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  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Apr 3, 2020
  • ESRB: Mature

Hints & Secrets

Controls Guide

Every control option on the Xbox One version of Resident Evil 3.

  • Move - L
  • Run - L3
  • Move Camera - R
  • Reset Camera - R3
  • Quick Turn - L + A
  • Reload - X
  • Interact - A
  • Open Inventrory Screen - Y
  • Switch Ammo - LB
  • Pause Menu - Menu Button
  • Dodge - RB
  • Attack - RT
  • Aim Weapon - LT
  • Change weapons - D-pad
  • Open Map - Trackpad

Max hammer1, Mar 23, 2020

Farm Zombies Easy

Get to the 'Defend Jill' section of Carlos' segments. Once you've cleared out the room and Tyrell wants you to use the detonator, don't. Waves of zombies will continue to spawn three or so at a time and crawl over the pallets. Combine this with an infinite ammo weapon/assault medallions and you can get the zombie killing record unlocks easy peasy! But be warned, the longer you farm them, the more likely they are to turn into Nemesis Head zombies when they make it over the barrier. If the zombies stop spawning, you can quit out and reload your autosave and it'll bring you right back into the last phase of the Defend Jill encounter.

Titsy, Apr 7, 2020

Various Gameplay Tips

The card is your best friend to keep track of things. If a room is colored red, it means that you can still find something here (except collectibles). If you had the objects in view, the exact items are even recorded on the map. However, if a room glows blue, you have found everything.

The knife is not as practical as it was last in Resident Evil 2 . You cannot use it for defense if you are packed . Instead, it is an indestructible weapon that does little damage. It is primarily useful if you want to destroy boxes. If you can also sacrifice a ball for this, you should put the knife directly into the item box to have one more slot in your inventory.

Resident Evil 3 Remake's combat system has a new component - evasion. With the R1 / RB key you can perform such a maneuver. Shortly before an opponent's hit is the right time for an evasion step . If you succeed, the time will also slow down, making it easier for you to take out the enemy. This is particularly useful in the fight against Nemesis.

How to find all Charlie characters in Resident Evil 3!
Don't shoot every zombie in the game. Often you can just run around the slow enemies and save valuable ammunition . For the fast movement you should learn the 180-degree rotation early (push back + circle / B). Also use your surroundings by shooting red barrels or electricity generators to take out several enemies at once.

When you are surprised by Nemesis in the city, your first impulse is flight. But also try to offer Nemesis Paroli. If you manage to defeat him and knock him out briefly, he drops two valuable weapon parts.

You can find numerous useful and less useful collectibles in Raccoon City. There are 56 files, 20 Charlie figures, 20 locks, 10 weapon parts and 6 belt pouches. If you want to play through the game 100%, you can follow our walkthrough so you don't miss anything.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Resident Evil 3 Remake is more divided into level sections than its predecessor. There won't be many backtracking options . So make sure that you really have everything done before you go on to the next story mission.

Rsjamon, Apr 7, 2020

Jill's apartment

After a short intro sequence you wake up in Jill's apartment. There is not much you can do. So steers directly into the bathroom in the back of the apartment and turns off the tap. Jill looks in the mirror and has to witness her zombie transformation. Just a nightmare - luckily!

Then you wake up sitting at the desk and can examine Jill's apartment more closely. Press the light switch next to the desk and collect File # 1: Jill's report and File # 2: Notes on investigations hanging on the wall. You will also find file # 3: Open envelope on a chest of drawers. Opposite of this you will finally find file # 4: letter from a colleague next to the pizza box.

Right at the beginning you can find four files. Read them before you pick up the phone.

Then you have to go to the bathroom again and switch on the light. After Jill turns off the tap, you leave the bathroom. The phone rings. At the other end is Brad Vickers, who tells Jill to flee immediately. Not a second late Nemesis crashes through the wall.

After the sequence, walk straight down the hall until Jill escapes to an apartment on the right. Doesn't think to examine the apartment. You cannot miss anything in the further intro. So run into the back of the apartment and jump through the window.

Then you run down the fire stairs and jump one floor below into the next apartment. A little later you will be surprised by Nemesis from above. Run straight to the door with the "Exit" and descend the stairs of the fire stairs. Nemesis surprises you one more time. You just have to walk down the hall again - nothing can happen to you. In the end you land on the streets of Raccoon City and are safe for now.

Esmino_jaden, Apr 7, 2020

Flee from the city

Brad Vickers recognizes you in the alley and says that you should follow - do just that. After a few meters Jill regains her strength and you can sprint with L3. Inattentive Brad doesn't notice a horde of zombies breaking through the fence behind him. There is not much time left. Use the new function and quickly sprint to the Bar Jack.

Jill is a bit chipped. A zombie attack kills you immediately.

Brad is bitten and you have to leave him behind, but at least you now have a knife . Run through the alley and collect the G19 pistol from the dead policeman. Ignore the zombie in front of you, turn around and walk past the bus until a sign crashes on the floor in front of you. Climb underneath and pass the door on the left that follows the yellow school bus.

A helicopter pilot answers who wants to guide you to the roof of the parking garage. First flee to the warehouse in front of you, where you meet Dario Rosso, who is entrenched in a van. For success, you need to listen to all of his dialogues. Collect the pistol ammunition behind the delivery truck and leave the warehouse.

If you shoot the van, you can elicit new dialogues from Dario.

Joanneh, Apr 7, 2020

Go to the roof of the parking garage

Ignore the dogs on the left and crawl right under the fallen fence. Run into the parking garage and take a look at the elevator, where two zombies will surprise you. Take a few steps back and aim at the running zombie. If he falls over, you can walk past him and storm to the elevator. As soon as you have pressed the button, the situation is solved.

On the roof you go to the helicopter, which is blown up by Nemesis. Jill gets into a car that you have to start with X / A. Then press R2 / RT to bypass Nemesis. After a crash, Nemesis walks slowly towards you, wrapped in flames. Crawl back until the mercenary Carlos saves you in a cutscene.

Peapie, Apr 7, 2020

All 5 codes for safes and locks Guide

Let's be precise, there are actually only two new codes. Since Resident Evil 3 Remake is a prequel to Resident Evil 2 Remake, you will be in the police station again. There, the codes for the two combination locks and the safe have simply been adopted identically. The following safe codes are available in Resident Evil 3 Remake:

  • Safe in the city center (new): Left 9 - Right 3 - Left 7
  • Vault in the police station: Left 9 - Right 15 - Left 7
  • Combination lock in the police station (shower room 2F): CAP
  • Combination lock in the police station (hall 3F): DCM
  • Safe in the hospital (new): Left 9 - Right 3

If you should have problems with the monument puzzle, the video shows you the solution.
There is actually a corresponding note for each combination lock and safe hidden in the game world. You can also simply enter the codes to open them. By the way: They always remain identical and do not change in a new game run. For the curious among you, we will show you exactly where the references to the codes are hidden.

Safe in the city center
Look in the diary of the drugstore owner next to the safe , there you will find the clue. He reports that the combination is a secret between him and Aqua Cure Queen. A poster of the Aqua Cure Queen hangs in the pharmacy . The marked numbers on the poster (circled in red) tell you the correct safe combination: Left 9 - Right 3 - Left 7. After opening the safe, you will receive a weapon upgrade for the pistol as a reward. This is a red dot sight that increases your accuracy of the weapon. This is what the Aqua Cure Queen's poster looks like.

Vault in the police station
You will only find the next safe as soon as you are in the police station with Carlos . You can find it in the corner office of the office (west side) . You will receive the reference to the code in the storage room (dark room) . In the middle of the room there is a memo on the table that tells you the right combination: Left 9 - Right 15 - Left 7. In the safe you will find another belt pouch that expands your inventory. The internal memo tells you the code.

Combination lock in the police station (shower room 2F)
You will find the locker with the combination lock in the changing area of ​​the shower room 2F. You can see the code for it one floor below in the room after the meeting room . There CAP is written on a whiteboard. As a reward you will receive a stun grenade . You can see CAP scribbled on the whiteboard.

Combination lock in the police station (hallway 3F)
Another locker with a combination lock can be found in the hallway on 3F , near the location for the locker room key. You will find the reference to the code in the locker room . On the whiteboard to the right of the door there is a photo with the DCM combination . The reward this time, however, is rather meager: 20x assault rifle ammunition . With DCM you can open the lock.

Safe in the hospital
You can find the last safe at the nurses' station in the hospital . Extremely important: Be sure to open this safe with Carlos. Be sure to open the safe before handing over the vaccine to Jill. If you don't do it and return to the safe with Jill after the zombie siege, he's already cleared out.

The code for the safe is hidden one floor below in the operating room . You can only enter here after you have found the ID card. Here you can find the file "Subject: Lost Items" , which the combination reveals to you: Left 9 - Right 3. As a reward you will receive the double magazine (assault rifle) , which serves as an upgrade for your weapon. You can read the combination in the file.

As already described above, you can crack the remaining 15 locks with the lockpick from Jill. You can easily find them because they are marked in yellow.

If you have cracked all 20 locks, you complete the "Key Master" challenge, which gives you 1000 points for the shop. Always keep an eye on your map, because there the areas are marked in red where you have not yet discovered everything.

UC4F0NVL, Apr 7, 2020

Zombie killing record

Get to the Defend Jill area of Carlos sections. Do not once you've cleared out the room and Tyrell desires you to use the detonator. Waves of zombies will continue to spawn 3 approximately at a time and crawl over the pallets. Integrate this with an infinite ammunition weapon/assault medallions and you can get the zombie killing record opens easy peasy! Be alerted, the longer you farm them, the more most likely they are to turn into Nemesis Head zombies when they make it over the barrier. You can quit out and refill your autosave and it'll bring you right back into the last stage of the Defend Jill encounter if the zombies stop generating.

Halo God, Apr 9, 2020

Easy "Jill Valentine" Achievement or Trophy Guide

This game is really easy just save your points for the shop and buy the unlimted rocket launcher, 2x recovery coins and the S.T.A.R.S field combat manual (you need that for easy dodge against the nemises) and the run should be easy.

Stinson123, Apr 14, 2020

Mr. Charlie Bobblehead Locations

Bobblehead Statues of Toy Uncle's Mascot Mr. Charlie are concealed throughout Raccoon City, damage all 20 statues to unlock the Goodbye Charlie Trophy and 1000 Points to invest in the Shop on special items/perks.

Item: Mr. Charlie #01
Location: Uptown - Redstone Street Subway Station Entrance. Up the stairs on the ground between two News Paper Vending Machines.

Item: Mr. Charlie #02
Location: Uptown - Donut Shop. Behind the counter, on a corner shelf, between the wall and the microwave.

Item: Mr. Charlie #03
Location: Uptown - Pharmacy Office. On the upper shelf, opposite the room with the safe.

Item: Mr. Charlie #04
Location: Subway Station - Control Room. Beneath the desk, to the right of the control panel.

Item: Mr. Charlie #05
Location: Subway Station - Power Substation Control Room. Atop a shelf beside a cardboard box in the Northeast corner of the room.

Item: Mr. Charlie #06
Location: Downtown - Toy Uncle Toy Store. Beside the giant Mega Man Statue, among the display of Mega Man Action Figures. (NOTE: Lockpick Required)

Item: Mr. Charlie #07
Location: Sewers - Lower Waterway. Behind a grate among a pile of trash as you approach the Lab.

Item: Mr. Charlie #08
Location: Sewers - Exit Stairwell. Above the door as you enter the Sewers Exit stairwell behind the Battery-Locked Door. (NOTE: Battery Pack Required)

Item: Mr. Charlie #09
Location: Downtown - House Entrance. In the entrance to a house past the Kendo Gunshop.

Item: Mr. Charlie #10
Location: RPD - Courtyard. On a low brick wall among the foliage. (Carlos)

Item: Mr. Charlie #11
Location: RPD - Safety Deposit Room. Atop a shelf along the back wall. (Carlos)

Item: Mr. Charlie #12
Location: Subway Tunnels - Dilapidated Shelter Exit. Beneath the bench beside the bunk bed. (Jill)

Item: Mr. Charlie #13
Location: Clock Tower - Plaza. Behind the wooden crate beside a green truck. (Jill)

Item: Mr. Charlie #14
Location: Hospital 1F - Lab Reception Entrance. Sitting on a gurney around the corner as you enter the Lab Reception. (Carlos)

Item: Mr. Charlie #15
Location: Hospital 2F - Roof. On the ground to your right as you arrive. (Carlos)

Item: Mr. Charlie #16
Location: Hospital 2F - Nurse's Station Sickroom. In a garbage can in the Southwest corner. (Carlos)

Item: Mr. Charlie #17
Location: Hospital 1F - Underground Storage Entrance. On a forklift in the Loading Docks that lead to Underground Storage. (Jill)

Item: Mr. Charlie #18
Location: Hospital 1F - Underground Storage. On a shelf to the right after you squeeze through a narrow passage. (Jill)

Item: Mr. Charlie #19
Location: NEST 2F - Balcony. In the shadows on the west side. (Jill)

Item: Mr. Charlie #20
Location: NEST 2F - Lab 1. In a small room in the back of the lab. (Jill)

Cheeseus97, Apr 16, 2020

All Weapon Locations

Weapon Location Number 1 (Rocket Launcher Infinite Ammo)
Among the most effective weapons in the game is the Rocket Launcher, it is essential throughout your battle with Nemesis. It is a recoilless weapon that fires 84mm rockets at the target. You can unlock the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammunition by paying 62400 P at the points store.

Weapon Location Number 2 (Survival Knife)
The survival knife is one of the most standard however most beneficial weapon in Resident Evil 3.

Weapon Location Number 3 (G18 Handgun Burst Fire)
The pistol can shoot 3 rounds per fire which indicates you can do a lot of damage. When using this 9mm handgun, target the head. You can find a G18 Handgun in the Hospital on a desk beside a makeshift infirmary.

Weapon Location Number 4 (M3 Shotgun)
If you are looking to blow up some heads this is the weapon you desire.. The M3 Shotgun is 12-gauge with a 6 round chamber. You can find the M3 Shotgun in the Railway building supply room, search around the door near the fire pipe.

Weapon Location Number 5 (44 AE Lightning Hawk)
The semi-auto pistol is effective and precise. You can find the 44 AE Lightning Hawk on top flooring of the Hospital. Crawl under the caved particles from the middle sector of this area. Fall the window to the delegated find a weapon case with 44 AE Lightning Hawk inside.

Weapon Location Number 5 (CQBR Assault Rifle Infinite Ammo)
The 5.56 x45mm AR is an effective gun however its rapid-fire which indicates you will lack ammunition quite quickly. You can get CQBR Assault Rifle Infinite Ammo from the points buy 28400 P.

Weapon Location Number 6 (Rai-Den Infinite Ammo)
This is an energy weapon and has great stopping power. You can get the Rai-Den from the points buy 28400 P.

Weapon Location Number 7 (MGL Grenade Launcher)
This is a semi-auto grenade launcher however it takes a while to refill. You can find the MGL Grenade Launcher in the Sewers. Search the side rack in the 2nd room.

Weapon Location Number 8 (Hot Dogger)
An anti-bioweapon knife that can be superheated to make zombies burst in flames. You can get the weapon from the points buy 7200 P.

Weapon Location Number 9 (MUP Pistol Infinite Ammo)
This is a 16-shot 9mm pistol and is an extremely precise weapon. You can acquire it from the points purchase 8000 P.

Weapon Location Number 10 (Samurai Edge)
This is a 9mm pistol and can be bought from the points look for 5600 P.

Weapon Location Number 11 (Hand Grenade)
The grenade has a significant effect radius and can get crowds of enemies in a flash. You can find the hand grenade at numerous areas on the map.

Marskie21, May 8, 2020

Infinite Ammo

How to unlock infinite ammunition: End up Local Evil 3 Remake's story campaign once. After that's completed, play the game a 2nd time to be able to earn Points by finishing chapters, boss battles and other in-game difficulties. You can either purchase infinite ammunition weapons or items you can hold to upgrade your character capabilities if you earn enough Points *. After finishing the game, after you purchase any of the unlockable weapons, then you need to start a new game and you'll get the weapon when you open a chest.

Pajama, May 26, 2020

Special weapons infinite ammunition

How to get to the item store? Pause the game to enter the Main Menu, then select Bonuses and Store. Whether you call it a cheat, a feature or a problem, these special weapons have infinite ammunition built-in, so you'll never ever lack ammunition once again. These unrestricted ammunition weapons can be unlocked with Points and will make any subsequent playthroughs of Resident Evil 3 Remake far more enjoyable, due to the fact that you will not be stressed over ammunition management any longer.

Unlimited Ammo guide List

  • Lock Pick — Item Price: 2.800 Points — Unlocks: A specialized tool which allows a skilled user to unlock simple locks when no key is available.
  • Bolt Cutters — Item Price: 2.800 Points — Unlocks: A tool for cutting chains, cables and the like.
  • HOT DOGGER — Weapon Price: 7.200 Points — Unlocks: A knife that can cause zombies to burst into flames.
  • Samurai Edge — Weapon Price: 5.600 Points — Unlocks: Jill's custom pistol.
  • RAI-DEN — Weapon Price: 12.000 Points — Unlocks: An electrical weapon.
  • Infinite MUP Handgun — Weapon Price: 8.000 Points — Unlocks: Infinite ammo pistol.
  • Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle — Weapon Price: 28.400 Points — Unlocks: Infinite ammo assault rifle.
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher — Weapon Price: 62.400 Points — Unlocks: Infinite ammo rocket launcher.

Ins1ghtful, May 26, 2020

Infinite Rocket Launcher

How to farm eliminates for Points on a new game to get the Infinite Rocket Launcher in one hour! - You can farm attack rifle and pistol eliminates quickly if you save just prior to the Carlos medical facility battle (ideally on Assisted Mode). It is very easy to farm grenade launcher and magnum (and shotgun) eliminates at the fuse part once you beat that place. Just have actually a save established that has the bridge raised for the fuse where the 2 container doors blow off which's an easy 7 eliminates with the magnum every 40 seconds. Keep in mind: Farm eliminates for 2 hours to unlock/ purchase all coins, pouches and the RAI-DEN.

Sirilankiya, May 26, 2020



Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Basic Chemistry (20 GP)Craft an item.
Bookworm (40 GP)Read all story files.
Electric Slide (40 GP)Gather the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes.
Get Organized (20 GP)Expand your inventory.
Gunsmith (20 GP)Improve a weapon.
Hello, Charlie! (20 GP)Destroy a Charlie Doll.
I Might Need These Later! (40 GP)Complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items.
Kendo's Armory (20 GP)Collect all weapons in the campaign.
Minimalist (40 GP)Complete the game without opening the item box.
Power Stones (40 GP)Place all jewels in the clock tower monument.
RE: Master of Unlocking (40 GP)Unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks.
Sensational Work! (50 GP)Complete the game with an S rank.
Sprinter (50 GP)Complete the game in under 2 hours of play time.
Survivor (40 GP)Complete the game on "Standard" or higher.
Two For One Deal (40 GP)Defeat two enemies with a single shot.
Veteran (40 GP)Complete the game on "Hardcore" or higher.

Lostinyoursoul, Apr 2, 2020

Secret Achievements

Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
An Unfortunate End (20 GP)Defeat zombie Brad.
Conqueror (40 GP)Complete the game on "Nightmare" or higher.
Dominator (50 GP)Complete the game on "Inferno."
Escape from the City (20 GP)Make it out of Downtown Raccoon City.
First Escape (20 GP)Escape from Jill's apartment building.
Goodbye, Charlie! (40 GP)Destroy all Charlie dolls.
I Don't Feel So Good (20 GP)Leave the clock tower plaza.
I Need a Hero (20 GP)Withstand the zombie siege.
Jill Valentine (50 GP)Complete the game with an S rank on "Inferno."
Nemesis Down (40 GP)Cause Nemesis to relinquish an item.
Nemesis Down!!! (20 GP)Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis.
Nemesis Down!? (20 GP)Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis.
Nemesis Down? (20 GP)Defeat Nemesis on the rooftop.
Somebody to Lean On (20 GP)Escape from uptown Raccoon City.
The Carlos Express (20 GP)Leave R.P.D.
The Pursuer (20 GP)Follow Nicholai deeper underground.

Mortenius, Apr 2, 2020

All Shop Unlocks

Once you've completed the game for the first time, you'll gain access to the shop. Points are awarded depending on what you accomplished in a playthrough and the difficulty level you completed the game on, with tougher tasks coming with the biggest payouts. These points can then be spent on items to make the game easier, weapons with infinite ammo, and new outfits. Here are all the shop unlocks in Resident Evil 3.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Assault Coin x2 (Greatly increases your attack power when held)4000P each
Bolt Cutters2800P
Crafting Companion (While held, increases the amount of ammo gained when crafting)4000P
Hip Pouch x24800P each
HOT DOGGER (Superheated blade, causes enemies to burst into flames)7200P
Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle28400P
Infinite MUP Handgun8000P
Infinite Rocket Launcher62400P
Iron Defense Coin x2 (Greatly increases your defense when held)4000P each
Jill - S.T.A.R.S. Gear2000P
Lock Pick2800P
Recovery Coin x2 (Gradually regenerate health when held)4000P each
S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual (While held, physical feats such as Perfect Dodge become easier to perform)6400P
Samurai Edge5600P

Q8iya, Apr 3, 2020

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