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  • Developer: Mihoyo
  • Publisher: Mihoyo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Sep 28, 2020
  • ESRB: Teen


Free Promo Codes

You can only redeem promo codes on PC and mobile:

Visit the Genshin Impact website , which has its own category for "Coupon Codes".

Log in to the site with your account and select the server on which you play. The figure name should be inserted automatically. Finally, enter the promo code in the third input field.

Some working Genshin Impact promo codes:

  • North America: Genshin0928N (60 Primogen, 10,000 Mora)
  • Europe: Genshin0928E (60 Primogen, 10,000 Mora)
  • Asia: Genshin0928A (60 Primogen, 10,000 Mora)

If you have successfully redeemed a promo code, you have to open the message menu in the game. You should receive a message in the mailbox with the reward. Collect the reward and you're done!

Jerick, Oct 1, 2020

Hints & Secrets

Very best tier characters

As you would anticipate from a gacha game not all the characters that you pull are equivalent. In Genshin Effect characters effectiveness is based mostly on their Weapon and Component. A character that integrates an effective weapon with an effective Element will rank extremely. The highest rank a character can achieve is an S Rank, these are most searched for and finest characters in the game.

Tier List

Weapons that are leading of the list in Grenshin are Swords, Bows, and Catalysts, the later 2 having a high capacity to cause essential damage. Swords fast and in the right-hand men can rapidly and easily secure surrounding enemies. The greatest aspects in Grenshin are Fire, Lightning, and Wind which can be especially reliable when combined with other components. Noted listed below are who we think about to be the very best characters in Grenshin Impact. In time, more characters will be contributed to the game, if you have any ideas for character tier lists, please drop us a remark listed below.


Diluc (DPS).
Diluc is the magnate of a winery empire in Mondstadt.

- Pyro.

Talents and abilities.

- Tempered Sword.
Normal Attack.

- Searing Onslaught.
Essential Skill.

- Dawn.
Elemental Burst.


  • Charged attacks let loose a flurry of hits for enormous damage.
  • Fire Elemental attacks can also be used for expedition.
  • Elemental Burst can hit hard on a large area in a single blow.

Venti (Support).
Among the numerous bards of Mondstadt, who easily roams the city's streets and streets.

- Anemo (Wind).

Talents and abilities.

- Divine Marksmanship.
Normal Attack.

- Skyward Sonnet.
Essential Skill.

- Wind's Grand Ode.
Elemental Burst.


  • A great varied character.
  • Can use the Bow to hit enemies'weak points.
  • Use Wind essential abilities to prevent attacks.

Qiqi (Healer).
An apprentice and herb-picker Bubu Pharmacy.

- Cryo (Frost).

Talents and abilities.

- Ancient Sword Art.
Normal Attack.

- Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost.
Essential Skill.

- Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune.
Elemental Burst.


  • Easy-to-use melee attack.
  • Skills are easy to use together with other characters.
  • Frost attacks can create Elemental Reactions to freeze enemies'motion.

Mona (DPS).
A strange young astrologist who declares herself to be'Astrologist Mona Megistus', and who has capabilities to match the title.

- Hydro (Water).

Talents and abilities.

- Ripple of Fate.
Normal Attack.

- Reflection of Doom.
Essential Skill.

- Stellaris Phantasm.
Elemental Burst.


  • Easy Elemental Reaction setup when Elemental Skill is embeded in place.
  • Unique motion design permits high-speed actions.
  • Catalyst weapon permits Elemental damage in basic attacks.


Jean (Healer)
The righteous and rigorous Dandelion Knight, and Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt.

Xiao (DPS)
A yaksha adeptus that defends Liyue. Also heralded as the 'Conqueror of Demons' or 'Vigilant Yaksha'.

Klee (DPS)
An explosives expert and a regular at the Knights of Favonius' confinement room. Also known as Fleeing Sunlight.

Barbara (Healer)
Every denizen of Mondstadt adores Barbara. However, she learned the word 'idol' from a magazine.

Razor (DPS)
A boy who lives among the wolves in Wolvendom of Mondstadt, away from human civilization. As agile as lightning.

Chongyun (DPS)
A young exortcist from a family of exorcists. He does everything he can to suppress his pure positive energy.

B Rank Characters

Protagonist (Wind)



Hellogreatman, Sep 30, 2020

How do you Reroll

The gacha system in Genshim Effect is called Dreams and it is used to get weapons and characters and like many other games that have a gacha system in place you can do a reroll if what you recieve is not to your taste. When you do a reroll you are essentially rebooting the game by removing the information and installing it once again in the hope that you will get a much better gacha outcome.

In order to have the ability to use the gacha system to reroll you should initially reach Adventurer rank 5 which should take you approximately an hour. As this is an especially long period of time compared to other games that use a gacha system you should think about thoroughly whether it deserves doing. As Genshin Impact is a multi-platform game that is readily available for both consoles and mobile you might wish to think about playing the game on a mobile phone where you will find the information is much easier to reset.

Preferably when you do the reroll you wish to get a 5 star character, regrettably the possibility of getting one is incredibly low so if you are figured out to go for absolutely nothing less you might be going through the rerolling treatment for a significant amoount of time prior to you get the character you want.

Noted listed below is the treatment you should go through in order to reroll in Genshim Impact.

  • Step 1: Clear'Encounter with the Giant Dragon'.
  • Step 2: Clear'Knight who included the wind', recruit Amber.
  • Step 3: Clear'With the Breeze'.
  • Step 4: Clear'City of Freedom'.
  • Step 5: Clear'Dragon Disaster'Gacha unlocked.
  • Step 6: Recieve 1000 Primogem from the Mail.
  • Step 7: Pull the gacha 6 times.
  • Step 8: Reset the information and repeat steps 1-7 if you are dissatisfied with the reroll.

What are Primogems
The superior currency in Genshin Impact is Primogems and they can be used to purchase Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate to carry out Wishes at the gacha. Fates cost 160 Primogems each.

The Fastest AR7 Reroll Run/Route
If you are pushed for time and frantically wish to start Genshin Impact with a 5 star character have a look at the below listed how you can reroll in this game..

Mikopogi, Oct 5, 2020

Secret Pirate Treasure Guest

The mission begins after you've talked to Kaeya in the order of knights. Follow Kaeya outside to learn more about his assignment. Then you have to talk to two NPCs in front of the adventurers' guild . The target radius is marked on the map so that the two can be found quickly.

Then you have to go back to Kaeya, who tells you the whereabouts of an informant, you should meet him at Whisper Forest. Open the map, teleport to a nearby travel point and run to the entrance of the Whisper Forest. The informant, who is being followed by a group of opponents, comes straight towards you from the forest.

Solve the puzzle about Treasure Trail I
With the first clue in your pocket, you can return to Kaeya. After the conversation, you learn that you have to look for the treasure at the windmills in Mondstadt. Outside, the right windmill for you will be marked on the map - it's the windmill east of the knightly order.

You will need all your stamina to climb up the windmill. If you don't have enough stamina, you can help out with a suitable dish . As soon as you have reached the upper level, you have to climb the ladder. Then you will find a treasure chest, but not the treasure you are looking for, but another clue.

Solve the puzzle about Treasure Trail 2
The treasure map marks a spot by the lake south of Quellingen. Go to Kaeya again first to find out more about the clue. Then travel to the lake and set your sights on the waterfall. You have to climb to the left of the waterfall to the higher level. There are three "ice torches" that are guarded by ice blobs. After you have killed the enemy, you have to hit the torches with a cryo attack . For this you need a character who has mastered the element "ice" (e.g. Kaeya). Once you've done that, a treasure chest appears in the middle with the third and final clue.

Decipher the treasure map and complete the quest
The second step is the trickiest, so that you already have the most difficult puzzle behind you. The third treasure map marks a cave entrance on the Falcon Coast. Enter the Dadaupa Gorge and choose the task "The lost treasure of Arcadia". The recommended troop strength is 10.

The dungeon is short and has no puzzles. All you have to do is run to the goal and eliminate some opponents in the process. At the end of the day you are surprised by a treasure robber and suddenly Kaeya appears to clarify the situation - there is no treasure at all here.

After the cutscene, a gate opens and the ruin guard appears, whom you have to defeat. The head represents the weak point of the guard , so that you have an advantage with an archer. After your victory you will receive a reward from Kaeya for your efforts. Also open the valuable chest and then leave the dungeon.

Danu13, Oct 1, 2020

Genshin Effect new dreams banner

  • Clear the Klee Trial Stage: 20 Primogems
  • Clear the Xingqiu Trial Stage: Adventurer's Experience X 6
  • Clear the Sucrose Trial Stage: Mystic Enhancement Ore X 3

Genshin Impact is a game that needs a lot of grinding to level up playable characters and tools. The designers do not promote grinding as there's a resin system enforced on players. Where, you use resins to declare rewards from dungeons, world bosses and such other mediums.

Read: Genshin Impact: 5 Basic & Advanced Tips & Cheats That You Should Know

There is an overall of 120 resins that players can use daily. It slowly gets brought back. The rate is too sluggish. Plus if players declare loot from top-level bosses or dungeons, they need to pay a substantial amount of 40 resins. Which is a lot of resins for just one claim. The free loot from the new characters trial event is something every player should declare as it does not need effort.

Atrain91, Oct 20, 2020

The Main Quests

Diving into Genshin Impact's huge, open world can both be a challenging and very interesting experience as your character has a lot of liberty to endeavor by yourself even if the instant unbiased points towards a particular area. With the inherent capability to climb up and swim, you have the ability to travel throughout any surface, disposing of restrictions to your interest to check out the world around.

Beyond graphics and gameplay, nevertheless, Genshin Impact holds an immersive and special story that deserves advancing together with the main missions Beyond really being familiar with more about the world of Tevyat and its different countries, the main missions function as your key to unlocking extra functions and game modes along with makes you the majority of the standard resources you will require to establish your heroes and boost your development.

The main mission will be very simple throughout the beginning and will earn you enough characters to form a standard team. At the very same time, finishing the beginning and protecting a complete party should bring your experience level high sufficient to be able to summon more heroes from the gacha. Among the standard functions in Genshin Impact to remember of is the distinction in between each hero's levels and your experience level. While each hero makes experience points in battle to level up and enhance their stats, the experience level grants enhancement on stamina in addition to grants you access to more locations and missions within the game.

From the screen, you can summon Paimon with the icon on top left corner of the screen, and it brings up the main menu. From there, you can click the missions icon to examine all offered missions. Keep in mind that while Archon Quests are direct and need to be complete in series offered that you satisfy the needed experience level, there are various story missions that can be pursued in a less direct way.

As much as you can, it is best to continue pursuing and achieving missions and just endeavor into other things once the experience levels bars you from advancing any even more. There are also world missions that turn up as you check out the continent even more, so make certain to examine its tab for ones that are close to you.

Keep A Balanced Team

Genshin Impact can be adequately satisfying even with just the main character on his/her own however having a complete party of 4 distinct characters in your experience produces a vast array of possible mixes that makes fight even more amazing and distinct. You will immediately access to 3 more characters after the beginning and Genshin Impact presently has more than 20 characters, a few of which you can earn through the gacha system.

You can click on the star icon at the upper right side of the screen once you reach experience level 5. This will take you the "Wishes" feature, which is where you can invest Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates to want more weapons or heroes. Keep in mind that you can quickly buy fates using primogenitors, which are the superior currency in Genshin Impact. It is constantly much better to carry out a 10x dream as it ensures a 4-star or higher item or character.

The preliminary 4 characters you will have in your lineup are really good and you can do all right in the game without investing real money in micro-transactions. As you achieve specific tasks and reach specific turning points, however, treating yourself and checking your luck in the gacha can be useful in your journey moving on.

The most essential indicate think about in your 4-person party is each member's essential affinity. Each hero has among 7 various components in the game and these aspects integrate and respond in a different way with one another. The normal factor to consider of components in many RPGs that utilize the proverbial "rock-paper-scissors" in getting and dealing damage. Essential affinities that affect a hero's abilities in Genshin Impact are a little bit more intricate than the typical mechanics and function as among the game's most interesting functions.

Direct exposure to various mixes of aspects create different results in fight and mastering every one is vital to getting a benefit in battle. The 7 aspects are anemo (wind), pyro (fire), cryo (ice), electro (lightning), geo (earth), and dendro (life). Every one has special impacts in battle and the different mixes of these aspects open different tactical possibilities that you can make use of in every battle.

Beyond that, each party has an essential resonance that offers the team with particular enthusiasts based upon the basic essential structure of its members. For beginners, any 4 special aspects grants the party a protective canopy buff, which increases each hero's essential resistance by 15%. Having 2 characters of the very same essential affinity can also unlock various enthusiasts, so if you are not making use of a party of 4 heroes each with various aspects, you may too choose 2 sets of heroes with the exact same essential affinity.

With 7 various components and an optimum of just 4 heroes in your party, it is best to check out numerous essential mixes as you unlock more heroes. It is most likely to take place that a various essential mix will be better in some situations and versus some enemies than others.

Equip Your Heroes With The Right Weapons And Artifacts

Beyond essential affinities and ability that make each hero in Genshin Impact special, each hero focuses on 1 of 3 kinds of weapons: swords, bows, or drivers. As the majority of the more powerful or higher-grade weapons can be gotten through dreams, it will probably mean that the very best ones you get might not always be the most appropriate for your selected hero.

Expect you acquire a 4-star Lion's Roar sword, which has bane of fire and thunder and increases damage versus enemies impacted by pyro or elektro by 20%, you may be inclined to equip it on any hero who can wield a sword. If, nevertheless, the only ones in your lineup who can use a sword are the tourist and Kayea, who are an-emo and cryo elemental s, then you might wish to think about equipping them with a various sword rather.

In such a way, either hero can still earn some take advantage of the alternatives offered by Lion's Roar, throughout attacks following a setup by their pyro and elektro colleagues. There might be lower grade swords in your stock, nevertheless, that they can benefit more from unconditionally.

On top of having the ability to gear up a various weapon, each hero can be more strengthened and personalized by equipping them with artifacts. Each of your heroes have 5 various artifact slots that each offer a fundamental stat boost along with set impacts. Like weapons, artifacts also are available in various rarities and star grades however just the very same, lumping together the rarest ones on a hero does not always yield the very best outcomes.

While the majority of artifacts offer standard stat increases such as straight-out boosts in HP, attack, defense, crucial damage, or perhaps energy recharge, some offer damage increases to specific aspects. When selecting the finest artifacts for each character, be sure to take this in factor to consider. On top of the fundamental stat enthusiasts, each artifact has actually set impacts that unlock extra benefits when 2 or more of the exact same set are geared up on the character.

The traveler set has a 2-piece set effect tgat increases limit HP of the user by 1,000 and a 4-set effect that regrows 30% of max HP over 5 seconds when opening a treasure chest. If 2 pieces are geared up and will recover the user by 300 HP whenever the character selects up mora, the fortunate pet dog set can boost defense by 100.

The taking a trip physician set offers a 2-piece buff that increases inbound recovery by 20% and a 4-piece effect that brings back 20% HP whenever the character uses an Elemental Burst. There are 22 other various sets in Genshin Impact to unlock however for novices, raising your experience rank is essential to expand the range of artifacts you can get.

When Upgrading Your Gears and heroes be Selective

Each hero in addition to each tool you can have can be additional reinforced through various improvement and upgrade approaches. Considered that you will become hiring extra heroes and continually get more equipment, the restricted resources you require to carry out improvements will barely be enough if you select to invest them throughout every hero and equipment you encounter. It is just sensible to be a little bit more sensible when carrying out improvements and focus primarily on the ones you feel will be helpful for a long time.

Each hero will get experience points with every enemy they beat in battle, it is barely sufficient to get the entire party's level up to the growing level of enemies in subsequent experiences. There are numerous character EXP products you can earn from treasure chests and mission conclusions that you can use to approve each character immediate EXP points.

It is necessary to keep in mind that each hero can just be at first level-led to level 20 and you will require to rise the hero to boost his level cap to level 40. Considered that you will still earn EXP from fight, make certain to keep the hero's level and experience listed below the optimum up until after you are all set to rise him or her.

You can rise a level 20 hero once you reach experience rank 15. Ascension needs numerous products to be started and a few of these can presently be just made as experience level rewards. Ascension opens a new skill for the hero and makes it possible for the hero's abilities to be level-led up. Each hero will even more earn more stat increases and ability enhancements from constellations that can be unlocked following direct development.

You will require a rare resource called Memory of Roving Gales for each constellation to unlock for the main character, which can be made as mission or experience rank rewards. For all other characters, you will require their particular Stella Fortuna, which can just be gotten through the desire feature.

Weapons can be updated in 2 methods. The most standard methods of doing so is through improvement, which will take in other weapons in addition to weapon improvement products to level up your weapon and increase its efficiency in fight by raising its base attack power and bonus stats. Refining is a little bit harder to do as it needs an additional copy of the very same weapon to compromise. Refining enhances the passive results of the weapon. Artifacts, on the other hand, can just be improved the exact same way as weapons.

Handle Your Stamina Carefully

While walking and combating numerous enemies do not take in each character's stamina in Genshin Impact, running, climbing up, and swimming does. Taking a trip by feet perhaps enjoyable for checking out every nook and cranny you discover in your experiences, however doing so without rushing can in some cases take a long while. Genshin Impact has a stamina feature that delimits a few of your actions in the game. Stamina renews rather rapidly when you are at rest, running out of it in vital minutes can be deadly.

For beginners, there are no other ways of obstructing an attack from enemies in fight and the only way to prevent damage is by evading inbound attacks using bursts of speed by your dash. Without stamina, however, it will be more difficult to prevent taking damage when you are not able to rush. Guaranteeing you have adequate stamina prior to engaging enemies in battle and handling your stamina within each encounter is essential to practice, particularly if you have actually under-levelled heroes who might take in a lot more damage from hits.

Outdoors battle, you will be taking a trip fars away even if there are teleporters unlocked. In addition, following the traditional path to your location can typically be uninteresting specifically offered your capability to climb up walls. Notification that every bit of climb you make lowers your stamina and leaping up while climbing up a wall diminishes a substantial piece of it. There is fall damage in Genshin Impact and some long drops can immediately kill your character. You have a glider with you at all times, it can just be triggered when you are at rest and not while hanging from a wall.

Some journeys in your experience will need you to cross a body of water and as easy as that task might appear, it can show to be lethal. It can take place that your whole supply of stamina will not even suffice for you to swim gradually to the opposite of a lake. Swimming quicker will just diminish your stamina quicker and once it goes out, you will find your hero drowning.

It will not be instantaneous death, however, particularly if you have a complete HP. You will lose a portion of your health and be carried back to your initial position. If you drown in the water with low HP, nevertheless, your hero will die, and in a very unheroic way.

Accomplish Feats Within The Adventurer Handbook

You will be directed towards the traveler's guild where you will unlock the traveler handbook once you complete the beginning As we discussed previously, you earn adventure experience on top of each hero making experience and level up your traveler rank. As traveler rank is key towards unlocking the remainder of the game's feature, achieving missions and checking out ias as essential as engaging in battle.

At the traveler's guild, you should keep in mind to declare rewards for each new traveler rank you reach. This can help you progress much faster as each rank up reward hold a range of resources you will require to enhance your equipments and heroes. More rewards can be declared by achieving tasks in your traveler handbook, which you can access through the book icon at the upper right side of the screen. Jobs in the handbook are divided into chapters and on top of making rewards for finishing each goal, an additional set of rewards can be made after finishing all examinations.

Experience EXP is a common reward for finishing examinations in the traveler handbook, so if you have some pending jobs within it that are well within your reach, do not hesitate to prioritize its completion specifically if you are close to its place.

Connect With Unique Objects You See On The Map

While we suggest pursuing the main missions to progress as quick as you can, it should not hinder you from checking out special things you see around you, particularly those within close distance to the path you travel. There are necessary landmarks such as teleport waypoints and statues of the 7 that you require to connect and trigger with in addition to crowds of resources and treasure chests to declare along the way.

Taking a trip by feet or by sliding can be an enjoyable way of checking out the continent, there are teleport waypoints spread throughout the world in Genshin Impact that you should trigger. If you are in a rush to travel, this will quicken taking a trip from one point in the map to the next and will be very helpful. When you connect with them, the statues of the 7 are like resting areas that recover your whole party.

You can invest anemoculus to upgrade them and doing so will earn you great rewards like increased stamina, experience EXP, and primogems. Keep in mind that the recovery you get from the statues can be set in a different way than its default. As you approach a statue of the 7, ensure to inspect the statue's true blessing and set it up according to your choices.

With regard to the anemoculus you require to upgrade the statues, you can see them on the small map at the upper left corner of your screen. They resemble white drifting things that remain in place and while some remain in plain sight, some are rather concealed above the premises or perhaps atop tree branches. Make an effort to technique and get it if you identify one within the path towards your location.

There are also a huge selection of treasure chests to be acquired throughout the map, with some even respawing gradually. Some chests can be declared as is while others need you to achieve specific accomplishments to unlock them. There possibly a group of monsters safeguarding the chest and if you see one with an aura near a mob of enemies, then possibilities are that you require to clear the enemies to eliminate the aura from the chest and claim its rewards. Some chests can just be unlocked after resolving puzzles around it.

When it comes to chests in the field, Lighting changes using essential attacks can be a common puzzle that comes your way. Relative to this, there are creatures that drift very much like anemoculus you will frequently see on the map, these creatures will start moving when you go near them and remaining by their side till they reach their location will reward you with a treasure chest.

There are various resources spread about and it is constantly best to get whatever you can in your journeys. You do have a limitation to the variety of items you can hold however for beginners, it will take a lot of robbery to fill your stock. The raw products you can collect throughout the map range from awakening products, upgrade products for your equipments, and food items, which can also act as active ingredients for much better food.

Another crucial feature in Genshin Impact you should make a routine of benefiting from is cooking food. If you observed, there are no potions in the game and the only way to renew lost health, beyond recovery abilities, is through consuming. There are, obviously, food items you can easily eat without cooking however the HP you can recuperate from them is very minimal. Prepared food, nevertheless, dramatically enhances the recovery capability and might even include some short-lived stat increases for your party.

You will quickly identify locations where you can prepare in the map as suggested by an NPC cooking next to the normal outside camping cooking site. Frightening, having the needed components is the only real challenge in cooking. You merely need to time your tap right in the tiniest box crossing the bar. The bar moves sluggish specifically on lower tier dishes and you will more than likely have best outcome on the very first meals you prepare.

The preliminary battles you will engage in are very easy, it is constantly best to be prepared with a bag complete of food items prior to venturing forward. Consuming food items to guarantee each character in your party has adequate HP is a should.

Accomplish Achievements For More Rewards

There are items that you instantly earn for each enemy you kill and some might even drop some extra loots. There are also lots of resources you can collect throughout the map in Genshin Impact. Completion of missions along with clearing examinations in the traveler's handbook offer you with additional rewards also however beyond all that, there are also achievements to achieve for additional bonuses.

Achievements in Genshin Impact can be accessed through its icon on the main menu. Achievements function as turning points of your progress thinking about the different elements of your experience and expedition. Achievements are divided into 14 classifications and while it might take a while prior to you see an indication on each group, you can easily check out each list to see how close or far you are from clearing a goal.

Primogems are rewarded for each achievement goal that you clear and while some might need characters to reach a specific level or strength, some are relatively easy to attain offered you know the goal. Be sure to read through each one and let the list serve as your guide towards attempting various things in your experience. Getting primogems as rewards are constantly best done faster than later on.

Hang Out To Check Your Inventory

The enormity of material in Genshin Impact relates well to the large variety of items you can select or earn up in your long journey. You might quickly remember what some of the items can do through using them, there are plenty of items that end up in your bag that you will most likely not have a concept about. As a few of these items can offer you some insight on other elements of the game you might not be that acquainted with, make certain to go through what every one can do.

You can access your stock from the main menu or through a faster way at the upper right side of your screen. Items you have in your bag are organized into various classifications and recently gotten ones are significant appropriately. As far as understanding what every one is for, what you should concentrate on discovering early on are items that are best taken in earlier than later on, like rewards that boost experience EXP or numerous currencies you can exchange for important resources at the store. In any case, think about checking out your items as a rest stop from all the adventuring.

Gamemaster213, Oct 21, 2020

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