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This page contains Cheats for Call Of Duty: Mobile organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Action Shooter First-Person" as genre, made by Viceral Multiplayer, released on Jun 13, 2019. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Call Of Duty: Mobile Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Viceral Multiplayer
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: Action Shooter First-Person
  • Release: Jun 13, 2019
  • ESRB: Not Set


Simple mode or Advanced mode

The very first thing that you should choose is picking the controls in both Multiplayer Mode (MP Mode) or Battle Royale Mode (BR Mode). You have 2 choices here: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. I know that the majority of players would like to have the Advanced Mode allowed, since this offers you more control and appears to be comparable to the way you're used to use console and even PCs. Given that this is a mobile game, it's finest-- in my viewpoint-- to go with the Simple Mode at very first and get used to how the game works. The reason that I am advising this is that you will need to lots of things to think about, browse and tap through throughout a battle and you will lose-- even milliseconds-- tapping and choosing the right things. These milliseconds can make the distinction in between a frag and you getting eliminated, and the easy mode conserves you from that difficulty.

On the other hand, after you get a little experience playing the game, you will see that you require more control over your shooting and the Advanced Mode will be more fit-- particularly for Battle Royale. For regular multiplayer, you can still make the Simple Mode work and I usually play Simple Mode in regular multiplayer, still handling to get a leading 3 position continuously. The Advanced Mode is preferable, in my viewpoint, for Battle Royale due to the fact that you will not remain in the craze of shooting continuously, as you remain in regular multiplayer. With the Simple Mode in BR, you will just do more damage than excellent, as you will continuously expose your position on the map without dealing excessive damage. Use Simple Mode for regular multiplayer as you truly do not require more there, however if you move over to Battle Royale, have in mind that you do require the innovative control of the 2nd control approach.

Bondy, Oct 3, 2019

Better playing experience

Apart from the regular controls, the settings area offers you a myriad of extra alternatives and things that you can make it possible for, personalize or disable. And these things can make the distinction in between a win and a loss, affecting the way the game is played.

We have the Basic settings: I suggest keeping all the leading ones allowed, other than for the quick toss grenade (you desire to intend initially, not toss as quickly as you tap) and repaired joystick (in order to make it much easier for you to manage your character). Next, I suggest allowing the "Always Sprint" mode. It will make things a bit harder for your challengers, as you will constantly run, while you will get faster where you require to be. There's truly no factor not to keep that switched off-- unless the intending charge later on is truly making your life too challenging.

Keep the gyroscope off and after that move over to the screen settings, which are very crucial as they can have a significant impact over how you play the game: if you have an older gadgets, a not so great web connection or you merely wish to have a way smoother game experience, that's where you will get it from.

Off, keep the graphic settings to medium at least, however for the finest efficiency, move it to low-- and set the frame rate to low. These 2 can have an enormous effect on how the game plays and are most likely the main points that matter. If you desire to enhance your efficiency even more, disable the realtime shadow, as well as all the other alternatives there. The game will not look as great, however it will move much better and you will have the ability to get those eliminates quickly, as there will be no lag, no sluggishness or screen freezing to impact you.

Cheatmaster, Oct 3, 2019

Different player styles

You Loadout is very crucial, for the apparent factors. The most crucial thing there is the main weapon you select, as that is what you will use 90% of your time in multiplayer. Each player has a various design of play, and for each a various weapon can be thought about the "finest". A lot more, you can even more personalize each weapon by unlocking and gearing up different additional pieces that make it much better in various locations.

I would state that the close range weapons like the BY15 are quite much worthless. Yes, it's real-- they are deadly undoubtedly-- however in your regular multiplayer modes, you will not ever get to get the most out of them. Choose, rather, for medium to longer range weapons. Due to the fact that everyone dislikes that (more on this listed below), do not go sniper. Rather, pick a weapon that matches your play design the very best.

In my case, it's a weapon like the classic M4: I will constantly opt for much better precision and good fire rate over more damage. The concept is to be able to hit your challenger quickly, continuously and take them out ASAP. Weapons with decreased precision ended up being weaker due to the fact that they just can't hit the target, even if the damage they deal is higher.

It's challenging to pick a finest weapon in Call of Duty Mobile, however leading options consist of, in my viewpoint, the Ak 47, The Chicom or the M16. Generally, all the weapons that you unlock after level 40 are incredibly strong-- so save your XP cards to level them up immediately once you unlock them and start with a boost!

There are other things that you require to think of when choosing your loadout, like the Operator ability, benefits and so on, however we'll discuss each of these separately listed below. Up until then, another aspect of the Loadout: alter that knife with a handgun. There will be couple of times when you will really need to change to using your secondary weapon, however never ever bring a knife to a gun battle! Actually-- it's all cool to embarassment your enemies by taking them out with a blade, however it will occur way less typically than you see it in YouTube videos.

Nikita_f, Oct 3, 2019

Better Operator Skill

When it pertains to Operator abilities, things are a bit simpler given that we just have 5 to select from at the minute (with the Sparrow coming quickly and most likely more after). In my viewpoint, the very best Operator Skills are a Scythe (an actually strong mini-gun that ends up being a growing number of precise in time) and the War Machine, a grenade launcher that merely damaged the battleground. One is much better than the other and all of it depends upon the kind of player you are and how excellent you intend in the very first place, however there's no other Operator ability much better than these 2: so evaluate them out as quickly as you unlock them and choose which is the very best, then keep using it and benefit from it to turn the chances of the battle in your favor.

Raistlan13, Oct 3, 2019

Slot perks guide

When it pertains to Advantages, things get a bit more made complex as we get 3 slots with 6 benefits each (a minimum of at the minute-- more may be included later on). It's challenging to state which is the very best as numerous are dependant on other aspects, however given that I'm here to make suggestions, I would state that the following benefits are much better for filling your slots:

  • First slot: I would choose Persistence here. Despite the fact that the Scorestreak costs double, it's often much better by doing this as they are not reset after death. Skulker is great also and may make the "constantly run" option ineffective.
  • Second slot: I would go with Vulture, because additional ammunition is constantly beneficial (particularly if you're not the kind who passes away frequently in the game), however Hard Wired is a strong one.
  • 3rd slot: Dead Silence is best here in my viewpoint because quiet motion offers you an enormous bonus. At the same time, you can pick Hardline for the additional XP bonus to level up quicker.

Alex645888, Oct 3, 2019

Leveling up weapons

Once you have preferred weapon, make sure to level it up in order to make it even much better. Weapons will naturally get experience as you use them in battle, however you can also use the numerous weapon XP cards that you acquire while playing the game in order to accelerate the procedure. When you unlock a strong new weapon that you prepare on using, and you should certainly do that!

Leveling up a weapon opens new accessories-- and these can be geared up as you please in order to enhance the efficiency and stats of your preferred weapon. Each weapon has its own set of accessories (although not all are special), so even if you have them all unlocked for one weapon, you'll still need to unlock them for another. Mix and match those accessories in order to build the best weapon for your requirements. Depending upon the accessories offered, I would constantly advise to select those that use increased range, damage and precision. When dealing with weapons in CoD Mobile, these are the leading things to look out for.

Jerry789, Oct 3, 2019

Multiplayer or Battle Royale

As you most likely know currently, there are presently 2 various main game modes offered in the game. Which one should you play? Which is the very best and most gratifying? Is it the standard multiplayer or the Battle Royale mode? The fact is that no one however you can respond to the concern. They are both various and some people choose one over the other, while others go the other way around.

The main distinction in between the 2 game modes is that the Battle Royale can take a lot more time and is much slower paced than the conventional multiplayer, where you get non stop action, with instantaneous respawns and you usually have more enjoyable. Battle Royale is the huge thing nowadays and it's exceptionally popular, however I personally think that games like Call of Duty-- and very first individual shooters are produced standard multiplayer modes.

In either case, something is clear: if you wish to make certain that you get the most out of a prolonged Battle Royale match in Call of Duty Mobile, you'd still do much better if you played some conventional multiplayer very first (Frontline or Team Deathmatch, for instance) since they will help you enhance your game-- and intending specifically, which is something you require to be an ace with in BR modes. Apart from that, it's difficult to state that one mode is much better than the other. Just play what you take pleasure in playing the most!

YbIUFpWPj, Oct 3, 2019

Battle Strategy

Now, after talking a lot about different things to think about and do prior to even entering into the battle, it's time to take a look at some things that you can do throughout battle in order to increase your possibilities of being the very best at the end. The numerous game modes offered in the game will benefit basically from the recommendations provided listed below, however it's a good idea to inspect these suggestions out and keep them in mind: use them at the correct time, and you'll truly make a distinction!

  • This is a game about intending, so the much better aimer will constantly do much better. Attempt to practice and constantly choose the headshot, no matter what. That's where you require to go: consistent headshots!
  • In order to make it harder for other players to damage you with headshots (or any other kind of shot, truly), you should constantly be on the move. Discover to shoot and move at the very same time-- which is actually challenging, once mastered, turns you into an almost-invincible player!
  • Take benefit of your grenades. Early on, when I was just around level 10 approximately, with couple of games under my belt, I chose this technique: grenades initially, bullets later on. It's not actually the very best technique at all times, however I believed that if I get eliminated prior to I get the possibility to toss my grenade, it's just a lost chance. Launch those grenades where you know that enemies normally hang and you will get more eliminates than you would otherwise. Or at least at!
  • -Always get the most out of your weapon: if you're using a sniper, stall when intending and do not hurry things up as you typically have just one shot. Storm the enemy base or attempt to come from the back in some way in order to take benefit of that deadly brief range shots if you're using a shotgun. Know what your weapon's strengths take and are benefit of them!
  • When you have one, Try to remain close to at least one other colleague. In this manner, you increase your possibilities of quickly getting challengers, as there will be more bullets heading towards them. Do not go the only wolf path as it hardly ever achieves success!
  • Take benefit of cover as much as possible. Keep in mind that the majority of maps in the game are made in such a way that you will never ever have complete cover from all angles! Know where the weak areas keep an eye and are on them (or have a colleague watch your back). And however, constantly be on the move: if the whole team learns where you're concealing, you're an easy target for their united forces!
  • Remember that weapons work under water too: so if you even find yourself in a position where you remain in the water therefore is the enemy, merely swim down and take them out prior to they do the exact same (if they know this).
  • When stumbling and combating zombies upon a zombie boss, there's presently a problem that does not permit them to get outside a particular boundary (typically discounted by some fences). You can get a truly easy kill today by just running beyond that boundary, then shooting them till they go down, all while you're unsusceptible to them!
  • A frequently neglected feature (and often beneficial, specifically in Battle Royale modes) is the truth that you can really enter susceptible position: merely hold the crouch and tap button to do so!
  • Finally, make certain that you find out the designs of the maps you're using: know which are the very best areas to take enemies out of, where are the best hiding places and whatever about the area you're playing in. The clearer the photo of the map you're using, the much easier it is for you to choose what the very best move is.

Aasonstawnosaw, Oct 3, 2019

Ranked Matches

In the main menu, there's a small button sitting there in the bottom-center area, which is the "Ranked Match option". That's where you play the real battles, completing versus other players for the very best possible rank. You can go all the way from Rookie to Legendary, depending upon how well you play. Winning numerous points is undoubtedly what you require to do, and ranking higher will provide you much better rewards when the season ends. There's no other real distinction in between Ranked Play and the "casual" mode-- so just play those as typically as possible in order to acquire points and increase your rank. It's not just for boasting rights, it's for cool rewards too, so attempt to constantly rank as high as possible in each season.

Benno, Oct 3, 2019

Join a Clan

Clans do not actually have a lots of things to provide feature-wise at the minute, however they do offer you the option to be in the exact same group as your buddies are and quickly pair with them for multiplayer battles. I make certain that much more functions will be presented by future updates, so till then make certain that you're part of an active clan with high level players. You may get some strong rewards out of it!

Glitter123, Oct 3, 2019

In-Game classes

The medic is, as you probably imagine already, support-oriented and is clearly a better choice when playing in a team and not solo. For solo play, it is actually pretty useless in my opinion. The Medic reduces the time required for healing and bringing back knocked down teammates by 25%. Really useful if you can accept the job of not being that much part of the battle itself, and more on the lookout to revive your teammate(s). The Medic class in CoD Mobile has this unique skill: Medical Station: A drone-like thingie heals you and allies continuously as long as you are in its area of action. While I won't deny the fact that the medic is extremely useful in a team if played correctly, it is definitely one of the least fun types of characters that you can play and with so many healing items available in the game, its skill loses some valor.

The Scout is extremely good for picking up the trails of nearby enemies and making it easier to hunt them down. It works well both as a solitary player and also in teams, as it has the Tracker perk active, meaning that it will actually show you on the screen the traces of the footsteps of your opponents. The Scout also has an useful active skill, the Sensor Dart which allows you to see the positions of hostile characters on the minimap. This gets a bit more useful in late game situation than during early game, but still it's a great advantage that you can have in battle.

Probably the most fun class of them all - you definitely have to choose it an play it a few times, even if you're the more strategic and straight face type of player. You really need its wackiness in your game (but maybe not always). The Clown can launch the Toy Bomb - a small robot that summons a bunch of zombies who will start attacking nearby enemies. This gives you a massive advantage in combat, but only if you know exactly where your enemy actually is! Also, it has the Anti-zombie perk which reduces the awareness distance of zombies to 15 meters. Not sure what the regular distance is, to be honest, so I can't really say how useful this one is. But the Toy Bomb... that's why you play Clown for!

The Ninja is an extremely good class, one that allows you to easily sneak up on your opponents in order to take them out and even reach places that other players can't. The first thing happens thanks to the Dead Silence perk that it has active, meaning that you produce less sound when moving around. So if you are careful enough, you will be able to surprise your enemies in most occasions. The active skill is Grapple Hook: you can shoot this grapple hook almost anywhere and be pulled to where you launched it at. This gives you the chance to reach high platforms or other places that other players can't (easily) get to. This can be a major advantage if you have the proper long-range weapons!

I would consider the Defender a tank-type class and something that brings CoD Mobile one step closer to Fortnite. I'm saying this because the Defender can build a Transform Shield - one that can be built to offer protection during battle (but also draw attention of other enemies since it's flashing). The defender also has tough skin, receiving 20% less damage from all sources except gunfire. Useful in some situations, but if you think about it, it's gunfire that you get most of your damage from anyway... so not as impressive as it first sounds, imho.

I consider this class the least fun to play - even less fun than the medic, to be honest and I have only tried it a couple of times before deciding that it's really not for me. The Mechanic can launch an EMP Drone that constantly interferes with hostiles - but to be honest, I don't really know what that means because I never faced a Mechanic class that activated this against me. It didn't seem to bother my opponents too much either, even though as I said I have little experience with this class. Also, the Mechanic has the Engineer perk that gives him augmented sight, making vehicles, hostile traps and equipment visible from a large distance. Probably this is a bit more useful in team battles, but still not something that makes me want to play Mechanic anytime soon.

Airborne (coming soon)
While this class is not yet available in the game, we still have information about the active skill and perk, which are very intriguing to say the least. For example, the Airborne class gives you an Ejection Device, which apparently summons a catapult that launches your team into the air and turns on wings to glide. I don't really know how this can be useful in battle though as it clearly makes you visible to a large portion of the map and doesn't give you any advantage (maybe except for the advantage of quickly fleeing battle if it gets too tough). Also, you have the Lightweight perk which sees you "become more buoyant" when using the wingsuit. Also, you have the Lightweight perk which sees you "become more buoyant" when using the wingsuit. Does this mean that you can fly or not? This is the question so far, but this class is definitely intriguing and I can't wait to see it launched in the game.

Darkgamer, Oct 3, 2019

In-Game Operator Skills

This is the first one you unlock in the game. It's basically a flamethrower that blasts a stream of fire within close range. It is an absolute beast from close range, taking enemies out almost instantly, but its main problem is that you must get up close and personal in order for it to deal any damage at all. And this is usually very difficult to do in the game. But a rush tactic or a bit of luck... both of these might make it worthwhile. But in my opinion, we have better choices out there.

A huge minigun that shoots non-stop and increases its accuracy over time. Use it when you have a clear sight and you will take out enemies without a problem. Make sure to use it when you have a clear sight though, otherwise - even with its increased accuracy, you won't get a lot out of it because aiming will still be pretty difficult.

War Machine
This is a fully automated grenade launcher that makes it rain with fire and destruction. Again, this is a weapon that can prove extreme efficient in specific situations, but it can become quickly a complete waste if, for example, you have too much of an open space and enemies are scattered around. But if you're lucky enough to have your opponents nicely grouped together in confined spaces... then the War Machine will make you very happy.

A lightning bolt launcher, you have to hold the fire button to load it up and then release it to cause massive damage to up to nine nearby enemies. To be honest, this sounds really well in theory, but in practice I was never able to make it work. Maybe some people who have more skill than I do can put it to good use, but I personally found it the least useful in combat.

Transform Shield
The only non-weapon Operator Skill available in CoD Mobile at the moment, this is exactly what the name says it is: a shield that you can place anywhere on the battlefield to offer you cover and a better line of fire. I wouldn't consider it extremely useful in the chaotic multiplayer modes, but maybe in Domination or Search & Destroy it becomes a bit more useful. However, I do prefer the ones that deal damage instead of those that prevent it.

(This is not yet released at the moment of writing this article, but we can still see it in the game, so I'm including it on the list as well!) This appears to be a sort of a sniper rifle, since it gets increased range the longer you hold the shoot button, but with exploding arrows instead of bullets. It's difficult to say without trying it first, but it doesn't seem to be the best option in the game, even though it doesn't sound really bad either.

SickToddler, Oct 3, 2019

List of Perks

Perk Slot 1
Fast Recover: HP recovery rate increases by 35%. This can be very useful IF you can survive a face to face battle against an opponent (or more).

But even though it sounds good and it is useful - I played with it equipped for a long time, mainly because it's the first one you get - in the end you will see that there are better options here.

Persistence: Your Scorestreak progress won't reset when your character dies, but the Scorestreak Costs double.

This one can be really useful or not. If you can constantly get your scorestreaks without having this one active, there's no point in using it. On the other hand, if you don't manage to unlock your Scorestreaks at least once during battle, you should try to get this as it will give you an advantage.

Flak Jacket: Damage from explosions reduced by 35%. This is only useful for some very specific situations which are relatively rare during combat. Not too useful.

Skulker: You move 12% faster when crouching or walking. This gives you an impressive boost, because fast movement always comes with an advantage. It's even better that you can crouch and be relatively fast with it activated.

Agile: Quicker object mantling and the aiming time of weapons after sprinting is reduced by 85%.

I would say that this one is better suited for Battle Royale modes, and for those who select a very specific operator skill for their character. For all other situations, though, it's not ideal.

Lightweight: Sprinting speed increases by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.

Not really sure about this one, I still have mixed feelings. Being fast is an advantage for sure, but when sprinting you are already very fast. Plus, I don't think that I ever fell or jumped from massive heights to make its damage reduction useful.

Perk Slot 2
Vulture: Pick up ammo from kills, equal to the magazine capacity of the current weapon.

This is a good perk for those who manage to stay alive for long periods of time during battle and don't want to worry about running out of ammo or caring too much about replenishing it.

Toughness: Reduces the player's flinch when being shot by 60%. Useful when fighting a single enemy, but I would say that there are much better options out there.

Tracker: Enemy footprints are visible for 4 seconds. This would still be a lot more useful in Battle Royale than in regular multiplayer... but still it is a really good skill, as knowing where your opponent is heading gives you a massive advantage.

Ghost: Enemy UAVs cannot reveal your position. Not extremely important, as your position changes constantly and it will only be revealed in very few situations anyway.

Cold-Blooded: Cannot be targeted by AI-controlled Scorestreaks (just manual ones).

Not really sure if it's worth it, to be honest. There are minimal occasions in which you will actually benefit from this in battle, so you'd better get something that gives you a longer term advantage.

Hard Wired: Immune to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades and no longer trigger Trip Mines. Also reduces the effectiveness of enemy Trackers.

I would say that, despite the longer description, this one is pretty much useless in regular multiplayer modes.

Perk Slot 3
Hardline: Increases points earned by killing enemies by 25%. A pretty straightforward and useful perk. Helps you get your ranks up in regular multiplayer.

Demo Expert: Increases the damage of explosives by 25%. Useful in limited situations - plus, explosives already deal a ton of damage.

Tactical Mask: Reduces the duration of tactical equipment on you by 40%. Again, something that you will rarely benefit of and just in some particular situations. Difficult to say if it's really worth keeping a perk slot occupied by this.

Alert: Enemy footsteps are easier to hear. This one's more useful than others, since hearing your opponents gives you a massive advantage. Just make sure you play the game with your headphones on, otherwise you're not getting a huge advantage out of it.

Engineer: Show enemy equipment and scorestreaks. Re-roll friendly Care Packages and booby trap enemy Care Packages.

I wouldn't bother using this, as you don't really get a massive active in-game advantage from it.

Dead Silence: Silent Movement. This one's huge, for sure, as moving silently allows you to take enemies by surprise. Plus, if you opponent has the Alert equipped, you're basically making one of their perks completely useless.

Pababadance, Oct 3, 2019

Aim for the head

Headshots deal more damage and take out enemies faster. Therefore, learn how to perform them and always aim for the head. There's really no other better place for shooting your enemies!

Igcss, Oct 9, 2019

Fire in short bursts

With most weapons, shooting continuously will reduce accuracy. An easy way to fix this is to fire your gun using short bursts. This way, you can quickly readjust and keep dealing damage to the enemy, instead of filling the nearby buildings with holes and missing your target constantly. Some weapons are definitely better than others, so choosing the right one is extremely important as well.

Sparkytc, Oct 9, 2019

Learn to stay alive

Well, you can't kill 'em if you're not alive, so learn how to stay alive: not only during a face to face confrontation with one or multiple enemies, but also during regular battle moments when things are not that heated. Learn to take advantage of any cover opportunities that you have, learn to move and shoot at the same time (and move constantly - but more on this later), know the map you're playing on and stay together with your teammates. The longer you manage to stay alive, the easier it is for you to lock on your next target and take out more enemies than ever.

Burning spirit, Oct 9, 2019

Boosts and secondary weapons

There's a multitude of things that can help you get more kills in Call of Duty Mobile. You have perks, you have your Operator Skill, you have secondary weapons and grenades, plus various scorestreaks that activate based on your in-game performance. Learn to take advantage of these: using each of these things at the right time in the game will increase your kill streak and numbers greatly. Test them all out, pick up your favorite and always work on improving their performance in order to get a massive score boost from them at the end of the match.

Kentuckygirl, Oct 9, 2019

Always be on the move

I have already talked a bit about this, but I feel that it needs a chapter of its own, because moving constantly in CoD Mobile is vital and essential if you want to be a great player.

There are actually two types of things that I have in mind what I say that you should always be on the move:

- First, I am talking about you learning how to move and shoot. If you do this - move left and right, jump, crouch... do whatever you can to be a tough target for your opponent(s), but also learn how to aim properly when doing all these.

- Second, I am talking about you not staying in the same spot for too long (especially in traditional multiplayer matches).

The thing is that if you do this - for example, if you are playing sniper and you want to take out enemies from a distance - the opponents will soon be made aware of your position and you'll become an easy target: either a well placed grenade, or simply them rushing out to your position and easily taking you out without you even knowing they're there.

So always be on the move, change positions, find new spots to take opponents out from!

Pakinhani, Oct 9, 2019

Premium Pass vs Premium Pass Plus

There are two types of passes available in CoD Mobile: the Premium Pass which costs 800 CoD points ($10) while the Premium Pass Plus costs 2,000 CoD Points ($25).

The Premium Pass' main purpose is to give you more and better rewards as you Tier Up during a season. These rewards (if you get them all, that is) have a combined value of over 40,000 CoD Points. Which does sound nice.

You also unlock Elite Tasks, which are basically extra tasks that you can complete in order to increase your tier faster.

The Premium Pass Plus gives you everything that the Premium Pass gives you, but it also throws in 25 free tiers. So if you're buying it at Tier 10, you're taken immediately to Tier 35 and so on.
Are these passes worth it?

The truth is that the rewards that you get as a free to play player (without a pass) are pretty much useless.

On the other hand, the Premium Pass has some nice rewards, from unlocking Ghost to getting a ton of extremely useful stuff along the way, including some Battle Pass Crates that hold some amazing rewards inside.

You will also earn CoD Points: you actually get 800 of them if you manage to reach tier 93. This means that if you get there, you can basically get a new Premium Pass for free if you don't spend any of the earned CoD Points.

Of course getting all the way to Tier 93 is not easy and most people will probably not even get close. But those who are really dedicated, play a good game and manage to complete all the missions on a daily basis will definitely stand a better chance at getting there.

Even without the CoD Points and the prospect of a free pass, you stillg et some really nice rewards, including special weapons with special attributes. For example, you get the M4 - G-Series from the beginning, which increases movement speed for a while after respawning.

There are also various other weapons that you can unlock with a pass, as well as various cosmetic items and regular credits. So there's definitely some value here.

But to answer the question - whether the battle pass is worth it or not - the answer depends on how active you are:

If you are a casual player, playing every now and then (or even daily, but not very hardcore), you can probably still enjoy the game without it.

If, on the other hand, you're a diehard fan of CoD Mobile, the Premium Pass will definitely make your life easier and allow you to get a ton of customizations in the game. You will unlock better weapons faster and you'll gather credits and CoD Points faster as well, so this could prove to be useful.

But the Premium Pass is not something that I would consider a real game changer. Not really a "pay to win" situation here, so you won't be left behind a lot if you don't get it. Which is both surprising and amazing.

Choopie200, Oct 29, 2019

How to unlock the Nuke

By playing the game - and doing it well, you will eventually unlock the Nuke. In other words, all you have to do is to reach rank 20 in the game and it will automatically unlock.

Once you get there, you will always have the Nuke available, so you don't have to equip it or do anything special. All you need to do is to play enough until you get to rank 20.

However, having it unlocked doesn't mean that you can drop the Nuke whenever you want to and the requirements for actually activating it are really tough.

Shrez, Oct 29, 2019

How to use the Nuke in CoD

In order for the Nuke itself to become available as a Scorestreak in the game, you will need to reach a kill streak of a whooping 20. This means that you must take out 20 enemies in a row before being killed. Which is not easy.

However, you do have the Persistence Perk that you can equip and put it to good use and hope that maybe you will be able to get the Nuke and use it in a match. However, this would double the requirements, meaning that you will have to take out 40 enemies before activating the nuke.

On the bright side, your counter won't reset if your character is killed during the battle, but it will still be a very tough thing to get.

Which makes sense, because a Nuke is extremely powerful in Call of Duty Mobile, basically wiping out the entire opposing team when activated. However, unlike the Nukes in the video games, it won't end the round.

In order to actually activate the Nuke, once it becomes active, all you have to do is activate it as you would with a normal Scorestreak. It will take a bit of time, as you'll have to go through an animation that shows your character taking out a laptop and typing something, but apart from that... there's nothing else you have to do.

After activating it and launching the Nuke, there's no aiming that you have to do or anything like that. Just wait a bit and grab those valuable points from taking out the entire enemy team.

Operativ, Oct 29, 2019

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Various Playthroughs (iOS)

Various Playthroughs (iOS)

Walkthrough Playlist #2 (iOS)

Walkthrough Playlist #2 (iOS)

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