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This page contains Cheats for Hay Day organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Simulation" as genre, made by Supercell, released on Jun 21, 2012. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Hay Day Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Publisher: Supercell
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Release: Jun 21, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set


How to get money VERY quickly

To get money extremely quickly in Hay Day, first, go hunting through your newspaper, and other people's newspapers, for construction equipment and saws, dynamite, and other goods selling in buld (I.E. 5 for 400 or something). Buy them all. Then, turn around and sell them individually for between 180 and 220 coins apiece, and put an advertisement on the very last one you list, so that when people go to the store, they will see all of them.

aventador, Jul 3, 2012

Getting lots of extra items, tape, and more

Go to a friends farm and click on the toolbox. Sometimes it locked just click out of it but the reload the friends farm and find and click on it again. You can do this over and over again. When you reach your max u will continue to get the same item you last received. Hope this helps..

Tqgrl78, Aug 7, 2012

Diamond Trade Swap

Look for a farm called 10=1 diamond run by kyleigh.. I'm not sure how it works but every 100 you spend you get 1 free diamond... I'm currently on 20 diamonds.

Mattyra, Sep 17, 2012

General Gameplay Tips

Watch this iphone video guide for some general gameplay tips and hints for Hay Day...

Ejma, Dec 7, 2012

Locate Wood Panels

These may be either based in the treasure chests or purchase them using your diamonds. A great place to locate them happens when you're havesting crops because they will just appear and get into your barn.

daemoncel, Dec 7, 2012

Fast XP

How to get fast XP:

  • If you are level 15 or up and you have apple trees make sure you pick the apples you will get 7 XP per apple.
  • Try and find apple avertisements in the paper, then visit the people that have apple avertisements then search their farm for shaking trees with exlemation marks on a sign, click on the sign and you get an XP reward.
  • Complete orders on the order board.
  • Visit other people's farm and look at their dock if it has a crate with an exilemation mark click it and take a look at the supplies you need to get an XP reward.

GuyInACostume, Jan 9, 2013

Easy Diamonds

First open your mine and employ TNT. It'll produce diamonds every few blasts. If you have enough diamonds, purchase Tom's service and also have him find only TNT and load up on it. Then blow the mine and employ just as much metal as possible, again more diamonds can come every few blasts. Sell what metal you cannot store. But make use of tom and obtain a lot of TNT.

MarcyOne, Jan 24, 2013

How to get free things from a treasure cheast

When everything on the game goes boring, wander around to peoples farm and look for treasure chests. Also go home and say if you wanted some tickets, look at how many tickets you have then go and look for treasure chests and you should get tickets on your 3rd or 4th treasure box... Hope it works!!!:P

TEFS, Jan 28, 2013

How to get diamonds for free

Near your newspaper sometimes is a purple ticket click on it wach this clip for like 30 seconds and when it has done press collect your diamonds and there you have It your 2 diamonds :)

Loo 2004, Feb 24, 2013

Double the coins and stars from boat orders

Once you level up to level 19 and unlock the boat,when you go to fill a box,hit the green check mark then the red cross (exit button) immediately after you hit the check mark, then you should see the ammount of stars and coins double! :)

HayHayDay100, Mar 20, 2013

Diamond from Newspapers

Focus on the purple tickets to get more diamonds in this game, they will appear near your newspaper. Simply watch the clip to get more diamonds. This is the easy way to get much more diamonds.

Lou Power, May 15, 2013

Diamond from Achievements

Another smart technique way to get more diamonds is to collect all seventy eight achievements (3 levels) Every time one of these levels is completed you're given a ribbon and a couple of diamonds. Through the same menu, you'll can also challenge Game Center friends by beating their scores or earn more achievements. Those challenges are sort of races where the first to complete that goal gets the reward. Note: you must claim the accomplishment reward in order to get it.

liljake, May 15, 2013

mystery boxes after level 11

If you ever see a mystery box don't click it wait for a long time then scan your farm most probably behind a tree for a fox do this again and again till you find one trap it with fences and trap it further like coat it with fences so it wont escape you may take the mystery boxes now but keep an eye on that FOX you may find more foxes try to trap them with the first one and make a bunch you will see that mystery boxes keep appearing more recently. Same with the frogs but they are very much harder and escape quickly so try the foxes if you want to get rid of foxes keep tapping them till there no longer out of sight and for frogs buy a pond and keep tapping the pond. Hope this helps to anyone!!!

Master cheater, May 31, 2013

Animal pen

You've constructed an animal pen in Hay Day? Animals will not magically appear in any pen you produce, rather you'll need to tap on the till icon, then drag the suitable animal into its real estate location. You'll have to feed it prior to it'll begin producing its own production when it's worked out into its brand-new house.

astroboyboy, Jul 4, 2013

Truck Orders

When it comes to preserving a stable flow of Coins in Hay Day, offering the production that you have actually so meticulously collected is vital. Watch out for individuals seeing the ranch personally to make necessary investments, and constantly make certain you're sending your distribution truck to meet orders. Use the order board to prepare out your farming concerns in the very early days.

aa22, Jul 4, 2013

How to get bolts, screws, tape and more really fast

Plant 17+ wheat and when it is ready to collect, collect all of it really fast and you will see that 1 screw,bold,tape or other building material be collected along with the wheat. When your silo gets full, make sure you have enough room in your silo to hold all the extra wheat or use it to make bread. I would say about 12 baskets in the roadside shop would work for 25 crops. You will notice more supply's in your barm and a lot more money very soon!

Hay day, Jul 14, 2013

Very quick way to get lots and lots of money

If you have a road side shop go to it and put realy good and expensive things EXCEPT the last slot. on your last slot put something that other players may not need or want and have EVERYTHING the highest price. Put an advertisement on the LAST slot when people see your advertisement in the paper they may want to see what you have. When they see your good stuff that they may need they will buy it. Sense your item that your advertising is not good you may have an advertisement in the paper for a long time people will cotinuesly buy stuff keep loading your roadside shop untill all your stuff that you dont need is gone then go harvest all your crops and get all your items from ovens and things like that try to reload your road side shop as much as you can. another tip unless you have a lot of tape and wood and things like that try not to advertise them i hope this helped!

Hay Day Expert, Jul 14, 2013

Fast money

You can buy or find it in boxes or earn them you buy bulk! Do you know what I am? I am screws, nails, wooden planks, etc you buy them bulk or earn them the. Se them one by one for 270 there you go you advertise it then you have money QUICK!!! No need for downloading stupid cheat apps for money just do that it's THAT EASY

Minibabe, Oct 10, 2013

How to know what items you'll need in the future

As you know, you have a delivery boy who tracks down items in exchange for diamonds, well did you know he gives you "hints" on items that will be needed for future shipments? (Bet you didn't.) Well, tap on him and select the button "No thanks." He then will say something like "Okay, if you change your mind tap on the box and we'll make a deal." He then will run across the road/lane to the field and lie down, above his head in little "dream bubble" he will daydream about certain item (s.)!

JordanTron25, Dec 16, 2013

A Friendly Barn Contents Tip

This is a tip for barn contents like tape, nail etc. First plant wheat everywhere in your farm. When you collect them it is a high chance to get a tape, wooden board, etc. Some people might say "Sell the wheat for a cheap price.". It would be better if you make them a simple bread. You will earn more money and you will get some contents. HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR HAY DAY!

Amethystemma, Feb 9, 2014

The "Cheap Farm" Trick

Go to the newspaper, and find someone who sells good items for cheap prices. Bookmark or "follow" their farm. Now, go back to their farm daily to get cheap items. If they start bringing up prices, follow a new cheap farm. Fill up your slots for more chances of cheap stuff! You can either use the items or sell them and make a profit!

HayRenee, Feb 15, 2014

How to have space in your barn

I found that after a certain level, say level 20, that you really don't need to keep sizing up your barn and silo... you'll notice that every time you level up it requires more bolts, screws ect. to build extra space. BUT in fact these items are causing you less space while they sit there as you try to collect enough to build. My theory and advice is don't worry about the barn and silo... sell the bolts, screws and panels for money and you will always have enough space. Granted I'm only on like level thirty but you can start building anytime you want...

helpinghand, Apr 25, 2014

More building materials

Step 1: Make sure you have at least 27 squares for crop growing.
Step 2: Make sure you have at least 5 wheat.
Step 3: Plant all your wheat.
Step 4: Harvest after 2 mins. Keep planting more wheat.

You will occasionally get materials using this easy method. Make sure you sell the wheat in your shop though!!!

Also look out for red boxes, they sometimes contain useful items.

Astrrrridr, May 26, 2014

Easy money with wheat

First thing you do is go and sell wheat, and drop the price to one by hitting the minus button next to the number until it goes down to one. Then sell it, without putting on an advertisement, by clicking the checkmark on the newspaper button. After you have sold it, put one below/above it, and beside it at zero. But the text font they use makes a 1 and 7 look a lot a like each other. So sell about five more 10 for $1 ones scattered around the shop, depending on how many slots you have, and then in the gaps that you haven't sold anything in, sell the rest for 7. But remember, sell one of the $1 with an ad. Because in the paper, it does look like a seven and not a one.

Datbuddergurl, Sep 11, 2014

Frogs gone, Fast and EASY!

Okay. Buy a pons, preferably a big pond. The ponds attract frogs, but the big one attracts them faster. After MOST of the frogs are in the pond, store it, and put it back out for the others to come in. The longer you keep it out, the more that can go in, but some that go in can go back out again. Once you store the pond, it makes the frogs vanish into NOTHING. POOF!

Datbuddergurl, Sep 11, 2014

Resist the temptation to buy all unlocked items

There is a big temptation to activate every single new building, area, animal pen etc. (and one to demolish every demolishable tree, stone or pond). However, you can never get rid of the first type again, and never truly restore the latter - e.g., winter snow will only fall on native trees, not on purchased ones.

There is some pressure to add new production buildings also because you will experience an initial wave of buyers. This May ebb off though, and some items may be easy to buy, at least for a while (used to be clothes). If you are pressed for space or money, it may be worth waiting out the initial rush and do some "market research" before dropping in another machine.

Ojiisan-no, Oct 8, 2014

Take it easy - pick your customers

Initially it's simple. You've got your road shop and the truck, and you build up funds and stocks by selling and planting.

After that comes the boat with its orders, and the town with demands, and filling all the orders can get stressful.

But - hey! (or: HAY!) - relax! You don't have to do this! It's a market place, and some customers are better than others. If they don't offer enough money, or ask for something you'd rather not sell: ignore them, or send them away! Wait for "double points" weekends on boat orders and truck, and don't bother with them at other times. Sell things to the neighbors that are cheap to produce on the side (e.g. pumpkins or lavender), but send them away with less convenient requests. Fill boat orders if you have the stocks or are confident, but send the boat off empty otherwise. All of them will be back with new requests anyway, which may be much easier for you to handle. Don't want to flog your last diamond to the guy in the gift shop cheaply? Well, don't! Send him away!

Ojiisan-no, Oct 8, 2014

Items and tape from friend farms

Push the toolbox from one of your buddy's farm. Occasionally it is locked but simply click it and then reload the buddy's farm. It is possible to do it over and over again. You are going to continue to get the exact same piece you received when you get to your maximum.

Wheeliegal92, Oct 2, 2015

Collecting Diamonds

Coins and diamonds are the two monies in Hay Day as well as the diamonds tend to be more precious than coins. You will get more Diamonds each time you level up, also it may be worth synching up the game with Facebook to get some additional Diamonds that are free. Once you have viewed a clip, you will find a way to maintain some of Diamonds that are free.

You can also obtain additional diamonds by accomplishments, for this you need to find all 78 (3 levels). Every time any of the levels is finished you are given several diamonds and a decoration. Through the exact same menu, you'll earn more accomplishments or can additionally challenge Game Center friends by defeating their scores. Keep in mind that if you finish an accomplishment reward, you have to claim it.

Kelvin, Oct 2, 2015

Say no to truck or boat orders

Truck and boat orders may seem fun, but they don't give you NEARLY what your items are worth, and you are much better off just by selling the items in the shop. The only time they give you what your items are worth is during a boat/truck special event where you get double coins. If you're in it for the XP, then go for it, but in my experience, it's better to wait and take your time leveling up, and save some money so that you won't have to worry when you want to buy something new. (Also, check for yourself! Take any item that is on your boat and act like you want to sell it for full price. Then check your boat to see how much they will give you for that same item.)

Moira, Feb 9, 2017

Fast Experience

1. Taking Care Of Pets. Eventually you will be able to buy pets. If you get a pet, if you take care of it regularly, you will get experience for helping it. The first pets that you are allowed to buy make easy experience, but not a lot.

2. Harvest From Trees and Bushes. At level 15, you unlock Apple Trees. When you get further into the levels, you unlock more fruit-producing trees, bushes, etc. Harvesting them gives experience, rather the Apple Trees give 7 xp an apple harvested.

3. Make Orders. You can make board orders from the start, but at level 17, you unlock boat orders. Boat orders are almost the exact same thing as board orders, but there's 1 whole list of things you'll need to send off your boat. There's also a time limit so it's harder to get your rewards. Plus, when you send off a boat, you'll get your rewards, which will give you experience.

4. Harvest crops. Harvesting crops can give you exp. You can plant all of your corn in your fields, and harvest it, then, if your silo is full, you can sell the corn, or make popcorn in your popcorn pot (If you have one). It's also an easy way to earn coins from the sell.

HayDayLover, Aug 17, 2017

Easy money with wheat!

If you are low level, you should try this. It is basically wheating, but different. What you do is:

  • 1. Grow wheat in all of your plots for crops and constantly collect it.
  • 2. Sell it in 10s for 10 coins, and have one or two at 1 coin.
  • 3. Advertise the 1 coin one.
  • 4. Go into the newspaper and look for people selling 10 wheat for 1 coin.
  • 5. Buy all the 1 coin wheat, and sell it at 10 coins

This will help you make money and level up at the same time! Hope I helped! Bai~

Meow:3, Dec 31, 2018

Easter Eggs

Chuck Norris Easter Egg

If you call the newspaper and then flips to the front page, then you can read an article about "Chick Norris"

Harvestmoongirl, Nov 22, 2015


Free Gold

First visit the roadshop and obtain a slot that is new. Subsequently on the one you purchased, sell 5 sections of wood and you are going to have 500,000 gold when anyone buys it. Keep in mind; this glitch only works once.

Overlord10, Oct 2, 2015


Game Center Achievements

To unlock the following Apple Game Center Achievements, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
#01 - Dream FarmInvest 100 coins in decorating your farm.
#02 - Dream Farm IIInvest 2,500 coins in decorating your farm
#03 - Dream Farm IIIInvest 50,000 coins in decorating your farm
#04 - Beep BeepComplete 20 truck deliveries
#05 - Beep Beep IIComplete 500 truck deliveries
#06 - Beep Beep IIIComplete 2,000 truck deliveries
#07 - Cha-Ching!Earn 200 coins by selling goods at your roadside shop
#08 - Cha-Ching! IIEarn 5000 coins by selling goods at your roadside shop
#09 - Cha-Ching! IIIEarn 25000 coins by selling goods at your roadside shop
#10 - PatronageSell goods to visiting customers 8 times
#100 - Happy Town VisitorsServe 10 of visitors in your Town
#101 - Happy Town Visitors IIServe 100 of visitors in your Town
#102 - Happy Town Visitors IIIServe 2000 of visitors in your Town
#103 - Master of ServiceBuild 2 service buildings
#11 - Patronage IISell goods to visiting customers 200 times
#12 - Patronage IIISell goods to visiting customers 2500 times
#13 - Hyper HarvesterHarvest 50 fields in 10 minutes
#14 - Hyper Harvester IIHarvest 200 fields in 20 minutes
#15 - Hyper Harvester IIIHarvest 200 fields in 10 minutes
#16 - Turbo TruckerDeliver 10 truck orders in 30 minutes
#17 - Turbo Trucker IIDeliver 20 car orders in 30 minutes
#18 - Turbo Trucker IIIDeliver 30 car orders in 30 minutes
#19 - Hyper HerderCollect 30 animal products in 45 minutes
#20 - Hyper Herder IICollect 60 animal products in 45 minutes
#21 - Hyper Herder IIICollect 60 animal products in 30 minutes
#22 - Farm TycoonBuild 10 production buildings
#23 - Farm Tycoon IIBuild 15 production buildings
#24 - Farm Tycoon IIIBuild 20 production buildings
#25 - Citizen KanePlace an ad in the newspaper 5 times
#26 - Citizen Kane IIPlace an ad in the newspaper 100 times
#27 - Citizen Kane IIIPlace an ad in the newspaper 2000 times
#28 - EggheadCollect 12 eggs
#29 - Egghead IICollect 600 eggs
#30 - Egghead IIICollect 3600 eggs
#31 - Got Milk?Collect 6 jugs of milk
#32 - Got Milk? IICollect 500 jugs of milk
#33 - Got Milk? IIICollect 2150 jugs of milk
#34 - BaconatorCollect 10 strips of bacon
#35 - Baconator IICollect 200 strips of bacon
#36 - Baconator IIICollect 1500 strips of bacon
#37 - Sheep ShearerCollect 20 wool
#38 - Sheep Shearer IICollect 300 wool
#39 - Sheep Shearer IIICollect 1800 wool
#40 - StevedoreEarn 1000 coins from loading the River Boat
#41 - Stevedore IIEarn 5000 coins from loading the River Boat
#42 - Stevedore IIIEarn 25000 coins from loading the River Boat
#43 - CaptainCompletely load 2 consecutive River Boats
#44 - Captain IICompletely load 6 consecutive River Boats
#45 - Captain IIICompletely load 12 consecutive River Boats
#46 - Goat GoaderCollect 20 goat milk
#47 - Goat Goader IICollect 300 goat milk
#48 - Goat Goader IIICollect 1800 goat milk
#49 - Fruit FarmerPick 12 fruits
#50 - Fruit Farmer IIPick 600 fruits
#51 - Fruit Farmer IIIPick 3600 fruits
#52 - Berry PickerPick 10 berries
#53 - Berry Picker IIPick 200 berries
#54 - Berry Picker IIIPick 2150 berries
#55 - Green ThumbRevive 20 fruit trees or berry bushes
#56 - Green Thumb IIRevive 500 fruit trees or berry bushes
#57 - Green Thumb IIIRevive 2000 fruit trees or berry bushes
#58 - Gold MinerExcavate 5 gold ore
#59 - Gold Miner IIExcavate 100 gold ore
#60 - Gold Miner IIIExcavate 2000 gold ore
#61 - Helter SmelterProduce 8 bars of precious metals
#62 - Helter Smelter IIProduce 400 bars of precious metals
#63 - Helter Smelter IIIProduce 3800 bars of precious metals
#64 - Best FriendsBuy 2 pets
#65 - Best Friends IIBuy 4 pets
#66 - Best Friends IIIBuy 6 pets
#67 - Tasty TreatsFeed your pets 10 times
#68 - Tasty Treats IIFeed your pets 400 times
#69 - Tasty Treats IIIFeed your pets 3800 times
#70 - Co-opFill 10 crates for other players' boat orders
#71 - Co-op IIFill 75 crates for other players' boat orders
#72 - Co-op IIIFill 500 crates for other players' boat orders
#73 - Land OwnerExpand your farm 3 times
#74 - Land Owner IIExpand your farm 7 times
#75 - Land Owner IIIExpand your farm 17 times
#76 - High RollerSpin the wheel of fortune 7 days in a row
#77 - High Roller IISpin the wheel of fortune 14 days in a row
#78 - High Roller IIISpin the wheel of fortune 28 days in a row
#79 - Boat Score HunterAchieve 400 boat leaderboard points
#80 - Boat Score Hunter IIAchieve 5000 boat leaderboard points
#81 - Boat Score Hunter IIIAchieve 15000 boat leaderboard points
#82 - Sports FisherFish a total of 5 fish
#83 - Sports Fisher IIFish a total of 150 fish
#84 - Sports Fisher IIIFish a total of 1000 fish
#85 - Big Game FisherCatch a total weight of 30
#86 - Big Game Fisher IICatch a total weight of 900
#87 - Big Game Fisher IIICatch a total weight of 6000
#88 - Fish FarmerExpand the fishing area 2 times
#89 - Fish Farmer IIExpand the fishing area 4 times
#90 - Fish Farmer IIIExpand the fishing area 6 times
#91 - Fisherman's friendFish every day for 7 days in a row
#92 - Fisherman's friend IIFish every day for 14 days in a row
#93 - Fisherman's friend IIIFish every day for 28 days in a row
#94 - Lobster GourmandHarvest 5 lobster tails
#95 - Lobster Gourmand IIHarvest 50 lobster tails
#96 - Lobster Gourmand IIIHarvest 500 lobster tails
#97 - Pool PartyHave 2 lobsters in the pool at the same time
#98 - Pool Party IIHave 4 lobsters in the pool at the same time
#99 - Pool Party IIIHave 6 lobsters in the pool at the same time

Grimblobby, Dec 7, 2018
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