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Various Gameplay Tips

From: JackYJ

If you want to get legendary dragons the quickest, believe it or not, the best way isn't buying legendary eggs with your trophies. The best way just by sheer numbers is to buy gold eggs with coins. Because of this, it's best to level your dragons up to 29 instead of 30 as 29 will give you coins when you sell them, but 30 will give you trophies.

To maximize your raid boss rewards, find raid groups for EverWing and join them. You'll be able to find them in places such as the EverWing Facebook page. Join as many of them as you can handle, and participate in every raid that you can, even if you do just enough damage for small rewards in each raid. The raids will add up and small rewards can turn into huge rewards with quantity on your side.

Pick a different fairy depending on what your goal is for the current set of rounds. Lily is your best bet if you want to get a ton of coins, as she has a 2x multiplier. Use Lenore if you want to get a high score, because she has 2x lives. Aurora's super magnet makes her a great all-around character.

You can turn the music and sound effects off in order to be able to listen to music on your phone at the same time as you're playing, but it can cause performance issues. To remedy these, go to the options menu and set the graphics to lo-res. They will be a little bit blurrier, but the game will stop slowing down.

You can spend coins on upgrading your dragons or your fairies early, but your dragons and fairies are also upgraded simply by killing opponents. Instead, save your coins for unlocking new fairies and dragons unless you have an over abundance of them, and even then, spend them on gold eggs instead.

When you hit the raid boss, the most important thing if you want to get the highest score is to figure out how best to avoid getting killed. Watch their patterns and the order that they launch their attacks in over a period of various times playing against them. The same boss will attack in almost the same order every time. The main difference will be those annoying meteors each time.

The armored goblin is an extremely annoying foe because it has a ton of hit points. Unless you have a massive amount of firepower, don't even try to kill it. Just shoot around it and kill all of the other goblins. The armored one only gives you one experience point for killing it, just as the other goblins do. Ignore the armored ones and shoot around them.

The power ups are all important, but the most important one to pick up as you go is arguably the four-leaf clover. These will upgrade your fairy weapon to the next level for the entire rest of the stage when you pick them up. Pick enough of these up and you'll be able to easily make it farther, past more bosses and past more goblins than you should be able to at your current fairy level.

A glitch pops up sometimes when you're collecting boss rewards, but it's not every time. It's common after the 5th raid boss, usually. Collect your reward, then at the screen where you pick one, once you find out what your reward is, double-tap close Facebook Messenger. Then open it back up and open EverWing back up, and there's a chance that the reward will be back there again, allowing you to open infinite chests.

Make sure to collect the crystals whenever you see them. Purple crystals are worth 10 coins, red crystals are worth 20 coins, and blue crystals are worth 40 coins. They pop randomly out of goblins, but if you shoot and destroy a treasure chest, a ton of them will pop out. These are arguably the quickest way to beat your friends at high scores.

Evolving your dragons is the key step to powering them up. Once a dragon hits level 10, you will be able to evolve it, but you will need an identical dragon that is also at level 10. Evolve one of them, and the other one will be sacrificed, but the original one will grow FAR stronger. Dragons can be evolved three different times before they max out.

Jun 1, 2017

Common, rare, and legendary sidekicks

From: Hakn1994

The common dragons are very easy and cheap to get, but they are by no means worthless; in fact, they have the highest amount of pure firepower of any of the dragons, and, due to the availability, are the easiest to evolve. Bronze eggs cost way too much money for this purpose; stick to the common eggs and you'll get more than enough commons for all of the evolutions that you want.

For the rare dragons, the bronze eggs might be the cheapest way to acquire them, but they have a horrible percentage of rare chances. Unfortunately, the other options (silver and gold) aren't much better for the price. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of trophies to waste, the silver is the best way to do it, and silver rewards are very easy to earn from raid bosses. So play in raid boss battles, get to the silver x3 tier, and you'll have all of the rares in very little time.

Legendary dragons are stupid expensive to purchase, but there's strategies to maximize your yield. When you sell a dragon, sell it at level 29, not at level 30. At level 29, you will earn over 250,000 coins, allowing you to purchase loads of gold eggs. Each gold egg has a 12 percent chance of getting legendaries. Each legendary egg, which is a 2,500 trophy investment, has a guaranteed chance of a legendary. So opening more gold eggs means more legendaries, just based on the math of it, due to how many you get to open from the level 29 sale.

Participate in as many raid battles as you can with groups on FBM. You can find groups via sources such as Facebook's Everwing groups. Try to join up with some people, or start additional groups with your friends, and shoot up as many raid bosses as possible to get maximum rewards for free.

Sometimes a glitch will happen when you collect a raid boss reward. The way to activate the glitch is to close the game and FBM as a whole immediately after you open your last chest, without getting back to the main menu. If the glitch works (it tends to be random), then when you reopen FBM and EverWing, you will see the reward still active in your mail. Try it and if it works, spam it and you'll be well on your way to earning four of every dragon in the game.

Jun 13, 2017

More Tricks and Hints

From: XoyoX

The zodiac signs can be a bit confusing at first, but the meanings are fairly simple when it comes to evolution. Evolve two dragons together with the same zodiac for a boost in firepower. Get four identical dragons together, each with the same zodiac sign, and you'll be able to maximize the power by the time the final evolution comes around.

You're not going to know which rare and legendary dragon powers are the most advantageous until you try them out. Experiment with them in the endless rounds so that you can see what they do without having to worry about wasting one of your raid boss turns. Then decide which ones have powers that you like the most, and that you want to continue using, and use more endless rounds and quests to maximize their levels.

Maximize your legendary dragons by selling any dragon that you raise at level 29 instead of level 30. Level 29 will result in more than 280,000 coins per dragon sold, whereas level 30 will result in around 3,000 trophies. As a gold egg has a 12 percent chance of hitting a legendary, you'll mathematically have a higher chance to score legendaries - and you'll earn a ton of rares in the process.

As the raid bosses gain levels, they will get stronger and stronger. Eventually they will get too strong for you to beat at your currently level. When this happens and you don't kill the raid boss within the time limit, the level will go back down to 1, allowing you and your friends to attack again and gain some easy rewards and levels.

Collect the lightning and the flowers when you're in the endless mode. The lightning will give you extra lives against the raid boss if you have some that has yet to restore. If you collect the flower, you'll surge forward and bash straight through the next five or so lines of enemies. Flowers give you the opportunity to pad your score before facing any of the bosses.

If you are playing on an older device with some lag, you can go to the options menu and set the graphics from hi-res to low-res. If you do this, then the graphics will be a little bit more blurry but the slowdown should stop. Unfortunately, this makes items a bit hard to make out, unless you are on a 4-inch iPhone, so set the graphics to high-res if you want the items to be easier to spot.

To complete a series of missions, you're usually going to need to challenge friends in the game. If you don't want to bug your friends with this game, then go find FB accounts to challenge that are either inactive or that you know don't use Messenger. You can complete these rungs of the challenges whether or not these friends of yours respond back - which they won't if their FB accounts are abandoned.

Once you have a high amount of fairy attack power, you'll be able to defeat the armored goblins, which are the seemingly indestructible ones that fly back and forth. They only give you 1 experience, as do all of the goblins, but they typically will give you plenty of crystals, which are worth many coins (10 for purple, 20 for red, 40 for blue) and even trophies.

Head to the options menu and increase the sensitivity of your controls. You won't have to move your finger as far in order to move your characters, allowing you to see them better. You will also be able to swipe back and forth rapidly in order to collect all of the items that are dropped by enemies and bosses whenever you defeat them.

Different fairies have different optimal uses. Sophia, for example, should exclusively be used for quest duty because she completes them 2x faster. Lenore has two lives per go, so she should be exclusively used in active battles. Ditto for Arcana who can clone sidekicks. Sophia and Lily earn 2x sidekick experience and 2x coins, respectively, so they can effectively be used for either one.

When playing through the endless mode, collect the shamrocks as soon as you see them. Mushrooms are great but will only last for a small period of time. Shamrocks will level up your fairies' attacks for the entire rest of the stage, and with enough of them, your base attack can raise enough to make it a lot farther than you otherwise would be able to in the single player modes.

When you're fighting against a raid boss, your main focus should be on avoiding EVERYTHING. That means watching out for the attacks that the bosses unleash, because they will throw down different attacks than what you might see in the standard single player mode. Play defensively in order to keep a good offense going, as you'll score plenty of hits against the boss even when you are simply trying to avoid attacks.

Sometimes, after a raid boss battle, you will be able to collect the rewards over and over again, but the glitch happens inconsistently. The way it works is that after you collect your last chest, you have to close entirely out of FB Messenger. Then open it back up and go to the same group text. If the glitch is in effect, then you will be able to re-collect your chests for different rewards.

Find a group of friends to do the raid boss battles with as soon as possible. You can raid with any group text that you have on Facebook Messenger, even if it includes most of the same friends, so you can battle with tons of raid bosses. Just close out of the game when you're done with one boss, then go to the other conversation and open up EverWing from there and you'll be able to do more raid battles.

Unlock more fairies as soon as you can afford to do so. As you level up you will be able to unlock more fairies and also unlock more quests, and with more fairies, you can send more of them, and more dragons, on quests at the same time. Quests lead to lots of dragon experience, as well as lots of extra coins.

When you want to go on a common dragon evolution spree, take your coins and buy a whole bunch of common eggs. You are bound to get a number of duplicates, and duplicates are required in order to evolve your dragons. You'll need two identical dragons and you'll need both of them to be level 10 for the first evolution. For the second evolution, they will both have to be level 20.

Even though the rare and legendary dragons have their own special powers, common dragons have the most brute strength of any of the sidekicks. Put them to use against raid bosses especially, as they are the ones that will often contribute the most damaged, especially when leveled up or evolved.

Jun 13, 2017
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