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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Spike Chunsoft
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Mar 6, 2020
  • ESRB: Everyone


Various Wonder Mail item passwords

At your title screen, try one of the below listed passwords:

All Power-Up Orb x2, All Dodge Orb x2, All Protect Orb x2SK5P778R
All Power-Up Orb x3, All Dodge Orb x3H5FY948M
Apple x185JSK2CMC
Apple x5, Big Apple x5N3QW5JSK
Apple x5, Perfect Apple x31Y5K0K1S
Bronze Dojo Ticket x3, Silver Dojo Ticket x2, Gold Dojo Ticket x1Y9911412
Cacnea Spike x12045QSPHF4
Cacnea Spike x120SH8XMF1T
Calcium x2, Zinc x2K0FXWK7J
Calcium x3, Accuracy Drink x390P78R96
Cleanse Orb x5, Health Orb x5TY26446X
Corsola Twig x1203TWJMK2C
Corsola Twig x120JT3MQY79
DX Gummi & Rainbow GummiXMK95K49
DX Gummi x2H6W7K262
Escape Orb x3, Rollcall Orb x3, Revive All Orb x13XNSQMQX
Evasion Orb x10WJNTY478
Foe-Hold Orb x3, Foe-Seal Orb x5Y6493N3S
Geo Pebble x40, Gravelerock x40, Golden Fossil x408QXR93P5
Heal Seed x3, Tiny Reviver Seed x2H8PJTWF2
Helper Orb x3, Revive All Orb x2SFSJWK0H
Joy Seed x3SR0K5QR9
Life Seed x2, Carbos x20R7910P7
Mach Ribbon, Gold RibbonCMQMFXW6
Max Ether x186XT1XP98
Max Ether x5, Max Elixir x2SJP7642C
One-Shot Orb x2, Petrify Orb x3, Spurn Orb x3NY7JP8QM
Oran Berry x10, Sitrus Berry x1, Reviver Seed x1FSHH6SR0
Oran Berry x18R9945PCN
Pecha Berry x5, Cheri Berry x5, Tiny Reviver Seed x25JMPH7K5
Power Band, Defense Scarf, Gold Ribbon25QQTSCR
Power Drink x2, Accuracy Drink x2, PP-Up Drink x2XT498SP7
Power Drink x3, Iron x3MCCH6XY6
PP-Up Drink x3, Max Elixir x3776SJWJS
Protein x2, Iron x2JY3XQW5C
Rainbow Gummi x3, Accuracy Drink x36XWHH7JM
Rainbow Gummi x3, Power Drink x3WCJT275J
Rainbow Gummi x3, PP-Up Drink x3Y490CJMR
Rainbow Gummi x6SN3XQSFW
Rare Quality Orb x3, Inviting Orb x3, Wigglytuff Orb x1QXW5MMN1
Rawst Berry x5, Chesto Berry x5, Tiny Reviver Seed x23R62CR63
See Trap Orb x5, Trapbust Orb x50MN2F0CN
See-Trap Orb x5, Trawl Orb x2, Storage Orb x2961WF0MN
Slow Orb x5, Quick Orb x5CFSH962H
Slumber Orb x5, Totter Orb x57FW627CK
Special Band, Zinc Band, Gold Ribbon95R1W6SJ
Tiny Reviver Seed x5, Reviver Seed x2, Revive All Orb x15PJQMCCJ
Violent Seed x3, Stun Seed x10, Tiny Reviver Seed x347K2K5R3

Nmbnmbnmb3, Mar 10, 2020

Various Wonder Mail Passwords for Recruiting Pokemon

At your title screen, try one of the below listed passwords which unlock new missions and so you can recruit a certain Pokemon to your team:

Get a mission, after which Beautifly is recruitedCNTSN2F1
Get a mission, after which Chingling is recruitedR6T1XSH5
Get a mission, after which Clefairy is recruited8TT498W8
Get a mission, after which Dragonair is recruitedHK5R3N47
Get a mission, after which Larvitar is recruited5JSMNWF0
Get a mission, after which Mantyke is recruitedMF0K5CCN
Get a mission, after which Mareep is recruited991Y5K47
Get a mission, after which Misdreavus is recruited5K0K0K2K
Get a mission, after which Rhyhorn is recruitedR8Y48QXR
Get a mission, after which Roselia is recruitedK762CJWF
Get a mission, after which Sableye is recruited91SR2H5J
Get a mission, after which Slowpoke is recruited6Y6SNWHF
Get a mission, after which Smoochum is recruited92JMR48W
Get a mission, after which Togetic is recruitedMHJR625M
Get a mission, after which Wailmer is recruited0R5H76XQ

Giinax9x, Mar 10, 2020

Various Wonder Mail item passwords for TMs

At your title screen, try one of the below listed passwords which gives you TMs which you can use to teach your pokemons new moves:

TM Brutal SwingXNY8PK40
TM Energy BallN0R7K93R
TM FlamethrowerP5R9411S
TM Focus Blast78SH6463
TM Leech Life3TY1XW99
TM Shadow Ball90P7CQP9
TM Smart StrikeW95R91XT
TM ThunderboltR13R6XY0
TM WaterfallJR4113QS

Jaz153, Mar 10, 2020

Hints & Secrets

Conquer Heavenly Tower and Recruit Rayquaza Guide

After your rescue team defeated Groudon in the magma cave, you will find yourself in a gathering on Pokémon Square. During this, Xatu uses telepathy to tell you that a meteorite is about to fall on the planet.

Together with Simsala, Xatu decides to send your team to the sky tower. Rayquaza, who attacks your team, awaits you at the top of the tower. Now it is not a matter of giving up on defeating him and using his hyperbeam to avert the catastrophe.

The sky tower is not to be trifled with.

First of all: The journey to the top of the sky tower will not be an easy one. If you have tried the heavenly tower once and failed, you will have experienced it firsthand.

The tower has 34 floors . First you have to fight 25 levels and then save. This is followed by another nine floors to the top.

The Pokémon in the Sky Tower are level 25-30 . Your team should be at least five levels above to bristle with all the elements. There are a variety of different Pokémon in total that are in the sky:

Ninjatom level 1-5
Shuppet level 1-6
Forstellka level 1-6
Masquerade level 1-8
Luna stone level 1-11
Confused level 7-14
Smogon level 9-16
Ledian level 10-17
Sonnfel level 12-20
Altaria level 12-20
Scherox level 15-21
Zwirrklop level 17-23
Omot level 20-25
Aerodactyl level 21-25
Libelldra level 21-25
Tropius level 22-25
Aerodactyl level 26-33
Libelldra level 26-33
Lepumemtas level 26-33
Tropius level 26-33
Brutalanda level 26-33
Metagross level 26-33
Rayquaza level 34

More tips for Heavenly Tower in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

- Always put all items on the way or use them immediately.

- Train your Pokémon at least at level 35. Only then will you have a good chance of winning.

- Be sure to take items such as invigorating seeds, top elixir and apples.

- Take georock boulders and other throwing objects with you.

- Watch out for monster rooms. On the map it is mostly the rooms with lots of items. Be sure to take stopper orbs with you. These freeze Pokémon on the same level until you attack them.

Tips to conquer Rayquaza
Rayquaza himself belongs to the dragon and flight type, so he is particularly weak against ice attacks. Rock, dragon and fairy are also effective.

Items that stop Rayquaza from raining his mighty attacks on you are particularly useful in the fight against him. Its hyperbeam, for example, does a lot of damage to Pokémon that are in line. Be it sleep orbs, twigs, or anything like that, anything that stops Rayquaza can be used. Accordingly, he is sensitive to attacks such as ice jet, blizzard and thunder lightning. These are not only strong against him, but paralyze and freeze him to ice.

The best way to fix Rayquaza is through abnormal conditions. So you prevent him from attacking you, which often ends in death. With good preparation, this struggle is not easy, but it can be done. Omnipotence and team animator orbs should definitely be in your luggage. Once the Legendary Pokémon is defeated, you can sit back and relax. You did it: The world is saved.

You want Rayquaza?
Then unfortunately you have to be patient.

Recruit Rayquaza
Unfortunately, Rayquaza cannot be recruited the first time , because like many Legendary Pokémon, you have to return again. During that time Rayquaza trained well and is at level 70, so he is a lot stronger. He also carries out the mega development after a certain time, which makes victory even more difficult.

Uforumorgua, Mar 19, 2020

Find Kecleon store in the dungeon

The Kecleon store can appear randomly in dungeons at any time, so we can not say where exactly you will find the shop. It does not matter whether it is a heavy, light, short or long dungeon. On the minimap, the shop can be recognized by a collection of items (the blue dots). Once you have found Kecleon, you can buy and sell it, but also steal it. If you are in a shop, it does not protect you from wild Pokémon - so it's best to take care of them before you get down to business.

Samstriker8, Mar 19, 2020

How you recruit Kecleon

The principle of recruiting Kecleon is very simple: You are in his shop in a dungeon, grab one or more items and if Kecleon asks you to pay at the staircase, simply say "No." and go. This will upset Kecleon so much that it will attack you.

Take care! Even if Kecleon looks harmless - it is not to be trifled with. You should prepare yourself for a tough fight beforehand, bring your strongest Pokémon and items that will help you to defeat Kecleon. To recruit him, you have to take the final blow with your leader. We have listed more recruitment tips for you here.

You will now say that it cannot be difficult to defeat a Pokémon (not legendary), but you are wrong. Even if you defeat one Kecleon, another will follow. (Yes, even a few offspring.) My Pokémon with a level 55 Kecleon deducted around 200 life points per attack. You cannot use a fleeing orb or knowledge seed either. Recruiting this Pokémon is not a cardboard stick. Above all stopper and omnipotence orbs can help. Have fun and good luck!

Terry taliban, Mar 19, 2020


Sinnoh Pokémon Statues

As your Rescue Team's Rank increases, 4 Pokémon Statues will be added to the left side of the Bulletin Board. Although they were just a cool decoration in the original games, this time around getting their Statue will cause them to start appearing in specific dungeons or the Mystery House and allowing you to recruit them onto your Rescue Team. (Note: The Lucario Statue causes Riolu to appear in Mystery Houses)

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bonsly StatueAppears after reaching the Bronze Rank
Lucario StatueAppears after reaching the Ultra Rank
Mime Jr. StatueAppears after reaching the Gold Rank
Weavile StatueAppears after reaching the Diamond Rank

The man, Mar 14, 2020

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