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Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Artplay
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Jun 18, 2019
  • ESRB: Teen


File Name passwords

Enter in the password as your file name when starting a New Game

"A Kinda Funny Mask"TEAMFAT
"Dominus" WeaponAkuma
"Hey I'm Grump"Egoraptor
"I'm Not So Grump"Grumps
Big Head ModeBIGHEAD
Clockwork BladeJEPSON
Darkness DescendsALPHAOMEGASIN
Dungeonite SwordDUNGEONITE
Final Hour - WeaponTheSpeedGamers
Mega64 HelmetJarvis Meower
Plague Doctor Faceswimmingbird
Sega Power Strip Weapon "Gamesack"8MEGAPOWER
Space Helmetchuggaaconroy
Unlock Hard/Nightmare modes from the begining.NIGHTMARE

Minimonz, Jun 25, 2019

Hints & Secrets

Easy Money

After encountering Harry he will plant seeds and grow crops to share with you. You can buy seeds from Dominique in the shop nearby. Buy as many RICE SEEDS as you can and have Harry plant one. Now leave through the door to your right. Enter and exit Harry's screen 5 times (you'll see the rice grow a bit each time you enter.) The rice stalk will be yellowish on top when it's done. Talk to him and he'll give you 10 Rice. Dominique sells RICE SEEDS for 100 each, but she'll buy the 10 Rice for 160. Be forewarned, however, that you can only carry 99 Rice at a time. So be sure to sell them before harvesting more or you'll just lose them.

Calfitz10, Jun 25, 2019

Fight the Librarian

If you borrow the Tome of Conquest at the Librarian O.D. and head to a room located at Glacial Tomb (more specifically two rooms to the left of the area's warp portal), you will be met by the Librarian himself, ready to enact punishment for not returning his valuable book! he is fairly strong, but beating rewards the player with a shard that allows for stopping time. Also, if you return to his library after beating him, he will be wearing a costume mask and will let the player "pillage" his books (I.E. borrow all the books at once).

Jasonl0l, Jun 25, 2019

Easy "Usurper" Achievement or Trophy Guide

This one is easily missed if you're going for the correct ending. You basically have to kill Gebel, again if you've already done the Just a Flicker achievement, except this time you kill him with Zangetsu's sword, Zangetsuto. The problem is, that if you slash the moon when it turns red while holding the sword, you can potentially miss this. To avoid that, there's an item in the Hall of Termination called the Gauge Glasses. Wearing these will allow you to see an enemies health. Thus, slap em on and beat Gebel up until he's damn near dead, put on Zangetsuto, and slay him. Quite complicated, but nothing too special.

Tkots, Jul 29, 2019

Easy "Scrap Heaper" Achievement or Trophy Guide

The cheapest item to break down into materials (that are useful to a point) are regular ol' Potions. Takes 1 Alkahest to break down 1 Potion. Alkahests themselves cost 800g or drop off an enemy consistantly way later in the game. Farming money is a pain in the early game, so if you wanna be patient on this, wait to fight Amys. They also drop off another enemy but with less chance. So go to Johannes, and get breakin' em down. 10 of 'em and it's yours.

Pierre-Henri, Jul 29, 2019

Easy "Demonologist" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Majority of the enemies on the Demonologist list will simply be available as you complete the map. If you're having trouble getting one, then the number you're likely missing is #44 Kune-Kune. To obtain #44 go back on the train after you've completed that section with Zangetsu, it is highly recommended you at have you the invert ability to defeat this enemy. Once on the train you'll need to look for a set of seats you can sit on that is next to a window. When you sit on this particular seat it will change your point of view to look out the window. Wait for the Scenery to be of the castle surrounded by water. If after 5 seconds nothing happens, stand back up and sit back down. Your character should be closing her eyes and fall asleep with an enemy appearing in the distance with a jumpscare at the end. To defeat this enemy you CAN NOT hit it with physical attacks. Instead invert yourself so you're standing on the ceiling and use any spell, preferably directional, to kill it. If you need its soul make sure you have your luck stat at the highest and the solomon ring equipped to make the chances as high as possible because reseting this is very time consuming.

Viccol, Oct 10, 2019

Secret treasure chests

After obtaining the Invert shard, go to the room directly below OD's library to find a chute beneath his chair. Use the Invert shard to push him up to the ceiling, then use the Invert again to return things to normal. If done correctly, two treasure chests will appear when you land back on the floor. One treasure chest contains the Nose Glasses item, and the other one contains the Macaroni and Cheese. Additionally, you will get the "Déjà Vu" achievement when doing this secret. This secret is a reference to a similar one found in Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

Melissa, Oct 29, 2019

Easter Eggs

Piano Recital

Equip Caraboose fairy Familiar Shard (if you don't have it just kill lots of Caraboose pink fairies until you get it) and go to the piano area in Garden of Silence. Sit at the chair in front of the piano and wait for a moment. Miriam will start playing the piano and Caraboose Familiar will start singing alongside her. Once the song is finished you will get the Recital achievement

Ganondorf1, Jun 25, 2019

O.D.'s Chair

After you've acquired the Invert ability, go to the room directly beneath O.D. Use Invert to launch yourself through the narrow shaft in the ceiling beneath O.D. Do this repeatedly enough times, and you'll unlock an achievement, the Nose Glasses, and another item. This is an homage to a similar trick found in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Sora7272, Dec 19, 2020


Equip Bloodbringer as both a weapon and familiar

Create a Shortcut with Bloodbringer as the weapon but leave the familiar shard blank. The rest of the set doesn't matter. Next unequip your weapon and set Bloodbringer as a familiar. Then switch to the Shortcut you made. (You can also then save a new Shortcut with both set to make this quicker in the future.) The reason this works is because the game won't change some of your currently equipped gear/shards if there's nothing to change to in that gear/shard slot.

Jose, Jun 25, 2019


Steam Achievements

To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A New YouChange your hairstyle.
Able AlchemistTransmute items 10 times.
All Bets Are OffEradicate the duke of high rollers.
Army of the NightThank you, everyone, for your endless kindness and support.
Arvantville's AngelComplete 30 quests.
BloodstainedTake in a large quantity of blood.
BookwormBorrow 10 books.
CartographerComplete the map.
Dare to DevourConsume 20 different recipes.
Déjà vuBounce a certain chair repeatedly.
Demon HunterSlay 1,000 demons.
DemonologistComplete the demon list.
DethronedEradicate the king of demons.
Down PatMaster a weapon technique.
DragonslayerEradicate the netherdrake.
Gilded YouthAmass a fortune of at least 500,000 G.
Growing PainsReach level 50.
Hermetically SealedSubdue the alchemist.
His BladeInherit the blade that demons fear.
Item CollectorComplete the item list.
Just a FlickerFulfill your promise to a friend.
KickstopperJump kick 10 times without touching the ground.
Loco MotiveEradicate the runaway train.
Make a WishBreak 1,000 candleholders.
MarathonTravel 42.195 kilometers.
Might've KnownDiscovered a hidden breakable wall.
MoonscraperEradicate the mistress of the deathly moon.
MoonwalkerBackstep, backstep, backstep. A lot.
OverlordUnlock every other achievement.
RecitalListen to the faerie's song.
Rodeo StarEradicate the skeletal demihorse.
Samurai ShowdownDrive back the samurai.
Scrap HeaperBreak down items into materials 10 times.
ShardbinderAbsorb your first shard.
ShardmasterAbsorbed every single shard.
Show of HandsEradicate the wrathful work of art.
Snake CharmerEradicate the twin-headed dragon.
Speed DemonEradicate the hypersonic hellraiser.
Storm AbolisherEradicate the cause of the maelstrom.
TourniquetEradicate the bloodthirsty maiden.
TranscendenceTriumph over yourself.
Treasure HunterOpen 100 chests.
True HagglerEarn at least 100,000G in total item sales.
UsurperObserve the rise of the castle's new master.
Wing ClipperEradicate the iron marquess.

Jess-shaw-11, Jul 29, 2019

Infinite Ammo

Complete all of Susie's cooking quests and you will be rewarded with a hat that when worn doesn't deplete any of your ammo which you equip.

Farcryserial, Jun 25, 2019

Play as Different Enemies

Gaining particular items or shards from certain enemies unlock them as playable.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
LiliObtain Bunny Morphosis shard from Lili
Shovel KnightObtain EX Shovel Armor from Shovel Armor

Kelluim, Jun 25, 2019

Solomon's Ring

In order to unlock this ring, which, when equipped, increases the drop rates of shards, complete all 15 "In Memory Of" quests located at the beginning of the starting village. The last quest will reward you with this ring.

Cherbear, Jun 25, 2019

Adversity Ring (Boost From Status Ailments)

If you complete all of Benjamin's quests, you'll be awarded with the Adversity Ring, which grants you stat boosts for as long as you have status ailments.

Chaz, Dec 19, 2020

Boss Medals

If you beat a boss without taking damage, you'll get a medal. It serves no purpose other than to mark your achievement. Note that the optional bosses Master Carpenter, Revenant, and Millionaire's Bane don't have medals.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
8-bit MedalDefeat 8-bit Overlord without taking damage.
Abyssal Guardian MedalDefeat Abyssal Guardian without taking damage.
Alfred MedalDefeat Alfred without taking damage.
Andrealphus MedalDefeat Andrealphus without taking damage.
Bael MedalDefeat Bael without taking damage.
Bathin MedalDefeat Bathin without taking damage.
Bloodless MedalDefeat Bloodless without taking damage.
Craftwork MedalDefeat Craftwork without taking damage.
Dominique MedalDefeat Dominique without taking damage.
Doppelganger MedalDefeat Doppelganger without taking damage.
Gebel MedalDefeat Gebel without taking damage.
Glutton Train MedalDefeat Glutton Train without taking damage.
Gremory MedalDefeat Gremory without taking damage.
IGA Medal (DLC)Defeat IGA without taking damage.
O.D. MedalDefeat O.D. without taking damage.
Orobas MedalDefeat Orobas without taking damage.
True Zangetsu MedalDefeat True Zangetsu without taking damage.
Valac MedalDefeat Valac without taking damage.
Valefar MedalDefeat Valefar without taking damage.
Vepar MedalDefeat Vepar without taking damage.
Zangetsu MedalDefeat Zangetsu without taking damage.

Insurance, Dec 19, 2020

Gebel's Glasses (Infinite MP)

After you've collected every non-DLC Shard in the game, go back to in Johannes' room in Arvantville. You'll find Gebel's Glasses, which gives gives you infinite MP for spells.

Warlordno1, Dec 19, 2020

Optional Boss Rewards

By defeating the optional bosses and fulfilling some sidequests, you'll unlock a few special items and abilities. Before taking on Revenant and Millionaire's Bane, speak to Lindsay to activate the Avenge the death of Richter! and Avenge the Death of Juste! quests first respectively, and then talk to Lindsay again after beating them. One of these must be defeated first before Orlock Dracule. To acquire the Tome of Conquest and trigger the boss fight with Orlok Dracule, you have to have 99% of the map uncovered. The IGA fight and items are strictly DLC, and you have to activate Lindsay's Avenge the death of Julius! quest.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bandit BladeActivate Lindsay's Avenge the death of Richter! quest and beat Revenant, then talk to Lindsay.
Borrow All BooksBorrow the Tome of Conquest from Orlok Dracule, travel to the Glacial Tomb teleporter, then talk to him at the library after beating him.
Gold Power RingActivate Lindsay's Avenge the Death of Juste! quest and beat Millionaire's Bane, then talk to Lindsay.
Insatiable Shard (DLC)Activate Lindsay's Avenge the death of Julius! quest, beat IGA.
Sword Whip (DLC)Activate Lindsay's Avenge the death of Julius! quest, beat IGA, talk to Lindsay.

Karakid, Dec 19, 2020

Play As Enemy Characters

Acquiring certain randomly dropped items will let you play as a couple of enemy characters.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
LiliAcquire the Bunnymorphosis Manipulative Shard dropped by Lili.
Shovel KnightAcquire the EX Shovel Armor dropped by Shovel Armor.

Danielmen16, Dec 19, 2020

Recycle Hat (Infinite Ammo)

If you complete all of Susie's cooking quests, you'll be rewarded with the Recycle Hat, which gives you infinite ammunition when equipped.

Mattthemyth, Dec 19, 2020

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