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Pokemon Blue Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: Sep 30, 1998
  • ESRB: Everyone


In-game reset

Press Select + Start + A + B while the credits are displayed to restart the game. No data will be lost.

ellieuk1, Nov 17, 2006

Hints & Secrets

Blue version Pokemon

The following Pokemon are only found in the Blue version of the game.


sagajohnson, Nov 17, 2006

Recommended starting Pokemon

Squirtle's water attacks are not very effective on Misty's Pokemon. It will be destroyed while battling Electricity, Grass, and Poison types in the next three gyms. It would be average against Psychic types and does well against Fire types and will be fine in the last gym.

Bulbasaur will do well against Rock and Water types. It will also do fine with Electricity types, but will not do great with its own type and Poison. It would do well against Psychic and bad against Fire types. It does well in the eighth gym.

Charmander will not do very well with Rock or Water types. However, it will do well with Electricity and destroy Grass and Poison types. It does well with Psychic and average with Fire. It does not do very well in the last gym.

tezzatupsley08, Nov 17, 2006

Missingno Pokemon

The U.S. version of the game contains the following glitch Pokemon, which is obtained by using these steps. Go to Cinnabar Island. Enter into the building where the man makes Pokemon out of fossils. Enter the first room in the building with people that want to trade Pokemon. Trade with one of these people; it does not matter which one. Go back outside and move to the far right side of the building. Then, SURF up and down the side of the island while half on land and half in the water. Keep surfing until challenged by a glitch that resembles a microchip or barcode. He is part bird and part water type and starts on level 80. Note: Obtaining Missingno can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that Missingno be released unless you are just experimenting with the game.

Haloo1, Nov 17, 2006

Unlimited items

Find the Missingno Pokemon and defeat him. A design will appear in your sixth item. Deposit your sixth item individually until it totals 99. Then you can divide the items by fifty. If a no more room message appears, just withdraw an item and keep depositing the sixth item. Check the CPU when this is complete to find two groups of 99 of the same item. Note: Obtaining Missingno can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that Missingno be released unless you are just experimenting with the game.

2rup, Nov 17, 2006

Unlimited money

For unlimited money, place a gold nugget in the sixth item slot and get ninety-nine of them by using the "Unlimited items" trick. Sell all except one to increase your money. Use the remaining gold nugget to repeat this procedure. Go to any Pokemart and sell the nuggets until you have 999,999 coins. Go to Celadon City and go to the Game Corner. Go inside and talk to the man at the counter, who is on the right of the counter. He will ask you if you need coins. Say yes. He will give you 50 coins. Continue until you have about 7,000 coins. Now you can buy any item or Pokemon in the Prize Exchange house.

ctirassin, Nov 17, 2006

Finding money

Walk around and press A in the Rocket Game Corner to find coins that people have dropped.

choukaaa, Nov 17, 2006

Saving money

Instead of repeatedly paying to get in the Safari Zone, save the game after entering. Then, instead of paying again, just turn off the Game Boy and turn it back on.

Ryan-is-ere, Nov 17, 2006

Avoiding battles

If you do not want fight all the gym leaders or people who want a fight while wandering in the cities, just avoid them by walking past while they are looking away.

pokemasta9, Nov 17, 2006

Hidden Nugget

In Copy Cat's house, go to her room. On the table at the top is a doll. Talk to the open space on the table next to it. There is a Nugget hidden there.

Gaming Dragon, Nov 17, 2006

Catch Pokemon easier

Duplicate a Master Ball using the "Unlimited Items" trick. Then, use the Master Balls on all the Pokemon that you do not have to quickly capture them.

hockeytruegamer, Nov 17, 2006

Alternate music

Defeat the Elite Four, and at some point in the game, perform the "Unlimited items" trick. Go to the PC and look at the Pokemon League stats. The music will change and remain changed as long as your remain in the Pokecenter.

VK20005, Nov 17, 2006

Increasing stats

Make a Pokemon run out of power points for a move it learned on its own. Then, store it in the PC, take it out, and heal it. One or more of its stats will be raised slightly.

nimish8, Nov 17, 2006

Reviving Pokemon easily

Note: This trick requires a level 99 or less Pokemon, a Rare Candy, and a Max Potion. If a Pokemon faints, use the Rare Candy, then the Potion or Max Potion. Note: The battle must end before doing this trick.

Bastiono, Nov 17, 2006

Old man on roof

Step to the right of the door at the gym where you get the Volcano Badge. You should be on the edge of the water. Use Lapras or another Pokemon to SURF out into the water. Then, come back in and go to the door. The game will say that the door is locked. Look on the roof to find an old man.

calegrange, Nov 17, 2006

Teleporting old man

This trick is similar to the old man on roof trick. Go into Celadon City. Store your bike on the PC, then go to the building that leads to Cycling Road. When you try to go past the guard, he will tell you that no pedestrians are allowed on Cycling Road. While he is telling you this, look at the wall behind him. The old man will be on top of the wall. When you move back by one little square, go down toward the stairs and try to get past the guard again. He will tell you the same thing again, and this time the old man will be a little to your left.

omidgl, Nov 17, 2006

Easy experience

An easy way to earn experience for a weaker Pokemon is to put your lowest-level Pokemon at the top of your list. When a fight begins, it will be the first Pokemon released. Instead of fighting, just switch to a stronger Pokemon. The weaker Pokemon will share the experience from the battle without being put in any danger. This is a good way to make your Pokemon gain experience evenly.

jj, Nov 17, 2006

Easy coins

When you go to the house with the group of casino machines, press B on the gambling people's backs to gain 10 to 20 coins each. You can get up to 120 coins this way.

nesec, Nov 17, 2006


An Abra is hard to catch, but it is worth it. When your Pokemon are weak and you need to get to a Pokecenter quickly, press Start and choose Pokemon. A list of your Pokemon will appear. If you have Abra with you, choose him and select teleport. Note: You have to be outside first; use an escape rope if needed. It will take you directly to the last Pokemon Center visited.

slugmyster, Nov 17, 2006

Clone Pokemon

Note: This trick requires another Game Boy and Pokemon game. Trade the Pokemon to be cloned, and have the other player get a Pokemon that he or she does not care about. Trade them, and make sure the player receiving the bad Pokemon can see the other player's screen. When the Game Boy that receives the good Pokemon's displays "Waiting", get ready to shut the other Game Boy off. When the "Waiting" message disappears, turn off the Game Boy that is receiving the bad Pokemon. When the "Trade completed" message appears, turn off the remaining Game Boy. Both games will have the same good Pokemon when they are turned back on. Note: Do not attempt this trick with any saved games you wish to keep, as it can corrupt those files if done incorrectly.

invalid, Nov 17, 2006

Keep earning money

Here is a great way to keep getting money even after beating all the trainers in the game. Keep betting the Pokemon league 4 and your rival repeatedly. You can beat them an unlimited number of times. This is also a useful to build levels quickly.

james b, Nov 17, 2006

Finding the secret house in Safari Zone

Ironically, the easiest way to the secret house is to use a Pokemon that knows SURF. Trade a friend (temporary or not) and enter the Safari Zone. Go straight up to the water and SURF across (stop and pick up the item on the "island"). When you reach the other side of the water, go up towards the left and through the opening. Then, go straight up onto a hill and come down on the other side. Go down and keep going down until you reach another hill. Go up, go left, then get off the hill. Go up and SURF across the water. The secret house should be right in front of you. Enter the house and talk to the man, then press A on the first statue to your right. The gold teeth are to your right, past the hill, and down.

stacey, Nov 17, 2006

Unlimited chances to catch rare Pokemon

First, find a rare Pokemon such as a Mewtwo. Then, immediately before entering a battle with it, save the game. Now you can battle the Pokemon without worrying about not catching it. If you make a mistake and make it faint, stop and shut off the game. Then, turn on the game and use the continue option to restart just before the battle.

Freddie, Nov 17, 2006

Fishing for good Pokemon

This trick requires the Blue version of the game, a super rod, and five badges. Go fishing in the Pokemon HQ building. To reach the building, use the path west of Viridian City (route 22). Once inside, some annoying gaurds will ask if you have certain badges. You will eventually reach an indoor pool/lake that must be crossed on a Pokemon that knows SURF. Go fishing here to eventually catch Slowbro, Psyduck, Kingler, Seadra, and Seaking. Additionally, a Ditto may be caught in the grass across from the lake.

cheatmasteryang, Nov 17, 2006

Better chance to capture Pokemon

When you throw a Poke-ball hold A as it closes on the Pokemon. The Poke-ball will shut tighter, making it easier to catch the Pokemon.

When using any kind of Poke-ball (except the Master Ball), enter a battle and prepare to throw it at a Pokemon. As soon as it appears, hold Up + B. The Ball will become a Master Ball and catch the Pokemon. Note: This trick requires precise timing.

xbox boy, Nov 17, 2006

Catch Pokemon easilty

To catch Pokemon easily using any kind of ball (except the Master Ball), go into battle. Hold B as soon as you see the ball explode. If you hold the button just as the ball explodes and release it after you see the ball wobble a second time, you will have a good chance at catching a Pokemon.

Alex Betsis, Nov 17, 2006

Blocking the Swift move

In order to block the move Swift, teach a Pokemon Substitute. Use it against a Pokemon that knows Swift. The opponent's attack will be taken by the substitute. Your Pokemon will remain unaffected.

shan23, Nov 17, 2006

Ineffective poisons

If one of your strong Pokemon gets poisoned during a battle, just keep using a move that can cause an instant K.O.. If you keep knocking out the opponent's Pokemon one after another, the poison will not work. Also, instead of pressing and holding the D-pad, tap it to take small steps.

trexo, Nov 17, 2006


Use the following trick to get a Pokemon that knows Waterfall. Trade a water Pokemon from the Pokemon Red or Blue to Pokemon Gold or Silver. Teach it Waterfall. Trade it back to the Red or Blue version (notice how it allows you to bring it in the time machine). When you receive it, the Pokemon will know Waterfall. The move resembles a mix between Surf, Dig, and Tackle.

kittenfaerie, Nov 17, 2006

Getting the Master Ball

Go into the fifth floor of the Silph Co. building in Saffron City. Go to the bottom of the screen to find a man standing next to a teleporter. Enter the teleporter to travel to another room. Get off the teleporter, then go in it again to return to the fifth floor. Go right to find a ball that looks like a Pokeball. Pick it up -- it should be a card key. Go back in the teleporter you used before. Get off the teleporter, then enter it again. Go up and go to the third floor. Go down, then go left to find a "wall" blocking the way. Talk to the "wall" and the card key will open it. Go left to find a teleporter. Enter the teleporter, then go left and you will battle Gary. Talk to the man near Gary and he will give you a Lapras. Keep going down, then four steps right. Go up, then talk to the "wall" to open it. Go up and battle Giovanni. Defeat him, then talk to the man (Mr. Fuji). He will take you to his house and give you a Master Ball. This Poke Ball will catch Pokemon 100% of the time. You can only use it once, so use it on rare Pokemon such Moltres, Mewto, Zapdos and Arcticuno.

james_chelsea00, Nov 17, 2006

Catching Water Pokemon

Stand in front of any statue of a gym and use the rod to catch Water Pokemon.

robert, Nov 17, 2006

Stand on a tree

If you have a Pokemon that knows CUT (TM 01), cut down a tree, stand on the place where the tree was cut down, save the game, and turn it off. Turn the game back on, select "Continue" and press A when the game starts. Your character should be on a tree.

kyle killz24, Nov 17, 2006

Rare Pokemon

You can catch evolved forms of rare Pokemon in the Unknown Dungeon (where you get Mewtwo). This includes Wigglytuff, Arbok, Sandslash, Venomoth, Kadabra, Parasect, Raichu, Hypno, Magneton, Dugtrio, Marowak, and Electrode.

Daveish, Nov 17, 2006

Extra training before Lorelei

Walk into the Elite Four PokeCenter and go to the Elite Four. There is a door higher up on the screen if you move forward. You should now be in a room with Lorelei standing on a large platform with water around it. You can fish here for Pokemon, however the only thing that can be caught, even with the best rod, is Lvl. 15 Goldeen and Lvl. 5 Magikarp. Note: Surfing around here does nothing. Note: You need a rod to do this trick. However, hust before the PokeCenter there is a much better place to fight Pokemon because they will be at more appropriate levels.

Smokinhotbod, Nov 17, 2006

High level Pokemon sightings

At times Pokemon over level 100 will appear in the game. The following types have been seen at those high levels: Aerodactyl, Alakazam, Chansey, Clefable, Hypno, Nidorino, Golduck, Electrode, Snorlax, Magnaton, Starmie, Mewtwo, Marowak, Goldeen, Squirtle, Charmeleon, and Haunter. (when surfing up and down Cinnabar Island).

Roguesquad6, Nov 17, 2006


Place a level 5 Magikarp at the front of the lineup and allow Ditto transform into it.

baldy818, Nov 17, 2006


To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Go to the old man and answer "No". Watch him catch a Weedle via a Pokeball. Then, Fly to Fuchsia City. SURF to Seafoam Islands and SURF up and down (while in the water) until Fearow appears.

HarvestMoon1019, Nov 17, 2006


Buy the Magikarp offered to you just before Mount Moon by entering the Pokemon Center. A fat man will ask you if you want a Magikarp for 500 dollars. Although it may seem like a bad price, it will be worth it later. Place Magikarp first in the list. When battling, switch Magikarp with your strongest Pokemon and finish off your opponent. Keep repeating this until it reaches level 20. the best place to train Magikarp is the Unknown Dungeon or Diglett's Cave.

sa worrior, Nov 17, 2006


Go to the Pokemon Center in Fuchsia City. Go left and keeping moving in that direction past Koga's Gym. Then, keep going up and find the Cycling Road Entrance House. Enter use the stairs to find Professor Oak's aide and a trainer. Talk to the trainer and he will give you a Lickitung if you have Slowbro.

stacielacy, Nov 17, 2006


Trade a Meowth from the blue version of the game as soon as you catch it to a new red version game. Meowth will soon acquire the Payday attack. Although Meowth will be hard to control, you will be able to make a large amount of money from the Payday move when he does listen. Use this move on wild Pokemon because you will not be able to control Meowth until you get the Cascade badge.

jcb0y, Nov 17, 2006


To get Mankey, talk to the old man that tells you how to catch Pokemon. Then, go to the first patch of grass on the way to the Pokemon League. There are many Mankeys at that location.

Sinny, Nov 17, 2006


Pikachu can be found in Viridian Forest on level 3. First, walk through the door that connects Pallet town and the Forest. Then, walk about three to seven steps north. Then, turn either right or left and keep going until you reach the trees (dodge trainers if needed). There will be a small grassy area here. Walk around in it for a while and you will see Pikachu. Make sure that you have a level 3 to 5 Pokemon with you. You can use Pikachu to battle Misty at Cerulean City.

uknowwhoiam, Nov 17, 2006


To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Go to the old man and answer "No". Watch him catch a Weedle via a Pokeball. Then, Fly to Fuchsia City. SURF to Seafoam Islands and SURF up and down (while in the water) until Sandslash appears. It should be at level 27 or 37.

Treamman, Nov 17, 2006


Tangela can also be found outside of the Safari Zone. Go to Pallet Town, go down to the water and Surf down. There should be a grassy area on the land to your right. You can catch LV 30 Pidgeottos, Raticates and Tangelas there.

emo4life, Nov 17, 2006

Defeating Mewtwo

When you are in a link battle and your opponent uses the weak rare candy trick on a Mewtwo, use an Electrode (have a two or so in your line-up). Attack Mewtwo until you are too weak to continue. Then, use Explosion and kill yourself to take out the Mewtwo.

derrell, Nov 17, 2006

Pokemon battle cry

At the title screen, where it shows you holding a Pokeball and a Pokemon in the background, the Pokemon will change. When you press A on a Pokemon's picture, the battle cry it emits will be heard.

becca*r*, Nov 17, 2006

Two turn attacks

When using a two turn attack, use a sleep attack first. For example, if you have a Venasaur that can use Solar Beam, use a sleep attack such as Sleep Powder to put the other Pokemon to sleep. If it is still fast asleep, use the two turn attack. If not, use the sleep attack again.

BlacNtosh, Nov 17, 2006

Pokemon level variations

Wild Pokemon of the same level are weaker than the same kind of Pokemon of the same level that you raised yourself. You can also select the moves that the Pokemon you learned (and forgotten) at an earlier level while wild Pokemon come "as is" with whatever moves are selected by the CPU.

Having your Pokemon raised by the babysitter on Route 9 will cause the Pokemon to be weaker and have lower stats than it would be if you raised it through battles.

Using Rare Candy to raise your Pokemon will cause the Pokemon to be weaker and have lower stats than it would be if you raised it through battles.

crispmonster5, Nov 17, 2006

Change color scheme

Use the following trick when playing the game on a Game Boy Color. Press Down + B + Select (as can be done with any classic Game Boy Game) to change the color scheme to match that found normally in the Red version of the game. Note: This does not change anything in the game except its appearance.

bryce116, Nov 17, 2006

Free bike

Go to Vermilion City. Go to the Pokemon Club. Talk to the Rapidash man. He will give you a Bike Voucher. Go to the bike shop in Cerulean City. Talk to the man at the counter. He will trade your Bike Voucher for a bike.

jayric1215, Nov 17, 2006

Mimic (TM31)

Buy a Pokedoll in Celadon Mart. Fly to Saffron City and enter the Copycat's house. Give her a pokedoll and will give you TM 31, which is Mimic.

dog.lover.101, Nov 17, 2006

Extra PP Up

While in the Power Plant next to Zapdos, go up and right. You will see two slots. The right one contains a PP up.

Seniorita, Nov 17, 2006

Moon Stone locations

There are five moon stones for Nidorina, Nidorian, Clefairy and Jigglypuff.

In upper left corner of Mt. Moon, first floor.

At Mt. Moon, before the fossils, walk down to right and search the dead end. Go to Mt. Moon and just before you get to Super Nerd, there is a walkway on the right that is one space wide and four spaces long. Go to the end and press A to find a Moon Stone.

In basement of Team Rocket's HQ in Celedon City.

Bottom right area of Route 2. CUT is required to obtain it.

Fly to Cinnabar Island and enter the Pokemon House. You will see boxes on both sides. Go to the fifth box on the right-hand side and press A.

dairo, Nov 17, 2006

Super Potion locations

The following Super Potions can be found before you have the Item Finder. A Super Potion is located immediately before you get to the Rock Tunnel. Use cut On the bush nearest to the entrance of the tunnel, then press A on the wall. Another Super Potion is directly behind Giovanni in that tape recorder-like object when you battle him under the Game Corner. Press A to get it.

GrimZ, Nov 17, 2006

Items in Viridian City

Use a water type Pokemon and surf in the area above the gym. Surf up one space and look to the right. Press A to get Max Ether.

hell0 21994, Nov 17, 2006

Fishing In Cerulean Gym

Fly, or walk to Cerulean City. Go into the gym. When you enter, walk on the board walk and stand in front of any part of it. Get a Old, Good or Super Rod and you can fish.

blazeboy112, Nov 17, 2006

Finding more items

Go to either of the two underground paths. Use the Item Finder after entering to find items that people have dropped.

Jules, Nov 17, 2006

Technical Machine locations

Look in the following locations to find Technical Machines.

TM01: Mt. Moon, Celadon Dept. Store
TM02: Celadon Dept. Store, Game Corner
TM03: Silph Co.
TM04: Route 4
TM05: Victory Road, Celadon Dept. Store
TM06: Fuchsia Gym
TM07: Game Corner
TM08: S.S. Anne
TM09: Saffron City, Celadon Dept. Store
TM10: Game Corner
TM11: Cerulean Gym
TM12: Mt. Moon
TM13: Celadon Dept. Store
TM14: Cinnabar Island
TM15: Celadon City
TM16: Route 12
TM17: Victory Road, Celadon Dept. Store
TM18: Celadon Dept. Store
TM19: Route 25
TM20: Route 15
TM21: Celadon Gym
TM22: Cinnabar Island
TM23: Celedon City
TM24: Vermilion Gym
TM25: Power Plant
TM26: Silph Co.
TM27: Viridian Gym
TM28: Cerulean City
TM29: Saffron City
TM30: Route 9
TM31: Saffron City
TM32: Fuchsia City, Celadon Dept. Store
TM33: Power Plant, Celadon Dept. Store
TM34: Pewter Gym
TM35: Pokemon Lab
TM36: Silph Co.
TM37: Fuchsia City, Celadon Dept. Store
TM38: Cinnabar Gym
TM39: Route 12
TM40: Safari Zone
TM41: Celadon City
TM42: Viridian City
TM43: Victory Road
TM44: S.S. Anne
TM45: Route 24
TM46: Saffron Gym
TM47: Victory Road
TM48: Celadon Dept. Store
TM49: Celadon Dept. Store
TM50: Celadon City

viperver1, Nov 17, 2006

Hidden Machine locations

Look in the following locations to find Hidden Machines.

HM01: S.S. Anne
HM02: Route 16
HM03: Secret House
HM04: Wardens House
HM05: Route 2

angelaluvr, Nov 17, 2006

Rare Candy locations

Look in the following locations to find Rare Candy.

Mt. Moon: First Floor
S.S Anne: Second Basement
Celedon Game Corner: Third Basement
Pokemon Tower: Sixth Floor
Silph Co.: Tenth Floor
Fuchsia City: Wardens House
Power Plant: Upper Right Hand Corner
Pokemon Mansion: Basement
Victory Road: First Floor

PakLove, Nov 17, 2006

Pokemon fishing locations

Fish at the following locations to catch the indicated Pokemon.

Pallet Town: Tentacool, Poliwag
Viridian City: Tentacool, Poliwag
Route:22: Goldeen, Poliwag
Cerulean City, Routes 4, 24, 25: Goldeen, Psyduck, Krabby
Vermilion City, Routes 6, 11: Shellder, Krabby
Safari Zone: Psyduck, Krabby, Slowpoke, Dratini
Celedon City, Routes 10: Poliwhirl, Slowpoke
Routes12, 13, 17, 18: Tentacool, Krabby, Goldeen
Cinnabar, Seafoam, Routes19, 20, 21: Staryu, Horsea, Goldeen, Shellder
Unknown Dungeon, Routes 23: Slowbro, Seaking, Kingler, Seadra
Fuchsia City: Seaking, Goldeen, Krabby
Every area also contains Magikarp

martinero5, Nov 17, 2006

Pokemon locations

Abra: Same as Jigglypuff
Aerodactyl: Fossil in Pewter
Articuno: Seafoam
Bellsprout: same as Oddish
Bulbasaur: Celeraun City
Caterpie: Forest
Chansey: Safari Zone
Charmander: Above Celeraun City
Clefairy: mt. Moon
Cubone: Safari Zone, Lavender Tower
Dewgong: Seafoam
Diglett: Diglett's Cave
Ditto: Cinnabar
Doduo: Bike Trail
Dragonair: Safari Zone
Dratini: Safari Zone
Drowzee: Right Of Vermilion
Dudrio: Bike Trail
Dugtrio: Diglett's Cave
Electrode: Power Plant
Exeggcute: Safari Zone
Farfetch'd: Below Lavender
Fearow: Same as Spearow
Ghastly: Lavender Tower
Geodude: Indigo Plateau, mt. Moon
Gloom: Below Lavender
Golbat: Indigo Plateau, Seafoam Island
Goldeen: Any water
Golduck: same as Psyduck
Graveler: Indigo Plateau
Grimer: Cinnabar, Power Plant
Growlithe: Cinnabar
Haunter: Same as Ghastly
Hitmonchan: Same as Hitmonlee
Hitmonlee: Beat Fighting Dojo
Horsea: Right of Vermilion
Jigglypuff: Everywhere next to Saffron
Jynx: Mystery Cave
Kabuto: Same as Omanyte
Kadabra: Left of Lavender
Kangaskhan: Safari Zone
Kingler: Seafoam
Krabby: Seafoam
Lickitung: Mystery Cave
Machoke: Indigo Plateu
Machop: mt. Moon
Magikarp: Trail across water
Magnemite: Power Plant
Magneton: Power Plant
Mankey: Indigo Plateu, mt. moon, beside mt. moon
Marowak: Safari Zone
Metapod: Forest
Mewtwo: Mystery Cave
Moltres: Indigo Plateau
Muk: Same as Grimer
Nidorans: Safari Zone, Indigo Plateau, Forest, Lavender
Nidorina: Safari Zone, Indigo Plateau, mt. Moon
Nidorino: Same as Nidorina
Oddish: Above Celeraun, below Lavender
Omanyte: Fossil in mt. Moon
Onix: mt. Moon, Indigo Plateau
Parasect: Safari Zone
Paras: Mt. Moon, Safari Zone
Pikachu: Long grass in Viridian Forest
Pidgeotto: Same as Pidgey
Pidgey: Any grassy area except Fushia, Cinnabar, Indigo Plateau
Pinsir: Safari Zone
Poliwag: Back yard in Fuschia
Ponyta: Bike Trail
Primeape: INDIGO Plateau
Psyduck: Water above Vermilion
Raticate: Cinnabar, Bike Trail, Lavender, Vermilion
Rattata: Any grassy area.
Rhyhorn: Safari Zone
Sandshrew: beside and in mt. Moon
Scyther: Safari Zone
Seadra: same as Horsea
Seel: Seafoam
Shellder: Bike Trail
Slowbro: same as Slowpoke
Slowpoke: Below Lavender, Seafoam
Snorlax: Blocking trail across water
Spearow: Indigo Plateau, Bike Trail, Mt. Moon
Squirtle: Vermilion
Staryu: Seafoam
Tangela: Safari Zone
Tauros: Safari Zone
Tentacool: Above Cinnabar, Seafoam
Tentacruel: Seafoam
Venomoth: Right of Fuschia
Venonat: Above Celeraun, right of Fuschia
Voltorb: Power Plant
Vulpix: Game Corner
Weepinbell: Below Lavender
Zubat: Mt. Moon, Seafoam, Indigo Plateau

paraseck, Nov 17, 2006

Pokemart items and prices

The following items can be purchased for the indicated prices.

[Viridian City Pokemon Mart]
Pokeball: 200
Antidote: 100
Paralyze Heal: 200
Burn Heal: 250

[Pewter City Pokemon Mart]
Pokeball: 200
Potion: 300
Escape Rope: 550
Antidote: 100
Burn Heal: 250
Awakening: 200
Paralyze Heal: 200

[Cerulean City Pokemon Mart]
Pokeball: 200
Potion: 300
Repel: 350
Antidote: 100
Burn Heal: 250
Awakening: 200
Paralyze Heal: 200

[Vermilion City Pokemon Mart]
Pokeball: 200
Super Potion: 700
Ice Heal: 250
Awakening: 200
Paralyze Heal:
Repel: 350

[Lavender Town Pokemon Mart]
Great Ball: 600
Super Potion: 700
Revive: 1,500
Escape Rope: 550
Super Repel: 500
Antidote: 100
Burn Heal: 250
Ice Heal: 250
Paralyze Heal: 250

[Celadon Dept. Store Floor Two]
Great Ball: 600
Super Potion: 700
Revive: 1,5000
Super Repel: 500
Antidote: 100
Burn Heal: 250
Ice Heal: 250
Awakening: 200
Paralyze Heal: 200
TM32: 1,000
TM33: 1,000
TM02: 2,000
TM07: 2,000
TM37: 2,000
TM01: 3,000
TM05: 3,000
TM09: 3,000
TM17: 3,000

[Celadon Dept. Store Floor Four]
Pokedoll: 1,000
Fire Stone: 2,100
Thunder Stone: 2,100
Water Stone: 2,100
Leaf Stone: 2,100

[Celadon Dept. Store Floor Five]
X Accuracy: 950
Guard Spec.: 700
Dire Hit: 650
X Attack: 500
X Defend: 550
X Speed: 350
X Special: 350
Hp Up: 9,800
Protein: 9,800
Iron: 9,800
Carbos: 9,800
Calcium: 9,800

[Celadon Dept. Store Top Floor]
Fresh Water: 200
Soda Pop: 300
Lemonade: 350

[Saffron City Pokemon Mart]
Great Ball: 600
Hyper Potion: 1,500
Max Repel: 700
Escape Rope: 550
Full Heal: 600
Revive: 1,500

[Fucshia City Pokemon Mart]
Ultra Ball: 1,200
Great Ball: 600
Super Potion: 700
Revive: 1,500
Full Heal: 600
Super Repel: 500

Cinnabar Island Pokemon Mart
Ultra Ball: 1,200
Greatball: 600
Hyper Potion: 1,500
Max Repel: 700
Escape Rope: 550
Full Heal: 600
Revive: 1,500

[Indigo Plateau Pokemon Mart]
Ultra Ball: 1,200
Great Ball: 600
Full Restore: 3,000
Max Potion: 2,500
Full Heal: 600
Revive: 1,500
Max Repel: 700

lostcoin, Nov 17, 2006

Duplicate Pokemon

You need a link cable, 2 pokemon games, and 2 gameboys for this trick. On 1 gameboy, have a strong pokemon that you both want. On the other, have a weak pokemon that your willing to give up for the other one. Enter Trade mode and trade pokemon. On gameboy 1 (the one with the good pokemon), turn off the gameboy right before it says ''Trade Complete!''. The 2nd GB should say ''Trade Complete!'' on it. If done correctly, the bad pokemon on GB 2 should be deleted and replaced with the good pokemon. The good pokemon on GB 1 should still be there.

jeanspanzee, Nov 17, 2006

Invisible pc

In Celedon city, there is a hotel in the bottom right-hand corner of the city. In the hotel go to the northern-most portion on the right-hand side, take two steps back then one step up and you will be able to access the pc.

DrFunknstein, Nov 17, 2006

Fishing trick

Go to the water at pokemon league(not where the leaders are.before the cave.)fish with a super rod to get a slobro, kingler, seadra, seaking, etc.!!!

pokemonfreak, Sep 8, 2008

Get a diploma

To get the diploma catch all 151 Pokemon and go and see Professor Oak in his lab. He will then give you the diploma.

ShadowLord, Nov 17, 2006

Infinite Steps in Safari Zone

This trick is very simple. Find a patch of grass in there. Stand in it and just tap the directional pad lightly just so you would turn without walking. You should encounter a pokemon and catch it if you would like.

jazzie, Nov 17, 2006

Moonstone evolution without moonstones

If you have a pokemon that needs a moonstone to evolve, you can cause it to evolve though normal battling. First make sure that the pokemon needing the moonstone to evolve is in the lead position before going into a battle. Once the battle has started, switch that pokemon with another that knows the move "Mimic". Have this pokemon continually use Mimic to defeat your opponent. If the shared experience gained from battle is enough to level up your moonstone needing pokemon, it should evolve as if a moonstone was just used on it.

haris55, Nov 17, 2006

Rare candy location

Hidden rare candy item in backyard of man who describes badges, in Cerulean City. Repeatedly tap the A button while walking around the area.

Faaral, Jun 4, 2014

Bypass Ghost in Pokémon Tower

This is a very simple technique that many speedrunners use to save a lot of time. Simply get a Poké Doll from the Celadon Dept. Store and use it on the ghost that blocks you from getting to the top level. This will allow you to get the Poke Flute from Fuji later on and, in extension, allowing you to skip the Celadon Rocket Hideout as a whole.

MemeBoi-31, Nov 18, 2020

Easter Eggs

Color change in game

Did you know you can change the color of the your game? Turn on the game, When it say gameboy, do A left (or any combination of that kind), then ta da! The color changes! The colors are pink, green, red, black, blue, orange, and that's all I know.

SansTheGameFrea, Sep 30, 2016


Catch Safari Zone Pokemon w/o Safari Balls

First go into the Safari Zone (SZ). Go into the area with the pokemon that you want(e.g. Scyther). After you're there, fly to Cinnibar Islands. Surf up & down the right coast, and eventually SZ pokemon will battle you there. If you need other SZ pokemon, just keep swimming up & down the coast. The effect of this glitch doesn't affect your saved game. If you get tired of swimming, don't get out of the water: instead, save right where you are. When you resume your journey, the SZ glitch will still be in effect. This glitch works with any area, not just the SZ.

stevenr482, Nov 17, 2006

Duplicate items

To get WELL 99 of an item, put the item you want duplicated in the sixth item slot. Make sure you have the Fly HM, then Fly to Viridian City. Talk to the old man that stopped you in the begining of the game( kind of to the north) When he asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a weedle.

Then Fly to Cinnabar Island, and use the SURF HM. Surf along the right COAST, Not in the water, if you surf in the water it won't work.

Now, use SURF until you run into a Pokemon called ''M'', ''Missingno.'', Or a Pokemon over level 100 Once you see one of those, kill it or just simply run away. DON'T CATCH THE M OR MISSINGNO. AS IT WILL RUIN YOUR GAME!!!

When fighting a high level M if you have a slow pokemon and it attacks you are screwed, as it has a VERY high attack, you can beat him by simply using a quick attack.

after you win/run look at your sixth item it should look VERY weird with wird symbols and such, don't worry all it means is you have over 99 once you use it up alot it will stop using symbols and once the supply gets back to 99 it will show up as ''99''

Babpoummatemo, Nov 17, 2006

Missingno pokemon and infinite item

Go to fuschia city go down surf to the left of articuno cave and you can find lv128 mewtwo lv132 electrode spearow fearow also i you talk to the old man who teaches you to catch pokemon say no put the item you want duplicated in 6th slot you can only do this with any pokeball nugget or rare candy surf on side you will find strange pokemon run if you want to duplicate an item then run go to item toss that item or you it intll you get 99 now to catch pokemon use a pokemon to put him to sleep then through any pokeball even a regular will.

glitcher, Jun 28, 2012

Mew Glitch/Ditto Glitch

Make sure you never fought the Trainer Jr. on route 24 with the slowpokes. If you have than go to the part where I mention IF YOU HAVE FOUGHT TRAINER JR.

First off make sure you can find a trainer you can battle who is off screen (prefer the one trainer who is in the tall grass going down the path that takes you near the cave to get Mewtwo) and save your game right here. After saving walk in the direction of the trainer that would make him appear and also will let him spot you. As soon as you press the direction of which he appears press start and fly away to Cerulean City when done right the trainer will not spot you as you are paused and as soon as you fly away he will spot you but will not engage a fight. Your start button will no longer work now. Head towards where the Jr. Trainer is with the slowpokes and fight him BUT make sure he walks towards you if he doesn't walk towards you and you are right in front of him the game will freeze. Fight him then fly back to Cerulean City. Now walk up the bridge that would lead you back towards the guy you flew away from and about half way up the bridege your start menu will pop up cancel it out and Mew will appear. If you evaded away from a different trainer then the one I told you about you must go to where the trainer was and figure out yourself where to go so the start screen appears.

Oh well looks like no mew for you.... unless you do the ditto glitch.


First you need a Pokemon with a special stat of 21 that is the most hardest part. Then locate someone who is off screen and save the game here. Walk in the direction in which he will appear and spot you. As soon as you walk in that direction press start and fly away. You will know you did this right when he appears and instead of the trainer spotting you your pause screen pops up instead and when you fly away he will spot you. YOUR START SCREEN WILL NO LONGER WORK! Make sure the area you are flying to has trainers to fight. find anyone to fight and now go find a ditto. when you spot a ditto it is smart to have a Pokemon other than the one with the special stat of 21 to go out first instead so that way when you find a ditto you switch out the one for the special stat 21 pokemon. Ditto will transform into your Pokemon with 21 speical stat. Kill it. Then fly back to wherever you flew away from battle. when you are near the area of the evaded trainer your start menu will pop so close it and BAM! Mew.

Also I would look up the ditto glitch on google because you can get any Pokemon in this game without needing a red version or trading Pokemon for those who can only evolve through trading.

StinkuPuss, Sep 13, 2012

Costal Flooding

On Cycling Road, On the North-west side there are rows of trees. Go down so you only see water, and go back up. The trees have disappeared! Do this again and they will reappear. This does not affect your game at all.

Wiess, May 6, 2013

Rare candy glitch

Use the missingno glitch to duplicate rare candies. You talk to an old man in veridian city and let him show you how to catch a Pokemon. That activates the glitch then you fly back to cinnabar island and go to the right and swim up and down the side of the island until you run into missingno or "M". DO NOT CATCH IT! it can crash your file. Use the items you want duped to be in the six slot in your item bag!

Pokeboyblue, May 12, 2016

PP Pokemon Morphing (JP only)

This only works in the Japanese Red, Blue, and Green. You need at least two Pokemon and 16 items.

Put a Pokemon with no HM moves into slot two of your party; this Pokemon preferably is worthless since it'll be transformed by the end. In slot one, put a Pokemon that has one of its moves' current PP matching the ID of your desired Pokemon (such as 21 PP remaining for Mew). Enter your Bag and press Select on the 16th item. Press B twice to exit, then enter battle. Press Select again on the move with the desired PP, and end the battle. Go to the Daycare and drop off and withdraw the second Pokemon in your party; on its return it'll be of the same species as the PP of the swapped move!

Roxas, Jul 11, 2017

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