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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Dec 13, 2011
  • ESRB: Not Set

Hints & Secrets

How to make your sims vomit

By shaking your mobile device for let say three or four seconds your Sims character will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just repaet shaking your device for another 2/3 seconds and they'll certainly be sick.

DragonMaster, Dec 5, 2012

Fast XP

To gain little but fast XP shake your device to make your sims queasy. Shake it a couple more times. It'll make them vomit. The clean it up by tapping on it.

Anonymous, Dec 15, 2012

Special occasions

When there are special occasions such as Christmas there may be free stuff in the store, get loads of that stuff. Wait until those free things go to normal price in the shops and sell it.. this is certain to get you a profit.

Missy, Dec 24, 2012

Ghost cash

Buy haunted objects(demon picture shown in the bottom of the object) then when you get all the ghosts you will first get aghost containment thing then you will then get 500,000 town points next time you finish it and you also get tonns of rewards like 3 lp or1,000 experience 1,500 experience and 2,000 similions. :)

haunted rewards, Jan 9, 2013

Money over night!

Well if you have some sim you can make money by at night plant beans because its not like your going to play it at night so wait till Morning and their you have some money for going to sleep (works best with lots of sims) also if you go to school for 6hours plant onions before school come home and their some more money this cheat works for every one :) hope this helps xx

meganhoran, Jan 28, 2013

Dog treasure

I have found out that when you praise or play with a dog they will go off and find treasure, sometimes you get a lot of simolens or even lifestyle points. Hope this helps! :)

Chatterbox, Mar 18, 2013

Sim wont walk to your action?

Your sim probably wont do an action because you may have something blocking. an example is a chair might be in front of your toilet, that would be the reason for the bubble above the sims head. you need to move the chair so there is a clear space to walk.

amyv.23, May 3, 2013

How to change clothes

To change your sims clothes you must have a dresser, draws or dressing table to do so. you must click on dresser or dressing table and the sim who you were has the option to change clothes! babies available as well.

amyv.23, May 3, 2013

How to move sim in a house

You go to town map and click the blue bubble above a property. it shows different house options, your choice. if it wont let you move in sim then you must may need to complete recent goals, level up or you can use your orange diamond thing to buy.

amyv.23, May 3, 2013

More money and town value!

Add a new sim and name him "bill rogers", then customize him. Then make another sim named " melinda rogers". Then make them enemies and after that make them marry each other. Let them have a baby and make the baby a todler. After that let the two divorce each other. Then delete melinda and make the baby a teen. After that delete bill and you will recieve 15,000,000 simeleons and 9,000,000 town value. hope this trick helps you!

Belinda clover, Jun 24, 2013

Simple tips...

First I'll say most ppl won't agree that this is helpful if they want fast results but the cheats I have come across are crazy and don't work. If you work or go to school during the day just plant tomatoes(they only take 6 hours so they will be done when u get home, you 3,000 sim dollars depending on your level) the more sims you have working in an area the better your chances.I'm on level 16 and have 10 sims and 10 garden patches. It says your chances of getting the sim eating monsters verses tomatoes are 50 /50 but get maybe 4 tomato plants and 6 monsters but still that's 9,000 dollars. The plants wont eat your sims, you just have to neg. With them takes 3 mins.

smile, Nov 11, 2013

3 dollar 5 min carrot formula

This tip is if you want faster money than the tomatoes take. Carrots earn you 48 dollars(for me at level 16) every 5 mins and cost 3 dollars. So in 20 mins you earn 192 dollars and you spend 12 dollars. Corn earns you 148 dollars every 20 mins and cost 11 dollars... so with carrots you earn 576 every hour... and if you have 6 sims and youre growing carrots every 5 mins for an hour you earn 3,456 dollars every hour! it also helps to have multiple pets at the house you are growing veggie, they dig up money about every 30 seconds! I usually watch tv while i do this as it gets boring quick! Hope this helps!

smile, Nov 11, 2013

Never sell your cribs!

When your sims have had a baby, DON'T SELL THE CRIB! Put it in your inventory and wait until you want to use it again, then put it down and use it again. There is no limit how many times you can use one crib.

a stranger, Dec 10, 2013

Free exterior walls and roofs

Note: this only works if the house hasn't been built yet (you need an empty plot). Go to the furniture store and click on exterior walls. Pick whatever type of wall you want, click the tick and hey presto! If you build now the walls will be what you just bought. Do this for roofs and the same thing will happen.

Poodle, Dec 27, 2013

A bed for life!

When you have a toddler do not buy them a toddler's bed as they're expensive and can only be used by toddler. Instead, go to the preteen section and get a bed from there, these are less expensive and can be used by toddlers, preteens, teens and adults. Also, if you have an adult that you want to have a single bed, don't get the 'achy breaky' bed, get a preteen bed. I hope I could help.

Life, Dec 27, 2013

Free LP (Christmas task cheat)

On the newest update there was a Christmas task to get a free reindeer and 3LP, when you finish the task go to a neighbours town and you will get the 3LP and another reindeer again, you can keep revisiting your neighbour and you will get the 3LP and a reindeer again, just keep visiting your neighbours and your LP will start to build up. I have got over 500LP from doing this over the last few days. *this cheat may not work if you have a different update, you haven't done the Christmas task or EA have took the Christmas task down.

Chloe, Dec 30, 2013

Four Children Per Family

So, it says the limit for kids in a house would be two, having both parents, or three, if you adopted a kid over the phone and had two kids, along with one parent. But there is a way to have four kids in a house with both parents, without adopting!

  • Make the parents have two babies. They both must be aged into teens for this to work.
  • Go to a household with one or two sims living in it. Whistle over the one teens, make it good friends with the adult in the house, and have them move in.
  • Back at the teens' original parents' house, have a third child. While it's loading, make the teen good friends with one of it's parents, and move it back in.
  • Have the third child.
  • Go back to the household with one or two sims living in it, and make both teens move in.
  • Start the fourth baby back at the house.
  • IMPORTANT: READ CAREFULLY: Whistle the two teens back home, and have them "Be Nice" to their parents until both of them become good friends with one of their parents. Have one Ask to Move In. While it's doing that, make the other one do the same. The house limit is technically four, so if you wait, one won't be able to move back in.
  • Have the fourth baby. You now have four kids in a house :)

Brooke, Jan 24, 2014

More than 10 Sims in a House at a Time

The limit for sims in a house is 10, but there is a way to override that.

  • Send the family to the park, swim center, snow park, community center, or nightclub, and have them do something.
  • Back at their house, whistle over ten sims and make them do something that takes at least twenty minutes.
  • Go back to the family, make them quit their actions, and send them home.
  • Now you can have anywhere from 11 to 20 sims in a house at once, depending on how many sims were originally in the family (there was a glitch the Neighbors Update in July 2013 that let you have many babies in a family).

Brooke, Jan 24, 2014

Turn home plots into community locations

To add some variety to your town, try turning home plots into other places. I've turned one plot into a daycare for the toddlers, the lady who lives there is the daycare teacher. When the toddler parents are ready for work, I go to the daycare and hit the whistle to summon the toddlers. Then their parents can leave the house empty and the toddler is cared for :) I also turned another plot into a community pool and water park with preteen slip slide, toddler pool, sandbox, barbeque and tables, and small buildings for bathrooms. Sims can be summoned to any home plot and stay as long as they want, so be creative!

Roo, Jan 24, 2014

Simple advice!

If you have time just sit there and continuously plant bell peppers which are free bring all your sims to one house and buy enough patches for each one. Another idea is to praise your dog every time it finds money then your dog will find even more money. Sometimes making your sims vomit and then cleaning it up will get you XP. Hoped this helped.

Kaejay89, Feb 16, 2014

The 15 Tips of Truth!

  • Plant Corn or Carrots. They give you lots of coins.
  • Get your sims inspired. Then you get more xp and coins.
  • Plant things overnight. Plant onions or beans.
  • Praise your dog when it digs up stuff.
  • Sell Trees. They come with your house and are worth a lot of money.
  • Save up your LP and coins when you dont need them. You will need them for quests trust me!!!
  • If you are going to make a sim marry and you have a double bed for them both then sell their furniture and their entire house.
  • Always keep one sim that you are able to make not made. When you make babies or get the quest you will thank me.
  • Plant, not cook!
  • Make sims watch news.
  • Quests come before ANYTHING ELSE.
  • Level Up!
  • Compare. From what I saw, doing 2 minute music 2 times making it 4 minute music instead of shuffle for 7 minutes saves time and xp. 4 minute: 32 XP 7 minute: ONLY 29 XP!!! I also looked at gardens and stove and gardening saves time and money instead of doing things on the stove.
  • Always keep your sims needs met!
  • Get hobbies and level up! Chances are they will get you money and XP! They are also sometimes fun to do (making all your sims have hobbies of their own!)

SyDoesMinecraft, Jul 4, 2014

More simoleons!

Low on simoleons? I can give you tricks: Money over night: The best way to gain more simoleons over night is plant. Recommended plants:

Tomatoes (6 hours) - 3,000 or 2,000 simoleons & 1,288 XP [plant at your own risk]
Beans (9 hours) - 1,260 simoleons & 928 XP [no risk, but lower than tomatoes]
Onions (7 hours) - 1,200 simoleons & 900 XP [no risk]
Spinach (1 day) - 8,700 simoleons & 3,600 XP [Big risk bc cost 1 LP and can turn into a sim-eating-plant]
Strawberries (1 day) - 4,200 simoleons & 2,100 XP [cheap, but plant at your own risk]
Eggplant (18 hours) - 4,500 simoleons & 2,400 XP [plant at your own risk]

Cirisaki13, Jul 10, 2014

Garden money trick

If you have built the mystery island brige, and have upgraded the 'riches' thing, You can earn free money, plant tomatoes in a garden patch, for free. Then collect from it, and if your lucky you will get an extra money bonus! I'm at a level that gives me $180, when i plant things. Hope this helps.

Penny, Aug 22, 2014

Getting Divorced for XP points

So, if you have completed every quest in your level, then you probably need some xp. So this is how you can get 500 XP points. Have two married sims be rude or complain to each other until an option comes up that says "divorce" it's picture of a broken heart. Tap it, and the divorce page will come up with 500 xp. Hope this helped!!

Dabomb, Sep 11, 2014

How To Earn Money!

This is a tip for earning money. The more sims, the better. You need to have a workplace(s). After you employ all your sims, before you go to bed, I suggest you make all your sims go to work. After you wake up in the morning and open The Sims Freeplay you will get atleast a 1,000! Have fun with your money! Hope it helps!

StarPlayer13, Nov 16, 2014

Age for a few LP without a cake

If you aren't very bothered about life dreams and want to age a sim without a cake, this is for you. So, if you have a baby, toddler, preteen, teen or adult that you want to age up to the next life stage go to the right hand side menu (where work, hobbies and relationships are) and tap the last option (the one that looks like and sand timer/hourglass) it will now come up with a list of your sims, scroll down until you find the sim you want to age then click on the icon with the two arrows in a circle, tap on advance (something may come up about life dreams but just ignore it) now your sim has aged for only a few LPs, without having to wait a day for a cake to cook.

Helpful sim, Dec 20, 2014

The Riches of Terra, Need money?

If you have a Bridge or whatever like that, you will see The Riches of Terra. Upgrade your Terra (The Riches of Terra), with pickaxe, gold, and granite (you can have them from plant) then plant bell peppers or anything you want. Then you will get bonus from Terra (if you are lucky). my terra's level 5 now, it gives me 175 coins bonus. Hope it helps.

Anon, Apr 1, 2015

3 Kids In A Household

You need:

  • A married couple with no kids (you must not care if you get rid of these sims)
  • A family with two kids (any age)
  • A crib
  • Enough simolions to add a baby and relocate a household

Go to the childless married couple, put out the crib in their house and add a baby, but DO NOT let it finish yet. While the baby is still loading, delete the parents from the town altogether. You will now have a baby still loading on this lot, but it will show as a simless lot, so you will be able to add and relocate sims. Now relocate the family with two kids to this lot, and you will have a house with two parents, two kids, and a loading baby. Wait for the baby to finish or speed it up with lp points. You will now have a family with three kids! (Note, doing this will not work as adopting this baby, so the baby will not see the adults as its parents or the kids as its siblings.)

Logalemon, Jul 7, 2015

15 hints, tips, and tricks you should know

Here is a list you should know about The Sims FreePlay:

  • 1) This game is ALMOST like real life
  • 2) After completing two and a half sims quest, never sell you crib(s)! It's a huge money saver!
  • 3) Always try to send your sims to work everyday
  • 4) The higher level you are, the more easier it is to earn money
  • 5) Sims who are advanced in their current job will earn much more money than they would earn their first time working
  • 6) Saving money is easy if you forget about it
  • 7) The more expensive the proposal ring is, the more likely your sims will be engaged. The silver ring should be enough!
  • 8) The better your cat or dog is, the better treasure they will find!
  • 9) Praising your dog or petting your cat will help your pet find treasure
  • 10) Don't buy random community lots you don't need until you finish all the quests
  • 11) If you don't want to have auto aging on and have your sims die, don't complete the last quest no matter what!
  • 12) The sim language is hard to translate
  • 13) Woman sims don't get pregnant
  • 14) Have sims garden while you sleep that way you will get money in the morning!
  • 15) There is only one way to die in this game and it is dying by old age


  • 16) The grim reaper will possibly use your sims' grill before he takes the old sim's soul

Mystery~, Jul 15, 2015

Best Way to get money!

This is my best way of earning money. I love this way so much because it isn't a cheat to cause glitches. First grab as many sims as possible and make them grow watermelons. Make sure you do this everyday. Don't forget to send your sims to work. Growing Watermelons takes an hour. When one hour passes collect all the watermelons and make them plant again. If you are too busy to visit your sims in an hour, make them plant zucchini or potatoes. Before going to sleep plant beans or onions. When I tried this I got $215,853 in only five days! I recommend this to people who can't use real money and are too poor to buy or build something.

Mystery~, Aug 8, 2015

A few tips on saving your simoleons

Hopefully, the tips below will help you on Sims Freeplay.

  • When you need another Sim, but you can't afford another house, you could get two sims, each with their own house, to move in together. Then you have a spare house waiting for a new sim.
  • If you have sims that are currently not doing anything have them plant carrots, corn, etc. for a little extra money.
  • Always check if there are adverts for rewards (found if you press tasks and there is a video in the top left button). The rewards are: Simoleons, LPs, SPs and XP.

Hope i helped :)

Katieeeeee, Aug 10, 2015

Community centers

This is what I have done:

Put all the furniture you want to keep in inventory. Decide on which house is your biggest. Call all your sims there. Renovate the house so all the furniture is inside (mine takes up two thirds of the lot so they can have room for a garden) from now on, this is your sims unofficial home.

Go to all the other lots and sell all the rooms. You get money from the sale and can still collect from them.

The good thing about this arrangement is all sims are in one place. Call them to the selected house whenever they are free. Eventually you can expand upwards or to a nearby lot if the first one gets too full.

Need to buy a new house? Do that, and sell it for parts immediately. The new sim can spend time at the community center.

Hope it helps, Sep 15, 2015

How to age your sims for Free

Little did you might know, you can actually age a sim up for free! Here is how! First you must complete the Life Dreams And Legacies quest at level 26 or above. So if you are below level 26, you cannot do this trick. After the quest is complete, you have unlocked auto aging and personalities.

For babies only, give the baby you want to age a personality. Go to the life dreams tab and scroll over to the baby you want to age. It will say that he/she is too young and they will let you age him/her for free without waiting.

Toddlers / Adults
Give your sim a personality and choose a life dream that is at least 5 hours long. Have that sim do that life dream over and over again non-stop (faster if you send your sims to school/work as a life dream) Then it will say that this sim completed their life dreams for that certain life stage (e.i. preteen) when you have filled the life dream bar. There will be a button that lets you age him/her for free to the next life stage without waiting (e.i. teen).

Box~, Nov 9, 2015

More Money And XP

After you've unlocked the mysterious island you'll be able to get the riches of terra thing. ALWAYS upgrade when possible, its a great way to get more coins and XP.

Ezangel11, Dec 10, 2015

How to Have More Than 2 Kids Living in a House

- Loads of cribs (depending on the amount of children you want)
- A married couple with less than 2 kids
- The cooking hobby unlocked
- More than one house

First, place all the cribs in a horizontal line with no gaps in between. Add a baby. You can change the features. Then, go to another house and cook cheese and tomato on toast. Click the home button and once the cooking is finished, click on the notification and return to your game. Go to the house with a baby and you should see that the infant has moved cots. Then repeat the action over and over. (You won't need to pay to add another infant to town).

Guest, Jan 15, 2016

Earn More Simoleons

To get more Simoleons try to get 6+ sims inspired and then make all of them garden carrots or corn. They could earn you up to 10 simoleons more!

Qveen, Apr 24, 2016

A Little extra cash

All of us need money to make your home beautiful. All you need to do is just when you had finished the quest 'Two and a half sims' you will unlock the highchairs which is 10 SP. You can click the object continuously and then buy it. After that sell those highchairs which is gonna be 500 simoleons and you can get extra cask from that.

Ally, May 13, 2016

Lot of money and lvl up faster

  • 1. Build the Neo Tokyo house, but at my opinion, Japanese house is better because it is cheaper then Neo Tokyo and also give lot of Simoleons.
  • 2. Wait the house to complete, then sell everything in it,even decorations and wall.
  • 3. Repeat this until you've get amount of money you want like 9,999,999 Simoleons.
  • 4. Use the money to buy lot of Giant Globe, make the money become zero. (If there are no room for all of your Giant Globe, sell the other and buy a new one.)Repeat this until lvl Max, but if you want to lvl up to Max, it may take 1-10 Week.

Note: Only work after downloading New Content and only work if you only left 1 sims at your town.

Icy Curse, May 16, 2016

More Sims for Less Money

In the beginning of the game you will have 1 sim and a free house. Buy a house but make it an unfurnished studio because it costs less money. Throughout the game, make your sims friends and move them in together in the furnished house. Use the empty house to add sims, and keep going in that cycle until there are 4 sims living in a house.

Anonymous, Jul 8, 2016

Get your sims married

If your couple keeps on denying the marriage proposals and you have ZERO LP and the mood ring will not work send the couple to the park, and make them be romantic. send the couple back home and ask again if it does not work try again. it should work. it worked for me. My couple has been saying no for a week.

Corinne, Jul 24, 2016

Wedding ring useful tip

Hi! Here's a tip on wedding proposals: NEVER, EVER use a VENDING MACHINE ring... It is a waste of simoleons, as I have tried 3 times with all different couples and they always say no! Same goes for mood ring! Just always use the 3LP ring, and make sure the couple is happy before you propose because if a sim ain't completely happy, then say bye-bye to 3LP! Ok, just bear that in Ming in the future!

Stargirl, Aug 29, 2016

The Riches of Terra! Easy simoleons!

If you have the Riches of Terra monument, mines is upgraded to 185 and you get it often when you plant,bake etc. I have a lot/empty lot of just garden patches and I invite ten sims over to plant bell peppers on the 56 garden patches and once there all done and every single garden patch has bell peppers I click them all and I get about 2000 simoleons each time but it depends what level your monuments are if it's at like 500 bonus simoleons it will be more money each time. It is not really a cheat but it's good way to make simoleons and it takes about 5 mins to complete all the garden patches so it's worth it and plus you get a lot of resources to upgrade the monument even further as you get some sometimes when you're clicking the bell peppers. Hope this helps:)!(plus the the Riches of terra starts of at 100 bonus simoleons I think so you will make about 1000:))

Gamer, Oct 13, 2016

Bigger household

1) Have 3 Sims living in house invite 3 other Sims over to the house. Before the sims ask to move in they have to be at least Good friends. Once they are all good friends as quick as you can get the Sims living in the house to move in. Your Sims have 6 seconds before they move in and if you are too slow you can only get 4 in a house. 6 is maximum number of Sims living in a house with a cheat.

2) This is when you want to upgrade your family. Get your teenager children to move out. Buy cots and as there is only 2 Sims in the house you can "stork en route" and while the babies are on their way invite teenagers back into house and wait for babies to arrive. Then you will have a family of 6 living in house.

Ams life, Dec 18, 2016

Sim Apartment

Want to have many sims but dont have enough money to buy a ton of houses? Use this tip ;) You need an empty lot (or 2) and some simoleons (enough to buy furniture and appliances for the house)


  • Step 1: On lot #1 Prepare the house (make it so it can fit your preffered no. Of sims) then add a sim (we'll call it sim A)
  • Step 2: On lot #2 Add a sim (We'll call it Sim B) make A and B Good Friends then the "ask to move in" option will show up then tap it (Make sure that when you click the option you're in Sim A's house and make sure Sim A is asking Sim B NOT the other way around)
  • Step 3: After that Lot #2 will be empty and add another sim there then do Step 2 again


  • Step 1: Prepare the house and add a sim (We'll call it Sim A)
  • Step 2: Choose an occupied house and make your sim be good friends with an occupant then the ask to move in option will pop up and tap that (make sure that you tap the option in the occupied house with the occupant asking Sim A NOT the other way around)
  • Step 3: Now the lot Sim A lives in is Simless add a sim and do step 2 until you reach the desired no. Of sims you want but leave 1 sim behind (EXAMPLE: you want 5 sims to live in the same house only do step 2 for 4 sims not 5)
  • Step 4: Now on the simless lot Add your last sim. Invite the sims you want to invite over and make them be good friends with the owner of the lot you want them to live in until the ask to move option pops up tap that (make sure Its the last sim asking the other sims and its on the lot you want them to live in)


Weird, Apr 1, 2017

How to build a daycare

First, buy an empty lot and when it's done, build a house like this: a small hallway, on left side of the hallway girl room, to the right of the hallway boy room. The big room after the hallway, then 4 rooms on the other side of the hallway, and 1 room on the upper side of any room. Doors: the door to the girl room pink, door to the boy room blue, remaining doors are pine doors. Furniture: In the hallway put kid's music poster, and a bookcase for parents to come and read, in the boy room put a chest and the same number of beds as your toddlers like: you have 3 boy toddlers put 3 beds same for the girl room in the big room put a TV, a couch, a table with 2 chairs, and some stuff toddlers can use one room will be the kitchen, in the 2 remaining rooms put a bed and a chest, the last 2 rooms are bathrooms, in the boy bathroom put a blue bathtub and a toilet in girl bathroom put a pink bathtub,a toilet, a sink and a shower because adults will use it. Make sure the adult living in a house is woman and and have another adult woman ask the first woman to move in. Now their parents have time to relax, while kids are taken care of. This works for babies too :)

Genius100000, May 14, 2017

Having 4 children in one house

Have two married sims in one house and add a baby. Go to another house with a married couple and add two babies. Age both the babies into todlers and then have both the parents 'move out of town'. Now move back to the house with the infant and call the two todlers over. Make one todler good friends with one parent and the other todler good friends with the other parent. Have the parents move away from the todlers. Add another baby in the house. While the stork is on the way, have each parent 'ask to adopt' the todler they are good friends with. Wait for the baby to arive. Now you will have four kids in one house.

Anonymous, Jun 16, 2017

Earning Simoleons!

The Sims: Freeplay isn't as free as you think! Whenever you want something or need to buy items for a quest, the Home Store is not lenient in offering items at a low price. In fact, things become more expensive as your population increases! So, if you're stuck with less than 100k, here's a few tricks that I do to earn some cash-

1. Planting Beans
Beans are my go-to plant whenever I'm away from the game for a long while, such as at night while I sleep. Beans are fairly low priced (less than 200 simoleons) and give you about 1,260 in revenue for every 4 icons tapped. They take 9 hours, which is perfect for when you're in school, or sleeping at night. Planting beans every night for a couple weeks earned me a whooping 1mil simoleons!

4. The Simoleon Sprout
Although it take about 4hrs for you to use to again after harvesting, the Simoleon Sprout is a great way for earning a whole bunch of money in one go! Although your chances of getting all pumpkins is fairly low (trust me, it is), and the constant three different spin becomes an eyesore after a while, it's still a great way to earn loads of simoleons in a quick harvest.

3. Event Furniture
You can get lots of free stuff from event exclusive furniture during holidays or special occasions, such as a Christmas themed fireplace during Christmas. But, did you know that they're worth a bunch? All furniture in the Home Store is reduced to a very low value price when you want to sell it, but it's different for event items! So if you ever need to get rid of old holiday items, then selling them will get you a quick buck!

4. Work
Make sure all your sims are employed! Sims will usually bring home 900+ simoleons after work or school, and is a great alternative to planting beans if you want to save your thumbs from tapping so much. I usually send my sims to work after they've finished planting beans. After they've all come home, that's when I catch up on quests or timed events, then at night, the cycle starts again.

5. When Enough is Enough
Once I reached 1mil simoleons, I vowed to NEVER go under that, unless I really need to! Often times, people will go crazy on spending when they've realized that they have a lot of moolah on their hands, but trust me - 1mil isn't even a lot now, especially on this game! If I'm close to 1mil after spending money on things, I'll start doing extra for more simoleons, which will add on to the revenue that I already get from planting beans and sending my sims to work. Don't go crazy on spending your hard earned simoleons, otherwise you'll just end up seeing yourself going back to square one!

6. Don't Spend on What You Don't Need!
Yes, it's tempting to buy those cool houses in the Architect Tab, or getting those luxury couches in the Home Store, but do you really need it, especially when you're pretty low on money? Of course not! Most of these items are for themed houses/getting actions quicker, but you don't necessarily need them unless you want your house to look like a million dollar mansion! You're trying to EARN money, not spend it!

I hope this helps! To me, this is a much more efficient way of getting simoleons rather than hacking or spending real money on the game (which isn't worth it!), because 1. hacking might get all your data deleted, and 2. spending so much money on a game is ridiculous!

Seven, Jun 17, 2017

Get 10 LP (lifestyle points)

*Only works in December - Begin the Christmas quest to win the snow chalet. If you don't finish it, and time runs out, they'll give you 10 LP - just kind of handy!

Caitieb710, Dec 25, 2017

Good money made fast

Instead of sending ur sims off to work, just make them plant tomatos. This escpecially works if u are on a smaller xp level. Its cheaper than building a work place and working pays lesser. Just buy a patch(20-17 or something simoleans) and have them plant tomatoes. If the sim eating monster comes up just bargin for 3 min.


How make your Sim throw up

In order to make your sims sick, is get all your sims at one house and shake your device and don't touch anything for some seconds and if this does not work attempt to do it once again it'll work

Panikos, Jan 2, 2019

Seasonal Quest Guide

First Set: Complete the first set of goals to earn 5 Social Points

  • Step 1: Talk to Professor Hans Free- 30 seconds
  • Step 2: Consider helping the Professor- 41 minutes (on a park bench)
  • Step 3: Agree to help the Professor- 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Step 4: Sleep on some ideas- 2 hours 40 minutes (bed)
  • Step 5: Sanity check ideas- 1 hour 26 minutes (on a computer)
  • Step 6: Watch 'talking tech' on tv- 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Step 7: Discuss ideas with the Professor- 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Step 8: Install HANS on a computer- 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Step 9: Inspect computer- 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Step 10: Report to the Professor- 4 hours 35 minutes
  • Step 11: Discuss solution with the Professor- 5 hours 55 minutes
  • Step 12: Get clarity from the Professor- 4 hours 55 minutes
  • Step 13: Find 20 parts in house objects- 2 hours (click find parts on items around your house)
  • Step 14: Make the HANS transmitter- 6 hours 26 minutes (click on x at front of house)
  • Step 15: Plug HANS transmitter into computer- 7 hours 30 minutes

Second Set: Complete the second set of goals to earn 15 Social Points

  • Step 1: Vent to a sim- 1 hour 15 minutes (select the interaction between two sims)
  • Step 2: Consider Professor's design- 2 hours 40 minutes (on a couch)
  • Step 3: Discuss power source- 3 hours 55 minutes (you need to complete this 5 times so use 5 pairs of sims (10 sims) to complete this quickly)
  • Step 4: Read 'Geological Records' from a bookcase- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Step 5: Dig for dimlite ore in park- 5 hours 30 minutes (click on x)
  • Step 6: Add dimlite to HANS transmitter- 1 hour 8 minutes (using a computer)
  • Step 7: Respond to mysterious voice- 4 hours 10 minutes (computer)
  • Step 8: Have a cold shower- 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Step 9: Speak to HANS- 2 hours (computer)
  • Step 10: Talk to HANS about ice cream- 3 hours 50 minutes (computer)
  • Step 11: Have a selfie with HANS- 1 hour 50 minutes (computer)
  • Step 12: Befriend HANS on simbook- 2 hours 40 minutes (you need to do this 8 times so have 8 sims completing this at once to complete it quickly)
  • Step 13: Teach HANS about lighting- 4 hours 10 minutes (computer)
  • Step 14: Confront HANS- 3 hours 50 minutes (computer)
  • Step 15: Call 'computer whisperer hotline' on a phone- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Step 16: Discuss problem with Susan Sparks- 6 hours 5 minutes (she will appear at your sims house)

Third Set: Complete the third set of goals to earn the dishwashers and HANS panel

  • Step 1: Discuss HANS solution- 5 minutes (talk to Susan)
  • Step 2: Find 50 parts in house objects- 2 hours (click find parts on items around your house)
  • Step 3: Give parts to Susan Sparks- 15 minutes (can't find Susan? Check all your sims houses, she will hopefully show up at one of them!)
  • Step 4: Get HANS to dim lighting (select option on computer)
  • Step 5: Get HANS to change light colour (select option on computer)
  • Step 6: Turn off HANS lighting (select option on computer)
  • Step 7: Deliver news about HANS- 30 minutes (talk to the Professor in the park)
  • Step 8: Beg to the Professor- 45 minutes
  • Step 9: Call Susan for help- 1 hour 26 minutes (using a phone)
  • Step 10: Download HANS to cell phone- 14 minutes (using a computer)
  • Step 11: Convince the Professor- 1 hour 15 minutes (go back to the park to find him)
  • Step 12: Present HANS to the Professor- 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Step 13: Discuss HANS' wish with the Professor- 2 hours 25 minutes
  • Step 14: Thank Susan Sparks- 2 hours 55 minutes (Susan will appear at the park)
  • Step 15: Take photo with the Professor and Susan- 2 hours 5 minutes (click on x at park)
  • Step 16: Say farewell to the Professor and Susan- 4 hours 10 minutes (click on the Professor)

Tisyte, Jan 2, 2019

Celebrities Pet Event Guide

To complete this Event, you need to collect Arts and Craft, you must use Craft Station which can be found in the Event Inventory section.

Celebrities Pet Live Event Guide:

  • Place the Candle Station in a sim house that you can find in the Event section Inventory.
  • Click Candle Station, select "Make 50 Candles"
  • Click Candle Station, select "Restock 2 uses".
  • To buy the Fetching Frisbee, Click on the PUPPY image, click "purchase".
  • Place the Flower Patch (which is for planting crops) on the sim home page (can be found in the event section inventory). Click Flower Patch, select "Coin Flower Patch"
  • Click PUPPY in the upper left corner, and Click the Daily goals tab. click Claim.
  • Don't forget to claim your prize every day.
  • Click the candle image above the sim head. Usually the image appears when sim is using Craft Station.
  • Continue to collect Arts and Craft.

Arts and Crafts Stations
There are 4 Craft stations that you can use in this Event:
a. Candle Station
b. Pottery Station
c. Jewelry Station
d. Glassware Station

Price of Candle Station:
First purchase price: Geratis
Second: S2,000
Third: S4,000
Fourth: S10,000

You can buy a maximum of 4 candle stations.

Pottery Station Price:
First Purchase: S5,000
Second: S7,500
Third: S10,000
Fourth: S15,000

You can buy a maximum of 4 pottery stations.

Jewelry Station Price:
First Purchase: S7,500
Second: S15,000
Second: S20,000

You can buy a maximum of 3 Pottery

Price of Glassware Station:
First purchase: S7,500
Second: S25,000

You can buy a maximum of 2 Glasswere Station

Each Station (except the first Candle station) is covered with 9 Stocks, which means you have to use this Station 9 times before restock.

When it's time to restock, you will be given 2 choices
Restock 18 uses = Will be finished instantly but requires 10SP
Restock 9 uses = takes 2 hours 30 minutes and is free

NOTE: If you move the station into your inventory, you will lose the entire stock so that when you put it back in the sim house, you have to restock from the beginning.

Event Progress:
1st tab: Show Tasks and claim buttons that can be clicked when you have completed tasks.

2nd tab: is Celebrities Pet Progress. Shows how much craft you collect. The more you collect, the more and coolest gifts you will get. If the progress has passed the key picture, click "purchase" then you will get the prize. The prize can be found at the Home Store.

Celebrities Pet Live Event prizes:

  • Fetching Frisbee: Requires 50 Candle to get "Purchase"
  • Charming Chews: Requires 1200 candles dan 5 constructor to get"Purchase". (can be used for all types of dogs)
  • Pug-O-War: Requires 3,600 candles dan 25 constructor coins to get "Purchase". (can be used for all types of dogs)
  • Canine Comforts: Requires 10,900 candles, 8,500 pottery and 75 constructor coins to get "Purchase". (can be used for all types of dogs)
  • Pooch Provisions: Requires 14,500 candles, 11,300 pottery and 100 constructor coins to get "Purchase". (can be used for all types of dogs)
  • Prominent Pug: Requires 16,075 pottery, 17,000 jewelry and 140 constructor coins to get "Purchase".
  • Tantalizing Toy Boxes: Requires 17,000 pottery, 18,000 jewelry and 150 constructor coins to get "Purchase". (can be used for all types of dogs)
  • Pampered Pooch: Requires 18,000 pottery, 19,000 jewelry, 19,000 glassware and 155 constructor coins to get "Purchase". (can only be used by puppies and small dogs)
  • Tidy Pets: Requires 20,000 pottery, 21,000 jewelry, 21,000 glassware and 170 constructor coins to get "Purchase"
  • Pug Life: You can only purchase this part after you purchase all the prizes above. This main prize consists of a pair of clothes between adult and puppy sim. Puppy clothes can be found in Pet Salon

Khaliyah13, Jan 2, 2019

Get money fast!

So, if your starting out in the game, you only have a couple of houses and not much money, what you can do is first, build a furnished townhouse, once it's finished you view the house, and sell all the furniture and rooms. You should get more money than you started with. Keep doing this until you can afford the japanese retreat, and once you do it with that, you'll get tons of money. You can keep doing this as many times as you want, and not worry about money again!

Kitten, Sep 1, 2020


Money Cheat

Ok first Plant something like beans. Then close out of sims free play and double-click the home button and hold down the sims icon till it jiggles. Then push the minus button then go to Settings, General, and Date and time. say no to set automatically set it a year ahead aka 2013 (WARNING your party boat will be screwed up until you change it back) Note: this works for buildings too. What you get: oh around 5 or 10g depending on your level.

Jbh099, Dec 17, 2012

Money Glitch

Get unlimited money become a millionaire just like moii. First you need all of your sims at one home.You need to buy the same amount of garden pacthes as sims. You may think it doesn't work but it does. Then you need to make everybody plant some beans. Then you need to click the home button then double click the home button then delate the sims. Go on settings and change the year back three years then go back on the app sims. Stay on it for at lest 10 seconds and confirm that everybody's planting then once again click the home button and then click x2 and delate Sims then go on settings and bring the date back to the current year go on the sims again and the sims will be planted also it works with birthday cakes and tasks.

Podsipod, Jan 5, 2013

How to get more money and inspire Sims

  • Open up your Sims Freeplay app then make sure all of your sims AREN'T doing anything
  • Go to your Settings and then go to General then go to Date and Time and turn of your Automatic Settings then set your month to a month BEFORE.
  • Turn off Wi Fi in your Settings.
  • Go back to your Sims Freeplay app and it should you need Wi Fi for the app then exit out of the app
  • Turn ON your Wi Fi in your Settings then go back to the Sims Freeplay app.
  • Your Sims will be fully Inspired and you will get more money!

Note: This cheat may not work sometimes.

Tatisawesome, Jan 6, 2013

Money Cheat for Freeplay Update 2013

I had trouble using the same money cheat where you change the date ahead one month, day and year. For some reason it won't let me go into 2014, but I found the same results (after trial and error) if you change the date to December 31, 2013. Plants grow, buildings mature etc. Thought I would share, I haven't seen a cheat put here yet for the update!! Enjoy :)

babymama23, Feb 4, 2013

Money and speed things up

  • Go to sims and make them all plant beans
  • Go to settings and change date 1day 1month and 1year forward
  • Go back to sims and collect your money
  • Turn date and time back to current

Ps:this can work for speeding things up aswell but make your sims hibernate but before you turn the date to something else focus on the thing you want to speed up

Fluffy, Feb 21, 2013

Looping music from Orsis

First, let Orsis dance. Then, while he's dancing, tap the home home store icon then go back out.

Sims Player, Jun 14, 2013

Never pay for seeds again

Buy about 6 seed packets from the supermarket. They can be any kind. When you're ready to plant make your sim walk very far away. Then you click on the garden patch and click on the seeds you bought. It will say free x6 if you bought 6 seed packets. Then quickly go to the town map before the sim reaches the gardening patch and go to another sims house, or use the sim tracker. When you click on another garden patch the number of seeds doesn't decrease. To save money so this cheat but buy only one seed packet. All of your sims will be able to plant as long as you do the cheat right. WARNING! THE NUMBER OF SEEDS WILL DECREASE WHEN YOUR SIMS ARE DONE PLANTING!!! So to make this cheat worth it, plant beans with this cheat in the day or overnight. Have fun!

Just Games, Aug 28, 2014

Quick and easy money

  • 1. Build the Japanese Retreat house
  • 2. Sell everything in and outside the house one by one
  • 3. Sell all the doors and windows
  • 4. Sell the rooms themselves
  • 5. Demolish the lot and repeat steps as needed

The Japanese Retreat costs 9,000 but by the time you've sold everything, you've made a profit of about 70,000

Calico Kat, Jul 7, 2015

New Time Glitch! July, 2015

This is a new time glitch as of July, 2015! As far as I know it only works for iOS devices.

  • Step 1: Open Sims FreePlay app, and have your Sims doing an activity/task. (For money, gardening would be good).
  • Step 2: Open Settings, go to General, Time & Date, and make sure Set Automatically is on. After checking, go back into the Sims FreePlay app.
  • Step 3: After going into the Sims FreePlay app, swipe out of it, and go back into Settings, General, Date & Time.
  • Step 4: Change the date to October, November, December, or next year.
  • Step 5: After changing Time & Date, go back into Sims FreePlay app. All tasks should be complete, but sometimes they are not. Just keep doing this process again and again! In no time, you should be rich!

KittyCat36, Jul 10, 2015

Summer 2015 glitch: Patio Glitch

In order to do this glitch you need to complete the Peaceful Patios quest. You will need to build some patios so you need enough simoleons. After completing the Peaceful Patios quest to go to a house lot. Build a 3 by 2 patio and put a railing around it. Four squares away build a 1 by 2 patio with no railing. Place the most expensive outdoor furniture between the two patios. When making another patio make a 4 by 1 patio to connect the two patios together. However press the X button and the furniture will duplicate. Repeat this as many times as you want. Then sell all the duplicated furniture.

You will get thousands or simoleons.
Your town value will decrease.
May cause a little lag.

Box~, Aug 13, 2015

Unlimited Simoleons and LP (Time Cheat: August 2015)

The first thing you do is to go to your device's settings, then click "General," and then click "Date & Time." Switch off the automatic time and scroll back months from today's date - it'll be more easier if you scroll back a year though to make sure you get your rewards.

Then, you click on the app and have all of your Adult or Senior sims garden using the garden patches. The most money you can get from gardening without using LP to buy seeds is by planting beans - it only costs 115 simoleons to plant for each sim bit it'll give you about 1,260 simoleons per sim that plants it. Have all of your adult/senior sims plant beans by tapping on the garden patches and scrolling down to click beans.

If you have any babies, toddlers, preteens, or teens, make them do long actions like studying for school, practicing a hobby, sleeping, etc. If you don't make them do a long action and you fast-forward your time, their energy levels might drain down.

During this time, you can also build places, houses, stores, etc. Just make sure to click on the build button right afterwards if you're planning to build a place, house, store, or even cook or bake a birthday cake, etc.

When you're done assigning your sims to either plant or do long actions and you're done deciding if you want to build some new stuff, exit out of the app. Double-click your home button so that you're now in the multitasking segment. Swipe the Sims Freeplay app up so that it deletes it from your multitasks - doing this does not delete the actual app from your device.

Click on your device's settings and click on "General," and then "Date & Time" again. Switch on the automatic time and date so that the switch turns green again. Exit out of settings and click on the Sims Freeplay app again.

It'll load for a couple of seconds before opening to the main menu where it tells you your town value. Once you click to tap and continue, it'll say something such as, "Yours sims have missed you and are quite bummed. Here is ___ simoleons and __ LP to cheer them up!" The number of Simoleons and LP you receive is based on your level. When I first started this cheat, I wasn't that high yet so I received 7,500 simoleons and 1 LP, but now I'm on level 32 and now receive 35,000 simoleons and 4 LP each time I do this cheat.

All of your sims should be finished planting and doing their actions or your places are finally built. You should harvest your beans and you'll be rewarded 1,250 simoleons PER SIM that plants it.

Let me know if this cheat worked for you and I hope this helped! :)

P. S. If this cheat does not work for you, it might be because that you've already updated the game to its newest update so it won't work or you haven't followed the steps properly.

AMitchell, Aug 22, 2015

How to get the Simileon Sprout faster

After you do the Simoleon Sprout, go to your time settings (in the device you're using) and will 4 hours. You can also do this with quests, but be careful because if you do it too much and you have an offer you may end it. Also to get beck your normal time just close the game and make the time right. I hope I helped.

Happyface, Sep 6, 2015

Stairs Glitch - Get (Almost) Anything for Free!

*Requires completion of the Multi Story Renovations Quest first*

The stairs glitch is a glitch that can complete almost any action instantly without using LPs or your sims' life meters. The best part is: you get to keep the rewards! Any currency or XP that action would give you will still get, only instantly (hobbies included)! Here's how it works:

1. Have all but one sim in the house busy
2. Have your open sim stand on the same floor as the item that you plan on using
3. Make the sim walk to a spot on a different floor (NOT more than one floor away!)
4. While the sim is walking up/down the stairs, select the action that you want them to do
5. Wait for the item you selected or the stairs to blink blue, then click on them and cancel the action

Boom! Now your sim instantly completed the action! This cheat works especially well with gardening; I once collected 200,000 in an hour by planting beans and doing this! It can also help you finish hobbies or challenges really quickly! Just make sure you get the timing right because it's easy to mess up.

----- What you can't do -----

Babies cannot do this glitch.
You cannot do this glitch with firepoles or elevators (maybe not escalators, I haven't tried them).
You cannot use this hobby for some hobbies like fishing, as they can only be done in single story places.

Enjoy! :)

Lemur, Feb 23, 2016

Free birthday cakes on the sims

When you are on level eight or over you will unlock the birthday cakes but they are five LPs and you didn't have any all you need to do is have a sim bake a cake but after it will say you are low on LPs all you need to do is double tap the home button and slide the sims free play up then go back on the sims and you will hear a sound that goes boom then double tap again and you wouldn't hear a noise but you will see your sim making a birthday cake. YAAAY

Admin Edit: Cheat reported as not working...

Chocolate, Mar 31, 2017

Bake Dog Cake

Do you have zero LP? Did you buy a puppy or kitty from the pet store instead of an adult one because adult animals cost LP? If you want an adult pet follow these steps:

  • 1. Buy a puppy or kitty from the store.
  • 2. Press the stove, press baking and find the Pet biscuit.
  • 3. A pop up will appear saying you need 15 LP to bake.
  • 4. Immediately Press your home button on your phone or tablet and exit out the sims.
  • 5. Wait for sims to load and the same message will appear.
  • 6. Exit the sim's again.
  • 7. Now go to sims and your sim will be baking a dog biscuit for free.
  • 8. When sim is done baking press the biscuit on top then give to desired animal.

Sims Boss, May 2, 2016

Get a Wedding Ring

If you have had trouble getting your sims engaged because you bought the cheapest ring and your sim didn't like the ring then this is for you. If you have zero LP(life points) and you can't afford the most valuable ring then follow these steps.

  • 1. Have a sim selected then click their almost-to-be significant other and click propose marriage.
  • 2. Then click on the most expensive wedding ring that costs 10 LP.
  • 3. It will then say you need 10 life points so just click the home button on your device and that will make you exit the sims.
  • 4. Go back to the sims and wait for it to load.
  • 5. The same message will appear so just exit the sims again.
  • 6. Go back to the sims and they will propose and you will not be rejected.

The best thing about this trick is that it is easy, simple, and effective. But ultimately, you don't have to keep spending LP or simoleons on any wedding ring.

Sims Boss, May 2, 2016


Game Center Achievements

To unlock the following Game Center Achievements, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
10 Goals DownComplete 10 goals.
100 MilesDrive a total of 100 miles.
1000 GOALS!Complete 1000 goals.
500 GOALS!Complete 500 goals.
Baby BoomersHave 3 babies.
Bad Herbs!Use Herbicide to destroy 25 Man-Eating Plants.
Barking MadBuy a 3rd dog.
Cats and Dogs Unite!Have your cats and dogs find 20 lifestyle points.
City of GoldHave a town worth 30,000,000 simoleons.
Deep PocketsSave 50,000 simoleons.
Dr. Evil!Have a town worth 1,000,000 simoleons.
First DateHave one of your Sims dating another Sim.
G...G...Ghost!Catch 4 Ghost Types.
Ghost HunterCatch All 12 Ghost Types.
Goal Crazy!Complete 100 goals
Goal Mayhem!Complete 250 goals.
Goal-O-RamaComplete 50 goals.
Going for SpeedReach Level 34.
Going the DistanceReach Level 22.
Grand Opening!Build the Town Hall.
Hello, NewmanHave a Sim with 1 nemesis.
Hide and Seek!Have a toddler play hide and seek with another toddler.
I Love You Guys!Have a Sim with 10 best friends
KA-BOOM!Get 5 Sims promoted to Mad Scientist at the Lab.
Life of ExcessBuy the Pro Skater's Dream Pad.
Lucky CatsHave your cats find 7 lifestyle points.
Lucky Dog!Have a dog dig up 1 lifestyle point.
Moneygrubber!Save 100,000 Simoleons.
MUAH HAHAHA!Save 1,000,000 simoleons.
Nemesis of the StateHave 1 Sim be nemeses with 16 Sims
One Mean SimHave a Sim with 8 enemies.
Onward and Upward!Have a town value of 15,000 simoleons.
Penny PincherSave 10,000 simoleons.
Popcorn, Anyone?Watch 8 movies.
Pro DancerHave a pre-teen Sim become a Professional Ballet Dancer.
Proclaimer!Drive a total of 500 miles.
Safety First!Put out an oven fire with an extinguisher.
Sim For A Spin!Have a pre-teen Sim become an Intermediate Ballet Dancer.
Sim Negotiator"Negotiate" with 3 Man-Eating Plants.
Sim Town 90210Have a town worth 12,000,000 simoleons.
Sims by the DozenHave 12 Sims in town.
Stinky Diapers!Change 12 diapers.
Sweet ToothUse 8 cupcakes.
The Diet Ends HereBake 5 chocolate puddings.
Top of the Class!Have 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++
Wax OffHave a pre-teen Sim get a Black Belt in Karate.
Wax On...Have a pre-teen Sim get a Blue Belt in Karate.
Wedding BellsHave a Sim ask another Sim to get married.
Where's My Girdle?Bake 35 Apple Pies.
YOU Caused the GFCSave 10,000,000 Simoleons.
You're On Fire!Put out 23 oven fires with fire extinguishers.

Pobydd0, Jan 22, 2019
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