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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Konami
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre: Strategy Turn-Based
  • Release: Jan 11, 2017
  • ESRB: Not Set

Hints & Secrets

Gameplay Strategy Tips

Standard Duelists: These are Duelists that possess an average Duel skill level. Standard Duelists will disappear after you Duel them, but will respawn as time passes.

Auto Duel: When Dueling with a Standard Duelist, you will have the option to use the Auto-Duel function. With this feature, Duels will unfold automatically using your pre-sat active Deck, and the results will be reflected in terms of mission progress and rewards. [Auto-Duel] will become available once you reach a certain Stage.

Duel Orbs: Use the specified number of Duel Orbs to call forth the maximum possible number of Standard Duelists for one lime.

Boosted Duel Orbs: Boosted Duel Orbs are special Duel Orbs that can be purchased in the Shop. These allow you to continually call forth the maximum possible number of Standard Duelists for a limited amount of time. Note that the countdown begins immediately after purchase.

Legendary Duelists: These are Legendary Duelists who will appear at the Gate in Duel World. They will pop up on the Map. Or they can be directly called forth to the Gate by using Gate Keys. You may obtain powerful cards as rewards when Dueling with Legendary Duelists. (Each Duelist yields different cards as rewards.)

Build your Deck using the cards you've obtained. In the PvP Arena, you'll engage in PvP Duels with global Duelists. Aim to be the mightiest Duelist! PvP Duels are in real-time. We recommend playing in a location with a stable and strong connection.

The following options are available in PvP Mode:

  • Casual Duels
  • Ranked Duels
  • Friend Duels
  • Duel Replays

Special Duel modes may be offered during events, in addition to the above options. Available only once you have reached a certain Stage.

PvP Modes (Details)

  • Casual Duels: Take on a fellow Duelist randomly selected for your online Duel. Please note that PvP Duels have a time limit and exceeding that limit will result in a compulsory loss.
  • Practice Duels: Practice Dueling against an AI opponent that will use a Deck belonging to a player you Dueled with in the past.
  • Ranked Duels: Duel against closely ranked Duelistsl Prove victorious in Duels to climb up the leaderboard ranks!
  • Friend Duels: Duel against Friends in your Friend List. You can send a challenge simply by selecting any Friend from your list.

Wcooley84, Jan 16, 2017

Deck strategy Tips

Having difficulty creating a deck of your preference? Here's some guidelines:

  • Tip 1: A bulk of your deck should be made up for 1-4 star monsters. Think about these monsters as your early game offense and defense, as you'll be using them to defend yourself and chip away at your challenger while you develop to more powerful monsters.
  • Tip 2: You should also have a couple of spell cards in your deck. Aim to have an even mix of offending spells, buff spells, and energy spells. Offending spells like Raimei can help push your challenger while you buff your very own monsters with cards like Dragon Treasure (+300 ATK and DEF to Dragon-types). Energy spells are possibly the most helpful however need accuracy timing to be used efficiently. Block Attack and Stop Defense are prime examples. Using these cards at the ideal time can truly put your challenger in a bad area.
  • Tip 3: Trap cards are a little bit more situational. These cards are created to counter very particular things, so you'll require a concept of exactly what sort of cards your challenger will be using. When consisting of these into your deck, use your own discretion.
  • Tip 4: R and UR or Rare/Ultra Rare cards normally are available in the type of 6+ star and above monsters. These men are real powerhouses of your deck. As we pointed out above, attempt not to have a lot of them in your deck as you'll find yourself in scenarios with no summonable monsters. You'll require to routine summon these men so you'll have to work around them. When played properly nevertheless these monsters can quickly win the game for you. Just beware-- as you found out in the Duel Quizzes, with the right monsters, spells, or traps, your UR monsters can go down just as quickly as regular monsters if not effectively protected!

JD-dancergal, Jan 16, 2017

More Gameplay Strategy Tips

There are loads of free gems being given away, despite the fact that they are the premium currency of the game. You are going to need new cards as quickly as possible, so be sure to use them to acquire new cards and add them to your deck. You can also pick up free gems by completing missions and collecting the rewards, or by tapping in hidden areas around the map. This includes the street lights in the PvP Arena area and the spinning card in the shop area, as well as the trash can in the Card Studio area and the fountain in the Gate area.

Before you purchase card packs, though, check out the kind of cards that are possible to earn in each set. Tap on the specific lineup (Neo-Impact, The Ultimate Rising, etc). Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see what cards are left in the deck. You might want different cards depending on what your style of battle is, so pay close attention to what is on offer in each deck.

The difference between summoning and setting a card is that setting a card places it in a defensive position, while summoning a card places it in the attack position. In defense position, a card protects you from any life-point damage even if it gets overpowered by your rival's card, and the damage done to your set card is determined by its defense rather than its attack. If your opponent attacks your set card and its attack power is less than its defense, it will do life point damage to the opponent, but the opponent's card will stay on the board.

This is best used for trickery, because when you set a card (as opposed to summoning it), your adversary will not be able to see the defense stat until after they launch an attack on the card. This opens up strategies involving various common-but-strong cards. An example of this is the Anti-Aircraft Flower, which has no attack power but 1,600 defense power. A card like this, combined with a good spell booster, will be nearly impossible to successfully attack without using a level 6-8 card.

Auto-deck building will fill your deck with 20 cards, but you can have up to 30 cards in your deck, and it doesn't do a very good job building for complex battle strategies. Go through and build the deck yourself for the best bets. Ignore other tip websites which tell you to have "a few spell cards" in your deck. Load the deck with spell cards because you can put as many of them down as you want per turn. The best starting point is to add attack- and defense-boosting equipment cards that can give your monsters an extra edge. Other great all-purpose cards are life-point boosters, cards that do direct damage to your opponent, or cards that prevent your opponent from being able to damage your life points when they overcome one of your attackers.

Other spell cards, and trap cards, tend to cater towards more specific situations, and knowing when to use them properly requires practice unless you're an old-school Yu-Gi-Oh player, but used right, they can put your opponent in a terrible situation. Block Attack and Stop Defense are examples of this. In addition, specific rare monster summons will allow you to summon even more monsters, which will speed up the fight and decrease the amount of time that it will take to tribute summon a level 5-8 card, such as a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

In the settings, you can enable a number of ways to speed up the game. One is to shut off the dialog in the middle of the battle, as well as to shut off the animation of your signature card (I.E. Blue Eyes White Dragon for Seto Kaiba). You can also have the game give you pop up notifications whenever you have a series of cards on the board that can be chained, to ensure that you don't miss any chain combo opportunities. Plus, when fighting against computer-controlled card players, you can set auto-dueling and let the battle play itself out. Battles from level 1-20 tend to be very easy.

It's hard to test deck strategies against the computer-controlled duelists, though, due to how easy it is to defeat all of them. Luckily, there are multiple versions of PvP mode that allow you to test out deck strategies. Hit the casual duels to battle against other players without putting your rank at risk. If you have added friends in the game, hit the friend duels to battle against them. Or watch Duel Replays for strategy ideas from replays of other players' battles.

A far better option than auto-setting a deck is to copy another deck that you like, but this option is not clearly talked about. Go to the card studio, then scroll down to the Deck Board option. You can look through other player's decks, and if you like a specific deck that you see, you can copy it. Once you delete all of the cards that you don't own, then replace them with your own cards of your choice, you will be able to use the deck in a battle.

The duel school is a great place to learn the ins and outs of dueling, especially if it has been a long time since you have played Yu-Gi-Oh or have seen the anime. You can earn orbs in exchange for completing levels at the duel school, and levels are extremely easy to complete. If you want to learn more quickly, though, go to the Help button at the bottom of the Duel School menu and you will be able to read a detailed explainer of every little detail about this game, including the finer points of battling.

Once you make it to Stage 7 Missions, you will see the Card Trader pop up in the shop area. Here you will be able to buy cards unavailable elsewhere in the store in exchange for your gold coins and for other elemental items that you earn from dueling. Always check back with the Card Trader to see what new cards pop up that you can purchase.

Another deck-building strategy is to set your skill and your spell/trap cards first, then set your monsters. Set your monsters based on your skill - for example, Peak Performance will auto-boost your Winged Beast, Dragon and Thunder cards by dropping a Mountain field spell. And if you have the Fusion Weapon, which boosts a fusion monster by 1500 per stat, then use the filter to find and add Fusion Monsters to your deck.

If a rival player drops a card in the defensive position, drop a card in the defensive position as well to create an instant stalemate, epsecially if you have a strong defense card to drop as a form of trickery. This can also be used to drag a battle out in order to make time to drop a tribute summon card and put yourself in a dominant position. Combine this with a card such as Mask of Dispel (damages life points of a spell card user for as long as it remains on the field) to whittle away at the opponent's life points.

However, don't go TOO crazy with the trap and spell cards or you will end up not having enough monsters in your deck half the time when you battle. It's good to have at least half of your deck comprised of monsters, and the other half made up of spell cards and trap cards. More than that in either direction will create an imbalance.

To unlock new characters, you have to activate them inside of the gate, and then beat them in a duel. To activate them, first they have to be available, which means you have to be at the right mission stage in order to activate them. After that, they have to be activated using the gate keys. Each color key activates a specific duelist, so while the gate keys don't mean too much now, they mean a lot as you go further and gain levels.

Duel orbs are used for making standard duelists appear in the world areas, so if you don't have any to battle, use your duel orbs to make more of them appear. Each standard duel uses one of your duel beacons (the five "energy" points). Once you run out of duel beacons, then go to the PvP area because those battles are free, or spend time organizing your deck.

IceColdCanadian, Jan 30, 2017

Free Gems on Map

There are free gems hidden on each screen of Duel World. By tapping on certain background items, a little animation will play. If a special animation plays, between 1 and 5 gems will be awarded. This is random but each spot may work more than once a day. To see the animations, tap on:

  • The fountain next to the Gate.
  • The lights leading to the PvP Arena.
  • The dome above the card Shop.
  • The trash can in front of the Card Studio.

Ginger Joey, Nov 15, 2017


Google Play Achievements

To unlock the following Google Play Achievements, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Advanced DuelistWin 100 Duels.
Card CollectorCollect 300 types of cards.
Creator GodSuccessfully Summon a total of 1000 monsters.
Damage DealerInflict a total of 1 million points of damage.
Duel KingWin 300 Duels.
Duelist AwakenedReach Stage 3.
Fledgling DuelistWin 30 Duels.
God of DestructionDestroy a total of 1000 monsters.
Master of DestructionDestroy a total of 100 monsters.
Mid-Tier DuelistWin 50 Duels.
Novice DuelistWin 5 Duels.
PvP DuelistWin 100 PvP matches.
PvP NoviceWin 30 PvP matches.
Rare CollectorCollect 10 Prismatic Cards.
Single DuelistReach Stage 20.
Single NoviceReach Stage 10.
SummonerSuccessfully Summon a total of 100 monsters.
Super Rare CollectorCollect 100 Prismatic Cards.
Ultimate DuelistEarn all achievements.
Ultra Single DuelistReach Stage 50.

GTACHRIS, Nov 5, 2018

Unlockable Characters

To unlock the following Characters, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Akiza IzinskiReach Stage 6-5Ds
Alexis RhodesReach Stage 11-GX
ArkanaReach Stage 13?
Aster PhoenixSummon 200 Dark attribute monsters-GX
Bandit KeithBeat 50 legendary duelists
Bastian MisawaWin 50 times while deck has 3 or less cards
BonzReach Stage 13?
Chazz PrincetonReach Stage 6-GX
Crow HoganDefeat Sector Security with over 5000 duel assessment
Espa RobaReach Stage 13
Ishizu IshtarSummon 200 Light attribute monsters
Jaden YukiReach Stage 8
Jesse AndersonReach Stage 6?
Joey WheelerReach Stage 3-Original
LeoReach Stage 11-5Ds
LunaWin 100 duels as Leo
Mai ValentineReach Stage 10-Original
Mako TsunamiConduct 150 tribute summons
Maximillion PegasusReach Stage 13
Mokuba KaibaComplete bingo missions
OdionActivate 300 trap cards
Paradox BrothersReach Stage 13?
Rex RaptorReach Stage 21
Seto Kaiba/Yami YugiReach Stage 15-...
Syrus TruesdaleReach Stage 6?
Tea GardnerReach Stage 5-Original
Vellian CrowlerReach Stage 6?
Weevil UnderwoodBeat 100 standard duelists (not legendary)
Yami BakuraReach Stage 13
Yami MarikReach Stage 16
Yugi MutoReach Stage 13
Yusei FudoReach Stage 10-Original
Zane TruesdaleReach Stage 6

TheGamer04, Jan 5, 2019

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Playthrough (iOS)

Playthrough (iOS)

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Walkthrough (AND)

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