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Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Cheats and Cheat Codes
  • Developer: Monolith Productions
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Oct 10, 2017
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • ESRB: Mature


Easy "Bad Boss" Achievement or Trophy Guide

From: XanderGT25

This is a fairly simple achivement. Assign one of your Captains to be your bodyguard. Then summon and attack until he betrays you.

Oct 27, 2017

Easy "Rough Rider" Achievement or Trophy Guide

From: Willwin612

There are seven different mounts that you need to ride to unlock this achievement:

  • 1. Caragor - You can use the Call Mount skill to ride this.
  • 2. Dire Caragor - Use the Dire Caragor skill upgrade to the Call Mount skill.
  • 3. Graug - Use the Graug Call skill upgrade (req. level 30) to the Call mount skill.
  • 4. Poison Graug - These are found in Nurnen. They can be found near the middle fast travel location. You can advance time until it spawns, then break and dominate it.
  • 5. Ice Graug - You can find these in Seregost. Near the ice lake caves on the western part of the map.
  • 6. Fire Graug - Near the tunnels in the center of Gorgoroth.
  • 7. Drake - Use the Dragon Song skill upgrade to the Call Mount skill. You unlock this by completing all the Carnan quests.

Oct 29, 2017

Easy "Blood on Blood" and "Overkill" Achievement or Trophy Guide

From: Hermioneishot

I found that combining Blood on Blood and Overkill was a very good strategy.

  • 1. Conquerer the region.
  • 2. Locate two Captains who are blood brothers using Intel.
  • 3. Dominate them both.
  • 4. Have one challenge the other in a pit fight.
  • 5. Both achievements done.

Oct 29, 2017

Various Gameplay Tips

From: DAAssitouct

  • Tip 1: If you find yourself continuously overwhelmed while fighting captains/warchiefs/overlords, invest in the shadow pull upgrade for Shadow strike. As long as they're not arrow proof, you can pull them to you from a distance. Make sure you are in a hard place to get to so that you can 1v1 the captain without the hassle of other orcs interrupting.
  • Tip 2: The counter ability that insta-kills orcs is really strong, Invest in that skill when you can to easily clear orcs of the area.
  • Tip 3: Use your surroundings. It will make the difference between life and death, especially later when the nastier kinds of enemies start showing up. Morgal fly hives, Caragors and their cages and bait, exploding and poisonable grog barrels, Elfshot caches and the like will show up with your Wraithsight (default V). Use them to your advantage.
  • Tip 4: Remember that enemies can still be stealth killed for a couple seconds after spotting you. The general rule of thumb is that you have until they draw their weapon to kill them.
  • Tip 5: When a Captain's icon over his head turns from red to green, you can Grab and Drain or Shank him with no resistance. This can be very easily accomplished when they're afraid of something like burning or Caragors; when Terrified, they're instantly grabbable.
  • Tip 6: Always use Wraithsight right before you cause a ruckus. You want to make sure there is an acceptable (usually below 2) number of captains in the area, or else you may be overwhelmed.
  • Tip 7: Do not underestimate the importance of Elfshot. Longbow shots pierce, and hammer throws have splash damage. In addition, a large number of Captains and Warchiefs have traits that need Elfshot to exploit; usually causing them to be Dazed if you shoot them in the head or the foot. Caches are more important in War since you can't have the talents that Dominate and restore Elfshot on Drain at the same time.
  • Tip 8: USE THOSE WEAKNESSES. The weaknesses of the captains are an essential part of the game. Some Captains will be all but unkillable without exploiting their weaknesses.
  • Tip 9: Never start a fair fight. You're a Ranger, not a Spartan. Scout the area before you fight. See where the orcs are. See where environmental features are that you can use. Find a good fallback point. Elfshot caches, Caragor bait, etc. are. The game rewards diversifying your attack strategies, so get used to using everything at your advantage. Unless something doesn't go according to plan, you should be able to kill every Orc and Uruk in a given situation without engaging more than 2 or 3 at a time.
  • Tip 10: Your orcs only level as high as your current level. If you are trying to level them and their not changing its because of your level.
  • Tip 11: Sending an uruk to garrison removes blood brother trait. Useful if you like your follower, but want to kill his bb. And killing a blood brother makes a follower betray you.
  • Tip 12: Prioritize getting Combat Drain first. You do not regen health and the magical health herbs from Shadow of Mordor are gone. You only regain health by draining an enemy orc and this is exceptionally hard to do in the middle of the horde. Combat drain murders an orc (or dominates it) and gives you back health. It really is better than execution in almost every circumstance.
  • Tip 13: You have to unlock each skill in order along each row for Talion. So if you want to ride Graugs, you first have to learn to ride Caragors.
  • Tip 14: Ologs are your best friend, even if they aren't on your side. One charged arrow to the head, or one stun prompt and you can "mount" the beast and now you have a hitstreak building, might filling, grunt destroying machine.
  • Tip 15: The Wraith stun is still too good. Literally any captain that can be vaulted can be followed up with a stun. Use it to take out those pesky defender captains.

Nov 23, 2017

Easy XP in Act 4

From: Kimijames

The best and quickest way to gain lots of XP in Act 4 is by losing your keeps instead of defending them. You earn a lot more experience by retaking a fort than you will successfully defending it. You get approximately 50k XP for successfully defending a fort, while you get approximately 160k XP for failing to defend a fort and then retaking it. For more XP, add White Gems to your armor for a small XP buff. Upgrade them for even more XP. When losing a fort, you do not lose Warchiefs or Overlords. Overlords are captured, so if you want to keep them, you will have to complete a rescue mission later. You can send out Orcs to save him. To make things easier, replace your good Overlords with useless ones before losing. There is (currently) a bug that makes the rescue mission sometimes never appear. To avoid potentially losing your best Uruks, leave some spaces open and swap terrible Overlords into your fort. For every fort defense quest, simply lose the fort and retake it for around three times the regular amount of XP you would earn.

Nov 23, 2017
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From: Misslestrike

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Avenged (15 GP)Complete a Vendetta Mission.
Bad Boss (10 GP)Strike a Follower until he's had enough.
Best Defense (15 GP)Equip 3 Siege Upgrades on an Assault Team.
Better Luck Next Time (15 GP)Meet an Enemy or a Follower who has cheated death.
Blood on Blood (15 GP)Make a Captain kill his bloodbrother.
Bound by Blood (10 GP)Complete an Online Vendetta.
Death is not the End (10 GP)Resurrect a Follower Captain.
Dismantled (20 GP)Disable an Outpost.
Everything is Permitted (30 GP)Shame an Assassin until he becomes deranged.
Feed the Beasts (15 GP)Attract every kind of beast using bait.
Finished Tales (20 GP)Recover all Gondorian artifacts.
Fit for War (15 GP)Complete a challenge to upgrade a piece of gear.
Follower Perks (10 GP)Use a Training Order to give a Follower a gang.
Forged by War (20 GP)Unlock all player skills.
Forger (10 GP)Forge a higher-quality Gem by combining three Gems of the same quality.
Headhunter (15 GP)Recruit a Follower of every Advanced Class.
Hostile Takeover (15 GP)Defeat a Warchief.
I Like to Watch (15 GP)Watch a Follower murder another Captain without helping him.
If You Can't Beat Them (20 GP)Dominate an Orc after he's killed you three or more times.
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Oct 10, 2017

Secret Achievements

From: Sparkyuiop

Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Banish the Darkness (30 GP)Complete all Eltariel quests.
Banished (30 GP)Defeat Suladân.
Brought to Heel (30 GP)Defeat Helm Hammerhand.
Fall and Rise (30 GP)Complete all Brûz quests.
First Steps (30 GP)Conquer the Fortress of Núrnen.
For Gondor (30 GP)Complete all Gondor quests.
Lord of Horror (30 GP)Defeat the Balrog.
Peace in Death (30 GP)Complete the Shadow Wars.
Stalemate is Victory (50 GP)Defeat the Witch-king and reclaim Minas Morgul.
Undeath Defeats Undeath (30 GP)Complete all Carnán quests.
What Once Was Lost (40 GP)Complete Act I.

Oct 10, 2017

DLC Achievements: The Blade of Galadriel


Complete one of the following DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Banished Ambition (30 GP)Defeat the Rogue Nazgûl.
Complete in Defeat (40 GP)Defeat the Lawless.
Elven Conquest (10 GP)Complete an Online Conquest with an Eltariel skin.
Flash Mob (10 GP)Blind 100 Orcs.
Holding the Line (30 GP)Defend Cirith Ungol from a new threat.
I See the Light (10 GP)Use Light Trap against 20 Orcs.
Problem Solved (30 GP)Settle the Fixer's score with the overlord of Núrn.
Scorched Earth (30 GP)Deny Sauron's control of Seregost forever.
The Time has Come (40 GP)Witness the end of Eltariel's path.
Unlikely Alliances (20 GP)Recruit your first follower as Eltariel.

Feb 7, 2018

DLC Achievements: Desolation of Mordor

From: Clam

Complete one of the following: Desolation of Mordor DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Baranor the Conqueror (40 GP)Complete the Desolation of Mordor with a Gold Rating.
Belly of the Beast (20 GP)Leave your mark on the Overlord of Lithlad.
Bombardier (20 GP)Kill at least one enemy with each ammo type while gliding as Baranor.
Eastern Front (15 GP)Conquer the Fortress of Shindrâm as Talion.
Festival of Blood (20 GP)Save Serka.
Gauntlet (40 GP)Collect all Númenórean artifacts and bring them to Torvin.
No Way Out (20 GP)Change the landscape of Lithlad.
Point of No Return (20 GP)Defend the Oasis.
Reap What You Sow (40 GP)Conquer the Fortress of Shindrâm as Baranor.
Shadows of the Sand (15 GP)Achieve a Gold Rating on all Shadow of the Past missions in Lithlad.

May 9, 2018

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