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Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 Black Cheats for GameBoy Advance

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This page contains Cheats for Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 Black organized by sections for GameBoy Advance. This game has "Role-Playing Action RPG" as genre, made by Capcom, released on Jun 24, 2003. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 Black
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Jun 24, 2003
  • ESRB: Everyone


Fight Omega Navis

Highlight Continue, hold Left, press R, R, L, R, L, R, L, L (after getting first 5 stars)

daisuke0628, Dec 6, 2007
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VarSword Combo!

When using the VarSwords, hold down the A button and enter the following quickly before the VarSword attacks and the VarSword's attack range will change to the following effect.

B, B, Left, Down, UpElemental Sonic Wave
Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, RightFighter Sword
Down, Left, Up, Right, DownLifeSword
Down, Down-Right, RightLongSword
Left, B, Right, BSonic Boom
Up, Right, DownWideSword

Marshall, Dec 6, 2007

Shrink Navi Customizer Programs

In the Navi Customizer Screen, move the highlight over the name of the program that you want to shrink (and has not been shrunk yet). Hold the 'Select' button, and key in the corresponding code.

NOTE: 1,2, and 3 stand for the 3 weird characters, the first of which is 1, second is 2, and third is 3.

Up, R, A, Left, Right, RightHumour
Right, R, Down, R, L, LeftMegFldr1
A, R, Down, Down, Right, LeftMegFldr2
B, R, Right, Right, L, LSetMetal
Left, A, A, B, Up, LeftSetSand
Up, Left, Right, L, Up, RShdwShoes
up B B down A RShrinks Airshoes
L, Left, R, A, Right, DownShrinks AntiDmg
right R right R L leftShrinks Battery
A down A A R AShrinks Beat
down B up down A leftShrinks Block
R, A, B, Down, L, LShrinks BrakBstr
B, A, Left, L, Up, BShrinks BrakChr
B down up B down BShrinks BugStop
down A R R L left leftShrinks BusterMAX
B down right R right rightShrinks Collect
right right right up left BShrinks Custom1
A down up down R downShrinks Custom2
R, L, R, Down, Left, B, RShrinks DarkLcns
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ACowWithADS, Dec 6, 2007

EX Codes

These codes can be entered after you buy the Mod Tools on Beach St. In the Navi Customizer, press select after loading your programs. This allows you to input codes. (Note: 1,2, and 3 correspond to the symbols.)

L3KJGUEOAntiDamage / Kiwarimi Magic
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ZachWOL, Dec 6, 2007

Error Codes

If you attempt to use a Program of a color your current style does not support,you will get an error and be unable to boot up MegaMan until the problem is fixed.

You can bypass these errors once you have purchased the ModTools at Beach Street.When the error number appears,press Select and input the code to counter.

GYU2OPZQCounter Error A1
3GKQ2RSQCounter Error A2
LO13ZXMECounter Error A3
JHGIUTOPCounter Error B1
ALSK3W2RCounter Error B2
Y2U0MNCBCounter Error B3
1LSKUTOBCounter Error B4
BM2KWIRACounter Error B5
UTI3OMDHCounter Error B6
X2CD3KDACounter Error C1
UTIXM1LACounter Error C2
WS1FS1AQCounter Error D2C
OI1UWMANCounter Error D2G
P3TOSIISCounter Error D2S
P213MSJLCounter Error E1
UTIR1SO2Counter Error E2
QSAO3C3LCounter Error F1
NC1FKSA2Counter Error F2
TA2CRWQCounter Error F3
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i0I7qyH, Dec 6, 2007


Numberman passwords

In Higby's shop, you'll see Numberman who'll give you chips and other goodies if you enter the right passwords.

23415891Receive Airshoes Navi Customizer Block
24586483Receive SneakRun Navi Customizer Block
15789208Recieve AirShot3 * chip
01697824Recieve CopyDmg * chip
99826471Recieve FullEnrg Subchip
56892168Recieve FullEnrg Subchip
33157825Recieve GaiaBlde * chip
95913876Recieve GtStrght S chip
03284579Recieve HeroSwrd P chip
21247895Recieve HiCannon * chip
87824510Recieve LockEnmy Subchip
57789423Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip
86508964Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip(again)
90690648Recieve Mr Famous's Wristband Key Item
50098263Recieve Muramasa M chip
67918452Recieve QuickGge Navi Customizser Block
65497812Recieve Salamndr * chip
19878934Recieve SetSand Navi Customizer Block
24586483Recieve SneakRun Subchip
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zaazxdfgcdc, Dec 6, 2007


Killing Bass & Alpha

This is a stategy more than a cheat. The first thing you need to check is if you have these chips fstGauge as the select (so it comes up first) Sword,Wideswrd.and longswrd for the P.A. Lifeswrd. Fireswrd,Aquaswrd,Elecswrd,and the Bambswrd For the P.A Elemswrd(dont P.A.the Elemswrd on Bass. And make sure on the swords have the same letter code too) also have 4 Airswords.And 1 of these Stepswrd,Stepcros and Airshoes. And 4 Recov 120. These mega chips Muramasa and Heroswrd. Have these programs HP+300 (4 Charge+1) (3 Atk+1) (and/or) Humor in the middle (so you wont have problems). You should be an Elec Style and have 1160 HP or over now that your prepared lets fight.

Your first boss battle in Alpha is Bass He has 1000HP + 100 on his Life barrier and you cant hirt him untl the Barrier gone so hit him with an Airswrd or a chips attack 100 or higher.But befor that use the FstGauge so you can get chips faster. When the Barrier gone charge your buster and avoid Basses attack and get him befor he unleash a fury of attack that dose 100 damage each(after the fury the barrier comes back). If you have the Muramasa and lost 1000HP hit him fast befor the Barrier comes back nd he's dead. If you do miss P.A so you get the Lifesword and avoid the Earthchrush and Keep Charging to freze him.

Next is Alpha it has 2000HP Be happy you get full HP this Battle. First use FstGauge if you have the Stepswrd use it in the middle squair of your side It wont hirt him but you'll see a purple round thing .That how you hit it.Alpha has 4 attacks. It's left arm attack up and down. The right arm attack side to side. mishingun and a beam.The left always attacks first and were you stand the right just shoots were you stand to avoid Just keep moving. To avoid the minsengunmove around the perimeter. and the beam bracks the fromt 3 pannel and the middle one but stay on the bottem left conner and have the airshoes on so you san move freely. When he get under 1000 HP ues Muramasa to kill him injoy the end.

Cheatmaster, Dec 6, 2007

Test fire Buster

Go to the Mega Man option at the start menu. Press L button to see Mega Man fire his buster. This is useful if you need to see if the Bug effects your Buster.

gatad, Dec 6, 2007

Scroll through text

This trick works best before a Boss if you saved the game and want to fight again but do not want to see the long conversation. Press Start and it will skip past the dialogue and proceed to the battle.

marionerd1, Dec 6, 2007

Toggle battle chip selection screen

Press Select at the battle chip selection screen to make it disappear. Press Select to make it reappear. You can do this anytime, but only on the chip screen. This is good way to develop strategies.

aisebos, Dec 6, 2007

Secret Area 1

After defeating Alpha, continue the game and go to the Undernet server (behind the hot tub in Yoka). Jack in to where you get the forbidden program. You will then be in Secret Area 1. Note: You must have 100 or more Battle Chips to enter.

kayykz, Dec 6, 2007
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Easter Eggs


In Higsby's shop, there is a poster of Zero calling him a hero.

Sasha, Dec 6, 2007

Mega Man Battle Network PopUp chip

In Mega Man Battle Network, there were two chips of a special "Invincible Series". Those chips were the DropDown chip (invincible until you attack) and the PopUp chip (invincible when not attacking). The virus that drops the PopUp chip can be seen on the mat in Dex's house, which is a small, tan colored dog. For those who watch NT Warrior on the WB, this is also the newest version of the dog Rush.

chalupa1997, Dec 6, 2007

Mega Man Zero

When you first walk in Dex's house, there is a Mega Man Zero mat on the floor.

JesusFreakBob, Dec 6, 2007

Mega Man Legends

Go into Yai's house. Look on floor to find a Lego-like character from Mega Man Legends.

nintendogzrox, Dec 6, 2007


Go into Yai's house. Look in the main room. Hanging on the coat rack is Mario's outfit.

pearl_master, Dec 6, 2007


7 Stars

There are 7 stars you can get, which will appear next to the main title screen once you satisfy the objectives.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Blue Star (4th Star)Complete your Standard Chip Library (200 Chips)
Green Star (2nd Star)Defeat Bass GS in Secret Area 3, after defeating Dark Man, Japan Man and Serenade
Light Blue Star (3rd Star)Beat all of Serenade's Time Trial times in Secret Area 1, 2 and 3.
Orange Star (7th Star)Complete your P. A. [Program Advance] Library (32 Combos)
Purple Star (5th Star)Complete your Mega Chip Library (85 Chips)
Red Star (6th Star)Defeat ALL 15 Omega Navis. (Must use code to unlock Omega Navis)
Yellow Star (1st Star)Defeat the Original Alpha.

tuberider, Dec 6, 2007

Obtaining Giga-Level Battle Chips

To obtain a good number of these battle chips, you will need to use the Omega Navis Code. The ones that need this code to be active will be marked (SP).

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
AlphaArm Omega(SP) After defeating all Omega Navis, defeat Alpha Omega
Bass+Defeat the Hidden Boss: Bass GS
BeastMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: BeastMan Omega
BowlMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: BowlMan Omega
BubbleMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: BubbleMan Omega
DarkAuraComplete the Serenade Time Trials
DarkMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: DarkMan Omega
DeltaRayObtained through Link Battling White version (random)
DesertMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: DesertMan Omega
DrillMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: DrillMan Omega
FlameMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: FlameMan Omega
FlashMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: FlashMan Omega
FolderBackPurchased for 200 BugFrags from a hidden shop in UnderNet 2
GutsMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: GutsMan Omega
KingMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: KingMan Omega
MetalMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: MetalMan Omega
MistMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: MistMan Omega
PlantMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: PlantMan Omega
ProtoMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: ProtoMan Omega
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defkiller12, Dec 6, 2007

Secret Boss: Serenade

To Unlock the Secret Boss of the Secret Area Net, You need to gather all 200 standard chips. Then the Door of Honor will open, and you will be allowed to fight Serenade.

darbybaby, Dec 6, 2007


After you beat Alpha, secret bosses will be available to you.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Alpha Omega(WWW Island)Have all seven stars.
Bass GS(Secret Area 3)Beat Serenade, put 300 Bugfrags into Bugfrag Trader, leave Secret Area and return to BF Trader.
DarkMan(Secret Area 1, V3 in Undernet 6)Have at least 140/200 in Standard Chip Library.
JapanMan(Secret Area 2, V3 in samurai armor)Have at least one Giga Chip,

Animelover99603, Dec 6, 2007
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