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Super Mario 64 Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action Platformer
  • Release: Sep 26, 1996
  • Platform: Nintendo 64
  • ESRB: Not Set


Sleeping Mario

From: mizioo

Remain still for about a minute. Eventually Mario will yawn and fall asleep. In the v1.1 of the game, turn the camera to see bubbles coming out of his nose.

Feb 15, 2007

Easy health refill

From: georgiaboi912

When Mario's energy is low, find water, swim underwater, then get some air. Another technique is to keep collecting coins.

Feb 15, 2007

Extra lives from butterflies

From: skullrocker200

Butterflies may appear on courses 2, 12, and 13. Punch the butterflies to turn them into round black bombs that will chase Mario. The bombs will explode or turn into extra life mushrooms.

Feb 15, 2007

Hidden extra life mushroom

From: totalwarkey

After getting a total of three stars, enter the room with the painting of the sunken ship. Turn to the left of the entrance. Once in the room, press (C-Up) to look around. Look carefully to see a black square in the wall near the ceiling. Perform a double jump and climb into it. An extra life mushroom will come out. Note: Make sure to choose the square to the left of the entrance. The one on the right will lead you to the Castle's hidden aquarium.

After emptying the moat in front of the castle, use the ramp to walk down into it. Go under the bridge and press (C-Up) to look up to see two yellow coins. Perform a wall kick to get both the coins. Once you get both coins, an extra life mushroom will drop from above. This trick takes practice, and you may want to do a double jump and then a wall kick, as the coins are very high.

Use the following trick for another way to get the two yellow coins. If you have collected all 120 stars, cannonball yourself to the top and get the flying hat. Jump of the castle and fly under the bridge to get the first coin. Swing around in order to get the last coin. Then, pound ground to land so you can get the extra life.

Go to the first door on the left in the castle that does not have a number on it. Enter it and jump into the painting. Select any level and go to the cannon by the Chain Chomp's territory. Jump onto the tree just behind it, then do a handstand to get an extra life.

Feb 15, 2007

Mushroom following you

From: AWtat

Collect 120 stars then go to a tree outside of the castle. Quickly climb it and jump off the top jump. A Mushroom will appear and follow you.

Feb 15, 2007
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Easter Eggs

The magic bean

From: grant.a06

If you get everything on the game and look around the castle a magic bean will apear giving you 100 lives and the location of the peach picture to get peach without fighting bowser OMG IT SOUND SO LIKE A LIE BUT IT NOT.

Feb 26, 2007

L is real 2401 Eternal Star

From: TheRecessMaster

Everyone knows this.... It's a simple-to-find Easter egg that can be found as soon as you start the game. All you need to do is go inside the castle, go in either of the wooden doors on the first floor, go down the long hallway to another wooden door, go through it and you will see a fountain. On this fountain you will see a sign. Hop in the water, go into first person mode and look at this sign. If you look at it closely the writing on it will say: L is real 2401. Look at it at another angle and it will read: Eternal Star. Now this explanation is long enough so if you would like more info here is a link to a video that will talk about this Easter egg and other various glitches an eggs:

(note: I do not own this video or any of its contents it is only for learning purposes). Enjoy this Easter egg!

Oct 2, 2013


Very funny mario

From: grant.a06

This rather damages the game or its intentional just tilt the cartridge to the left a bit until hes going through the floor and then move him around, but if you move it too far it will crash so be careful of you might lose your data.

Feb 20, 2007

Float in air then fall

From: thomas

This is a cool trick. It can be done on the ds version. When you unlock the bottom part of the castle, go down and enter and go to the wooden door. Go in to dry dry desert and go to the bit near the first sand sucker thing. keep running and jump and press B just the under side on the left or the right to mid air slide attack. Time it right to float for a short time while you are stuck in the wall. Must have 8 stars first. Don't get any more after you get the key before doing this.

Feb 17, 2008

Backwards Long Jump up the stairs

From: TheRecessMaster

To perform this amazing glitch all you need to be able to do is long jump. this can be done on any set of stairs (but easiest on the endless stairs) all you need to do is turn self away from the stairs, do a long jump and while in mid air point the analog stick in the direction of the stairs. then comes the hard part: you must start pressing the A button very very fast. if done correctly you should start blasting up the stairs and mario should be saying: yeyeyeye. you should be able to beat the game with no cheat codes with a minimum of 50 stars useing this cool glitch. (note: you may not get it your first try it dose take practice so keep trying)

Sep 25, 2013

Infinite Coins In Snowman's Land

From: Discoinferno84

In Snowman's Land, there are enemies called Moneybags. They look like a coins, but if Mario gets too close to one, it'll morph into its true form and hop around, and then transform back into a coin if Mario moves far enough away. However, if you get close to a Moneybag just as it's transforming back into a coin, it'll activate a glitch that spawns a second Moneybag. Since killing a Moneybag gets you 5 coins, you can acquire infinite coins using this method. This can be repeated multiple times, but having too many Moneybags active at the same time will eventually crash the game. Also, entering and exiting the igloo will cause all Moneybags to disappear, making the glitch impossible to perform without reloading the stage.

Feb 1, 2022

Lava Slide Kicks

From: Discoinferno84

If you do Mario's Slide Kick from solid ground onto a lava surface, the first bounce will not cause damage or trigger the burning animation. This also works if Mario is sitting and sliding down a surface before hitting lava.

Feb 1, 2022

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