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This page contains Cheats for Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Action" as genre, made by Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd, released on Jul 10, 2017. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd
  • Publisher: Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd
  • Genre: Action
  • Release: Jul 10, 2017
  • ESRB: Not Set
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The bus

This is most useful, it can go about 700 mph, easily flattens enemies and has a ton of armor and has a huge explosion effect.

Hotsouce, Apr 5, 2013

Easy/fast Money tips!

The easiest way to make coins:

1. Invite a friend, you can use a fake email to send, do this as many times as you can.
2. Watch and ad, ads reward 4 coins each time, watch as many as you can!
3. Daylight robbery, this mission is very easy, all you need to do is go into the helicopter on top of the building, if you dont know the way up there is a secret door!

Tips: custom games do not reward coins! Daily challenges cost coins and do not reward coins! If you must buy the coin multiply (Its worth it) DO NOT BUY COIN PACKS (unless its an emergency!

Josh, Sep 9, 2013

Best weapons part 1

Weapons: the best weapons for a player are:

1: the minigun! This weapon is great! It dose massive dammage and has fast firing! You can still walk fast! Its good for offense and desefense!

2: the remote bomb! This weapon is a WMD! It makes a huge explosion and lights close people on fire! About to die? Thats okay! Just drop a RB and blow the place to bits! For a bounus go neer a bus or a big truck! Enemy about to take your swagcase? KA-BOOM! Blow 'em to bits! Good for offense and defenders and supporters.

3.the shot gun. This weapon shoots multible bullets in one shot! They are also very common! Get closer for a one hit kill! They also make your enemys explode in to goop! They have a good firing speed and high damage but low range! The cops use them why shouldnt you? They are very good at offense!

4. The knife "its just a knife its so bad!" Wrong! The knife is very good it takes 2-4 hits to kill somebody! Sneak up on your enemy and shank them! You can also kill civilians to rigger the cops for no ammo to get a tank/cop car! This weapon is good for support.

5. The flame thrower! This weapon is bugged a bit beacuse it dosnt always ignite people but its deadly! They burn enemys and light them on fire! Its low ranged with ammo that goes down slowly! It dose lots of dammage and causes NPCs' to flea and sometimes find water (hence no swimming in the game) its the best weapon in rampage mode beacause it always ignites the npcs! It can blow up any car in 10 seconds or less!its good for offense and maybe defense!

6. Autto turret, what weapon is more defensive than this? I was going to put this for 3 but this is flat out defence! Just drop this thing in a median or near a place you need to gaurd and it will take care of any thing! This thing is a minigun on a stick! It stays in one spot, scans the area and anything it sees it shoots! It has infiniti ammo and is verry stong and has a good range! Place a cluster and watch the boddies drop then explode in to a bloody mess! It even kills the bad cops and dosnt count as a kill that angers cops! But watch out wjen you die or it will burn up and explode! Very good for defense

Part 2 will come soon

Josh, Sep 16, 2013

Tips on getting money fast

To get money really fast do the mission pole position repeatedly it is an extremely easy race which only takes about ninety seconds to complete also the missions nepolitan and daylight robbery are good missions to get money on you can also get money back watching ads and sending this game to friends from the coin section.

Cieran2603, Oct 11, 2013

Grenade jumping

Grenade jumping is a very hard skill to use, it is hard to do and very hard to master. What you have to do is use some type of explosive grenade and then go near a small wall and use the grenade, the first method is to fall from a high ledge and land above the explosion, it will send you flying up and over! Waringung: 90% chance of combusting!

The second method is to be close to the grenade, when it explodes yoy have a chance if bieng shot backwards with a chance of being killed or lighting yourself on fire!

The third method is to use the remote bomb. Set down the RB and and get at least a bus length away from it or closer or farther! Wich ever you fell good with, next blow up the bomb! You will be shot in the air and probably get light up!

The fourth method is probably the easiest and safest, first take a bazooka and shoot it at a wall or tree or something behind you that is close but make sure you are in a safe range, then walk and shoot the rocket and you will go fast across the ground or air!

Thats all the explosive jumping i know for now!

Josh, Nov 30, 2013

Vehicle weaks spots

Each vehicle has a weak spot on it

  • Cars- the front where the engine is
  • Bus- the back where the gas tank is
  • Rocket car- the front (long part)
  • RC truck/news van- the back where the car comes out
  • Tanker truck- the gas tank
  • Tank- possibly the back, as thats where it usually catches fire
  • Helicopter- sides
  • SWAT Van- Front wheels
  • Icecream Truck- back sides and front
  • Limo- front and back

Brenden88, Aug 5, 2017

How Brutal Difficulty is Brutal

Brutal difficulty is the toughest difficulty in Payback 2. It is slightly different then the other levels. This guide assumes I have all weapons available.

The cpu are tougher as they have better aim. They can easily focus on te target without missing. Because of this they often use strong weapons that are effective with good aim like lasers, miniguns, and rockets. Enemies also have better pathfinding and can strafe, walk backwards, and dodge bullets and cars a lot easier.

Mr. Pink will still mostly use his pistols, but he will use other weapons. He is also more likely to hijack cars and his aim with running people over is much better.

Enemies are better at driving and will often hide behind cars, or use them as armor to drive twords you and shoot you or run you right over. They can target you so they are hard to dodge. If the car takes damage they will get out of it and shoot you instantly. If they have it, they will shoot you with a rocket launcher or shotgun the instant they get out if they can see you. It is best to shoot the cars from the passanger side. So you can blow it up and they cant see you. In some lower difficulties they will not shoot a car ramming them. In brutal, they will shoot it with shotguns Or flamethrowers. They also keep there distance and fire on a car your driving.

Police will more often set up roadblocks and use swat vans. They also bring in more tanks when the tanks come and will spam rockets, making it hard to dodge and hijack tanks. The tanks will also drive around instead of staying still. The police will move forward to you when on foot.

Brenden 88, Aug 5, 2017

Easter Eggs

I feel the need race tip

Start the race called "I feel the need" then as soon as it starts jump out of your car. Look to the left and you will see a big bulky car, this is the RC truck car. It will deploy a small remote car that can blow up on command, realease the car! (DO NOT BLOW IT UP EVER!) the rc car is small and can drive under the other cars. It is super fast but needs straight line Acceleration, this car will let you win every time!

Josh, Sep 16, 2013

Exploding heads

If you knock down an NPC and they are dead on the ground, you can take a car and run over there head. There is a rare chance for there head to explode and blood will fly everywhere! After the blood clears up there head will be invisible and there will be blood were the head should go. If (like all bodies) you can push it around if you are at the right angel a trail of blood will come out!

Josh, Dec 2, 2013

Apex logo on things

In some levels there will be buildings with wrighting on the that have the words "apex designs" on them. Apex designs is the company is part of payback 2. The red a on top of things could be an A for Apex

Josh, Dec 3, 2013

Quick-E-mart Simpsons reference

In the map called "House park" there is a building with a helicopter on top, Their is a billboard that has "Quick-E-Mart"on in. There is graffiti above it that says "Apu wos here" (Not was but wos) There is also graffiti under it that says "sux" making it say "Quick-E-Mart sux" This is a reference to The Simpsons show's Kwick-E-mart and the owner is Apu.

Josh, Dec 3, 2013

Character name references

Bonnie and Clyde- Bonnie Parker, and Clyde Burrow. Two American criminals who robbed and killed people in America during the 1930's.

Corleone- Michael Corleone from The Godfather movies about the Mafia in New York. Played by Al Pacino.

Kiddo- Beatrix Kiddo from the Kill Bill movies. She wears all yellow like in the movie. Played by Uma Thurman

Ronnie and Biggs- Ronnie Biggs was an english robber, known for the Great Train Robbery of 1963. He escaped from prison and was a fugitive for 36 years. He died in 2013. Ronnie Biggs was one of the only two characters still alive when the game was being made, but didd around its official release.

Capone- named after Al Capone, also known as Scarface. He was an American gangster who operated during the Prohibition era. He was boss of the chicago outfit and died in 1947.

Turpin- Richard Turpin was an english highwayman, notable for his horse, Black Bess

R.Hood- Obvious abbreviation for Robin Hood. A very famous legend in english folk lore, who was a skilled archer and would steal from rich nobles and five the money to poor peasants. He wears all green clothing like he is commonly portrayed.

Manson- Named after Charles Manson. Manson is a criminal and cult leader that was large in California, USA, during the 1960's. He was sentenced to life in prison, and the death penalty, but Californias Supreme Court invalidated all death sentences prior to 1972. He is the only real life character still alive today.

Jesse- Possibly Jesse Gentry from the TV show Criminal Minds. In the show he is a serial killer and rapist who tries to kill his own brother, played by Fred Koehler

Verbal- Roger Kint, known as Verbal from the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects. He is a con artist played by Christopher McQuarrie

Mr. Pink- one of the main characters in the 1992 movie, Reservoir Dogs, about a group of thieves who plan a diamond heist that goes wrong. He is played by Steve Buscemi. He wears a black suit in the movie but is seen with a pink shirt in the game.

Travis- Travis is the name of the original character you play as in Payback. He wears the same colors.

Oswald- named after Lee Harvey Odwald who assassinated American President John F. Kennedy on November 23, 1963.

Fawkes- named after Guy Fawkes, an English catholic who took part in the Gunpowder Plot on 1605. The plan was to plow up parliament by planting 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellar. On November 5th, Fawkes was caught and executed. In England, November 5th is a Holliday known as Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night. In 2007 a movie was made called V For Vendetta about a similar scenario. The main character, V, wears a Fawkes mask and celebrates the 5th of November. Interestingly enough, they both have all black clothing and red hair just like in the game.

Zing bop, Aug 9, 2017


Time Glitch

If you've been finding a way to unlock all the cities,modes and vehicles.Well listen to this, there is one way I unlocked them by the following steps:

  • Step 1:click on the game icon and give it a 2-3 mins to load
  • Step 2:click on play and then click on the custom option, select the vehicle,mode and city you want
  • Step 3: without switching off the game go to your phone settings and change your date to about 2 weeks from your phones current date
  • Step 4: once you are done you will receive notifications that the modes, vehicles and cities have been unlocked, and if you have not yet seen the notifications, click on the game icon and the game will notify you
  • Step 5: repeat the following steps 1-4 as long as you like

NOTE: if you have unlocked all the modes, vehicles and cities you are allowed to switch of the game and go back to the settings and put your current date and time

Custom cheats, May 21, 2016

Get a lot of money within less than 7 minutes

Could not be a glitch, but a cheat:

  • Download Payback2 Free(or pro): The Battle Sandbox
  • Wait for download to finish, DO NOT OPEN APP YET
  • Open up Payback 2, you will see the message"Thanks for playing! 30 coins have been added to your total".
  • Now for the epic part. IPAD-(did you do step 3?, if u did not, then turn it on)so the message shows up, next thing you do is use the multitasking gestures and swipe with four fingers up so the history bar will show up, next just go back to the app and BAM! Another 30 coins. Do this repeatedly. IPHONE-after the message shows up, double tap home button and go back to the app and BAM! Do this repeatedly...


ChE4tR, Oct 13, 2013

Go Into Water Using A Normal Bus

First get a bus then go to the road in the right in the map of metropolitan then start driving when it's already fast before you get into the water maybe when you're in the middle of the road drop one remote bomb when your already maybe 5 inches away to the remote bomb detonate it you will go into the water and hit like a invisible wall but won't sink then you're done you can now drive into the water TADAAA!!!

XxZNERxX, Apr 12, 2015

Exploiting the Flaws in A.I

The A.I of payback 2 is very buggy but still pretty good. There are a few flaws.

Path finding If you are fighting an AI near a bus or building and cheese them, with you on one side and the AI on the other, they will attempt to walk through the bus or building unless you go around the side first. They will always use guns so you cant go around the corner and stab them quickly or they will move back and shoot you. (They also will not enter the bus for some reason)

Weapon usage- Bots can not use knives or auto turrets. If you get to close they will use a shotgun or flamethrower. If they have no ammo left they will use a pistol no matter what. Another weapon the computer cant use are remote bombs. They will not even place them. Bots can not set auto turrets either, because they are not advanced enough to place them. They also do not target auto turrets with weapons or cars, and will only destroy them on accident. Computer characters will also not spam with tanks. (The police will on higher difficulties sometimes) the fact they do not soam tank rockets is odd because they usually make use of high weapon fire rates. (These might be intentional because they are the most powerful weapons in the game)

Cars- if there is a fight near a bus, unlike most cars the ai will probably not enter it even if the way is clear. However, if there enemy is killed they will probably drive the bus. This might be intentional as they could use it as cover. On rare occasions, cpus eould go in an infinite chain of car hijackings. It involves 2 computers trying to hijack a car but as soon as one enters the other one steals in. It loops and will only stop if one is killed. This only happens if the car is slow to start/ is stuck somewhere. This was common in old versions of the game.

Brenden 88, Aug 5, 2017
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