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This page contains Cheats for Jet Force Gemini organized by sections for Nintendo 64. This game has "Action Shooter Third-Person" as genre, made by Rare Ltd., released on Sep 30, 1999. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Jet Force Gemini Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Rare Ltd.
  • Publisher: Rare Ltd.
  • Genre: Action Shooter Third-Person
  • Release: Sep 30, 1999
  • ESRB: Teen
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Debug Mode

To activate debug mode, first you must start a game normally. At the character select, hit right on the joystick 3 times, then left all the way to Lupas (select Lupas). When you start, hit C-right, C-right, C-right, C-left, C-right, C-right, C-up, C-up, C-up. If you do it correctly you will hear a noise that sounds like Lupas barking but he won't be moving. To use this cheat, after the bark, just go through the items and weapons you want to change into by tapping A. Hit A once, it changes, hit A again, it changes. just cycle through till you have found what you want. Then hit B to place that object/item where Lupas is standing.

Cherrii, Nov 14, 2006

Super jump

Hold C-Up to perform a super jump.

janie, Nov 14, 2006

Quick character change

Press C-Left or C-Right at the map screen to quickly change the character icons.

Nintendogs_12, Nov 14, 2006

Hear Lupus howl

Press C-Down when playing as Lupus.

kev2555, Nov 14, 2006


Play as Giant Spider Boss in Deathmatch

First beat the spider boss without dieing once. Then on the next level die without killing anyone. When you start again save it and quit. Then Choose the game you saved. You will v.s. the spider again. His first two teeth will be gone. Destroy one of his other teeth and shoot at his legs. Die again when you start over save and quit. Choose deathmatch and choose the screen thats blank. If it turns black you Did it right. If it turns Red you did it wrong and you will be Juno.(If Red, Do over)

gemma, Nov 14, 2006

Floyd Piece Locations

These are the locations of all the Floyd pieces in the Tawfret courtyard type place.

1. On top of the walkway near Gimlets house
2. Inside the chimney and down the path on top of Gimlets house.
3. Blow up the door near the back of Gimlets house and walk inside.

Proceed to the area where Floyd is and talk to hi, and then he will follow you around and be available for use in two player co-op.

ange12, Nov 14, 2006

Avoid getting hit by flying objects

When reaching a section with small flying objects, run behind a tree and repeatedly run sideways to avoid getting hit.

azry51, Nov 14, 2006


Juno can walk on fire (lava), Vela can swim, and Lupus can hover.

TabyCat12, Nov 14, 2006

Homing Missle Launcher location

To find it, you must go to the ss anubis and climb the boxes you climbed to find the PLasma Shotgun. then, climb the baxes behind it and go in the door on the upper level. Continue through the depository of the ss anubis, enter the room with your ship, rescue all or all of the tribals you can find, because some are hidden in the darkness of the room for a total of nine tribals, enter your ship and you will be whisked away to the peak walkway. Walk up to the building, destroy all of the soldier drones guarding the area, and enter, inside is a trapdoor that leads to two tribals and a crapload of shield wielding soldier drones. don't go down there just yet. also in the room is a diamond gezzer station, and located in the corner are the Homing missles!

lovessit, Nov 14, 2006

Unlimited Mizar tokens

Locate an area that contains Mizar tokens but no opponents, such as the beginning of the Spawnship or the rib cage in Eschebone. Take Mizar the tokens, then leave and return. The Mizar tokens will re-appear and may be collected again.

NED|Sayuri, Nov 14, 2006

Refill ammunition

Switch to the shotgun, pistol or machine gun if running low on ammunition and run over the bodies of dead enemies to collect more bullets for that weapon. To refill the flame thrower, shoot Tribals once to force them to drop their lanterns without killing them. Collect the lanterns to use as flame thrower ammunition.

ghifaripohan, Nov 14, 2006

Collect out of reach gems

Shoot gems that are out of reach to bring them within range.

Rosie74, Nov 14, 2006

Invincibility in Multiplayer mode

Ok, to get this code to work, S.S. Anubis stage is the best. When standing in front of the Invincibility icon (don't get it), Let a person kill you so you fall back on it. You will have the shield on you until you press A. Once you have pressed A, your enemy will not be able to lock on you or hurt you until you get another Invincibility icon, this will be turned off.

ron87, Nov 14, 2006

Parts for Floyd

Floyd's parts are in the very area that you meet him. One part is to the left of the cathedral/church, on the platform. After collecting that part, keep going, jump on the church, go to the left, go up the stairs, move to the fireplace, and jump in to reach a sewer. Take a right hand turn to enter a room. Choose the middle path to end up in a room with sparkling helicopter blades. Leave the sewer and locate a large building) like the church) with a metal door. Use Tri Rockets on it, enter the sewer again, and walk down the path to find another leg part.

agagagag, Nov 14, 2006

Nitrogen tank and Water Ruin

To get to Water Ruin, defeat Mizar 1 with Lupus. The characters' armor will be upgraded. Then, go to Sekmet with any character. Go to the third room and get on a Jetpack pad. The Jetpack meter will fill up about 50%. Fly to the high catwalk. Walk through all the rooms until you find the Launchpad. Take off in the ship and it will land at Water Ruin. Then dive as Vela into the cave under the largest island. The nitrogen tank and some weapon upgrades will be on the table.

mrclean214, Nov 14, 2006

Tips for the Final Boss

The Final Mizar on the Asteroid is easily the toughest, cheapest Boss in Jet Force Gemini - you'll no doubt die many, many times facing him. There is a trick, though - although it's not foolproof, it's a big help. To do this trick, you need to have at least 40 max Tri-Rockets with Juno. For defeating this Boss, you'd usually fire a Homing Missile when Mizar turns his back, because it almost always hits. Unfortunately, it's also weak, and it can take up to 21+ of these hits to get Mizar to go to this next phase. The trick is to use the Tri-Rocket Launcher when Mizar is flying toward you to do his Fire Claw attack (the one that creates the shockwave). Aim high and shoot once straight into Mizar's body as he comes toward you, and you'll almost always hit AND do more damage, too. If done right, this can cut the hits you need to get him down to his next phase by half. Once he's in his next phase (on the ground with you), start pounding his right (your right) arm with the TRL, until it explodes in a bloody mess; then do the same with the left arm; then do the same with the head, and he's through. Don't forget, Mizar also attacks you too, so here are some tips in avoiding his attacks.

Smartkid1210, Nov 14, 2006


Get Ants into Pants Mode

Get 300 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.

PatrickM1996, Nov 14, 2006

Get Rainbow Blood Mode

Get 100 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.

arlic2345, Nov 14, 2006

Get jet Force Kids Mode

Get 200 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.

likklelewry, Nov 14, 2006

Game Unlockables

Jet Force Gemini unlockables:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Cluster BombsBlow up the glass in the conveyor belt room in S.S. anubis and follow the path until you see the box that holds the cluster bombs.
eff & Barry Arcade RacingGet 1st Place on Jeff and Barry Racing at Ichor Arcade
FlaresFind them in the shed after blowing up the door.
Get Beetle TermiteContact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Tawfret - Tomb Area
Get Blue AntContact the hidden Totem pole in SS Anubis - Generator Room 2F
Get Female tribalGet the mine key first. Now contact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Rith Essa - Mine
Get Green AntContact the hidden Totem pole in Spawn Ship - Cargo Sewer
Get jet Force Kids ModeGet 200 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.
Get Male tribalUse Lupus to get the Magenta Key at Eschebone - Thorax, Left Intestine. Now contact the hidden Totem pole as Lupus in Sekhmet - Channel Area
Get Metallic TermiteContact the hidden Totem pole as Lupus in Sekhmet - Go across spiral walkway
Get Metallic TermiteContact the hidden Totem pole as Lupus in Sekhmet - Go across spiral walkway
Get Purple termiteContact the hidden Totem pole as Juno in Mizar's Palace
Get Red AntContact the hidden Totem pole as Juno in Ichor - Military Base
Get Yellow AntContact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Goldwood
Get Zombie TermiteContact the hidden Totem pole as Lupus in Tawfret - Treehut Area
Goldwood Target RangeGet Gold Rank on Goldwood Floyd Level J
Greenwood Village Race TrackGet 1st place on both of the Jeff and Barry Arcade Racing machines in Ichor Arcade
GrenadesIn the first room you start in in Sekhmet.
Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing 2Get 1st Place on Jeff and Barry Racing 2at Ichor Arcade
King of HillContact the hidden Totem pole in Cerulean Holding Room
Machine Gundestroy the Infantry weevil behind the Red key door in Goldwood
Mizar 3D RacerGet 1st Place at races at Mizar's Palace
PistolStart with.
Plasma Shotgunat the Start of the S.S. Anubis, turn right and walk to the wall and turn right, climb the boxes and open the chest. Hold Z to power it up!
Rith Essa MineGet powered jetpacks then contact the hidden Totem pole in Walkway Station
Rith Essa Target RangeGet Gold Rank on Eschebone Floyd Level
ShockerIn skemmet: Battle cruiser, go to the part where there is a path to a red key door and a whole bunch of lava. Jump in the lava and walk to the door which is in one of the silo things. Now just follow the path and you should find a cheast with the shocker inside of it.
ShurikensDestroy the big crate in the end of the drone filled tunnels in goldwood where all the tribals and drones are. THen pick up the Yellow Key and return to the field with King Jeffs hut. GO past it and cross the water and enter the large door. Destroy the Stag and pick up the Shurikens.
Sniper RifleGo into the little house by Gimlets place and destroy the drone and rescue the tribal, then open the chest.
Space StationContact the hidden Totem pole as in Space Station Basement
Tri Rocket LaunchersKing Jeff will give them to you after you talk to him in tawfret graveyard
TunnelsContact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Rith Essa Waterfalls

deathbringer123, Nov 14, 2006

Machine Gun

In the first room with two locks that must be opened by destroying all drones, destroy the first wave of drones, and a door will open, don't enter it yet, pick off all the snipers, and the new wave of soldier drones. the second door will open, allowing you to get the machine gun, which will allow you too open the target lock in the next drone room which will contain the Plasma shotgun! Fishface will give you the red key, and then you will be able to proceed to the docking bay.

Glenist, Nov 14, 2006

Meteor Barrage

When Mizar uses the Meteor attack, having an extra friend around to control Floyd and help you destroy meteors while at the same time conserving machine gun ammo, can be a great help. Not only do you avoid running out of ammo, which is easy to do, even with 900 rounds, but you also get hit fewer times!

dravid, Nov 14, 2006

Fire Claw

Mizar charges the platform you're on and causes a shockwave which takes 1-3 HP of damage. To avoid this, go to the far left or right of the platform and wait until Mizar is just about to strike the ground, and strafe in the opposite direction. The shockwave isn't large enough to cover the platform and so it will miss you.

Ryan-is-ere, Nov 14, 2006

Eye Laser

Mizar fires two purple lasers from his eyes three times at you. Simply strafe to the left or right to avoid. Easy. One of these his can take 1-2 HP of damage.

ed625, Nov 14, 2006

Ice Breath

Mizar blows a huge breath of cold air at you. Very easy - just strafe right through it and it probably won't do anything. If it does, it will only do 1 HP of damage.

Pudsthecat, Nov 14, 2006

Ship Part Locations

Note: These are in exact order you see in menu.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Cargobay keyUnder water below tree in Tawfret
Deflector shieldTurn into tribal at the Rith Essa mine and receive from minor boss
FinTalk to guy in the SS Anubies passageway Lupus's Hatch key:At Inchor
FusePlace first in the Mizar Palace Race Nitrogen tank: At the Under water ruins(Easy)
Juno's hatch keySpawnship-In lava tunnel
Oxygen tankAt the top of the Cortex on Echobone
Power cellGive ear plugs to bear in the water ruins
Radar DishFill generator at the Gem Quarry and talk to Magnus
StabilizerFree all tribals
Vela's hatch keyReceive at the Lodge in Goldwood

melon, Nov 14, 2006
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