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This page contains Cheats for Saints Row 2 organized by sections for Playstation 3. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Volition Inc., released on Oct 14, 2008. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Saints Row 2 Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Volition Inc.
  • Publisher: Thq
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Oct 14, 2008
  • ESRB: Mature


Phone Numbers

Dial the Phone Numbers in the phone book.

#921.44 Cal
#92012 Gauge
#35Add Gang Notoriety
#4Add Police Notoriety
#947Annihilator RPG
#924AR-50 with Grenade launcher
#925AS14 Hammer
#926Baseball Bat
#2Car Mass Increased
#sunnyClear Sky
#15Drunk Pedestrians
#202Everybody is Shrunk
#16Evil Cars
#928Fire Extinguisher
#929Flame Thrower
#1Full Health
#931GAL 43
#711Get Horizon
#712Get Snipes 57
#713Get Tornado
#714Get Wolverine
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cabanagirl, Oct 15, 2008


Dial the Phone Numbers in the phone book.

#1046Bag Boy
#711Horizon Commerical helicopter
#825Hurricane Speedboat
#801Kaneda Custom street racing motorcycle
#802Kenshin Street racing motorcycle
#803Melbourne Harley-style motorcycle
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GUIDSEN, Oct 16, 2008

Special Vehicles

Dial the Phone Numbers in the phone book.

#728237Destroy UFO
#4976Gyro Daddy Helicopter
#7266837Peewee Mini-Bike

gstol1, Oct 16, 2008


Easy Snatch activities

For easy completion of Snatch activities, use a Bear (the Police APC). It is virtually impossible to stop once moving because it is nearly invulnerable. It can drive over smaller cars and pickups, the chaingun has unlimited ammunition. It holds three passengers.

flozzo100, Nov 11, 2008

Fight against The General

To kill The General in the mall, use the saved rockets to blow up his armored Bulldog then shoot him with any gun until he dies. Do this quickly before he runs away.

karstien, Nov 11, 2008

Fight against Mr. Sunshine

To kill Mr. Sunshine in the factory, use a rocket on his voodoo doll to knock him down and cause damage. Hit the doll once to break his shield. You can then shoot him until he reaches the bottom floor. Note: If he completes his ritual with the voodoo doll, it will send you flying and do lots of damage.

DaNo1324, Nov 11, 2008

Fight against Maero

To defeat Maero the first time on top of his hideout, hit him once with an RPG. When scoring a direct hit, he will go on one knee and stay down. You can then shoot him until he is defeated. If he gets up, just shoot him again. To finish off Maero in the arena, use some of the rockets to blow up all the trucks except for his. Use extra rifle ammunition to shoot his Monster Truck.

Polivirple, Nov 11, 2008

Zombie Uprising: Easy kills

Use the flaming zombies as a weapon. When they come after you, let them follow you. Run into big crowds of zombies so that the flaming zombies can set the other zombies on fire, which will then count as kills for you. Also, use headshots for the small zombies. This also saves ammunition.

pogi12321, Nov 11, 2008

Secret islands

Fly far off the west coast of the prison to find four islands. Their names are "Super Secret", "Ship Wreck", "Bone", "Ruins", and "Look Out".

JacyGarence, Nov 11, 2008

Blow-up doll

Go north from the lighthouse on the prison island. You will reach a large sewer pipe that will have graffiti on the sides. Go into the pipe to find a blow-up doll on a very dirty mattress. Note: It will disappear after awhile.

Shadowhunter, Jan 13, 2009

Defeating Bosses

Before killing Bosses, take full rocket and rifle ammo from the Brotherhood mission when you are on the ship.

Sesshie, Jan 13, 2009
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Easter Eggs

Red Faction: Guerilla

In the Museum Of Flight in the Museum District, go upstairs all the way then walk down the skywalk here. Note: You also have to go here for a Ronin mission. Once up here, walk around looking up at the ceiling. Eventually you will see a ship model up on the ceiling. This is a model EDF ship, the "Assault Aircraft - AAX" built by Ultor and to be used in the upcoming Red Faction: Guerilla game.

joeldaruvalla, Jun 28, 2009


The Knoxville is a reference to Johnny Knoxville, who drove a golf cart around a golf course until they flipped it.

lozzym, Jun 28, 2009

That 70's Show

The Topher (70s Volkswagen) is a reference to Topher Grace, who played Eric Foreman from That 70's Show.

Zachary, Jun 28, 2009


Taser execution

When you take a human shield, switch to your Taser and press L2. This will save some ammunition.

narutofan12345, Nov 11, 2008

Enter vehicle instantly

Jump on top of a vehicle or its hood and press Triangle

esmino_jaden, Nov 11, 2008

Drive up building

Take any vehicle (motorcycle recommended because it can do a wheelie) and face it front towards a building. Have the vehicle go on its back wheel towards the building. This may require a few attempts. You are now able to drive up the building as if it is a road. Note: Try this on the Ultor building.

Munster, Jun 28, 2009


Fighting styles

Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Brotherhood melee styleThe Brotherhood mission 6.
Ronin melee styleRonin mission 6.
Samedi melee styleSons Of Samedi mission 6.

bmbrussee, Oct 15, 2008

Store Discounts

Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Clothing storeCrowd Control level 3 in Suburbs.
Clothing store (more)Crowd Control level 6 in Suburbs.
Crib customizationMayhem level 3 in Red Light District.
Crib customization (more)Mayhem level 6 in Red Light District.
Food and Liquor storeSeptic Avenger level 3 in Red Light District.
Food and Liquor store (more)Septic Avenger level 6 in Red Light District.
MechanicDemo Derby level 3.
Mechanic (even more)All Chop Shop lists.
Mechanic (more)Demo Derby level 6.
Scratch That music store (free)Find all 50 CDs.
Weapon storeHeli Assault level 3 in Trailer Park.
Weapon store (more)Heli Assault level 6 in Trailer Park.

street slider, Oct 15, 2008


Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Akuji's prototype bikeRonin mission 11.
Attack helicopterEpilogue mission 4.
BanditMultiple driving stunts.
Brotherhood vehiclesBrotherhood Mission 11.
BuggyOne Chop Shop list.
CombineTwo Chop Shop lists.
Demolition derby vehiclesDemolition Derby level 6 in University.
Donnie's vehicleBrotherhood mission 2.
Escort vehiclesBoth Escort instances.
Gang customization cars15% hoods conquered.
Gang customization cars (even more)65% hoods conquered.
Gang customization cars (more)45% hoods conquered.
Julius' carBonus mission 1.
Maero's monster truckBrotherhood mission 11.
Medical helicopterRonin mission 7.
News helicopterSons Of Samedi Mission 3.
Ronin vehiclesRonin mission 11.
Saints ambulanceAll Ambulance missions.
Saints fire truckAll Firefighter missions.
Septic truckBoth Septic Avenger instances.
Sons of Samedi vehiclesSons of Samedi Mission 11.
Super TaxiAll taxi missions.
The General's Bulldog (Hummer with unlimited chaingun ammo)Sons of Samedi Mission 11.
Tornado attack helicopterFinal mission of the Ultor epilogue.
Ultor APCEpilogue mission 2.

darkrai666, Oct 15, 2008


Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Johnny GatRonin mission 11.
Legal LeeFight Club Prison level 3.
One followerPrologue mission 4.
PierceBrotherhood mission 11.
ShaundiSons Of Samedi mission 11.
Three followers50% hoods conquered.
TobiasSons Of Samedi mission 3.
TroyFight Club prison level 6.
Two followers25% hood conquered.
Vehicle delivery for $1,000Escort level 3 in Red Light District.
Vehicle delivery for freeEscort level 6 in Red Light District.

MarcyOne, Oct 15, 2008


Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Annihilator RPGMayhem level 6 in Nuclear Power Plant.
AR-50 XMAC Special (with grenade launcher)Complete all Combat Tricks.
ChainsawCrowd Control level 6 in Hotel and Marina.
FlamethrowerMayhem Level 3 in Nuclear Power Plant.
GAL 43Snatch level 3 in Downtown.
Grenades at cribComplete one Hitman list.
Kobra pistolFuzz level 3 in Projects.
MinigunBrotherhood mission 10.
Pepper sprayCrowd Control level 3 in Hotel and Marina.
PimpcaneEpilogue mission 2.
Satchel Charges at cribThree Hitman lists complete.
Shock paddlesComplete all Ambulance missions.
Unlimited pistol ammoFuzz level 6 in Projects.
Unlimited rifle ammoComplete all Hitman lists.
Unlimited shotgun ammoDrug trafficking level 6 in Airport.
Unlimited SMG ammoSnatch level 6 in Downtown.
X2 Ultimax shotgunDrug trafficking level 3 in Airport.

Sully, Oct 15, 2008

Customization Items

Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Avenger jacket"3 Gold Star" rank in Gang Kills.
Bodyguards gang styleProgress through the game.
Brotherhood personalityBrotherhood mission 11.
Chop shopOne Chop Shop list.
Fireman outfitComplete the Firefighter missions.
Free Music track10 CDs.
Free Music track20 CDs.
Free Music track30 CDs.
Free Music track40 CDs.
Free Music track50 CDs.
Ninjas gang styleProgress through the game.
Pimp suitComplete of Ho-ing Diversion in Red Light District.
Red Light apartment cribPrologue mission 2.
Ronin personalityRonin mission 11.
Saints hideoutPrologue mission 3.
Samedi personalitySons Of Samedi mission 11.
Traffic cone hat"3 Gold Star" rank in Vehicle Surfing.
Zombie maskComplete Zombie Uprising.

foolyone, Oct 15, 2008


Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Brotherhood meleeBrotherhood mission 6.
Brotherhood notoriety reducedTrail Blazing level 3 in Apartments.
Brotherhood notoriety reducedTrail Blazing level 6 in Apartments.
Health regeneration 2xSnatch level 3 in Chinatown.
Health regeneration 3xSnatch level 6 in Chinatown.
Improved weapon accuracySeptic Avenger level 3 in Suburbs.
Improved weapon accuracy (more)Septic Avenger level 6 in Suburbs.
No fall damageLand a perfect base jump.
Police notoriety reducedFuzz level 3 in Suburbs.
Police notoriety reduced (more)Fuzz level 6 in Suburbs.
Pumped up (increased melee damage)Fight Club level 3 in Arena.
Pumped up (more increased melee damage)Fight Club level 6 in Arena.
Reduced bullet damageHeli Assault level 3 in Bario.
Reduced bullet damage (more)Heli Assault level 6 in Bario.
Reduced explosion damageTrail Blazing level 3 in Downtown.
Reduced explosion damage (more)Trail Blazing level 6 in Downtown.
Reduced vehicle damageInsurance Fraud level 3 in Museum.
Reduced vehicle damage (more)Insurance Fraud level 6 in Museum.
Ronin meleeRonin mission 6.
Ronin notoriety reducedDrug Trafficking level 3 in Hotel and Marina.
Ronin notoriety reduced (more)Drug Trafficking level 6 in Hotel and Marina.
Sons Of Samedi meleeSons Of Samedi mission 6.
Sons Of Samedi notoriety reducedEscort or Snatch level 3 in University.
Sons Of Samedi notoriety reduced (more)Escort or Snatch level 6 in University.
Sprint increasedInsurance Fraud level 3 in Factories.
Sprint increased (unlimited)Insurance Fraud level 6 in Factories.

kngrimes, Oct 15, 2008


Complete the indicated task in an online match to unlock the corresponding badge.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Ar...Play online on September 19th.
AssassinGet $105,000 online.
Assault and BatteryGet 10 melee kills, excluding the Pimp Slap.
Brain SurgeonGet 100 head shots.
BurnoutKilled 10 people with fire.
Demo DemonDrive 10 cars until they explode.
DominatorGet $310,000 online.
EnforcerGet $188,000 online.
ExecutionerGet $777,000 online.
Fully LoadedFill all weapon slots.
GangstaGet $25,000 online.
KillaGet $10,000 online.
King of KingpinsGet $2,200,000 online.
KingpinGet $1,200,000 online.
LeadfootGet 2.000 seconds total in first place in racing.
Mass MurderGet 10 Multi-kills.
New JackAlready unlocked.
No Questions AskedPlay 10 or more matches with at least 20 kills.
NutjobGet 100 nutshot kills.
Original GangstaPlay 10 or more matches.
Party AnimalHost and win a custom mach.
PimpPlay 20 or more matches.
Regulator5 or more matches with at least $30,000 earned.
Road RageKill 150 people by running over them.
Saint PicassoSpray 100 tags.
SoldierGet $55,000 online.
Team SpiritPimp Slap 10 people.
TerminatorGet $502,000 online.
ThugGet $2,500 online.
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nike, Aug 18, 2009

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