest.) Have t »»

From: Ali

Type the seed number CaptainSparklez on survival mode. As soon as it has created the world, you will be on some sand in a corner. From here mine down, and you will find some gold. Carry on going down, to discover some coal. Dig down 3 blocks, and mine in the other direc »»

From: kaji

Do you want to change creative to survival well now you can. First go to your app store and type in pocket inventory editor. Get it and then go home go to minecraft and make sure your not on a world. Then go to pocket inventory editor then click on the world you want to »»

From: rose

When you first spawn, find and punch 4-5 trees with 6 wood. Once that's done, build a crafting table and place it down. Then make two chests and put them down next to each other to make a double chest which holds more than a single chest. Now make a wooden pickaxe and m »»

From: Crafter

Don't you hate it when people join you're world and steal stuff from your chest?! Lets say you have a house with a chest full of loot, a furnace, and a crafting table (furnace optional but needed for smelting). Steps for you to hide your loot: Step 1: Grab Your Loot Fro »»

From: Cake

As you all probably know that when you move a block from underneath gravel it all just drops down a block. Here is a simple way to get rid of it quickly!!! If you have a massive pile of gravel stacked up and know it'll take FOREVER to get it cleared what you should do i »»

From: Graciemcc

Well, you need to download a PocketInvEditor from Google Play or the internet. Now in your Minecraft PE, Make a Creative World. Build the nether portal correctly (pattern: Build a 3x3 base with gold on the corners and cobblestones in the middles. Put the nether reactor »»

From: Ivared Blu

First make a new world and the seed name is bestseedintheworld and you'll spawn next to lava then make a bucket of lava then get 7 blocks and 2 fences put the 7 blocks in a square then put then put the lava in the square then quickly put the fence gates in front of the »»

From: frog

Get Cobblestone and Make it as tall as you can straight up. When It Is Tall Enough, make a square in the sky. Delete the long line that goes straight up. Get lava bucket and dump it on the outside edge all the way around the square. Let all of it hit the ground and dump »»

From: KyleKid32

Hello guys, it's Game Dev here, and I will be showing you how to make a minecart elevator. Put a rail track. Put a minecart on it. Behind the rail, place two blocks up. Place a ladder on the second block. Place another block on top of the two blocks. Put a block on top »»

From: Game Dev

Eyyo, it's me again, Game Dev, and I'm gonna show you guys how to survive the nights of Minecraft PE. Since my latest version is 0.9.5, I suggest updating to this version via 4shared. First, find a few trees, punch wood until you got 16 or more wood. Second, craft 20 pl »»

From: Game Dev

Right under spawn is lava, coal and iron, and super lush forest all around. I'm still exploring, so ill post more after I finish. »»

From: CupcakeLuver11

The seed is desert, has a cool under ground.can system, and a surplus of iron »»

From: CupcakeLuver11

Okay now to start first make a cave, make sure it is only two blocks wide and with a roof,then put signs to cover it, then put paitings to cover it and now pass through it. »»

From: Vikki

To create the door you need to make a room in front of your base door and if you have a wooden/iron door as the door then destroy it and replace it with two signs one at the top and one at the bottom then put a picture in front of it then the room that you made in front »»

From: Cookieminer

The night is falling. You only have three lives left. You are worried that when the hostile mobs come out you will be ripped to shreds in a matter of seconds. Well a trick that I found while experimenting on MEPE is this: Go to options. Drag the difficulty bar all the w »»

From: The Blah Blah

Make a 10 by 10 glass box. 3 high Make a criss cross pattern in the ground with every other block being a pit 5 blocks deep Then dig one block deep in the rest of the holes Fill the one block holes with nether In the center put a cow, pig, mooshroom, or any other two bl »»

From: Alvern

First, make a mine (doesn't have to be one though) Next, you make a little tunnel you can get into. Go down like a staircase, (just a little down!) then cover it up with matching blocks. Keep doing it until you feel your items are safe. Then place chest(s) with valuable »»

From: Cadeito

Want to survive longer?? then you should try this. make bases in different places. place bed, crafting table, furnace and food items. u cam use cakes and melons for that because they are easy to use and dont need any tool. do all these things in creative mode. go to fil »»

From: King Crater

Put 2 things in the first box while holding nothing else, then hold down on the second box. Then it gives you more. It take 5 seconds. At the end you should have 89 of whatever. And this trick only works on tablets and phones. If it does not work put the items in a ches »»

From: Nicolas

Since you guys have trouble making my mine cart elevator, I've decided to make another one. Trapdoors and water are all the things you need. First, dig a hole, down. Just straight but not too deep. Next, put a trapdoor with a 1 block allowance between. Put water in the »»

From: Game Dev

To tame a wolf you have to collect bones, which you will get from skeletons. Hover over the wolf until the word 'tame' pops up and click it. It might get angry and you'll lose a bone or two but no worries just keep clicking. Do not hit it! It will attack! When the red c »»

From: Cartwheelsarefu

Note: This cheat does not always work. But when it does (which is often), it is worth it. It helps to have the sound in while you do this and to look up! Start off with ONLY 3 pieces of any object. It HAS to be the only thing in your inventory. The bar with the items at »»

From: StampyFan18

This Will Help You how to hide items in multiplayer first i will tell you about my server as a owner i got trolled they stole my 50 diamonds and 10 irons and this is the tip will help you on a BOSS mood! 1: Create a house (needed much bigger 10X10 Above) 2: Now the plat »»


Sometimes Seeds are popular but heres thr list of top 10 seeds 1: TheYouTubeHD == Large mountain biomes and stones on lvl 1 (Ground Level) 2: VannossGaming == I dont know if vannoss play minecraft pe but this seed is EPIC! 3: Five Nights At Freddy's == The Scariest Seed »»


In The place that you would normally put a door, instead put a sign. After that you place a picture on it as you would on a wall. If you try to walk into the picture... You'll walk right through! This is great for a secret room to put your treasure. »»

From: Helping you out

Tired mining diamonds? Lacking of materials for crafting? Best seeds too long for you? Don't tire yourself exploring the whole world of this game to find a small number of ores or even none of them! Just be industrious in this trick and after that you'll reward yourself »»

From: Cheat hinter

A railroad trap is a trap that someone rides a minecart to go to it's location where he will die. More effective when a bit near in your locked house and doesn't has a sign that says "free diamonds" ect. This is how to build it... Make much Rail and Powered Ra »»

From: ScienceMaster

You need netherrack, flint and steel, and iron bars to do this. First place the netherrack, then the iron bars (don't use the flint and steel until you have surrounded the netherrack with the iron bars.) After you place the iron bars make sure there is no wood around th »»

From: Gameboss07

First build a giant tower then make a floating square get rid of the tower on the bottom put water on the sides of the square and lava on the top and then watch it till it goes all the way down and then get rid of the water and lava then it's done. »»

From: Stone trick

PLEASE NOTE: As far as I know, this glitch may only work on iPhones and iPads - I have not tested this on android products but feel free to give it a try. Step 1 : Get Minecraft Pocket Edition Step 2 : Add the Lifeboat server ( ) Step 3 : Load up Minecraft a »»

From: THEcow

Change your gamertags name as Dinnerbone or Grumm, it will flip your person upside down in game. »»

From: Derrell

All you need to make a nether portal is a bucket of lava, a bucket of water and dirt. Place dirt to make a portal shape one bigger than the size of your nether portal. Place lava then water, and you will create obsidian without having to move it. Continue this all the w »»

From: Me

Easter Eggs

First make a secret passage then the titanic and an airplane wait 5 minutes hide wait 2minutes and hay presto tap him and it will show loads of secret crafting items like an engine and a motar to make a flying airplane in survival only that flys and the titanic that sai »»

From: Minecraft Craft

Build an 5x5 cobblestone and then put torches in the four corners. Then build a 3x3 gold blocks in the middle and a nether reactor core in the middle. And put torches around the reactor core then two red wool on top of the core. And put a torch on top. »»

From: tta

Make a three by three golden Square then put mossstone in the middle and put two bits of nether rack on the top then put four torches around the gold so it makes a diamond then put flint and Steel on the top of the nether rack remember do that last. »»

From: herobrine

I was playing minecraft, then suddenly, my sis took a screenshot, and there was a baby zombie riding a chicken. I looked it up and they are rare. There as another Easter egg, the Spider jockey. It's a skeleton riding a spider. Even rarer it can ride a cave spider. It's »»

From: BlueWillow


Go to the very edge of the map. go to third person mode and build a block tower to the top layer. on the top two layers you will notice that your guy is invisible. you can then walk out of the map but when you exit and come back in you will be back in the map. »»

From: Dan

There is a way to stand inside two slabs wich form a full block together. the first thing you need to do is placing a slab on a random place. the second thing you'll need to do is standing on the slab. the last thing is to watch to the slab and place another slab (wich »»

From: IndynatorFTW

Hey guys. I saw a video of someone doing this and a portal appeared. Go to the edge of the map. Build a tower to the top of the world.(It'll take a while to do that but it is really worth it. Climb to the top or your tower. Slowly walk to the edge of the map. If you wal »»

From: Kyle

Hey guys, if your trying to make a portal to the nether, it's just impossible. They took out some things you need to make the portal. You need, obsidian, diamonds (to break the obsidian), fire, and burning wood or flint and iron (to make fire) to make a complete portal »»

From: Kyle

Stand on wooden stairs and place a door on the stairs,you will get 2 doors. »»

From: Jake

This glitch will give you double the amount of place able blocks just place the block down and press the button at the bottom of the screen then press it twice then get rid of the minecraft icon then go on minecraft and the blocks will still be there and you still have »»

From: IPodglitchy bcc

Just take one diamond throw it in lava wait 3 minutes on a block of cobblestone then youll have thousands and thousands on freakin diamond. »»

From: Unknown

Hey my name is Troy, in Minecraft Pocket addition, there is a glitch where if you put a door on a half sla it makes 2 doors. so have fun with unlimited doors and hope they do not fix this glitch. »»

From: Co

Go to a water spot Destroy all blocks Build doors around you A part of water is flowing to a place in the sides of the door (example: back, right, left) »»

From: El Matador

On creative dig a hole all the way down to bed rock. Then destroy the bed rock. Right as you start falling tap the jump button twice. You can see all cave systems you made. To go back up hold the jump button and the up button at the same time. »»

From: Procreeper

Ingots Get any ingot u want out of inventory Throw it away (hold your finger overtop) Exit the game fast and then double click home and hold the app until it shakes Delete it (This will make it so your game restarts and does not delete the game unless it not in bottom b »»

From: Minecraft PE

You need to have 10 diamonds. Then make block. Then put in open area. Exit out of minecraft and double click home button. Hold minecraft until minus sign appears. Click it. Go back to minecraft. You will have 1 diamond, 1 block of diamond in your inventory go to where y »»

From: Nderman

When I have doors in my game and place it, after I destroy it two doors pop up.i have 6.0, and I don't know if it's just my game, but it happens on all devices in our family. »»

From: Unlimited doors

In creative turn on the thing where you see Steve and fly so high that you can't see the world and then look at Steve and he is gone. »»

From: bobo707

Note- you need two devices for glitch to work. Join the world with the items you want to duplicate in a chest. On the host device turn off and back on, it should say "this server has restarted!" or something similar. Wait unit on the second device it says &quo »»

From: Lexbex

Place any type of block down (outside). go to your home screen, double click your home button, and press & hold until red - come up. click on the corner of mine craft. Then go back into the app (you will spawn at bed/spawn point) go to where the block is, and you sh »»

From: ipop78

Take at least 5 of something (anything works) and place it in an empty chest. You and your friend must both go into that same chest (this cheat works better if you and your friend are in the same room). Get ready, and then both quickly tap at the same time until the sta »»

From: Leviathan

Place two doors like a doorway so they open apart. Handles should be central. Destroy one door with your fist. You will often get back two doors after only destroying one. Cool! »»

From: kute_killerwhal

Okay so put all of your items in a chest but one. Then throw the item you are holding on the ground then back up and quit to title. Pick in up and walk about 250 blocks away then get of minecraft then close out of it completely. And head back to the spot you first dropp »»

From: Bloop

If you put an item in a chest and get another player on another device to join you, both tap the item at the same time and you will both get the item in your inventory, once you get a stack of 64 you can place the whole stack in the chest and do it that way. Thanks to t »»

From: wgibbo15

What you do is place down about anything between 5 to 1 blocks next to each other(not in a line). Place them on the ground. After that go to your tablets home screen. delete minecraft from your tablets app history. Go back into minecraft go to that world, then you have »»

From: Infinate blocks

First get a useful block like diamond. Then place it on the get out of minecraft double tap the home button hold minecraft and press the minus. Then go back on your world and the same block should be in your inventory and on the ground. (Only works on ipods »»

From: valeriaspinoza

Go to the side of the minecraft world until you can't go any further. Then make a 1 by 1 tower going as high as you can. Once you can't go any higher, jump and go forward going away from the map. You should be standing in mid-air. You can walk around the map but if you »»

From: DarkVArcher

Take a chest with all your desired duplication blocks place them in the chest then remove them from the chest then wait twenty seconds And log off the game and delete it from your history go back into your game and in the chest all of the items are in there and your inv »»

From: Big fuzzy cooki

Place anything in a chest then run 52 blocks away click home button then double click it hold down minecraft press the negative button then click home button then click the app minecraft go to your chest and open it you should have double what you put in there then you »»

From: Dupy

How to duplicate is you need a chest to put your things like ingots and some stuffs? and to duplicate is put a diamond or some stuff in your chest after run away from your shelter and after exit and refresh your minecraft.Go back to your world and check the chest. Thats »»

From: lourdangod

Put down a fireplace. Then put coal/wood in the bottom. When it cooks go to the the homescreen and shut down your phone. Turn it back on and go to mcpe. Go to the world you did this on and there you have it! A never ending furnice! »»

From: Soldier026

So, you should know how to go out of the worlds. Do it and when you get there u need a tower of blocks. So you have your tower to sky limit, place a block on it it won't appear, get on a new world then get off, get on the other world because your standing on the tower. »»

From: Zachary Craig

Ok so what you do is get what you want to duplicate then take off you armor and only have what you want to duplicate then kill yourself by falling (make sure you have a bed close) then pick up your items fast and just walk away like 50 blocks or more then click home scr »»

From: Server

Have a block that you wanna multiply with. Place the block down (I usually quit and comeback after I play long before placing a block down) Click the home button (Don't quit the world) Tap twice on the home button on the home page. Hold down the app on Minecraft and del »»

From: Miner

If you have the updated Minecraft Pocket Edition on Kindle Fire go on survival and join someone's game then dig for diamond ore and build your way back up. After that, ask the owner of the game to disconnect and join the game again. Now, look at your resources bar and y »»

From: FifaKing45

Ever since the 0.8 update, when my friend leaves my world he gets 99+ of the stuff on his hotbar, even on stuff that usually can't be stacked like beds, swords and cakes. I have literally a whole chest full of diamonds after this cheat. (This may not work for you. It on »»

From: Xxsdfg~

First you have to make a nether reacter. While inside the nether reacter quickly mine the glowing red stone through the middle. You should get your nether reacter core back and your gold if back enough. Go to a wall and mine a gap so you can get out. Note: in the mornin »»

From: MadManInABox

Hey I had a weird idea I made a potlrtal of bedrock same way to nether put wood in corners and BAM a portal it was orange and if walk in u are in a land of BREAKABLE bedrock it was weird. If u fly up far enough u reach your world where u made the portal. »»

From: kalnar

First, put down a door. Then make a wall for it. A simple 3 by 3 wall should work. Then over the door put a long line of any block going straight up. Make a platform at the very top of the long line of blocks. Now, go to the door a the bottom, close it on yourself so th »»

From: Pigslayer217

Have your diamond in your inventory. Have a chest somewhere. Open the chest, put diamond in it, close the chest, then open the chest and put diamond in inventory. Walk around for at least 25 seconds and on your multitasking bar, minus out minecraft. Go back into your mi »»

From: Jonny

Get at a 90 degrees angle then place the door so that it is open then the zombies will think it is closed. »»

From: foreign

(This will only work in Creative mode) Dig a hole two blocks deep, then place a rail track in it. After you have done this, set the cart on top of the track, then top it with a TNT. Stand directly on top of the TNT and start to break the block. Once it is broken you sho »»

From: Jacobtwizer

(THIS ONLY WORKS ON IOS) Go onto survival and mine 9 diamonds or 9 iron or 9 gold and craft them into a block. Then place that block on the ground, then go off minecraft and double tap the home button, you will see the minecraft app at the bottom of the screen. Tap and »»

From: Linder

First of all you need to be on multiplayer (better if you can talk to be them) then take what you want more of like diamonds and put them in the chest and 1 2 3 tap the diamonds until you have them all out of the chest and see how many you got warning sometimes things g »»

From: dupping

What you do is wait for night time, place a bed down and place a chest over it (easier on a wall) and when you sleep and wake up it will show you are in the chest with a black backround since you look down and you are in the chest. I don't know if it will do the same fo »»

From: Talnomark

Make a secret room under your house the fill it up with you epic stuff ect iorn, gold and diamonds the get a rail place it down the place a minecart on the rail then stand on the floor on top of your secret foom the hold down like you are getting in a minecart then you »»

From: foxygirl123

First you need to empty out your inventory. Then get two of the thing you want to duplicate (stackable items only). You need to put the two items in your quick select bar (first slot), then hold the second slot (youre like emptying it). Then wait till the magic happens. »»

From: Mimicandy

When sand, gravel, doors, and even trees(you grow a sap while you are in it) cause you to suffocate, exit out of the map to the main menu, and when you go back in, you should be above the blocks. It puts you to the closest 2-block space above you, since it doesn't want »»

From: Talnomark

1. Craft a treasure chest and put it down 2. Put everything ecxept the block you want to duplicate but it must be the only thing in your inventory 3. Make sure you have 2 or more, and less then 64 4. Find a wide open spot 5. Hold down the empty block next to the item un »»

From: Cheats Fan

First you place an item (anything hard to find) in your hot bar. Then you save the game and exit. When you log back in look in your hot bar. If followed correctly you should have twice as many items that you put in before. P.S this only works for survival. »»

From: Girlygirl160

Hey guys, Pepper here.Most duplication glitches require two people, but this super easy glitch only requires one. It works 100% of the time if you do it right, and isn't difficult to understand. You will need: - A chest (large or small) - Whatever you want to duplicate »»

From: Pepper Bell

If u don't want to just have the Alex or Steve skin and u don't know how to change it, this will be very helpful. Search MCPE girl/boy skins and it should give a list and below each one should say: Download_____(skin name) and when u press it it should show the selected »»

From: Darkstripe

(Note : This cheat only works on 0.11.0 and 0.11.1) Make a small tower of oak wood planks of two blocks. Start clicking on the on the top block of the tower with one carpet. You will see many carpets popping out of the block. Click on it until you get the amount of carp »»

From: The pigman

Ok so this might not work every where ...but ok so first you need to get a bow (from wood and spider string) and at least one arrow, so shoot the arrow into the ground right in front of you and when you go to collect it you should have two arrows, then you shoot again a »»

From: Heckyeahtaffy

To do this 'glitch' you'll need ladders and a block to place ladders on 1. Make a diagonal structure 2. Leaving a 2 block gap, do the same on the other side 3. Build a platform, 1 block under the last bit of the diagonal structure 4. Place ladders on both sides of the d »»

From: The_amber_wolf

Place a block of your choice down and put a Redstone torch on it.Do the same thing next to it but 1 block higher. Then place your block on top of the 1st Redstone torch place redstone on it then place a piston facing down next to the wool with the torch on. Put Redstone »»

From: Volt

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Posted: 08-15 [2017]
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