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  • Developer: Team Ninja
  • Publisher: Koei Tecmo Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Mar 13, 2020
  • ESRB: Not Set

Hints & Secrets

Character creation

In contrast to the first game, Nioh Game, you don't have a pre-made protagonist, you can create it yourself . You have plenty of options to adapt your own character. You can choose your gender, the size, the skin color, you can give your figure scars or apply make-up or tattoos and change everything in shape, color and size.

As you make your adjustments, you hear your parents talking about you and your future, apparently before you are born. Both represent different philosophies of how your life should go in their eyes. In the end you can even adjust your voice, although it is only able to reproduce sounds of exertion, since the protagonist himself is silent.

Anthony, Mar 15, 2020

Tutorial Guide

Once you have created your character, you will find yourself on a jetty by the water. There is a grotto in front of you to enter. On the way you will see various yellow lights that you can interact with by holding down the circle. These explain individual control mechanisms to you. The last light in front of you on the footbridge lets you look at your own reflection and allows you to adjust the look of your character again.

If you now enter the grotto, you will find 9 different weapon types inside, of which you can create two. If you now go to the center of the grotto and then press the circle, the combat tutorial starts. You learn to attack, block and evade. You will also learn how to use your demon abilities and how to control your Ki.

Once you have completed the respective tutorials, you can repeat individual sections again to deepen them further, or you will enter the world and thus also the first level. Dress warm!

BabyGirlKeshia, Mar 15, 2020

The village of the cursed flowers

A desperate man bangs on your door. Something terrible was going on outside and he asked for your help. You stay calm and wait until you finally decide to go out.

From now on you can control your character outside. You follow the path that at one point has a fork straight ahead and to the left. There is a gate straight ahead, which is however locked from the other side . Through the gaps in the gate itself you can see that something is moving on the other side.

On the right side you can see a shrine where you can pray and save. If you do so, you can redeem your Amrita, similar to the souls at Dark Souls , to get new skill and level points. The downside of this, however, is that all normal NPCs will live again afterwards and you may have to fight through them again.

But this can also be an advantage in that you theoretically have so much "material" that you can use for practicing and leveling. On the other hand, if you die, you will get back into the game at which you prayed at the last shrine.

Redpanaa, Mar 15, 2020

The first fight

To get ahead, you have to take the previous turn to the left . To do this, you go down a slope. There is a little yokai sitting down there, a gaki attacking you. Even if he is not particularly powerful, he has already taken care of you after three hits, so be careful.

This type of yokai attack you with punches and bites. They also throw stones at you and choke a purple liquid that paralyzes you should you touch them. Defeat the Gaki by letting it come and attack. Evade, so that you get into his back - attack now. If he runs out of ki, he falls to the ground and is exhausted. In this case you can stab him with a triangle and cause a lot of damage.

If you surprise a gaki, you can attack it first with the high posture (R1 + triangle), but you should switch to the middle posture (R1 + square) or the low posture (R1 + X) so that you block better, respectively can dodge while not consuming as much Ki.

In general, you should keep an eye on your own ki and that of your opponent. If you have little ki, you should not attack so that you can still avoid or block in case of doubt. If the opponent has little ki, then it is said that he can not attack either. Then strike! You can also regenerate part of your kis by pressing R1 at the right moment after a hit. In the same way you also clean dark fields. If you defeat him, you will receive Amrita and gold. Also check if he has dropped Loot and pick it up with a circle if necessary.

Keep an eye out for yellow lights that you can interact with. If you do that, you will receive Amrita and sometimes Loot. You also sometimes hear the last words of the dead from whom you found the light. On the one hand, these last words contribute to the dark atmosphere, on the other hand, you can guess what must have happened and you may also find out whether there is a great danger lurking after the next corner. You should always do that, it can save you from nasty surprises.

Cartref, Mar 15, 2020

All Hot Spring locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 27 Hot Springs and get the "Spa Lover" trophy. None of them are missable. You can still get all Hot Springs after the story through level select. After you sit in the hot spring bath, the progress is immediately saved and you can quit the mission without reaching the next checkpoint. To view your totals, go to "Titles" - "Gameplay Records" - "Others" - "Hot Springs Discovered". Each one counts for 3.7% (so just divide your total percentage by 3.7 to get how many you have). On the world map, you can also press X on a mission and then R1 to view how many collectibles (including Hot Springs) you found there. Note: The Hot Springs from main missions also appear again in side missions, but it is not necessary to get them again (when a side mission takes place in the same area as the main mission the hot spring will be found in the same place). You only need to find each unique Hot Springs once. The video below shows them in the order of first appearance.


  • 1. Mission 2: The Beast Born Of Smoke And Flames - 0:05
  • 2. Mission 3: The Viper's Sanctum - 0:48
  • 3. Mission 4: The Hidden Monsters Of Okehazama - 1:36
  • 4. Mission 5: The Mysterious One Night Castle - 2:29
  • 5. Mission 5: The Mysterious One Night Castle - 3:11
  • 6. Mission 6: The Hollow Fortress - 3:56
  • 7. Mission 6: The Hollow Fortress - 6:21
  • 8. Mission 7: A Way Out - 7:50
  • 9. Mission 8: Corpses And Ice - 9:00
  • 10. Mission 9: Bird In A Cage - 9:43
  • 11. Mission 10: Pervading Waters - 10:57
  • 12-18. Side Mission: Song Of The Yokai - 11:50
  • 19. Mission 11: The Frenzied Blaze - 14:50
  • 20. Mission 12: The Sun Sets On Mount Tenno - 15:58
  • 21. Mission 13: Ruin Draws Near - 16:48
  • 22. Mission 14: The Two Faces Of Hospitality - 18:00
  • 23. Side Mission: A Message From The Deceased - 18:24
  • 24. Mission 15: The High-spirited Demon - 19:24
  • 25. Mission 16: The Mausoleum Of Evil - 20:45
  • 26. Mission 17: The Golden Castle - 23:01
  • 27. Mission 18: Cherry Blossom Viewing In Daigo - 23:49

Spectrobe king, Mar 23, 2020

All Kodama locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 150 Kodamas in Nioh 2. Find all of them to get the "Kodama Leader" trophy. None of the Kodamas are missable, as you can collect them after the story using level select. If you have an accessory with the "Kodama Sensor" ability, they will also be displayed on the radar. Every five Kodama give you one extra Elixir for the respective region on respawn, and each region has 25 Kodama -- so you can get up to five extra Elixirs for each respawn. Thus, instead of three Elixirs for healing, you can start with eight Elixirs when you respawn. This makes the game easier -- so they are worth getting. The Kodama collectibles are saved instantly when you interact with them. Thus, you can quit the mission immediately since there is no need to reach the next shrine, as the progress will still be saved. On the mission selection screen, it displays how many Kodama you found in the mission and how many are remaining.


Awakening Region

  • The Village Of Cursed Blossoms - 0:05
  • The Forest Veiled In Darkness - 3:40
  • The Beast Born Of Smoke And Flames - 4:39
  • Dark Omens - 9:24
  • The Viper's Sanctum - 11:00

Soaring Region

  • The Hidden Monsters Of Okehazama - 13:45
  • The Mysterious One Night Castle - 17:55
  • A Hot-blooded Howl - 21:43
  • The Hollow Fortress - 24:14

Shadow Region

  • A Way Out - 29:16
  • Corpses And Ice - 33:32
  • Bird In A Cage - 38:06
  • The Golden Nation - 41:49

Dawn Region

  • Pervading Waters - 43:09
  • The Frenzied Blaze - 47:53
  • The Sun Sets On Mount Tenno - 51:26

Twilight Region

  • Ruin Draws Near - 55:02
  • The Two Faces Of Hospitality - 58:51
  • The High-spirited Demon - 1:02:49
  • Stray Cats - 1:06:25

Dream Region

  • The Mausoleum Of Evil - 1:08:36
  • The Golden Castle - 1:14:57
  • Cherry Blossom Viewing In Daigo - 1:18:34

Wadanethact, Mar 23, 2020

All Boss fights

Note: All bosses were captured solo. Main weapon: Spear; Armor: Light; Build: Body (main), Magic, Skill.


  • 1. Mezuki - 0:05
  • 2. Enenra - 4:43
  • 3. Gozuki - 9:49
  • 4. Yatsu-no-Kami - 11:36
  • 5. Imagawa Yoshimoto - 18:55
  • 6. Imagawa Yoshimoto (2nd Encounter) "Imagawa Diehard" - 22:27
  • 7. Kamaitachi - 24:19
  • 8. Tsukahara Bokuden - 27:35
  • 9. Saito Yoshitatsu - 29:00
  • 10. Hachisuka Koroku - 32:02
  • 11. Shibata Katsuie (Human Form) - 33:50
  • 12. Tatarimokke - 35:36
  • 13. Obsidian Samurai - 41:31
  • 14. Magara Naotaka - 45:11
  • 15. Honda Tadakatsu - 52:53
  • 16. Azai Nagamasa - 55:26
  • 17. Onryoki - 1:03:45
  • 18. Saito Yoshitatsu (2nd Encounter) - 1:06:25
  • 19. Oda Nobunaga - 1:08:27
  • 20. Magara Naotaka (2nd Encounter) + Revenant - 1:09:46
  • 21. Saika Magoichi - 1:16:43
  • 22. Gyuki - 1:20:13
  • 23. Tsukahara Bokuden (2nd Encounter) - 1:23:08
  • 24. Gozuki + Mezuki (Double Boss) - 1:24:26
  • 25. Kasha - 1:30:10
  • 26. Ryomen Sukuna - 1:35:16
  • 27. Saika Magoichi (2nd Encounter) 'The Third Word' - 1:42:03
  • 28. Maeda Toshiie - 1:44:47
  • 29. Shibata Katsuie (True Form) - 1:47:16
  • 30. Enenra (2nd Encounter) 'Okuni's Search' - 1:56:59
  • 31. Tokichiro - 2:02:08
  • 32. Hattori Hanzo. Dojo Spear Mastery 'Hanzo the Demon' - 2:07:17
  • 33. Hachisuka Koroku (2nd Encounter) 'The High-spirited Demon' - 2:08:51
  • 34. Daidara Bocchi - 2:12:04
  • 35. Onryoki (2nd Encounter) 'Stray Cats' - 2:21:14
  • 36. Shuten Doji - 2:22:52
  • 37. Maeda Tashiie - 2:31:08
  • 38. Enenra (3rd Encounter) 'The Golden Castle' - 2:34:37
  • 39. Mezuki + Gozuki Double Boss - 2:38:22
  • 40. Yatsu-no-Kami (2nd Encounter) 'The Golden Castle' - 2:43:01
  • 41. Kasha (2nd Encounter) 'The Golden Castle' - 2:46:59
  • 42. Lady Osakabe - 2:51:28
  • 43. Maeda Keiji - 2:57:57
  • 44. Kasha (3rd Encounter) 'The Dream's End' - 2:58:46
  • 45. Tokichiro (2nd Encounter) 'Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo' - 3:03:36
  • 46. Kashin Koji - 3:09:12
  • 47. Ryomen Sukuna (2nd Encounter) 'Restoring Harmony' - 3:18:28
  • 48. Hachisuka Koroku (3rd Encounter) 'Japanese Heart, Yokai Smarts' - 3:21:58
  • 49. Shibata Katsuie (2nd Encounter) 'Restless Spirits' - 3:23:33
  • 50. Azai Nagamasa (2nd Encounter) 'Yaksha Returns' - 3:26:39
  • 51. William - 3:30:48
  • 52. Kato Danzo - 3:36:53
  • 54. Akishage Yoshiteru - 3:41:21
  • 53. Matsunaga Hisahide - 3:45:51
  • 55. Sakata Kintoki - 3:47:41
  • 56. Mumyo - 3:50:05
  • 57. Shisenin Kosen 'Dojo: The Tengu's Blade' - 3:51:05
  • 58. Hattori Hanzo 'Dojo: The One Who Lives in the Shadows' - 3:53:17
  • 59. Shisenin Kosen 'Dojo: The Chain that Splits the Sky' - 3:56:27
  • 60. Shisenin Kosen 'Dojo: Opening of the Mind's Eye' - 4:00:08
  • 61. Hattori Hanzo 'Dojo: Like Lightning' - 4:02:26
  • 62. Sakata Kintoki 'Dojo: The Unstoppable Whirlwind' - 4:04:24
  • 63. Otakemaru - 4:07:00

Sixmarielle, Mar 23, 2020

All Usura-Hicho locations

This takes place in Mission 11: The Frenzied Blaze. During this mission, there are three swarms of butterflies you can interact with. They are glowing blue and stand out from the rest of the environment. Encounter all three Usura-Hicho to get the "Hidden Hopes" trophy. The three Usura-Hicho can be found in the following locations:

  • 1. In the first Dark Realm area.
  • 2. After the second shrine, in a side area before talking to the samurai that joins your team.
  • 3. In a side area to the right just a few steps before the third shrine (last Dark Realm before the mission boss).

Team-3562, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Bold Wrangler" and "Grazer Eraser" trophy Guide

In Mission 1: The Village Of Cursed Blossoms, the first large monster you encounter (looks like a big bull) is Gozuki. Kill him to get the "Bold Wrangler" trophy. Then, proceed to defeat the boss of this mission (Mezuki, boss with horse head) to get the "Grazer Eraser" trophy because you have defeated both Gozuki and Mezuki in the same mission.

Taelithus, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Devout Believer" trophy Guide

This takes place in Mission 3: The Viper's Sanctum. In this mission, you can find three Snake Statues. You could destroy them to get rid of the poison in the area, which also drains the poison pools in the boss area. With the poison pools gone from the boss battle, it makes the fight easier. However, to get the "Devout Believer" trophy, you must do it the hard way. This can be pretty challenging on the first playthrough of the mission. It is recommended to ignore this trophy until you have completed the game and reached Level 100+. Then, replay the mission and proceed straight for the boss without destroying the Snake Statues. Since you are greatly over-leveled, you will be able to quickly defeat the boss despite the poison. If you decide to try it during the first playthrough, make sure to buy the "Medicine: Anti-toxin Pill II" Ninja skill and equip as many of them as you can carry. This cures the poison effect. Also, equip the "Rejuvenation Talisman" Magic skill to heal yourself over time. As long as you stay out of the three poison pools in the boss fight, it will not be too bad. Attack the boss when it slithers past you and when it summons its snake arms through the ground. Try to destroy both its snake arms before it goes into Yokai Realm mode.

Darktee15, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Dungball Roller" Trophy Guide

Ryunojo the Dung Lover is found in Mission 9: Bird In A Cage. After the second shrine, proceed left into a cave with poison pools. Ryunojo is at the end of the cave, after climbing up a ladder. Give him 30 Dungballs to get the "Dungball Roller" trophy (Noble Dungballs count as multiple normal Dungballs). You can farm Dungballs from killing Tesso enemies (poison farting monks). You should get one Dung Ball every 5 Tessos on average. You also find plenty of Dungballs and Noble Dungballs from corpses (yellow item pick-ups) in this mission and throughout the rest of the game. When you are done with the story, return to this mission. If you still do not have 30 Dungballs by that point, keep killing Tesso until you have 30 Dungballs.

Rukia, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Feather Buster" Trophy Guide

During Mission 7: A Way Out (third region), there will be two areas with searchlights. Simply let the searchlights detect you, then destroy the big red orb that spawns. Destroying the red orb makes the searchlights go away. You will get the "Feather Buster" trophy immediately after destroying the second one.

Dddd, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Peal Of Ten Thousand Bells" Trophy Guide

Search the indicated locations in Mission 13: Ruin Draws Near (fifth region) to find all six big bells and get the "Peal Of Ten Thousand Bells" trophy. To be safe that it counts, hit each of them three times with a high-stance Triangle attack until they fall off. The bells can be found in the following locations:

  • 1. In the first Dark Realm.
  • 2. In the second Dark Realm.
  • 3. From second Dark Realm, backtrack just a few steps and take the side path leading to the basement of a building. One bell is in the first room of the basement.
  • 4. Another bell is located in the room connected to the last bell.
  • 5. In the Dark Realm after the third shrine, same floor where the Shrine is.
  • 6. In the Dark Realm after the third Shrine, ground floor.

Cheat queen, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Schemer" Trophy Guide

This takes place in Mission 10: Pervading Waters (fourth region) against the second boss of the chapter. It is a huge spider-like Yokai monster called Gyuki. This takes place after defeating the Saika Magoichi boss in the same mission. As soon as the fight against Gyuki begins, stand at the dam wall where you dropped down to the boss fight. Just stand there holding L1 to block and wait for Gyuki to attack you. He will hit the damn and you will get the "Schemer" trophy.

Sangie106, Mar 23, 2020

Easy "Sudama Swapper" Trophy Guide

Sudama are purple-colored Kudama -- a small creature found at fixed positions throughout many missions. The first place to encounter a Sudama is in Mission 2: The Beast Born Of Smoke And Flames. Immediately after passing through this mission's first corrupted Yokai Realm (a burning village), you will go across a bridge and there are two wooden houses on the right. Inside the second wooden house is a ladder leading underground. Climb down to find the Sudama. To exchange gifts, simply drop an item from your inventory that you do not need, like any low quality weapon. He will drop you a bunch of items in exchange and you will get the "Sudama Swapper" trophy. If you talk to him, he will not do anything, as you have to drop the item from your inventory close to him and he will pick it up automatically.

Iaunbfjpf, Mar 23, 2020

Status Effects

Status effects are classified into two categories: elemental effects and status ailments. The main difference between them is that elemental effects deal direct elemental damage on hit as well as filling the corresponding status meter, while status ailments don't.


  • A Fire-based elemental effect. Gradually reduces health.


  • A Water-based elemental effect. Increases damage received from attacks.


  • A Lightning-based elemental effect. Reduces attack and movement speed.


  • A Purity-based elemental effect. The afflicted loses Corruption, takes increased Ki damage and any enhanced statuses are removed.


  • A Corruption-based elemental effect. The afflicted loses Purity, and takes increased Ki damage. The opponent will absorb the Ki lost through this effect. If a yokai is afflicted, their maximum potential Ki will also be decreased.


  • The Chaos status ailment. Increases the damage received from attacks, and also slows the recovery of Ki. For afflicted yokai, barring some exceptions, Ki recovery will be halted completely.


  • A Poison-based status ailment. Gradually reduces health.


  • A Paralysis-based status ailment. The afflicted becomes unable to move.

Reduced Attack

  • Attack decreased.

Reduced Defense

  • Defense decreased.

Ki Consumption Increase

  • The consumption of Ki is increased.


  • The effectiveness of the medicine is decreased, and you are more vulnerable to enemy strikes.

The Dark Realm

  • An effect of being in the Dark Realm. Your Ki recovery speed is decreased, but your Anima will build up quicker.

Over Encumbered

  • The maximum equipment weight is exceeded and your Ki consumption will consequently be increased considerably.

Reduced Movement

  • Running and dashing speed decreased.

Reduced Ki Recovery Speed

  • Ki recovery speed decreased. Also, Ki recovered from Ki Pulse is decreased.


  • Unable to use items or change weapons.

Increased Fire Resistance

  • Resistance to Fire-based attacks increased.

Increased Water Resistance

  • Resistance to Water-based attacks increased.

Increased Lightning Resistance

  • Resistance to Lightning-based attacks increased.

Increased Poison Resistance

  • Resistance to Poison increased.

Increased Paralysis Resistance

  • Resistance to Paralysis increased.

Increase Attack

  • Attack increased.

Increase Defense

  • Defense increased.

Auto-Life Recovery

  • Health recovers gradually over time.

Faster Ki Recovery

  • Ki recovery speed increased.


  • Amount of fire damage taken is reduced, but damage taken from lightning is increased. Also removes Stench and Scorch.

Hot Spring

  • Life is gradually restored by the relaxing effect of the hot spring.


  • You are harder to detect when moving through grassy areas.

Faster Movement

  • Running and dashing speed increased.


  • Enemy attacks will not stagger you.


  • A Confusion-based status ailment. Increases the damage received from attacks, and also slows the recovery of Ki. For afflicted yokai, barring some exceptions, Ki recovery will be halted completely.

Shaney, Mar 23, 2020

Monsters of Okehazama Kodama Locations Guide

Kodama are lost NPCs and if you send them back to their shrines you can unlock bonuses at shrines because area. When a Kodama is back to his place, you can extra Elixirs from the Shrines. If you assault near a Kodama it will conceal and end up being unresponsive.

There is absolutely nothing to stress though as they will be back to normal soon. There are 7 Kodama places in The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama main mission in Nioh 2.

Kodama Locations Number 1
Look inside the cavern near the beginning indicate find your very first Kodama in this main story mission. The Kodama remains in the 2nd room of the cavern.

Kodama Locations Number 2
From the very first place return to the room where some Gaki are awaiting you. Direct the slope on the right into another path where you will find an Enki. The Kodama is just past the Enki.

Kodama Location Number 3
The next Kodama area is right outside the cavern from the 2nd and very first places. Go up the high path and towards the forest area where you will find a Nure-Onna. The Kodama neighbors behind the yard.

Kodama Location Number 4
From the 2nd shrine go down the slope and in the cavern. Follow the candle lights to the large room where 2 Nure-Onna and Gaki Yokai are. Take them down and go to the red damaged torii gate and to the path on the. The next Kodama can be discovered here.

Kodama Location Number 5
The next Kodama remains in the Dark Realm where you face the One-Eyed Oni which is the source of the Dark Realm near the 4th place. Once you handle to clear the area go up the shrine in the center and look to your. The Kodama remains in some bushes.

Kodama Location Number 6
The next Kodama is at the corner of a damaged house that is at completion of the town that's impacted by the Dark Realm.

Kodama Location Number 7
The last Kodama area from The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama mission in Nioh 2 is near the mission's goal. Walk around the barriers to the left and reach the burning tree. The Kodama lags some sacks close by.

Paipixassaunc, May 8, 2020

Hot Springs Locations Guide

There are 27 Hot Springs in Nioh 2. Resting at a Hot Spring or Spa throughout main missions or sub-missions brings back all your HP and provides short-lived recovery gradually effect. These can just be used once unless you hope at a shrine, which also respawns all enemies in the area.

Warm spring Number 1
Discovered in: The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames.

Near completion of the mission, go to the very first flooring of the burning building (Great Forge) and find the yokai wall in the top-right corner. It's throughout the area where you're needed to put out the fires.

Warm spring Number 2
Discovered in: The Viper's Sanctum.

Near the 2nd Kodama Shrine in the underground area, go inside a little cavern on the west side to find it. It's near the harmful area.

Warm spring Number 3
Discovered in: The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama.

After a Kodama Shrine, continue downhill towards a cavern and you'll see another yokai wall right beside a soldier sitting close by.

Warm spring Number 4
Discovered in: The Mysterious One Night Castle.

After leaving the fort, you'll find a Hot Spring in the forest right prior to the wood bridge.

Warm spring Number 5
Discovered in: The Mysterious One Night Castle.

The next Hot Spring is also in the exact same mission. At the very end of the mission, you'll unlock a faster way bridge leading back to the very first shrine. You'll unlock the Spa near the faster way.

Warm spring Number 6
Discovered in: The Hollow Fortress.

You require to direct the ladders right beside the 2nd Kodama Shrine and continue to follow the path with the yellow crystals to find a yokai wall at the end.

Warm spring Number 7
Discovered in: The Hollow Fortress.

From the 3rd Kodama Shrine causing the one in charge fight, direct the stairs and reverse to the far left side to find a yokai wall with the Hot Spring behind it.

Warm spring Number 8
Discovered in: A Way Out.

After the temple, continue towards the path with a One-eyed Oni and you'll find the Spa at the very end, behind a shack.

Warm spring Number 9
Discovered in: Corpses and Ice.

You require to head to the wood bridge after the Kodama Shrine and continue to fall the platforms. Stick to the right side and climb up the ladder to find the Hot Spring once you're all the way down.

Warm spring Number 10
Discovered in: Bird in a Cage.

Direct the stairs after the Kodama Shrine and you'll concern a blue bridge. You require to fall from the blue bridge and drop into the opening in the platform to land right beside another Hot Spring.

Warm spring Number 11
Discovered in: Pervading Waters.

From the 3rd Kodama Shrine, direct the stairs and inside the building on the left side. Inside the building, you'll need to break through some weak walls to come to a yokai wall with a Hot Spring behind it.

Warm spring Number 12 through Number 18
Discovered in: Song of the Yokai Sub-Mission.

The beginning flooring has 4 Hot Springs. 2 on the left and 2 on the. You'll find 2 more on the very first flooring. The last 2 are discovered after falling from the wood platforms.

Warm spring Number 19
Discovered in: The Frenzied Blaze.

Prior to the mission's boss, head to the left path from the Kodama Shrine to find the Hot Spring.

Warm spring Number 20
Discovered in: The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno.

From the 3rd Kodama Shrine, came down the ladder and follow the wood bridge with the blue crystals to get a Hot Spring at the very end of the path.

Warm spring Number 21
Discovered in: Ruin Draws Near.

From the 2nd Kodama Shrine, head inside the building left wing and take another left from the door ahead. Ignore the large enemy and direct the stairs on the left side to cross the bridge. From completion, fall to reach a bell and a Hot Spring in the corner.

Warm spring Number 22
Discovered in: The Two Faces of Hospitality.

From the very first Kodama Shrine, you require to head inside a building on the right side to find a Kodama along with a Spa.

Warm spring Number 23
Discovered in: A Message from the Deceased Sub-Mission.

You'll find the Hot Spring inside a cavern, on the left side.

Warm spring Number 24
Discovered in: The High-spirited Demon.

From the 3rd Kodama Shrine, you require to open a gate near a dual-sword enemy and head to a roof. You require to fall from the roof to find a large yellow crystal and a Hot Spring.

Warm spring Number 25
Discovered in: The Mausoleum of Evil.

From the 2nd Kodama Shrine, head down the stairs and enter the building in front of you. Adhere to the right side and fall to take a wood bridge that will lead you directly to the Hot Spring.

Warm spring Number 26
Discovered in: The Golden Castle.

You'll stumble upon a large yellow crystal in an open area after the 2nd Kodama Shrine. In this area, direct the stairs on the right side however head inside a room on the right midway through to find a yokai wall with a Spa behind it.

Warm spring Number 27
Discovered in: Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo.

After you've ruined all the yellow rocks (unmissable), direct the stairs from the 3rd Kodama Shrine and adhere to the right side to find the last Hot Spring in the game.

Luthfanfachri, May 8, 2020



To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Weapon's Mind (Bronze Trophy)Listened to the innermost thoughts of a Yokai Weapon.
Axe Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the axe.
Burst Breaker (Bronze Trophy)Used the Brute, Feral, and Phantom Burst Counters five times each to counter a Burst Attack.
Core Score (Bronze Trophy)Obtained your first Soul Core.
Dual Sword Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the dual swords.
Friend of Guardians (Bronze Trophy)Collected all Guardian Spirits.
Full-fledged Samurai (Bronze Trophy)Reached level 100.
Fuse It or Lose It (Bronze Trophy)Fused any Soul Core until it reached rank 9.
Hatchet Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the hatchets.
Help Wanted (Bronze Trophy)Summoned an Acolyte from a Benevolent Grave 10 times.
Kodama Leader (Silver Trophy)Collected all Kodama.
Kusarigama Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the kusarigama.
Latest Masterpiece (Bronze Trophy)Forged an item.
Let There Be Light (Silver Trophy)Dispelled every instance of the Dark Realm in the main missions.
Lover of Letters (Bronze Trophy)Displayed a calligraphy scroll in your hut.
Match Made in Heaven (Bronze Trophy)Performed a Soul Match.
Ninjutsu Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for Ninjutsu.
Odachi Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the odachi.
Onmyo Magic Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for Onmyo Magic.
Remodeling Novice (Bronze Trophy)Remodeled a piece of equipment.
Samurai of Legend (Gold Trophy)Completed all missions on any difficulty level. (Does not include training missions.)
Soul Searcher (Silver Trophy)Obtained all Soul Cores.
Spa Healer (Bronze Trophy)Bathed in first hot spring.
Spear Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the spear.
Sudama Swapper (Bronze Trophy)Exchanged gifts with a Sudama for the first time.
Switchglaive Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the switchglaive.
Sword Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the sword.
Tea Connoisseur (Bronze Trophy)Appraised your tea utensils 50 times.
Teamwork (Bronze Trophy)Completed 10 missions with NPCs or as Expeditions with other users. (Does not include Acolytes.)
The Beginning of a Samurai (Bronze Trophy)Reached level 10.
Tonfa Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the tonfa.
Trinket Triumph (Bronze Trophy)Used the Kodama Bazaar.
Twilight Walker (Bronze Trophy)Completed your first Twilight mission.
Yokai Quelling Master (Bronze Trophy)Defeated all types of yokai.
You Are Nioh (Platinum Trophy)Obtained all trophies.

Ahuja, Mar 12, 2020

Secret Trophies

To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
An Electrifying Triumph (Bronze Trophy)Defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto and was made a samurai.
Bold Wrangler (Bronze Trophy)Defeated Gozuki in "The Village of Cursed Blossoms".
Clean Sweep (Bronze Trophy)Destroyed every Amrita shard in "The High-spirited Demon".
Dawn of a Dream (Bronze Trophy)Befriended Tokichiro.
Devout Believer (Bronze Trophy)Defeated the boss of "The Viper's Sanctum" without breaking the statue of Shirohami.
Dream Within a Dream (Gold Trophy)Saw Tokichiro off on his final departure.
Dream's Toll (Bronze Trophy)Defeated Tokichiro.
Dungball Roller (Bronze Trophy)Became Ryunojo the Dung Lover's best friend.
Feather Buster (Bronze Trophy)Drove back every Tatarimokke along the journey in "A Way Out".
Friend to the Kodama (Bronze Trophy)Obtained a Kodama's Soul Core.
Grazer Eraser (Bronze Trophy)Defeated Mezuki and Gozuki in the same mission.
Hidden Hopes (Bronze Trophy)Encountered all the Usura-Hicho in "The Frenzied Blaze".
Hideyoshi (Bronze Trophy)Decided to share a name with Tokichiro.
Mother and Child (Bronze Trophy)Reunited with your mother in the Interim.
Peal of Ten Thousand Bells (Bronze Trophy)Rang all the bells in "Ruin Draws Near".
Schemer (Bronze Trophy)Got Gyuki to attack the dam in "Pervading Waters".
Seasoned Traveler (Bronze Trophy)Discovered 10 hidden items on the map.
Seven Wonders (Silver Trophy)Defeated each of the Seven Spears in "Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo".
Spa Lover (Silver Trophy)Bathed in every hot spring.
The Paths We Tread (Bronze Trophy)Parted ways with Tokichiro.
What is Written (Bronze Trophy)Fulfilled your ultimate destiny.

Guyg55, Mar 12, 2020

DLC Trophies: The Tengu's Disciple

To unlock the following The Tengu's Disciple DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Kindred Light (Bronze Trophy)Completed "A Song to Calm the Storm".
Casting Out the Shadows (Bronze Trophy)Completed "Shadows Creep in Kurama".
Demonic Parade-Goer (Bronze Trophy)Completed picture scroll missions 10 times.
Genpei Demon (Bronze Trophy)Completed all missions in "The Tengu's Disciple" on Dream of the Demon. (Does not include Twilight or training missions.)
Genpei Samurai (Bronze Trophy)Completed all missions in "The Tengu's Disciple" on any difficulty level. (Does not include Twilight or training missions.)
Kodama General (Bronze Trophy)Collected all Kodama in "The Tengu's Disciple".
Poetry in Motion (Bronze Trophy)Collected all of Saigyo's poetry cards.
Spa Addict (Bronze Trophy)Bathed in every hot spring found in "The Tengu's Disciple".
Splitstaff Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the splitstaff.
The Will to Fight (Bronze Trophy)Completed "Eternal Rivals".

Mr. iphone bumper, Jul 30, 2020

Secret DLC Trophies: The Tengu's Disciple

To unlock the following The Tengu's Disciple Secret DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Heretical Glow (Bronze Trophy)Destroyed 150 of the golden Amrita shards found in the gold mine in "Eternal Rivals".
Sundering Arrows (Bronze Trophy)Used all the giant bows in "A Song to Calm the Storm".
Tengu Crusher (Bronze Trophy)Used an attack to knock Yoshitsune off his perch on the bridge in "Eternal Rivals".

Danielcrampton1, Jul 30, 2020

DLC Trophies: Darkness in the Capital

To unlock the following DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Fist Master (Bronze Trophy)Acquired mystic art for the fists.
Guardian of the Gate (Bronze Trophy)Completed "The Blighted Gate".
Heian Demon (Bronze Trophy)Completed all missions in "Darkness in the Capital" on Dream of the Demon.
Heian Samurai (Bronze Trophy)Completed all missions in "Darkness in the Capital".
Kodama Pathfinder (Bronze Trophy)Collected all Kodama in "Darkness in the Capital".
Spa Fanatic (Bronze Trophy)Bathed in every hot spring found in "Darkness in the Capital".
The Demon and the Phoenix (Bronze Trophy)Completed "Suzune in the Flames".
The Ultimate Recognition (Bronze Trophy)Completed "The Dragon's Kin".
True Atonement (Bronze Trophy)Attained 100% Penitence on a Stone of Penance.
What Must Be Done (Bronze Trophy)Completed "Palace of the Damned".

Wecantletgo, Oct 15, 2020

Secret DLC Trophies: Darkness in the Capital

To unlock the following Secret DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Behind the Bamboo Blinds (Bronze Trophy)Caused Oboroguruma to release Amrita from its carriage at least 10 times.
The Flame That Lights the Darkness (Bronze Trophy)Lit all fire altars in "Palace of the Damned".
Tsuchigumo Exterminated (Bronze Trophy)Defeated Tsuchigumo while equipped with at least one piece of gear with the special effect "Dragon Ninja".

Beatit, Oct 15, 2020

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