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This page contains Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs for WWF No Mercy organized by sections for Nintendo 64. This game has "Action Fighting" as genre, made by Aki Corp.. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
WWF No Mercy
  • Developer: Aki Corp.
  • Publisher: Thq
  • Genre: Action Fighting
  • Release: Nov 17 [2000]
  • ESRB: Teen
  • Section: Cheats, Cheat Codes


Press C-Up, C-Down, C-Right, or C-Left to move the chapter screen to see what blocks/chapters you have not completed yet. »»


Press Z + C-Up during game play to have the CPU take control of your wrestler. Press Z + C-Up again to return to regain control. »»

From: TryQuadison

Start a single match, then hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three if your wrestler is player one to have a third player control your manager. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four if your wrestler is player two to have a fourth player control your manager. »»

From: dowayne

Hold the Analog-stick in any direction after getting knocked down. You will remain in that position until you release or your opponent picks you up. »»

From: Basefreak

When in a two player match, press Analog-stick Up on both controllers simultaneously to taunt and get more attitude. »»

From: NP9385

During any match, hold B. »»

From: wrde

To do a weak grapple, tap A. To do a strong grapple, hold A. »»

From: zeki

When you are setting a created wrestler's weight, hold C-Up. Release the button when you reach 599 lb., then press Up until you get to 400lb. You now have a super heavyweight. »»

From: karl2k7


Enter survival mode and keep playing after about fifty wrestlers are eliminated. The bonus wrestlers will start to appear. You must defeat them yourself in order to unlock them. Linda McMahon and the Ho are the only characters that cannot be unlocked this way. »»


Press C-Left or C-Right at the character selection screen. Beat the game with all wrestlers, including all hidden characters, to unlock a fifth costume for all the wrestlers, including those created. »»

From: hablas

Change the outfit of any wrestler that appears in the opening sequence. Turn the Nintendo 64 off and back on. That wrestler will look different in the opening sequence. »»

From: Anna

Press C-Up at the character selection screen. »»

From: nictronix

Get your special in a Tag Team match. Do a strong grapple on one of your opponents. After grappling, press A + B + L + R. »»

From: scex11

In order to win a championship, you must complete it once perfectly. After that, use a combination of wins and losses to change the story. You must do each possible combination. »»



Hold Start and turn on the Nintendo 64. The game will start over and with no extra wrestlers unlocked. Note: This will also erase your created wrestlers from the internal save on the game pak. »»

From: SpicyJennie

Higlight Al Snow at the character selection screen, then press C-Left to select his second costume. He will be wearing what Steve Blackman is wearing in his first costume. »»

From: FaraNume

Highlight Bull Buchanon at the character selection screen, then press C-Left or C-Right to change his costume. »»

From: DW6God

This requires minor editing of Jacqueline's costume #4 (which is Ivory #2). You can give her the RTC music and give her the RTC shirt or a long skirt, all of which are available by default in the appearance edit area. »»

From: Sugar Cookie

Go to the SmackDown Mall and buy Undertaker (Old). If you want Undertaker's old finisher, The Tombstone Piledriver, make a clone out of any of the Undertaker outfits and switch The Last Ride to The Tombstone. »»

From: nugget

Go into PPV mode and then the event name should be Backlash, then the arena should be Backlash. However, when you go back to the PPV setup screen, it will say you chose the Armageddon arena. For the place, it will be 123456789. The code will work with any thing else. When you start your PPV you will have the Armageddon arena. Go into PPV mode and then the event name s »»

From: gaming-girl-21

Some Items for purchase in the SmackDown Mall can be received by cloning a wrestler who has them. For example, if you wanted a wrestler to have the Jacknife Powerbomb as a finisher, simply clone Chyna and change everything but the finisher, and you will not have to buy it. This will also work with props such as Al Snow's Head and The Godfather's Cane. Another expensiv »»

From: jonesx123

Go into the Women's Championship as a man and eventually there will be a swimsuit contest, Mae Young will always win, but funny seeing Kane, Andre or wrestlers in swimsuits. The swimsuit contest can be done when you lose your first two sets of matches, not just when you win every match. If your woman is wearing knee pads, head gear, elbow pads, or boots, she will wear »»

From: reidge123

Get your opponent out of the ring, then throw him/her to Titantron entrance runway. Next, throw your opponent into middle of Titantron. The screen will blackout for a moment. You will then be in a hallway with several doors on each side. Grab your opponent and throw him/her into one of the doors to access a backstage. »»

From: Wadanethact

In a survival match, Irish Whip your opponent to the ropes. Then, get to the opposite side of the ropes and press L. Your opponent will fall out of the ropes on to the apron. Hold B to knock him off. Keep repeating this to gain money. »»

From: coreyboy

Obtain a special when playing as the Rock. Strong Grapple your opponent and Irish Whip him into the ropes. When your opponent is near you, tap the Analog-stick. The Rock should do a spine breaker and look out towards the crowd. Immediately press A when you still have your special. »»

From: meowminx

Irish whip your opponent to the ropes, When he returns, have both Dudleys press A simultaneously while in front of your opponent. You do not need to have a special. »»

From: arabrab

Select Mankind and start a match. Tap the Analog-stick until Mankind's attitude is flashing in the red to pull Sockko from his pants. Socko will remain on Mankind's hand for the rest of the match. Note: This can only be done with Mankind and you cannot assign the taunt to other wrestlers in edit a wrestler mode. »»

From: springe8

Two wrestlers have to cooperate together to do this move, however they do not have to be on teams. Have one player go to the top ropes. Have the other player place an opponent on their shoulders (go behind the opponent, do a grapple, then press C-Up). Then have the player on the top ropes release with the move. »»

From: Dj100

Start a tag team or a handicap ladder match. Get the ladder and put it in the ring or anywhere outside the ring. Then have you or your partner put your opponent on your shoulders. Have the other partner go on top of the ladder, then press A button to jump off. »»

From: 1harpar

Create a wrestler and make his/her flying move the "Phoenix Flip". Fight in championship mode or any match and put it on interference. When the person comes to help your enemy, go to the ropes and hit him. After he gets up, he will walk away. »»

From: Naceslurtulse

Create a wrestler that has the "Stephanie Slap" (or use Stephanie), and make the person as small as possible. Then, create a wrestler that is as tall as possible (7'11"). Set them in a match, do the slap, and it looks like a slap across the chest. »»

From: WonderWoman

Set up the ladder on the left side of the table. Go to the front of the table and press the button to grab a weapon. The ladder will be open. »»

From: Reese15

Even though there is not an official table match, you can plow your opponent's head through one. At most of the ring sides, you will find Jr and the Kings' announcement table. Go to it and climb it as if it were the ring. Get your opponent to go up (he will follow you) and make any move that either he alone or both of you fall and the table is history. In the Locker R »»

From: annabelismysis

The cage (Press C-Right in a grapple and you will grab his head and drag him into the cage. Another good way to do that is in an Irish whip; wait for your opponent to bounce back at you, then quickly press L to jump out of the way. He will go directly into the cage. »»

From: alsen

All of the good moves are powerbombs, or moves that have people land on their back. When you create a character, try to have a lot of slam moves. The Last Ride, Jackhammer, or Superpowerbomb are very good moves. The Superpowerbomb and the Swanton Bomb are a good combination. »»

From: anderscoolingls

To win easily in championship mode, save the game and go to edit a character. Put who you are fighting next in your career as a super heavyweight and return to championship mode. Continue your career. When you are fighting your opponent, keep body slamming him. It will be difficult because he or she is a super heavyweight, but for each body slam you will get a lot of »»

From: Conallmk

Although the instruction manual states that the game goes on until you are defeated in survival mode, there are only a total of 99 wrestlers plus yourself in this mode. For example, you can win survival mode by defeating 88 opponents and the CPU defeating 11 opponents. Note: Andre the Giant is the last wrestler to appear in survival mode. »»

From: xmo123

When playing in any match, throw your opponent outside the ring and slap on a submission. Do this repeatedly, and make sure it is the same submission. Eventually your opponent will tap out, but since you are not in the ring, it will not end. Simply throw your opponent in the ring and slap on the same submission. They will tap out after about two seconds. This is espec »»

From: Verona

Enter a Royal Rumble with 40 wrestlers and choose the "Select" option. Only choose pin fall, submission, and the ring out "No". This match can be for any single title, mainly the WWF Championship. Your player must be the current champion in your game. Go through the match, but have the wrestler lose, but not with the final four wrestlers. With the »»

From: matkerl

Lose the Royal Rumble qualifying match vs Taka. The game will send you through a series of Tag-Team matches. The only difficult part of the chapter is a Handicap Match and a Submission Match. »»

From: jules3278

To get easy hits in a hardcore match, go to the stage. When you are there, whip you opponent towards the edge of the stage, so that they wobble. While they wobble, hit them with a strong punch or kick and they will take the damage, but keep wobbling until you stop. »»

From: gauraquerse

In Survial Mode use Bradshaw and hold in the A+B or B button for his hammer arm move. It is by far the easiest way to get rid of wrestlers. »»

From: MufusaGaming2

To unlock stuff faster/Have a better story mode DO NOT win every match... Lose some every now and then, it will have to Unlock more stuff faster and have a funnier gameplay experience. Also hints: Chris Jericho & Steven Richards are the hardest superstars in the video game. »»

From: MufusaGaming2

Steven Richards and Chris Jericho are the 2 hardest difficult Wrestlers in the game. Clones certain superstars and change all there moves expect for that certain move/item that is locked in Smackdown Mall. There are many extra wrestlers in WWF No Mercy, Just have to create them. WWF No mercy has some extra wrestlers clothing,faces, pictures, (but no their music.) ex.( »»

From: MufusaGaming2

How to use the universe feud packs to get more cutscenes in your universe mode. Universe Fued pack 1 & 2 are only for the attitude era superstars. Only way for it to work on one show you must only have Attitude Era superstars with no current pg-13 era superstars. »»

From: MufusaGaming2

Body: Austin Color 1 Head: Male 1 Face: Male 94 Hair: Short 2/Front 3 Facial Hair: none Masks/ect.: none Hats: none Ring Attire: cut jeans 1color blue Up Attire:armbands Left: Skin color.Right:Red Tatto: none Wristband: HBK Color red Gloves: none Elbow pad: none Knee pad: supporter 3 color black Feet: Athletic 3 White/Red SIGNATURE MOVE: Death valley driver »»

From: WWF no mercy

Body: Austin/color 4 Head: 3 face: Male 17 Facial Hiar: 3 Mask/ect: None Ring Attire: Funaki/all black upper Body: armbands/both black tatto: None Gloves: Grappleing/Black Wristband: Wristband 1/black Elbow pad: None Knee pad: Tye Dyed/Black Feet: Boots 5/Black Entrance Attire: Austin SIGNATURE MOVE: OLYMPIC SLAM »»

From: WWF no mercy

Easter Eggs

In WWF No Mercy for N64 there is an Easter egg backstage in the hallway. Not always there if you go backstage alot during Story Mode rarely, but sometimes at the every back of the hall there is sometimes a curtain/door that allows you to go off the stage area. I've only witnessed this 4 or 5 times. »»

From: MufusaGaming2
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