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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action Platformer
  • Release: Nov 20, 2004
  • ESRB: Everyone

Hints & Secrets

Get Luigi

After you unlock Mario, go through the doors that lead to the basement, and follow the big boo into the courtyard opposite the stairs. Once there, destroy the biggest boo and enter the cage that falls out. Then beat the first mission and when you do the second mission, go up the stairs to the right and go in the first door on the right. If you have unlocked the red boxes, hit it and get the flower, making mario float. float to the top of the room, and go through the door on the platform. In the room is a picture of Luigi, enter the picture and beat the level and King Boo, and you get Luigi's key. Use it to unlock the door with an L above it next to Mario's door in Princess Peach's room on the first floor.

Rico Clark, Sep 22, 2006

Star from a white room

In order to do this code you need to get Luigi. Go to the second floor where you put the key when you beat the second browser. Go where Luigi picture is but you can't go in. et the flower with Luigi and it makes you invisible go where Wario's picture but go to the door where you go throught the mirror and when you go inside you will see a white room and a star.

madaboutbuffy, Sep 22, 2006

Easy star at tall tall mountain

In tall tall mountain climb the tree near the starting point and an owl will come out grab on to him and he will lift you up fly out onto the big mushroom and land on it a star will be there its the fifth star in the course and its easier then using the hidden cannon.

valeriaspinoza, Sep 22, 2006

Courtyard Cannon

After you collect all 150 stars, head outside to the courtyard near the lake. (not the moat under the castle) You'll find that the cage to a cannon is gone, so you can use it to blast on the roof collect 3 1UP mushrooms, and a Power Flower. (this is also the only way to unlock one of Luigi's minigames) Also, if you head back to Cool, Cool Mountain and choose "Big Penquin Race" or anything past that for your mission, you'll find that the penquin is now really fat and harder to race.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

Sand shifting

Go to the flame picture.take a left turn and go untill you reach a dead end.jump in the wall to get a new level

coolcat5000, Sep 22, 2006

Halt Tick Tock Clock Level

Before entering Tick Tock Clock wait for both clock hands to be on the 12. Then enter and nothing in the level will be moving.

danel16, Sep 22, 2006

Tiny, huge island warp 1

You know how you land in tiny huge island as soon as you land turn left and go straight into the water. Then swim to the island with the fire breathing plant. Then go to the exclamation mark switch and step on it. DO NOT go to the island with the oversized bowling balls. Go to the square island with the coin on it go to the coin and collect it and don't move PRESTO.

Treamman, Sep 22, 2006

How to beat the ice bully

When you jump in the snowy pit, talk to him, to start fighting. make him run in circles, and when he pauses hack (dash for a bit then press A) then jump right before u fall off the platform. quickly get out of the ice guy's way and repeat procedures.

Ufooklwg, Sep 22, 2006

Bob-omb Battlefield Warp 1

There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that lets you get from one side of the level to another quickly. After going up the first slanted bridge, go right and stand in the flower bed. The game will warp you to another flower bed, near the mountain. You can also warp from the flower bed next to the mountain to the flower bed next to the slanted bridge.

sarah, Sep 22, 2006

Easy 1-Ups

Go to any world and grab as many 1-Ups as possible, then exit the level via the exit level option on the pause screen. All the 1-Ups you got will still be there. Then go back into the level and repeat the procedure. This is an easy way to get 99 lives.

meow mix, Sep 22, 2006


To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.

Legion, Sep 22, 2006

Cool Cool Mountain Slide Shortcut

This is for the Cool Cool Mountain slide inside the house. When you come up to the first tunnel, look for a line of 5 coins going into the wall. Follow the coins into the wall and you will take a secret path with 3 1-Ups in it. NOTE: You can't use this to get the star in the Penguin Race.

marquisreyn1, Sep 22, 2006

Cool, Cool Mountain Transporter

In Cool, Cool Mountain, there's a transport from the 2 broken bridges, 1 near the starting point, and 1 near the big penguin outside (next to a sign and red coin). Walk to the edge of the broken bridge, stop for a second, and you will be teleported to the other bridge.

edwardodixo, Sep 22, 2006

Don't Decrease Card Game Record

When the hands are revealed in any of the card games that has a record that increases when you win and decreases when you lose, look at the opponent's hand before it displays who wins or loses and pause. If you lost the hand hit quit and reenter the game. You'll have lost however many coins you bet but your record will remain intact.

becky, Sep 22, 2006

Easy Coins

In any level where there is a small wooden post sticking out of the ground, pound it three times to have 5 coins revealed. This can be very helpful when trying to get extra lives or a 100-coin star.

Newbie, Sep 22, 2006

Easy Defeat for Bowser

When fighting any bowser, go to the edge of the areana near a spike ball and crouch down. When he comes close to you jump. This will make you do a backflip. Bowser wil run past you onto the edge. Go behind him and grab his tail and then throw him for an easy defeat.

oonganamansan, Sep 22, 2006

Get on top of the castle without 150 stars

Start as Luigi. Then go outside the castle to the left side. Go up to the fence and backflip jump so you hover across to get to a land piece. Then face the opposite way of the hill and keep jumping backwards till you get to the top. (Note: Yes this will take a while to get up there but keep trying!)

vollystar289, Sep 22, 2006

Never lose all of your lives against the third Bowser

If you lose to the third Bowser, you will be thrown out of the warp-pipe that you came in. If you back down the blue stairs about where the heart is, you will notice four pillars. Go in front of the top left pillar and you will recieve a free life. If you do this every time you lose, you will never run out of lives while fighting him.

dano, Sep 22, 2006

Two stars from Toad

If you happen to miss out on the star that you get from defeating the Boo's in the courtyard and getting their red coins, dont fret. You can still get 150 stars. It is simple, go to any one of the three Toads that gave you the other stars ( the one in Hazy maze Cave level entrance, near Tick tock the Clock entrance,and near tall tall mountain entrance) and talk to them, one of them will give you the star that you had missed out on earlier. This does not work for stars that you dont want to get like secret level stars on regular level stars, it only works for the Boo's courtyard star because it was a star that dissapeared near

TheHighSummoner, Sep 22, 2006

Walk like normal underwater

Enter Wet-Dry world, and set the water level so just the tip of the large gray spiral ramp is in the water. Swim around to the underside of the ramp, and swim up towards the ramp while jumping. If done correctly, you should fall down to the bottom of the level, and be able to move like normal under water.

chrisen05, Sep 22, 2006

Bob-omb Squad Tip

Can't get a good score on Wario's first mini-game (Bob-omb Squad)? Here are some tips. When shotting the ball with the stylus on the Touch Screen, try to hit the Lakitu on the top screen. If you hit it, all Bob-ombs will instantly explode and clear the screen of Bob-ombs. Be aware that the Lakitu is not always on the screen. Also, when there are many Bob-ombs on the bottom screen, pull back the slingshot right under the the Bob-omb and it will most always plow right threw the Bob-omb for 100+ points.

jordan2219, Sep 22, 2006

Don't decrease record when losing at card games

When the hands are revealed in any of the card games that has a record that increases when you win and decreases when you lose, look at the opponent's hand before it displays who wins or loses and pause. If you lost the hand hit quit and reenter the game. You'll have lost however many coins you bet but your record will remain intact.

Altaraf46, Sep 22, 2006

Getting Mario, Wario and Luigi

Get Mario:
After you have 8 stars go in the door in the room that you can play rec room mini games and jump in the Mario picture. The level is easy! To beat Gomboss, (since you are yoshi.) run in front or behind him and put a goompa in your mouth and shoot it at him. Repet this 3 times.

Get Luigi:
Go to Big Boos Haunt level as Mario and go to where big boo's balcany would be(In the house up the stairs far door on the right use Mario to float with the flower up.) Jump in the Luigi picture.

Ok after a few tries you see why you hate this level. So go right,left,right,left and up to face the big boo. I found the way out of this level by following the boo's laugh. to beat the boo just punch him 3 times. when he is in the mirror just punch his shadow.

Get Wario:
Use Luigi and go to the mirror room(beat 2nd bowser go in the next door up and go right in the closest door.) go through the flower in the mirror and into the Wario picture. You should beat the level after a few trys. To beat the ice Bully just knock him in the water. punch him a few times to get a coin.

ZaecsTrunkin, Sep 22, 2006

How to find the level shifting sand land

After you get 8 stars you can enter the room on the second floor with a star on it. Enter the room and walk towards the peach picture keep on walking and you will fall through a trap to enter bowsers level. Finish the level by beating bowser and obtaining a key. ONce you are at the entrance of the castle again go through one of the brown doors, go down the few steps then immediatly turn to go down a longer flight of stairs, open the door with your newly obtained key. Walk through the tunnel. and open the door. Turn right and you should see a picture of a flaming head, stand in front of it and turn left, there should be a empty hallway with an empty wall, it's not really empty! Jump through the wall to get to the Shifting Sand Land course!

leepam1972, Sep 22, 2006

Play with Character Faces

On the screen that lets you choose either rec room or Adventure touch the stylus on the characters faces and it will become black and white. You can pull on their faces to move it around.

benji91, Sep 22, 2006

Quick way across sandland

first, be any character,go to the level,and get the luigi cap. Get the fire flower on the top of the stone platform. Run over to the left of the pyramid (with the chain wall)jump, and the tornado should pick you up (yes im telling you to jump over a quick sand pit). As you twirl around, aim yourself toward the wall, because you are invisible, you will go through the wall and land. This hint helps when you have little health so you dont want to risk the box way, or if you just suck at the boxes and die every time you go that way.

Most_Wanted, Sep 22, 2006

Tall, Tall Mountain Warp

In Tall, Tall, Mountain, there is a warp that makes it easy to get to the cannon. In the area with all of the mushrooms, you will see two tiny mushrooms that are next to each other. Jump to the second tiny mushroom, and you will warp to a hidden area below the mountain. From there you can head to the cannon. You can also warp from the hidden area to the mushroom if you decide not to use the cannon.

deadmaster, Sep 22, 2006

How to get to Snowmans Land

After you beat the second bowser you get the key for the middle door go in there find the mirror room and take a left where there is an empty wall jump in it and you will be at Snowmans Land.

foolyone, Sep 22, 2006

Get to the top of the castle with mario without stars or cannon

If you run to the right of the castle you will see 2 castle walls near the ramp if you triple jump to the wall facing opposite of the ramp you can wall cick to the roof of the castle easy.

grant.a06, Feb 20, 2007

Course 6, Navigating the Toxic Maze

This maze always gets the better of me no matter how many times I try it. To get the star without having to navigate the maze is simple. Enter this level as Luigi and head down towards the sea monster section. You will have to take a lift to get down to him. Before you step on the lift have a look around and you will see the star through a mesh fence. Now you can see the star hop on the lift and head downwards. At the bottom you will see a power flower box. Burst it open and quickly hop back on the lift. At the top you will have plenty of time to get off it and walk through the fence and grab the power star, simple!

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

Extra Bonuses on Slots Shot Mini-Game

Right when you run out of balls on slots shot (mini-game) keep on pushing down on the trigger in the touch screen and it will keep on giving you bonus chances on the slots.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

Health Recovery

When damaged, find a body of water and swim under. After, simply swim back up to your characters head is out on the surface. Your health should replenish.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

No Hat, No Service

Have you ever wondered what the game would be like without a hat? Go to the Tall, Tall Mountain level and find the monkey after the super Bomb-omb. Grab it and it will steal your hat. Then exit the level. Now if you play as that character they will have no hat even if you restart. After this, wait until the Toad right inside has your hat. He will give you the hat and a star. Yoshi can't experience this but if you find a small crate eat it and you will get a square egg. If you hit a question block with no hat it can get pretty ugly.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007


Having trouble finding the bunnies for the rec room? Their locations are as follows, but be sure to talk to the rec room toad with the characters before looking for the bunnies.

Yoshi's bunnies
-outside of the castle right at the end of the bridge.
-outside of the castle left of the bridge
-outside of the castle right of the bridge
-outside the castle in the patch of flowers to the right
-outside the castle at the bottom of the drained moat
-outside of the castle around the maze of hedges
-in the hall to lethal lava land

Mario's rabbits
-outside of the castle left of the bridge
-bottom of the drained moat
-room of Jolly Roger bay
-hall to lethal lava land
-hall to lethal lava land (there's 2)
-top of the stairs on the 2'nd floor
-large mirror room on 2nd floor

Luigi's rabbits
-outside the castle near the maze of hedges
-entrance to bob-omb battle field
-courtyard of castle. Jump on the brown ledge then double jump again
-where you drain water from the moat
-out of the doorway on 2nd floor
-room with the Mario painting
-Outside of castle with cannon. You need 150 stars and shoot to the top of the castle holding the final bunny)

Wario rabbits
-outside the castle to the far right
-room to whomp's fortress
-in the basement near toad
-in the courtyard with boos
-Second floor of castle in the entrance to tiny-huge island
-third floor of castle near tick-tock clock
-third floor of the castle in the opposite alcove of rainbow ride

Finding these bunnies will unlock mini games. Once they are all found, search for the glowing rabbits which will lead you to the white room. Thank you for reading my cheat!

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

Easy bowser

At the first bowser go with mario and get the power flower to go very easy (tap B several times.

nintendods, Jul 6, 2008

Secret star on sunshine island

Go to the room with the minigame drawers.on the left wall there is a picture of sunshine islands. jump into it. Get the 5 silver stars. :-) :-)

Mr.Mario cheater, Sep 22, 2006

Princesses secret slides

Go into the brick room with the M, L, and W doors. Jump into the stained glass window of peach on the right side.

why do you need to k, Sep 22, 2006

Running isn't just good for you...

It might seem like those eyes that shoot lasers are indestructable, but run around it quickly and it will start to spin and dissappear. He gives you a blue coin too.

If you run around a post five times, the five coins pop out without having to ground-pound.

gamedude, Jan 5, 2008

Don't lose health from fall

Just before you hit the ground from a long fall you can ground-pound to stop you losing any health.

Khnum666, Oct 21, 2009

Rec room luigi's mushroom roulette tips

When your gonna play make sure you know what your gonna do here's the trick:first click REC ROOM then click luigi's face then clickmushroom roulette (second row first picture) then put the coin's betwen the yellow line at any place then when time run out luigi will stop the roulette then there it is! (sometime's it will stop at the pic that you choose but sometime's not)

kyle, Jun 27, 2010

How to get on top of the roof in Princess's Secret Slide without moonjump!

This is possible with all characters, and is really easy to do if you know how to do the long jump. (Y+R+B) Enter the slide level (It's in the character changing room through the glass mural of Peach to the right) and go down the slide. Continue to go down until the end of the first tunnel. Jump immediately, and you should land on a flat, but slippery slope of the slide. At this point, you should not be sliding if done correctly. Then jump on the tan railing. (It doesn't matter which side) Look at the touch screen and make sure the yellow arrow is pointing toward the room with the star in it. Then run (Y) crouch (R) and jump (B) to long jump! If you did this right, you should land on the slippery, gray brick ceiling of Princess's Secret Slide. Hope you have fun!

Mad Penguin, Nov 14, 2012

Easier way to complete the task Blast to the lonely mushroom

In order to do this go to the tree behind you climb it and the owl will appear so hop on it and fly to the mushroom be sure you don't fall to death and boom you got the star. Hope this works :)

Guest, Feb 23, 2013

The O-man

First, go to a place where the the shiny shell is.Then, be yoshi and break the box swallow it and spit it out and it would be riding itself!

The O-man, Feb 25, 2013

More description to complete blast to the only mushroom

Some of you guys still need more info of the mission. It is in Tall,Tall Mountain. When you complete "scale the mountain." Go behind the tree when you begin the tasks it should come there if you guys need more info please tell me.

The O-man, Mar 12, 2013

Amazing Benefits of Ground Pound!

Hi these are my tips that can tell you some benefits of ground pound!

1. Ground pound a log(in any course) and coins will come out!
2. If you fall from a high distance, ground pound when you are near to the ground, you will not lose any power!

Hope it helps, i will submit more game tips.

Dinar, Dec 14, 2014

How to unlock toad

Hi im back its eddie, I found a glitch where Mario looks kinda like toad. well lets get started
UNLOCK TOAD: first thing you need to do is turn on the game. ill walk you though.

  • Step 1: Go to the character room.
  • Step 2: Get mario.
  • Step 3: Go to the canon.
  • Step 4: Aim and shoot at the center of peaches face. you should be glitching though the castle 4 about 3 seconds in then you should be in a black room.
  • Step 5: Go though the door in the black room. you will come out the front door. but Mario will have a big head with white hair with no cap on. his body should look a little different. if this did not work u probably didn't hit the center of peaches face.

Eddie, May 1, 2020

Easter Eggs

Getting thrown inside a wall

In order to do this you must have an up-to-date action replay (buy one in a store or update one),activate the code: run at warp speed, then go to the room that has the large mirror on the third floor as Luigi. Get a power flower to turn invisible, and go into the mirror. Jump into the Wario painting and die on purpose, before the Luigi painting throws you out, keep your finger on Y so that it will eject you at warp speed across the room, into the wall. If you try to jump out through the wall that leads to Snowman's Land you will end up entering the course.

Metal Mario 64, Jan 4, 2008

Happy ending?

With a action replay, activate the cheat: press b to moonjump. Then defeat bowser on the top floor, in the cut scene where the princess is coming from the wall keep your finger on b for a while then let go. The person you used to defeat bowser with will go up in mid-air then have a long fall, do this until your character dies. If they come back to life, kill them once more. Just when everything seemed to be over and completed, you will be thrown back to castle grounds and lose a life, as if you never defeated bowser and rescued the princess.

Metal Mario 64, Jan 4, 2008

Cool, Cool Easter Eggs on Cool, Cool Mountain

I'm sure all of you have raced the penguin down the ice slide in Cool, Cool Mountain, but for those of you who don't know already that when you get all 150 stars, and go back to Cool, Cool Mountain to race the penguin, he will be fatter and bulkier! He will say "What's up, pal? I haven't been on the slide lately, so I'm out of shape. Still, I'm always up for a good race...Especially against an old sleddin' buddy! Whaddya say?" He'll be harder to race since he's bigger (shortcuts are still not allowed). Also, remember the Lil' Penguin Lost mission? Well, after you return the baby to it's mama, you can grab the baby again. The mama penguin will start chasing you (although she can't hurt you). She'll stop following you if (1) you stop carrying it, (2) if you get far away from her or (3) you drop it down a cliff. Then she can care less (she will)! You can also get the mama penguin stuck inside the frozen pond! Well, I hope this helped! (^V^)

MadPenguin, Jun 28, 2012

Uh guys?, Your Nose?

First, Choose Mario, Luigi, Or Wario. Go To A Place With A Warp. Make It So your Charecter's Face Is On The Screen (Not Completley On The Screen). When You Teleport, Your Nose Will Be MISSING For Atleast 2 Or 3 Seconds. Sometimes Mario Has A Red Patch Where His Nose Was Hope This Helps! - HelperBot

HelperBot, Jul 15, 2013


Missing Characters in Ending Sequence

It is possible to have certain characters gone in the final ending sequence of the game. In order to eliminate characters from the final ending sequence, you must complete a simple task. You must not unlock them in the game. If you do not unlock a character in the game, he will be missing from the final ending sequence. The entire sequence will go by and you will never see the character. Also, on the cake at the end, the locked character will be missing and the other characters will be in different positions.

dbikeboy, Sep 22, 2006

Getting on top of the castle with 8 stars!!!

For this you need to still have the water up where the door is this can be done with either mario or luigi: be one of these guys go to the bit where the cannon is when uve got 150 stars then do a slide up to one of the trees it is tricky but when you do it u should be underwater andyou can see the cannon swim to the cannon and u should be in it =) have fun.

bartymany, Dec 23, 2006

Debug mode screen

To do this either do the multiple hat glitch or the no hat power flower glitch and then press these buttons:

HOLD L, R, left, A let go
HOLD down, B let go
Hold start, select

then the debug screen will appear you can either watch it or turn your DS off,

Note: taking your game out will not crash the debug screen :O

Grant.a06, May 1, 2020

Fall Through Water

Go to Wet-dry world and make the water level as low as it can go but still submerging little part of the gray ramp. Go under the gray ramp and right where the bottom of the ramp comes out of the water. Make your character jump up and hit the bottom of the gray ramp. This will cause your charater to fall through the bottom of the water.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

How to tranform to somwone else without a cap

First head to the picture of tall, tall mountain then get any cap. Then go to the area where the monkey is, your gona see a watterfall and at the corner a rock. Go there press the X botton to see the monkey, he's gonna want to steel your cap, then jump tword him and press A BOTTON. Youll catch him but youl have to land at the watterfall or else yol get back normal, if this worked out ok, youll play as somwonelse with out a cap, you can get the power flower (dont do this with a wario cap, because gets frozen)

nintendods, Jul 6, 2008

Fire-Powered Rear

This glitch requires Action Replay. Activate the Moon Jump and Infinite Health cheat and start the game. Then, go to any level involving lava. Next, make your character jump into the lava. Your character's rear will be on fire. Quickly, before you hit the ground, press b, and you will propel yourself into the air using your flaming rear as if you were a rocket. Every time you press b, your rear will boost you up into the air. This works until you land on the ground. From there, jump into the lava and do it all over again! This glitch can be done with all characters so have fun!

Mad Penguin, Feb 13, 2013

Trapped inside the black box

Yes I know what you're thinking, this is NOT the 2D black box. What you have to do is dive at the leftmost tree to the courtyard cannon so when dived at from a certain angle, you should have half of your body underground level and half of your body overground level so now you can slide down it like a regular pole (this must be done with Mario or Luigi and the moat has to be drained). So now you can swim to the black box that can only be broken by Wario and you can now swim under it and you will be trapped under it.

dude, Jul 24, 2013

Get inside the 'game core' Step by Step

  • 1. Be mario on snowman land
  • 2. Get blow of the brige
  • 3. Throw the crate at the snow man with your hat
  • 4. Repeat steps 1-3(the snowman gives out more hats every time,get them all!)
  • 5. The game will freeze
  • 5.1 Hold L,R,left and A,for 3 seconds and let go
  • 5.2 Hold down and B for 3 seconds
  • 5.3 Hold start and select
  • 6. You should have a blue screen with white text on.
  • 7. Your in the 'game core'(note it dose nothing but you understand if you read it.also it will think your admin because you know the code.)

boo vs dry bone, Aug 17, 2013

Heaven's Portal

Hi i am back with another cheat. To do this go to bobomb battlefield and enter the cannon near the floating island. Then go inside and when you aim the cannon, MAKE SURE THE POINT OF THE TOP ARROW TOUCHES RIGHT THE BOTTOM POINT OF THE ISLAND. then you shoot the cannon, and you will head close to a fence, and suddenly, THE TOP SCREEN WILL TURN COMPLETELY BLUE!!! YOUR CHARACTER WILL JUST STAY STILL IN THE MAP!!! later, your character will fall down and lose your power.

Dinar, Dec 14, 2014

Eternal Roof on the Princess's Secret Ali

Hi i will send another glitch for the game. To do this, as luigi, go to Princess's secret slide(For those who do not know, go to the princess's painting on the right in the changing room). Then slide until there is no wall surrounding you. Stop sliding, stand up, and do a back jump and spin until you land on the roof. Then walk on the roof and follow its path, THE ROOF WILL NOT HAVE AN END!!! IT IS ETERNAL!!! to end this, just exit the level.

Dinar, Dec 14, 2014


Mario MiniGames

Unlockable Mario MiniGames:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bounce and PounceHave when you start
Bounce and TrounceCatch 4 Rabbits
Connect the CharactersCatch 5 Rabbits
Marios SlidesHave when you start
Shell SmashCatch 6 Rabbits
Shuffle ShellCatch 3 Rabbits
Sort or SplodeCatch 1 Rabbit
Trampoline TerrorCatch 7 Rabbits
Trampoline TimeCatch 2 Rabbits

jamescherry, Sep 22, 2006

Intant 150 stars

First, after you beat the last bowwser only for the first time, don't save , this next part will take a while. You have to beat the third bowser agian , and you can't copie it and withought saving, quickly turn off the power right after yo beat him then when you turn it on you have 150 stars

Bill, Sep 22, 2006

Unlock Luigi

To get Luigi you have to go to the courtyard with the fountain. Ground pound the Boo that is bigger than the rest. Jump in the object that comes out first, you have to get the first star. Then you will be able to go upstairs. Go to the southwesteren room. Go to where there is a pile of wood you should see a box over your head get the flower that is inside the box then float up and then you should open the door then go in the painting and beat King Boo and he will give you the key to Luigi's door.

Ginger Joey, Sep 22, 2006

Unlock Luigi Mini-Games

To unlock Luigi's Mini-Games, catch rabbits at the following locations with Luigi:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Lucky StarsNear the entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield.
Mario SlotIn the secret room with the Mario painting.
Memory MasterNear the entrance to Wet Dry World.
Mushroom RouletteIn the area with the columns used to drain the moat.
Pair-a-Gone And OnOutside in the hedge maze.
Picture PokerIn the courtyard above the entrance.
Super Mario SlotOn top of the Castle. (You need 150 stars)

yanger00, Sep 22, 2006

Unlock Wario Mini-Games

To unlock these mini-games, catch rabbits at the following locations as Wario:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bingo BallOn the right side of the castle when facing it. (Near the trees)
CoincentrationNear the entrance to Whomp's Fortress.
Giant Snowball SlalomIn the alcove opposite Rainbow Ride.
Intense CoincentrationNear the entrance to Tick-Tock Clock.
Lakitu LaunchNear the entrances to Tiny-Huge Island.
Psyche OutIn a corridor near Lethal Lava Land.
Slots ShotIn the courtyard behind the fountain.

soapyp, Sep 22, 2006

Unlock Yoshi Mini-Games

To unlock the following mini-games, catch rabbits in the following locations as Yoshi:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Boom BoxOutside near the main bridge.
Hide and Boo SeekOutside near the main bridge
Mix-a-MugNear the entrance to Lethal Lava Land.
Puzzle panelOutside near the main bridge.
Puzzle PanicOutside in the moat. (After you drain it)
Tox Box ShuffleOutside in a flower patch near the wooden bridge.
Which Wiggler?Outside in the hedge maze.

yanensxp, Sep 22, 2006

Unlockable Keys

White Room Key:
Catch all the Shinning Rabbits.

Wario Key:
With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario's Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully.

Luigi Key:
Beat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo's Haunt

Mario Key:
Beat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room

kmarle, Sep 22, 2006

White Room

To get an extra star play as luigi and go into the room with the giant mirror in front of you on the 2nd floor. Get one of the flowers on top of the small pillars and then you will go invisible because you are luigi. Go into the mirror then through the door in the mirror on the opposite side of the door you came in. There will be a white room and a star.

imsocool, Sep 22, 2006


After obtaining 30 stars and defeating Bowser for a 2nd time, head up to the second castle floor and enter the room where Snowman's land. On the left you'll see a Luigi painting, but its reflection in the mirror will be a Wario painting. Get the flower to turn invisible and walk through the mirror to appear on the opposite side. Jump into the Wario painting to enter the level. Defeat Chief Chilly to obtain the key for Wario's Room.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

Red ! Boxes

After obtaining 14 stars, stand on the Sun carpet in the main plaza. Enter first person view mood and look up to the beam of light. In the new world, stomp on the red switch in the middle tower to unlock the red ! boxes. - Submitted By: Cheats Admin

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

Courtyard Cannon

After you collect all 150 stars, head outside to the courtyard near the lake. (not the moat under the castle) You'll find that the cage to a cannon is gone, so you can use it to blast on the roof collect 3 1UP mushrooms, and a Power Flower. (this is also the only way to unlock one of Luigi's minigames) Also, if you head back to Cool, Cool Mountain and choose "Big Penquin Race" or anything past that for your mission, you'll find that the penquin is now really fat and harder to race.

mrpennies56, Jun 20, 2007

How to unlock waluigi

Waluigi is unlockable really but hes not easy you see a block box in the menu screen and sense it's 2d you have to find it and it has to be hit in a 2d position after hitting a purle hat pops out of know where put on and you see the painting of princess is open and you shoot into with the cannon when you enter you see waluigi and he knows you're a clone defeat him and he vanishes than enter the character select room and you enter the white door and you come out as waluigi!

Jdgameboy, Feb 7, 2016

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