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This page contains Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs for Grand Theft Auto 4 organized by sections for Xbox 360. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Rockstar North. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Apr 29 [2008]
  • ESRB: Mature
  • Section: Cheats, Cheat Codes


Find the internet cafe and use one of the following url(s) »»

From: bawnsy


Enter "" password into the in-game computers. You will get Weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt, and entertainment locations. »»

From: Jafar00

At any time during the game, pull out Niko's phone and dial these numbers for the desired effect. Note from Cheesus: Some passwords may DISABLE your ARCHIEVEMENTS!!! »»

From: laptopz


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. »»

From: sephirosuy

Kill 200 Flying Rats. »»

From: vhayste

By gaining friendship with the following people can benefit you in many ways. »»

From: mystistar

After beating Packie's mission, "Bank Heist" the ski mask is unlocked as a hat. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. »»

From: laker123


If the vehicle you are driving breaks down and the engine will not start, call 911, and your engine should start again. »»

From: andysquire

Go to an ATM, then cause a traffic jam to the area. Wait for someone to take money from the ATM, then kill him or her. Make sure to block any nearby roads so the ambulance cannot get to the murdered victim. Take the money they dropped on the ground. Then, run a short distance away, and go back. The money should have respawned on the ground. You can repeat this as many »»

From: andysquire

After completing all of the missions in Broker (first island) and move on into Bohan, go to the Helicopter tours which is in the southern part of the island on a platform facing Broker. Hijack one of the choppers and take it to your apartment, try to land it on the parking area and if you do, save the game inside your apartment and you will now have a Helicopter for y »»

From: HunterMav66

Below is a list of how to reach 100% completion, and what everything in the game is worth (by percentage). * Ninety Story/Procedural Missions - 68% * Acquire each friend's special ability and do their activities - 10% * Win at each activity and mini-game - 5% * Find all random characters and complete their missions - 5% * Kill all thirty wanted persons - 2.5% * Comple »»

From: vhayste

To unlock the perks of friendship with any given person below, reach the friendship level listed. Brucie - Brucie likes to bowl, drink, eat, go to strip clubs, shows, helirides and boating. If you get his friendship level up to 70%, you can call Brucie and he'll dispatch a helicopter to your location, allowing you to utilize it as you'd like. Dwayne - Dwayne likes to »»

From: vhayste

Do a burnout with a car and spin in circles arter a while the tires will pop. »»

From: sened

Go inside the statue of happiness go to the platform under the heart and fire an rpg at the heart and you will get a pidgeon. »»

From: sened

There is a guy in firefly island. He randomly gives you $100! on the map it shows a blue man silhouette. He is on Iroquois Avenue. »»

From: Benomaster

When you come to the option of killing Dwayne or Playboy. Kill Playboy, you get to be friends with dwayne more and you get Playboys Crib ( big plasma screen, hot tub, big double bed ) its pretty good. »»

From: JamieSuds

1 Star(s) - Kill a citizen 2 Star(s) - Resist arrest 3 Star(s) - Kill a police officer 4 Star(s) - Trespass in the airport 5 Star(s) - Unknown 6 Star(s) - At the beginning of the game, walk past the barriers closing the bridges due to terrorist activity. There are more ways to obtain the above levels, but those are the main ways as of now. If you wish to receive any o »»

From: Oblivion Geek

Date SOBOHOE on LoveMeet which can be accessed on any in-game computer. If she says yes, date her until you get lucky. The day after, she will call you and tell you that whenever you need health, all you need to do is call her, seeing she is a nurse, and your health will increase. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

To easily get a car with a police computer within it, call 911 on your cell phone and select 1, shortly after the operator picks up. It will put you through to the LCPD. Wait until the conversation ends and wait. Police will arrive shortly. The police officer riding as the passenger will get out to inspect the area. While this is happening, pull the driver from the po »»

From: Oblivion Geek

Use the Wanted Level Up Cheat to raise your wanted level to 6 stars. The drive into the subway {Not the subway terminal} in a small car. Press the Xbox Menu Button And leave it there for About six minutes to be sure. No Cops will come after you because you are in the subway and because the Xbox Menu is up the trains will not move. When you start to drive off the achie »»

From: Cholo369

Go into somewhere like MCnuggets and go into the womans bathroom. Make sure before this you have a wanted level of at least three and a gun, so go in the bathroom and funnel off the cops and S.W.A.T. team while blowing them away, when they stop coming for a second run and grab all the ammo and repeat. »»

From: coltar01

Use the following trick to make any vehicle immune to rockets, grenades, and other weapons. Take out a girlfriend on a date. Get in your car and shoot through your window to do a drive-by to scare her. A short intermission sequence will show your date leaving. Your vehicle is now immune to damage. »»

From: b.remarth00

If you're going for achievements, this one is one that you need to get through the first playthrough. Why? Because you'll have to restart the whole story if you don't get it through the first time. Basically, you have to beat the game in less than 30 hours. Easy, but you don't want to take a chance. Basically just stick to the main story. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

You can walk through the toll booth on the bridges instead of paying $5 or ramming through the barricade and not receive a wanted level at all. »»

From: GamerMan

For some missions you'll need to find a cop car, or you might just want a Cop Car, Ambulance or Fire Engine for fun. If there are none around (especially with the Ambulance and Fire Engine) you can call 911 and select either Police, Fire Department or Paramedics. Wait for them to arrive and hijack their vehicle. »»

From: GamerMan

Find a spot where there are alot of cars and equip a grenade. Hold the fire button as if you were about to drop it on the ground below and start running into the traffic. The grenade will start bleeping and then get prepared for a big explosion. And to die. »»

From: GamerMan

If you're playing the game without cheats remember this: Always go to a gun shop and buy the latest shotgun with alot of ammo, the latest sub-machine gun (eg.Uzi) with alot of ammo and the latest assault rifle with alot of ammo. You'll pick up most of the ammo for the Sub-machine gun and pistol on missions. Always buy armor from there aswell, and visit a hot-dog stand »»

From: GamerMan

Most channels on the television in your safe house have a few funny channels like what looks like a Halo spoof, a funny 'Men's Room', etc. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

Equip a grenade, then hold RT until the grenade explodes. You will fly into the is really cool. »»

From: Chasebm

In GTA IV, some vehicles found on the streets have noticeable bodykits and alterations to their normal models. Here is a list. Sultan RS- Found in the top right corner of Westdyke, Alderney. A heavily modified Sultan. Sultan GT- Found driving around Alderney when you are driving a normal Sultan. It has a blue paintjob, spoiler, gold rims and ventilated hood. Irish Con »»

From: Hello There

First get a pistol or steal a cop car for a free shot gun. Head to the Hospital located on the first island in Schottler (it's directly northeast from the first gun store you unlock) Enter the hospital and start a killing spree. Wait in the main waiting room for the cops to arrive and just start popping heads as they enter. (Crouch behind the green couches for cover) »»

From: rynoth

Use a helicopter to get on a skyscraper (preferably a really tall one for more fun) and spawn a motorcycle. Drive of it off the roof. At first you'll be like "Oh no! I lose like four-thousand cash!" but no. If you land with both wheels on the ground (don't worry you can maneuver around in the air) you'll take zero to little damage and you can start riding th »»

From: sened

Head to Easton on the second island. At the Grand Easton Terminal go up the staircase in front. Keep going around that floor until you see a small pond. Keep going past it. You shall then see a turn going left. Go left and you will be in between the tall building and the small one. At the end of the passageway there will be a dead end. Turn and you will see a glowing »»

From: sened

Between Alderny and the Industrial island Look along the water for a tug boat parked in front of 2 barges. You'll need a boat to get to it and board it. Once near it, jump on and hit the enter vehicle button. You can just cruise from there. »»

From: sened

On either end of the line of booths there will be a space between the side of the bridge and the booth. Drive the motorcyle through this space and there will be no wanted level or fee. »»

From: Hellbound Train

Watch this step-by-step video guide called "One Man Army achievement" for more instructions: »»

From: thehandsy

Watch this step-by-step video guide called "Walk Free achievement" for more instructions: »»

From: thehandsy

On the last island to the left there is an abandend house. The house has a garage and to the left. Bihind the garage there is a hidden mitsibishi lancer that is supped up. I hacked it in so i could get a really fast car. some where on the middle island (the smallest island) there is a gold stretch hummer and is the same speed as the mitsibishi. »»

From: gunsrblazin

In almost every vehicle except motorcycles whenever you are holding down the accelerate button all the way in-between gear changes you can take your ,finger off of the button right before you change gear and quickly put your ,finger back on the button this will usually change gear faster this tip works better when exiting a corner really fast its also good for racing. »»

From: StealthSpartan

Go to an internet cafe, input jobs and then you work there. »»

From: KraKra42

Easter Eggs

On the in game internet there is a website called area 59 which was the name of a show on WCTR radio station. On the tv the poker championship there are screenshots of Las Venturas, Prickle Pine (houses) and part of the desert by the old airport. »»

From: Cheesus

Press the fire button while driving around in a firetruck. This will allow you to shoot the super-powerful water cannon at everybody around you. Watch the different and oftentimes funny civilian's reactions. »»

From: vhayste

There is a reference to the movie, "The Sixth Sense," after you kill someone, there's a chance a civilian will say, "I see dead people!" »»

From: Oblivion Geek

Citizens sometimes say, "We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy." »»

From: Oblivion Geek

There is a Jamaican man who sometimes says, "Where are the those kids? I need them to work." Which is from the TV show Rocket Power. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

Search on any in-game internet to find a spoof of the IPhone. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

The numbers on blue armored prison transport truck are KSC-303, which is a reference to the main character of the Japanese film Versus, who is known as Prisoner KSC2-303. »»

From: Oblivion Geek

At the majestic hotel in Multiplayer, go to the top via chopper and you will find a penthouse. Go with a friend. Sometimes a mist will appear in the room, fires will start, explosions will go off and the doors, leading into the hallways, which are unable to be opened in Multiplayer, slam open and you can enter the hallways. Pillows will fall off the couches and pots w »»

From: HunterMav66

Go to the subway in Chinatown, if you start shooting at people or police officers, sometimes a Chinese man wearing a brown jacket will pull out a pistol and start shooting back at you. The cops will not shoot at him as if he is also a law enforcer. *Note That This Does Not Always Happen, And He May Not Always Appear, But When He Does, This Is Guaranteed To Happen* »»

From: Zop.

When you go to the save house in the 2nd island go by the fire hydrent shot it 5 times then pull your gun on the black guy at the computer NOTE: dont shot him or this wont work he will start running around, fighting back or sometime's the black guy will crouch down and start talking if u inhanse the sound ( video tape and then inhance the audio with a media player or »»

From: Easter Egg Dude

Go to the porn shop in hove beach (where in the story you are asked to shoot the actor's legs), and take out a sniper rifle. aim the rifle at the magazine rack in front of the register to see the magazine titles in detail. one of the magazines has a title "featuring Ruth Babe", which is obviously a reference to Babe Ruth. »»

From: dornitory


First you have to find a billboard and you see a ladder to the top of billboard punch someone and wait for them to fight you and when they fight you climb up the billboard ladder and wait for the enemy to climb up top when they reach it kick their face nad they fall or wait for them to reach it and push them down!! »»

From: philip

In the very first city there is a swing-set on a playground the play ground is near the pay-n-spray south-east now basically this glitch launches your car into the air really far anyways what you do is you get a car or truck drive up the small set of stairs if you cant get your vehicle up the stairs thats okay because there is a flat path in front of the playground an »»

From: StealthSoldier

If you find a helicopter, go as high as you can above the ground and find the strangely shaped water fountain. Jump out of the helicopter and try to land in the corner of the concrete wall. You won't die but if you have full armor, you can be rarely safe and still have a little bit of life left. »»

From: KraKra42

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Posted: 08-06 [2010]
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