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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action Fighting
  • Release: Dec 7, 2018
  • ESRB: Everyone 10+


First battle Trainer's Pokémon

When selecting the Pokémon Trainer on the character select screen, you can move your cursor over their Pokémon and press the selection button in order to change which Pokémon you begin the battle with. Selecting Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard here will work in any game mode, including World of Light.

If a selection is made before activating Palutena's Guidance, there are even four different conversations to be found--one each for Ivysaur, Charizard, and Squirtle, and one for the Pokémon Trainer himself/herself!

Razzle00, Jan 3, 2019

Hints & Secrets

Dig-dug guy is comfirmed!!!

The guy from dig-dug is the next 3rd-party player, his moves so far are:
Special: shoot his pump
Special up: blow him self up with a pump knocking over others
Special left/right: power drill
Special down: he will drill through the ground.
Note: his drill is always of unless hes attacking
Final smash:he turns 8-bit and can drill though the level freely

Dig-DUCK!!!!, Jun 30, 2013

In-Game Stages

Complete the suggested job to unlock the matching stage.

  • Duck Hunt: Unlock the Duck Hunt character.
  • Kongo Jungle 64: Complete the very first occasion in Occasion mode.
  • Pac-Land: Play all 3 map sizes in Smash Trip mode.
  • Pokemon Stadium 2: Complete the "When Lightning Strikes" occasion.
  • Smashville: Complete the "Playing Tricks" occasion.

Soulis89, Nov 23, 2014

Change Menu Music

To unlock the ability to change the menu music beat the World of Light for the first time.

TabithaLeila, Dec 10, 2018

Throwing out hitboxes

This depends on the kind of opponent you're going against. If your enemy is coming straight for you, then just attacking might work. Quick jabs with neutral A, or smash attacks, can catch enemies that won't stop approaching. But don't just stand still and throw out attacks, stay on the move, so your opponent doesn't have too much time to think and predict you.

W0nDySuMm0rs, Dec 13, 2018

In-Game Projectiles

Projectiles completely change the neutral game for a character. Peach's turnip, Yoshi's egg, Zelda's fire, Mario's fireball, Pikachu's thundershock and many others can change how the character plays. You can use these projectiles to force your opponent to either defend or dodge from a distance - or just get hit - and this can force them to move towards you, or can just limit the moves they can make without getting hit. You can use this to distract or shut down enemies while you move in closer. If you hit and you're already moving towards them, it's a great way to combo them.

Brooke16, Dec 13, 2018

Smash attack strategy

Footsies is a concept central to all fighting games, and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it's not different. It's all about the distance at which your opponents are from you. In many situations you'll be close enough for a smash attack, but might not have the time to pull it out, but jabs don't have the reach. Maybe a down tilt or forward tilt would have more range? Understanding the range of all your character's moves - and your enemy's - is central to getting combos and hitting enemies at a variety of ranges before they can hit you. Keep in mind, smash attacks and more can often also push your hurtboxes towards your opponent - this tiny difference could make you incredibly vulnerable if you don't hit your opponent.

Coco, Dec 13, 2018

Aerial attacks

Aerial attacks are essential, and much easier to land on grounded opponents with the short hop - a simple, tiny jump you get from quickly tapping the jump button. Short hop into opponents with aerial attacks, and you basically get mobile hitboxes to catch opponents with. Multi-hit moves are particularly great here, as they can leave an enemy in shield stun if they defend. If you land one of these moves it's usually pretty simple to start landing combos by using other tilts and smash attacks once you land on the floor. Or you can do so to just keep up the pressure.

UC0K7N2Z, Dec 13, 2018

Extra Water Damage

Sonic, Charizard, Incineroar, and the Inklings will accumulate extra damage whenever they come into contact with water. This is because they are weak to water in their respective games.

Xangetsu, Dec 20, 2018

Alternate Boxing Ring Design

As in Smash for WiiU and 3DS, there are two different boxing designs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: One based on the World Circuit from Punch Out!! and another generic version with a Smash Bros. motif. By default the game chooses the Smash Bros. version when selected on the stage screen, but will change to the Punch Out!! design if the L button is held down when selecting it.

Juan, Jan 11, 2019

Playthrough Strategy Tips

Byleth is a character with a stunning amount of range for a Fire Symbol character, and some good, rapid attacks to back that range up with. Regardless of that though, Byleth has numerous downsides, and as such, you should not be attempting to complete in an up-close melee craze. A lot of Byleth's aerial and special attacks will leave them with a good amount of landing lag when touching pull back on the ground while mid-animation, leaving you broad open when obstructed or evaded. Byleth is finest played as a grounded character, and their minimal Up Special healing, a grapple (comparable to Persona 5's Joker), backs this up.

On the ground, Byleth can press, or even kill, at range with the bow special, and their other moves can be used to cause huge damage and knockback. Your basic method with Byleth should be to keep a reasonable range, poke with tilt and aerial moves, prior to using specials and smash attacks to complete challengers off. Be specifically cautious around characters with quickly, multi-hit attacks, as you'll be not likely to get away quickly without a counter.

Bklynjets, Jan 30, 2020

Smash attacks

Byleth's tilts are quite convenient here, and can be used in a range of scenarios. The fundamental jab combo is undamaged, and comes out very rapidly, however the most beneficial of Byleth's normals needs to be the up-tilt. Up-tilt has Byleth swing her sword from left, up in an arc, and down to the. This is a quite basic attack, however Byleth's hitboxes are large, and can even hit smaller sized challengers stood beside them.

Forward tilt has good range and can be used to kill on walk-off phases, down tilt is a good, if a bit standard attack which extends in front a little. Of all the normals, the most certainly helpful is the up-tilt, which can be combo'd into up-air.

Smash attacks, on the other hand, are very strong. Forward smash is an effective prod, just like Corrin's, and can quickly kill. Up smash is another multi-hit whip, like Zero Suit Samus, and has to do with as beneficial (finest used to capture inbound aerial challengers). Down smash is a common attack which strikes on both sides, however it's very fast and for that reason we can't grumble.

Spherix, Jan 30, 2020

Back and forward-air kill combos

Byleth does not have the greatest aerial game, however can still be quite intense. The up air is a good multi-hit whip which has hitboxes last for about a 2nd, and will be great for combos.

The back and forward-air, on the other hand, just prods enemies with a lance. This is no grievance, due to the fact that it comes out quick, and can absolutely be used to kill, and in combos. Down-air is also great, as it can increase challengers and complete them off.

As pointed out formerly, Byleth tends to have a lot of landing lag on her moves, to be mindful with leaping and assaulting too much. Down-air's landing lag specifically will leave you broad open for cautious enemies.

XantoSeris, Jan 30, 2020

Special in-game moves

The special moves are definitely what sets Byleth apart from other characters in the game. They has her lance, bow, and axe, and all of them are all set and effective to damage challengers. The bow is the neutral special, and it is a classic charged up attack. At complete blast this can definitely kill challengers, however watch that you do not get captured out mid-charge and penalized.

Forward special highlights the lance, and this is a remarkably quick, effective, and large hitbox. This can be taken out when challengers are quick approaching, and can be used as a keep-away tool to have enemies appreciate your individual space. It can also be used likewise in the air, with Byleth carrying out a great spin. We have the down special, the axe. This is a move which can be charged up, likewise to other Fire Emblem character's neutral special. The huge distinction here is that Byleth can reverse once while charging, in case challengers attempt to navigate you. Once again, this side switch just works once while charging, and the ending lag is quite substantial.

Thankfully you'll get some very armor while charging up the axe, and it'll function as an effective attack which can smash through many enemies. It'll certainly net you a kill or 2 if you can pull this out as a surprise.

Starscream, Jan 30, 2020

Easter Eggs

Palutena's Guidance

Palutena's Guidance is a special version of Pit's taunt. It only works when you quickly and repeatedly press Pit's down taunt button while on the Palutena's Temple stage. When it's activated, Palutena, Viridi, and a few other characters will appear and provide Pit with commentary and tactics about one of his opponents.

Naceslurtulse, Dec 20, 2018

Snake's Codec

Snake's Codec is a special version of his taunt. It can only be performed by quickly and repeatedly pressing Snake's down taunt while on the Shadow Moses Island stage. This will result in Snake contacting Colonel Campbell, Otacon, or Mei Ling from the Metal Gear series for tactical advice regarding his opponent. However, these are all recycled from their original Brawl versions; there are no Codecs for new fighters.

Tkots, Dec 20, 2018

Flat Fighters

When playing on Flat Zone X, pause the game and zoom in close to the characters and rotate the camera. You'll find that the fighters are rendered in 2D, which mimics an LCD display. If you zoom the camera out, you'll find that stage takes place on a 3D rendering of the Game & Watch.

Plot56, Dec 12, 2018

Secret Star Fox Taunts

Fox, Falco, and Wolf each have hidden taunts. They can only be activated when you quickly and repeatedly press their down taunt button while on a Star Fox-themed stage. Doing so will trigger conversations between the cast of the Star Fox games. The dialogue on Lylat Cruise will change depending on which background is currently on the screen. Only Fox and Falco have hidden taunts on the Corneria stage. These secret taunts can only be performed once per match, and can be interrupted if the character gets hit mid-animation or a Smash Ball or Dragoon is obtained.

Corneria Easter Egg

Lylat Cruise Easter Egg

Cxcheergirl, Dec 20, 2018

Hidden Off-Screen Secrets

Some Easter Eggs hidden off-screen that you'll never see during gameplay, like Great Plateau Tower, Mushroom Kingdom, Great Bay, Flat Zone X and more!

Paddy4321, Dec 20, 2018


Unlock Characters via Smash Mode

When playing in Smash Mode, a new challenger will appear after you win or lose a match. If you defeat the challenger, that character will be unlocked. If you lose to the challenger, you can fight them again in Challenger's Approach under the Games and More menu.

After this match, another challenger will not appear until you have actively played the game long enough. Alternatively, you can completely exit the game (you have to close it, not just hit the Home button) and restart the game to reset the counter and encounter the next challenger immediately after your next match. The challengers will appear in the order listed below, assuming that a character was not unlocked via another method.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Challenger 01 - NessDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 02 - ZeldaDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 03 - BowserDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 04 - PitDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 05 - InklingDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 06 - VillagerDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 07 - MarthDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 08 - Young LinkDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 09 - Wii Fit TrainerDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 10 - Ice ClimbersDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 11 - Captain FalconDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 12 - PeachDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 13 - RyuDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 14 - IkeDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 15 - JigglypuffDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 16 - King K. RoolDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 17 - SonicDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 18 - SimonDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 19 - Zero Suit SamusDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 20 - Little MacDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 21 - IsabelleDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 22 - ShulkDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 23 - LucinaDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 24 - WarioDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 25 - RidleyDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 26 - Pokemon TrainerDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 27 - LucarioDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 28 - DaisyDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 29 - RoyDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 30 - King DededeDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 31 - R.O.B.Defeat the Challenger
Challenger 32 - FalcoDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 33 - LuigiDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 34 - PichuDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 35 - RichterDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 36 - LucasDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 37 - Diddy KongDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 38 - Meta KnightDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 39 - SnakeDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 40 - GanondorfDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 41 - CorrinDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 42 - Mega ManDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 43 - BayonettaDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 44 - Toon LinkDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 45 - Rosalina & LumaDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 46 - InceneroarDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 47 - SheikDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 48 - OlimarDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 49 - Pac-ManDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 50 - Dark SamusDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 51 - WolfDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 52 - Mr. Game & WatchDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 53 - RobinDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 54 - Dark PitDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 55 - CloudDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 56 - Duck HuntDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 57 - KenDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 58 - GreninjaDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 59 - ChromDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 60 - MewtwoDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 61 - BowserDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 62 - Dr. MarioDefeat the Challenger
Challenger 63 - PalutenaDefeat the Challenger

Babpoummatemo, Dec 7, 2018

Unlockable Mii Fighters

Create your Own Mii Fighters and then you unlock it.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Mii BrawlerCreate your own Mii Fighter
Mii GunnerCreate your own Mii Fighter
Mii SwordfighterCreate your own Mii Fighter

Bossmanjb, Dec 10, 2018

New Game+ in World of Light

To unlock New Game+, you must reach the True Ending in World of Light. Afterwards, you can enter New Game+ on your save file. All spirits and bosses return, making it a good way to earn more copies of spirits, and earning more skill spheres.

MissOrla, Dec 10, 2018

Unlock Characters via Classic Mode

In order to unlock characters via Classic Mode, you must beat Classic Mode with a certain character. When you do, you'll be challenged by a new character. If you defeat the challenger, that character will be unlocked. If you lose to the challenger, you can fight them again in Challenger's Approach under the Games and More menu. The rematch isn't always available so you might need to wait some time before you can challenge them again.

The character unlocks are grouped in a particular way. In each group, if you use any of the previous characters in that group and complete Classic Mode, the next character in that group will challenge you. For example, completing Classic Mode with Mario will unlock Sonic. After Sonic is unlocked, completing Classic Mode with Mario or Sonic will unlock Bayonetta. After unlocking her, completing Classic Mode with Mario or Sonic or Bayonetta will unlocked Little Mac, and so on. At the end of each group, you'll be challenged by the first character in another group, meaning you can now use the entire group you just finished to help unlock that next group. Here are the groups and the order in which the characters are unlocked (if you have unlocked a character via another means (Adventure Mode or regular gameplay), they will be skipped and the next character on the list will challenge you instead):

Mario Group:
Sonic -> Bayonetta -> Little Mac -> Ike -> Luigi -> Roy -> Dr. Mario -> Olimar -> Bowser (leads to Donkey Kong Group)

Donkey Kong Group:
Bowser -> Pokemon Trainer -> Rosalina & Luma -> King Dedede -> Sheik -> Greninja -> Diddy Kong -> Duck Hunt -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Link Group:
King K. Rool -> Ice Climbers -> Simon -> Meta Knight -> Snake -> Young Link -> Richter -> Toon Link -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Samus Group:
Inkling -> Wii Fit Trainer -> Pit -> Incineroar -> Dark Samus -> Cloud -> Wario -> Dark Pit -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Yoshi Group:
Lucario -> Marth -> Ryu -> Ganondorf -> Lucina -> Ridley -> Chrom -> Ken -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Kirby Group:
Ness -> Jigglypuff -> Pac-Man -> Zelda -> Robin -> Corrin -> Lucas -> Palutena -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Fox Group:
Captain Falcon -> Zero Suit Samus -> Peach -> Falco -> Daisy -> Bowser Jr. -> Wolf -> Mewtwo -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Pikachu Group:
Villager -> Shulk -> R.O.B. -> Mega Man -> Isabelle -> Mr. Game & Watch -> Pichu -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Teepee, Dec 10, 2018

Amiibo Unlockables

Scanning certain non-smash bros Amiibos will unlock certain things earlier!
Note: Different amiibo that share the same unlock will unlock a duplicate spirit.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Able Sisters SpiritSable Amiibo
Alm and Celica (Young) SpiritAlm Amiibo
Alm and Celica (Young) SpiritCelica Amiibo
Blathers SpiritBlathers Amiibo
Blue/Red/Yellow/Winged/Rock Pikmin SpiritsPikmin Amiibo
Bokoblin SpiritBokoblin Amiibo
Boo SpiritBoo Amiibo
Celeste SpiritCeleste Amiibo
Chibi-Robo SpiritChibi-Robo Amiibo
Cyrus and Reese SpiritReese Amiibo
Cyrus and Reese SpiritCyrus Amiibo
Daruk SpiritDaruk Amiibo
Detective Pikachu SpiritDetective Pikachu Amiibo
Digby SpiritDigby Amiibo
DJ K.K.SpiritK.K. Slider Amiibo
Goomba SpiritGoomba Amiibo
Guardian SpiritGuardian Amiibo
Kapp'n SpiritKapp'n Amiibo
Kicks SpiritKicks Amiibo
Koopa Troopa SpiritKoopa Troopa Amiibo
Lottie SpiritLottie Amiibo
Metroid SpiritMetroid Amiibo
Mipha SpiritMipha Amiibo
Octoling Boy AmiiboOctoling Boy and Octoling Girl Spirit
Octoling Girl AmiiboOctoling Boy and Octoling Girl Spirit
Octoling Squid AmiiboOctoling Squid Spirit
Off the Hook SpiritMarina Amiibo
Off the Hook SpiritPearl Amiibo
Qbby SpiritQbby Amiibo
Resetti SpiritResetti Amiibo
Revali SpiritRevali Amiibo
Rover AmiiboRover Spirit
Shovel Knight SpiritShovel Knight Amiibo
Squid Sisters SpiritMarie Amiibo
Squid Sisters SpiritCallie Amiibo
Tiki SpiritTiki Amiibo
Timmy and Tommy's ShopTimmy and Tommy Amiibo
Toad SpiritToad Amiibo
Tom Nook SpiritTom Nook Amiibo
Urbosa SpiritUrbosa Amiibo
Waddle Dee SpiritWaddle Dee Amiibo
Waluigi SpiritWaluigi Amiibo
Wolf Link SpiritWolf Link Amiibo
Yarn Poochy SpiritYarn Poochy Amiibo

Fest, Dec 12, 2018

Unlockable Default Mii Fighters

If you don't want to create your own Mii fighter, then you can unlock the default ones by finding them through specific locations in World of Light. Once unlocked, the default Mii Fighters can be used in every mode except Classic.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Mii BrawerWorld of Dark - Sacred Realm, after setting the red and blue torches to a 4:40 clock.
Mii GunnerWorld of Light - Island Area
Mii SwordfighterWorld of Light - Town Area

David0191, Dec 20, 2018

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