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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Genre: Role-Playing First-Person
  • Release: Nov 11, 2011
  • ESRB: Mature


Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window:

Add indicated itemplayer.additem <id number>
Add indicated number of repair hammersplayer.additem 0000000c <number>
Add indicated number of skeleton keysplayer.additem 0000000b <number>
Add indicated perkplayer.addperk <id number>
Add indicated spellplayer.addspell <id number>
All console commandshelp
Character customization menushowracemenu
Gain goldplayer.additem 0000000f <number>
Gain lockpicksplayer.additem 0000000a <number>
God modetgm
HUD switch on / offtm
Increase the level of a skill by 1Player.IncPCS [Skill Name]
Kill selected NPCkill
resolved all quests (Warning! immense impact on the game!)caqs
Revives a dead NPC selected again. Simply choose this option, while the console is open.resurrect
Set character levelplayer.setlevel <number>
Set field of viewfov <number>
Set movement speed; 100 is defaultplayer.setav speedmult <number>
Set to high number to fight, set to 0 to be freeplayer.setcrimegold <number>
Teleport to quest targetmovetoqt
Toggle AItai
Toggle AI detection; allows unlimited stealingtdetect
Toggle combat AItcai
Toggle fly camtfc
Toggle FOWtfow
Toggle God modetgm
Toggle map markerstmm (<0 or 1>)
Toggle no clippingtcl
Unlocks anything that is locked by pressing the object followed by Enterunlock
Use lock followed by level difficulty to lock chests & doors, or target peoplelock X

MistaOuija, Fullm3t4, Nov 14, 2011

Hints & Secrets

Easy Sneak leveling

When you start Helgen's Keep, you will encounter a bear that is sleeping. Your guide states that you can either sneak past it or kill it. off to the left of where your guide stops is a small rock pile. Go to the back side of it, and you can sneak in the crevice there & stay hidden from the bear. Keep sneaking at the rock to increase your skill. You can do this for as desired, because the bear only moves if it detects you. To make positive you are in a nice location, sneak for a short time, then check your Sneak skill to see if it is rising. If not, move slightly closer to the bear & keep trying.

rohit, Nov 13, 2011

Easy Gold for beginners

To get some money, and not all carry along from the dungeons to be (in order to sell it to the dealer, provided that, the more money), you can see, once you're in River Forest [Riverwood] behind the mill on the table Lumberjack find one. By now you go to a stack of wood (there is one right next to the table and a "front" of the mill, if you come from the direction of slipway), chopping wood, with each beat and you get 2 logs each action you make 3 beats. When her repeated about every 30 seconds you will get a lot of logs together so quickly. These can then sell for 5g a piece of Hod (the man of Gerdur). So you can quickly earn a few hundred gold pieces.

Meladoo314, Nov 13, 2011

Quickly gain experience and skill illusion

While most of the spells you actively use them in combat situations or to specific objects that require to progress, there is at least one spell that does not: muffle. Muffle is an illusion spell that soothes your movements. Constantly casting muffle while you are walking around the country are not only the illusion of your abilities, but also increase your overall experience.

padsandpanels, Nov 14, 2011

Simple Speech skill and forging

Each time you click on a forge, make sure to talk to the person responsible, and buy all the iron bars and leather or leather strips that they sell. Then, as do many strips of leather, as it takes for each iron bars. Take it in the forge, and make an iron dagger, takes to create only one of each ingredient. If you sell it back to the dealer, they sell one at a time, allowing you to create more transactions to the speech skill.

wrecker2099, Nov 14, 2011

Easy Sneak Skill

After the prologue of the game, go to Embershard Mine. Kill the two bandits in the first chamber of the mine, then go into the short tunnel. Lower the bridge by the nearby switch (exploration along the tunnel on the wall opposite the entrance). Go through the next rooms until you reach an area with a bandit in a kind of pit (mine has a forge in it). Kill the Bandit to win in the pit to the attention of the guard on the bridge. You will begin arrows on you. Hide on the bridge about halfway into the shadows, and just kept walking into the wall while sneaking too easy on your Sneak skill. Reach White Run, and go east. Approaching the mountain until you find White River view. Kill the two bandits outside, and enter. The blind man asks in whether you are Ralph. Say yes, and then keep walking into the wall in the shadows while sneaking just keep leveling your Sneak skill.

Garmsefarlars, Nov 14, 2011

Invincible companion dog

Go to Falkreath and find the "smith" called Lod. You will be asked to find his dog. You can find Barbas the dog outside the village and it will take to the Sanctuary of Clavicus vile. Once you speak with the Daedra Lord, the dog will accompany you until you finish the search for a best friend Daedra. The dog is technically a quest item and therefore can not be destroyed. Automatically attack enemies who approach you and you can not lose health, which is the best tank EVER. Note: you can take another companion as well as dogs.

tinkerbell16, Nov 15, 2011

Skill Max out destruction

When you join the fighter's guild, you are asked to go out and fight with one of the members. When you are out, switch to the destruction of magic and use it against that person again. He keeps telling you to use a sword, but you will gain experience - and not die. You can do this by the time you want easily remove XP for magic.

Zharlah, Nov 15, 2011

All Three Locations of Skill Trainers

I Skyrim there are three kind of skill trainers called Magic, Stealth and Combat, below you will find all skill locations in this game. Note they will charge you a fee to level up the relevant skill...

Magic: Alteration

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Melaran in Solitude.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Dravynea of Kynesgrove in Eastmarch.
  • Master Trainer: Find Tolfdir of The College in Winterhold.

Magic: Conjuration

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Runil in Falkreath.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Phinis Gestor of The College in Winterhold.
  • Master Trainer: Find Falion in Morthal.

Magic: Destruction

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Wuunferth the Unliving in Windhelm.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Sybille Stentor in Solitude.
  • Master Trainer: Find Faralda of The College in Winterhold.

Magic: Enchanting

  • Expert Trainer: Find Sergius Turrianus of The College in Winterhold.
  • Master Trainer: Find Hamal in Markarth.

Magic: Illusion

  • Expert Trainer: Find Atub in Largoshbur in The Rift.
  • Master Trainer: Find Drevis Neloren of The College in Winterhold.

Magic: Restoration

  • Expert Trainer: Find Keeper Carcette at The Hall Of The Vigilant and Colette Marence of The College in Winterhold.
  • Master Trainer: Find Danica Pure-Spring in Whiterun.

Stealth: Alchemy

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Lami in Morthal.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Arcadia in Whiterun.
  • Master Trainer: Find Babette in The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Stealth: Light Armor

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Scouts-Many-Marshes in Whiterun.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Grelka in Riften.
  • Master Trainer: Find Mazir in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Stealth: Lockpicking

  • Expert Trainer: Find Majhad at Khajiit Caravans.
  • Master Trainer: Find Vex of The Thieves Guild in Riften.

Stealth: Pickpocketing

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Ahkari at Khajiit Caravans.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Silda the Unseen in Windhelm.
  • Master Trainer: Find Vipir of The Thieves Guild in Riften.

Stealth: Sneak

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Khayla at Khajiit Caravans.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Garvey in Markarth.
  • Master Trainer: Find Delven Mallory of The Thieves Guild in Riften.

Stealth: Speech

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Revyn Sadri in Windhelm and Dro'marash at Khajiit Caravans.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Ogmund the Skald in Markarth.
  • Master Trainer: Find Geraud Gemaine of Bards' College in Solitude.

Combat: Archery

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Faendal in Riverwood.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Aela the Huntress of The Companions in Whiterun.
  • Master Trainer: Find Niruin of The Thieves Guild in Riften.

Combat: Block

  • Expert Trainer: Find Njade Stonearm of The Companions in Whiterun.
  • Master Trainer: Find Larak of Mor Khazgur in The Reach.Combat: Heavy Armor
  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Hermir Strongheart in Windhelm.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Gharol of Dushnikh Yal in The Reach.
  • Master Trainer: Find Farkas of The Companions in Whiterun.

Combat: One-Handed

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Amren in Whiterun.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Athis of The Companions in Whiterun.
  • Master Trainer: Find Burguk of Dushnikh Yal in The Reach.

Combat: Smithing

  • Journeyman Trainer: Find Ghorza in Markarth.
  • Expert Trainer: Find Balimund in Riften.
  • Master Trainer: Find Eorlund Gray-Mane in Whiterun.

Combat: Two-Handed

  • Expert Trainer: Find Torbjorn Shatter-Shield in Windhelm.
  • Master Trainer: Find Vilkas of The Companions in Whiterun.

Crestin, Nov 15, 2011

Simple Archery skill

Search the elf called Faendal when you visit the "Riverwood" and bring Camilla a note. Now let Faendal follow you. For this you need 200 gold in your pocket. Now ask him to train you and ask him to trade with you. Now get his money from his inventory. You can repeat this 5 times in each level.

alicefred, Nov 16, 2011

Easy way for Whiterun house

Visit the sleeping man in the Whiterun house. Now Stand next to his bed close to the nightstand or dresser, now he will wake-up and talk to you. Now open the dresser fast and put your gold in it, after you agree to buy the house get back fast to the talking man. Now he will give you the key and you can simply open the dresser to get your money back. With this you will save 5000 gold and still have the house!! good luck.

KittyOC, Nov 16, 2011

Cured of lycanthropy

First be a member of the faction companions. Now Finish all missions for The companions faction. Then contact Kodlak Whiteman the leader of the companions or talk to Aela the Huntress in Whiterun for more infomation. Those Companions gets you special quest to cure your lycanthropy and to heal you from be a werewolf again.

ykay, Nov 16, 2011

Join The Companions faction

Go to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun and locate the building. Now go down to the basement and talk to Kodlak. Finish the quest to join The Companions faction.

supertom221, Nov 16, 2011

Becoming A Vampire

To obtaining vampire powers go to "Broken Fang Cave" on the westside of Whiterun. This video will show you how.

randaa, Nov 3, 2012

Standing Stone Locations

The video below will show you all thirteen Standing Stone Locations:

  • Shadow Standing Stone Location: Become invisible once a day for an extended period of time.
  • Steed Standing Stone Location: Increase carrying capacity without hindering movement.
  • Lady Standing Stone Location: Regenerate health and stamina quickly.
  • Apprentice Standing Stone Location: Regenerate magicka quickly but take increased spell damage.
  • Tower Standing Stone Location: Open expert locks or lesser automatically.
  • Lover Standing Stone Location: Improve all skills at an increased rate.
  • Lord Standing Stone Location: Resistant to magicka and physical damage.
  • Serpent Standing Stone Location: Use a paralyzing poison once a day.
  • Thief Standing Stone Location: Learn Stealth skills 20% faster
  • Warrior Standing Stone Location: Learn Combat skills 20% faster.
  • Mage Standing Stone Location: Learn Magic skills 20% faster.
  • Ritual Standing Stone Location: Re-animate dead corpses once a day.
  • Atronarch Standing Stone Location: Magicka boost and absorb spell damage, but regenerate slowly.

BabyzRock1, Nov 3, 2012

Dragon Claw door code

Go to your items, and watch the Dragon Claw. To find the door code you have to turn it so you can see the bottom where you will find the door code. Good luck.

chezza, Nov 20, 2011

Easy Climbing

While you climbing a mountain and the mountain is too steep. Turn arround and jump backwards with your jump button.

cheater123, Nov 20, 2011

Super Lockpicking

Have at least the first sneak pockpocket perk, it helps a lot. The guards most places will have steel arrows on them with about a 90% success rate to steal. Save before u do this, Pickpocket the arrows, put one back, repeat over and over. Putting 1 of the cheapest arrows u have back in his pocket and takeing it out makes it even easier cuz its cheaper. Save every time you level up cuz you will get caught 1 out of 30 times or so. I got my sneak to 55 and havent got caught ever since.

Dingo, Nov 21, 2011

Become the werewolf

There is a possibility in Skyrim to be a werewolf for this you need to finish the Quest chain called "The Companions of Whiterun" Within the chain is another quest named "Silver Hand" for this you need to drink the blood of another Werewolf. We found a video that may give you more information about how become a werewolf.

Meladoo314, Feb 16, 2013

A basic guide to some quick skill levels

In Riverwood there is a miniquest to help Faendal/Sven woo Camilla. Work the quest in Faendal's favour and he'll become a follower. Faendal is an archery trainer, but, because he is a follower, you can make him train you, then ask to trade items and take your money back.

Following this same principle of training and taking the money back, pretty much every trainer in the game can "train" you in at least 2 skills. Their skill, and your pickpocketing. Apart from the pickpocket trainer, she just "trains" you twice as fast.

Again now with followers, this time with a quest specific follower (for example, Farkas of the Companions.) I say quest specific because they need to be able to take a beating and not die.

With an unkillable follower you can train...

- One Handed Weapons
- Two Handed Weapons
- Destruction Magic
- Restoration
- Sneak
- Heavy Armour
- Light Armour
- Block
- Archery
- Illusion
- Pickpocket
- Alteration
- and last but not least Conjuration.

For Destruction/One/Two Handed you pretty much just need to repeatedly kill them.

With the Armours, Block and Restoration, you can just attack them until they fight back, then just take it and heal every now and then.

With Sneak, it's best to sneak attack them (either with One Handed or Bow is best). You just get more EXP for a successful sneak attack than from walking into a wall.

Illusion you'll need to get the courage spell and cast it repeatedly at them (can use any NPC for this cuz its not an offensive spell).

Conjuration you need to be in combat for to work with spells like Bound Sword/Axe/Bow, but you can also train by casting soul trap on a dead body (that might get patched soon though).

Alteration works in about the same way as Conjuration, so just cast oakflesh or a better varient on yourself constantly.

Speech has a glitch you can exploit in Riften, with the bartender in the Black Briar Meadery. Just talk to him and keep hitting the persuade option, though this may already be patched, I'm not sure.

For Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing, we've not found a good, quick way to do it yet, although we do have a money making scheme using Alteration, Enchanting and Smithing. Get hold of the Transmute spell from the Halted Stream Camp (a little NorthNorthWest of Whiterun) and mine/buy iron ore and turn it into gold. Then smith it into gold rings and either sell them straight away or go on to enchant them 1st.

Be warned though.
Your level will increase pretty damned fast if you follow all this, and unless you make sure your combat skills are increased 1st or at least equally, you're gonna find yourself massively underpowered compared to your enemies.

And that's about it. Happy hunting.

Lollustrator, Nov 26, 2011

Destruction skill Perks

Below a list of Perks you unlock when you level-up the Destruction skill. The Destruction skill is part of The Mage style.

Novice Destruction
Requirements - None
Comment - You can cast the novice level of Destruction spells for half Magicka

Destruction Dual Casting
Requirements - Destruction level 20, Novice Destruction
Comment - Dual casting a Destruction spell makes it into a more powerful version

Apprentice Destruction
Requirements - Destruction level 25, Novice Destruction
Comment - You can cast the apprentice level of Destruction spells for half Magicka

Augmented Flames (1)
Requirements - Destruction level 30, Novice Destruction
Comment - Fire spells do 25% more damage

Augmented Frost (1)
Requirements - Destruction level 30, Novice Destruction
Comment - Frost spells do 25% more damage

Augmented Shock (1)
Requirements - Destruction level 30, Novice Destruction
Comment - Shock spells do 25% more damage

Requirements - Destruction level 40, Destruction Dual Casting
Comment - Most Destruction spells will stagger the target if dual cast

Rune Master
Requirements - Destruction level 40, Apprentice Destruction
Comment - You can place runes up to five times farther away

Adept Destruction
Requirements - Destruction level 50, Apprentice Destruction
Comment - You can cast the adept level of Destruction spells for half Magicka

Intense Flames
Requirements - Destruction level 50, Augmented Flames (1)
Comment - Fire damage causes enemies to flee if their health is low

Deep Freeze
Requirements - Destruction level 60, Augmented Frost (1)
Comment - Frost damage will paralyze enemies if their health is low

Requirements - Destruction level 70, Augmented Shock (1)
Comment - Shock damage will disintegrate enemies if their health is low

Augmented Flames (2)
Requirements - Destruction level 60, Novice Destruction
Comment - Fire spells do 50% more damage

Augmented Frost (2)
Requirements - Destruction level 60, Novice Destruction
Comment - Frost spells do 50% more damage

Augmented Shock (2)
Requirements - Destruction level 60, Novice Destruction
Comment - Shock spells do 50% more damage

Expert Destruction
Requirements - Destruction level 75, Adept Destruction
Comment - You can cast the expert level of Destruction spells for half Magicka

Master Destruction
Requirements - Destruction level 100, Expert Destruction
Comment - You can cast the master level of Destruction spells for half Magicka

nmbnmbnmb3, Dec 5, 2011

Walkthrough Guide Destruction Magic - Novice Spells

Watch this step-by-step video guide called "Walkthrough Guide Destruction Magic - Novice Spells" for more instructions:

Lady SweetLeaf, Nov 3, 2012

Walkthrough Guide Destruction Magic - Apprentice Spells

Watch this step-by-step video guide called "Walkthrough Guide Destruction Magic - Apprentice Spells" for more instructions:

begannt, Nov 3, 2012

Walkthrough Guide Destruction Magic - Adept Spells

Watch this step-by-step video guide called "Walkthrough Guide Destruction Magic - Adept Spells" for more instructions:

ladyAnn, Nov 3, 2012

Level up your Blocking skill

To level up your Blocking skill you have to search for a weak enemy like a wolf. Now pin yourself between the water and the enemy, now take the rubber band to hold the trigger button that controls your shield for as long as desired to keep leveling up the Blocking skill.

songpol, Dec 9, 2011

Conjuration skill

At whiterun buy a horse and do the Soul Trap spell, now use the spell on your horse. This way your Conjuration skill will leveling up.

PagamelaUttef, Dec 9, 2011


Now you're in the upper region of snowy horizon. After the dragon is removed, it continues to follow Ralof. This leads you to a chest with three boulders, where you have to decide between you thief, mage and warrior. A total of 13 shrines there, which you can locate. Have you made your choice, it goes on behind Ralof.

redkiller652, Dec 9, 2011

Boss enemies: Frost wounded spider bite

Eliminates the spider web in front of the left passage and enter the room beyond, where a giant spider appears frost bite. To simplify the struggle, she lures before the passage through the You're just come because they do not come through there and use a ranged weapon, or better yet, the magic flame. Differs only from its surplus power. The spider is defeated after a short battle, freed the leader, the Fast Arvel, from the net on the left side of the room and immediately take up the chase, as he tried to flee. After a short pursuit run, grab the leader. Kill him and take the golden dragon claw in your possession.

mgzr 160, Dec 9, 2011

The search for the Dragon Stone

If you want to save some time, follows the other path until you come to a round, closed door. This is also accompanied by an icon code. Look in your inventory now on the dragon's claw. Turns it on its back and you realize in the claw impression of the door with the appropriate symbols on it. These are (from top to bottom: bear, butterfly, owl. Give this one at the door, the dragon claw used in the notches to open and you come into a large cave. Back in the cave there is a few steps up to a sarcophagus and a stone wall with large characters. Come closer to the wall to read the characters for "strength, relentless power."

darthyoda, Dec 9, 2011

How To Get A Horse in Skyrim

There is a solution to get a horse in Skyrim and it will cost you nothing, you will find this horse in Whiterun...

Desmond Luseni, Nov 3, 2012

All 15 Locations for the Daedric Artifact quest

The Black Star quest - The Black Star
Go to the top of the mountain of Azura's Shrine to begin this quest. Now finish the quest to get the artifact.

The Mind Of Madness quest - Wabbajack
Search a child called Derevin wandering around the streets in Solitude. Now bring a message to his master. Now search for his master & finish the quest to get the artifact. To complete one sequence: shoot Pelgius with Wabbajack, shoot wolf, shoot goat, shoot bandit, shoot Pelagius, shoot Hagraven, shoot Pelagius, shoot Flame Atronach, and then shoot the dragon priest. For the Paranoia sequence, you need to shoot the king. The mind sequence is grow Pelagius twice, and then grow anger once with the Wabbajack.

The Break Of Dawn quest - Dawnbreaker
At the west of Solitude at the statue to Merida, now finish this quest to recieve the artifact

Boetiah's Calling" quest - Ebony Mail
Go to the east side of Windhelm and search for the Sacellum of Boethiah, there you will find a curt. Now start the quest. For this quest you have to search for Bee and Brab in Riften & ask him to touch the beacon. To offer the sacrifice, you will have to trap someone in that chamber to get the artifact.

House Of Horrors quest in Markarth - Mace Of Molag Bal
Near a old haunted house in the city some-one will ask you to go with him, Now search for the priest of Boethiah and finish th quest to get the artifact

A Daedra's Best Friend quest - Masque Of Clavicus Vile
At the Falkreath the guard tells you a story about some missing dog. To finish this quest you have to find Haemar's Shame at the south of the large mountain (Or east to Helgen) now get the "Axe" an bring it back to quard to get another artifact.

M Pieces Of The Past quest - ehrunes Razor
At the Dawnstar go to the museum and start the quest now search the 3 sword pieces to get the artifact

Discearning The Transmundane" quest - Oghma Infinium
When you start the main quest and contact Septimus Sigmus he will ask you to get the Elder Scrolls. No start the the 2nd quest and make a imprint of the Lexicon scrolls and take the harvested blood from Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf, Falmer and Orc & kill one to harvest the blood. Now go to the Bandit camps for Elf & Orc blood, and you can visit Mzulft for Falmers.

Ring Of Namira
At Markarth search for Verulus. now start the quest, which involves clearing the Necropolis. Now when Eola talks about cannibalism, respond positively. Then, clear the undead from Namira's altar. accept to lure Verulus to the Altar. Beat & kill Verulus & eat his flesh, now the Ring Of Namira will show-up in your inventory.

Night To Remember" quest - Sanguine's Rose
At the Ivarstead got to Vilemyr Inn and search for Sam Guevenne. He wants to drink with you, do this to get another artifact.

Ill Met By Moonlight quest - Savior's Hide
At the Falkreath jail in Falkreath you will find a kid, he will give you a cursed ring. After this the quest will started, now finish this quest to get the artifact.

Walking Nightmare quest - Skull Of Corruption
For this you have to finish the Walking Nightmare quest in Dawnstar first. Now talk to the priest located at the Inn, to get the artifact you have to kill him at the end of the quest.

The Only Cure quest - Spellbreaker
Find your way to shrine of Peryite somewhere in the mountains between Markarth & Solitude. Finish the quest to get the artifact.

The Black Star quest - The Black Star
Go to the top of the mountain of Azura's Shrine to begin this quest. Now finish the quest to get the artifact.

The Mind Of Madness quest - Wabbajack
Search a child called Derevin wandering around the streets in Solitude. Now bring a message to his master. Now search for his master & finish the quest to get the artifact. To complete one sequence: shoot Pelgius with Wabbajack, shoot wolf, shoot goat, shoot bandit, shoot Pelagius, shoot Hagraven, shoot Pelagius, shoot Flame Atronach, and then shoot the dragon priest. For the Paranoia sequence, you need to shoot the king. The mind sequence is grow Pelagius twice, and then grow anger once with the Wabbajack.

godkira7, Dec 21, 2011

Infinite Combat/Destruction Skill Leveling Up

OK, so there are several occasions when you could possibly do this but the location at which i discovered was during i believe is the second task of the companions. Your "Shield brother follows you, I found that if you attack him, he fights back after the 3rd strike. When you beat him, he falls to a knee but gets back up and is not angry with you anymore. No bounty, No aggression. You can do this with bows, 1-handed weapons, 2-handed weapons, and destruction magic to level u[p those skills.

Darkenees, Dec 28, 2011

Duplicating hard to find arrows

This is very easy to do. Get a follower, there are many to choose from. Give them a decent bow and 1 arrow of the type you want to duplicate. Get into fights and make sure she only has the bow. This is especially useful if you have the bow perk for getting 2X the arrows from fallen foes. When the foe is slain, there will usually be 1-5 arrows of the chosen type in their loot.

Darkenees, Dec 28, 2011

Easy Mining and Easy Ore

There are a number of ways to improve the productivity of mining pore to maximize the Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim. The first way is instead of exploiting the way the game tells you, by pressing A or X, you should equip your pickaxe as you would a sword and you will be able to hit the rock twice rapidly. You can even equip two pickaxes at once and duel weild, for even faster mining. Normally when using your pickaxe to mine for ore, you get only two ore and rarely hidden grenades. To recieve three ore each time with a much higher chance of getting a Garnet you should let your pickaxe hit the section tree times then stop it, usually X will back you out, when you start mining. You'll get 1 ore. This process can be repeated two more times for a total of three ore instead of the usual two.

whitetiger0158, May 5, 2012

Unlimited arrows

Go to someone who is shooting arrows at a target, (save before you do this) then pickpocket them and take out the arrows they're shooting and put in one of the arrows you want them to shoot and just wait and collect the arrows off the target they're shooting at.

Free arrows, Mar 1, 2015

Easy "Vampire Mastered" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Side with the vampire lord when he gave you the option. Talk to Serena in the fortress (this option can be missed if you convinced her to turn into human earlier on) While combating a vampire, you have a slight chance of contracted by "Sanguinare Vampiris". If not cured, you will turn into a vampire after 72 hours.

To get vampire perks you need to kill people with your drain life spell. There is a perk which eventually lets you feed off anything which opens up mammoth, giants, and other animals/non-humans - which helps expanding your menu for leveling.

The fastest way to get large concentrations of bodies are the civil war camps, civil war forts, and foresworn forts. You can attack cities too but I avoided them because of load screens and not wanting to have to deal with the fallout.

Chunky, Mar 16, 2017

Easy "Skill Master" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You have to level a skill to the max level. One easy skill to level up is sneak. You can go to High Hrothgard, where the Greybeards live, and sneak up behind on of them while they are sitting down and praying. While you are undetected start hitting them with your best dagger. This will level up sneak pretty fast, and it will also level up one-handed a little bit. I recommend saving once every five levels. If you press F5 you quick save, and if you get detected you can press F9 to reload the previous quick save.

SbethJ, Mar 17, 2017

Easy "Dragonrider" Achievement or Trophy Guide

To do this achievement, you have to unlock all three words of the Bend Will shout, which you get from progressing through the main Dragonborn questline. Once you do that, there are two easy ways to find dragons. The first is to go back to dragon lairs that you have previously discovered and defeat the dragon there, if it has respawned. The second, in case you haven't found 5 dragon lairs, is to get bounty quests from innkeepers, which you can do by asking them for work. There's a chance that they will tell you about a nearby dragon, though they might also tell you about a giant or something different.

No matter which way you find a dragon, once you've engaged in combat with them, use Bend Will when you have a good shot. The dragon will land and you need to climb on it. Once you do, you can immediately go find a different dragon; you don't need to do anything except climb on a dragon for it to count towards the achievement.

Cobyoto, Apr 16, 2017

Easy "Legend" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Legendary Dragons are found randomly at level 78 or higher. Finding them while roaming can be annoying. However, if you go to a Nordic ruin called Arcwind Point after reaching level 78, a Legendary Dragon is very likely to be roosting there. The ruin is located south of the Alchemist's Shack and Ivarstead, in the mountains along Skyrim's southern border.

Be careful when you go, because there's not only a dragon, but also several strong draugr (including a death overlord) and a leveled draugr boss, which will probably be a dragon priest at level 78. It can be a tough fight if you're not prepared.

Kngrimes, May 24, 2017

Child Gifting Guide

This is a guide containing a list of objects you can give to your children.

Gift List

  • Dagger (any)
  • Wooden Sword
  • Child's Doll (girl only)
  • Girl's Dress (various colors)
  • Boy's Tunic (various colors)
  • The Yellow Book of Riddles
  • The Red Book of Riddles
  • Kolb and the Dragon
  • A Children's Anuad
  • Apple Pie
  • Honey Nut Treat
  • Boiled Creme Treat
  • Sweetrolls
  • Green/Red Apple
  • Long Taffy Treat
  • Honey
  • Homecooked Meal
  • Snowberry Crostata
  • Apple Dumpling
  • Elsweyr Fondu

This list is not complete and contains items that are found within the Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC. Children also do not accept gifts that have been stolen. The Hearthfire DLC added a number of sweets to give your children so if you're cooking, if it's a pastry assume it could be gifted and give it a try.

Gift Acquisition
Not everyone knows where to find gifts for their children, and the only gifts that can be made are food items and various daggers. This is a list of shops/locations where you are likely to find gifts. Wooden swords/daggers can be found under weapons, while dolls and child clothing is found in MISC.

  • General Stores - There is a general store in every major hold (whiterun, markarth, riftin, windhelm, solitude) and it's possible to purchase a variety of gifts provided they're available in the shop inventory.
  • Khajiit Caravan - The caravans have a high chance of selling toys (swords/dolls).
  • Dressers/chests/similar containers - Even in a bandit den be sure to check all the dressers and wardrobes, as there's a chance you'll find a dress/tunic and a toy or two.
  • Radiant Raiment - In Solitude, this shop provides child clothes regularly.
  • Households with children - Anywhere books in general are located is good but households that have kids are more likely to also have children's books on their shelves. They're also more likely to have sweets.
  • Wealthy homes - it's important you befriend these people so it's not stealing as a child won't take stolen gifts, but wealthier locations tend to have more sweets available for the taking.

TheAlphaPigeon, Sep 3, 2018

How to Get the Masque of Clavicus Vile

The Masque of Clavicus Vile is a daedric artifact and a unique mask that you get from the daedric quest ''A Daedra's best friend'' in the Skyrim. To get this quest you must be level 10 or higher, after you get level 10 head to Falkreath (a city west of Helgen).

The quest starts when the guard near the gate aproaches you and ask you ''Did you see a dog out there?'' After you answer his question, head to a npc called 'Lod' (which if your speech is high enough you can persuade him and he will give you gold) After speaking to Lod head to the marker outside the city and a dog should aproach you called 'Barbas'. Barbas then will ask your help to settle his disagreement with his master Clavicus Vile, which if it works he will get you rewarded. Follow Barbas to the shrine of Clavicus Vile in Haemar's shame and be prepared to fight Vampires while inside the cave.

Once you get to the shrine of Clavicus Vile talk to him by activating the statue. After talking to him he will give you a wish and you can chose beetween these 3, the first one ''To reunite him with barbas'', the second one ''To end the civil war'' and the third one ''To gain more power''. What ever you chose it will not effect the quest and the reward you get. After you chose your wish you have to retrieve The Rueful Axe from Rimerock Burrow.

Once you get the axe from Rimerock Burrow, head back to the shrine and talk to Clavicus. At this point Clavicus is offering you the axe if you kill Barbas, but by killing Barbas you wont get the mask. If you spare Barbas, Clavicus will give you the mask and you get a checkpoint in your achivement 'Oblivion Walker' which requires you to get all 15 daedric artifacts.

Why you should get the Masque of Clavicus Vile?
You should get it because the enchantments will help you generate more money especially in early game and also the base armor of this mask is 23 and can be helpful to lower level players.

Lore of the Mask
There was once a woman called Avalea, a noblewoman of some renown. As a young girl, she was grossly disfigured by a spiteful servant. Avalea made a dark deal with Clavicus Vile and received the Masque in return. Though the Masque did not change her looks, suddenly she had the respect and admiration of everyone. A year and a day after her marriage to a well connected baron, Clavicus Vile reclaimed the Masque. Although pregnant with his child, Avalea was banished from the Baron's household. Twenty one years and one day later, Avalea's daughter claimed her vengeance by slaying the Baron.

Friezzaz, Sep 3, 2018

How to Fix Civil War Reporting In For Duty Not Appearing

This guide shows you how to fix the very common civil war glitch, where reporting in to either Galmar or Rikke does not show you the "reporting in for duty" text option.

What to Do

So, if you are doing the Skyrim civil war quest, for either side and you report in for duty to either Galmar, or Rikke and you are not getting the option to advance the quest line, the "reporting in for duty" text option. do this.

It is quite simple really.

If you are not getting it. leave the camp, go to either Windhelm, or Solitude and speak to General Tullius, or Ulfric (depending on which side you are on in the civil war), and speak to them, ask them "how goes the war?" and keep asking them until the text option appears grey, it takes usually three times. Go back to the camp, and you should have to option to report in for duty.

Pretty simple, but here is still an example:

  • Is playing for Imperials in Civil War.
  • Has to report in to Legate Rikke for order.
  • Goes to camp, no text option to recieve orders.
  • Fast travels to solitude and goes to general tullius.
  • Asks general tullius "how goes the war" until the text option is grey.
  • Goes back to camp where Legate Rikke is.
  • Can now get orders.

Fazazer, Sep 5, 2018

Instantly kill a Forsworn Briarheart

The Forsworn Briarheart is one of the hardest Forsworn enemies in the game but there is a way to kill them without fighting them if you want. If your Sneak and Pickpocket skill is high enough you can sneak up behind then and pickpocket their Briar Hearts. If successful they will die instantly without having to fight them.

Dibdob, Feb 10, 2020

Easter Eggs

Let me guess Fallout 3 Reference

Sometimes guards say "Let me guess someone stole your Sweet Roll" that is a Reference from fallout 3.

gasksetslakly, Nov 21, 2011

Dawnstar museum: Paper Magic

When you are at Dawnstar museum go in and look at the dispaly case ther you will find a oblivion sign - now if you pick the lock and use the spell it will change in a bucket.

makemap, Nov 24, 2011

Minecraft Reference

Look in the rock at the very very top of "Throat of the world" The pickaxe is named after Notch the creator of the cool game Minecraft.

ShaluC, Nov 3, 2012


Unlimited Gold Glitch Skyrim

Thanks to MalavarTCOne that found this glitch. You get an unlimited supply of "Doors of Oblivion" which are valued at 50 Gold, you can sell them and come back to the skeleton who will still have more to give. Thus unlimited income. The best way I found to sell is to find a general goods store, sell the amount of books equal to the shop owners gold, wait fourty eight hours and the shopkeeper should have gold again for you to sell more books. The skeleton is located near the Sightless Pit" on your way to Azura's Shrine from Winterhold.

Or view this one that will explane it step by step how to get unlimited gold and there locations:

MalavarTCOne, Feb 16, 2013

Skyrim start of the game

In the beginning of skyrim before you follow Hadvar out if the caves you can hit him as many times as you want so using a dagger I pin him up against the wall for hours ranking up in skill/level you can also use magic. Try it out it a lot of work in the beginning but before you start the game your character will be beefed up *** also grab some achevievments along the way***** have fun... Yours truly Baseline aka cracked360

Baseline, Nov 24, 2011

Infinite experience points

At the start of the game when your rescuer unbinds they will not respond to attacks from you, you can exploit this to level archery or any combat ability on them with no consequence.

mahino, Nov 24, 2011

Wearing multiple clothes

This glitch works by going to jail first. Then break out of jail but don't get your stuff after you break out. Go and get another set of armor or clothes and get arrest and go to jail again. At this time you can choose to serve ur time or break out again. If you serve your time you will come out wearing both sets of armor or clothes along with any bonus the clothes or armor have or if you break out you can get another set or armor or clothes. Be careful your carrying weight will increase with each set of clothes or armor you wear.

demonslayer, Dec 2, 2011


Steam Achievements

To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
AdeptReach Level 10
Alduin's WallComplete "Alduin's Wall"
ApprenticeReach Level 5
ArtificerMake a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion
Bleak Falls BarrowComplete "Bleak Falls Barrow"
BlessedSelect a Standing Stone blessing
Blood OathBecome a member of the Circle
Bound Until DeathComplete "Bound Until Death"
CitizenBuy a house
Daedric InfluenceAcquire a Daedric Artifact
Darkness ReturnsComplete "Darkness Returns"
DelverClear 50 dungeons
Diplomatic ImmunityComplete "Diplomatic Immunity"
Dragon HunterAbsorb 20 dragon souls
Dragon SoulAbsorb a dragon soul
DragonslayerComplete "Dragonslayer"
Elder KnowledgeComplete "Elder Knowledge"
ExpertReach Level 25
ExplorerDiscover 100 Locations
GatekeeperJoin the College of Winterhold
Glory of the DeadComplete "Glory of the Dead"
Golden TouchHave 100,000 gold
Hail Sithis!Complete "Hail Sithis!"
Hard WorkerChop wood, mine ore, and cook food
Hero of SkyrimCapture Solitude or Windhelm
Hero of the PeopleComplete 50 Misc Objectives
MarriedGet married
MasterReach Level 50
Master CriminalBounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds
Oblivion WalkerCollect 15 Daedric Artifacts
One with the ShadowsReturned the Thieves Guild to its former glory
ReaderRead 50 Skill Books
Revealing the UnseenComplete "Revealing the Unseen"
SidewaysComplete 10 side quests
Skill MasterGet a skill to 100
Snake TongueSuccessfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate
Standing StonesFind 13 Standing Stones
Take Up ArmsJoin the Companions
Taking Care of BusinessJoin the Thieves Guild
Taking SidesJoin the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army
The Eye of MagnusComplete "The Eye of Magnus"
The FallenComplete "The Fallen"
The Way of the VoiceComplete "The Way of the Voice"
ThiefPick 50 locks and 50 pockets
Thu'um MasterLearn 20 shouts
UnboundComplete "Unbound"
WantedEscape from jail
War HeroCapture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall
With Friends Like These...Join the Dark Brotherhood
Words of PowerLearn all three words of a shout

YanKanly, Nov 16, 2011

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