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Resident Evil: Resistance Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Neobards Entertainment
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Apr 3, 2020
  • ESRB: Mature

Hints & Secrets

Spencer build the rage quit gunner

Deck and Equipment
This is the deck, skills and equipment we use for this build

why miniature reactor? sometimes I wanna hold survivors down in stage 2 on the terminals and I do not have the time to switch off lights to get bio energy back when they are fast with the activation so I need it to have my guns or traps or whatever ready to stop them.

we use cooling fan 3 and 2 to have faster camera repair and since I feel cooling fan 1 doesn't do much I rather have slightly decrease E.I.S cooldown to get bio energy even faster.

for the deck we are using shuffle mod just because I feel like sometimes I have traps or camera shield and I don't need it so this helps get guns faster when you need them

immobilizing shot obviously for the quick disintegration field combo to kill survivors or for any gun to kill them fast without them being able to do anything about it

lockdown trap is amazing in any stage that has a lot of door each time they run into one closed doors become one level higher so if they run into 3 of them every door is gonna be level 3 and if they don't have a tyrone this is horrible for them and gives you time to shoot and kill them quick

quick draw just to get rid of any card you don't need

machine gun, turret and high caliber rifle for the kills

camera shield to protect your camera whenever needed

efficiency mod traps lowers the trap cost by 1 can be nice for high explosive mine but we mainly use it stage 2 onwards in combination with mod recycler to get our energy back really quick

high explosive mine just to lay some traps, traps are great you always keep switching lights off so many people will either

why do I take the single d field instead of the doulble d field? because you spam so many cards that the single field will be available a lot to you and its easier to place compared to the double field.

Mastermind ranks needed for this build
alex rank 13 to unlock immobilizing shot
alex rank 19 for efficiency mod traps
daniel rank 25 for lockdown trap
spencer rank 19 for high caliber rifle
spencer rank 25 for shuffle mod

How to Play:
Zone 1: In your map preset place either a ton of lockdown traps or if the stage has barely any doors place a stack of mines somewhere where they won't see it or behind a door if they try to enter prepare a gun to pressure them walking into it or use immobilizing shot on the survivor that entered and then quickly make the stack of mines explode on a bad team I sometimes killed 3 people with this then machine gunned the one that tried to revive them and game over baby

Zone 2: place turrets whenever you can as long as you know they won't die super fast because killing these gives them 15 seconds, now the fun time begins use mod recycler with shuffle and trap mod whenever you can to gain back energy camp the camera on the terminal they try to activate and quickly get the camera back up when they shot it now you proceed to stop the keycard survivor from activating the terminal if the terminal has 2 cameras even better do everything you can to stop them from activating the terminals, if there is no january you basically already won.

Zone 3: not much else to say keep using mod recycler and shoot them whenever you can if the melee characters attack a core use immobilize shot then d field to kill them and keep shooting them its a brain dead build.

some notes: in my map presets I only use traps zombies are useless in this build at least for me because I do not wanna give them any free time.

never use d field without immobilizing shot unless the person interacts with something or you wanna block the way

never shoot people if tyrones ultimate skill is up unless its the machine gun
his ulti reduces damage so much its pointless to shoot them unless its the machine gun which takes a lot of time away from them or you wanna stop them from operating with the terminal in all other cases just use the time to set up some traps or turrets its pointless to go in for the kill while his ulti is up you deal no damage.

I don't think I have to say this because you see it in the video but whenever you need bio energy turn off lights and close doors that gives you back bio energy.

Gameplay video and last words
I know the guide is not perfectly written again but you get the idea this build is absolute cancer and many people will rage quit because its just really not fun to play against this but if you wanna mock survivors and bully them this is perfect.

Kidd187211, May 8, 2020



To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bet You Didn't See That Coming (Bronze Trophy)Using Martin's Flash Baton, interrupt a bioweapon that has grabbed a teammate.
Blocked (Bronze Trophy)Have 2 cameras disabled simultaneously in a level.
Bye Bye Bye (Silver Trophy)Pass through an Exit during Overtime using any Survivor character.
Can I Offer You a Cough Drop? (Silver Trophy)Make Survivors cough 30 times in a single match.
Can't Touch This (Bronze Trophy)As Tyrone, escape without being grabbed by enemies.
Deal With It (Bronze Trophy)As Spencer, activate 10 skill cards within 1 minute.
Destruction 100 (Bronze Trophy)Shoot 100 bullets in a single activation of Becca's Bullet Storm.
Does This Spark Joy? (Bronze Trophy)Shock 3 enemies at once with landmines using Martin's Makeshift Mine - Shock.
Eat This (Bronze Trophy)Counter 3 enemies in a single match using Valerie's Explosive Knowledge - Counterattack.
Get Back to Work (Bronze Trophy)Save every member of your team in a single match.
Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom (Bronze Trophy)Use explosive-type weapons to kill 3 enemies at once.
Gotta Go Fast (Silver Trophy)Escape within 10 minutes.
Ground Zero (Silver Trophy)Escape as a Survivor with 3rd phase infection.
Guns N' Powder (Bronze Trophy)As Becca, expend 300 Ammo in a single match.
Hello Darkness My Old Friend (Bronze Trophy)Turn off lights 10 times in a single match.
I Need Healing (Bronze Trophy)As Sam, escape without using health-recovering items (Can still be healed by teammates).
I Work Out (Bronze Trophy)As Annette, have 8 creatures with at least 1 buff in the game simultaneously.
ICU (Bronze Trophy)Mark 40 items or threats in a single match using Valerie's Survival Instinct.
Jan Shot First (Bronze Trophy)As Jan, disable a firearm-equipped camera before the Mastermind has a chance to fire.
Kneel Before Your Queen (Bronze Trophy)Kill 5 enemies in a single match while using Becca's Sentry Stance.
Lab Rat (Bronze Trophy)Complete the Survivor tutorial.
Look At Me—I'm the Mastermind Now (Bronze Trophy)Complete the Mastermind tutorial.
Meddling Kids (Bronze Trophy)Incapacitate the bioweapon 3 times in a single match.
Minesweeper (Bronze Trophy)As Alex, use traps to defeat Survivors 4 times in a single match.
My Iron Body is Invincible (Bronze Trophy)Activate Sam's Fists of Iron twice within 90 seconds.
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru (Bronze Trophy)As Sam, kill 5 creatures within 30 seconds using melee attacks.
One Punch (Bronze Trophy)Defeat Survivors using the Tyrant's Bull Rush 2 times in a single match.
Over Watched (Bronze Trophy)Disable cameras 15 times in a single match using Jan.
Pay to Win (Bronze Trophy)Buy a special weapon from the Armory using Jan's Cyber Monday - Arsenal.
Payback Time (Bronze Trophy)Win as the Mastermind while the Final Exit is open.
Power Overwhelming (Bronze Trophy)As Spencer, maintain 8 units or more of Bio Energy for 2 minutes.
Powerbuff Girl (Bronze Trophy)As Annette, have a creature with 3 buffs survive for 1 minute.
Premature Annihilation (Silver Trophy)Win a match before the Survivors clear Area 2 as the Mastermind.
Put That Thing Back Where it Came From (Bronze Trophy)Defeat a Survivor while they are holding a puzzle piece in Area 1.
Putting the Team Back Together (Bronze Trophy)As Valerie, use Modified First Aid Spray to help defeated teammates 3 times in a single match.
Resistance (Platinum Trophy)Obtain all Trophies.
Sharing is Caring (Bronze Trophy)Have all Survivors possess at least 1 special weapon at the same time.
Smells Like Team Spirit (Gold Trophy)Escape with your whole team alive using each Survivor character.
That's Not A Gun, This Is A Gun (Silver Trophy)Defeat 2 Survivors using a single camera-mounted firearm.
The Best Defense Is a Good Offense (Bronze Trophy)Defeat a Survivor using a controlled Security Guard Zombie in Area 2.
Thou Shalt Not Pass (Bronze Trophy)Lock doors 10 times in a single match.
Time's Up, Let's Do This! (Bronze Trophy)As Spencer, run out the clock and win a match while your Disintegration Field is active.
Two Enemies One Kick (Bronze Trophy)Send 2 enemies flying with one kick using Tyrone's Power Kick.
Weapons Don't Grow on Trees (Bronze Trophy)Break 3 melee weapons in a single match.
Weird Flex but OK (Bronze Trophy)As Daniel, use Creature Cards that cost 4 or more Bio Energy units 4 consecutive times.
Well That Escalated Quickly (Bronze Trophy)As Daniel, use controlled creatures to defeat Survivors 2 or more times in a single match.
When the Explosion is Just Right (Bronze Trophy)As Alex, use Yateveo's Self Destruct to defeat 1 Survivor during a match.
Will of the G (Bronze Trophy)Successfully use G-Birkin's Overkill 2 times in a single match.
Work Hard Plague Hard (Bronze Trophy)Use Alex's Biohazard - Epidemic to buff 4 creatures with infections in a single match.
Y'all Got Any More of Them Traps? (Bronze Trophy)Disarm or destroy 10 traps in a single match using Martin's Sapper.
You Are Filled With Determination (Bronze Trophy)Save another Survivor after saving yourself using Tyrone's Determination - Second Wind.
You Cannot Escape From Death (Gold Trophy)Finish a match without letting any Survivors escape using each Mastermind character.

Curtis12, Apr 7, 2020

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