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This page contains Cheats for Kaseki Chou-Shinka Spectrobes organized by sections for Nintendo DS. This game has "Role-Playing Action RPG" as genre, made by Jupiter Corporation. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Kaseki Chou-Shinka Spectrobes Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Jupiter Corporation
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Mar#6#2007
  • ESRB: Everyone


Card Code List

These are all the codes that can be entered at the card port machine unlocked by the Upsilon cube which can be found on Kollin 1 to the right of headquarters under the tree in the upper left by the museum or downloaded from the wi-fi downloads section for 1 point. The codes are entered in the form:



If you need help on where to tap:

A - The end of the upper left arrow
B - Above the word "the" on the first line of text
C - Above "port" of the word "portion" on the first line of text
D - The end of the upper right arrow
E - To the left of the first "the" on the second line of text
F - The letter "d" of the word "card" on the second line of text
G - The second "the" on the second line of text
H - The letter "s" of the word "arrows" on the second line of text
I - The end of the lower left arrow
J - Below the "T" of the word "Touch" on the third line of text
K - Below the "een" of the word "Screen" on the third line of text
L - The end of the lower right arrow

Note: Thanks to everyone on the board who helped compile this list and a special thanks to whoever it was who first came up with the system for displaying the codes.

2134 DALAobasat Apex
3412 HCICyclone Geo (must beat game)
1243 AHEDanaphant Tuska
4123 CHKDanilob
2134 BGJEmerald Mineral
1243 BEDGrilden Biblad
3412 IDGGrildragos Drafly
2134 AFJGristar
1243 AHDHammer Geo (must beat game)
4123 EHIHarumitey Lazos
3412 DAGIce Geo (must beat game)
1243 ECDInataflare Auger
1243 CHLInkalade
1243 KDAIota Cube
3412 DIFKomainu
4123 HKAKugaster Sonara
2134 FIHMossax Jetspa (Custom Color 1)
1243 AFINaglub
2134 GHAPlasma Geo (must beat game)
2134 LJERho Cube
3412 BGKRuby Mineral
1243 KEHSamukabu
2134 HDISamurite Voltar
1243 BFKSapphire Mineral
3412 GEDSegulos Propos
3412 CGLSeguslice
4123 IHGShakor Bristle
3412 LIHSigma Cube
2143 DIESpiko
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Submitted By: Adam, cheatman, blad

Action Replay (US)

This Codes are Action Replay Codes. To use them you will need a Action Replay Device

Game ID: ASUE-939e98a8

Max / Infinite Gura
0212bd04 05f0e0ff

Have All Gloves, Swords, Blasters & Armor
0212bf6c ffffffff
1212bf70 00003fff

Max / Infinite Minerals (All)
Do not use with any of the HAVE SINGLE MINERAL CODES!
d5000000 63636363
c0000000 0000000f
d6000000 0212bf24
d2000000 00000000

Do not use with Max / Infinite Minerals (All) code!

Power C Mineral
2212bf24 00000001

Power B Mineral
2212bf25 00000001

Power A Mineral
2212bf26 00000001

Power A+ Mineral
2212bf27 00000001

Def C Mineral
2212bf28 00000001

Def B Mineral
2212bf29 00000001

Def A Mineral
2212bf2a 00000001

Def A+ Mineral
2212bf2b 00000001

Health C Mineral
2212bf2c 00000001

Health B Mineral
2212bf2d 00000001

Health A Mineral
2212bf2e 00000001

Health A+ Mineral
2212bf2f 00000001

Agate Mineral
2212bf30 00000001

Lazuli Mineral
2212bf31 00000001

Graphite Mineral
2212bf32 00000001

Garnet Mineral
2212bf33 00000001

Onyx Mineral
2212bf34 00000001

Topaz Mineral
2212bf35 00000001

Jade Mineral
2212bf36 00000001

Amber Mineral
2212bf37 00000001

Zircon Mineral
2212bf38 00000001

Opal Mineral
2212bf39 00000001

Cobalt Mineral
2212bf3a 00000001

Citrine Mineral
2212bf3b 00000001

Fluorite Mineral
2212bf3c 00000001

Coral Mineral
2212bf3d 00000001

Sylvite Mineral
2212bf3e 00000001

Spinal Mineral
2212bf3f 00000001

Azurite Mineral
2212bf40 00000001

Quartz Mineral
2212bf41 00000001

Uranium Mineral
2212bf42 00000001

Titanium Mineral
2212bf43 00000001

Chrome Mineral
2212bf44 00000001

Platinum Mineral
2212bf45 00000001

Pearl Mineral
2212bf46 00000001

Sapphire Mineral
2212bf47 00000001

Emerald Mineral
2212bf48 00000001

Ruby Mineral
2212bf49 00000001

Diamond Mineral
2212bf4a 00000001

Gold Mineral
2212bf4b 00000001

Alpha CUbe
2212bf4c 00000001

Beta Cube
2212bf4d 00000001

Gamma Cube
2212bf4e 00000001

Delta Cube
2212bf4f 00000001

Epsilon Cube
2212bf50 00000001

Zeta Cube
2212bf51 00000001

Eta Cube
2212bf52 00000001

Theta Cube
2212bf53 00000001

Iota Cube
2212bf54 00000001

Kappa Cube
2212bf55 00000001

Lambda Cube
2212bf56 00000001

Mu Cube
2212bf57 00000001

Nu Cube
2212bf58 00000001

Xi Cube
2212bf59 00000001

Omicron Cube
2212bf5a 00000001

Pi Cube
2212bf5b 00000001

Rho Cube
2212bf5c 00000001

Sigma Cube
2212bf5d 00000001

Tau Cube
2212bf5e 00000001

Upsilon Cube
2212bf5f 00000001

Evolve Mineral
2212bf60 00000001

Chroma 1 Mineral
2212bf61 00000001

Chroma 2 Mineral
2212bf62 00000001

Chroma 3 Mineral
2212bf63 00000001

Max / Infinite Items (All)
Do not use with any of the HAVE SINGLE ITEM CODES!
d5000000 63636363
c0000000 00000007
d6000000 0212bf74
d2000000 00000000

Do not use with Max / Infinite Items (All) code!

Jet Pack
2212bf74 00000001

Red Keystone
2212bf75 00000001

Green Keystone
2212bf76 00000001

Blue Keystone
2212bf77 00000001

Demag Unit
2212bf78 00000001

Kate's Letter
2212bf79 00000001

Relic Crystal
2212bf7a 00000001

Neo Crystal
2212bf7b 00000001

Flame Geo
2212bf7c 00000001

Cyclone Geo
2212bf7d 00000001

Thunder Geo
2212bf7e 00000001

Hammer Geo
2212bf7f 00000001

Plasma Geo
2212bf80 00000001

Ice Geo
2212bf81 00000001

Wing Geo
2212bf82 00000001

Recovery Tool
2212bf83 00000001

Sonic Tool
2212bf84 00000001

Blast Tool
2212bf85 00000001

Solvent Liquid
2212bf86 00000001

Giga Tool
2212bf87 00000001

Basic Serum
2212bf88 00000001

Deluxe Serum
2212bf89 00000001

Super Serum
2212bf8a 00000001

Total Serum
2212bf8b 00000001

Basic Antidote
2212bf8c 00000001

Deluxe Antidote
2212bf8d 00000001

Super Antidote
2212bf8e 00000001

Total Antidote
2212bf8f 00000001

Rescue Antidote
2212bf90 00000001

Rescue Serum
2212bf91 00000001

Source: Link

Submitted By: mycr


Easy minerals

Go to the planet daichi. Once u get there go outside and folo the wall on the bottom. when you reach the first v stay there and search there. You will find 2,3,or4 minerals just move around to get 4. Then go down to the bottm sand piece and search u will find more minerals. Afer u havethem go to the ship and move around for a little bit and go backout and they will be there again.

Submitted By: the man

Loads of Gura

Go to Himuro the 6th planet. Get to the end of the planet and go through the right rectangle. If you are in a hurry, then just get the minerals in the middle of the circle, if not, explore the full place. After that, go through the left rectangle and repeat. I have over 1 million G doing this. On this planet, Pearls (puts all minergy up by 12 and is worth 10,000 G)are common, Sapphires (puts all minergy up by 24 and is worth 15,000G) is moderate, Emeralds (puts all minergy up by 30 something and is worth 20,000G)are rare and Gold (puts all minergy down by 16 and is worth 100,000)is ultra rare.

Submitted By: Lou Power

Giant child Spectrobe

There is a Spectrobe named Gejio found on the ice moon Himuro. When he is "reborn" from his fossil, there is a 90% chance of him being bigger than Rallen. The other 10% chance he will turn out regular size like normal child Spectrobes. It is actually rarer to get a small Gejio.

Submitted By: Marshall

Super minerals

After you are able to use the WiFi download system on you ship, you have the option to download special minerals (for example, uranium). When you download these special minerals, they can then be found in the game just like normal minerals. Some of these minerals are uranium, titanium, and chrome. These "special" minerals have super properties.. For example, uranium maximizes the attack attribute while lowering the defense and health attributes by 16 points. Titanium maximizes defence and chrome maximizes health.

Submitted By: Suchal91

Easy money

After you complete the game, go to Nessa Area 3 and search the area with the Gejio Spectrobe. Gejio has a search area of 7 and can only find minerals. If you search long enough you will find a mineral called Gold. This mineral is the most valuable in the game and can be sold for 100,000 Mesa.

Submitted By: fifacheatsking

Healing items

On the Planet Kollin go to the left (west) and you will find another ship. Talk to the person in the doorway of the ship. He will sell you healing items such as a Basic Serum, Antidote, etc.

Submitted By: Dark lugia
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No downfall to mineral that drain stats

If you have recently evolved a spectrobe the gauges should be 100% grey meaning that they can't go any lower. If you use a mineral such as Onyx your attack will increase by 40 but nothing will happen to your defense will remian the same. This will help a lot if you want to have a huge power up with no cost.

Submitted By: dragon

Secret mineral

Go to the 2rd area on nessa and look for a giant vortex stuck to the ground and go in it beat all 30 battles and you will get a evolve mineral then go back and keep going to sequence battles for gura a mineral and minergy.

Submitted By: spectrobe king


Rewards From the Giant Vortexes

To unlock the vortexes which award Geos, you must first beat the game. To win the prize, you must complete all of the rounds in the sequence.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Cyclone GeoComplete Daichi Area 1 vortex
Evolve MineralComplete Nessa Area 2 vortex
Hammer GeoComplete Nessa Area 3 vortex
Ice GeoComplete Himuro vortex
Plasma GeoComplete Ziba Area 3 vortex
Thunder GeoComplete Ziba Area 2 vortex
Wing GeoComplete Meido vortex

Submitted By: callster07

Sigma cube (DS wireless play)

oOn Genshi area 1, at the entrance to the forest area, there is a person there, search below him.

Submitted By: madrootnl

Tau cube (wi-fi)

Once you unlock nessa, go to area 2, go to the right until you see a spire sticking out of the ground, search below it.

Submitted By: mikopogi

Upsilon cube (enables card input)

Once you unlock kollin, go downwards from your ship, then go right, you should see a tree soon, search under it.

Submitted By: emjean74
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