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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Racing
  • Release: Apr 28, 2017
  • ESRB: Everyone

Hints & Secrets

Rocket Boost

Press the accelerator button when "2" appears and hold it down for a rocket boost at the start of the race.

Nathancleophous, Jun 3, 2014

Get an unexpected boost!

Some tracks have wheel carts on their antigravity portions. bump into them, and you'll be encircled by a blue streak, then obtain a speed boost. You can also bump into players' karts and get the same boost, plus a spinout for the victim. So maybe it's okay to drive a little recklessly in antigravity.

Dom, Jun 15, 2014

Fire/Bunny Hopping

Fire Hopping (or Bunny Hopping) is a trick you can use throughout a race. Using this trick can make you move faster than your opponents, but only in certain situations. To perform this trick, you must be:

  • Moving across a dash panel
  • Receiving a boost from drifting
  • Drafting
  • Using items that would boost your speed (Mushroom, Star, Piranha Plant .etc)
  • Startup boost (Only on specific courses)
  • Anything else that would increase your speed for a brief period of time

In order to correctly execute the boost, you must rapidly drift into one direction and then drift in the other direction continuously until your boost wears out. This works well on straightaways, but can also be done when turning. Also, this is very effective when moving at an upwards slope. Level slopes work too, but fire/bunny hopping while moving at a downward slope will only cause your kart to decelerate. There are exceptions to fire hopping at such a slope, but there are very few. Some examples are the boost panels on the slope on Toad Harbor the boost panel facing on the anti-gravity slope on GBA Mario Circuit. Otherwise, doing this when moving downwards will hinder your performance.

Oh, and regarding the startup boost fire hopping technique, mentioned above, this only works on specific courses, as said above. Fire hopping at the start of a course is super effective on courses that start you facing upwards, for example, DS Tick Tock Clock. However, doing this on course that start you facing downwards, like Electrodrome, will only make your kart go slower than your opponents. Doing this on courses that start you off on a neutral slope will either make you accelerate, or have no effect on your speed. It depends on the course.

I hoped this helped you win some races on Mario Kart 8. This trick is really effective when used correctly.

TrippyToad, Jul 19, 2014

Toad Harbor: Use trams as a speed boost

The trams in Toad Harbor usually knock you out when you drive into them by accident, however if you are flying after jumping from a ramp or booster you can actually use the roofs of the trams to your advantage. When in the air, try to land on a tram's roof, and you will bounce off it undamaged. For an extra helpful boost, perform a flip.

DUdZoR, Jul 5, 2016

Bonus parts

Collect the indicated number of coins to unlock body, glider, and wheel parts to customize your vehicles. You will unlock a new part for every 50 coins earned; after earning 1,000 coins, the intervals increase to 100 coins for each unlockable part. Coins can be earned in Grand Prix, VS mode, and online races.

  • Cushion Wheels (Wheels): 50
  • Mr. Scooty (Bike): 100
  • Blue Standard (Wheels): 150
  • Pipe Frame (Kart): 200
  • Tri-Speeder (Three-wheeled Kart): 250
  • Slick (Wheels): 300
  • Wild Wiggler (ATV): 350
  • Button (Wheels): 400
  • Cloud Glider (Glider): 450
  • Varmint (Bike): 500
  • Plane Glider (Glider): 550
  • Yoshi Bike (Bike): 600
  • Flower Glider (Glider): 650
  • The Duke (Bike): 700
  • Circuit Special (Kart): 750
  • Prancer (Kart): 800
  • Crimson Slim (Wheels): 850
  • Landship (Kart): 900
  • Flame Rider (Bike): 950
  • Retro Off-Road (Wheels): 1,000
  • Steel Driver (Kart): 1,100
  • Azure Roller (Wheels): 1,200
  • Wario Wing (Glider): 1,300
  • Comet (Bike): 1,400
  • Off-Road (Wheels): 1,500
  • Metal Wheels (Wheels): 1,600
  • Jet Bike (Bike): 1,700
  • Teddy Buggy (Kart): 1,800
  • Waddle Wing (Glider): 1,900
  • Bowser Kite (Glider): 2,000
  • Hot Monster (Wheels): 2,100
  • Cat Cruiser (Kart): 2,200
  • Sponge (Wheels): 2,300
  • Peach Parasol (Glider): 2,400
  • MKTV Parafoil (Glider): 2,500
  • Cyber Slick (Wheels): 2,600
  • Sports Coupe (Kart): 2,700
  • Unknown: 2,800
  • Unknown: 2,900
  • Unknown: 3,000

Joanneh, Mar 5, 2017

Turbo Boost at Start of Race

To get a turbo boost at the start of a race, simply wait until the number 2 in the countdown appears, then hold A until the race begins. If done right, you will receive a turbo boost as soon as the race starts.

Prince onero, May 5, 2017

How to use LAN play

To use LAN play, on the opening screen where it says Press "L" and "R" to play, hold down "L" and "R". While holding "L" and "R", press down on the Left Stick. At this point you may let go of those three buttons. LAN play will now be an option instead of Wireless play.

Grimblobby, May 24, 2017

Fast Coin Farming

  • Step 1: You need two Joy-Cons, two single ones are ok, you get two if you buy the Switch.
  • Step 2: Select Multiplayer mode, then select 2 players.
  • Step 3: Select VS Race
  • Step 4: It doesnt matter which Character or Vehicle you choose, one that got Speed AND Accelerationwould be good (like Mario)
  • Step 5: While setting up your Vehicles, press the + or - on each controller and make sure the settings are like this: Auto Steering: ON, Control: Joystick (motion control will NOT work), Auto Accelerate: ON
  • Step 6: After setting up the Karts, the next screen takes you to race settings. Select 200cc Race at the very top, and then copy the setting below: Teams: No Teams, Items: No Items, COM: No COM, COM Vehicles: All Vehicles, Courses: Choose, Race Count: 48 Races (this number can change, however, 48 is ideal if you will be coin farming for an hour or two)
  • Step 7: After this, it is time to pick the track. Go under the Egg Cup, select Mute City and start the race.
  • Step 8: At this point, you can set both controllers down and let the game do the rest.

Note: Each race takes about 2 minutes & 30 seconds so you can complete a cup about every 10 minutes. I hope you enjoy this and go get yourself that Gold Glider.

Danforth, May 24, 2017

Choose the season on the Animal Crossing track

When starting a race on the Animal Crossing track while playing offline in any mode other than time trials, hold one of the four shoulder buttons (L for Spring, R for Summer, ZL for Fall, or ZR for Winter) to choose the season the track appears as.

Estoesta321, May 24, 2017

Various Gameplay Tips

  • Tip 1: Press accelerate just as the start timer hits '2' for a turbo start.
  • Tip 2: It's always better to release the accelerator than to shoot off the edge of the track.
  • Tip 3: Get used to hitting 'R' whenever your character jumps for another little boost.

Koolkid9980, Jun 13, 2017


Alternate credits and title screen

Earn a Gold Trophy on every 150cc speed race and every Mirror Mode race.

HiHoFai, Jun 3, 2014

Mirror mode

Earn a Gold Trophy on all eight Grand Prix tracks.

Inuyashaiznum1, Jun 3, 2014

Glider part, Wheel part or Body part

Gather coins in Grand Prix, VS mode, and online races. In the beginning, each time your overall coins boosts by 50 you will unlock a new Glider part, Wheel part, or Body part. After getting 1,000 Coins, new parts will appear just after your complete coins boosts by 100.

Pakelayergy, Jun 3, 2014

Unlockable Gold parts

To unlock the following Gold parts, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Gold GliderFor this you need to collect 10,000 Coins.
Gold HandleUse the Wii Handle for at least 50% of your most recent 100 stages.
Gold Standard KartGet at least one star (score at least 54 GP) on every 150cc and Mirror mode race.
Gold TiresBreak all of the Time Trials Staff Ghosts records.

Panikos, Jun 3, 2014


First you need to have a Gold Trophy on any track in Grand Prix mode to unlock among the following characters at random. Note: Once a character has actually been unlocked on a certain track and CC class, you will not have the ability to unlock another new character from that exact same circumstance.

  • Rosalina
  • Metal Mario
  • Lakitu
  • Toadette
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Gold Peach
  • Iggy
  • Roy
  • Lemmy
  • Larry
  • Wendy
  • Ludwig
  • Morton
  • Mii

Extincion, Jun 3, 2014

Unlocking Vehicle Parts

Vehicle parts are unlocked at random every time you get 50 coins. Once you reach 1000 coins total kart parts are unlocked every 100 coins. The only exceptions to this rule are the gold parts.

Cocomachine, Jun 10, 2014

Unlockable Cups

To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Banana CupComplete the Shell Cup.
Flower CupComplete the Mushroom Cup.
Leaf CupComplete the Banana Cup.
Lightning CupComplete the Leaf Cup.
Special CupComplete the Star Cup.
Star CupComplete the Flower Cup.

Sutcha, Apr 24, 2015

Unlockable Grand Prix stars

To unlock the following Grand Prix stars, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
One starEarn 54 points (2 first and 2 second place finishes) or 55 points (3 first and 1 third or fourth place finish)
Three starsEarn 60 Points (4 first place finishes)
Two starsEarn 57 points (3 first place finishes and 1 second place finish)

Liamo0o, Jul 5, 2016

Unlockable Parts (100 Coins)

Collect coins in Grand Prix, VS mode, and online races. At first, each time your total coins increases by 50 you will unlock a new Glider part, Wheel part, or Body part. After getting 1,000 Coins, new parts will appear only after your total coins increases by 100.

Mrs mosley, May 5, 2017

Miiverse stamps

You can unlock up to thirty different character stamps by completing any Grand Prix in first place with a specific character. You can also unlock up to thirty two track stamps by beating the normal staff ghost time for a specific track.

Princess_k, Jul 5, 2016

Unlockable Parts

Through playing Grand Prix mode, you will earn coins. Collect enough to unlock a random kart/wheel/glider part. This will continue until all regular parts are unlocked.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Part 01Collect 30 Coins total
Part 02Collect 60 Coins total
Part 03Collect 90 Coins total
Part 04Collect 120 Coins total
Part 05Collect 150 Coins total
Part 06Collect 180 Coins total
Part 07Collect 210 Coins total
Part 08Collect 240 Coins total
Part 09Collect 270 Coins total
Part 10Collect 300 Coins total
Part 11Collect 330 Coins total
Part 12Collect 360 Coins total
Part 13Collect 390 Coins total
Part 14Collect 420 Coins total
Part 15Collect 450 Coins total
Part 16Collect 500 Coins total
Part 17Collect 550 Coins total
Part 18Collect 600 Coins total
Part 19Collect 650 Coins total
Part 20Collect 700 Coins total
Part 21Collect 750 Coins total
Part 22Collect 800 Coins total
Part 23Collect 850 Coins total
Part 24Collect 900 Coins total
Part 25Collect 950 Coins total
Part 26Collect 1000 Coins total
Part 27Collect 1050 Coins total
Part 28Collect 1100 Coins total
Part 29Collect 1150 Coins total
Part 30Collect 1200 Coins total
Part 31Collect 1250 Coins total
Part 32Collect 1300 Coins total
Part 33Collect 1350 Coins total
Part 34Collect 1400 Coins total
Part 35Collect 1450 Coins total
Part 36Collect 1500 Coins total
Part 37Collect 1600 Coins total
Part 38Collect 1700 Coins total
Part 39Collect 1800 Coins total
Part 40Collect 1900 Coins total
Part 41Collect 2000 Coins total
Part 42Collect 2100 Coins total
Part 43Collect 2200 Coins total
Part 44Collect 2300 Coins total
Part 45Collect 2400 Coins total
Part 46Collect 2500 Coins total
Part 47Collect 2600 Coins total
Part 48Collect 2700 Coins total
Part 49Collect 2800 Coins total
Part 50Collect 2900 Coins total
Part 51Collect 3000 Coins total
Part 52Collect 3100 Coins total

Freakin leakin!, May 2, 2017

Alternative title screens

Once having won gold trophies for all 150cc mirror and 200cc cups, alternate title screens will start to appear.

AMDC16, Aug 2, 2017

Unlock Mii Racing Suits

Use amiibo to get racing suits!

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Animal Crossing SuitUse the Smash Bros Villager or Animal Crossing series Isabelle amiibo
Bowser SuitUse the Smash Bros Bowser or Mario series Bowser amiibo
Captain Falcon SuitUse the Captain Falcon amiibo
Donkey Kong SuitUse the Smash Bros Donkey Kong or Mario series Donkey Kong amiibo
Fox SuitUse the Smash Bros Fox or Star Fox series Fox amiibo
Kirby SuitUse the Smash Bros Kirby or Kirby series Kirby amiibo
Link SuitUse the 8-Bit Link, Smash Bros Link or Legend of Zelda series Link amiibo.
Luigi SuitUse the Smash Bros Luigi or Mario series Luigi amiibo.
Mario SuitUse the Smash Bros Mario or Mario series Mario amiibo
Mega Man SuitUse the Mega Man amiibo
PAC-MAN SuitUse the PAC-MAN amiibo
Peach SuitUse the Smash Bros Peach or Mario series Peach amiibo
Pikimin SuitUse the Olimar amiibo
Rosalina SuitUse the Smash Bros Rosalina or Mario series Rosalina amiibo
Samus SuitUse the Smash Bros Samus or Metroid series Samus amiibo
Sonic SuitUse the Sonic amiibo
Splatoon SuitUse the Inkling Boy or Inkling Girl amiibo
Toad SuitUse the Toad amiibo
Wario SuitUse the Smash Bros Wario or Mario series Wario amiibo.
Yoshi SuitUse the Woolley World Yoshi, Smash Bros Yoshi or Mario series Yoshi amiibo

Dancin2436, Nov 29, 2018

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