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This page contains Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs for Ogre Battle 64: Person Of Lordly Caliber organized by sections for Nintendo 64. This game has "Strategy Turn-Based" as genre, made by Quest. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Ogre Battle 64: Person Of Lordly Caliber
  • Developer: Quest
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Genre: Strategy Turn-Based
  • Release: Oct 7 [2000]
  • ESRB: Teen
  • Section: Cheats, Cheat Codes


Start a new game and enter "MUSIC_ON" as a case-sensitive name. »»

From: casper

Press A + B + Start + Z during game play to return to the title screen. »»

From: Duraiken

Start a new game and enter "DEL_DATA" as a case-sensitive name. »»

From: Xangetsu


This trick will allow you to get 55 of any item in the game. It does not work for weapons, spellbooks, or armor. It can only be done for items that any unit can carry. Select any unit, and fill that unit's items all the way except for the last two slots. For example: Heal leaf Heal leaf Heal leaf Heal leaf Heal leaf Heal leaf Empty Empty Next, place the item you wish »»

From: Ubludkadochka

At the Tremos Mt. Part 2, you will meet Debonair at Ibu Dehi. Do not send anybody but your main unit (Magnus). You must have a neutral to chaos alignment to get Debonair, Aisha, and Saradin in your battalion. »»

From: jdshoneybrown7

When you get to the three way branch (the second one that links Capitrum, Tremos Mountains, or Vert Plateau), go east. In Coongul (the one with the Witch Den), enter the stronghold. Learn of the devil child. Send a unit to the village on the mountainous area behind the enemy base. Meet Paul. When he asks you to leave, ask if he really wants that. After defeating Kaiga »»

From: DriftkingGT5

On the first Mylesia mission, go to the town of Elgorea. Troi, a Phalanx, will ask to join your battalion. Accept the offer. After the mission, bring Troi's unit back to the town of Elgorea. His mother will give him a Hallowed shield, which protects against petrification. »»

From: 147852

First, you must have liberated Audvera Heights and Sable Lowlands before coming to Mount Ithaca. On the map, send a team up to liberate the town of Ketican. Do not liberate it until you see where Vad's team is located. Do not kill off Vad or Vad's team -- avoid him at all cost. After locating Vad's team, go ahead and liberate Ketican. Once that happens, the bridge eas »»

From: nickofthejones

Get one Satan's Boulevard by defeating an entire unit on any mission after Chapter 1. Then, get some Valiant Mantles The number of Valiant Mantles (not Satan's Boulevard) will be how many Black Nights you get. Note: You only need one Satan's Boulevard, then you will never have to get another one again. »»

From: SPV999

Annihilation can be found on the Barpheth stage, just east of Sondrio. »»

From: uC4F0NVL

On the sixth, fifteenth, and twenty first of any month, go to Melphy, Darrnundeles and get what you originally came for. Before leaving the area, wait until after 17:59 and before 23:59 and renter Melphy. The salesman will still be there. After 17:59 on that day, he will be out selling the Book of Meteor Strike. Each copy costs 50,000 Goth . »»

From: 2ihop

Chaos Frame is one of the most important things in the game. It is affected by liberating and capturing strongholds. For example: A city with high morale should be taken by a unit with high alignment to liberate it, etc. You cannot find out your Chaos Frame until the end of the game, but some things will change to clue you in. The lower your Chaos Frame, the more evil »»

From: junk email 99

Although you can find this awesome spellbook in the wild, it is also available for purchase. You can buy it in one of the shops in Alba for a very hefty price tag. Note: There are 2 shops in Alba, but only one has Annihilation in stock. »»

From: Visigoth

In the game, you choose your birthday at the beginning and it is then converted to game birthday, like March 30th to Sombra 16th. For every 10 birthdays you get a special present which is usually a weapon or valuable. Go to the Hugo Report, then go to events, and find the Happy Birthday scene, and click L to watch it. It will have a little cutscene with some of your s »»

From: Visigoth

Use the item duplication trick on champion statuettes and other statistic-raising items like Sword Emblems, Stones of Quickness, Bracers of Protection, etc. and you can customize your characters into fighting machines, metaphorically speaking of course. NOTE: you can also use this on scrolls of discipline and Chaos Jar thingy's to customize your characters' alignment. »»

From: Visigoth

If your trying to get to a town, like Melphy, on a certain day before time runs out, this is the tip for you: Before you enter the area, see what day it says. REMEMBER IT! Enter the area and go to the desired location. Lets say you wanna be at Melphy on the 25th, and you get to Dardunnelles on the 23rd, enter the are, go to melphy and wait until it says 2 days in the »»

From: Visigoth

The best headgear in the game can be found rather early and easily. If you have Liedel, the oh-so-beautiful Archer, then you can acquire this nice hat. Send Liedel to Inze, Fair Heights and you'll recieve the headgear. »»

From: Visigoth

Send Asnabel to Kinseya, Gunther Piedmont to recieve this very powerful helm. »»

From: Visigoth

After gaining Troi as your subordinate, re-enter Mylesia and send Troi to Elgorea. His mother will give him the Hallowed Shield. Though statistically inferior to ALL the other shields in the game, it makes the wearer immune to ALL status effects. »»

From: Visigoth

First, you must have the Dream Tiara, the Ansate Cross from Karya, Zenobian Border, Pedras of Bane and Virtue, and a high Chaos Frame. Enter Vulge, Latium to learn about an angel that appears in a church. Send Magnus into Gothpicci, Latium, between 00:00 and 04:00. If you have met the requirements, an Archangel will give you the Southern Cross armor. »»

From: Visigoth

Send Magnus to Edepar, Alba, to recieve this valuable. It doubles the experience that Soldiers recieve in battle, making them change into Fighters/Amazons quicker. »»

From: Visigoth

The best Battle Fan in the Game, Caldia, can be found in Tybell, The Wicked Land. Enter Tybell, and head for Letze. There are some Highlands to the NorthWest of Letze, and at the SouthWesternmost point is the Caldia. »»

From: Visigoth

This very, very good light armor can be found in Tybell, The Wicked Land. Enter Tybell and send a unit to Raguza. on the snowy plains, west of Raguza, in a little section curved off a little by the highlands, lies the Saint's Garb. It's the best light armor out there, and it has the element of Virtue. »»

From: Visigoth

The best, or near best, spear in the game can be found in Barpeth. Enter Barpeth and send a unit to Glebming. In the barrens SouthWest of Glebming, at the SouthEast corner, lies the fiery lance Ignis. »»

From: Visigoth

Though not the best spear, the Lance of Longinus is nevertheless a great weapon. The Lance of Longinus is in Barpeth. Enter Barpeth and send a unit to Castle Renevue. In the Highlands SouthWest of Castle Renevue, at the NorthEast point, lies the Lance of Longinus. »»

From: Visigoth

The best Mace in the game can be found in The Tundra of Argent. Enter Argent, and send a unit to Troguil OR Griena. Simply send a unit to the other city, and you'll find this mace. For example, if you sent your unit to Griena, after he gets there, send him to Troguil. This is a spectacular mace and I severely recommend you getting it. »»

From: Visigoth

A very good robe, though not as good as the Blood-stained Robe, can be found in Romulus. Enter Romulus and send a unit to Ottochaz. The Cloak of Oath lies just a little bit North of Ottochaz. »»

From: Visigoth

There are 2 locations where you can find the best Thrusting Sword in the game. One is located in the Blue Basilica. Enter the Blue Basilica and send a unit to search the little island between Castle Andvari and Clemona. The Sword of Dragon Gem lies just a little off the path on the little island. »»

From: Visigoth

A simple, yet somewhat time-consuming trick to locate rare items in maps, is to save your game, enter a map, and use dowsing rods to locate all of the good items. Remember where they are through either memory or writing it down, reset the game, and re-enter the map with all of your dowsing rods still in your possession. The items you found will be in the same place as »»

From: Visigoth

Put a memory card into your controller. Put the OB 64 cartridge into the system. Hold in the start button the controller AND THEN turn on the system. It should bring up a Pak Management interface that will let you copy saved files from from the game cartridge to the memory pak. This isn't exactly a code, but there don't seem to be many people who know how to do this e »»

From: LebRoSe

There are a total of 18 characters that can join Magnus during his crusade, But most have prerequisits before they will join: Aisha Mission 14: Audvera Heights - Send a unit to Puld and let her join you. But if you did not pick Answer 1 at Volmous Mine Mission, she may not join. Asnabel Mission 7: Gunther Piedmont - After him and his daughter reunite(Katreda), Asnabel »»

From: Visigoth

1st Pedra: Choose at the start of the game. 2nd Pedra: Train a unit at Mylesia 5 times after Mission 4. 3rd Pedra: Train a unit at Mount Ithaca 5 times after Mission 15. 4th Pedra: Train a unit at Gules Hills 5 times after mission 20. Pedra of Bane: After Mission 12, go to Soathon, Jiram. Get some info about a missing dog. Then find a Hellhound and go back there. Give »»

From: Visigoth

There are many classes within this game, and all are good (except the witch), but there are a few special ones. The small list of special classes include the Mighty Dragoon. You may only have one character as a Dragoon, and that is because it is probably the best class in the game. To acquire this Class, you must gather 3 items: Dragon Armor. - After Mission 4, go to »»

From: Visigoth

In order to get a Vampire, you must have 2 items in your inventory and a Chaotic male character: 1. Count's Garment - You have to find this by killing other Vampires during missions. 2. Bloody Emblem - This one is a little more complicated. Go to Elgorea, Mylesia with the chaotic male leader. Enter Stronghold and you'll meet Lestat the Undead. He'll ask you questions »»

From: Visigoth

To acquire this very powerful spellcaster, you must have one very special item;The Ring of the Dead. You can recieve the Ring in 2 places: 1. In the first Tremos Mountain stage North of the town of Congool. 2. Go to Banna Barra, Celesis. A young woman will give you the Dark Invitation. Take Magnus to Quelluan, Zenobian Border, and you'll meet the old hag offering the »»

From: Visigoth

A very rare class and a pretty one at that. The princess class is a very interesting one and i'll leave her abilities a surprise. To get this class, you must have 3 things: The Pure White Dress, The Dream Tiara, and a good enough female character. 1. Pure White Dress: Go to Bourdeux, Tenne Plains, with any female character-led group. You'll get some dress info. Go to »»

From: Visigoth

Take the special character Sheen to Dardunnelles, then to Garu Kaio. Sheen will meet a girl and she will give him the Decoy Cap. »»

From: Visigoth

After beating the Tundra of Argent map, investigate the area and send the unit with Meredia, the special character Siren, to Mehaus. A noble will oggle her and Meredia will say "What a Freak!". You will recieve Rai's Tear, which seems to only add 2 to your strike resistance... »»

From: Visigoth

Like many undead, a person has a chance of becoming an Angel Knight only if have a character die in battle. If you have the proper stats and equipment on HER (Only female characters can become Angel Knights), then you have a CHANCE of her becoming an Angel Knight wheh she turns undead. there is a much larger chance she'll just turn into a zombie, at which point you'll »»

From: Visigoth

If you are extremely lucky, or a cheater like me, you have an Angel Knight. If you want to change your Angel Knight into a more powerful Angelic class, then you'll need a very special weapon called the Needle of Light. It becomes available at the start of chapter 3. Go to the secret-filled town of Melphy in Dardunnelles on the 21st day of any month, during the daytime »»

From: Visigoth

By now, you may already possess a Special Spellbook, such as Tempest, Annihilation, and/or Meteor Strike. All are equal in power, but different elements. Fire = Annihilation Wind = Tempest Earth = Meteor Strike Water = White Mute White Mute is found in the Tundra of Argent stage, east of Caralla just across the river. »»

From: Visigoth

The Book of Tempest can be found in the Blue Basilica, very close to Clemona. It is the Wind equivelant to Annihilation, Meteor Strike, and White Mute. »»

From: Visigoth

If you don't wanna cough up the cash for the Book of Meteor Strike in Melphy, Dardunnelles, then head over to Ptia The Secluded Land. Enter Ptia, the Secluded Land and send a unit to Rete. On the snowy barrens North of Rete, at the North-North-West point, lies a free copy of Meteor Strike. »»

From: Visigoth

Easter Eggs

At the main menu, wait until it shows the cutscene about the Palatinean-Lodisian-Bolmaukan war history, then when it returns to the main screen again, wait again. It will go to a book and show different character classes. If you repeat the process again it will show another set of classes. There are only 3 scenes total that will play at the main menu: 1. War History 2 »»

From: Visigoth


Do the "unlimited items", or "55 of any item" trick, and get the numbers on any item to say 55/98. Go to Sell item, Then hold the analog stick up as if moving the ones digit up, Now move the analog stick up-left diagonally, then hold the analog stick up again. If done correctly, the money should be going up, but not in the tens digits. When you fee »»

From: Visigoth

You can start doing this after chapter 2 begins and after you complete the mission/stage Mylesia. Start off with a Chaotic alignment character and make it into leader, add other characters to this unit to increase it's speed. Send that unit into the town of Algorea to encounter The Vampire lestat, get all of his Questions right to collect your Bloody Emblem. Leave the »»

From: LordPill
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