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  • Developer: Dionous Games
  • Publisher: Dionous Games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release: Not Set
  • Platform: PC
  • ESRB: Not Set


Beginners Pro Guide

From: Safirahot

Welcome to Watch Over Christmas, the most festive adventure game on the market. Thanks for continuing to support games like this one!

This walkthrough is intended for folks who are truly stuck, (or slightly lazy)!

Tweaks and additions to this guide are coming soon, so please drop a comment if there are any omissions or if anything is unclear.

Chapter 1: Part 1 - The Attic
We jump right into the action. Santa's been kidnapped!

Our hero, Cisco, is ready to go to bed on Christmas Eve when he receives a mysterious radio message.

Our first objective is to go to the attic to investigate the weird glow. Grab present #1 on the bedroom floor, and then open up Cisco's bed and grab the STUFFED BEAR. Exit to hallway.

Try to head upstairs to the attic, but the door has been blocked! We will need another way in.

Enter the bedroom to the left to meet your sister Zoe, and then enter your parents' room to the right to say hi to Mom and Dad. Present #2 is here. Eventually, if you bug him enough, Dad will tell you how to get into the attic - we will have to go in through the outside window, Mission: Impossible-style.

Once back out in the hall, open the small cabinet here and grab some ROPE. Then, enter the bathroom and grab some BABY OIL. For a spot of fun and the Witty Spirit achievement, ask Dad why he keeps baby oil near the toilet. He doesn't want to answer for some reason, so I guess it will remain a secret forever.

Make sure to hit the attic lightswitch on the wall if you have not done so already, and then leave through the hallway window, climb to the top of the roof, use the rope on the small flagpole, and descend to the attic window. It's stuck, but some oil on the hinges will let you in.

Have a look around. Present #3 is here, underneath the desk. Examine the pile of junk, and after a short scene, the glowing box as well. This will release a mystical force, which will tear off through the house.

Chapter 1: Part 2 - The Strange Glow
Open your shiny new box for a CRYPTEX and a LETTER that you should read.

The strange glow has hidden itself in the house and we will have to find it. Push the wagon off the exit and go all the way downstairs.

Let's go investigate.

Take the first door on the left into the study. If you try to open the cabinet with the strange glow, you find it's locked. Have a look around, and make sure to raid the hollow globe here for Dad's BOOZE. That's right, we're 10 years old in a kid-friendly Christmas game, and we're already carting around liquor! Cisco does make an earnest promise not to drink it, though!

Leave, and go next door to the living room. You can move the fireplace screen to the side here, where the fire has burned down into embers. We will use this fire later. Have a look around for the TV REMOTE, which you can find in a couch cushion. Flick on the TV and note that your sister's favorite band is on.

Make a pit stop outside, leaving through the back door. A second strange glow is here that we can't do anything about. Around the front of the house, present #4 is by the door.

Back inside, go upstairs again. First, go visit Zoe, who also has a strange glow in her room. When you tell her about the band, she will leave after a short scene. Take her POSTER.

Next, visit the bathroom, where the mirror is glowing. As we noted earlier, the hot water is still not working and we can't do anything with the mirror just yet. Finally, visit Dad again, and ask him for a favor to get a hint about the key to his cabinet.

Back downstairs, exit right, to the kitchen. Open the fridge and grab the ORANGE JUICE. There is also a KNIFE in one of the drawers to the right. The sharp knife, of course, is the perfect compliment to the booze we snagged earlier. What other dangerous household items can we locate?

Continue right into the garage, and examine the shelf. There's a mini sudoku-style puzzle here. A picture of the solution follows:

Once solved, grab the key to the far lower left. Take your new key to dad's study; you can finally grab the BOOK.

Outside, saw through the leash with the KNIFE and note the third symbol.

Finally, go downstairs to the basement. Present #5 is on the far right. Then, interact with the boiler. Read the instructions, and then hit the lever in the center twice. Press the red button. Turn the top dial pointing to 60, and the bottom dial one time. This will reactivate the boiler.

Back up in the bathroom, you can now get hot water from the sink! This will steam up the mirror and reveal the final symbol.

Finally, you can open the cryptex, using the combination below:

It reveals that timeless Christmas classic,a LUMP OF COAL.

Back in the living room, grab some LOGS and pile them in the fireplace. Soak them in booze, and toss in the coal. A long scene occurs.

Chapter 2: Part 1 - The Funfair
As we need information, we are off to a funfair within an enchanted forest in order to meet a great seer.

As soon as you touch down, grab the STICK off to the left. If you hear some disembodied crying, don't worry about it so much for now, we will deal with it later.

Immediately exit north, and wander around a bit. Eventually, you will be dumped back off where you started. That's right, it's a lost woods-style puzzle. We will need to find a guide. As we can't get through the forest for now, enter the fair.

First things first: Take a MAGAZINE and read it; there's also an EMPTY BOTTLE hanging around beneath the potions stall counter. Then, try to interact with the broken machine, and chat with everyone here. After you've explored a bit and heard everything everyone has to say, exit northwest.

Searching the trash can here nets us some LETTUCE. Immediately try to eat it (ick!) and get a nice juicy WORM.

Speak to Benny, who will not feed you without tokens. Then, speak to Rowena. When you get around to asking her about the witch council, tell her you are "just curious" so that she lets her guard down, and in exchange, she will tell you details about the witch contest.

When you're ready for your witch trials, enter. Present #6 is just behind Cisco.

  • For challenge #1, To demonstrate your psychic prowess, activate Kosmos from your inventory.
  • For challenge #2, speak to Kosmos and tell him to trust you, and together, you fool the witches.
  • For challenge #3, you will fail the first time around. Leave the tent. If you ask Rowena nicely, she will let you in on some witch judge gossip, which you can use to reenter the tent and complete this puzzle.
  • For challenge #4, this issue will solve itself. Disappointigly, there is no achievement for predicting the triumphant rise of adventure games.

Who needs 7 years of Hogwarts, you are now a certified magician! Take your shiny new PRIZE FIGURE.

Exit left, and use the witches' prize on the fortuneteller's panel. You are now the proud owner of TONS OF TOKENS.

Speak to Phoebe, who gives you another puzzle to solve. This one's a classic. I've done a step-by-step below if you need it but honestly it would be quicker to just work out the pattern yourself.

  • move the yellow broomstick from position #4 to position #5
  • move the purple broomstick from position #6 to position #4
  • move the purple broomstick from position #7 to position #6
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #5 to position #7
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #3 to position #5
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #2 to position #3
  • move the purple broomstick from position #4 to position #2
  • move the purple broomstick from position #6 to position #4
  • move the purple broomstick from position #8 to position #6
  • move the purple broomstick from position #9 to position #8
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #7 to position #9
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #5 to position #7
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #3 to position #5
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #1 to position #3
  • move the purple broomstick from position #2 to position #1
  • move the purple broomstick from position #4 to position #2
  • move the purple broomstick from position #6 to position #4
  • move the purple broomstick from position #8 to position #6
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #7 to position #8
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #5 to position #7
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #3 to position #5
  • move the purple broomstick from position #4 to position #3
  • move the purple broomstick from position #6 to position #4
  • move the yellow broomstick from position #5 to position #6

For your troubles, you get a FRIDGE MAGNET.

Next, return to Benny and give him a token in exchange for a greasy burger. Since you worked so hard for it, why not eat it? You will be left with a GREASY BOX.

Go back to the hub, it's time to explore the right half of the carnival. On the first screen in the right branch, present #7 is on the carousel. Then, speak to Koko, who has a broken candy machine that we can kindly offer to fix.

Take a crack at the machine by looking at the small cabinet on the left-hand side. it's time for another puzzle. Note the manufacturer's logo in the center of the screen; it is a key clue for this puzzle, which works via subtractive color mixing, just like printer ink.

Open the panel. A color is "on" if the valve leading away from the color runs parallel to the pipe it is on. If it is perpendicular, it is off.

Our first step is to make some of the missing colors. First, enable just the Magenta and the Cyan, and it makes some blue. Next, enable just the Magenta and the Yellow, and it makes some red. You can now finish the puzzle, but optionally, finishing off the rainbow will earn us an achievement.: Don't Think It, Ink It. Mix the yellow and red colors for orange, and the grey and red colors for pink. Finally, disable everything except for red, green, and the darker blue to get black. The candy man gives you some DARK CHARCOAL as a reward.

Continue right to La Befana's tent, but her bodyguard will not let us get anywhere. Continue to speak to the bodyguard until a challenge is issued: find out three things about La Befana. As it happens, we already know her birthplace if you have solved the broomstick puzzle, and we already know her favorite candy if you have solved the colors puzzle.

Chapter 2: Part 2 - Into The Forest
With all of this done, exit the fairgrounds. If you have done everything above, a boy in a funny hat will be here, crying. This is Franco. Be really kind and understanding, and offer to help him when you get a chance, and as a reward, he will give you a new task.

Then, enter the forest. Look for mushrooms with a hotspot, and SPEAK to them. They issue you a challenge; this is another classic riddle. One mushroom tells the truth, and the other lies. Ask either mushroom which path the other mushroom would say to take. Do not walk down the path you came from, and do not walk down the path they tell you to take; select whichever of the three paths remains. Eventually, you will end up at the old man's cabin.

Try to take the FLOWER here, but you can't. The main cabin is locked, but there's a little room off to the side. Franco is here; rob him blind for FISHING LINE, a BUCKET, a SPOON. Also, pick up the CAULDRON and throw it on the hook. Finally, talk to Franco until he gives you a CONTAINER and tells you about a new location, the lake.

Visit the lake. Use your bucket on the lake for some WATER. Then, look at the tree here and shake it a few times; PINE NEEDLES fall. Finally, combine your stick with the line and the worm for a FISHING ROD WITH BAIT, head out on the lake, and catch yourself a fish.

Back to the cabin. Pop down the empty flask in front of the machine, toss in the fish, and extract the FISH OIL. Give this to Franco, and your reward is an ELF IN A JAR.

Now, it's time to get that flower. According to the recipe in the magazine we found, add the water, pine needles, and greasy cardboard. Stir the pot with the spoon and collect your mixture in the spray bottle. Back outside, use the bottle (USE option in the inventory) and collect the flower.

Give the flower to the potion seller at the funfair, and he tells you that La Befana's favorite flowers are water lilies.

We now have all three bits of information we need to see La Befana. Speak to the bodyguard and answer his three questions about her favorite things (Urbania, dark charcoal, water lily).

Unfortunately, this is not good enough, he also says he physically requires these items before you can proceed. If you are following along, you already have an Urbania fridge magnet and some dark charcoal candy, but you will need to make one last pit stop at the lake for a water lily. This is a simple fetch task, so go retrieve one, give the guard the items, and head inside.

Inside the tent, there's a customer who will not let you approach, so shoo him away by releasing your imprisoned elf. After he runs away, grab the easily missable present #8 on the left side of the room, and then have a look around.

You will notice that examining the mirror leads to a puzzle. Take a look at the symbols here, and then read the book below. Read through the book, turning pages until you find the summoning spell. We will need to recreate the sigil on this page by using the mirror glass, tangram-style. The solution is pictured below.

Some scenes follow, and we wind up back at the Old Man's Cabin. Head inside and grab present #9 hanging in a cage, and the CASTOR OIL by the armchair. When you're ready, leave the cabin. You get a magical gift on the way out, and it's time to start chapter 3!

Chapter 3: Part 1 - Santa's Side of Town
Chapter 3 is massive, it's easily the longest in the game. The elf village below is sharply divided. We have access to three main locations; the friendly Santa side of town, the twisted Krampus side of town, and we can also travel back home, via your new magical orb. We need to find the following items: red thread, ipamoea root, elf tears, a blackthorn fruit (and a long chain of prerequisite items), and Santa's ornament. At any point, you can check progress by examining the paper in your inventory.

Head down into town to find a massive belltower; this is the center of town. If you examine the doors here, you can talk to the belltower guards to see what they have to say. They will not let you pull the big, inviting lever yet.

We will be back and forth quite a bit, but let's start with Santa's side. Head northeast.

In the screen with the skating elves, talk to Tico. He gives you a PHOTO and a pair of ICE SKATES. (Cisco does not want to go skating, unfortunately).

Continue to the far right exit, and grab Present #10. Note the plant pot here (LOOK at it); it is nightflower soil, one of the ingredients we need. Speak to the elf children and learn Slinky is a crack shot who never misses. We will have to throw him off his game somehow.

Enter the bakery. Present #11 is here. Try to take one of the MUFFINS, and then talk to the baker and listen to everything he has to say. He kindly gives you one of the muffins, but Cisco won't eat it because it looks too salty.

Leave, and continue right to the grocer. Upon chatting with him, we learn he does not have mandrake root, but he does agree to give us Blackthorn seeds IF we can prove that we are a citizen of Krampus' village.

Enter the bar. Present #12 is here. Feel free to speak to the tavern customers and explore a bit, but we can't do anything important here just yet. When you're ready, head back to the elf skating rink and head northeast, towards Santa's castle. Eventually you will reach a solid gate with present #13 in the window.

In previous builds of the game, Santa's castle was locked and impassible, and there was a tricky tricky puzzle that you had to solve to get in. This puzzle has since been removed, so luckily for you, you can head right on in. Present #14 is here, above the desk.

Speak to Idryl at the desk and make sure to talk to her about her breaks. She will not go on break unless the clock tower is fixed. She also won't let you go upstairs or take any candy canes. Who denies candy to a child on Christmas Eve, seriously? You can, however, go right, where there is a COG on the table and a LONG POLE that you can also snag. There's loads of gifts in this room, but none of them can be grabbed for your collection.

Now that you have the retractable pole, let's try to grab that flowerpot. Head back to the elf children, and use the pole on the pot. Unfortunately, this is not the correct solution, but we do earn the achievement: Well-nigh Achieved.

We're done on Santa's side for now, so head over to the Krampus side. On your way there, stop at the belltower and speak to the guards one more time. Santa's guard is fine with you fixing the tower and gives you some more COGS. Krampus' guard isn't so friendly, and asks for an official certification. We can deal with that in a bit.

Chapter 3: Part 2 - Krampus' Side of Town
The Krampus side is set up like a mirror of the Santa side. It has a very similar layout. Every building that was closed on Santa's side is open on Krampus' side and vice versa.

Present #15 is behind the sad elf girl as you enter. Have a look around, and then enter the town hall, where Present #16 is under the staircase. Speak to the guards here. They will not let you become a citizen, but if you are *really* persistent, you can get the CLOCK CERTIFICATION you need.

Go downstairs, and you will see the mandrake we need for our recipe! He's currently a bit locked up. Speak to Blitz about everything. He's hungry, so give him your salty muffin. Next, he will say he's thirsty. Use your castor oil to spike the orange juice you've been carrying around since chapter 1, and Blitz will run off to the restroom. If you don't have the orange juice yet, you can pick it up next time you are home, it's in the kitchen fridge.

He leaves a bunch of stuff behind. Pick it up for a HELMET, a TOY, some PEPPER SPRAY, and a set of KEYS. Present 17 is behind where Blitz was standing. The keys don't open the cell door, but if you use the long pole, you can hit the catch on the chain, lowering the cage. Open the top of the cage with the keys, and we now have the MANDRAKE, the first part of the Santa-saving spell. Back upstairs, the guard confiscates some goodies, but we manage to smuggle something out. Of course, in true Cisco fashion, he of course smuggles out with the most dangerous thing of the bunch.

Back outside, continue to the far left, and speak to the shady elf here. When prompted, put your photo into the nearby trash can and exit left.

Present #18 is in the defunct grocery. There's a drunk elf here as well; if you bother him enough, he will give you some BOOZE (Yes, this is the second time our child protagonist has been carting around alcohol, it's becoming a real habit.)

Return to the last screen and try to retrieve the fake ID from the trash can. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free, and we get a task. Enter the tailor shop.

Present #19 is here, in plain view. Also, grab the STOCKINGS and the HANDKERCHIEF that are lying around.

Mr. Slack has conspicuously has the red yarn we need, and it is possible to trick him to grab it. Speak to him, and insult his skills. Next, speak to his customer. There's a bit of a dialogue puzzle here, but it is possible to convince the customer that Mr. Slack is a shady businessman. She changes her mind, and Slack throws the red yarn across the room in disgust. This is the 2nd thing we need for our spell!

Finally, examine the drawers in the back. This is an extremely easy puzzle. If you are looking at the drawers as though they were a keyboard number pad, open the drawers in the following order: 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 7. This is just one of several solutions. After you give the GOLD AWARD to the sleazy elf outside, he lets you take the FAKE ID from the nearby trash bin.

For our next task, head northwest twice to move towards Krampus' castle. Visit the castle itself for present #20 on the doorstep, but we can't do much here. You can, however, enter the little schoolhouse. Present #21 is on the floor near the chalkboard and present #22 is under the cupboard. Take the GREEN PAINT on the desk. Have a look around, and note that there is a Krampus shirt in the closet. Ask Mr. Alabaster about the shirt, and you can't have it. Speak to him further; it appears you can get on his good side if you find his glasses, which have fallen down one of the drains in town.

We've done all we can do here for now, so let's head back to Santa's side.

Chapter 3: Part 3 - Revisiting Santa's Side of Town
Head back to the tower in the center of town. Exchange your certificate with the guard on the left for the final set of cogs you need. Pull the lever, and examine the clock mechanism for a lovely little gear puzzle. Once you have all the gears turning, Idryl goes on break.

Pay a visit to the grocer, who will give you some BLACKTHORN SEEDS once you show him your fake ID, and we are one step closer to saving Santa. Optionally, you can also show him your mandrake for the No Easy Way Out achievement.

Then, enter the bar. If you haven't already done so, speak to Tapper about Slinky the elf, and you will learn about his favorite drink, Rudolph's Punch. Ask for one (in the kid-friendly drinks menu), but unfortunately, Tapper is out of green sugar. Fortunately, you have some green paint, and there's brown sugar just sitting right there. You know what do do.

When the sugar is green, ask for a Rudolph Punch a second time. While the bartender's back is turned, QUICKLY spike the drink with the booze, or, "fizzy drink" if you prefer, before he mixes it. Once the drink is mixed, it's sealed in a novelty unopenable cup, so if you are too late, you will have to drink the mixture and try again.

Give the spiked drink to Slinky, who gets drunk and misses his shot, causing the potted plant to crash to the floor. Grab the NIGHTFLOWER SOIL.

Reenter the bakery. If you were observant before, you will have noticed that the baker here has sniffles. Spritz your PEPPER SPRAY onto your handkerchief, and give this to the bartender. We have now secured ELF TEARS. Carrying around this grody handkerchief is nasty, so pop it into your mojo bag.

On your way to Santa's castle, make a pit stop on the screen with the two reindeer. The missing reading glasses are in this grate, and they can be retrieved with either the crowbar or the fishing rod. You will only be able to grab them if you have talked to Alabaster about his schedule first, and you have to LOOK at the grate first.

Head upstairs.

Chapter 3: Part 4 - Santa's Office
With Idryl now gone, you can help yourself to a candy cane if you'd like, and you can also go upstairs. There's a few puzzles here we will have to solve.

Present 23 is to the right of Santa's desk.

There's a suspicious floor tile on the office floor. Standing on this tile reveals a puzzle device in the bookshelf.

Ignore this for now, and instead read the note on the desk. Cisco recites a poem; note the sequence of numbers in this poem: 3 1 2 1 2.

Next, visit the clock, and input the sequence above by pulling the ropes in the correct order. A bird springs out. Tell it a joke, and it will drop a PIECE OF PAPER. Examine it, it is a disk with holes, useless for the moment.

After that, visit the bookshelf device. For this puzzle, select the object from each set of objects that does not belong:

  • From the first set: The pumpkin, which is the only thing not associated with Christmas. Americans: in Europe, Christmas turkey is a traditional thing. This one confused me for a while because I am American and I associate turkey with Thanksgiving.
  • From the second set: The sack, which is the only item here not strictly "clothing"
  • From the third set: The gift with two parallel lines, the only one that has no intersection.

This reveals a lever; pull it, and then take the CANDY CANE from the fireplace, revealing a secret safe. Have a look.

This puzzle has symbols within three concentric circles. Each circle has a small bit of green line on it. Click each disk until the small green line on each disk is aligned with the notch on the left. Cancel/back out of the puzzle screen.

Access your inventory and USE the paper from the cuckoo with the safe. This gives you the ability to overlay the paper with the symbols. With the symbols still aligned along the green line, hold the paper above the safe and note the three symbols which show through the holes. Then realign the disks so that those same three symbols all align vertically from the top of the circle to the center.

This reveals SANTA'S ORNAMENT. Take it, and we are one step closer to saving Santa.

Chapter 3: Part 5 - The Journey Home
We have done almost everything we can in town for now, and it is time to go pay a visit home. Use the blue orb in your inventory, and travel to your house. You wind up in your front yard.

Try to enter, but the front door is locked, so head around back. The back door is locked, too! Thankfully, you can find a BRASS KEY and an ANTIQUE KEY under a nearby flowerpot. The brass key lets us into the nearby greenhouse; head on in.

There are ten plants here. Grab a ROOT from each one. You can also find some GARDEN SHEARS, a BOOK, as well as a small SHOVEL. Read the book thoroughly for some hints. Next, use the mini lab.

For this puzzle, turn on the UV light. Place each root under the lamp, sequentially, and use the LOOK command. If the root does not glow orange, eliminate it by closing the little door on it. This should eliminate six of the ten roots.

If the root DOES glow orange, use the little scalpel on it as it lies on the examining table to get a small slice, and and examine each of the four slices under the microscope. This should be enough to narrow down the true ROOT, which Cisco will pocket. Toss it into the Mojo Bag.

Now we can enter the house by using the other key on the padlock by the trap door leading into the basement. There's actually not much to do in the house. If you forgot the orange juice earlier, you can hit up the fridge and grab it now. The only other thing to do is visit the kitchen and toss your BAG OF SEEDS into the oven to roast them.

We are nearly done. We have the Mojo Bag, complete with root and elf tears, we have the Mandrake, Santa's Ornament, and red thread. All that's left is to finish getting the Blackthorn fruit.

Warp back to the village, Krampus side, and visit the schoolhouse, where Mr. Alabaster still needs his glasses. Hand them over, and he will now be distracted enough where he will not notice if you take the KRAMPUS SHIRT. You can't smuggle the shirt out of this room, no matter how hard you try (Full disclosure: I worked out a way to do this in the beta, but it was patched out. Sorry!). Some destruction of property is in order; snip the nametag out of the shirt with the shears and hang the remainder back up on the mannequin.

Now, some combining, according to the recipe. Combine the soil with the nametag. Add the seeds to this mixture. We need a way to hold this, so put this mixture into the stockings.

The plant won't grow unless this mixture is frozen. Go back to the first screen of Krampus village, by town hall. Use the ice skate on the rink, and Cisco will cut out a small hole. Hook the mixture sack onto the fishing rod, and dip it in.

Make one last trip home, where you can dig up a soft patch of earth using the shovel in the front of the house. Plant your frozen mixture, and take the blackthorn fruit from the vine when it grows. Chapter 3 automatically comes to a close.

Chapter 4: Prison Break
When the dust settles, we are stuck in Krampus' dungeons, and we must get our stuff back and escape.


Begin by pushing the suspicious lever on the left side of the room. and then taking the BALL AND CHAIN that falls. Grab the CANDLE and PILLOW as well. Next, interact with the bed until another CHAIN comes loose; take it. Combine the chains, and lasso the chandelier with your new wrecking ball.

Bang the wall three times, and we escape into... another cell.

Escape... again

There's another CANDLE here, as well as a bunch of items by/in/under the bed: STRAW, a MAP, a COMPASS, and PRESENT #24. Open the chest to discover it is empty.

Out in the hallway, we can find 2 more CANDLES as well as present #25. There's a skittish cat walking around. Speak with Santa (?) here a few times. Each time you talk to him, he comes closer to telling you a secret. Eventually, Santa (?) tells you about a cell key being carried by the cat.

Light one of your candles on the torches here, and reenter the cell. We will make a nice kitty bed. Open the chest, and add straw, the pillow, and the lit candle. Light each additional candle on the torches outside or the candle that is already lit, and place all four down. Take the PIN once the cat falls asleep.

You can now free Santa (?) back out in the hall, but as it turns out, he's just a fake. He does show you the way out, but we can't leave until we get our stuff back. Go upstairs.

Get Your Stuff Back

This is a kind of tricky puzzle, definitely made easier by using your map and compass. (Edit: the overhead view of the rooms you see when you pull a lever makes things quite a bit easier).
There are four rotating rooms, and we will need to get lava flowing through each of them in order to power the device needed to open the door.

Here is a step by step walkthrough:

  • exit through the middle door.
  • Pull the right lever once
  • Hit the switch at the base of the statue to activate the lava flow.
  • exit left
  • pull either lever twice to rotate the room 180 degrees. Lava should now be flowing through the room.
  • Exit left. Grab present #26.
  • Pull either lever twice to rotate this room 180 degrees as well. Lava will be flowing through the room. Exit north.
  • Pull the left lever once. You should see a striped yellow door on the left by the device. Activate the device, and walk through.

You wind up in a room with a safe. Open the safe (no puzzle, this time!) and grab your stuff. Present #27 is here as well.

We can't do much else here for now, but now that you have your stuff, you can feel free to leave the prison. After some scenes, it is on to chapter 5!

Chapter 5: Part 1 - Smoke Signals
Chapter 5 is a winter wonderland. As you arrive, present #28 is up in the tree. Also, grab the BLANKET (which comes with a free ICE HAND), three STICKS, and the ROCK. There's nothing but a pretty overlook to the left, so go right.

After meeting the hornless unicorn and hearing everything he has to say, we have our work cut out for us. There's also loads of stuff on this screen: A POT, two STICKS, three ROCKS, a METAL PLAQUE, and Present #29 camouflaged against the snowflake decoration.

At the overlook, place the sticks to start building a fire. Once placed, go back to the unicorn and grab the TORCH; Cisco will automatically light the kindling.

We need to contact the village using smoke signals. Before attempting this puzzle, examine the metal plate. There are smudges, but we can extrapolate the following code, with the small blotch being S, medium M, and large L.

1: S 2: SS 3: SSS 4: M 5: MS 6: MSS 7: L 8: LS 9: LSS

Next, use the blanket on the fire. The town will throw up a symbol. The symbol they throw will be a number, mirrored along the vertical axis. Identify the number and then respond with the code for that same number. Once you have repeated several times, the town will send up the postal bird. Head right, and grab the HORN; bring this to the unicorn.

Chapter 5: Part 2 - The Unicorn's Trials
The unicorn has four tasks for us that can be completed in any order.

The Dreamy Plane

There's Present #30 towards the bottom of the screen. The secret to this level is to touch the red crystal to angle the beam of light towards the green crystal on the right. Two settings on the green crystal will send the beam of light to the pink crystal; select the one that sends the beam lower. The pink crystal can angle the light into the unicorn's eyes (Sweet revenge!), but you want it to go to the yellow crystal, which can then send the light down into the water. The flower will bloom, coughing up a TUNING FORK. Pick this up.

Elemental Plane

This is a quick one. Read the poem, and then touch the four pillars in the following order: Fire, Water, Rock, and then Wind (Wind is on the far right). Grab the second TUNING FORK.

Void Plane

Touch each twinkling star as you spot it; eventually you make a constellation which crystallizes into the third TUNING FORK.

Maze Plane

PRESENT #31 is here.

  • Go RIGHT. The boulder blocks your way. Return.
  • Go LEFT. Push tree; you are too weak. Continue SOUTH and then NORTHWEST.
  • Try to cross the bridge; you are too heavy. Continue NORTHEAST.
  • You are now on the island with the pool. Drink the magic water.
  • Quickly continue NORTH back to the main entrance, and then RIGHT. You phase right through the rock.
  • Continue NORTH to the island with the second pool. This is an invigoration pool. Continue SOUTHWEST and NORTH to reach the island with the tree. Push over the tree.
  • Walk over the tree and exit SOUTHWEST to reach the island in the far back. Drink from the magic pool here.
  • Use the exit on the right to go back the way you came. Without crossing the tree again, take the next exit on the right as well. You can now cross the bridge and grab the final TUNING FORK.

Back out of the unicorn's challenge, use the four forks with the four plaques - no challenging musical puzzles here, you can just match the color, and our friend the unicorn disappears for good. You can now proceed.

Chapter 5: Part 3 - Kosmos and Jack Frost
In the next area, pan up. Kosmos is hanging out on the roof, and he can't see you. We need to attract his attention.

Present 32 is by Kosmos, in the chimney.

If you paid attention in chapter 3, you will have noticed that there were instructions for a rocket in Mom's gardening book. This will come in handy.

In the area where Kosmos is, grab the AIR PUMP, the SCOOP, the KNIFE, the DUCT TAPE, and two BOTTLES.

Return to the large tree, and toss some rocks at the BIRD'S NEST until it falls. Take it, and continue left.

If you look at the instructions for the rocket, Cisco says that he will not start building the rocket until he has water. As it happens, instructions for water are also in Mom's book.

Place the pot on the fire. Place the metal plate on top of the pot. Top this off with the bird's nest. Add the ICY HAND. Extract the water with the scoop.

Once you have the water, examine the rocket instructions in the book. If you have everything, it will kick off a mini puzzle. Here, combine the first bottle with the knife. Then, combine the second bottle with the knife as well. Combine the two bottles with the tape, and then the whole thing with the water, and finally the pump.

Use your shiny new bottle rocket on Kosmos to get his attention, and continue inside, to where Jack Frost is mackin' on your sister. Present 33 is here.

To complete the chapter, there is a dialogue puzzle; you need to convince Jack to give up his prison globe. You can do this by fully talking to both Zoe and Jack, and then telling Zoe that you will leave the two of them alone if she convinces Jack to give you the globe. Once you have the globe in hand, it is finally time to make a head-on assault of Krampus' lair!

Chapter 6: The Final Encounter
We start by seeing our old friend Blitz; looks like he's finally finished sittin' on the crapper and back in action. Pick up the nearby ROPE and tie it around the goat; also try to tie it to Blitz. We can't do much else here, so speak to Franco to hear his plans. Counter with a plan of your own; tell Franco to distract Blitz, and while the two of them are in conversation, try tying the rope to Blitz again. Once he's hooked up, push the angry goat.

Upstairs, we can sneak back into the castle using the secret passage in the wall. Go back through the spinning lava rooms (fortunately we do not have to re-solve this puzzle) and notice that the safe is locked shut. This time, we have a puzzle to open it. One valid combination is: RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT. Solving the safe in only four moves earns the FOOL'S MATE achievement. Take the BLACK ORB from inside the safe. If you examine the black orb, it's not a teleporter, it hints at a combination.

Continue upstairs, and the vision you saw makes sense. Warning: continuing through this room before solving this puzzle results in a premature game over.

Place the black orb in the opening at the bottom of the diamond. Then, click the LEFT HORNS (the curly silver ones) to activate that button. Next, pull the CHAIN, touch the FABRIC, and touch the COAL in the southwest corner of the room. Pull the CHAIN one last time, and the orb starts dancing, indicating that the death trap on the right side of the room has been disabled.

Continue right, to Krampus' office. Have a chat with Krampus, and he will start chasing you. QUICKLY exit the room to the left, through the deathtrap, and grab the black orb. Krampus will chase you out of the room, getting caught in his own device!

Use the SPELL BOMB on Krampus, replace the black orb, and reinput the correct combination - chain, fabric, coal, chain. This will deactivate the deathtrap. You can now pick up mini-Krampus and throw him in the PRISON ORB, activating a minigame.

The final fight against Krampus is a luck-based Rock Paper Scissors type game. Sometimes you will win instantly, other times Krampus will put up a major fight. There doesn't seem to be a strategy to winning. The three symbols in the back are basically the Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors. The ornament beats icy shard, the list beats the ornament, and the shard beats the list. To the left, you have the dark symbol, which can beat all three of those signs, but you can only play it once. To the right, you have the Amulet of Light, which will lose to all three of those symbols, but is the only thing that can beat dark. Krampus starts with two chains on him; if you win, he is bound an additional time, and if he wins, he breaks one of the shackles. If he breaks all chains, it's game over; you need to fully restrain him to continue.

Once Krampus is down, continue right, to his office. There's 2 last presents here. Have a look around, and you will find a pop-up book on the bookshelf with the story of how Santa was captured.

Touch Krampus to move him closer to the tree. Then, touch the container to ignite it, and Santa to make him approach the containter. Swing the cage around, touch Krampus again to goatify him, and a third time to make him bleat. Santa will then come running. When he is in place, drop the cage.

Taking the KEY that pops out, return all the way to the dungeon entrance, and free Santa (the real one!) from behind the secure door.

Congrats on making it through the game and freeing Santa! Christmas is saved.

Dec 22, 2021

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