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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: A-lim
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Oct 22, 2015
  • ESRB: Not Set

Hints & Secrets

Weapons, special prizes and battle quests

  • Tip 1: When you come to a new town area, talk to all of the villagers and you'll get plenty of side missions. These side missions will make you special rewards, such as equipment that you can not purchase in a shop, or a crafting dish for a new spell or a rare tool, and even to manufacture a new character.
  • Tip 2: Constantly arrange your team members by rarity as these are the ones with the most possible Whenever you're putting your team together. Include the rarest to your celebration, then go to the "Enhance" option to fuse typical employee into your rare ones for fast experience level gains. When a unit reaches its optimum level, and you have the products and Gil making it occur, then awaken your unit to send it pull back to level 1 and upgrade its star rarity (along with its graphics) by one.
  • Tip 3: An expedition pursuit will end up being offered when you complete all of the battle pursuits in a certain area. You can go to the expedition area to discover treasure, and random battles will turn up similar to older Final Fantasy games. If you quit from the expedition mission while still in the middle of it, you will lose everything, however your objective is to discover a 2nd escape. Normally a boss character will remain in the way, so save your limitation breaks and magic for in charge when at all possible. Take the exit and you will beat the level once you beat the boss.
  • Tip 4: In battle, you can do auto-battle right from the start, however the auto-battle entirely disregards your limitation breaks, magic, and item use. When you are combating a harder enemy and you have to alter your method, turn auto-battle off totally and take control of your characters so that you can use limitation breaks, magic and items to your benefit.
  • Tip 5: Similar to in old-school RPGs, hit up the weapon and armor stores right away as quickly as you reach a new town. Once your equipment shopping is done, then you can go to the equipment menus for each specific character. Hit "enhance" in order to instantly gear up the very best equipment for your character.

Gasksetslakly, Jul 4, 2016

Trophies section

At your Main Menu, you can enter the Trophies area and take a look at all the different achievements you can complete. There are 3 various classifications relating to the various methods you can get the trophies. You can come here to gather your reward when you complete a trophy requirement. Each trophy has 3 reward tiers to it: bronze, gold and silver. You will be rewarded with a significant amount of lapis for your difficulties if you can handle to get up to the gold level. In addition, each time you make a tier reward, you will be one action more detailed to unlocking the Trophy Reward chest at the bottom of the screen. The little moogle flying will inform you how close you are! Trophy reward chests normally hold something beneficial for you to use in battle, such as new crafting dishes.

WonderWoman, Jul 6, 2016

Daily quests for lapis

Each day you will get new missions, one of them request you to complete all the other daily pursuits. You will be rewarded with fifty lapis if you can handle that prior to the day is over! It's very little however it's one of the much easier methods to make lapis in the game.

Flozzo100, Jul 6, 2016

In-Game 5-star characters

Below a list of all available 5-star characters in this game

Character Bartz

  • Apperances: FFV
  • Passive: Can equip wide range of weapon type
  • Ability: Obtains special ability 'Counter'
  • Damages all enemies

Character Cecil

  • Apperances: FFIV
  • Passive: Def +10%' and 'Cover'
  • Ability: 'Protect' and 'Shell'
  • Increases all allies defence and spirit

Character Cloud of Darkness

  • Apperances: FFIII
  • Passive: High resistance to all elemental damage
  • Ability: 'Atk +20%' and Protectga
  • Damages all enemies

Character Dean

  • Apperances: FFBE
  • Passive: Atk +20%
  • Ability: 'Counter Magic'
  • Dark elemental damage to all enemies + HP

Character Exdeath

  • Apperances: FFV
  • Passive: High MP pool, with passive 'M.atk +30%'
  • Ability: Wide range of attack magics
  • Damage to all enemies + status infliction

Character Firion

  • Apperances: FFII
  • Passive: Able to equip all equipment types
  • Ability: Absorb enemy HP and MP
  • 'Zengiri' which deals damage to all enemies

Character Garland

  • Apperances: FFI
  • Passive: Average MP, high atk and def
  • Ability: Auto-Protect
  • Dark elemental damage to all enemies

Character Kuja

  • Apperances: FFIX
  • Passive: 'MP +20%' and 'M.atk +20%
  • Ability: Ability to absorb enemy's MP
  • Attacks all enemies

Character Meteos

  • Apperances: FFBE
  • Passive: Paralyze
  • Ability: Multi Burst
  • Attacks all enemies

Character Miyuki

  • Apperances: FFBE
  • Passive: Raijin'
  • Ability: 'Bunshin'
  • Deal damage to all + poisons enemies

Character Rozeria

  • Apperances: FFBE
  • Passive: High spirit and recovery magic
  • Ability: Status recovery
  • Recover HP for all allies

Character Seriasu

  • Apperances: FFBE
  • Passive: High MP
  • Ability: Protectga
  • Increases all elemental resistance for all alies

Character Terra

  • Apperances: FFVI
  • Passive: Huge MP pool and high M.atk
  • Ability: 'Raise'
  • Damages all enemies

Character Vaan

  • Apperances: FFXII
  • Passive: Increase attack, defence and HP by 20%
  • Ability: 'Focus'
  • Damages all enemies

Character Zidane

  • Apperances: FFIX
  • Passive: 'Steal'
  • Ability: Counter
  • Damages all enemies

Adams012, Jul 6, 2016

Various Gameplay Tips

The quickest way to win in this game, obviously, is to tap as quickly as you can; it's also to play the game on a mobile device or on a tablet, because then you can tap with multiple fingers at a time. The more fingers that you tap with, the quicker that you can finish the battle. With a computer, you can only click the mouse to attack, which is a far slower way to win.

If you want to put the game in passive mode, equip your sidekicks with the strongest weapons that you have, and use your lapis to power them up heavily. If your phone has auto-sleep set after a period of time, remove auto-sleep and let your phone sit on the charger, with your sidekicks attacking constantly. If you can't finish a fight in time, you'll go into training mode, where your characters can beat up on enemies with no time limits.

Every five levels or so you'll unlock a new character. After you get five sidekicks, you will be able to switch them in and out of your party because you can only have five sidekicks (plus Rain) in your party at a time. Fill your party with the strongest ones; unequip all of the ones who get shuffled out of the party, so that the equipment can go to your chosen ones later on.

Match up your weapons against enemies correctly to get a double damage bonus against enemies. You can get a hint as to what to use by checking out the background - for example, if the backdrop of the battle is an icy, snowy landscape, then use a fire weapon.

Once you unlock raid battles, get your friends in on it, and if you don't have any friends who play, look for Facebook groups who have messenger battles. Many of them are looking for more people to participate in raids, so they'll be happy to have you join up.

Angelaluvr, Sep 29, 2017


Unlockable Trophies

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Ability Master Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Abilities Used
Ability Master Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Abilities Used
Ability Master Silver Trophy (Screamroot)1,000 Abilities Used
Archmage Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Magic Used
Archmage Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Magic Used
Archmage Silver Trophy (Black Megacite)1,000 Magic Used
Awakening Adept Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Units Awakened
Awakening Adept Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)60 Units Awakened
Awakening Adept Silver Trophy (Green Megacite)30 Units Awakened
Battle King Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Battle Arena Participation
Battle King Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Battle Arena Participation
Battle King Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)1,000 Battle Arena Participation
Budding Gladiator Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Colosseum Participation
Budding Gladiator Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Colosseum Participation
Budding Gladiator Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)1,000 Colosseum Participation
Crushing Conqueror Bronze Trophy (500 gil)1,000 Damage Dealt in a single turn
Crushing Conqueror Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)300,000 Damage Dealt in a single turn
Crushing Conqueror Silver Trophy (Blue Megacite)10,000 Damage Dealt in a single turn
Divine Technician Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Abilities Created
Divine Technician Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)1,000Abilities Created
Divine Technician Silver Trophy (Fine Alcryst)100 Abilities Created
Esteemed Explorer Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Explorations Completed
Esteemed Explorer Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Explorations Completed
Esteemed Explorer Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)1,000 Explorations Completed
Fabled Smith Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Equipment Created
Fabled Smith Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)1,000 Equipment Created
Fabled Smith Silver Trophy (Fine Alcryst)100 Equipment Created
Forger of Bonds Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10,000 Friend Points Received
Forger of Bonds Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)1,000,000 Friend Points Received
Forger of Bonds Silver Trophy (Blue Megacite)100,000 Friend Points Received
Generous Giver Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Gifts Given
Generous Giver Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Gifts Given
Generous Giver Silver Trophy (White Megacite)1,000 Gifts Given
God of War Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10,000 Damage Dealt
God of War Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)1,000,000 Damage Dealt
God of War Silver Trophy (Red Megacite)100,000 Damage Dealt
Heavy Hitter Bronze Trophy (500 gil)1,000 Arena Ranking Points Earned
Heavy Hitter Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)300,000 Arena Ranking Points Earned
Heavy Hitter Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)100,000 Arena Ranking Points Earned
Item Whiz Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Items Used
Item Whiz Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Items Used
Item Whiz Silver Trophy (Green Megacite)1,000 Items Used
Legendary Thief Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Items Stolen
Legendary Thief Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)1,000 Items Stolen
Legendary Thief Silver Trophy (Screamroot)100 Items Stolen
Limit Breaker Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Limit Bursts Used
Limit Breaker Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Limit Bursts Used
Limit Breaker Silver Trophy (Screamroot)1,000 Limit Bursts Used
Noble Champion Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Colosseum Victories
Noble Champion Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Colosseum Victories
Noble Champion Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)1,000 Colosseum Victories
Peerless Chemist Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Items Created
Peerless Chemist Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)1,000 Items Created
Peerless Chemist Silver Trophy (Fine Alcryst)100 Items Created
Person of Renown Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Gifts received
Person of Renown Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10.000 Gifts received
Person of Renown Silver Trophy (Black Megacite)1,000 Gifts received
Quest Champion Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Quests Completed
Quest Champion Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)70 Quests Completed
Quest Champion Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)40 Quests Completed
Rule of Ares Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Battle Arena Victories
Rule of Ares Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Battle Arena Victories
Rule of Ares Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)1,000 Battle Arena Victories
Soldier of Fortune Bronze Trophy (500 gil)Obtain 10,000 gil
Soldier of Fortune Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)Obtain 1,000,000 gil
Soldier of Fortune Silver Trophy (Red Megacite)Obtain 100,000 gil
Storied Warrior Bronze Trophy (500 gil)1,000 Colosseum Points Earned
Storied Warrior Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)300,000 Colosseum Points Earned
Storied Warrior Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)100,000 Colosseum Points Earned
Supreme Evoker Bronze Trophy (500 gil)100 Espers summoned
Supreme Evoker Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)10,000 Espers summoned
Supreme Evoker Silver Trophy (White Megacite)1,000 Espers summoned
Undying Myth Bronze Trophy (500 gil)10 Most Consecutive Arena Victories
Undying Myth Gold Trophy (500 Lapis)100 Most Consecutive Arena Victories
Undying Myth Silver Trophy (Star Quartz)50 Most Consecutive Arena Victories

XanderGT25, Mar 24, 2017

Trophy Rewards

To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Cat's Bell (ring) Recipe10 Trophies completed
Domination Ring Recipe50 Trophies completed
Hero's Ring Recipe30 Trophies completed
Monarch's Ring Recipe40 Trophies completed
MP + 20%20 Trophies completed
Ring of Dominion Recipe70 Trophies completed
Ruler's Ring Recipe60 Trophies completed

Kojed, Mar 25, 2017

Game Walkthroughs

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Walkthrough (iOS)

Walkthrough (AND)

Walkthrough (AND)

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