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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Strategy City Building
  • Release: Mar 1, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set


10 doughnuts for Homer

During gameplay open Homer's task menu and click 10 times on homer to get ten extra doughnuts. Note: This may not work on later versions!

samia, Jun 3, 2013

Easy Burning Rose bush Premium Item

Close to the mountain area. There's a bit of land which has this item. Buy that land and put it anywhere. You can purchase it for twenty doughnuts or get it free of charge.

hello, Sep 12, 2012

Tapping houses

If you have lots of houses u don't have to click each and every one of the to get the money and XD for them, instaed of clicking each one just click on the chimneys and this will collect money and xp for 2 or 3 houses at a times this makes it quicker for u to get money and xp, also buy lots of brown houses as this gives u xp and cash quickly I had 80 brown houses and I was gaining over 700 cash and over 100 xp every 5 mins. It boost ur xp and cash quickly, I also found visit ur neighbours for 5 mins passes the time whilst waiting for brown houses to generate the money and xp

Kadybaby, Nov 10, 2012

Unlock jebadiah statue

While homer is playing on his iPad, or laying in the paddling pool keep tapping him. Homer starts laughing at being tickled. Then the jebadiah statue will be opened up for you to decorate your town with.

Dibbers100, Nov 23, 2012

Make a Bridge for Free

Find the empty space where you want a bridge over water. Place some water on that space. Then place road on the place where you want the bridge. Automatically, a bridge is created!

IAmSoAwesome, Jan 22, 2013

How To Cancel Actions For Free

Just came across this yesterday. Most of you you must have noticed that we can't cancel actions, we can cancel using donuts while it is rushing but we can't cancel actions. Well, today I found a solution (for most of the actions though). If the character has an action at place for example, the Brown House, then you can store the brown house and your character will automatically come out. The only problem is some objects/buildings can't be stored and some actions don't need any objects/buildings so they cant be cancelled. But this is also helpful.

BestOlayerEver, Jan 24, 2013

Move without move button

Find a building and then tap and hold it for a few seconds and you will be able to move everything like you would if you pressed the move button.

Jayan, Feb 2, 2013

Simpsons offer

Get to level 8/9 and Gil will want you so you click on him and submit the offer for 250 donuts for homer Buddha, frinks lab, 40,000 dollars and frink. But only 3 days you have to submit it! Note: This may not work on later versions!

J60876, Jun 3, 2013

Live in the other Springfield universe

Go to the other Springfield, take the money from 3 shops, turn of your device, reload Tapped Out. Go on your normal Springfield and wait for all your tasks to finish, go on other Springfield, turn of your device, and once you go back on you'll have the other Springfield. (Note, be careful this doesn't always work. You won't have any money or any of the other stuff you bought anymore)

Me, Jul 20, 2015

Keep getting the same scratcher ticket

I sumbled upon this by total accident. Ok so this is super easy, when you scratch your ticket wait 10 seconds before clicking ok next time you scratch the ticket it will be the same thing. I only realized this trick yesterday and I scratched 3 clubs while trying a different trick, since then I wait each time and have scratched 3 clubs 5 times in a row! Hope this works for you let me know.

ChristinaO91, Apr 22, 2013

Finding donuts

Ok, this only works when you have lots of rubbish. Click homer or lisa and tell them to clean up springfield then lots of times. Sometimes you might get lucky and find some donuts. I did this lots of times.

blah blah blah, May 1, 2013

How to get money without cheats

Cheats backfire some way or another, it can stop you buying stuff, won''t let you level up etc. I have read lots of questions about problems which I personally believe is the result of a past cheat so here is a good way to get money that the game allows: With all your characters, before you go to bed, make them do 8hr and 12hr activities so when you wake up, all your people will be done or close to done so you can collect your money. Now before you get ready for work/school, re-set the tasks so once work/school is done, you have even more money and you didn''t have the tedious wait or spend donuts to hurry it! Note: This may not work on later versions!

Mydogs00, Jun 3, 2013

Spending Donuts Confirmation?

Did you know you can turn on a confirmation pop-up every time you click to spend donuts? So now you can avoid accidentally hitting the donut button to speed up a job! Total life saver, too bad I didn't discover this earlier but hope it helps others!

How to do it: Hit the building button (saw and hammer in bottom right corner). In the pop-up screen, hit the "i" for information and at the bottom you'll see the option to turn on or off the confirm donut spend option. Cowabunga!

straypanda89, May 20, 2013

How to get a Jackpot

Tired being get only hundred moneys in scratch-r? Well you in luck reading this!

Firstly make...
Homer lounge in the pool
Lisa play with her saxophone
Ned take emergency bible study
Squeaky teen voice advertise burger
Willie rake the leaves
Duffman party down at brewery
Mr burns walk with the hound
Krusty walk mr teeny
Apu take a relax at brown house
Milhouse fly the model perfectly level

Try this and when you scratch you got three axes and won 10000 moneys.

matt9923, Jul 20, 2015

Some Tips and Hints

There are a lot of cheats and tricks in tapped out. Some are:

  • You add a lot of brown ( or any other color house) to give you a lot of money at once.
  • I never tried this yet but I think it works. So give all your characters a 24 hour job. Exit the app and go to to your settings. Go to the clock and turn the time forward two days. Go back to tapped out and all your characters should be done!!! Also it helps you level up and get dounuts.
  • Eevery night before you turn off yor phone make all your characters do a 8 hour job so when you wake up in the morning you get lots of money.
  • If you purchase a piece of land near the mountains one has a burning bush so you get a free thing that is actually worth 20 dounuts.
  • Lastly my biggest advice is not to listen to many YouTube videos that tell you things that you have to buy with dounuts to get unlimited dounuts. Chances are the cheat won't work and you will lose dounuts. Also never buy homer Buddhas to try to make dounuts you usually never get the dounuts and get something useless.

Jeb22, Jun 20, 2013

Save Donuts! Only works if you open a new account

This only works if you open a new account and start from level one. (You can still keep your old account-if you have one) Just don't spend any of the donuts you get e.g. don't waste two donuts speed up the building of the kwik-i-mart even though the computer tells you to. There's only one exception, buy the mystery box for six donuts because when you buy it for the first time you get ten donuts.

DonutDog, Jul 26, 2013

New scratcher ticket

Well once you have got a scratcher you only scratch out one box to see what you have got if you don't like what you have press the home button then double tap the home button and hold the simpsons app and press the minous button and then go back into the simpsons game and then when you get back on you will have a brand new scratcher.

Warlock666, Aug 9, 2013

Money from sideshow bob

It doesn't make much in the way of money or xp but if u go to other Springfield in friends menu catch sideshow Bob get ur cash go out and bk in again and he will b at the same bit (ideal if u have time and a lot of patience)

dougie, Sep 22, 2013

Haloween community gifts

Hey on the simpsons haloween update 2013 there is a trophy which tells you the gifts that you can get by collecting goo and when you click on it there are the gifts that you get and the community gifts. If you keep clicking the community button the goo rate goes faster FOR EVERYONE! So it is easier for everyone to get the community gifts. Your welcome. Ps my account name is : balipranav add me if you want to I'm am online everyday.

Pranav, Oct 13, 2013

Jebediah Statue

When homer is free (which means not on a mission) click on him a lot of times then you will get the jebediah statue (and when you click on him and all of the adventures pop up keep it there it will help and when you tap on him he will start to laugh ) :)

sunshineandrain, Jan 17, 2014

Want to have a character doing a different job?

Have you ever gave a character a job then forgot and had to do the other job by waiting? Well what you do is whatever building it's in or buildng it comes from put it in your iventory then put it where you want and the character will be by the building and this always works Note: doesn't work on homer and lisa unless they're in another building if in their house it doesn't work.

Tappedoutlad, Apr 20, 2014

Find Sideshow Bob in Friend's Town Every Time

When you enter a Friend's town, and are alerted that Sideshow Bob is somewhere in that town, don't look for him. This can take way too long. Instead travel to the next town, or the town before and return to the original town with Sideshow Bob in it. The screen will instantly be locked onto him every time.

Romereau, May 15, 2014

Character guide for parchments

  • Criminals - Fat Tony, Legs, Louie, Herman, Snake, Quimby
  • Glutton - Barney, Homer, CB Guy, Wiggum Quimby
  • Saint - Maude, Rod, Todd, Ned, Lovejoy, Father Sean
  • Dimwit - Duffman, Otto, Dr.Nick, Barney, Ralph, Lenny, Abe, Wiggum, Chester, Homer, Cletus, Wolfcastle, Sea Captain.
  • Celebrity - Duffman, Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Dr.Nick, Sideshow Mel, Miss Springfield, Booberella, Arnie Pye, Tatum, Lincoln, Wolfcastle
  • Entrepreneurs - Fat Tony, Lugash, Rich Texan, Tribe Cheif, Herman, Apu, Moe, Burns, CB Guy, Luigi.
  • High Roller - Hank Scorpio, Brockman, Fat Tony, Rich Texan, Mr. Costington, Bernice, Burns, Quimby, Wolfcastle.
  • Civil Servants - Selma, Patty, Judge Snyder, Eddie, Lou, Rex, Lincoln, Wiggum, Quimby
  • Senior - Moleman, Burns, Brockman, Ned, Tom O'Flannigan, Abe, Suzanne The Witch, Chalmers, Judge Snyder, Agnes, Jasper.
  • Kook - Krusty, Moleman, Otto, Rodd, Todd, Willie, Kang, Disco Stu, Crazy Cat Lady, Bumblebee Man, Herman, Apu, Ralph, Brandine, Cletus, Yes Guy, Hugs, Kodos, Sea Captain, Sharry Bobbins, Professor Frink.
  • Youngster - Squeaky Teen, Sherri&Terri, Martin, Bart, Kearney, Lisa, Ralph, Milhouse, Shauna, Dolph, Rodd, Todd, Jimbo.
  • Pessimist - Mrs. Krabappel, Patty, CB Guy, Lovejoy, Selma, Abe, Jasper, Willie, Hugs, Agnes, Dolph, Moe, Arnie Pye.
  • Brainiac - Hank Scorpio, Martin, Dr.Hibbert, Sideshow Mel, Crazy Cat Lady, Lisa, Skinner, Professor Frink, CB Guy.

There ya go! All the groups and who is in which group. I know its kinda late but I figured I'd post it up here. Lol

Srtachristy, Jun 23, 2014

Try Again on Scratch-R

You do not have to wait another 6 hours to try again if you use this trick on scratch-R
Now first get onto the scratch ticket but do NOT scratch the whole thing so it makes a big flash confirming everything. Just scratch a line through the middle or make a dot in each of the squares. You should tell what you got. If youre not happy with what you have, press the home button. Go back to the app and it should restart to the title screen. When it fully loads it should allow you to try again! For me it usually does the same thing everytime but oh well :)

sweetlollipop12, Jun 26, 2014

Tips to the Start of a Strong Springfield

If youre a motivated player who comits to getting a successful town but always ends up messing up on these type of games you might want to try these tips. This will help you grow a strong and amazing Springfield :D

Starting Off:
When you start the game you might want to make an origin account before you start if you dont have a Facebook. Thats a mistake I made. The account will help you make neighbors/friends if you don't have a Facebook. I keep worrying I might lose stuff if I make an account and I have to waste donuts on the tasks that asks me to add friends. You dont want that.In any game like this always follow the tutorial and do not waste your money if its not necessary. If you do, you'll end up with a bad amount of money loss :( thats happened to me in several other games.

Throughout the Game:
Play daily and recieve all your profit from the day. ( that doesnt mean play for 5 straight hours lol )
Get the Scratch-R and check in on all your tasks to catch up. If some of the characters have nothing to do, make them do a random task (just from their task menu). It gains more XP and money for you! Every now and then spend your money on decorations, plants etc. to increase your town's rating. Visit your neighbor's town often to get the FP, XP, and money.

Theres a lot more tips for me to give to you but these are the basics :D

sweetlollipop12, Jun 26, 2014

Secret Free Burning Bushes

Burning bushes can now be found free! You can find them in a land expansion. I don't have them but I saw then in a nearby land expansion. I don't know how many even come in the whole package. Probably one or two. Anyway, all you need to do is wait a teensy bit until you've reached that land expansion. Just first search where it is so you can set a goal to approach that area. :) ( I'm super close to getting them ) If you're ok with spending 20 donuts you don't have to spend the money but I'm sure most of you are searching for those bushes :D

sweetlollipop12, Jun 26, 2014

Catch sideshow bob

I think this only works with neighbors but i never tried so you can try it with your own springfield if u want. When you enter a neighbors town and it says sideshow bob is there, go to another neighbor then go right back to that same town with sideshow bob in it. The screen should automatically zoom up on sideshow bob and u can catch him easily.

Sweetlollipop, Aug 24, 2014

Skip krustyland tasks! only works for quest 9

When you get krustyland you get quests almost automatically. Save the tickets til you get 250 go on change land ( the cross arrows) then land expansion when you get quest 9 the quest is already done!

SuperAwesomeA55, Feb 27, 2015

Collect 5 actions at friends Springfield

When you go to collect your 3 actions tap two non-spray paint buildings then find two spray paint buildings close enough to see on one screen tap the first one and while its doing the spray paint animation the spray paint bottle above the othe building doesn't disapear like everything else click it quickly before the other animation finishes. If you did it write you got four actions instead of three to get five you need sideshow bob and you click him for more money. If there's no spray paint buildings close or none available try another friend.

44xcgrs, Apr 5, 2015

Sideshow Bob Trick

When Sideshow Bob is spotted in your area, go to edit town and then make everything transparent and then you can see him through buildings and decorations. Hope you like this little trick. More will be uploaded soon, thanks.

RyCali, Apr 12, 2015

What to do if you accidentally set a task!

Let's say that you accidentally make Marge shop at the Quick-E-Mart, or made Moe water down beer. This takes a while for the characters to finish, unless you spend doughnuts. But you don't want to spend doughnuts, so here's what you do:

  • Select the place where the character is doing their task at.(Or the bench or hedge they are using for the task.)
  • Store the building or decoration.(Cheat doesn't work if not able to store.)
  • Then, the character should be free and walking around in the street again. :)

Please note: This doesn't work on the Simpson house, because you can't store it. Sorry guys, but if Lisa is stuck doing next weeks homework, you've got to wait, or spend doughnuts if you have any. :(

TheMasterCheate, Mar 2, 2017

Flying Dutchman Hidden message

If you take Flying Dutchman restaurant from the squidport and try to place it on land you'll get a hidden message. Move the building over somewhere in your Springfield it will be read press the tick and the message should come up.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

Krustyland only hidden message

To get this hidden message what you have to do is make sure you have an item in your inventory box which says krustyland only. In Springfield open your inventory box find a krustyland only item. Click on the word krustyland only and a hidden message will come up.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

Springfield only hidden message

Make sure you have a Springfield only item in your inventory box go to krustyland open your inventory box go to a Springfield only item - click on the word Springfield only and you get a hidden message.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

How to get Paris Texan

Go to Red blazer reality clicking on this building shows you the list of items you can get for
Real estate points. Billionaire's Haven is the last on the list once you have this item Paris Texan will be unlocked.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

Fleet-A-Pita Van

Fleet-A-Pita Van you must have Luann Van Houten to unlock the van.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

Moving krustyland bus stop

If you get your krustyland to five stars your bus stop will Change how it looks to removing krustyland bus stop it has a face on it it's goes up and down.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

How to get Spuckler Children

If u have Brandine there is a task you can make her do to have a baby it takes a large amount of days and you'll get one child. You have to do it three times to get all.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

Stonecutters Homer secret message

Select stonecutter Homer select the task sing the stonecutters song. Once Homer is at the stonecutters table tap Homer to bring up the bar which shows how long he's got. Then tap Homer 10 times or more and a secret message should come up.

Dan23, Feb 22, 2018

Easter Eggs

Funny Easter Egg

Hi guys! To get 10 free doughnuts and the Jebedia Springfield Statue, tap Homer. Once you are at his list-thing tap 10 more times and he will also say something funny.

Game Freak, Oct 22, 2012


Extra scratch-r

First go into tapped out and go to the quick-e mart click on the scratch-r and when ure in slide across and see what u have got if u get a low price go out of the game and close the app down then u go back into the app and ure still in the scratch-r

Guest, Sep 30, 2013

Redo scratch ticket

All you gotta do is scratch the middle of the scratchy and itchy card (But not to much), Then if it's not what you want then exit out of the game(don't log out), Last go back to your game, and you'll see your scratchy and itchy card unscratch (Rescratch it again but if it's not the one you want then exit out again), Last scratch tell it is the $10000 dollars then do what ever you may like. P.S. keep doing it until they figure out that this happens.

Seuendar000283, Jan 5, 2014

Springfield down super money glitch 2014

If you win the springfield down dont tap/click the collect button press the home button on your phone or i pad do it multiple time and it will add cash and xp

mysterio, May 14, 2014

Free flaming bush when starter

If you havent bought the flaming bush for 20 dounuts, dont. You cna get 3 really fast and without buying many land expansions. Ok, so what you do is go and use the move button (the four yellow arrows), and then press the store all button (the bomb that exploded button) and it will ask you about 5 times if you are sure. Press yes and then go to the move button, go to inventory button (the cardboard box) and you will see 3 flaming bushes along with your items. NOTE: if you have many houses, decorations, ect, remember where they are because when you store all you will need to place them again

FROST_SHOT11, Sep 1, 2014

Extra money at writer's building!

Other cheats on here did not work for me, except for tapping Homer 10 times, I think that's built in to the game though. When I logged on this morning, I collected the taxes and set new jobs etc. an hour later, I went back in and I noticed the $ was above the writer's building. I thought I must have missed it because it is an 8 hour collection so I tapped and collected. Then I checked on my friends towns and came back... More $ over the writer's building! I can do this over and over... Must be a glitch? I wonder how long it will take for the game makers to fix it? Easy money and xp right now though if you have the writer's building! I just wish it was donuts!

Max's Mom, Dec 17, 2014

Skinner Just Teleported!

I was trying an experiment on Skinner. I put my Gazebo in a piece of land surrounded by rivers. Then, I sent Skinner to Attend Mensa Meeting. Skinner kept walking around the rivers (not on the rivers) in a circle. Then, I saw Skinner's image flickering and then I saw him begin to flicker in front of the Gazebo. Then he went in the Gazebo! Dude, Principal Skinner just teleported! NOTE: This may not work on all devices.

Skinnerdidwhat3, Jan 31, 2015
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