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  • Developer: Cyberconnect2
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Jan 17, 2020
  • ESRB: Teen

Hints & Secrets

Easy "Not Worth My Time" Achievement or Trophy Guide

First get an instant victory you need to be five levels above the enemy you are looking at and press down on the left thumbstick to go max speed, upon touching the enemy they should be instantly defeated (If you are not five levels above their own and do this to an enemy it will just put you in a regular fight instead of a quick ko)

This is also easy in the beginning of Frieza saga when you play as vegeta at level 26. They'll be spawns of lvl 20-23 stick to the 20 and 21 lvls and after you clear those, dash out of the area and go back in if you don't see any lvl 20 or 21s dash out again until they're not visible any more and go back in with your ki sense rinse and repeat until the achievement is given.

Bunnie, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Helping Hand" Achievement or Trophy Guide

The first sub story you can complete is at Kame House. When you get there talk to Turtle and he'll tell you he hid Roshi's girly magazine. Once Roshi enlists your help talk to Bulma and Turtle again, then dig up the magazine on the side of the house and return it to Roshi.

Emperor114, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Do-Gooder" Achievement or Trophy Guide

If you do all the sub stories provided to you, you will complete this during intermission 1. They involve fetch quests and beating enemies. There are many sub stories during the story and also 10 more sub stories in free-roam. Try to do them all for easy extra XP so you will get stronger faster and it will also unlock new Community Members (which are useful during the battles.

Kayundi, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Wish Maker" Achievement or Trophy Guide

After the Namek Sage you'll get the chance to use the Dragon Ball in free roam. Use your dragon Radar to locate all seven on the various maps around the world then pause the game and choose Dragon Balls then make your wish.

Deonta, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "There's Nothing Like a Home-Cooked Meal" Achievement or Trophy Guide

This is story related. After the Sayian Saga Chi-Chi will send Gohan on a fetch quest to get a recipe.

Allan, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Only the Finest" Achievement or Trophy Guide

The achievement description doesn't say that you're supposed to cook five different full-course meals, which is the actual requirement. The first full course meal is story-related and can't be missed, but the other four must be different recipes or the achievement won't unlock. Hopefully this solution saves someone from wasting time and ingredients on the same five meals and wondering if the achievement is bugged or not.

Orbitrek, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Heavy Medal" Achievement or Trophy Guide

D Medals can be found on the ground as rainbow flashing variants of the Purple Orbs found on the world map. They can also be awarded via Sub Quest completions.

An easy way to hunt then down is to sense Ki energy with LB and look for the masses of the purplish rainbow energy while free roaming. This is letting you know a D Medal Orb is near.

Make sure you open your Z encyclopedia in the Pause Menu once in a while too as the Rewards you unlock can sometimes be D Medals.

Aprilmbe, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Highly Skilled" Achievement or Trophy Guide

I found this easiest to do during the Saiyan Saga, after Goku comes back to life. Before heading to your friends to battle Nappa/Vegeta, go just West of Blake Bog in the Central Plains Area. There will be a consistent spawn of skull head robots and Saibamen. Just keep flying into them with your burst to get this achievement.

Babatastasdarya, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Can't Touch This" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Press the left stick button while flying and fly into and a normal enemy. Now do it 49 more times to get Can't Touch This! After the Namek Saga while in free roam you can get this pretty easily. I used Vegeta at lvl 33 (was having a hard time running into enemies with Gohan). IN the North part of the West City Map you can find a group of robots that respawns quickly. Just keep fluing back and forth running through them and after 50 you'll have your achievement.

Around the open world you can see flying enemies. As you get close to them you'll see a distance measurement in the sky and a little arrow next to your character pointing in their direction.

The way you get instant victories is by pressing :l3: to fly faster and flying directly into these enemies in mid-air. This instantly kills them without having to engage in combat. Do this 50 times. You can still do it after the story in free-roam.

This is the ideal way to do it:

  • Go to Olive Village (East Ravine Area). Go to the south-east corner of that map above the ravine. Enemies tend to be below your level here and always respawn in the same place after a few seconds. See the video for location and demonstration.
  • When there's a distance measurement in the sky, press :l1: to scan for the enemies. You will see a colored "cloud" when scanning. Only focus on blue clouds (means they are under your level). Stay away from yellow/red clouds, I found them to often go into combat instead of giving Instant Victories.
  • Adjust your elevation level to be perfectly aligned with the blue enemy "cloud" (press :r1: / :r2: to fly up or down while scanning with :l1: ).
  • Fly forward and press :l3: to speed up and hit the enemy cloud straight on. This should instantly defeat them without going into combat. You can use any character for this, but it should be your highest level character (I used Goku). Your level doesn't matter. The hitbox is as wide as the cloud outline, which is the same for all enemy types (so small enemies have the same hitbox as big enemies).
  • If you are being chased by other enemies (eye icon in sky, red indicator around your character), fly away to lose the enemy. Never attempt this while being chased. Always stop using the fast flying :l3: between enemies (they detect you from far away when you fly fast). Instead, hover slowly back and forth between enemy spawns until you see another distance indicator in the sky, adjust your height and repeat the process. Just fly back and forth at the same location and enemies will keep respawning.

Floralfilly, Jan 28, 2020

Easy "Let the Building Begin" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You can unlock this after defeating Frieza on earth. Afterwards you'll beging a series of quests with Goku, including one for Bulma. Go back to Capsule Corp. and talk to her and you can begin building thing. If you have the required materials (iron, bolts and zeni) you'll be able to make a machine part. For example the "Front Parts" for the hoer care require

2000 Zeni
1 Iron
2 Sturdy Bolt S
2 Sturdy Bolt L

Lmtsantos, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Tell Me More" Achievement or Trophy Guide

When you first go inside Goku's house there will be a glowing item in the corner. Press B to examine it and you will be rewarded with your first Z Encyclopedia entry and achievement.

MHaL, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Turtle School Trainee" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You can check your progress for each training challenge in the story menu. When at least one is done go to master Roshi's island and talk to him. I have found that this doesn't work if you just did a story mission or sub story mission involving master Roshi. Go do another activity and come back and it should work.

Legend-26mil, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "The Power of Friendship" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You can get this achievement during the fight against Nappa by use support super attacks with Krillin and Tien.

Yan240, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Z Combo Zealot" Achievement or Trophy Guide

This is unlocked by having two members in your party and when in a fight wait until the ring around their picture is full hold LB and RB to perform the Z Combo. If you max out their friendship of their soul emblem the ring will fill up quicker. Also by using their assist moves by holding cn_RB and then pressing A B X or Y will help fill the ring.

Zabavno-ibme, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Flashy Finish" Achievement or Trophy Guide

This Achievement is earned by performing a Super Finish which is achieved by using a Super Attack while in a Surge + a Transformation. Example of an earliest attempt you could earn this is Surge + Kaioken + killing blow with a Kamehameha. A Surge is when the meter on the right of your character is full and you charge your Ki while at Max. Another easy moment to pull this off is when Super Saiyan Goku is fighting Frieza in the story battle (the first time). When Goku is in this form at this moment in the game his health isn't draining and his Surge is just auto on. Just make the finishing blow a Kamehameha and you'll auto get it. If you don't do it at this point just remember it's achieved by Surge + Transformation + Super Attack Finishing Blow.

To get this achievement you have to wait until you unlock the ability to transform e.g Kaioken or Super Saiyan. Once you can transform all you have to do is go into surge mode by holding in Y while you have full ki and then finishing off the enemy with a super attack.

Ghfgh, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Former Foe" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Description: Win the simulation battle against Piccolo. This is very easy because it will unlock after you beat the first story battle.

The Charboiled, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Bye-Bye, Buu" Achievement or Trophy Guide

For this you need to finish the story first, at the end you will be forwarded back in the open world where you can continue to free-roam and or do any activities you have left to do... Good luck it's easy.

MarkFlamering, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Purging the Plague" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You can unlock this Villainous parties at the end of Saiyan Saga. The red colored group of enemies will start spawning all across the map when you play through this story. You can also find them on the world map showing as areas with a red crown. Now try to defeat 30 of this groups and you will unlock the "Purging the Plague" Achievement.

CarlaGilcrisp, Jan 21, 2020

Easy "Z Combo Zealot" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Add two people to your party. During the story you won't always have two people available. After the story it's easier because you will have access to all characters. During combat you can see round icons of your teammates on the right side of the screen. Around their icons is a ring (Support Gauge). Use Team Assists to fill up that Support Gauge.

Mehar_kash, Jan 24, 2020

Easy "Robot Rider" Achievement or Trophy Guide

During the Cell Saga (3rd Saga) you unlock Bulma in Capsula Corporation. This is story-related and you can return later (still after finishing the story).

After entering Capsule Corporation head down the corridor on the right and enter the first room. Inside you find Bulma.

Talk to her, select "R&D" and build the Robo Walker. First you must build the parts for it (in the same menu as the Robo Walker press R1 to switch to Machine Parts). If you need Zeni, go collect all Dragon Balls and wish for money from Shenron or sell your stuff to Shenron. If you need any parts, press Square on the world map to see what parts can be found in each area. You can also add more people to your Development Community to make the building process cheaper.

It's advisable to make a manual save beforehand, then reload it to craft the hovercar or just keep the money/materials to upgrade the Training Room instead. The vehicles aren't required for any other trophies and don't serve much purpose.

Caljamum, Jan 28, 2020

Easy "Fountain of Knowledge" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You can find the Encyclopedia by opening the Pause Menu > press :triangle: (this feature is unlocked early in the Saiyan Saga / 1st Saga).

There are 984 entries total, but you only need 400. This will happen automatically at some point in the Cell Saga (third Saga). You get around 700 entries automatically from the story, don't even worry about it and enjoy a free gold trophy.

Irchackers, Jan 28, 2020

Easy "Let the Building Begin" Achievement or Trophy Guide

During the Cell Saga (3rd Saga) you unlock Bulma in Capsula Corporation. This is story-related and you can return later (still after finishing the story).

After entering Capsule Corporation head down the corridor on the right and enter the first room. Inside you find Bulma.

Talk to her, select "R&D" and build one of the car parts. If you need Zeni, go collect all Dragon Balls and wish for money from Shenron or sell some of your stuff to merchants. If you need any parts, press :square: on the world map to see what parts can be found in each area. You can also add more people to your Development Community to make the building process cheaper.

Lkk48, Jan 28, 2020

Easy "Demolition Artist" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Some Mineral Deposits are blocked off by boulders (big rocks). These Mineral Deposits are marked on the map. Not all of them will have a boulder (about half of them do). Check all of them. When you're near press :l1: to highlight boulders in purple.

Walk up to the boulder and press :circle: to destroy it. You must be really close to the boulder to do this. If you don't get the button prompt, then proceed the story further. After the story you can still do this in free-roam. There are more than 10 boulders. They don't respawn, which means you must destroy 10 different boulders.

Outerspace, Jan 28, 2020

Defeating Mira

Stock up on lots of healing items (equip them to your Pallete by going to Pause Menu -- Items -- Register Palette). For healing items, mainly use Energy Supplement Z every time your first health bar is depleted. If your health gets really low, use a Senzu Bean to restore 100% health (they regrow over time at Korin Tower Summit; talk to the cat NPC there). Bring additional Ultra Healade as a final option (recovers 30% health per use). Healing items are quite expensive. Put everyone in the Adult community to get reduced prices, wish for money from Shenron after finding all seven Dragon Balls (he gives 100,000 every time), and sell items from your inventory to merchants (quickest way is to find a cave with many rare crystals, destroy them, create manual save, reload save, everything respawns, destroy crystals again and repeat).

As long as you have enough healing items, you can brute force this fight, no skill required. You can do it easily at Level 70+. Make sure you put two other characters on your team to help out (highest level ones). Use Saiyan 3 transformation all the time, as you deal more damage this way. Only use melee attacks. Super attacks tend to land only 1 damage because of the huge level difference. If you still are having trouble defeating him, complete all available side missions to level up (but this should not be necessary with enough healing items).

Obmij, Jan 28, 2020

Easy Rare Z-Orbs

Rare Z-Orbs can be found in a variety of ways, but two of the easiest are found on every map in the game. While flying around, look for Phantom Airways and Timed Z-Orbs. Activate a Timed Z-Orb to make additional Z-Orbs appear —- some of them will be rare. Look for the Phantom Airways, which are golden circles in the sky. Flying into a Phantom Airway sends you through an air-tunnel filled with Z-Orbs, including some Rare Z-Orbs. They reset locations every time you re-enter a map region. Simply fly into a Phantom Airway and collect the Z-Orbs, then go to the map screen, and re-enter the same area for a new Phantom Airway to appear. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Joany50, Jan 28, 2020

Easy "Flashy Finish" Achievement or Trophy Guide

You need to have at least Kaioken (or Super Saiyan) tranformation activated and be in the Surge mode (Tension gauge full). After you have meet the two requirements you need to finish your last enemy with a super attack like Kamehameha.

Damo200522, Feb 9, 2020

Easy "Not Worth My Time" Achievement or Trophy Guide

Instant victories you can get when you have an advantage of minimum 3 levels from the enemy and you are flying fast into the enemy.

Kumardude360, Feb 9, 2020

Dragon Ball references

There are various in-game references and nods to the Dragon Ball franchise beyond the events in fact covered in the game itself.

  • Numerous characters from Dragon Ball who do not contribute in the Dragon Ball Z story appear in supporting functions.
  • When Goku and Gohan fish with their tails, this is a reference to the very start of Dragon Ball, where Goku fishes that way.
  • Many NPCs reference somebody called Mark, with no description offered for who Mark is. This is a reference to Mr. Satan, as Akira Toriyama stated in interviews that Mr. Satan's real name is Mark.
  • Android 21 appears undercover, with her name not exposed for fans who do not know who she is.
  • Vegeta appears in the intermission using his Badman t-shirt.
  • The driving area of the game is a nod to an episode that focus on driving.

XEIzDdBr, May 15, 2020

Time Machine

In a free upgrade included after the game's release, a time machine is now readily available in the post-game. Go to West City, beyond the Capsule Corporation. Bulma and Future Trunks will be waiting the time machine. If you do not have the upgrade yet, Dr. Brief will be by the time machine after you talk to them and will state it isn't prepared. Once you have the upgrade, he'll state you can use the time machine. Choose your chapter (saga) and after that choose an episode to travel back to that part of the game to renovate story missions, side missions, and so on.

Torgeirst, May 15, 2020

Dragon Ball Locations

While the Dragon Balls are used as part of the story, the player can also gather them later on in the game, after the Frieza Saga. If you're close to one of them, your map will show a little Dragon Ball icon. If you're having problem discovering all 7 Dragon Balls (which will enable you to refight bosses as one-time dreams or get more Z Orbs, Zeni, or rare items as repeatable dreams), use the video guide listed below for help.

Erchie07, May 15, 2020

Playthrough Strategy Tips

  • As you progress through the game, you'll have the ability to get special rewards for your progress through the Z Encyclopedia.
  • Take note the Community Board. The bonuses and enthusiasts provided here can help a lot, particularly as you integrate various Soul Emblems, so it's worth putting in the time to comprehend and use the Community Board system.
  • Gather all the Z Orbs you see. 6 various types are offered and they're crucial to unlock new attacks and abilities, so make certain you get any orbs in your area.
  • You can open up a character's Super Attack ability tree to unlock and upgrade abilities and stats once you have some Z Orbs.
  • You can purchase maps that will show the places of Fishing Spots, Hunting Spots, Fruit Tree Locations, and Mineral Deposit Locations on your map.
  • Suppliers in the area also sell items. Ensure you're well-stocked on health items prior to you head into fight.
  • Some NPCs will also offer you items just for speaking to them. Speak to every character you see.
  • Consuming offers you stackable enthusiasts, which can be rather handy. In addition to cooking meals, you can also eat at campfires. Use these enthusiasts to your benefit and stack them to increase their results.
  • Your Ki gauge is essential to carry out Super Attacks. Watch on it and attempt to save enough to use these attacks. You can restore your Ki evaluate out of fight.
  • Smashing into a low-level enemy while performing at your optimum speed will quickly beat the enemy and provide you your battle rewards, permitting you to skip the routine of battling them. This just deals with enemies that are at a lower level than you.
  • Research study boss patterns and time your Super Attacks appropriately. After a boss uses up or uses an attack Ki, you have an opening to use a Super Attack. Some Super Attacks can disrupt combos. Take notice of the enemy's moves and tactically use your attacks for the optimum damage.
  • Flying into mountains at your optimum speed will damage them, frequently gratifying you with access to resources and caverns.
  • Complete side missions right now. Not just will they provide you great rewards that can help you out, however some side missions are just offered in a particular amount of time. Advancing too far will lock you out of these missions.
  • Use the time machine (included throughout an upgrade) to travel back in time and complete events you missed out on throughout the game.
  • The very best present to provide is the Ultimate Awakening Water, which increases relationship by 20 and all qualities by 8.

Jakethewho, May 15, 2020

Easter Eggs

The Simpsons reference

When Krillin places on his armor and states "Seems like I'm using absolutely nothing at all," this is a reference to Flanders from the Simpsons episode Little Big Mom.

Cassie, May 15, 2020

Re-fighting bosses special dialogue

They have new discussion referencing their confusion about being back and what's going on if you use the Dragon Balls to restore bosses and battle them once again.

Sabilabi, May 15, 2020

Professor Oak from the Pokemon series

There is a Capsule Corporation worker who bears a remarkable similarity to Professor Oak from the Pokemon series.

Skylar, May 15, 2020

Dr. Slump characters

Arale and Gatchan, the characters associated with the time machine mission, are in fact characters from Akira Toriyama's older series, Dr. Slump. After Dr. Slump ended, Toriyama ultimately connected them into Dragon Ball Z as a crossover.

Abbieneale1, May 15, 2020

Memorial Spots

A number of classic Dragon Ball minutes can be relived by discovering the collectible memorial areas that reveal you wraps up from the initial Dragon Ball. You can purchase details about the memorial area areas from Baba, however if you require help discovering any (or if you desire help finding Baba), the video listed below shows them all.

Likklelewry, May 15, 2020


Unlimited Money trick

For this you need to find a cave, but it needs to be a cave with allot of crystals. Now remove or destroy the rare crystals and the save it. How go back and open/reload the save so it starts to re-spawn everything. You can repeat this many many times to get allot of money after you sell those items to merchants.

ManSour, Jan 21, 2020



Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Super Warrior Is Born (30 GP)Acquire 100 Super Attacks or Masteries in the Super Attack Skill Tree.
Can't Touch This (15 GP)Get 50 instant victories on enemies.
Do-Gooder (15 GP)Complete 10 sub stories.
Dragon Ball Master (0 GP)Obtain all achievements.
Fountain of Knowledge (70 GP)Unlock 400 entries in the Z Encyclopedia.
Get out of My Head and Turn into My Car (15 GP)Build a hovercar.
Getting Greedy (15 GP)Summon Shenron 5 times from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish.
Heavy Medal (30 GP)Collect 100 D Medals.
Helping Hand (15 GP)Complete a sub story.
Highly Skilled (15 GP)Acquire 50 Super Attacks or Masteries in the Super Attack Skill Tree.
Let the Building Begin! (15 GP)Build a machine part.
Medal Madness (15 GP)Collect 10 D Medals.
Newfound Power (15 GP)Acquire a Super Attack or Mastery in the Super Attack Skill Tree.
Not Worth My Time (15 GP)Get an instant victory on an enemy.
Only the Finest (15 GP)Make 5 full-course meals.
Push It to the Limit (15 GP)Complete 10 challenges at a Training Grounds location with any character.
Robot Rider (15 GP)Build a Bipedal Robo Walker.
Shenron's Favorite (30 GP)Summon Shenron 10 times from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish.
Tell Me More (15 GP)Unlock an entry in the Z Encyclopedia.
The Power of Friendship (15 GP)Use 10 Super Attack Assists.
The Voice in My Head (15 GP)Receive a telepathic message from King Kai.
There's Nothing Like a Home-Cooked Meal! (15 GP)Make a full-course meal.
Thirsty for Knowledge (30 GP)Unlock 200 entries in the Z Encyclopedia.
Turtle School Legend (30 GP)Complete 50 Turtle School training challenges and report to Master Roshi.
Turtle School Master (15 GP)Complete 20 Turtle School training challenges and report to Master Roshi.
Turtle School Trainee (15 GP)Complete a Turtle School training challenge and report to Master Roshi.
Who Needs a Phone? (15 GP)Receive 20 telepathic messages from King Kai.
Wish Maker (15 GP)Summon Shenron from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish.
Z Combo Zealot (15 GP)Perform 10 Z Combos.

Wawanmss, Jan 17, 2020

Secret Achievements

Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Dark Omen (15 GP)Defeat your first Villainous party.
Bye-Bye, Buu (70 GP)Complete the Majin Buu Saga.
Demolition Artist (15 GP)Destroy 10 boulders blocking caves.
Down with the Demon Realm! (90 GP)Win the battle against Mira.
Earth's New Champion (30 GP)Complete the Cell Saga.
Emperor No More (30 GP)Complete the Frieza Saga.
Evil All Around (15 GP)Defeat 20 Villainous parties.
Excavator (15 GP)Destroy a boulder blocking a cave.
Flashy Finish (15 GP)Win a battle with a Super Finish.
Former Foe (15 GP)Win the simulation battle against Piccolo.
Purging the Plague (30 GP)Defeat 30 Villainous parties.
Tough Enough (80 GP)Complete a Level 10 challenge in the Training Room.
Worse For Wear (30 GP)Complete the Saiyan Saga.

Hunter08, Jan 17, 2020

Secret Bonus Boss (Mira and Towa)

By beating all of the Villainous Enemies (the enemies marked in red), you will unlock a secret bonus boss battle versus Mira and Towa, the main villains from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series.

Messinho, May 15, 2020

Unlock All Soul Emblems

Soul Emblems can be contributed to the Community Board for special bonuses. Numerous are unlocked as you complete missions, however others are offered through fulfilling specific requirements. Using the time machine once it's offered will enable you to review previous events if you miss out on a Soul Emblem. Here's how to unlock every Soul Emblem in the game:

  • Goku-- Automatically unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Gohan-- Complete the Community Board tutorial.
  • Chi-Chi-- Complete the very first story mission.
  • Master Roshi-- Complete the Master Roshi's Prized Possession side mission.
  • Nam-- Complete the Nam the Peddler side mission.
  • Android 8-- Complete the Gentle Giant side mission.
  • King Yemma-- Defeat Raditz.
  • Kami-- Defeat Raditz.
  • Yajirobe-- Unlocked by Kid Gohan.
  • Tien-- Defeat Tien using Piccolo.
  • Chiaotzu-- Complete the Telekinesis Training side mission.
  • Yamcha-- Defeat Yamcha using Piccolo.
  • Krillin-- Defeat Krillin using Piccolo.
  • Piccolo-- Defeat Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.
  • King Kai-- Make King Kai laugh.
  • Puar-- Go home with Gohan.
  • Mr. Popo-- Reach completion of Snake Road.
  • Pilaf-- Complete the Pilaf Gang's Plan side mission.
  • Shu-- Complete the Pilaf Gang's Plan side mission.
  • Mai-- Complete the Pilaf Gang's Plan side mission.
  • Launch-- Return to Master Roshi after discovering Launch.
  • Saibaman-- Complete the Mysterious Power Reading side mission.
  • Mercenary Tao-- Complete the Familiar Face side mission.
  • Master Shen-- Complete the Familiar Face side mission.
  • Turtle-- Complete the Tough Break for Turtle side mission.
  • Bulma-- Find the products for Bulma's spaceship.
  • Vegeta-- Defeat Cui using Vegeta.
  • Expert-- Meet Guru.
  • Nail-- Fuse with Nail.
  • Oolong-- Complete the Mystery of the Missing Tail side mission.
  • Trunks-- Defeat Trunks using Goku.
  • Bubbles-- Complete the Bummed About Bananas side mission.
  • Physician Briefs-- Complete the Easy-Going Genius side mission.
  • Korin-- Play the Android Saga.
  • Baba-- Complete the Between Worlds side mission.
  • Android 16-- Play the Android Saga.
  • Dende-- Play the Cell Saga.
  • Shenron-- Help Dende enhance the Dragon Balls.
  • Ox King-- Complete the An Awkward Pair side mission.
  • Marron-- Complete the Daddy's Little Girl side mission.
  • Android 18-- Complete the Anxious Android 18 side mission.
  • Videl-- Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • World Tournament Announcer-- Complete the Good Ol'Days side mission.
  • Supreme Kai-- Complete the Far Beyond Frieza side mission.
  • Kibito-- Complete the Far Beyond Frieza side mission.
  • Goten-- Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • Trunks (Kid)-- Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • Captain Ginyu-- Complete the Captain's Comeback side mission.
  • Mr. Satan-- Complete the A Father's Dignity side mission.
  • Pup-- Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit side mission.
  • Majin Buu-- Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit side mission.
  • Suno-- Complete the Reunion with Suno side mission.
  • Bora-- Complete the Good Ol'Goku! side mission.
  • Upa-- Complete the Good Ol'Goku! side mission.
  • Senior Kai-- Complete the Fulfilling a Promise side mission.
  • Arale-chan-- Complete the Here It Comes! side mission.
  • Gatchan-- Complete the Here It Comes! side mission.
  • Senbei-- Complete the Here It Comes! side mission.
  • Porunga-- Complete the Porunga Part 2 side mission.
  • Android 17-- Complete the Lone Guardian side mission.
  • Bonyu-- Complete Bonyu's Special Training.
  • Cell-- Complete the Perfecting Perfection side mission.
  • Frieza-- Complete the Return of the Emperor side mission.
  • Dabura-- Complete the King of the Demon Realm? side mission.
  • Nappa-- Complete the Saiyan Power side mission.
  • Raditz-- Complete the Pride of the Warrior Race side mission.
  • Recoome-- Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side mission.
  • Burter-- Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side mission.
  • Jeice-- Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side mission.
  • Guldo-- Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side mission.
  • Appule-- Complete the Filling the Power Vacuum side mission.
  • Zarbon-- Complete the Power is Beauty! side mission.
  • Dodoria-- Complete the Power Is Justice! side mission.
  • Cui-- Complete the No Dirty Fireworks for Me! side mission.
  • Cell Jr-- Complete the Little Nightmares side mission.
  • King Cold-- Complete one of the most Feared of Families side mission.
  • Babidi-- Complete the Babidi's Back side mission.
  • Yamu-- Complete the Babidi's Back side mission.
  • Spopovich-- Complete the Babidi's Back side mission.
  • Pui Pui-- Complete the Change of Heart side mission.
  • Yakon-- Complete the Change of Heart side mission.
  • Android 20-- Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army side mission.
  • Android 19-- Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army side mission.

Defkiller12, May 15, 2020

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Dragon balls giving 1 star dishes and awakening water?

Why is the dragon balls giving me the beginning game dishes and awakening water? I have beat main story and the z-orb and zeni wish still give the right amount but the rare item wish gave me 1 star di...

From: Sad manPosted on: 11-18-2020
I have Miss the Dragonballs!?

Is it possible to miss the dragon balls or can i collect them afterwards? How are the Dragonball actually displayed?...

From: BigVPosted on: 02-24-2020
Goku loses life for no reason?

Hi folks my problem is Son Goku just loses life and I don't use kaioken or lose combat damage from opponents and I find that very funny this problem has been with me since the Cyborg saga?...

From: DoctorPosted on: 02-24-2020
Revived boss fight bug?

According to the map I can do side missions in the area "middle level area". When I go there are just two plant men there, none of them. Most likely this is the nappa bossfight. But you can't address ...

From: GuestPosted on: 02-24-2020
Side quest from Master Quince?

On this mission you have to go to hell as son goku and find special mushrooms. my question do you know where the hell is? many thanks for the help...

From: 77uPosted on: 02-24-2020
Popo's side quest?

Where can I find a fleshy river snail and a gold gazelle antler, thank you in advance...

From: GuestPosted on: 02-24-2020
Highscore home run game Vegetas Fastball?

Does any of you have any idea how to crack the highscore at Vegetas Fastball. I'm currently on 126 million km with a perfect hit. For 1st place you need 150 million km. Could this be related to the pl...

From: Master GamerPosted on: 02-24-2020
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