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  • Developer: Overborder Studio
  • Publisher: Team17
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Aug 18, 2022
  • Platform: PC
  • ESRB: Not Set


Royal Garden: Side Quest 1

From: Bloodyvampire3

In order to get the key to the underground laboratory, you must first reach the second throne of souls , where you can increase your character level, for example. Then follow the path until you reach a large, open area where you will be confronted by a mini-boss with two one-handed swords.

To defeat him, we recommend you to act defensively. Your opponent is able to launch multiple attacks in direct succession. Successful parries can reduce his life bar. Use claw attacks in the gaps between his attack chains and knock him down to get the key to the greenhouse upstairs .

This opponent carries the key to the greenhouse upstairs.

After that, you can use the Soul Throne to refill your potions. Defeated mini-bosses will not respawn after using the throne . You will find a garden gate near his former location, which you can open using the Greenhouse Upstairs Key. Run up the stairs and hit your way through the book gallery.

Another mini-boss awaits you here, reminiscent of a ghost with a cape and hood and not least because of his floating state. Try to eliminate all other opponents in the area before you blindly go into duel with him. The mini-boss has a lot on the box.

You will receive the key to the library elevator , which is essential for further progress. On a table you will find the next useful item: the key to the greenhouse elevator. Defeat the ground gunner and take the elevator behind him to unlock a shortcut with the newly acquired item.

Take the library elevator near the starting point.

Now return to the starting point near the first throne of souls. Here you will find the elevator to the library not far from the first opponents you will face in the side mission. Two more mini-bosses await you here. The latter has the key to the underground laboratory . Now all you have to do is open the gate to the laboratory, which is very close to the second throne of souls.

Aug 19, 2022

The best talents for standard enemies and boss fights

From: Scarface

Defeating enemies will give you so-called Memory Shards . If you carry a certain number of them with you, you can use them with a soul throne to improve your attributes (strength, vitality, disease), which is equivalent to a level up. With each level up, the number of memory fragments required for a further level up increases.

If you have increased an attribute, you automatically unlock a talent point up to a maximum of 24 talents . Talents can give you both passive and active advantages in combat - although some of them are more useful than others depending on the situation. For example, certain talents are worthwhile in boss fights that you can otherwise do without - and vice versa. Luckily, you can always reset talents in the Throne of Souls at no cost and activate other talents instead.
The best talents for (almost) every situation.

Aside from boss fights, you can rely on other talents.

Of course, when choosing talents, it is not only a matter of your personal taste, but above all of your preferred fighting style. For example, if you are good at dodging, but often fail when using parries, you will not know what to do with the following talents in the 'Parades' category.

In the following table we have summarized the most useful talents for you, which pay off especially in the fight against standard opponents:

Dodge and Slash Lv.2
category: saber
Required Talents: Lvl.1 saber attacks
Required Talents: Lvl.2 saber attacks
Required Talents: Lvl.1 dodging and slashing
Increases saber and slash attack damage.

Salvational Execution Lv.2
category: saber
Required Talents: Execution
Required Talents: Wholesome Execution Lv.1
Increases the amount of energy regenerated after a successful execution.

Sharpen weapons Lv.2
category: saber
Required Talents: Sharpen weapons Lv.1
Further increases damage dealt by saber attacks.

Daring Parade Lv. 2
category: parry
Required Talents: Parry Lv.1
Required Talents: Parry Lv.2
Required Talents: Daring Parry Lv.1
Parry duration is further increased, but parry damage is reduced.

Rapid regeneration Lv.1
category: Evade
Required Talents: No
Get back on your feet quickly.

Short claw Lv.1
category: claw
Required Talents: Lane Claw St.1
Performs a series of claw attacks of up to 3 slashes.

Energized Claws Lv.2
category: claw
Required Talents: Energized Claws Lv.1
Claw attacks that deal damage regenerate a larger amount of energy.

Luck St.3
category: strategies
Required Talents: Luck Lv.1
Required Talents: Luck Lv.2
The drop rate of items is significantly increased.

Here's why these talents are so useful:

  • Dodge and Slash Lv.2 significantly increases your melee damage and expands your attack chain to a 5-hit combo.
  • With Wholesome Execution Lv.2 you regenerate health and energy after each execution. Since each opponent can only be eliminated via an execution, you will regenerate some life every time and have to resort to your potions less often.
  • Sharpen Weapons Lv.2 increases your melee damage even further, allowing enemies to be eliminated even faster.
  • Reckless Parry Lv.2 increases the parry window and is therefore of great use to all those who rarely or only rarely succeed in parrying in their standard form.
  • Rapid Recovery Lv.1: Heavy attacks stagger Corvus, making him vulnerable in this state. Rapid regeneration allows you to quickly dodge follow-up attacks.
  • Short claw level 1: The alternative long claw requires a lot of time for its use, which you often lack in combat. With the short claw you can land three quick hits and are not at the mercy of attacks for so long.
  • Energized Claws Lv.2 provide the necessary energy regeneration so that you can use plague weapons more frequently. Since you have to use claw attacks in every fight to bring down the opponent, they increase your energy along the way. Alternatively, the "Energized Weapon Level 2" talent can also be recommended.
  • Gluck Lv.3: If you want to increase your chances of getting new plague weapons and ingredients, you shouldn't ignore this talent.

The best talents for boss fights
Many bosses try to hit you with critical attacks.

When dealing with a boss in Thymesia, you can keep many standard enemy talents while replacing others with more appropriate ones due to their useless perks.

For example, you no longer need Healing Execution Lv.2 for boss fights because you only execute the boss at the end of the fight (the exception is two fight phases), which means that there is no health or energy regeneration anyway. Lvl3 Luck is another example . The talent only pays off when you defeat many opponents in quick succession. Save the three talent points for the following more appropriate talents:

Step jump St.1
category: Evade
Required Talents: No
Step jump to interrupt critical attacks.

Sliding claw St.3
category: claw
Required Talents: Sliding jaw St.1
Required Talents: Sliding claw St.2
When hit, gain a stack of Offense and Defense buffs.

Lv.1 interceptor wing
category: Feather
Required Talents: Feather arrow St.1
Required Talents: Feather arrow St.2
Instead of throwing feathers, you perform a melee attack that can interrupt critical hits.

Here's why these talents are so useful:

  • Step Leap Lv.1 not only grants you the ability to use the dodge button to interrupt critical hits, but also to initiate a counterstrike. Since critical attacks cannot be blocked and some of them are almost impossible to avoid by dodging, this talent is extremely important in boss fights.
  • The gliding claw level 3 gives you the possibility to inflict big wounds guaranteed with the step jump. The subsequent "Offensive" and "Defensive" buff can't hurt either.
  • Lvl.1 Intercept Wing serves as an alternative to the Step Jump and Glide Claw . The attack is performed less complicated, but also does no damage.
Aug 19, 2022

Brew Hermes Response and unlock Good Ending

From: Becca7

All you need to unlock the conditions for all possible endings in Thymesia is the hearts of all the bosses . You can easily get these hearts by defeating the bosses in battle. This means that you not only have to successfully complete the main missions, but also all side quests.

Two bad endings, a neutral ending, and a good ending can be unlocked in Thymesia. However, you will not experience the effects of your decisions via video sequence - instead, only short text passages tell how the Hermes answer you have brewed will affect the future.

The hearts of the bosses
SPOILER WARNING: If you want to reach the end of Thymesia without spoilers, you should read no further. Below we go into more detail about the bosses and give you the solutions for each ending.

If you complete the main quests in Thymesia without exception, you only unlock four of the eight hearts. The other four will come into your possession if you also complete the side quests. The Hermes Answer requires you to combine two hearts to unlock an ending. To figure out which hearts should be matched, you first need to know their type:

sea ​​of ​​trees
Black Heart

fool god
Sea of ​​trees - god of fools
Black Heart

sound of hell
Royal Garden - Underground Laboratory
Black Heart

Mutated Odur
Sea of ​​Trees - Mutated Odur
fused heart

The hanging queen
Royal Garden
fused heart

Hermes Fortress
Pure heart

Fortress of Hermes - side quest 1
Pure heart

If you have Hearts in your possession, you can speak to Aisemy on Philosopher's Hill or Emerald (hidden in various areas). They tell you more about the hearts. This will give you the information you need to brew the Hermes Answer.

Unlock all endings
Thymesia has four different endings ready for you.

After the final boss fight, Aisemy is certain that Corvus has regained all forgotten memories, so he should know the recipe for Hermes' answer. Your last task is to choose two hearts that you want to combine - the order doesn't matter. You can see which combinations have which effects in the following table:

bad ending
Pure Heart + Merged or Black Heart
A chaotic force is eating away at the entire land, turning some organisms into monsters while healing other monsters.

Bad ending (2)
Two Black Hearts
The spread of the plague is stopped, but the people are transformed into something unrecognizable grotesque.

neutral ending
Two Pure Hearts
The pain and suffering fade away as the creatures of the land perish. However, the power-seekers are growing in number and want control of the alchemical science. Corvus and Aisemy leave the country.

Good end
Two fused hearts
All those who gained powers from alchemy lose them again and the land is full of ordinary people again. Though Hermes is safe for now, the threat of the plague still looms, so Aisemy resumes her research.

If you want to reach all the endings, you can continue the game after completing Thymesia and defeat the final boss again. You can then choose a new recipe.

Aug 19, 2022


Steam Achievements

From: Atexmax

To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
AlchemistFully upgrade a potion.
Blessing of Pure BloodReach the "Blessing of Pure Blood" ending.
Chaotic PowerReach the "Chaotic Power" ending.
Completed MemoryFinish all levels.
CorvusDefeat Corvus.
Darkness!!!Finish the tutorial.
God of the FoolsDefeat God of the Fools.
Good ListenerCollect all lore.
Harmonized ForceReach the "Harmonized Force" ending.
Herb GathererCollect all potion ingredients.
Hermes FortressFinish "Hermes Fortress" level.
Is this Alchemy?Craft a potion recipe for the first time
It's mine now!Unlock a plague weapon for the first time.
Lord of PlagueUnlock all plague weapons.
Memory InterruptedDead for the first time.
Memory SeekerReach all endings.
Memory WeaverCollect all story bits.
Mutated OdurDefeat Mutated Odur.
OdurDefeat Odur.
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Aug 21, 2022

Game Walkthroughs

Walkthrough Demo (PC)

Walkthrough Part 1 Full Demo

From: RECTHYDRAPosted on: 08-04-2022
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