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  • Developer: Team Wood Games
  • Publisher: Team Wood Games
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Release: Oct 26, 2022
  • Platform: Macintosh
  • ESRB: Not Set


Better Setup

From: MatLopita

This will teach you a good setup of pet strategy that i know, this is also the first ever guide on this game!

Beginning Game
In the first round that you have just started, i will tell you a good pet setup.

in the first round, you need to get 2 pets, and a honey Consumable. you will need to roll only once until you get a mosquito and a fish, or a pig. if neither come up just get anything that has better stats than the rest of the pets in the shop. Put the mosquito at the very front and the other pet right behind it. Apply the honey onto the mosquito. Next, pick out a name and play the round

next round you will need to focus less on the food, and more on the pets, get yourself 3 pets, and no food upgrades. (i prefer a fish, cricket and anything else) then, play the round

Middle Game (and a little bit of end game)
On the third round you will want to upgrade 1 or 2 animals that you are not happy with, but on round 3 you mostly want to focus on food upgrades, you want to look out for cupcakes, bone attack, and apple. Apply the cupcakes and apples to the mosquito at the front. DON'T upgrade the second to right animal, they will be replaced. Replace Honey bee on the front pet with Bone Attack.

on round 4 you will need to look out for 3 animals, the peacock, the crab, and the kangaroo. If you see a crab (which you are very likely to see) Sell your weakest pet and put the crab in second position. If you see a kangaroo, put it in third position. and if you see a peacock, put it in fourth position.

On round 5 you will need to buff up your mosquito with every health and strength aspect that you can give it, if you see a garlic armour, give that to the crab.

the further you progress in the game the more strong pets you will get. further on you need to get a hippo replacing the mosquito, and a monkey in the back (gorilla if you are that far)

in late game you will need to focus less on finding new pets, and more on better food. If you have salad or canned food, that is the key to winning and getting better pets.

these are the food items you should give to what pet:

Front Pet: make it the best pet you have on the team. give it a lot of health and attack. Also let it have bone attack, or meat.

Second Pet (crab): Give this pet garlic armour. the more times this pet takes damage, the more buffed the kangaroo gets, so give it like 5-6 attack damage.

Third Pet (kangaroo): give this guy bone attack or Meat, this guy needs to do a lot of damage.

Fourth Pet (peacock): give this garlic armour or melon armour. Also make the peacock have a ton of health, the more hits it takes, the better.

The Fifth Pet (monkey or gorilla): This is your last resort Pet. Make the damage and health Second best on the team to the front pet. The gorilla is good because it has a one time per battle coconut shield that ignores damage, so give this thing a load of power, so it can hit twice.. Also give it garlic armour or meat (bone attack isn't strong enough for last resort)

Sep 28, 2021

Super Auto Guide

From: Vavanade

A strategy I found with which I have a high winrate.

Just for base game
There's a base (Standard) game and Expansion 1 now. I only have the base game so this guide will be just for that.

Turn by turn.
On turn 1 and 2 you'll only have Tier 1 animals.

Good Tier 1 animals (turns 1 and 2)

  • Fish
  • Pig
  • Duck
  • Ant
  • Beaver

There's no animal from the Tier 1 that is good late game (horse attack bonus is temporary so it is not a permanent scaling) so best choice is to buy animals that have bonus on sell (Pig ~ Duck > Beaver), buff friends on faint (Ant) or on level-up (Fish) or make your shop better (Duck).

Turn 1
Buy 3 of the good ones (mentioned above). You can have 1 reroll. If you don't come across a good ones, buy even bad ones. If you come across a Fish that you can't buy anymore after reroll, freeze it. If you come across a beehive, freeze it for the next turn.

Turn 2
Buy 2 more good animals and preferably put a beehive on an Ant.

Good Tier 2 animals (from turn 3)
Dodo - great

If you see a Swan, buy it, unless you already have one LVL3. It gives you bonus gold which is extremely valuable since you can do more rerolls and find better animals and food that way.

Dodo offers great scaling to the late game.

Turns 3 and 4
Buy Swans. If you get some Swans or Dodos in the shop, sell your Tier 1 animals (or faint them with Pill).

  • Good Tier 3 animals (from turn 5)
  • Turtle - just for Melon armor (explained below)
  • Ox - for midgame, can be somewhat useful in the lategame as well
  • Kangaroo - just for midgame
  • Giraffe - midgame scaling

Turtle is great with the Pill because if you make it faint, it gives permanent Melon armor (Tier 6 buff) to the animal behind it. If I get this early, I usually put it on a Swan because I'm sure that Swan will stay until the late game. Other ones are usually just fillers to not lose and wait for Tier 4.

Good Tier 4 animals (from turn 7)
>>>Rooster<<< God Tier. Just put it in front of a Dodo and give it Melon Armor by fainting a Turtle with a Pill in front of it and you have a great combo

  • Penguin - Good mid to late game scaling
  • Monkey - Good midgame scaling
  • Deer - Good for midgame so you don't lose

Good Tier 5 animals (from turn 9)
>>>Shark<<< God Tier. Combos with Rooster very well. Give it Melon armor as well
Cow - Buy it if you can sell one of your animals for buffing. Don't bother if you already have a Penguin buffing all of your other animals.

Good Tier 5 food
Buy Chocolate - It's yummy!

Good Tier 6 animals

  • Fly - I buy it instead of a Penguin for last win or 2 wins. It buffs the Shark so much it's not even funny.
  • Good Tier 6 food
  • Melon Armor - Give everyone Melon armor.
  • Steak - Put the Steak on Penguin or a Fly if they don't have Melon Armor yet.

Try to get every animal except Fly and Penguin to Level 3. Win. Ideal combo should look something like:

  • Shark | Dodo | Rooster | Swan | Penguin
  • or for the last few rounds swap Penguin for a Fly like this:
  • Shark | Fly | Dodo | Rooster | Swan
Dec 6, 2021

How To Finest Builds

From: Jojo123mateo

There are a lot of different animals in Super Auto Pets, and each of them has its qualities and special capabilities. Even in such a standard game, you need to think completely about how to create a strong and dependable team. We have in fact selected for you the 3 finest animal teams, using which you will not be sorry for.

Summoner Build
Due to the fact that under great scenarios the game will go 8-9 animals versus 5, the essence of this build is that you will exceed your opposition. In the start, your game starts with a number of crickets, in addition to a horse. In the middle of the game, when you have the possibility, you will need to modify the crickets for spiders or sheep.

True, if you managed to upgrade the crickets to level 3 previous to it wound up being possible to modify it, then you should leave it, this will later help you in the buffalo combo. At the end of the game, it would be best to alter the horse with a turkey, together with get the fly at the very first possibility, as this will help you immensely in the late game.

Lama and More Animals
This team's technique concentrates on the llama, nevertheless to get it, you need to have access to level 4 animals. It's worth it, as the llama scales yourself, which will help you later. In this deck, you will have a free slot, which is also great, considered that you will have the opportunity to acquire animals that can supply you beneficial arise from acquiring and selling. In this deck, you will need a turtle as a protector for the llama.

When acquiring a Llama, you can immediately use the turtle's ability, Pill for Melon. And you will also need a bat, a deer, and a caterpillar to effectively destroy enemies. Towards completion of the game, you need to level up the llama to the 2nd level as quickly as possible to have a far better position and exactly win up till completion.

Operation Otter
The essence of this approach is incredibly standard. Your goal by the end of the game is to have some really big creatures. To do this, at the start of the game, you buy one animal that you want to make the main force of your team, such as a fish or a mosquito. Well, after that, acquire all the otters you can just to make the creature as big as possible.

Next, you will need to use promoting items on your main fighter. It can be garlic and an apple. And in this state, your creature will presently have the capability to mess up 3-4 enemy animals by itself. With a medium game, you should get a crab that will copy the health of your main fighter, and by feeding it with meat, it will wind up being no less risky creature. Well, it would also be great to get a kangaroo in slot 2. This will ensure that thanks to your main attacker, he will get a variety of lovers, which will later make a great challenger and kangaroo.

Mar 16, 2022

How do the very best Methods

From: Atomic

Purchasing and Selling in Order
A frequently neglected method, however very important to follow. A number of items are implied to be bought and offered in particular order, which you can discover of if you read the items'tooltips. You require to purchase Canned Food prior to purchasing any Shop Pet, as the Canned Food will boost the attack and health of the Shop Pet upon purchasing the Shop Pet.

Dedicating to One Animal
Keeping a single specific animal around and building your team around how that animal plays can press you forward a fair bit. The Fish, for instance, starts with quite great stats and discovers a great ability when levelling up. Making your Fish more powerful with great deals of food will ensure that you net a number of wins as you go.

Use Honey to your Advantage
Once it passes away, Honey permits your animal to summon a Honeybee. The Honeybee, although having just 1 health and 1 attack, ends up being the choosing element for lots of players. If each of your animals too the animals of the enemy knock each other out of the match, and both players are down to their last family pet, the match will normally end in a draw. This can be prevented, and you can win rather, if your last animal has Honey. It will result in a draw if your challenger's last family pet has Honey.

Get Animals that Synergize Together
When it takes a hit, the Elephant harms what is behind it prior to it assaults; the Peacock gains damage. Supplied the Elephant does not kill the Peacock instantly, this synergy in between the Elephant and Peacock is rather beneficial, and you require to watch out for animals with such synergy when in play.

Mar 23, 2022

Game Walkthroughs

Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough Part 1

From: CrossKnightsPosted on: 11-07-2022
From: NCJP!Posted on: 11-07-2022
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