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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Glu Games Inc.
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Jun 2, 2014
  • Platform: iPhone - iPad
  • ESRB: Not Set


General Gameplay Strategy

From: Redpanaa

  • Tip 1: If you wear't have enough star power yet to complete a mission, you can go make some money by working from the So Trendy outlet store. Work is basic: the longer the shift, the even more cheats cash you make and the even more experience points you gain.
  • Tip 2: New clothes items will certainly either contribute to your star power or to your love power. Star power will certainly assist you network with individuals who are on a greater list while Love power will certainly assist you be able to date those on greater lists.
  • Tip 3: Invest a K coin in a conversation with somebody to use your beauty power on them.
  • Tip 4: Pick up everything and anything that you see you never know when it will be needed.
  • Tip 5: Due to the fact that any individual of them could be the next individual that will certainly assist you get additionally in your profession, talk to everybody.

Mar 21, 2021

Working with others in a project

From: Tropicll

When you're doing a project, you get the option to call a friend or get a friend to help you. This is the blue bubble thing with a '+' icon in it. You can choose to get a game centre friend to help you or an in-game friend (that's why you should ALWAYS get peoples numbers even if they're E-star). If you only have one option of a person, choose that one (even an Elist is okay), but if you have the option of two always choose the one with the highest rating (e.g; if there's an A star and a c star, choose the Astar). If they're both the same it doesn't matter.

Once you've chosen the person, there should be a bubble very close to them (usually on their head) and it'll say something that you can do together (eg, 'strut the runway together') and do it if you have the energy (if not wait) and you should get about double the experience stars.

Jul 24, 2014

Remove Accessories from Contacts

From: Snowwika

Do some of your contacts have accessories that ruin their outfit? Maybe a pair of shutter shades or a necklace that doesn't match? Go to your contact list, scroll until you find them, and click the Gift button. This opens a wardrobe screen where you can buy new clothing for them. But, you can also unequip their accessories the same way you would unequip yours. It costs nothing, and the item stays in their wardrobe so if you decide later you want them to wear it again, you can put it back on them without purchasing it!

Aug 2, 2014

Extra time on events

From: Maddy

So I was using the time cheat trick to get more cheat energy, however it didn't work but what I did notice was that my 8 hour photo shoot had an extra hour on it (9 hours). Like the time trick, I went into settings and changed the time 2 hours behind then went into the app for 1 second then back into settings (do not close the kim k app) and changed it back to the right time then set it on automatic, then go back to the kim k app and if it didn't give you emergy then check the time on your event (photoshoot, date etc.) and there should be another hour or two.

Mar 21, 2021

Halloween Event Tips

From: Mari

  • The LA Halloween items refresh every 4 hours and may give you free candies.
  • Kim's house has 5 Halloween items you can tap.
  • The best place to recharge your energy without going from location to location is Las Vegas. It has 5 items to tap: 3 outside, the bottle next to the bartender in Chateau Nuit, and the wine bottle in Miraggio Grande.
  • You can throw parties to get candies as well. If you invite a contact and do "small talk," you receive 2 candies. The best place to throw one is Miami, where you can invite 4 contacts. Do "small talk," wait about an hour, and then do "small talk" again. That will get you 16 candies, and getting 5 stars at the party will give you an additional 15! (It might vary depending on your Halloween bonus.)

Oct 26, 2014

Helpful Game tips!

From: RocStar

Hi! Passing along some suggestions that will cost little real cash (not required tho) and get you tons of game cash, fans and quick energy refills. Obviously, these are useful only if you don't have the cheat for unlimited energy and money.

1. Free K coins and cash: Always click on free videos for K stars. Also go to the "other opportunity" section and select all the trailers to watch for 1 K coin each. Do this every day at different times of the day because they seem to offer them randomly. I average between 8-12 free K coins a day just from this. If it doesn't work the first time you tap "free coins", keep tapping 3 or 4 more times--sometimes an extra video pops up. Also go to the cash icon and watch the videos there. It adds up if you are broke. Try to avoid the contest or survey ones, they are time consuming and seem to be scams and phishing for personal info plus I've never gotten a K coin from doing them. Stick to the video trailers because each give 1 K coin. I have purchased a few Groupons and got 17 K coins each time tho (if you do this with Groupon just buy 1 thing--it doesn't give you extra K coins for multiple purchases in the same transaction so wait till the next day if you want to buy something else and you'll get 17 more K coins). The videos are less than a minute each.

2. Jet: Buy the personal jet. Yes it costs real $$$ (about 10$ For 105 K stars) but it's the best thing to buy if you want to build up cash and have a better chance of completing gigs with 5 stars. If you don't want to use real money, keep saving free K stars from watching trailers to get to 120--it will take a few weeks but it's the alternate if u don't do in-game purchases. If you buy the jet, you will never spend game cash for travel again so you can build savings plus you can travel the world and hit all the free spots to get energy, rep and cash. This will help you speed through and complete gigs earning 5 stars cheats and getting max $$$ and more fans. In my opinion, this is the only real money you need to spend if you don't want to wait on building K coins from watching videos. Travel to every place on the map for free and tap on all free spots to quickly replenish your energy and get money.

3. Car: Buy the car for $20,000 (or use K stars if you want). With the recent update, the car now is useful and allows you to travel throughout CA and NYC to get cash and energy at each free spot without paying bus fair. I found that by paying for the bus and airfare, I could barely save money. The car is a good investment to be able to build your bank.

4. Ingame players: Always hit the blue star "chat" icon above players head when in bars and restaurants. Also invite a player to your gig or photo shoot and tap the bubble to do an activity along with them. The rewards are extra blue stars and 1 energy in return. Don't waste 5 K coins on charming them --- I don't see an advantage unless you are anxious to get to A list faster. You eventually get rewards the more you chat or invite another game player. There's 4 levels of "Industry" at different spots in the game (250, 500, 750, 1000) and you get 5 points every time you chat with them that builds toward more rewards. Finishing a gig with one earns points the fastest. When you get to each Industry level, you'll get bonus energy, K coins, money and rep to level. It doesn't matter what level the other player is so chat with everyone to build toward rewards. I think this only apples to game generated players and not real friends.

5. House parties: Buy the Calabasas Mansion to host parties. This is a must to fly through weekend party events. You can invite 7 guests. This is the most guests you can invite out of all the homes. Try to select guests that are close to the 4 levels for Industry bonuses (250, 500, 750, 1000) and choose 8 hour parties for maximum purple star rewards. This is useful when the game has timed weekend party events to complete for free items because you can get many stars in a fairly short time. Once you invite your 7 guests, click on the "Small Talk" bubble above each guest. It costs 5 energy but you get 1 back plus you get a large purple star for 4 energy per guest. 28 energy bolts (used for chatting with 7 guests) and you are almost 1/2 way done with your party. If you wait an hour after starting the party, then the "Small Talk" bubble will reappear above all 7 guests again so you will 7 additional big purple stars getting a total of 14 large stars just from chatting with guests. Make sure to also tap the blue bubble chat star on the player to get 5 points toward Industry bonus.

8 hour party = Awarded up to 34 purple stars. (20 Purple stars if you complete it with 5 stars plus the 7 or 14 purple stars from "Small Talk" with guests)

3 hour party = Awarded up to 20 purple stars. (12 purple stars if you complete the party with 5 stars plus the 7 or 8 large purple stars from "small talk" with each guest).

* the award is for A list might be less for other levels but comparable.
Suggestion: once you use your 1st 28 energy chatting with 7 guests, wait the hour for "small talk" to reset making you chat with your guests twice and travel the world to refill your energy while you wait. You'll also need another 4 energy to get 5 stars so try to find it in the beginning since the energy amont changes during the party and you might get stuck having to use an 8 energy. Other than this, no need to tap on anything other than the guests plus a 4 energy icon unless you are in a rush.

6. Free energy and cash: There are 19 free spots in CA, 9 spots in NYC, 5 spots in Las Vegas, 5 in Miami, 3 spots in London, 3 spots in New Delhi and 3 spots in Paris. 2 spots in Florence, 2 in Sydney, 2 in Punta Mita, 2 in Dubai. That's 55 areas where you can fill up on energy and cash which is fairly quick and free if you have the car and jet. This is not including any pets you might have.

*As a side note--pets aren't necessary if you buy the jet. If you have only so many K coins, save them for the jet instead of pets because free travel to 55 places has better chances of dropping energy bolts than waiting the few hours for pets to recharge.

Hope these suggestions help!

Mar 21, 2021

House parties for events

From: RocStar

For future weekend house party events, here's a suggestion for getting it done quickly to get the free awards at the end (if you don't have the energy cheat):

  • Buy the Calabasas Mansion. It's the only house you can invite 7 guests and its the guests that will help you on this.
  • Start with full energy. Select 8 hour party and Invite 7 guests from your professional contacts.
  • Go to each guest and tap "Small talk" with each. It's 5 stars but you will get 1 energy and 1 large Purple Heart in return.
  • Tap on anything that requires 4 energy after you chat with guests. You'll be halfway through the challenge now and have used 32 energy bolts.
  • Wait 1 hour--during the hour, travel and tap all free spots to refill your energy.
  • After an hour, Return to Calabasas mansion and the "small talk" icon should reappear above each guest. This takes an hour to reset but you can take your time. You'll need 28 energy bolts to complete the 2nd part. Tap the "small talk" icon for all 7 guests. And you're done.

Bonus: always chat with professional contacts when they have a blue star in the chat bubble. Tap the star to get 5 points regardless of their level. These points will eventually win you bonus rewards like K coins, 5 free energy bolts and cash for 4 levels of "Industry" achievements at different spots (250, 500, 750, 1000 I think that's the level system).

Here's what you'll get with this method:
8 hr party = 34 purple stars (20 Purple stars + 14 purple stars from "small talk" (2x with 7 guests). Must allow an hour.
3 hr party = 21 purple stars (12 purple stars for getting 5 stars at completion+ 8 purple stars from "small talk"--- once with 7 guests/ twice with 1 guest). must allow 1 hour.

Both take an hour to reset the Small Talk icon but the 8 hour party lets you get 14 additional stars as long as you tap the small talk icon twice plus a 4 energy icon.

Nov 22, 2014

Getting energy: 3 ways to get energy

From: Pixel Gal

Getting energy can be kings of hard sometimes. Your will need energy to complete gigs, dates, and parties. Getting an energy can take 5 minutes. It takes forever, right?

You could travel to different places to earn energy. Try tapping firehidrents, signs, statues, or any other objects outside of buildings. If you are inside Kardash, tap on the mannequins and inside restaurants, tap on bottles. In holiday versions, those objects will be replaced by other items like a reef for Christmas or a pumpkin for Halloween.

Another way would be to pay. You don't need to pay in real cash. You can buy certain amounts of energy with (K)s. Buying energy with real money may be unreasonable, especially for just an app.

Lastly, completing certain tasks can earn you energy. Leveling up will get you full energy, completing goals will give you around 5 energy sometimes, and using energy can also give you money, XP, and energy if you are lucky cheater!

Mar 21, 2021

Secret places to get energy list (in California) part 1

From: EJM

List of places to click for extra energy (California)

  • Downtown LA: Bike, pigeon, cash register cat (if bought)
  • Beverly Hills: Hydrant, coffee sign, tree outside Kim's Mansion. In panino: Leftmost bottle
  • Hollywood: leftmost tree, Brew Palms sign, Hydrant. In Brew palms: leftmost bottle again.
  • Calabasas: hanging plants (both) flower pot outside Kardash. In Kardash: mannequin in white outfit.
  • LAX: Suitcase, cash register, pigeon. In airport: Suitcase

Extra hint: when energy/cash/level up points come out, click them straight away to decrease wait time for energy by 5 seconds. Happy collecting!

Jan 2, 2015

How to change your name

From: Neeha

Many people have been wondering how to change your name on the Kim K app...all you need to do is go to Maria's office and click on her speech bubble... She will ask if you want a name change... Warns you that changing your name Will mean losing 30% of your fan base...She gives you three choices do it anyway...spend 30 K stars and lose 0 fans or never mind...hope this helped!!

Jan 21, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

From: Soundslikeme

Okay so the "easter egg hunt" that is on the right side of your screen itls different from the "the big hunt" that Kris jenner invites you to. Hope that helped the confusion away.

Now, for the easter egg event that will be there for 2 days 10hr (from now) you need to throw house parties at any houses you like and that you own. I would suggest throw it at a big house where you can invite at least 4 people (I have a house at miami n malibu that let's me add 4 people ) this will help you get inter actions called "small talk " with each person you invited. Not only does this interaction give a lot of stars, it also gives you one assured egg and energy! My tips would be that u throw 3 hr parties because they are better for the following reasons:

  • They are easy n fast to complete compared to 8 hr parties
  • Even if you Only hit the small talk interaction with each guest twice you will complete the party in 1 hour ( given you energy was full when u started the party) and also get 8 extra eggs!
  • Completing 3 hr parties will give you 12 eggs while 8 hr parties give only 20 (I know it sucks, n I had to learn it the hard way :p)

Now you can throw max 3 hr parties in 2 days n 10 hrs ! Have fun ! Hope you all get all the event items!

Jun 26, 2015

Comeback Tips and Tricks

From: Oh-fee-lee-ah

I highly recommend you do the comeback. From personal experience, you do NOT restart anything in the game. You will get to keep everything you earned (spouse, clothes, money, goals, etc.) except for your fans. You will drop from your #1 spot to the E-list with 1 fan. You don't actually restart your game, just your fan count.

Getting to the A-list took me about a week and a half with constant gaming, but getting to #1 will take a LONG time since the fan count is in the hundred millions.

If you do the comeback, it also gives you bonus K-stars (I don't remember how much but at least 3) along with new quests, clothing items, and 3 bonus energy.

The quickest way to work your way to the top is to do house parties. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU BUY THE FOLLOWING:

  • Private jet
  • Calabasas house
  • Car

The private jet and car will help you travel from place to place to get more energy without wasting tons of money. If you can, buy the house after your fan count resets so then you can get more fans as buying houses give you fans.

The house is Calabasas holds 7 people so on a 37 energy max, you will waste around 31 energy. Parties are definitely the quickest way to go from the E-list to the A-list.

hope you got something useful out of this and good luck

x Ophelia (that's not my real name btw)

Feb 16, 2021

Quickest way to gain fans

From: Jay

The tip the guy above is not a bad tip becuz I use to do it. The only thing about that one is that if u are on your cell phone that u use everyday u would have to get use to not knowing the time but it not as bad if u do it on your tablet... but anyway the best tip yo gain alot of fans is to just throw parties at your home on there. I went from a D-list to B-list after about six 3 hour parties. I never did 8 hour parties but I'm pretty sure if u do that u can get way more fans. The last party I done a 3 hour party I received 1.3 million fans. U just have to keep doing it over and over and the quickest way to do it faster is to invite friends over and use the "small talk" action to get the most stars.

Apr 25, 2015

Earning money and fans - Jet + Car

From: KimKTravel

I just bought the private jet which I LOVE! It's expensive (120 K stars) but if you watch the videos every day you can get this in a couple weeks (That's how long it took me) The jet is cute because you can go inside it and have parties in it, as well as decorate it. Also it allows you to travel anywhere for FREE (except for places within California and NY) this allows you to travel the world for energy bolts whenever you are running low, and helps you save up money much much faster.

Once you have the jet, you will be able to save up enough cash to buy the car. This allows you to travel around California and New York for free as well as accompanying you wherever you go.

Both the jet and the car are totally worth it because as well as helping you save up they gain you fans and give you tons of either star or heart points for gigs and dates (the jet gave me 150 star points :). Have fun!

Jun 4, 2015

The big show quest the call back #1-#3

From: LcBabii89

Simon will give you a quest called "The Big Show" and you have to complete 3 fashion shows before "The Big Show" in Seville. You have 24 hours to complete these 3 fashion shows before the show in Seville, but don't worry each show only takes 1 hour. So it only takes 3 hours total. Once you get the quest "The Big Show" Simon will call you about a fashion show at Muse Magazine in Soho, NY. The quest will be titled "The Call Back#1". So if you are in California you need to fly to JFK and go to Soho. Once you complete the first fashion show he will call you for the next one, and then once you complete that one he will call you for the 3rd and final show before Seville. All 3 shows are at Muse Magazine. So it only takes about 3 hours total to complete these fashion shows before "The Big Show" in Seville. So don't stress.. 24 hours is more than enough time. I hope this was helpful! :)

Jun 19, 2015

Changing your name

From: Alex6656712

To change your characters name just go to Maria's office in Hollywood, talk to her, and she will ask you if you want a name change. I think that you loose fans if you do change your name though. I dont know if you need to be a certain level to do it, but I found out I could at level seven.

Jul 5, 2015

Energy Places in All Destinations (besides LAX)

From: Vickt

Here's a list of all the places energy is located throughout the game( besides the LAX stop ):

  • Miami: (seagull, motorcycle, fire hydrant, mannequin model inside Kardash, a bottle inside the Lif to the very right( click around inside for a bit))
  • Florence: (statue, group of cars)
  • Las Vegas: (garbage can, commercial screen, fire hydrant, bottle inside Chateau Nuit near bartender)
  • Malibu: (potted plant, surfboard, speed boat)
  • Sydney: (seagull, kangaroo sign)
  • JFK Airport: (suitcase inside airport)
  • ***Soho: skateboard, trash can, fire hydrant, model in Kardash, bottle inside Oak near server
  • ***Tribeca: pigeon, fire hydrant, trash collector
  • ***Hamptons: fire hydrant, bicycle, surfboard rack, teddy bear inside Kourtney's home, lemonade inside Swan
  • Puana Mita: (seagull, group of cocktails)
  • Paris: (potted plant, motorcycle, tree)
  • London: (pigeon, telephone booth, billiard balls)
  • Tokyo: (umbrella, lantern, bonsai tree)
  • Dubai: (potted plant, camel)
  • New Delhi: (cow statue, car, monkey)
  • Milan: (potted plant, bicycle, lamp post)
  • San Francisco: (cable car(in background when you first enter), bicycle, seagull)
  • New Jersey: (seagull, fire hydrant, beach ball)

Feel free to tell me if I'm missing a spot. Hope this helps some of you! Happy hunting for energy! And More Kim Kardashian: Hollywood cheats will be added soon!

Mar 21, 2021

Goldfish Table Hidden Rewards

From: Guest

I don't think any has mentioned this but if you buy the table with the goldfish on it in your deLUXE apartment in Downtown L.A you can tap the goldfish to get rewards just like the bird, newspaper dispenser and bicycle outside.

Aug 12, 2015

Leveling up fast cheats!

From: Marleerae

If you're an a lister and you want to level up quick to unlock more clothing and accessories ect... First try to memorize everyone's name on your contact list that you don't really use and that you run into a lot (in bars and restaurants) then delete them. Next go into a restaurant or bar or whatever and click on the person and instead of introducing yourself guess their name and if you guess right you will get people points in the amount of whatever level you are on.

Granted sometimes if you don't know who they are you might get their name wrong but just remember who they are and guess again. Next once these people are added to your contact list DELETE them and repeat the process over and over again...guess, delete, guess, delete, just make sure not to accidentally erase your boyfriend like I did... I was so mad I lost all of my dating progress... Anyways I was at level 15 and in 3 weeks I got to level 32! Oh and anytime you guys find a great glitch and want to keep it working just cancel your updates on the game, so that way it won't update and fix the "bugs"... Well hope this helps someone else out there I have been playing this game for 1 year and some change now... ;)

Mar 21, 2021
More Hints »


Get a ton of fans

From: KaylaKdashian

I think I've found a glitch that allows you to gain fans and move up the celebrity list. I had the game on my ipad but was going out and needed to finish a photo shoot so I downloaded the game onto my iphone and continued my game there. When I got home and opened up my ipad I was congratulated for moving from the D list to C list! I somehow gained a ton of fans. (If I remember correctly, I was only on level 8 still). So I closed the app and opened it again and I was congatulated for moving from C list to B list! Then I received a message asking whether I wanted to continue with this game or with the icloud game. If you're going to go ahead with the glitch then you would select "use this game." I think I chose to use the icloud game because what would be the fun then? So I had to delete the app on my ipad and reinstall it so the correct (D list) game could load from what I had going on in my iphone. It happened again today so I'm curious as to whether this would happen to someone else. You would probably need two Apple devices with icloud turned on to save the game's data.

Aug 1, 2014

Quickest way to gain lots of fans

From: MissPinkLeopard

If you want to quickly gain lots of fans this is how to do it. If you were on the game close it by double tapping and swiping the app if you're on ios or for most android devices tap go to the recent apps and swipe the app away. Go to your phone/tablets date and time setting and change the date to a month behind. Leave the settings and open up the game. As soon as it says "loading" as fast as you can go back to the date and time settings but don't close the game just tap the home button and go to the settings. If you're on android a quicker way is to just quickly swipe the notification shade down and tap on the time, this will send you to the date and time settings much fatser. Tap on "set automatic" or "automatic time and date" or just change the date to how it was before. Go back into the game and Ray Powers should of tweeted something about you being missing and you should of gained 3 million fans.

This should work but sometimes it doesn't so doesn't.

If you're already the owner of So Chic then you would get a call to collect your weekly money. This only sometimes happens when doing this cheat.

Oct 4, 2014

New energy cheat for Iphone 6 after Kris Jenner add

From: Spreadaluv


The old cheat pretty much works again! I've fiddled around with so many new cheats since the New Delhi add that I kinda forgot how the old cheat works exactly, but through some trial and error I think it's pretty much the same. Here goes:

1. Close the game
2. Go into settings and set the day forward by 1
3. Open the game and let it load completely till you see the "welcome *your name*" sign from Game Center appear and whatever announcements pop up. Once you see that screen appear, immediately dbl tap back into to settings, change the time back to auto as fast as possible, then dbl tap back into the game.
4. Energy refills!

Has worked for me with repeated use over and over ever since the new Kris Jenner (RED).

Enjoy and have fun :)

Nov 25, 2014

No more energy glitch on IOS because of update

From: Pixel Gal

If you were hoping to get energy with a glitch, you are out of luck. A recent update now prevents a popular glitch that gives you full energy just by doing a few actions. you would change time to the next day, go to app, go back and set date back to automatic and go back to the app. Sadly, this glitch does not work but there are still hacks that you can download from the internet that can get you money, energy, an more!

Dec 16, 2014

Gain fans (Apple only)

From: Kardashianhelp

You will need 2 Apple devices for this glitch. This may not work for you, but it made me #1. (Game center: Mel$.$). ( I was already A-list when I tried this so that's how I got to #1 in like 1-2 days). Okay, so basically you play the game on one device for a while, finish a short shoot or something. After, download the game on the other device and use your iCloud game. Play on one device for a while, then open up the game on the other (make sure to exit the game on the other device first and your choice to swipe out or not) and choose to load ur iCloud game. Once everything for you has loaded, go around for a while and stuff, the cheat may not work immediately. After, it might ask you it found an iCloud game that looks older than the one your playing or whatever then choose your iCloud game then it'll load then your rank will be higher and you'll have more fans. Then play on that one device that you have more fans with and delete the game on the other app. After at least an hour or so redownload the game on your other device you deleted it on and see if it's the same as your current game. Hope this helps, it's really confusing and it's also complicated to explain, I found out about it all on my own.

Hope this helped you become an A-lister.

Dec 24, 2014

Energy Cheat After Valentine Update

From: Southwest

Pleae note this energy hack is for iOS users only. It is a variation of the one that's been circulating in other threads but that cheat did not consistently work for me and kept force closing my game. But i found one that'll work every time:

  • If you have the game open, close it by double tapping home button and sliding the game window up. Do the same for the settings window if you have that open and make sure the date and time is automatic.
  • Freshly open the game and let it load.
  • Once you see your avatar, double tap the home button and open your settings.
  • In settings, go to general, date and time, unset automatic, and slide the date down (date should change to sometime before present).
  • Before the date stops scrolling, quickly double tap into the game. If you are on a quest, look at the bottom left corner to see if your remaining time has changed. If it has, that is an indicator that it worked, but you're not done yet.
  • Double tap back into settings and wait for the date to say "today."
  • Double tap back into the game and you will see your energy refill before your eyes.

Feb 18, 2015

Maximize your energy

From: Hurhurh

With each update the guys at glu get smarter so most energy cheats stop working eventually. Here's how to maximize your energy use:

1. Pets, They give you energy every 4-5 hours. The pricier pets (costing 30 K stars or more) give you 2 energy and the cheaper ones (the cat in downtown LA and the dog in Miami) give you 1. Not too sure about the dog in Paris. If you have limited K stars at the moment and you wanna buy a pet I would suggest the dog in The Hamptons which costs 30 K stars but still gives you 2 energy.

2. Always click on the "Kiss" action for dates and the "Pose for group pictures" etc.. actions for when you add contacts to complete the task with you in events/parties. They give you about twice more stars/hearts for the 5 energies you invest for that action. They reset every 50 minutes. That one action call fill up about one star for 3-hour events and about half a star for 8-hour events, so you can pretty much go back every 50 minutes when that action reloads and use that alone to complete 8 hour events.

For some special weekend events like the Christmas one, those actions also give you the bonus "collectibles" (not sure now to describe it but like the candy canes and gingerbread men, to get the bonus limited time items)

3. You get one energy from your spouse every 24 hours too. (You can find your spouse in any one of the properties you own/the so chic Hamptons store)

4. Save up for the private jet and the cheapest car so you travel for free. Going to all the locations to click on fire hydrants and such for extra energy can get me at least 10 energies, sometimes up to 20. It's even better during special holidays (like the Christmas update) with all the extra decorations and stuff that gives you extra money, energy and xp. Those places are usually lif in Miami, oak in soho, Kim's home. But check everywhere whenever we get a special update.

5. When given a choice I try to avoid photoshoots as they aren't as energy efficient. The actions for the Runway shows, movie/tv shoots, appearances at the britannia, ganzervelt and the Dubai locations, give you more bang for your buck. (Fill up more stars with less energy) those are just my preference though, do notice how many stars you get per energy for each action at your events if you aren't doing that already

Same goes for dates. The pricier places at Oak, The Miragio gives you loads of hearts for less energy but those actions can cost a few hundred bucks. I find that club tulip in London gives you more hearts for the energy you expend for pretty much all the actions. ("Cuddle" costs you 3 energy but gives you 4 hearts. There are two kiss functions that both costs 5 energy, besides the one that reloads every 50 minutes that is above your spouse, the other kiss action reloads pretty frequently and gives you more than 5 hearts too)

Feb 21, 2015

Energy cheat 2015

From: Ella

Ok so I've found a working cheat.

  • If the game is open, swipe it up to close it. Same with settings
  • Open the game wait until you see your character. Close any popups
  • Click the home button and go to settings-general-date and time
  • Turn set automatically off and swipe the date so it's going backwards (dont let it stop)
  • Double tap the home button and go back into the game, wait about 5 seconds or until your character loads
  • Double tap the home button and go back into settings, turn set automatically off
  • Go back to the game and it shouldve worked!
  • If it didn't work repeat the steps

Feb 21, 2021

How to get unlimited energy!

From: PandaPrincess

So basically this is an unlimited energy cheat for Kim Kardashian:Hollywood. I play on android so I'm not sure if this will work on apple but you can try it. So the secret to this cheat to work is Facebook. First, you are going to open the game and tap the button in the top left corner, and you are going to press the log into Facebook button. You can log into Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook, you can still press it and then when it loads, press the "x" for logging into Facebook. If you do have a Facebook, log in. The, it should go back to the choices. There you should press log out of facebook option. Next, you are going to test it. Go to the home screen,.and then kill the application remove it from recent. Now reopen the app. When Kim Kardashian shows up on the loading screen, there should be a thing to log into facebook through the loading screen. If there is, you are ready to do the cheat.

1. Open Kim kardashian: Hollywood.
2. Go to the home screen and then kill the app by removing it from recents.
3. Go to settings.
4. Turn automatic date and time off.
5. Set the date.or time ahead using this chart.

No task = one day
24 hour task = 23 hours
12 hour task = 11 hours
8 hour task = 7 hours
6 hour task = 5 hours

And so on.
(If your task is one hour, do 30 minutes - 40 minutes)

6. Go to the home screen and then open the Kim k game.
7. Once the Facebook thing loads, wait about a second or two, and then return to the home screen.
8. Kill the app by removing it from recents.
9. Go to settings, turn automatic date and time back on for a few seconds, then turn it off again, and set it ___ amount of time behind.

___ = same amount of time you set it ahead, but this time set it behind

10. Go to the home screen and then open Kim kardashian: Hollywood.
11. Repeat step 7 but DO NOT remove it from recents or kill the app.
12. Repeat step 9 but leave it on.


****If the Facebook thing DOESN'T pop up, the cheat WILL NOT work****

You DO NOT need to have 0 energy for this to work.

ALSO: This works as of 2015

Feb 21, 2021

Legit Full Free Energy iPhone Users Only

From: Georgia

Well, as I was reading cheat about how to full the energy, I have read a legit trick. I just forgot to whom I got it. But, mine's super legit lol and very easy and understandable.

So here it is:

  • You have to play Kim K for a while and WATCH YOUR ENERGY CLOCK UNTIL IT TURNS 0:05. (Indeed! Coz it's the secret for real)
  • You have to double click the HOME BUTTON (as quickly as possible) of your iPhone in order to go to the SETTINGS.
  • Go to SETTINGS - GENERAL - DATE AND TIME - SET AUTOMATICALLY OFF. And then you can see the dates and times and you have to SWIPE THE DATE UPWARD and you can see it ROLLING UPWARD and you have to QUICKLY CLICK THE HOME BUTTON TWICE (before it landed on a date) and you have to CLICK ON KIM K GAME and you will notice that the energy time you have is 5:00 and you have to wait until it turns 4:55 and click the home button twice again and go to the settings and wait for the DATE to be in TODAY before you click the SET AUTOMATICALLY ON.
  • After you tap the set automatically on, you have to double click the home button again REAL QUICK AND CLICK ON THE KIM K GAME.

Hope you enjoy! Have fun playing! ;)

Mar 21, 2021

Free stuff for contacts

From: Chloe

If you unequip an item such as a necklace from a contact and then click on a new item such as a pair of jeans, click the item you unequiped (put back on them) and then unequip it one last time and X out of the contact box. What this does is gives your contact the pair of jeans for free! It's been working for me for about 6 months now.

Oct 21, 2016


Game Center Achievements

From: timboy6699

To unlock the following Apple Game Center achievements, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
E-List (5 points)Not really a celebrity, but not really a nobody.
Fierce (15 points)Looking good never...Looked so good.
Foodie (15 points)Take all you want, but eat all you take!
The Look (15 points)Make-up is the photo shop of real life.

Sep 30, 2014

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