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  • Developer: The Coalition
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Genre: Action Shooter Third-Person
  • Release: Sep 6, 2019
  • ESRB: Mature

Hints & Secrets

Escape Mode

Your main goal is to destroy everything that's in the Hive with a gas bomb. The bomb contains venom poison so what you don't kill, the poison will kill for you. But keep in mind that the gas will not only kill the Hive but also you and your team. If you are too slow the gas will catch up to you. The bomb explodes in 60 seconds so you have a minute to get as far away as you can and then keep avoiding the gas.

When you escape the pod, the enemies won't be aware of this. You can kill many enemies in one minute but try to perform as many stealth kills as possible before the gas bomb explodes and everyone is aware of your presence.

The main reason behind this is to preserve ammo which is a big deal in Gears 5 Escape mode. Ammo management is key to success here so avoid using ammo to kill enemies before the bomb explodes. Make sure to mark enemies before a melee kills as it lets you deal more damage.

Escape mode is a great way to get comfortable with weapons you don't usually play with. Your favorite weapon will be out of ammo most of the time but you can pick up weapons from downed enemies. You can also share weapons with your teammates, just drop it for your teammate to pick up.

There are ammo areas around the map so do some exploration, the gas takes some time to reach you. These packs only give you ballistic ammo so don't expect grenades etc. If you can't find ammo, keep switching weapons by picking up enemy weapons.

In Escape mode, you can carry one sidearm, one primary, and one secondary weapon. We suggest keeping at least one shotgun with you. The map isn't huge and there tight spaces and area, a shotgun to the head can deal significant damage. Shotguns are also a good way to damage the Flock and Leaches. You can use Overkill to deal significant damage to both these enemy types.

When a Flock charges jump out of the way to avoid damage. Keep a track of its location to avoid being surprised by its attacks.

During the later part of the match, you will come across enemies that explode when they die, they are called Poppers and are new to the Gears universe. Do not melee kill these enemies and keep your distance. They love to explode near you.

Gabriel47, Sep 10, 2019

Horde Mode Surviving

Leave one enemy alive so that you can pick up all the drops easily instead of having to race against the clock. Get familiar with all the weapons as you can run out of ammo so don't be reluctant to grab any gun you can find and start shooting.

Keep Longshot or Markza around to kills larger enemies which require some focused fire.

Do everything possible to save yourselves from sires. These nasty creatures will drag you away from your team for good which means you cannot be revived.

Scream, shout and beg for help from your teammates to help you out if one of them catches you because if they don't before the timer runs out. You'll be dead.

Strikebluster, Sep 10, 2019

Easy "An Enemy Among Us" Achievement Guide

You will get Hijack ability in the beginning of Act 3 - Part 1. To get achievement, you need to hijack 4 types of enemies, and while they hijacked by Jack, they must kill someone. You can complete this one in Act 4, or in Act 3. Here is the list for Act 3:

  • - Stump - Act 3 - Part 1, in the beginning (when you get part from Baird).
  • - Elite Hunter - Act 3 - Part 2 in Rocket Facility, room with one hunter and few locusts with shotguns.
  • - Warden - Act 3 - Part 2 in Rocket Facility (when you need to unlock the door), a little bit tricky but possible (in insane it's possible too). Leave Elite hunter alive and use control on warden.
  • - Pouncer - Act 3 - Part 2 in Rocket Facility, first platform with satellites, two pouncers.

Tiggerfan:), Sep 15, 2019

Easy "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" Achievement Guide

You need to retrieve 5 heavy weapons via Jack's Fetch ability ("Fetch Heavy" - must be opened up in Core upgrades). Easiest way to do it - collect all of them in Act 2.

  • - Tri-shot - Act 2 - Part 1 (first fight after generator)
  • - RL-4 Salvo - Act 2 - Part 1 (near Silverback)
  • - Mulcher - Act 2 - Part 2 (Train tunnel)
  • - Buzzkill - Act 2 - Part 4 ("Nethercutt" Mine)
  • - Cryo Cannon - Act 2 - Part 5 (Laboratory, before fighting boss)

Am, Sep 15, 2019

Easy "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" Achievement Guide

Start a game of Horde on beginner as Jack with bots, or a friend, and build a forge as quick as you can. You can build it right away if you start at a higher wave in the horde options. I usually start on Wave 18 or 28 to get some of the scion weapons. Here's the list of weapons you need to convert:

  • Boomshot - Dropped by Scions
  • Breaker Mace - Dropped by Warden
  • Buzzkill - Dropped by Scions
  • Claw Light Machine Gun - Dropped by Elite Drones
  • Cryo Cannon - Dropped by Scions
  • Dropshot - Dropped by Scions
  • Embar - Dropped by Snipers, or it can be purchased by Fahz
  • Enforcer - Dropped by drones, or anyone playing Del
  • Gnasher Shotgun - Dropped by enemies, or anyone playing Marcus, JD, or Kait
  • Hammerburst - Dropped by enemies
  • Lancer with chainsaw - Dropped by anyone playing Marcus
  • Lancer with Grenade Launcher - Dropped by anyone playing J.D
  • Retro Lancer - Dropped by anyone playing Kait or purchased by Marcus
  • Longshot - Dropped by Snipers or anyone playing Fahz
  • Markza MK1 - Dropped by enemies or anyone playing Fahz
  • Mulcher - Dropped by Scions
  • Overkill - Can be dropped by enemies, a teammate playing Del, or purchased by Kait
  • RL-4 Salvo - Dropped by DR-1's
  • Torque Bow - Dropped by Hunter Elites
  • Tri shot - Dropped by Stumps, Guardians, and DR-1's

SunOfLove, Oct 3, 2019

Secret Fish Stick weapon

In Act I: Shot In The Dark, after separating into two groups and going to the right, you will enter a sewer. At the starting area of the sewer (before going through the archway), shoot the four valves (two on the left side and two on right side) until they start smoking to spawn the Fish Stick weapon. This weapon runs out of ammo quickly. Once it runs out of ammo, your character will drop it. It can only be used again by reloading the chapter and activating the Easter Egg again.

Jojohn, Oct 29, 2019

Relic weapons locations

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding Relic weapon. Relic weapons contain special buffs that make them more effective. You can add additional special features to Relic weapons by upgrading them.

  • Enforcer Relic (Act 2: Chapter 2): It is near the entrance to the large open world area. When you reach the first locked gate, stop at the cliffs and look left. There is a skull marker to the left in the trees, which is where you will find the first Relic weapon. The Enforcer Relic has a lower rate-of-fire but does increased damage with each shot.
  • Longshot Relic (Act 2: Chapter 2): While traveling north from your first objective in Chapter 2 (old COG wall), you can see a red wooden building on the right. Go up to the boat house to find the Longshot Relic. The Longshot Relic gives you a second free shot when you perform a Perfect Reload.
  • Retro Lancer Relic (Act 2: Chapter 4): After going through the old COG wall to the eastern section of the open world area, look to your left (before you reach a frozen pond on your map). Look left for a red skull on a large rock. Go to that area to find the Retro Lancer Relic leaning against a tree. The Retro Lancer Relic has explosive rounds that will air-burst even if you miss.
  • Torque Bow Relic (Act 2: Chapter 4): When entering the rusted gates that lead to the "Abandoned Mine" side-objective, go up an optional path to your right. The Torque Bow Relic can be found up the path, between to large rocks. The Torque Bow Relic has a faster draw speed, but the arrows do not explode.
  • Boltok Relic (Act 2: Chapter 4): The Boltok Relic is just left of the Condor Crash Site in the center-east side of the map —- the one that is locked inside a glacier. Look for a red skull on the ice cliff. The Boltok Relic has better all-around handling and fires quicker from the hip.
  • Boomshot Relic (Act 2: Chapter 4): In the northern section of the map, take the path leading to the "North Comm Tower" objective. Go right to find the Tower Substation. Next to the substation are are two large square objects. Look between them to find the Boomshot Relic. The Boomshot Relic carries 3 shots per magazine.
  • Dropshot Relic (Act 2: Chapter 4): Go to the far northeastern corner of the map to find a block glacier in the northeast. Look on the east wall of the glacier for a small snowy path that leads to the Dropshot Relic. It is directly east of the northern Old Derrick Site. The Dropshot Relic freezes enemies with a cryo blast instead of exploding.
  • Gnasher Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): The Gnasher Relic can be found resting against the cliff wall on the edge of the map, north of the Water Tower/Cosmonaut Training Facility. Look for the red skull marker to find it. The Gnasher Relic fires a single powerful slug that is more accurate than the pellets.
  • Talon Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): Near the Abandoned Airport where you start, just as you exit to the Skiff, look right to see three large Hangars. The Talon Relic is just on the edge of Hangar 1, to your right when you exit the Abandoned Airport. The Talon Relic fires much faster and does more damage after a Perfect Reload.
  • Claw Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): North of the City Ruins are a series of small domed structures and bridge. On one of these domes is a red skull marker with the Claw Relic nearby. The Claw Relic has better handling and is more accurate on the wind-up.
  • Snub Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): Follow the northern edge of the map east from the Rocket Hangar entrance. You will eventually see a red skull on the green/white techno walls to mark the location of the Snub Relic. The Snub Relic fires twice per shot.
  • Markza Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): At the "Pump Station" side-objective, look on the cliffs past the ruined cars, opposite the entrance. There is a red skull marker with the Markza Relic nearby. The Markza Relic can fire in full-auto.
  • Lancer GL Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): Travel to the tunnel that leads to the Cosmonaut Training Facility. Opposite of the winding tunnels, on the other side, are cliffs held up with pillars. The Lancer GL Relic is on one of these lower pillars. The Lancer GL Relic launches the grenade directly forward, instead of air-bursting.
  • Hammerburst Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): Near the "City Ruins" side-objective, just east, is a small structure with an open gate and three submerged archways. Enter through the gate to see the red skull, and pulse the area to find the Hammerburst Relic. The Hammerburst Relic fires in longer bursts with each trigger pull when aiming.
  • Overkill Relic (Act 3: Chapter 1/3): The Overkill Relic is found on a large rock, directly north of the "Bridge Control Station" objective. The Overkill Relic is fully automatic.
  • Lancer Relic (Act 3: Chapter 3): Just outside the "Cargo Shipwreck" side-objective, look at the back of the ship to see a red skull marker, indicating where the Lancer Relic can be found. The Lancer Relic can stun enemies with a standard melee attack, making them vulnerable to the chainsaw.
  • Embar Relic (Act 3: Chapter 3): Near the Condor Crash Site in the far southeast corner of the map, close to the "Turntable" objective, the Embar Relic can be found near the wrecked tail of the airplane. It is a little ways away from the crash site itself, but is easy to spot. The Embar Relic has a longer charge but does more damage per shot.

Warking68, Oct 29, 2019

All collectibles locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 90 collectibles in the campaign.

Headset, Oct 29, 2019

All Fallen Condors locations

Search the indicated locations in Act 2 and 3 to find all Fallen Condors.

Shellyt75, Oct 29, 2019



Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Good Plan, Violently Executed (15 GP)Execute 100 Rejects (any mode)
A Mouthful of Boom (10 GP)Unlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
All Aboard the Crazy Train! (25 GP)Complete all Acts of the Campaign on Insane
An Enemy Among Us (15 GP)Get a kill with a Hijacked Pouncer, Warden, Stump and Elite Hunter in Campaign
And I'll Form the Head! (10 GP)Kill a Boss in Horde while all 5 players have active Ultimate Abilities
And... He's All Yours (10 GP)Unlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
Back Atcha (10 GP)Get a kill with ricochet bullets using Jack's Barrier Ability
Back on Your Feet, Soldier! (10 GP)Use Jack's STIM upgraded ability to revive a DBNO friendly in Campaign
Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship (5 GP)Play a match of Arcade
BFFs (15 GP)Complete a Versus match with a team of four Level 5 Gears Allies
Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight (25 GP)Complete an Escape Hive without firing a shot on Master Difficulty
Can't Stop, Won't Stop (25 GP)Beat 50 Consecutive Waves of Horde (any difficulty)
Compulsive Horder (20 GP)Reach Character Level 15 with Kait, JD, Del, Marcus, Fahz and Jack
Corporal Punishment (10 GP)Reach the rank of Corporal in a Tour of Duty
Cutting it Close (10 GP)Unlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
Did We Just Become Best Friends? (10 GP)Reach Level 5 with an ally in Gears Allies
Discovered the True Threat to Sera (20 GP)Complete all Acts of the Campaign (Any difficulty)
Generally Awesome (50 GP)Reach the rank of General in Tour of Duty
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (10 GP)Use Jack's Fetch ability to acquire each Heavy Weapon in Campaign
Grind Season (25 GP)Win a Ranked match in each week of a Ranked Season
Homegrown Hive (10 GP)Complete a Featured community built Escape Hive
I Made It All By Myself (10 GP)Create and publish an Escape Hive
I Was Born in a Crossfire Hurricane (10 GP)Use Jack's Flash ability to stun 3 enemies at once in Campaign
I'm The Captain Now (25 GP)Reach the rank of Captain in Tour of Duty
It Takes Three to Make a Thing Go Right (10 GP)Complete an Act of Campaign in 3-player co-op
It's Not Hoarding if Your Stuff is Cool (15 GP)Collect all Campaign Collectibles
It's Time We Fight Them Together (10 GP)Unlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
Jack of All Trades (25 GP)Acquire all of Jack's Ultimate upgrades in Campaign
Jack of One Trade (5 GP)Complete an Act of the Campaign as playable Jack (any difficulty)
JACKed Up! (25 GP)Fully upgrade Jack's Abilities and Passives in Campaign
Jameson Shipping Depot (10 GP)Unlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
Let's Get You Some Answers (10 GP)Unlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
Let's Keep Pissin it Off! (10 GP)Unlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
LOOTenant (20 GP)Reach the rank of Lieutenant in Tour of Duty
Master Escape Artist (20 GP)Reach Character Level 15 with Mac, Lahni and Keegan
Master of My Domain (25 GP)Complete an Escape Hive on each difficulty
My Body is Ready (5 GP)Complete Boot Camp
My Place in the Machine (5 GP)Complete placement matches for a Ranked playlist
Not There to Buy a Timeshare (10 GP)Unlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
Now I Gotta Get Up Again (10 GP)Unlock during Act 1 of the Campaign
On the Razor's Edge (10 GP)Get 100 kills while inside Hivebuster Venom
Once More From the Top (20 GP)Re-up!
One Sec, I'll Be Right Back (10 GP)Switch characters in an Arcade match and kill an opponent who previously killed you
One, Two, Three Sorties (5 GP)Complete all 3 Objectives for Tour of Duty in a day
Pass the Soap (5 GP)Pass through a refuge shower with 3 Hivebusters in the same shower cubicle
Pennies from Heaven (10 GP)Scavenge supplies from all fallen Condors in Act 2 and Act 3
Perky's Revenge! (10 GP)Get a kill with 3 Perks active in Horde
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (20 GP)As Jack, convert one of each weapon to Power using the Forge in Horde
Relic Hunter (10 GP)Equip 3 Relic Weapons at one time in Campaign
Relics of the Past (20 GP)Kill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign
Safe and Sound (10 GP)Unlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
Seraninja (10 GP)Use Jack's Cloak ability to cloak and execute 3 enemies before de-cloaking in Campaign
Sergeant at Arms (15 GP)Reach the rank of Sergeant in Tour of Duty
Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1 (100 GP)Insane Campaign, Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps & Characters, 20 Re-ups, General in Tour
Shock and Awe (10 GP)Use Jack's Shock Trap ability to shock 6 enemies at once in Campaign
Sire, Interrupted (5 GP)Kill a Sire while it's kidnapping a teammate (any mode)
That Old COG Technology (10 GP)Unlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
The Three Musketeers (15 GP)Inflict 9000 damage in Escape while 3 Ultimate Abilities are active
Then We Watch Each Other's Back (10 GP)Unlock during Act 4 of the Campaign
Throw a Switch, See What Happens (10 GP)Unlock during Act 3 of the Campaign
We Need the Old Plan (10 GP)Unlock during Act 2 of the Campaign
Where's My Product Endorsement Deal? (10 GP)Win 5 matches of Arcade
Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters! (10 GP)Complete 5 Escape Hives as each one of Mac, Lahni and Keegan
Who's Your Escape Main? (10 GP)Reach Character Level 15 with a launch Escape Character
Who's Your Horde Main? (10 GP)Reach Character Level 15 with a launch Horde Character
Withdrawal Symptoms (20 GP)As a team, collect Power from all 4 Power Taps within one wave of Horde
You Know I Ain't Going Out Like That (10 GP)Unlock during Act 4 of the Campaign
You've Got a Friend in Me (5 GP)Make a new Ally in Gears Allies

Tdanzo, Sep 5, 2019

DLC Achievements: Operation 3 Gridiron

Complete one of the following DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Very Particular Set of Skills (10 GP)Acquire 30 Skill Cards of Level 3 or above
All of Allfathers (10 GP)Win a Versus round on every customized map piece in Allfathers Arena (9)
Be Aggressive, Devious (20 GP)Re-up 30 Times
Buying Time (5 GP)Use the Scrubber Room to slow down the Venom in Escape
Close Call (10 GP)Win a Match of Arcade Blitz where the opposition team is within 25 points of winning
Come From Behind (10 GP)Be 10 kills behind the leader of a Free For All round, then come back to win
Destroy From Within (15 GP)Escape all Operation 2 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher
Destroy Them, My Children (15 GP)Re-up 20 Times
Dynamic Duo (10 GP)Win 10 Ranked Matches of 2vs2 Gnashers
Expanded Expertise (10 GP)Reach Character Level 15 with COG Soldier, Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole
Fresh Lineup (5 GP)Escape a Hive with a team of COG Soldier, Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole
Go, Hunt In Packs (10 GP)Re-up 10 Times
Hi-Ho, Silverback (5 GP)Kill 200 enemies using the Silverback in Horde
Highly Capable (10 GP)Master an Operation 3 Escape Hive and Horde Map
Hives: Busted (15 GP)Escape all Operation 3 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher
HordeBusters (10 GP)Complete 50 Waves of Horde with Mac, Keegan and Lahni in your squad
In the Name of.. (5 GP)Acquire any 3 Hero & Villain Totems
Lay of the Land (5 GP)Complete a Versus Match on Allfathers Arena, Lift, Mid, Boxes, Nethercutt, Pit & Core
Line Them Up (10 GP)Defeat 10 different opponents in a Free For All Match
New Hivebusters (5 GP)Escape a Hive with Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole
Optimal Armaments (5 GP)Complete a Match of Arcade Blitz as a Hero or Villain from Operation 2 or Operation 3
Paydirt (5 GP)Score a Touchdown with the Flag in GridIron
Planned and Executed (5 GP)Execute both members of the enemy team within a round of 2vs2 Gnashers
Proficiency (10 GP)Master an Operation 2 Escape Hive and Horde Map
Resourceful (10 GP)Defeat an opponent with every Pickup Weapon in a single Free For All Match
Ring Leader (10 GP)Win a Match of Arcade Blitz with the most Points earned in a Ring
Sampler (5 GP)Complete a Match of Free For All, Arcade Blitz and Gridiron
Shutout (10 GP)Win a match of Gridiron and keep your opponents scoreless
Stop 'Em Cold (5 GP)Defeat the Matriarch in Escape using the Relic Dropshot
The Path To Victory (5 GP)Re-up 5 Times
These New Recruits Got Grit (15 GP)Complete 50 Consecutive Waves of Horde with Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole
Victory Seized (10 GP)Place first in a Match of Free For All

Momo3420, Apr 1, 2020

DLC Achievements: Operation 4 Brothers in Arms

Complete one of the following Operation 4 Brothers in Arms DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Challenger Emerges (10 GP)Ranked up to Silver in a Ranked Versus Mode
A Nice Present For You (10 GP)Killed an enemy using a planted Grenade in Gridiron mode
A War That Will Be Won (25 GP)Re-upped 40 Times
Absolute Carnage (20 GP)Dealt 100,000,000 damage in Versus
Bah! Child's Play (5 GP)Escaped a Hive with Paduk
Brothers in Arms (10 GP)Completed 12 consecutive waves of Horde Frenzy with Baird & Paduk in your Squad
Controlled Bursts (5 GP)Won a Match of Horde Frenzy (any difficulty)
Covering Fire (20 GP)Got 50,000 assists in Versus
Decorated Soldier (10 GP)Won a match of Gridiron with an Operation 4 Hero or Villain
Efficient Excellence (10 GP)Won a Match of Horde Frenzy on Master Difficulty
Eyes on Target (10 GP)Got 12,500 assists in Versus
Fresh Grubs (5 GP)Completed a Featured Horde Map from Operation 4
Illustrious (30 GP)Reached Character Level 15 with 10 Characters
Make 'em Bleed (10 GP)Dealt 30,000,000 damage in Versus
Nothin' but bits! (20 GP)Killed 100,000 enemies in Versus
Now We Understand Each Other (30 GP)Mastered All Featured Horde Maps from Operation 4
Payload Delivered (15 GP)Escaped all Operation 4 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher
Protect This House (10 GP)Got a Denial on an Enemy while they were inside your Endzone with the flag in Gridiron Mode
Take a Look Around (5 GP)Completed a Versus match on Reactor, Blood Drive & Checkout
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (10 GP)Mastered an Escape Hive and Horde Map from Operation 4
What's This Thing Doing Here? (5 GP)Acquired any Weapon from the Fabricator in Escape
Year of the Scorpion (50 GP)Completed all Year One Escape Hives
Yep, I'd say they're dead (10 GP)Killed 25,000 enemies in Versus

Baby, Jul 15, 2020

Secret DLC Achievements: Operation 4 Brothers in Arms

Complete one of the following Operation 4 Brothers in Arms Secret DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Let's Try That One Again, Shall We? (5 GP)Woke-up in the Med bay while escaping a Hive in Escape

BENNY01788, Jul 15, 2020

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