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This page contains Cheats for Doom 3 organized by sections for Macintosh. This game has "Action Shooter First-Person" as genre, made by Aspyr. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Doom 3 Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Aspyr
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: Action Shooter First-Person
  • Release: Not Set
  • ESRB: Mature
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Cheat Mode

Press [Ctrl] + [Option] + ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes

r_glDriver <value>"opengl32", etc.
r_sb_occluderFacing<0-3>0 = front faces; 1 = back faces; 2 = midway between them
r_useClippedLightScissors <0-2>0 = full screen when near clipped, 1 = exact when near clipped, 2 = exact always
r_useEntityCulling <0 or 1>0 = none, 1 = box
r_useLightCulling <0 or 3>0 = none, 1 = box, 2 = exact clip of polyhedron faces, 3 = also areas
r_useCulling <0-2>0 = none, 1 = sphere, 2 = sphere and box
r_fullscreen <0 or 1>0 = windowed, 1 = full screen
r_showLightCount <0-3>1 = colors surfaces based on light count, 2 = also count everything through walls, 3 = also print overdraw
r_useInteractionCulling <0 or 1>1 = cull interactions
r_showViewEntitys <0-2>1 = displays the bounding boxes of all view models, 2 = print index numbers
r_skipUpdates <0 or 1>1 = do not accept any entity or light updates, making everything static
r_subviewOnly <0 or 1>1 = do not render main view, allowing subviews to be debugged
r_usePreciseTriangleInteractions <0 or 1>1 = do winding clipping to determine if each ambiguous tri should be lit
r_skipSubviews <0 or 1>1 = don't render any GUI elements on surfaces
r_showOverDraw <0-3>1 = geometry overdraw, 2 = light interaction overdraw, 3 = geometry and light interaction overdraw
r_showLights <0-3>1 = just print volumes numbers, highlighting ones covering the view, 2 = also draw planes of each volume, 3 = also draw edges of each volume
r_showImages <0-2>1 = show all images instead of rendering, 2 = show in proportional size
r_showInteractionFrustums <0-3>1 = show frustum for each interaction, 2 = also draw lines to light origin, 3 = also draw entity bbox
r_showInteractionScissors <0-2>1 = show screen rectangle which contains the interaction frustum, 2 = also draw construction lines
r_skipGuiShaders <0-3>1 = skip all gui elements on surfaces, 2 = skip drawing but still handle events, 3 = draw but skip events
r_skipParticles <0-1>1 = skip all particle systems
r_useExternalShadows <0-2>1 = skip drawing caps when outside the light volume, 2 = force to no caps for testing
r_useInteractionScissors <0-2>1 = use a custom scissor rectangle for each shadow interaction, 2 = also crop using portal scissors
r_useEntityScissors <0 or 1>1 = Use custom scissor rectangle for each entity
r_useLightScissors <0 or 1>1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each light
r_usePortals<0 or 1>1 = use portals to perform area culling, otherwise draw everything
r_showShadows <0-2>1 = visualize the stencil shadow volumes, 2 = draw filled in
addlineAdd debug line
addarrowAdds debug arrow
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galvatron9321, Jan 29, 2009

Map names

Use one of the following entries with the map code.

game/alphalabs1Alpha Labs Sector 1
game/alphalabs2Alpha Labs Sector 2
game/alphalabs3Alpha Labs Sector 3
game/alphalabs4Alpha Labs Sector 4
game/caverns1Caverns-Area 1
game/caverns2Caverns-Area 2
game/cpubossCentral Processing
game/commoutsideCommunications Transfer
game/cpuCPU Complex
game/delta5Delta Complex
game/delta1Delta Labs Level 1
game/delta2aDelta Labs Level 2A
game/delta2bDelta Labs Level 2B
game/delta3Delta Labs Level 3
game/delta4Delta Labs Level 4
game/enproEnPro Plant
game/mars_city1Mars City 1
game/mars_city2Mars City 2
game/mc_undergroundMars City Underground
game/recycling1Monorail Skybridge
game/hellholePrimary Excavation
game/recycling2Recycling Sector 2
game/site3Site 3

maizie0_0, Jan 29, 2009

Monster names

Use one of the following entries with the spawn code.

monster_zombie_maint_baldBald zombie
monster_zombie_tshirt_baldBald Zombie in T-shirt
monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouthBloody mouthed zombie
monster_zombie_sawyerChainsaw zombie
monster_zombie_commandoCommando Zombie
monster_zombie_commando_cgunCommando Zombie with chaingun
monster_zombie_fat2Fat Zombie
monster_zombie_fat_wrenchFat Zombie with wrench
monster_zombie_bernieFlaming Zombie
monster_boss_guardian_seekerGuardian's Seeker
monster_zombie_suit_neckstumpHeadless zombie
monster_zombie_maint_skinnySkinny zombie
monster_zombie_skinnySkinny zombie
monster_zombie_suit_skinnySkinny zombie in suit
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metalcore13, Jan 29, 2009

Other names

Use one of the following entries with the spawn code.

marscity_marine_helmet_p90_walkingArmed guard
moveable_base_brickBase brick
env_gibs_torsoBloody human torso
env_gibs_leftarmBloody left arm
env_gibs_leftlegBloody left leg
env_gibs_rightlegBloody left leg
env_gibs_rightarmBloody right arm
env_ragdoll_skeletonBloody skeleton
env_gibs_spineBloody spine
char_campbell_bfgCampbell holding BFG
char_campbell_bfgcaseCampbell holding BFG case
char_campbellCampbell holding nothing
moveable_cartonbox <1-8>Carton
moveable_chair <1, 2, or 5>Chair
moveable_burgerboxcloseClosed burger box
moveable_cokecanCoke can
char_betrugerEvil betruger
moveable_explodingbarrelExplosive barrel
moveable_gizmo <1-3>Gizmo
char_security_goggles_pistolGuard with a pistol
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supernatural87, Jan 29, 2009

Multi-player voice commands

Enable the exec mp_vchat code, then press one of the following keys during game play in multi-player mode to send the corresponding voice command.

[Keypad 7]"Attack now"
[Keypad 1]"Cancel that"
[Keypad 5]"Cover me"
[Keypad Backslash]"Die already"
[Keypad 4]"Grab the armor"
[Keypad 0]"Great game"
[Keypad Asterisk]"Hack"
[Keypad 9]"I'll take that"
[Keypad 8]"Move in"
[Keypad 6]"Over here"
[Keypad 3]"Prepare for attack"
[Keypad 2]"Pull back!"
[Keypad Period]"That sucked"

brymac, Jan 29, 2009

Weapon names

Use one of the following entries with the give code.


tiedyequeen, Jan 29, 2009

Ammunition names

Use one of the following entries with the give code.


saar, Jan 29, 2009

Item names

Use one of the following entries with the give code.

pda admin_banks
pda admin_dorweiler
pda admin_moses
pda admin_simons
pda alphalabs1_berger
pda alphalabs1_krietman
pda alphalabs1_lipsitz
pda alphalabs1_smith
pda alphalabs2_chin
pda alphalabs2_connors
pda alphalabs3_abrams
pda alphalabs3_lamia
pda alphalabs3_nelson
pda alphalabs3_poota
pda alphalabs4_kaczynski
pda caverns1_cody
pda comm1_blake
pda comm1_finch
pda comm1_wolfe
pda comm1_wolfe
pda commoutside_holiday
pda commoutside_ridge
pda cpu_bates
pda cpu_haskell
pda cpuboss_tooloose
pda delta1_mora
pda delta1_price
pda delta2a_cinders
pda delta2a_raleigh
pda delta2a_wilson
pda delta2b_bullman
pda delta2b_erikson
pda delta2b_mcneil
pda delta2b_stemmons
pda delta3_cerano
pda delta3_lee
pda delta3_shultz
pda delta4_gilbert
pda delta5_jackson
pda delta5_swann
pda enpro_chasar
pda enpro_hammer
pda enpro_raad
pda hell_garlick
pda hell_hebert
pda marscity2_caseon
pda marscity2_duncan
pda marscity2_stanton
pda marscity2_tyson
pda mc1_berneche
pda mcunderground_baston
pda mcunderground_delahue
pda mcunderground_ryan
pda mcunderground_young
pda monorail_cullen
pda monorail_harding
pda monorail_hollies
pda monorail_ross
pda recycling1_garza
pda recycling1_sadowayj
pda recycling2_johnson
pda recycling2_moen
pda site3_davis
pda site3_rogers
video bfg
video chaingun
video demon_museum
video epd (download videodisc with content)
video hydrocon
video ian_report
video ipn_news
video mfs
video plasmagun
video recycling
video soulcube
video tablets

dedou1, Jan 29, 2009


Nightmare Difficulty Without Finishing the Game

You will need to edit the DoomConfig.cfg file, located in the /Data/BASE folder. Make sure you backup the file before making any changes. Open the file with Notepad or other text editor. Look for the "g_nightmare" entry. If you haven't finished the game yet, you will see the number 0. Change it to 1, save, and nightmare mode will be unlocked.

addicted2sims, Jan 29, 2009

Multi-player information

During multi-player mode, you can enter the console window to see if anybody tried to join. It will also show you if anybody was rejected due to an invalid password.

fir3blade, Jan 29, 2009

Defeating the final Boss

When you each the end Boss, do not bother wasting your ammunition on him. Just stay away from him. Kill the Imps and other demons and use the Soul Cube on him. If you are play in co-op mode, shoot him. Use the Soul Cube on him about five or six times. On the last time you will see an intermission sequence of him dying.

GoToHeLL, Jan 29, 2009

Defeating the Guardian Of The Soul Cube

When fighting the Guardian Of The Soul Cube in hell, do not bother shooting his body. This is a waste of precious ammunition. Instead, blast his "searchers" with something with good coverage like the chaingun, and he will have to spawn more. When he does, a blue light will appear over his body. Shoot it with the rocket launcher. Do this a few times and he will die easily. Also, look in the room around the columns for ammunition, health, etc.

sparky, Jan 29, 2009

Defeating Sabaoth

A charged Soul Cube is requried for this trick. As soon as you enter the room with Sabaoth, the door in front of you will open and he will say "Welcome to mess hall". Fire the five rockets and you might detonate the BFG shot that he fires. After firing the five rockets he will be very close to you. Stand still and fire your Soul Cube to defeat him. Note: This was done under the normal difficulty setting.

wozemomo, Jan 29, 2009

Defeating demons

The best way to kill demons is to use the plasma gun. The plasma from the weapon can cancel the demon's plasma balls that are often thrown at you. Because the plasma gun is rapid fire, it will just keep firing until you release the trigger.

pernell, Jan 29, 2009

Skip part of second level

On the second level wheb you are getting ready to go underground, once you get your pistol enable the noclip code. Go into the office and press the button facing the window. You should see a demon creep up the window and get attacked by a zombie. Once you kill him you can skip through the level by continuing on.

babygirl, Jan 29, 2009

Saving ammunition

If you can avoid it, try not to use weapons like the shotgun or others that have difficult to find ammunition on the weaker zombies. The flashlight (if you are fast enough) or just the pistol usually will suffice.

queendom, Jan 29, 2009

Cabinet combinations

Use one of the following combinations to unlock the corresponding cabinet.

Cabinet 001: 396
Cabinet 003: 483
Cabinet 009: 752
Cabinet 013: 586
Cabinet 017: 347
Cabinet 023: 531
Cabinet 038: 409
Cabinet 039: 102
Cabinet 047: 123
Cabinet 048: 123
Cabinet 049: 123
Cabinet 054: 246
Cabinet 054 (second): 142
Cabinet 063: 972
Cabinet 064: 651
Cabinet 078: 364
Cabinet 079: 364
Cabinet 103: 259
Cabinet 104: 579
Cabinet 112: 538
Cabinet 114: 715
Cabinet 116: 972
Cabinet 116 (second): 624
Cabinet 117: 624
Cabinet 213: 371
Cabinet 215: 298
Cabinet 317: 841
Cabinet 386: 836
Cabinet 387: 836
Cabinet 452: 571
Cabinet 666: 372
Cabinet 669: 468
Cabinet 21D: 298
Martian Buddies 1 and 2: 0508
Weapons Storage 1 and 2: 584

dre2k62k7, Jan 29, 2009

Hidden message

Go to Delta Labs Sector 4. When you get to the room with the second chainsaw zombie, kill him, then face to the door that leads into the teleporter room. Look to the left. You will see a skeleton sitting in a corner. Hit it out of the corner and you should see a message written in black, reading "YOU LOUSY IT WORKS".

Wiley, Jan 29, 2009
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