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This page contains Cheats for Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Simulation Virtual" as genre, made by Last Day Of Work, released on Dec 6, 2012. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Last Day Of Work
  • Publisher: Last Day Of Work
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Dec 6, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set


To unlock the following Apple Game Center Achievements, complete the following tasks: »»

From: Kaljaa


Ok there are 4 possible things that may occur. They are a leaking kitchen/bathroom sink, a stove that is on fire, ants in your kitchen that keep coming and going, and a clogged shower. I know how to f »»

From: Monkey lover!!

There are 4 things that can go wrong. They are- - Fires (oven and dryer) - Leaks (sinks) - Clogged stuff (toilet and shower) - Ants (kitchen) Here's how to fix them... Fires- 1) bring your person to t »»

From: Helpful corgi

Hey guys! This is a guide to most of the goals on VF2. In guide 1, you see the first 14 goals in the goals screen. More guides coming soon! Getting Paid- 100 coins. Make your peeps work, sell collecta »»

From: Cprgi luver

This is a tribute to every one who like my last hint: 'use the red glove well.' Enjoy!! :) Get twins and triplets: to get twins and triplets, have two people who really want children and while their t »»

From: Mydogs09

So if you are running low on coins and you are scared about changing the date then here is a quick and easy tip. all you do is wait until you have a collectible you already have and make sure you have »»

From: debbie

So everyone knows that (no offense vf2 people) that you virtual family is SO SLOW. So here's some easy tips so you can speed things up a bit. Garbage- When you put a peep on the can, wait till the bag »»

From: Corgi luver

How to put out oven on fire? well go to the workshop and drag your character on the fire estinguisher well it is same as the dryer. How to fix the leaky sink? well simply drag your character onto the »»

From: vf2helps

Hi everyone, just something you should know. I'm not sure if you have noticed but when you adopt someone new, pick the person that has about $15 starting salary. They end up with $610 At the when they »»

From: Mojo

So illness's spread like wildfire, exspecially in VF/VF2. This is what I do to stop it! Ok I have two bedrooms and many beds and one bedroom is put aside for sick people they have 2 kid beds and 1 adu »»

From: Guest

So you want to carry on the Virtual Family name, you want to have a baby, well if you just started a marriage this be easy. Start by dragging a person to a bed, wait till' you see action " Making »»

From: silverkey23

Don't scold your kids, or that could lead to depression, which is hard to overcome. Instead, create a play room even if you only have a few toys (I recommend placing it on one of the front patio rooms »»

From: TheGeek

Your kids will love toys, and they are really useful for stimulating them, keeping them out of trouble, and finding their likes and dislikes. Try and have at least one toy per kid and a designated are »»

From: TheGeek

When you have one person living by themselves, they will receive match making emails on their computer. Before reading the email, make sure you know your person's job, likes and dislikes, kid feelings »»

From: TheGeek

This chart is to curb your children from choosing to do naughty things like jump on the bed, dig holes to China, and so on. When they're just turned three, make them play with their toys. Praise them »»

From: kidsaregreat

Hey guys, it's corgi luver! This cheat is about how to cure all the basic illnesses. It will be organized like so... (Illness in real life), (action), (movement (nm= no movement), (sound, if any (Ns= »»

From: Corgi luver

Hey guys its corgi luver again and I apologize for the long title! But I have been playing 2-3 hours of VF2 a day for a while, and I have figured out the easiest, cheapest, and most practical way of r »»

From: Corgi luver

Hi! This is my first tip post, and I hope it is put to good use. First of all, the goal in this tip, is money. Honestly, I like to have a certain amount of money at least in my bank, (A bit of an perf »»

From: HappyWorkaholic

You should choose a little person who is a soap inventor (690 master salary), carpenter, builder or wood sculpter! :) to advance them, just drag them over to there work area, praise them 3 times (they »»

From: Softball

If you get a notification that your fridge was unplugged all night and it asks you weather or not to throw out the food, throw it out. If your people eat the food they will get sick all the time and i »»

From: Schmabbs01

Hey you know that the game runs the same time like the real world right? And at night your people get too tired if you keep making them work and you get frustrated putting them in bed again and again. »»

From: Lenaroony

Some people might be worried about changing the time on the game incase their family suffer from depression or become extremely weak so here's an easy tip to help you out! As the game works in real ti »»

From: Nicki xx

Never scold your family. Instead drag them somewhere else. Make sure you have 1000 or more units of food at all times. Cure illneses as soon as possible. Praise your family every chance you get. Hire »»

From: Point

When they get underfoot (during meals) I discovered that you can place them in the wading pool and they can't get out, and also, on the left side of the screen, there is a bunch of pink/orange flowers »»

From: popa

Looking after kids is hard on this game as they get very weak very quickly if u leave them without food. ( always check your fridge ) do not fast forwards too much cause then they can get weak, very w »»

From: Virtualgamesrus

If you see a collectable in your yard drag your person to the collectable it will say either found a new collectable or selling collectable online and they will start walking to the house drag them an »»

From: Forever_gracie

Okay, this is the way to get a really good collection. Every time that you have an isola rain bottle in the flea market, buy it. During the time that it rains bugs and rare/uncommon collectibles appea »»

From: pathfinders

Okay, this will tell you how to achieve goals easily. Let's start with the goal "art". You can achieve this goal by getting a painting for your house. It says for the goal description," »»

From: pathfinders

Ok. I'm going to tell you a few things on what to do on Virtual Families 2. 1. You know how when your putting new furniture in the house, and your little people keep watching you and getting in your w »»

From: PeaCEfReAk

If u want to put out a fire, go to the workroom(the room at the front left of the house) there is a fire extinguisher there. put a man or woman. ive never tried woman, ive only tried man. try both. so »»

From: debbie

Well, u know how your little friend's status sometimes says "a bit sick"? And u keep moving them by the dirty sock pile to find out what sickness they have, but it doesn't work? Well I've fi »»

From: candystripes

If your pets are always in the way or you have too many of them, you can make them temporarily hide. They will, however, come back when you tap their food bowl. What you do is tap on each one about 3- »»

From: Biz

When your peoples action says "Trying to make a baby" press the green glove and give it to the man and woman once or twice. You will see sparkles and not a rainbow. If you only give it to on »»

From: Berny65

It's nice to go ahead in the time and date to get more cash but beware! Your family is sick and depressed AND you do not get new items from the flea market or the sale items furniture section....Also, »»

From: nickidee007

I love the Virtual Families Games (VF1/2) so I thought I'd share some tips for you :P CURING ILLNESSES AND MEDICINES NEEDED Sore throat, throat doesn't feel right, groaning noise - Throat Lozenges Sto »»

From: Riz x

Buy all the pets you can! do this because pets make your little people happy. they make them strong. I have like 5 or 6 and people are almost always happy or elated and never weak or depressed. I almo »»

From: heymrsmile

Here are some baby making tips. HOW TO GET TRIPLETS: Ok I know lots of people want triplets, here are some ways how: 1. Both of your people have to think at least would be nice on babies. They also ha »»

From: Awesome Sauce!!

Actually the things that may occur are as followed: Dryer Lint is Burning = drag one of the adults to the workshop as you will see something red under the bench at the top. That is the extinguisher. D »»

From: Chriz4061

OK so when your little person status reads Sending email to player It means they're going to send you a message. So when they sit on the chair next to the computer wait for 3 seconds then praise them »»

From: chatterbox

If you guys are having troubles making babies, here's a helpful tip/trick. Once your couple is married make sure they're healthy, fed, and happy. The meters don't have to be full; just make sure their »»


Baby making in Vfam 2 can be hard so I just put together a little collection of tips for making babies. 1: So many people think that when your people are making a baby you can only praise them once or »»

From: mimi123

Here's a tip, if you are adopting someone always choose someone who makes 15 dollars a day. Here's why. If you chose someone who made 90 dollars per day, they would end up getting around 190-400 dolla »»

From: Lalala

Have you noticed some dirt mounds in your yard? These are fossils, other collectibles. To take them you need an object that is sold in the flea market. Rockhound Certificate. This rare item enables th »»

From: Kitcat12

I noticed it takes a really long time to do tasks in this game and I feel like its in slow motion. I found that some of the tasks can be shortened. 1) When you drag your adoptee to a collectable, if y »»

From: KBrook1212

If you've been through a couple of generations you will notice that the options for the adults aren't that great (when one generation has kids and those kids grow up and it's time to choose which kid »»

From: KBrook1212

So we all no that putting away the groceries in vfamilies 2 is a pain! Just leave them there. When you're people go over there just pull them away or something. When you click on the fridge all the fo »»

From: Digi23

When people say drag either a man to a woman or a woman to a man it's not true. With all my generations I have found that if you want the best results for your new baby drag the woman to the man. Don' »»

From: Awesome

For most people, making lots of money and getting promotions is really hard. With this cheat, you can get promotions (make more money) really quickly. Drag your person to their working space (office, »»

From: Cheats.for.u.12

Okay so one day I was roaming a few different sites trying to find a fast way to make money. All I seen was "hacks" that you had to download and install and stuf blah blah. To make a long st »»

From: oxalley

Parents get 2 kids or more but try to get more than 1 and then do their career more than half of their time. Let them tickle their kids from time to time. Kids need to be scolded for jumping on the be »»

From: Kat

If you annoy the pets, they will run away and disappear in the shrubs. If you want them to appear again, click on the food bowls. »»

From: Kat

So when the two adults are trying to make a baby it may not always work, however to check, just praise them, if they don't jump and wave and there isn't a rainbow over their head then they're going to »»

From: Awesomesauce

This is rare but does happen sometimes. You may find that you have an orphan come to your doorstep. They can be any age. In my 7th generation three girls came to my door asking to live at my home. I t »»

From: princessellie

Everybody knows that virtual families takes ages. So here's some tips. When taking the trash out, grab your person when they are holding the bag. When your person picks a collectible up, grab them so »»

From: Gameexpert132

Hai! Emma And Bacon! I will show you how to keep your people happy or elated most of your and your peep's time! 1. Buy new items for your peeps every few days, even something that is 55 coins! 2. Try »»

From: Emma and Bacon

Coughing - Antititussive Syrup Throat - Throat Lozenge Headache/head hurts- Anti-infammatory Pill Hiccups - Give them a drink at the bathroom or kitchen sink Sneezing - Antihistamine Itchy - Cortizone »»

From: Wall_Flower

If you don't like your child and you think you have to keep them before they grow up! Well there's another way neve let your child eat any food or sleep or even play! And if you wonder what the child »»

From: CookieMonster!!

Drag your person to the work station depending on their career and praise him/her 10 times then your person will work even when your not on the game right now I have$ 20,000,000 and all my house is re »»

From: crazycookies375

I've read a lot about having twins. Well I just got 2 twin boys pop and hacker .. Lol what I did was (my couples are 40) they have 3 kids ( mariAna 17, pop hacker 1 ) what I did was I dragged the male »»

From: Vf lover

Bought the wrong medicine or perhaps got too much Free items and clutter?? Well, do not worry because I have just the thing! To find a way to get rid of wrong medicines that fill your tool tray, just »»

From: fruitypie2014

So today, I wanted to see if my people could still have babies after age 45. Both of the parents are 49 and already have 2 girls, one who's in college and the other who's 17. They ended up having TRIP »»

From: justme

Are you just dying to know what your adorable baby's gender is? Well, here's how you find out, go to the bottom of the screen, you should see an icon that says menu, click on it. Then you will see a b »»

From: candyland126

Righty ho... This cheat will show you some cool ways of making money Collectibles. Whenever collectibles appear in the yard be quick! They disappear after about 10 seconds I think. For more money put »»

From: Elvis!

Ok so no matter what job your people have this works for all. Drag your person to his/her career room and once they have gotten there and it says " working on carrer " praise them 3 times ( »»

From: Ducklyroo123

Okay, I've had lots of experience on Virtual Families 2 and I've come up with a list of things that are useless. Here we go: Yoga Equipment: it's just a decoration unfortunately. Too bad! Carousel: I »»

From: LordeLady17

1. The work that finishes a lot more faster and finishes more quicker when you work on your career is an Architect. My previous generations all worked in the kitchen but my woman married an Architect »»

From: Alexandra

First, I'll tell you about my virtual family. When I first adopted little Balolo, he got 3 marriage proposals. I rejected the first 2, but the moment I saw the third, Bijou, I knew they were a perfect »»

From: Kittykat216

When ever you put the two adults together and they start arguing or shaking their heads use the red glove twice on each person and try again. This usually takes two or three tries before they'll try t »»

From: Mistyfan

Whether you send the child off to boarding school or the child is with you to age 18 they go to college at age 18 and don't move back to the house until you've picked who we want to continue for the s »»

From: Mistyfan

So this cheat is for twins or triplets, it's random. You have to have two people that want kids "Definately" and give just one of them a baby boost. It also helps if they are both under the »»

From: Tessa22281

After trying to make a baby and the baby appears in the mother's arms, you can instantly find out the name, gender, likes, and dislikes. You just go into menu, then family. Find the generation you're »»

From: VFamPlayer

I've been hearing about people's children in VF2 going "devil"? As in eyes going red, black lips and hair. I don't know how true that is but here is some tips about have a good child. 1.) Do »»

From: Thevf2er

Here's a quick way to get rid of trash, or get double the amount of coins (more or less) while selling collectables. 1.) A fast way to get rid of trash would be dragging any little person (no gardener »»

From: Jen

Ok, so this 14 year old Jeb hates Amanda, she's four. In order, my kids are Bethica in college, left at 19, Jeb who's 14, Kristi who's 11, Amanda who's 4 and the baby still in mama's arms (I checked t »»

From: Secretlife

First, put you pet(s) in your furniture pull down (the thing at the top that your furniture origanaly comes in). Then, get a few pieces of furniture that you can re-bye easily or dont want anymore. Ne »»


I have seen the trick where if u drag one person onto a collectable and then quickly drag another person onto it, the 2nd person will pick up an extra of the same collectable and u will get double the »»

From: SweetJessie1987

Just so you don't waste your money, here are some tips. 1. Don't buy any weather in a bottle. It only lasts for like 5 mins. 2. Don't buy any imported candy. It's just a waste of 12-25 coins. 3. Don't »»

From: Macihodgie101

If your kids are getting on your nerves or something then drag them to their toys and their status should say "playing" your praise them 3 times and they will run away, drag them back to the »»

From: WaterLover1113

Take your little people and have a lot of fun with the game. There are some tricks and just things that I didn't figure out until late in the game that were a necessity and I was just to stupid to fig »»

From: Demented Donkey

Buy a hippo toy from the menu button then press store then press furniture then scroll Dow and press toys. You can actually buy whatever toy you want I'm just saying the hippo toy is the cheapest one. »»

From: Ino Yamanaka

Hi, as some of you may know I'm Awesome Sauce!! . I've decided to make these tip books to help people who may have questions/ concerns. My topic this month is young kids. Everyone has obviously had yo »»

From: Awesome Sauce!!

Ok this is just a discovery I made. If you have a cute couple to start with they will have some ugly babies. Turns out, the ugly the couples are the cuter your offspring will be! Also if you are havin »»

From: emzily234

Okay I've done this about 4 times on my children before and it works! As your child grows up always have he/she in the workshop, let them play in the workshop a lot. When your two adults die and you g »»

From: Sweggymeggy

You're happy when your virtual family is happy, right? Follow these tips to stay happy! Keep a large food stock! Now you don't have to worry about hunger in your family! Have children! The game is mor »»

From: The Lemur

Some people ask why they aren't finding a lot of collectibles in the backyard. I finally found the solution. Your little people's kids (or if you have none, your little person) have to spend lots of t »»

From: Ggirl123

If you have the little black kitten cat, drag it into the backyard near the apple tree. There if you keep on tapping on the cat it runs off into the bushes and you can't see it anymore. To get the cat »»

From: Monkey

What you do is tap or click your person and bring them anywhere and keeping doing it until it says waiting for someone then drag the girl or the guy to the person waiting for someone and then they can »»

From: Awesomeness

Hi! I'm here to guide you to a perfect life on Virtual Families 2 I hope you also enjoy playing it! ^O^ RockStarGal (thats me) and my friends tracked down some small tips, hints and cheats for you guy »»

From: RockStarGal

Hi I'm back! This month I will be doing twins/triplets. Thank you to everyone who commented on my input forum! Section 1: How to Get: Well, there are lots of opinions on how to get twins/triplets. One »»

From: Awesome Sauce!!

Many people probably know that regular groceries are less expensive, but aren't as healthy as the organics. This is completely wrong, but the effect is very minimal. I buy organics though, not because »»

From: vf2lover

When your peeps get hungry, just drop them on the counter. If you drop them on the table and there is no food, they will just shake their head, but put them on the counter and they will make a meal. I »»

From: Person

Hey peeps! This is the best way to play VFams 2. I know what I'm talking about because I've been playing ever since I was 8 and I'm 12 now so TRUST ME!!! MONEY Okay, this is easy. Just drag you person »»

From: HappyHappyHappy

If you find your people getting distracted with their job, this is the hint for you! Put a couch in the doorway of either the office or workroom (it doesn't work for kitchen) and ta-da! Your person ca »»

From: #awesome

Ok so I know everyone's really desperate to get babies or twins or triplets here is a few tips and tricks. 1) there's one trick that everyone says works but it doesn't they say once your couple says t »»

From: Flowergirl78

I have a trick I've been using for a lot of generations, so I suggest you might want to try it out too. But please be warned! Make all the kids you desire BEFORE you do this trick, for if you don't, t »»

From: YanYanJulie

Wondering what to do with your rooms? Here are some good ideas to make your house nice: West room: Family room: Couches, coffee table, hearth/ TV room: TV, Couches, coffee table/ girls' or boys' bedro »»

From: vf2lover

Use the day/night button and change it so it will always be daytime for your little people. They tend to have more energy in the day, and you will earn more money. Do not watch your people when they a »»

From: readthischeat

Right ok I have figured out how to earn money reasonably quickly... DO NOT USE THE TIME CHEAT - the concequences are worse than the money you get - you might not get marriage proposals, your people wi »»

From: Cheese chic

I am going to make a list so you guys can see what salaries turn out good and which don't. Lvl 1 - 15, Master - 690 Lvl 1 - 36, Master - 510 Lvl 1 - 45, Master - 210 or 270 Lvl 1 - 60, Master - 285 Lv »»

From: vf2lover

How to get children Put Mom and dad on top of each other. If they argue, just keep putting them on each other until the action is: Trying to make baby. (Sometimes it won't work though, and the mom/dad »»

From: person

First, drag female on the male, or vise versa. They will start walking to bedroom or couch. Pick up the man and drag him to his career spot (workshop, kitchen, or computer room) my male is a hacker, s »»

From: Taylor

I always found that my people got in the way when I was trying to arrange the furniture. So I figured out a way that works more effectively than just scolding them whenever they try. All you have to d »»

From: FluffyTurtle

Okay! So everything about the maid on here is pretty negative! The maid is totally worth it, I bought the maid services and my house is totally spotless! It takes a while to adjust and kick in. At fir »»

From: FluffyTurtle

Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell you some great ideas for rooms!! Oh yes, I have lots of them... Here are all my ideas: Toy Room: You will need some dolls and stuffed animals, toy assortment, dra »»

From: VirtualStar#1

Hi! I think I found I way to improve your chances of having a kid. Please note that this doesn't work all the time! This works best when the parents are just married. When it says 'Celebrating Marriag »»

From: FluffyTurtle

Hi! I'm here to tell you about the pros and cons of fast forwarding your time. I've done it myself many times, and have had to come over many problems. Ok, here gos! Pros: lots of money in minutes, qu »»

From: Evaneedstoknow

This is what I've noticed while playing : Health - Make them work out/when they work out praise them. Keep praising them a number of times even if they run away. Drag them back and make sure they are »»

From: vfplayer

Hey people! So some of you have been having many problems with the maid/gardener you have but here there is a variety of Q&A for you to know what you need to do. Q: How do I get a maid/gardener? A »»

From: Sp!ke

Have you got a person who is extremely weak? Are you worried about them? You should be! Being extremely weak can kill your little people, so here's how to turn it into just weak. Step 1. Make sure tha »»

From: TabithaFourpaws

Do you have lots of trouble making babies? I might know why and what you can do about it. The problem Chech your mum an dad's profile by clicking on them and then their picture at the bottom. If next »»

From: TabithaFourpaws

All those people telling you they know how to get triplets and twins are wrong. Everything takes it's own time. There is no telling when your little people are going to have triplets, or twins. On my »»

From: Kimono

Think triplets are hard to get? Think again! I tried this twice, and it worked for me both times. Follow the steps below. Try for a baby (drag man onto woman/woman onto man). If the bar says "The »»

From: random_person

I found a new trip that can help you choose a perfect child to inherit the house. I know this works on a iPhone, but I don't know about the iPod. When it is time for a new generation, I click new gene »»

From: Just a human

You guys may already know this, but if you have lots of kids already due to all the baby cheats on this page this might be helpful. Sometimes it may be very annoying to have the kids all over the plac »»

From: Chris

I've read this site through and through and what I realised was there was no help for people starting the game. On my first game my adults died and on my second I chose people who did not want childre »»

From: Starting tips

Hello other players :) I will share some wisdom with you about small children. You are probabl thinking why would i have any wisdom. Well think again :D first lemme tell you about Akhi. Depressed Chil »»

From: Heart

Hi it's Heart...again. Let me start with tips about depression Ways depression is caused. 1. Sometimes when you have a new baby your child gets jealous it's just natural. You are who you are. Some chi »»

From: Heart

So I've been asked if Children ever cone back from college and Yes, They do in fact! When children go off to college you have to take care of the parents until the die :( But don't worry! You can get »»

From: MonkeyAmmo

Here are some things you should not waste your money on in VF2 (but feel free to buy them for decor, if you want): Carousel; doesn't do anything X-( Credenzas (but you can use the COCKTAIL credenza, j »»

From: ThePinkPanther

So If You're A VF2 Fanatic Like Me Then You Probably Read Tips Daily, But Reading Every Tip Is Time Consuming, So I Gathered All My Favorite, And Probably Most Efcient Tips, And Roled Them All In One! »»

From: British Darling

First: click the decorate tab and place the animal(s) you want to sell in to it. Then: you'd want to situate your screen to view the selling gate and the reason you'd want to do this is because you ma »»

From: Catwoman8

Here are some tips for Virtual Families 2. These tips have really helped me, and I hope they help you too! :) Here are some things NOT to buy, for various reasons. Carousel: You shouldn't buy this, be »»

From: CutieBunny123

This isn't a cheat but people may want to know this stuff. These are the jobs that get 690 coins once mastered in alphabetical order BBQ Sauce Creator Chewing Gum Designer Jewellery Maker Online Store »»

From: Multikillgurl

Virtual families 2 is a very simple game if you just follow a few rules, and know a few tips and tricks! Basic Living - Never discipline your people for eating! - Always buy food. Keep your food level »»

From: Lovelygirl123

I used to think that the only way to make people hyper was the energy drinks. That is not true. I will tell you how to make your people hyper. When the peeps aren't tired they won't sleep, but they wi »»

From: Awesome_Person

If ants come in to the kitchen follow these steps: 1. Praise someone for stomping on ants (there is a goal for that) 2. Drag an adult or person 14 or older to the brown pot their action should be prep »»

From: Awesome_Person

Hi I'm Awesome_Person, I will tell you some awesome tips. Guide to the scolding glove Don't scold your people it can lead to depression Salty candy works great (imported and dirty candy make them sick »»

From: Awesome_Person

Most hints I have read on this site about pets say you cant sell them or throw them in the trash. Well you can't throw them in the trash but you can sell them. Pretty much you grab your pet and put th »»

From: Updated tips

Hey Guys...okay never thought this would work but it did and iv confirmed it for 4 of my generations. Firstly, both the man and woman must have only one like and no dislikes. Then drop the woman on to »»

From: Swancy

If you are on a later generation and bored, try making a mayhem home! Here's how: 1. Get an adult, but don't get married 2. Adopt 6 children 3. Buy a whole bunch off pets 4. Put random items all over »»

From: xLemur

When you get a new generation get a kid which has earns $105 if you don't have one close the game down completely then reopen it. The kids should have changed jobs and wanting to have kids. Next get t »»

From: chameleacorn

The following is the list of the highest paying jobs in VF2 ( i.e $690/day ) in alphabetic order: BBQ sauce creator Chewing gum designer Comic collector Cupcake designer Jewelry maker Online store ope »»

From: Labreena

I've been reading a lot of people not able to sell them but you can. Most items you just drag to the curb but not with pets, if you try they just walk back to the house. To sell them first click the d »»

From: Rebel649a

Hey guys! This is my first post here on Chapter Cheats. I hope you all enjoy! Ok, now here is how to be a successful family. Picking a child to adopt: You are gonna want to pick a person who definitel »»

From: AuggyTDoggy

I have been playing virtual families 2 for a long while now, and I have learnt many helpful tricks and tips, and now I will share them with you! 1. Time/Money trick Go to your devices settings and cha »»

From: Cherry10

We all understand- VF2 is a fun game but earning money, well, it's hard. Another thing that happens is you (finally) earn a good amount and it seems to disappear on things you regret (me, I adopt chil »»

From: SunDawnWhispers

Okay, many people are saying that changing the date on in settings is a bad idea. Well, I have been doing it for quite some time, and I am on the 6th generation with 240000+ money! Basically, this is »»

From: Princess~ :)

Quick warning... This is very long, so only read if your patient or really want to know xD As an experienced player, I know so well that the worst thing that can happen on VF2 is opening the game and »»

From: SunDawnWhispers

Every one now and then you'll get a creepy scenario like something scratching at your door or a clown. At first I was too scared to open the door, but I eventually worked the courage to open it. Turns »»

From: CyberCress

Yay! You've finally bought that beautiful new couch! You carefully drag it from your inventory and place it in your living room. It's facing the wrong way so you flip it around a few times. Then sudde »»

From: CyberCress

Purchasing Lotto Ticket is also one of the faster ways to get more money quickly (well, most of the time it depends on your luck though). If you need some more money then you can apply these tricks. 1 »»

From: Hyun

Tired of stray wrappers and socks?Have no money for a maid? Not anymore! The way to prevent dirt is to cut the roots of the problem! Just like "cause and effect" relationships lesson in the »»

From: Cheat hinter

Hi guys! So, for a long period of time, careers are extremely important to the game. Starting out, careers are confusing and misleading. Here are some tips to help everyone get a better income! Pt. 1: »»

From: Effie Trinket

Hello everybody, this is my first guide but I will be posting more in the future. In order to be succesful at Virtual Families 2 you need money, family, toys, food. Here are tips and other helpful thi »»

From: Haybales

So all of the kids in my family grew up to have poor paying careers, about 15-30 dollars a day. One time I had a family with six kids and I decided to experiment with three of them, and this one prove »»

From: CandySweeper101

This is part two of room decoration ideas. I decided to cut the parts in half because the first one was getting really long. (No dirty joke intended) In this I noted the exact furniture items in which »»

From: Mary

In this I noted the exact furniture items in which I included in my home. If you don't want to read about my exact house then I suggest not reading past this point. Table of contents I will be includi »»

From: Mary

So a lot of people submit cheats on how to save time, but this one never came up. I think it takes absolutely forever for people to put away groceries, and it wastes a lot of time. And you don't have »»

From: Poierya21

A lot of people struggle to keep their family happy and healthy, and a lot of happy and healthy families don't have much money. My family used to be like this, but I've discovered some tips that have »»

From: Cara Lee

Hey, and if you might want to know what some status effects mean, then read this! Happy - the default status. good job on keeping your family happy! Get when there is enough food and not neglected. El »»

From: Person (t2017p)

I've found a great new way to increase your family! If you are someone who wants a lot of kids and money then listen up, I've got a tip! Get the parents to create a baby, then while the mom is nursing »»

From: Mia12


Hi guys. I've been playing this game at least 10 times a day and am up to the 5th generation. These are the glitches I've encountered so far. I'm surprised there have been so many glitches in the game »»

From: misspeg86

There are different ways and here are some for virtual families 2. There are also some baby cheats i've added down the bottom. Some of these cheats may also take a couple of tries to work and might no »»

From: Lollypops86286

To take the garbage out without having the person walking ALL THE WAY out to the bin outside, drag your little friend over to the garbage can in the kitchen, then once they have the rubbish bag in the »»

From: Maegan1231

When you see a collectible in the yard that you already have, put as many family members on it before the first one put gets up. Each family member you put on will have the same collectible. Each one »»

From: The expert

Okay, so instead of taking the bag of rubbish ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE, use this glitch to do it the lazy way. :3 First, drag your little friend to the trash can. When that black bag appears on them, selec »»

From: The Glitch Girl

So Today I bought my girl a BBQ and I set her Making a BBQ. I was bored so while she was getting the food from the fridge I moves the BBQ into the bedroom. She continued on to the now empty spot in th »»

From: PuppyLoverxx

Ok, I know that pretty much you all know the time glitch (fast forward the time a day or backwards a day) but I noticed with my friends games and mine that when you change the time back, so does the m »»

From: Mydogs00

This may not be super helpful, but I see lots of questions about glitches. So I've decided that I'd try to help. Here are some of the most common glitches I've seen in V.F 2 Flea Market- no new items »»

From: Corgi luver

This type of cheat is a glitch so basically when you find a collectable item in your garden instead of putting one family member on the item put two on so you will get double the price! And you will s »»

From: C&G

So there will always come a time when it's time to get a new generation as the parents have died. Your children will appear on the adoption certificate, along with all their stats - their age, their j »»

From: BabyDanosaur

Here's a cheat for how to make money easily! And trust me, it does work! I've done it so many times! :] Okay, so I've just started off with a new family, and I currently have one guy. He is a - Knife »»

From: JJ

Ok, these are some hints with glitches that may come your way or glitches that you want to do. More Coins Ok, I know that pretty much everyone wants to get free money on virtual families 2. Well, ther »»

From: teen titan

Careful, when they send you the match email, accepted cause if you dont it would last a long time to receive another one. I had this guy and they send me a match email and i didnt accepted. I kept pla »»

From: Virtual

Well I had just started a new generation, I had lots of money. I bought all organic food. After she put them all up I bought all regular groceries. I put the vegetables down first and two bags of orga »»

From: purple prodigy

If you have a pet dog in virtual families 2 and a kiddie pool, put the dog in the pool and tap him until he is laying down. The Dog will try to run away but he will be stuck in the pool. This glitch i »»

From: keepin_ma_cool

When I was playing I kept on tapping the little people with the green glove while they were trying to make a baby. Then, she was holding 6 kids and the game froze. I then had 6 look alike kids running »»

From: Workvf2

Okay, I know that this glitch is already on here, but this is a bit different. It includes tips and tricks on how to prevent your family from becoming depressed, etc. So a lot of people have trouble w »»

From: Roseex

If one of your little has annoyed you, and the North room hasn't been fixed, here is a way to get payback! Drag your annoying person to the Large North room's south eastern wall. At first, they will s »»

From: Trap everyone

Basically, if you have a pool, drag your little person into it. You know when you Paris someone they jump up and down. And when they swim you can only see their head... praise them and nothing but the »»

From: sofunnyglitch

If you have/ getting a pool put one of or what ever family member in and praise it normally it will jump but instead you can just see a head jumping with a new body it always work. Another thing is if »»

From: lovebear123

Ok, I just found this crazily easy trick to get family members who died of old age back to life! The person I used on was my favorite family member, Zip. When he died, I didn't see Zip die, he lived f »»

From: Walkthrough

So, one thing that is a problem on the game is money. Well, my friend taught me this cheat. Take the man to wherever they work in the house. Praise them 10 times. You will notice that after 2 or 3 pra »»

From: Rockstar

This tip is extremely useful and also works to instantly get new iteams on sale. So to get stuff instantly from the flea market all you have to do is exit the game completely. And what I mean by that »»

From: Steph
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Bought acoustic guitar and it's stuck in a corner?

Why can't I move the guitar or get my little people to interact with it? It's just stuck in the corner between a couch and the kitchen counters a...

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Constantly exhausted?

Why are they always exhausted? I send them to her and they are always sleeping but I can't stop them from being exhausted. There are no energy dr...

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