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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Mar 20, 2020
  • ESRB: Not Set

Hints & Secrets

Various fishing tips and All fish sale prices

Fishing is actually quite simple: if you see a shadow in the water, you have to cast your fishing rod. The best way is that the fishing float lands in front of the fish's head. The fish fakes its contact a few times and finally bites. At that moment, press the A button once to get the fish out of the water . Fooling the fish can make sure that you catch up on the fishing line too early. If you have problems with this, we recommend that you close your eyes and press the A button when you hear the biting sound.

The shadow of a fish is not chosen arbitrarily, but reflects the actual size . Many valuable fish are relatively large, so it can be worth stopping there. As you approach, remember that racing with the B button scares the fish off in the water.

Fish habitats
In addition to the season and the active time, the habitat is crucial when looking for a fish. While "river" and "sea" are obvious habitats, there are still a few specific places where you have to go fishing to catch new fish.

  • Pond: There are usually two ponds on your island. These are small closed waters in which you can mainly catch small fish (e.g. goldfish), frogs and the like.
  • Waterfall: Where your island has a higher level, you will find a waterfall near rivers. There are four fish that are only near waterfalls. The rest of the river fish also bite here.
  • Estuary: This is the area on the beach where the river flows into the sea. There are three fish to be found here that only appear here - all other river fish bite here as well.
  • Footbridge: There is a wooden footbridge on the beach on your island. You can only catch four very rare fish if you fish here. Here, however, all other fish that live in the sea also bite.

Make bait
This can take a long time, especially if you want to fish rare fish in the habitats just listed. It is relatively rare for a fish to appear at the jetty . Baits can help you with this problem. If you throw some fish food into the water, a fish will appear immediately. To make a bait, you need a carpet shell. You can farm them easily on the beach. Dig them out where water spurts out of small holes . The holes are easy to miss if you don't search the beach with a keen eye.

All fish and their selling prices
You will probably want to donate every fish you catch for the first time to the museum. When that's done, fish are also a great way to earn sternies. In the table below we list all fish with the sales prices. If you click on the links, you will get to the fish you are looking for in our photo gallery, where you can find information about the habitat, season and active time. You can catch fish marked in bold in March!

  • Bitterling: Sale price 900
  • chub: Sale price 200
  • Crucian carp: Sale price 160
  • hazel: Sale price 240
  • carp: Sale price 300
  • Koi carp: Sale price 3,200
  • Goldfish: Sale price 1,300
  • Telescopic eye: Sale price 1,300
  • Ranchu: Sale price 4,500
  • Killifish: Sale price 300
  • Crayfish: Sale price 200
  • Soft turtle: Sale price 3,750
  • Snapping turtle: Sale price 5,000
  • tadpole: Sale price 100
  • frog: Sale price 120
  • River goby: Sale price 400
  • Loach: Sale price 400
  • Catfish: Sale price 800
  • Snake head: Sale price 5,500
  • Sunfish: Sale price 180
  • Perch: Sale price 300
  • perch: Sale price 320
  • Tilapia: Sale price 800
  • pike: Sale price 1,800
  • Stint: Sale price 400
  • Ayu: Sale price 900
  • Masulachs: Sale price 1,000
  • char: Sale price 3,800
  • Gold trout: Sale price 15,000
  • Huchen: Sale price 15,000
  • salmon: Sale price 700
  • King salmon: Sale price 1,800
  • Wool hand crab: Sale price 2,000
  • guppy: Sale price 1,300
  • Absorbent barbel: Sale price 1,500
  • Scalar: Sale price 3,000
  • Fighting fish: Sale price 2,500
  • Neon tetra: Sale price 500
  • Rainbow fish: Sale price 800
  • Piranha: Sale price 2,500
  • Arowana: Sale price 10,000
  • Salmon tetra: Sale price 15,000
  • Bream: Sale price 6,000
  • Arapaima: Sale price 10,000
  • Rake: Sale price 4,000
  • sturgeon: Sale price 10,000
  • Sea angel: Sale price 1,000
  • Seahorse: Sale price 1,100
  • Clownfish: Sale price 650
  • Pallet surgeonfish: Sale price 1,000
  • Butterfly fish: Sale price 1,000
  • Napoleon fish: Sale price 10,000
  • Lionfish: Sale price 500
  • Blowfish: Sale price 5,000
  • Hedgehog fish: Sale price 250
  • anchovy: Sale price 200
  • mackerel: Sale price 150
  • Beakfish: Sale price 5,000
  • Sea bass: Sale price 400
  • Kaiserschnapper: Sale price 3,000
  • dab: Sale price 300
  • flounder: Sale price 800
  • Squid: Sale price 500
  • Moray eel: Sale price 2,000
  • Nasal moray: Sale price 600
  • tuna: Sale price 7,000
  • marlin: Sale price 10,000
  • Prickly mackerel: Sale price 4,500
  • Gold mackerel: Sale price 6,000
  • Sunfish: Sale price 4,000
  • Rays: Sale price 3,000
  • Saw shark: Sale price 12,000
  • Hammerhead shark: Sale price 8,000
  • Shark: Sale price 15,000
  • Whale shark: Sale price 13,000
  • Ship keeper: Sale price 1,500
  • Frogfish: Sale price 2,500
  • Belt fish: Sale price 9,000
  • Glass head fish: Sale price 15,000
  • Coelacanth: Sale price 15,000

NailFungusCure, Mar 20, 2020

Unlock all house extensions

At the beginning of the game you will receive a tent from Tom Nook, which you will have to pay with miles. After you've done that, you need to talk to Tom Nook again and select "Home Advice". Tom Nook will then get you a house that you can enter the next day. For the house, the raccoon charges you a loan of 98,000 sternies.

Before you can think of new house extensions, you have to pay off the current loan. Go to the NookPortal and select "ATM". With "cash deposit" you can either repay the whole loan or only a part of it . Then talk to Tom Nook again and get advice on your own home again to receive the next house extension, the loan of which is even higher. So the fun continues until you have paid off the last house expansion.

Unlock all house extensions
If you expand your house and it gets bigger, you have more space inside for new furniture to let off steam creatively in the interior design. Your house also serves as a warehouse, so the additional storage space for each house extension is particularly interesting . The following table summarizes all important information for you.

* House extension: Tent
size: 5x5
Storage space: 0
Credit: 5,000 miles

* House extension: House building
size: 6x6
Storage space: 80
Credit: 98,000 sternies

* House extension: Space is enlarged
size: 8x8
Storage space: 120
Credit: 198,000 sternies

* House extension: New room (in the back) is built
size: additional 6x6
Storage space: 240
Credit: 348,000 sternies

* House extension: New room (left) is built
size: additional 6x6
Storage space: 320
Credit: 548,000 sternies

* House extension: New room (right) is built
size: additional 6x6
Storage space: 400
Credit: 785,000 sternies

* House extension: Attic is built
size: additional 10x6
Storage space: 800
Credit: 1,248,000 sternies

* House extension: Basement is being built
size: additional 10x6
Storage space: 1,600
Credit: 2,498,000 sternies

What if all the loans are paid off?
If you add up the numbers from the table, you will find that you need a total of 5,696,000 sternies to buy all house extensions and to pay off your house completely. A proud sum, but is there a reward for this tedious task?

Yes. If you manage to pay off your debts completely, you can now redesign your house at Tom Nook for free . It is understandable that your joy will probably be rather modest. The option usually only costs 5,000 sternies - you don't save much. In theory, you could refrain from paying off the last loan of almost 2.5 million sternies.

Elek rasputin, Mar 20, 2020

Delete individual residents

If you want to delete individual profiles or savegames, this does not work as usual in the system settings. The island spokesman must start the game and press the minus button on the title screen to enter the "Save data options" menu. Here you can find Tom Nook, who explains everything important again. With "Delete registration" you can now remove residents from your island.

Delete the island completely
You cannot delete the island spokesman or the island in the "Save data options" menu - this is only possible in the system settings . There, select "Data management" and click on "Delete saved data". Search for "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and select "Clear all saved data for this software". When this is done, all data is deleted (even the scores of other users) and you can create a new island.

X.coca.a.x, Mar 20, 2020

How You Help Gulliver!

The encounter with Gulliver is accidental. So check the stand every day if it's stunned. Sometimes, however, it is also shown directly on the title screen, so that you know directly that it was washed up on that day. Sooner or later you are guaranteed to meet Gulliver, because this is not a one-time quest. Gulliver is stranded regularly on your island and you always have to help him in the same way.

When you find Gulliver and interact with him, he'll babble something and nothing will happen. Stubborn! You have to speak to Gulliver until he regains his senses and gets up . To call his team for a rescue, he needs phone parts to fix his radio.

Find Phone Parts
You need 5 phone parts to complete Gulliver's task. The parts are all buried in the beach - so a shovel is necessary. Take a close look at the beach and look for places where a little water splashes out of small holes . If you dig right there, you will either find carpet shells from which you can make bait or a telephone part.

This is what the small waterholes look like that mark the location of a part of the telephone.

These small waterholes randomly spawn, so that there are no exact locations. However, they are not really rare, so it should only take a few minutes to find all 5 parts of the telephone. Then hand this over to Gulliver so that he can contact his ship.

What is the reward?
Gulliver thanks you, of course, but there is no other consideration in the first place. However, if you look in the mailbox the next day, you will find a letter from Gulliver. Enclosed, he also sends you a gift that can contain various objects. So it is definitely worth doing the job every now and then. Especially since you have to do this for the mileage success "lifesaver".

NachOOO, Mar 20, 2020

How change your look

If you know, it's very simple: To change your look again, you need some mirror . You can use a mirror e.g. B. craft on a workbench if you have the appropriate instructions. Sooner or later you are guaranteed to get one. It is of course also possible to buy a mirror, if one is offered. With a little luck, you may even get a mirror as a gift.

Once you've got a mirror, all you have to do is set it up and interact with it. Now you can change all the options you chose at the beginning of the game. It doesn't matter where you put the mirror . But of course it makes sense to place it in your house. If you don't have a mirror yourself, you should visit your neighbors. If you find one with them, you can also change the look there.

Unlock new hairstyles
You will probably want to change the look because of a new hairstyle. At the beginning, the selection is still relatively limited. During the game, you can unlock numerous new hairstyles. Check back regularly at the NookPortal. You can buy new hairstyles for miles under the "Nook Shopping" option.

Change clothes
You can of course change your clothes from your inventory, but it is not convenient. To get a nice overview of all your clothes, you need a closet. This can be a wardrobe, a chest of drawers or even a refrigerator. You need some piece of furniture that has a door or drawer that you can open.

As with the mirror, you need instructions that you are guaranteed to receive in the course of the game. You can also buy a closet or maybe get one for free. Again, it doesn't matter where you put the closet. In the change menu, you can then conveniently choose between all the items of clothing that are in your warehouse .

Pokefan1, Mar 20, 2020

New residents Guide

Plays at different times: If you have a daily routine, you may also tend to always play at the same times. If you do this in Animal Crossing, you will miss a lot. We therefore recommend taking a look at your island during the day and in the evening. When it gets dark, e.g. B. other fish or insects appear . At night you can also trigger other events and e.g. B. meet a ghost or watch shooting stars.

Talk to your residents: You will of course do that anyway, because talking to your neighbors is part of the everyday life of an animal crossing player. But don't just talk to a resident once, but question him until a ruffled symbol appears above your head - then you have fully exhausted social contact. Talking not only increases the relationship with your residents, they sometimes give you gifts or instructions. If you send letters to your residents, you can further expand your relationship. You can send letters to the postcard stand in the island's airport . The residents will then answer you and occasionally add a gift. You should also visit residents in their homes. Sometimes they work on new objects at the workbench. If you then address them, you may receive instructions for the object so that you can build it yourself.

Places a workbench outside: The first thing you should do on your new island is to craft a makeshift workbench. You can put them outside so that you don't have to walk around Tom Nook's tent all the time. Since you have to work a lot in the game, this is a must to avoid annoying walks.

Trees have infinite branches: Your daily tasks also include shaking trees to collect fruit or branches. You will need a lot of branches at the beginning to craft simple tools such as an ax, a fishing rod or a landing net. You don't have to rip every tree. Trees have an infinite supply of branches . So just shaking a tree all the time is enough - a branch will fall off every now and then.

Cass153, Mar 20, 2020

Dig out trees and remove stones

You will find a lot of trees and some stones on your island. Normal deciduous trees that bear no fruit are in principle useless and stones are very important, but could be placed unfortunate. If you want to remove a tree or a stone, you have to eat a fruit . You can then use the shovel to dig out a tree that will go into your pocket. If necessary, you can move the tree to another location. Stones, on the other hand, are destroyed, but don't worry: they spawn elsewhere the next day. You can only remove one tree / stone per fruit eaten.

Clicker, Mar 20, 2020

Look in the odds and ends

Tom Nook sets up a junk box in his tent and explains that everything that is no longer needed ends up here. Take a look inside the box from time to time. Here you can occasionally pick up items of clothing, objects or resources for free.

Libertas, Mar 20, 2020

Searches the entire island daily

On the beach you can e.g. B. Find a message in a bottle, in which there are building instructions. A gift also likes to fly around the area, only attached to a balloon. You can tell from a whistling sound whether a gift is nearby . To get the gift on the floor, you have to shoot the balloon with a slingshot. Make sure that the gift does not end up with water (although there is also a secret mileage).

Nintendods, Mar 20, 2020

Race scares away fish and insects

You should be careful when looking for fish and insects. If you run with the B key, fish and insects flee immediately. If you have problems fishing and are often misled by the fish, we recommend that you close your eyes and then catch up with the fishing rod when you hear the biting sound .

When catching the insects, on the other hand, it is important to know that you can hold down the A button with the landing net in your hand to slowly creep. Another tip on the side : Consider shaking trees while you have equipped the net. It happens from time to time that a wasp nest falls from the tree. If you have equipped the net, you are perfectly positioned and you only have to press A to catch a wasp. If you don't, getting a wasp in the landing net is otherwise a difficult task.

Akailala, Mar 20, 2020

Money From Rocks

Each day, one randomly chosen rock in your town will produce bells if you hit it with your shovel. You can hit it up to eight times, resulting in successively larger payouts per hit. Be sure to dig holes behind your character beforehand so they won't get knocked backward upon impact.

Giinax9, Mar 21, 2020

Wish Upon A Star

If you see a shooting star, quickly press the A button to wish on it. The fragments will wash up on the shore the day.

Kacster, Mar 21, 2020

How to Time Travel

Time Travel Cheat __> To Time Travel to different dates and seasons, simply change the clock on your Nintendo Switch. From the Main Menu, select "System Settings" and go to "Date and Time" to change it to the date you want it to be, while making sure that "Synchronize Clock via Internet" is turned off. This allows you to essentially Time Travel by moving the game backwards or forwards to key holidays throughout the year.

Lots of Money in the Bank
Time Travel allows the money you put in your savings account to gain interest over the years you skip forward, up to 1 million Bells!

NakTak, Mar 23, 2020

Holidays List

Talk to Tortimer on some of these holidays to receive various items. Unique seasonal events like Bunny Day* also take place throughout the year, with special visitors and other activities really livening things up.

  • New Years Day on January 1st, 2020.
  • Groundhog Day on February 2nd, 2020.
  • Valentine's Day on February 14th, 2020.
  • April Fools Day on April 1st, 2020.
  • Easter Sunday AKA Bunny Day on April 12th, 2020.
  • Labor Day on May 1st, 2020.
  • Midsummer's Day on June 24th, 2020.
  • World Nature Day on June 28th, 2020.
  • Independence Day on July 4th, 2020.
  • Harvest Moon on October 1st, 2020.
  • Harvest Day on October 4th, 2020.
  • Columbus Day AKA Explorer's Day on October 12th, 2020.
  • Halloween on October 31st, 2020.
  • Christmas Eve on December 24th, 2020.

On your birthday each year, simply go talk to your neighbors to receive a birthday cake. You earned it!

Generalmorg, Mar 23, 2020

Money tree from Gold hole

Sometimes during gameplay you will notice a glowing gold crack in the ground, which will give you some extra bells. Now plant a tree which when fully grown divides what you planted by 3x.. good luck.

Lyserg, Mar 23, 2020

Faster Crafting

Once you begin to craft a recipe and the materials are being tossed around, press the A button repeatedly and it will speed up the process.

Angel Storm, Apr 7, 2020

How change roof color

To change the roof color of your house, you first have to convert your tent into a house. While you only have a tent, Nook asks when you receive the building contract for the house, which roof color should your future home have. You choose one of eight colors and you can only change the color at first if you expand your home again.

If you already have a house and want to change the roof color, it depends on the size of your home. If your home only consists of one or two rooms, the option to change the roof color is only available if you pay off the current loan and order another enlargement from Nook. He will not charge you for the color change as part of this process.

If your house has the third room, you can permanently change the color. From this point on, the resourceful businessman Nook is rewarded with 5,000 Sternis for the change. After all, you can change the look of your mailbox at the same time and at no extra charge. All planned changes will not take effect until the next day.

From the third room in your house you can no longer enlarge it and change the roof color at the same time. We recommend that you have the changes carried out immediately after the enlargement has been completed, as the household budget will then often be empty due to the loan paid. Incidentally, the roof color does not automatically change between two expansion steps. The color that the roof already had is always adopted.

Colors we can use on roof
First of all: All colors cost the same amount of sternis. The following eight colors are available for your roof:

  • red
  • pink
  • orange
  • green
  • Light Blue
  • blue
  • purple
  • black

RYAN, Apr 7, 2020

How change the island melody

In order to change your island melody, you must have activated the service center with Melinda . Go to her and sit on the chair next to the Nook chair. Melinda runs to you and will ask you about your concerns. You say that you want to change your island melody, which brings you to a new menu in which you can select all 16 tones independently.

Use the directional pad to change the height or depth of the tones. Move it down to get lower notes and up to play higher notes. There are two other tools under the lowest tone. The purple tool with the minus sign keeps the previous tone one tone longer. The gray tool provides a pause for the length of a tone.

Creative island melody ideas
If you lack the creativity for your own island melody, you can simply use the classics that no one can get enough of. With 16 tones alone, great pieces of music can be played, which one or the other will surely remember.

Kalel08, Apr 7, 2020

How get cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms need to be tracked down and caught. This is different from branches that fall to the ground when trees are shaken. Equip yourself with your landing net and search your island for cherry blossom leaves that glide through the air. If you have found one, grab it with the landing net. Be careful when trying to catch it. If you violate it, the cherry blossom leaf disappears and you have to look out again. If you have no space in your pocket and drop it, it will also have disappeared.

Little_liam, Apr 7, 2020

How use cherry blossoms

The cherry blossoms are a crafting material that you use to make cherry blossom-specific items. They can also be sold for 200 sternis. Since the flowers are only available for a certain period of time, all hobbyists among you should start collecting diligently. You will receive instructions from residents, find them in the message in a bottle or in gifts. You will receive the first instructions for a picnic set during the daily announcement from Melinda.

Quetpor, Apr 7, 2020

All cherry blossom instructions

A list of all items that can be made from cherry blossoms can be found here:

-Picnic set
10x cherry blossom

-Bunch of cherry blossom branches
8x cherry blossom
4x branch
5x clay

-Cherry blossom watch
5x cherry blossom
1x iron ore

-Cherry wood paneling
5x cherry blossom
10x wood

-Cherry wood floor
5x cherry blossom
10x wood

-Cherry blossom umbrella
7x cherry blossom

-Cherry blossom pochette
6x cherry blossom

-Cherry blossom stick
3x cherry blossom
3x star splinters

-Bunch of cherry blossoms
10x cherry blossom

-Cherry blossom lantern
6x cherry blossoms
4x hardwood

-Cherry blossom bonsai
6x cherry blossoms
2x hardwood
3x weeds
3x clay

-Cherry blossom bird bath rock
3x cherry blossom
10x stone

Manikwolverine, Apr 7, 2020

Birthday Gifts

If you start the game on your birthday, this important day will be announced to all residents. This honorable task is done by Nook or Melinda. It depends on whether you have already expanded the service center. Immediately after the announcement, the game will start and you will be intercepted immediately by one of your residents.

You will be taken to the resident's house, where some islanders are waiting to serenade you. Then you can blow out the candles of the cake and marvel at the nicely decorated room that your friends have prepared especially for you. Of course, the party goers do not wear their everyday clothes, but are all dressed smartly .

The birthday party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes place in a festively decorated room.

If you have blown out all the candles, you will receive your birthday present for which all guests have thrown together. However, you don't have time to open the gift, because another great surprise is much more important: a huge piñata that is just waiting to be broken by you.

These gifts await you
The piñata is filled with some birthday cupcakes that your host has prepared for you. If you eat them, you get the strengthening effect that is otherwise only available by eating fruits . With this buff you dig up whole trees and are able to destroy stones. You can then leave the party, dust off 2,000 Nook miles and take letters from residents in your mailbox who were unable to attend the party. A gift from mom is also waiting for you in the mailbox.

As is usual for mothers, the good woman also thought about your important day and prepared a cake for you. It comes in different flavors. Which cake and which gifts you get depends solely on chance. Speaking of gifts: The possible items that you can receive as a birthday gift are the following:

Birthday cake
Birthday table
Birthday sign
Birthday decoration
Birthday glasses
Birthday hat

The inhabitants of your island also have a birthday
All characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have birthdays . Your residents also celebrate their birthdays in their own houses and look forward to being visited and given presents by you. Depending on the character of the birthday child, there are various items that they are particularly happy about. A sporty character is more happy with training pants than an imaginary or a lousy peter. They are often so happy that they send or give you a gift the next day.

Fozipmw, Apr 7, 2020

Shake Trees with Furniture

There are 2 trees each day on your island that will provide you a furniture piece if you shake them. There's at least one tree at each secret island that will drop furnishings. It just falls if you shake the tree rather than striking it with an axe, and that fruit trees do not drop furnishings.

Motleycrue44, Apr 11, 2020

The Secret to 5 Star islands

  • The Key Thing needed to press a Island from 4 to 5 Stars is design protection.
  • Every white chequered square on your minimap and main map designates a area, Similar to the very first games Screens. To be qualified for 5 stars you require to have at least 1 decor in every square on that map.
  • Consisting of the rocky locations in the leading corners of the map and all the beaches.
  • After that it's merely a matter of having enough overall designs, centers and villagers to get your Islands surprise point score above particular Thresholds.

Shannonk, Apr 11, 2020

Reset Tool Durabillity

To entirely reset your tool's resilience, tailor it at any workbench. Keep in mind that this does not deal with lightweight tools or on axes.

Keybladeholder, Apr 16, 2020

Aziza coupons and rewards

You can not prevent some of Aziza's carpets, wallpaper or floorings if you desire to complete providing subjects. You even get Aziza discount coupons when you purchase any items. You can exchange 5 of them for random mystical carpets, floorings or wallpapers. We have actually summed up all bonuses and deals:

  • a size S carpet costs 1,000 sternis - you will get an Aziza discount coupon as a reward
  • a carpet of size M costs 1,500 Sternis - you get 2 Aziza vouchers as a reward
  • a size L carpet costs 2,000 Sternis - you get 3 Aziza discount coupons as a reward

You can purchase as a number of the normal carpets, wallpapers or floorings as you like. Once per Aziza see, you can acquire a mystical carpet or wallpaper for 3,000 Sternis. These are especially rare and "mystical". They can also speak to Aziza if good friends are visiting your island. The range is the exact same for all players.

Japan-rules, Apr 19, 2020

Mirror copy hairstyle

If you do not play the game for a minimum of one month, your character will awaken with unpleasant hair the next time you play and it will turn into one of the hairdos you can select from your mirror.

Lilcraze, Apr 28, 2020

Sable's pack of special patterns

After opening the Able Sisters customize store, make certain to speak to Sable (the brown hedgehog in the back) a minimum of once every day. She will be peaceful and scheduled initially, however will gradually end up being friendlier with every day that you speak to her. After 7-10 days, Sable will welcome you with a pack of special patterns that you can use in modifications. You can get one new pack daily, there are 10 packs in overall, and each features 20 patterns.

Sable's patterns do not appear in your Custom Designs app; you can just see them by opening the customization screen on an item that accepts customized styles, then selecting the new "Pattern" option to the left of "Custom Design."

Josekukuku, May 1, 2020

Shake a tree wasps

Sick of getting a face-full of wasps when you shake a tree? Here's an easy way to securely capture them each time:

Prior to you start, equip your net. Prior to shaking, make certain that the squares of land down-left and down-right of the tree are clear of items, plants, or any other obstacles. Shake the tree while standing due south (with the tree straight "above" you from your viewpoint). Your character will quickly turn towards it in shock prior to the bugs start chasing you if a wasp nest falls out. With your net currently geared up and your character immediately dealing with the swarm, you can merely mash the A button consistently. As quickly as you gain back control, you'll drop the net right on top of the wasps.

Vincentz10, May 1, 2020

Boost opportunity of flowers breeding

Having players who do not survive on your island water your flowers increases their possibility of cloning (making a replicate of the flower) or cross-breeding (having 2 touching flowers create a new flower). The more people who water the flowers, the much better the chances get. Having 5 various people water your flowers offers the optimal effect, and will provide a gold shimmer.

Sujith, May 6, 2020

Fastest alternative to get more traps

If you wish to get the trap in the normal way, it can take a very long time. With the assistance of your good friends or the animal crossing community, you can own traps in no time. To do this, you should initially find a player who has traps. Ask your pals or look for help on social media networks. You have to get a trap if you have actually discovered somebody.

Return to your island, dig a hole, "plant" the trap and dig it out once again. This allows you to find out straight how to make traps. From now on you can deal with a workbench with 4x weeds and 6x branches.

Ilovecheats, May 12, 2020

Unlock in-game Gold tools

You can unlock Gold tools, which are either two or three times as as durable as standard tools.

Gold shovel: You require to help Gulliver-- the shipwrecked seagull who cleans up on your beach-- 30 times, and he'll reward you with the dish. (Sturdiness: 2x regular shovel).

Gold axe: You'll get the dish in the mail once you've broken 100 axes of at any time. (Durability: 2x regular axe).

Gold net: Once you've completed the Critterpedia's bug page-- i.e. captured a minimum of among every kind of bug-- you'll get the dish in the mail. (Durability: 3x regular net).

Gold fishing pole: Once you've completed the Critterpedia's fish page-- i.e. captured a minimum of among every kind of fish-- you'll get the dish in the mail. (Durability: 3x regular rod).

Gold slingshot: After you've shot down 300 balloons, you'll get a dish in the mail. (Durability: 3x regular slingshot).

Gold watering can: You'll get it in the mail as a reward for getting a 5-star score on your island. (Durability: 3x regular watering can).

Deedrdeeds, May 12, 2020

Upgrade Nook's Cranny

When you start your experience in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nook's Cranny does not exist. Well, not rather. To start with, you can sell and purchase to Timmy and Tommy from the Resident Services camping tent. Very early on into the game, you'll be charged with discovering 30 wood, 30 wood and 30 iron nuggets, which will be used to build a brand name new shop. The day after you've completed that task, you'll have a brand name new shop: Nook's Cranny!

It's not the most significant shop, just equipping a couple of new items every day. The bright side is, that's not the last upgrade Timmy and Tommy will have. In the future into your Animal Crossing journey, it'll get a 2nd upgrade into a larger and completely much better shop.

The upgrade procedure for Nook's Cranny is, for the many part, automated. There are 2 requirements you require to have actually hit prior to the upgrade will set off:

Nook's Cranny requires to have actually been open a minimum of 30 days; and you require to have actually bought or cost least 200,000 Bells worth of items. If you're often selling items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll hit that 200,000 Bells requirement in no time. That just indicates waiting 30 days. Isabelle will make a statement that the shop will be closed for a day while the upgrade takes place when it's time. That indicates you will not have the ability to sell or purchase anything for 24 hours. It's worth the wait; the updated Nook's Cranny has 5 items on rotation every day, and a broadened selection in the stock cabinet.

You'll find 2 little family items, 2 bigger items and one luxury item to buy every day. The shop cabinet will also have a higher selection of wallpaper, floor covering, tools and flowers.

Foxyshadowkatt, May 12, 2020

All In-Game Emotions Guide

The below list offers you a compact introduction of all emotions that you can get in addition to the 4 start emotions:

Personality: Dear

  • greeting
  • fear
  • sadness
  • enthusiasm

Best friends emotion: Daydream

Personality: Lively

  • satisfaction
  • anger
  • fatigue
  • curiosity

Best friends emotion: Insidiousness

Personality: Snooty

  • staring
  • thinking
  • disappointment
  • astonishment

Best friends emotion: Love

Personality: Big sister

  • laughter
  • shudder
  • apology
  • rejection

Best friends emotion: Reliability

Personality: Sleepyhead

  • shyness
  • suffering
  • adversity
  • embarrassment

Best friends emotion: Proud

Personality: Sporty

  • cheering on
  • sneezing
  • panic
  • shock

Best friends emotion: Pirouette

Personality: Miesepeter

  • approval
  • concern
  • smile
  • surprise

Best friends emotion: Inspiration

Personality: Complacent

  • grin
  • resignation
  • heartache
  • nodding off

Best friends emotion: Showing off

EQualFear, May 15, 2020

Secret K.K. Slider Tracks

If K.K. Slider group hold some shows in your town square on Saturdays, he will take requests for tunes after 6 p.m., and players can enter in the title of any track they want to get a copy and hear of the very first track they ask for every week. There are 3 tracks that do not appear in the Special Goods area of Nook Shopping and need to be gotten by asking for the title from K.K. Slider when he is providing a show in your town square.

  • Animal City Item: K.K. Slider concert, Saturdays after 6 p.m.
  • Drivin' Item: K.K. Slider concert, Saturdays after 6 p.m.
  • Farewell Item:"K.K. Slider concert, Saturdays after 6 p.m.

Juzzy,x, May 19, 2020

The first steps on your island

You will only experience the choice of the island and the subsequent introduction if you are creating a game on your console for the first time. If an island has already been created on your Nintendo Switch, you will land directly on the island without an intro.

Dodo Airlines brings you, the raccoons and two other residents to the island that you have chosen. Your two neighbors are chosen at random, but this is always a male resident with the personality "sporty" and a female resident with the personality "big sister".

When you arrive on your island, you will immediately receive two neighbors.

After your arrival you will receive a useful map from Nepp and Schlepp as well as a tent that you have to place on the island. The location determines where your house will be later - so think carefully . It can be convenient to place the tent near the service center, as you will be visiting Tom Nook often. But rather choose a place that you like best on the island.

After talking to Tom Nook, you need to go see your two neighbors who are also pitching their tent. Help them make the decision. You can either place your tents where they are or choose a completely different location. They then give you their tent and you can choose a new spot.

Before you set up your tent, you can "imagine" whether it looks good on the spot.

Then everyone gathers around the campfire. Tom Nook wants to celebrate a move-in party and asks you to collect some materials. First he needs 10 branches. Branches are near trees and can be picked up with the Y button. If you shake trees (A key), branches can fall out. Tree branches are not a limited resource. So you can shake the same tree all the time and new branches always fall to the ground .

Then you should collect 6 fruits for Tom Nook. The type of fruit on your island is determined at random . Later you can also grow the other fruits on your island if you z. B. get it from your friends. Go to a fruit tree, shake it and collect the fruit from the ground. If you have collected 6 pieces, you can return to Tom Nook.

You can of course pick up the fruit while searching for the branches and combine both tasks.

A name for the island must be found during the celebrations. The island name cannot be changed later, so think carefully about the name.

Finally, you will receive a camp bed from Tom Nook. Go to your tent, select the bed from the inventory and place it in your tent. Then go to bed to end the first day. KK appears in your sleep, announcing that after waking up, the time in the game will go in sync with the time in reality.

Justme3416, May 24, 2020

Earn Nook miles for the moving fee

As soon as you leave the tent, Tom Nook welcomes you and hands you a NookPhone that has many practical apps. After the nice present comes the shock: Because you have to pay 49,800 Sternis for the move to the island. Since you can't find the money at first, you can pay off the bill at 5,000 miles. The miles program also introduces you to Tom Nook. By completing various tasks, you will be rewarded with the new currency "Nook miles". You will quickly find the 5,000 miles you need, since there are many simple tasks at the beginning that you can quickly complete.

Simple Nook Miles Achievements You Should Complete:

Upon arrival on the island, you will receive 500 miles automatically.

  • Take a photo with the camera app. [300 miles]
  • Process your passport with the Passport app. [300 miles]
  • Uses the NookPhone 10 times. [300 miles]
  • Buy something in a store for the first time. [300 miles]
  • Sells something in a store for the first time. [300 miles]
  • Write something on the bulletin board next to the service center. [300 miles]
  • Use the design app and create your own design for the first time. [500 miles]
  • Shakes a piece of furniture from a tree. [300 miles]
  • Collect 50x weeds and sell them. [300 miles]
  • Talk to your two neighbors. [300 miles]
  • Use a tool until it breaks. [300 miles]
  • Craftet 5 tools. [300 miles]
  • Sells 20 fruits. [300 miles]

The miles will only be credited to your account when you pick them up in the app.

In addition, you will inevitably unlock more achievements in the game if you z. B. fishing, catching insects, shooting balloons, collecting instructions etc. Once you have collected 5,000 miles, you can use Tom Nook to pay your debts. Talk to him about your home to get your own home the next day - including 98,000 Sternis debts.

With the order to build a house you get access to "Nook-Miles +". These are small tasks with which you can earn miles very quickly. You will also receive a mileage ticket from Tom Nook, which you can use at the airport for a surprise tour. You can buy more mileage tickets and other things from the Nook portal ., May 24, 2020

Donate creatures and initiate Eugen's arrival

In parallel to the mileage collection, you can pursue another task that will ultimately lead to the construction of the museum . To do this, go to the service center after receiving the NookPhone and talk to Tom Nook to take part in his handicraft course. You should craft a wobble rod for which you need 5x branches. You probably already have enough branches in your inventory, but if not: Shake a little on a tree.

Have you made the wobble rod, Tom Nook unlocks the crafting instructions app and also gives you instructions for the wobble net. Craftet also the landing net with 5x branches . You can buy further instructions, including for a slingshot, from Nepp.

Pounds the A key while crafting to speed up the process.

Equipped with angling and landing net, you have to catch five different creatures and give them to Tom Nook. Fish in the river and the sea to increase the likelihood of new fish . If a fish has taken a bite, you only have to "A" once to catch up with the fish. If you go on an insect hunt instead, you often have to sneak up quietly. This is possible if you hold down the A key with the landing net in your hand.

For every creature you bring Tom Nook you will receive a reward - the following:

  • 1. Donated creature : Tom Nook unlocks the Faunapädie app.
  • 2. Donated creature : You will receive instructions for the wobble ax, fire pit, torch, log post set and bird house.
  • 3. Creature donated : Tom Nook gives you flower seeds.
  • 4. Creature donated : You will receive the instructions for the wobbling watering can.
  • 5. Creature donated : Eugene calls Tom Nook.

After donating five creatures, Eugene decides to come to your island to open a museum. Tom Nook will give you a kit for Eugen's tent. Find a nice place on your island and set up the tent. Note that the museum will also be located here later .

When you have set up the tent and paid the moving fees, you have done everything that can be done in a day. Another tip on the side: Since you can now craft the wobble ax, you should collect resources (5x hardwood, 1x iron ore) in order to craft a makeshift workbench. You will receive the instructions for this as a gift from a letter from Nintendo . You will have to work a lot from now on, so it is very practical if you have a workbench outside.

123cory, May 24, 2020

Start building the museum

The next day you are a proud homeowner and Eugene has also arrived on your island. Talk to him right away to get the diving stick and shovel . In order for Eugene to open the museum, you have to donate 15 more creatures to him. That shouldn't be too much of a problem because you can use the diving stick to jump over rivers and explore more of your island. So you reach z. B. also a pond where you can fish new fish.

You can also use the shovel to dig up fossils that Eugen also accepts as a donation. You will hardly miss the eye-catching markings on the floor. You should be able to find about five fossils in one day . If you have donated enough creatures, the construction of the museum begins. The next day you can admire the new building.

This is what the markings for fossils look like. Find all the spots on your island and dig there.

Remy702, May 24, 2020

Build Nook's shop

Besides, you can take care of building a shop on the second day. As soon as your own house is ready, you have to talk to Nepp in the service center, who needs the following resources for the construction:

  • Wood x30
  • Softwood x30
  • Hardwood x30
  • Iron ore x30

To cut wood, you have to use an ax to work on the trees on your island. Each tree throws off three materials a day - which type of wood you get is a coincidence. Since there are enough trees on your island, the wood is quickly collected.

Always collect all items around a tree / rock. If there is no free space, no new resources can be mined.

You will not be able to find the iron ore quite as quickly. There is a 34% chance of getting iron ore if you use an ax or shovel to hit a rock on your island. However, there are only six such rocks on your island and some of them may not be accessible to you as they are on higher levels.

You can mine eight materials on a rock if you hit a rock in a row without stopping. The right technique is important here: Stand diagonally in front of a rock and dig two holes behind you so that you cannot slide backwards when hitting.

If you want to collect all the iron ore yourself in one day, you will have to do one or more surprise tours. At the airport you can fly to random islands with mileage tickets. A mileage ticket was given to you by Tom Nook - you can get more in exchange for miles. On such miles island you will find more rocks and here the probability of iron ore is even higher - it is 50%!

With a little luck, you will also receive iron ore in gifts. So definitely shoot all the balloons over your island. If you have collected and handed over all resources, you will receive a construction kit for the shop. Finds a suitable place and decides where the shop should be. It's not a major job, but you can upgrade the store later. You can find out how to do this in the linked guide.

This is how the store looks from the inside when you finally expand it.

Crashbandi1, May 24, 2020

New residents, fences and redesign course

Once you have provided all the furniture for the three houses, you have to wait for new residents before you can continue with the next main tasks. On the next three days, a new resident will always move to the island. If you met residents on a mileage ticket island and invited them to the island, these residents will become your new neighbors . Otherwise, the residents are randomly determined.

In addition, you can deal with the construction of fences. From Tom Nook you get 50 copies of standard wooden fence to beautify your island. You can now unlock new fences in the NookPortal with Nook miles.

Take the opportunity and build a chic garden pull for your home.

In addition, Tom Nook will teach you how to transform in a course. Craftet the wooden cabinet that the raccoon mentioned and then talked to him again. At the workbench you can then choose a new color for the piece of furniture to redesign it. You will then receive 50 redesign sets from Tom Nook to be able to make redesigns. You can buy more redesign sets in the shop for 600 Sternis each .

Bawnsy, May 24, 2020

Build the first bridge

The shop is ready the next day. When you enter it, you meet Tina. From now on she will offer clothes on the fairground on random weekdays. You have to buy at least five items from her and spend 5,000 Sternis. On her third visit, she will then hand over a tailoring kit to you . So always pay Tina a visit to get early access to the tailor's sister shop.

But that is only in passing, because it is not a main task. Instead, after building Nook's shop, you have to go to Tom Nook, who wants to build a bridge so that residents can cross the river. To do this, you need to obtain the following materials:

  • Tree post set x4
  • Clay x4
  • Stone x4

A bridge makes life on the island a lot easier.

After the search for iron ore, you will probably already have a sufficient amount of stones and clay in your inventory. If not, mine resources on rocks. You have to craft the log sets at a workbench . You need 3x wood for a log set.

If you have found all the materials, you will receive a bridge construction kit from Tom Nook. Go to a bank and decide where you want to build the bridge. Make your decision dependent on which part of the island you would like to place houses for new residents on later. The construction of the bridge will be completed the next day.

Lyricald, May 24, 2020

Amiibo support guide

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards can be used on your Island's camping site (opens after the Residents Tent remodelling) to completely generate Villagers as your neighbors if you have their Villager cards.-- Note that this does not deal with main characters in the series.-- You'll require to scan each Villager card once a day to get them to relocate, considering that the very first couple of times they may just provide a present (clothing & furnishings?). All the best!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures can be used in Harvey's Photopia Booth to take images with the characters the Amiibo figures represent. Have a good time!

This video shows what takes place when you scan in all over 400 Amiibo cards to see which cards work:

Packaging0, May 26, 2020

Time Travel Explained

Time Travel enables the cash you put in your cost savings account to get interest throughout the years you skip forward, approximately 1 million Bells!

Loco48th, May 26, 2020

Plant Coconut Trees where you like!

Coconut trees will not grow and grow on yard unless you put a square of the sand path through the Island Designer App and plant the coconut tree on the sand path tile.

Ibiri, Jun 10, 2020

Villagers Crafting DIYs

You might encounter an animal villager crafting in their home. Talking with them will supply you with a DIY dish. The villager will continue crafting for roughly 3-4 hours prior to a various villager starts crafting in their own home. You can get an optimum of 3 dishes each day from your own island villagers. A villager will generally be crafting when you initially open your file on a new day, other than when they are sleeping, in which they will be crafting upon awakening. This cycle corresponds other than when a 2nd island homeowner logs in, which can change the villagers'crafting schedules such as extending the period a specific villager is crafting or rebooting the crafting schedule if one player currently got all 3 dishes for the day.

Redsplodge, Jun 17, 2020

Duplicating items

Place an item on a 2x1 flat surface (it may also work with the wooden desk and other specific surfaces). Then, remove the item, twist it, and place it only on the very edge of the object. If done correctly, you can make a copy of the item you are trying to place on the surface. This works with the Shark Statue and Flatscreen TV. You need to enter the grid/planning mode for this to work. Pick up the TV/any 2x1 object that can be placed on a surface, then try to move it onto the surface —- aim for the very edge of the spot. It should not actually move the 2x1 item when you attempt to place it. Leave the room and return for the item to be duplicated.

Note: This glitch only works offline in Local Co-Op on the same Switch. This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It may eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use it, do not update the game online or delete any patches installed for the game on your Switch. This glitch require two players (two controllers). You must have two accounts, each with a character. Then, use the Resident Call app on your Nookphone to invite the other account/character. This glitch only works with placed items, and not items like bells or materials. Have player one place a desired item on the cardboard box or table. Have player two rotate the cardboard box/table, and then have player one grab the item while it is rotating (as the rotating player's arms are coming back towards the box/table). Player one will get the item and the item will still remain on the cardboard box/table. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Two good items to duplicate are the ACNH Switch and Tarantula, both of which sells for over 8,000 bells. You get the ACNH Switch and cardboard box in the mail on Day 1.

Inapickle, Jul 4, 2020

Secret hairstyle

Do not play the game for at least 30 days for your character to wake up with messy hair the next time you play. It will also now become one of the selectable hairstyles at your mirror.

Azguy, Jul 4, 2020

Sable's pattern designs

After opening the Able Sisters tailor shop, talk to Sable (brown hedgehog in the back) at least once every day. She will be quiet and reserved at first, but will slowly become friendlier with each day that you talk to her. After 7-10 days, Sable will greet you with a pack of special patterns that you can use in customizations. You can get one new pack per day; there are 10 packs in total, and each comes with 20 patterns. Sable's patterns do not appear in your Custom Designs app; you can only see them by opening the customization screen on an item that accepts custom designs, then choosing the new "Pattern" option to the left of "Custom Design."

Kfevold, Jul 4, 2020

Easy money

Each day, one randomly chosen rock in your town will produce bells if you hit it with your shovel. You can hit it up to eight times, resulting in successively larger payouts per hit. Make sure to dig holes behind your character beforehand so they do not get knocked backward upon impact.

When you see a glowing gold crack in the ground, you will dig up a bag of bells. If you bury a bag of bells of any amount in the glowing hole, you will grow a money tree with three bags of bells on it when it fully grows that are each equal to the amount planted. Note: If you plant a bag with more than 10,000 bells in it, there is a chance the bags on the tree will only have 10,000 bells in them.

Blazer369, Jul 4, 2020

Furniture trees

Each day there are two trees on your island that will give you a piece of furniture if you shake them. There is at least one tree at each mystery island that will drop furniture as well. Note: The furniture only falls if you shake the tree rather than hitting it with an axe, and the fruit trees do not drop furniture.

Summagalxx, Jul 4, 2020

Star fragments

If you see a shooting star, tilt the camera up while not holding anything, and quickly press A to wish on it. The fragments will then wash upon the shore the next day. You get one star fragment per wish your villager makes for a maximum of 20 fragments. However, you can get extra star fragments if you have visitors on your island that also make wishes -- for every five wishes your visitor makes, you will get one extra star fragment. You can get a max of 20 extra fragments from visitors for a total maximum of 40 fragments per day. Note: Only 10 fragments can appear on the beach at a time. Collect the fragments and check back later to find more.

Hablas, Jul 4, 2020

Preventing wasp stings

To prevent getting stung by wasps when shaking a tree, use the following trick to safely catch them every time. First, equip your net. Before shaking the tree, make sure the squares of land down-left and down-right of the tree are clear of items, plants, or any other obstacles. Shake the tree while standing south (with the tree directly "above" you from your perspective). If a wasp nest falls out, your character will briefly turn toward it in shock before the bugs start chasing you. However, with your net already equipped and your character automatically facing the swarm, you can simply press A repeatedly. As soon as you regain control, you will drop the net on top of the wasps.

Currie87, Jul 4, 2020

Increasing chances of flowers cloning/breeding

Having players who do not live on your island water your flowers increases their chance of cloning (making a duplicate of the flower) or cross-breeding (having two touching flowers create a new flower). The more people who water the flowers, the better the odds increase. Having five different people water your flowers gives the maximum effect, and will give them a gold sparkle.

Lightcal, Jul 4, 2020

Nook Miles Tickets Guide

Nook Miles Tickets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a staple to your very presence throughout island life. These tickets are your short-lived escape from your very own individual idyll, enabling you to get on an aircraft as well as escape for some time. You'll come down on an alternative island that's been arbitrarily produced, as well as will certainly provide you a myriad of extra crafting sources and also a new pleasant face to uncover.

You will not obtain accessibility to Nook Miles Tickets without paying off your preliminary relocating charges - the 5,000 Miles price that Tom Nook establishes as your moving charges.

You'll unlock the 'Redeem Nook Miles' area of the Nook Stop at Resident Services. In below, you can acquire Nook Miles Tickets for 2,000 Miles a pop, plus a variety of various other rewards like Nook Inc-themed apparel, and also a lot more hairdos to reinforce your Animal Crossing: New Horizons character customisation alternatives.

And afterwards it's just a situation of publishing a Nook Miles Ticket off, and also heading over to the flight terminal. Right here, speak with Orville and afterwards pick the following choices to use your Nook ticket.

I wan na fly! > Use Nook Miles Ticket > Time for departure.

Make certain that you have sufficient devices and also free supply ports prior to you go, since you'll wish to load your pockets with whatever that these remote islands need to provide - although it's worth stating each of these islands does have a crafting workbench for you to make even more devices if your own break, as well as you can acquire some much more from Wilbur for 100 Miles a pop.

Right here's our checklist of points to do while making use of a Nook Miles Ticket:.

  • Seek international Animal Crossing: New Horizons fruit to remind your island.
  • Discover new citizens to contribute to your populace.
  • Wreck all the rocks with your axe/ shovel to uncover rock, clay, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, or money (slap several times in a row).
  • Shake down trees for branches, money, as well as items.
  • Hit trees with lightweight/ rock axe for timber, softwood, wood.
  • Collect coverings to cost Nook's Cranny.
  • Attract great deals of fish for selling/ giving away to the gallery.
  • Capture great deals of pests for selling/ contributing to the gallery.
  • Draw all the weeds for easy Bells as well as for checking off Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Mile Rewards.
  • Check the coastline for message in a containers - there's constantly one.

Toasterphobe, Jul 8, 2020


Time Glitch, Time Traveling guide

To Time Travel to various dates and seasons, just alter the clock on your Nintendo Switch. From the Main Menu, select "System Settings" and go to "Date and Time" to alter it to the date you desire it to be, while making certain that "Synchronize Clock via Internet" is switched off. This enables you to basically Time Travel by moving the game in reverse or forwards to key vacations throughout the year.

Video guide to Time Traveling:

Gamer15, May 26, 2020


Unlockable Locations

Various buildings, stores, and services can be added to your town by speaking to certain characters and fulfilling requests.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Able SistersBuy at least 5,000 bells worth of clothing from Mabel at Nook's Cranny, then talk to her the next time she's in town.
MuseumOnce you have Blathers in your town, donate 15 different specimens of fish, bugs, or fossils to him.
Nook's CrannyAfter your first house upgrade, talk to Timmy, collect and give him 30 pieces each of wood, hardwood, and softwood, and 30 iron nuggets.
Resident Services BuildingGet all of your villagers to arrive, and Tom Nook will announce the upgrade.

Dreeee, Mar 21, 2020

Unlockable Golden Tools

To unlock the following Golden Tools, complete the following tasks:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Golden AxeBreak 100 of any axe type
Golden NetDonate all bugs to the museum
Golden RodDonate all fish to the museum
Golden ShovelRescue Gulliver 30 times
Golden SlingshotShoot down over 300 balloons to enable a gold balloon to spawn. Pop it and the recipe is inside
Golden Watering CanGet a 5 star Island Evaluation

ArchDuke, Mar 26, 2020

DAL exclusive items

There are total 11 in-game DAL special items you can get for flying through Dodo airline companies. You unlock them based upon a concealed reward system. You get 1 reward point each time you go to another player's island. As much as 3 points each day. If you go on a Mystery Island or Harvey's island, you can also get 1 reward point per day.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
DAL apron item100 reward points
DAL backpack item200 reward points
DAL cap item130 reward points
DAL eye mask item15 reward points
DAL model plane item300 reward points
DAL mug item50 reward points
DAL pilot jacket item250 reward points
DAL slippers item30 reward points
DAL sunglasses item75 reward points
DAL tee item5 reward points
DAL umbrella item160 reward points

EXzmage, May 13, 2020

In-Game Reactions

When you have unlock Nook's Cranny, island homeowners can arbitrarily teach you as much as 1 reaction daily. Various resident characters will teach you various reactions, nevertheless some reactions can just be acquired once you are buddies with a citizen. There are 40 overall in-game reactions to unlock.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Agreement, Worry, Sheepish-ness, BewildermentCranky personality
Bashfulness, Sorrow, Mistaken, ShynessLazy personality
ConfidentBig sister personality (best friend)
DaydreamingSweet personality (best friend)
Delight, Joy, Greeting, SurpriseUnlocked by default
Encouraging, Sneezing, Distress, Shocked!Jock personality
FlourishJock personality (best friend)
Happiness, Aggravation, Sleepy, CuriosityPeppy personality
InspirationCranky personality (best friend)
Intense, Thought, Sighing, AmazedSnooty personality
Laugher, Cold chill, Apologetic, DisagreementBig sister personality
LoveSnooty personality (best friend)
MischiefPeppy personality (best friend)
Pleased, Fearful, Sadness, GleeSweet personality
PrideLazy personality (best friend)
ShowmanshipSmug personality (best friend)
Smirking, Resignation, Heartbreak, DozingSmug personality

Missy, May 23, 2020

Happy Home Academy Rewards

Special One Time Rewards: HHA will send you special one-time rewards for satisfying particular score limits (see list listed below). They will send you just one present each week, beginning with the most affordable requirement reward then working their way up.

House Upgrade Rewards: HHA will send you a present each time you upgrade your house, for an overall of 7 presents. Camping tent to house upgrade is typically a DIY, then followed by furnishings presents.

Bonus Furniture Gifts: If you follow their suggestions and fix their reviews, hha can also send you furnishings presents. Ex: Furniture having actually a combined color, no cockroaches, no non-furniture items on the flooring, and so on

Tips for Improving your HHA Score: Show rare furnishings, several items from the exact same set or style, fundamentals (bed, table, chair, cabinet), Feng Shui (red items on east side, yellow on west side, green on south side), furnishings having actually a merged color style, and in season furnishings. Ensure furnishings aren't wrongly dealing with the wall, that there are no cockroaches, no garbage and no non-furniture items cluttering the flooring.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bronze HHA Plaque20,000 Points
Bronze HHA Trophy70,000 Points
Gold HHA Plaque50,000 Points
Gold HHA Trophy150,000 Points
HHA Pennant10,000 Points
Silver HHA Plaque30,000 Points
Silver HHA Trophy100,000 Points

Smackdown22, Jun 16, 2020

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From: Charlie820Posted on: 07-07-2020
Is the headwear you get from Gulliver?

Is the headwear you get from Gulliver exclusive to him, or will it turn up in Able Sisters eventually? He gave me an alpinist hat and I know I've seen...

From: Enoby_WayPosted on: 07-07-2020
Complain to Isabelle about a villager being rude?

What happens if you complain to Isabelle about a villager being rude?...

From: AcnhketchupPosted on: 07-07-2020
The bug-off event?

Does anybody know if the bug-off event made it so that the house evaluation doesn't happen this weekend? Yesterday my villagers were telling me about ...

From: TheDuocornPosted on: 07-07-2020
I'm trying to breed Red and Blue pansies!?

I'm trying to breed Red and Blue pansies to make Hybrid Red pansies. If a red flowers grows near them, how will I know if it is a Hybrid Red pansy or ...

From: DoughnutevergivPosted on: 07-07-2020
When in April do Sakura trees start blooming?

I time traveled forward to April 15 2021 and there aren't any Sakura trees. Is it because I went forward in time?...

From: H0tcheeriosPosted on: 07-07-2020
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