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  • Developer: Phyzios, Inc.
  • Publisher: Phyzios, Inc.
  • Genre: Action
  • Release: May 29, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set

Question & Answers

What would you put in the next update

I would put better music, ship breaking apart, the ability to fly your planes, helicopters (which you can fly ) but also people like army people and that the helicopters can take boarding parties to enemy vessles and take over them and jets so thats what i want so what would you want oh and people who are the owners of battleship craft or this website please put some of these ideas into consideration and give me the smallest bit of credit please i would be privileged

louiz, Jun 26, 2013
Answers (Closed)

Answer from: Anon
It'd all cost too much money to make all that. And the boarding parties don't seem like a good idea. If they can take over, what's the point of the drill? Battleship craft wouldn't seem like battleship craft.

Posted on: Jun 26, 2013

Answer from: louiz
Your right the boarding part thing is bad but i would like helicopters still and maybe more drills and lasty most of all more cheats. And also who said they had to make all that because if i recall i said "owners of battleship craft or this website take SOME of these ideas into concidoration

Posted on: Jun 26, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
Well, I'd probably add 20.1" twin turrets, 16.3km range, 9x9x3 space, 1000 armor, 3500 toughness, 3500 weight, and at a cost of 125000 resources. An individual barrel would fire once every 30 in-game seconds, their shells would travel 1.25x as fast as the current 18.1" shells do, and they would have a firepower of 5000.

I'd also add magazines, which hold around 200 ammo units and weigh 100 tons each block. Each time a gun fires, some ammo is drained. Magazines are 1x1x1 and are free. If magazines are hit the damage is 7x as much as normal, and each time a magazine is hit, it loses 1-100 ammo (depending on what hits it). An RFG would drain 1 unit from a magazine each time it fires, but something like a 16" gun might drain 20 or 30. When no more units are left, you can't shoot. There could also be torpedo magazines, as well as aviation ammunition storages, or aviation fuel storages.

Finally, I'd buff the darn missiles, because right now if an opponent fires about 20, it does. Nothing whatsoever.

BTW, I disagree with almost everything Louiz says here. I don't support boarding, as it isn't the 17th century, and being able to fly planes and so on means you can't control your ship, and it would be too hard to program into the game. As for the ship breaking apart, that is too hard to program and is very unrealistic, and better music is unessesary, the current marches are fine.

Posted on: Jun 26, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
PS: I don't support more codes. We don't want people to get too much good free stuff, or else it just takes away the fun of the early game. More drills will and are nice, of course.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2013

For a start, I would remove Yamsto from the drills, but it will remain in the shop and cost less.All the ships in the shop will cost what they are worth. Ships like Yamato and U-boat and stuff cost more than they are worth. Secondly, I would add a 20 km. shooting range to a gun that costs 250,000 resorces. I haven't come up with a name for it, though. It will have 3000 armor and 3500 toughness, and will 1 hit kill anything from drill 1-8. Overpowered? I think not.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
I think so. Very overpowered indeed; at least in theory. This game is meant to be realistic, at least to the extent a relatively low budget iOS game can be. I don't get why you'd remove the Yamato drill though; it's great for farming, although not as good as the Shinano level. The ships in the shop cost more because they are frowned upon. The game encourages original designs, and thus it tries to allow, but discourage buying unoriginal designs. Guns, in this, have a range around 1/3 of their real life range, more or less. 20km of range would mean a gun that shoots around 60km IRL. That gun would have to be huge. I'd say around 28" (71cm). Guns that big would only be able to shoot once every five minutes or so, which in practice, makes the gun quite useless.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2013

Answer from: Zan
I would put at least a part of a ship breaking off from a torpedo, and when it is broken off, it is able to damage you or another persons ship if they hit it. The music is fine with me, but could we have more of a range of it? AI helicopters could be programed into the game, but you shouldn't be able to control it (helicopters/planes/jets). And maybe another larger gun, around 5/10 cm bigger than the 46 cm.

Posted on: Jun 29, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
In real life, torpedoes didn't do that much damage directly. Their real trumph card was flooding. For this reason I think it'd be a bit strange to have parts of the underwater belt come off. Plus, any small pieces that did come off would fall to the bottom of the sea. Steel is denser than water. I'm all for the 51cm (20.1") gun, but not anything else that bigger than the 46cm (18.1') gun. This is because nobody used guns in between those sizes on ships. The only ships that used sizes between those aforementioned guns were only really on the drawing board (H-39 series). However, the Super Yamato would have had the 20.1' guns. That was final, and those guns are by far, more well known than others.

Posted on: Jun 30, 2013

Answer from: PrecipitASIAN
One thing that I would really want Phyzios to add in the next update is the ability to add more blocks to a ship because far too often, I find myself running into the same message over and over again: 'You can not add any more parts.' I realize that this was put into the game to prevent the construction of overly massive ships, and I understand that you can still create large vessels even with the existence of this rule. However, How much artistic and decorative detail can you really put into a ship if its hull takes up 90% of the blocks that you are allowed to add? I'm a very artistic guy and I know that decoration doesn't matter to some people, but to me and alot of other artistic builders it is an essential aspect to a creation based game. I'm not asking Phyzios to take away the block limit completely, but making it a little bigger would be very helpful when you're trying to create 'The World's Strongest Battleship'.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2013

Answer from: Ship 260
Here's what I want:

-Stronger Guns
-Decor that takes up less %
-Better sight up to 40km
-Ship breaks when it takes enough damage

BTW: I am not sure about Lagoe's idea about magazines because they woud take up some space and we would run out of ammo before taking down strong ships (hacked ships).

Posted on: Jul 1, 2013

Answer from: louiz
Yeah mags are bad but i would like jets and a better aircraftcarrier which comes fully equiped with planes pr jets and lahoe is true bits falling of are bad because it is battleship craft not battleship break

Posted on: Jul 1, 2013

Duel lvl 10 will remain,but will have a ship easier to beat.Also,I would add armored rudders.Why?Because after the real-life Bismarck sunk the british HMS Hood,about an hour or so later,it was attacked by british aircraft.But the doomed-from-the-start battleship was torpedoed in the only place it was weak-the rudder,which meant it had to move in one direction.towards the british fleet that sunk it.History lesson over(for now).Back on topic.Yamato will have a lvl 11 drill,offer 5 medals,and pay out 15,000 cash.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
To the guy above me. As I said before, a ship breaking apart is unrealistic, a ship very rarely will split in two, and that will only happen if the bow or stern in underwater and the other end is being lifted up out of the water.

One more thing. Why can't we have kamikazies? Possibly in the guise of a Judy, Val or Zero. They die to only two AA gun hits, and fly at 3/4 of normal speed. They do 17500 damage if they hit, and have a blast radius of 33m. I would likely make a cost of 75000 coins. The hard part would probably be the AI, but you could maybe modify some dive bomber AI and get it close enough to right.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2013

Answer from: The Real Lagoe
This is the real me again. To Budder, the DKM Bismarck was only crippled because it was an old WW1 hull design. This left many of the electronics exposed and the rudder was also easy to ruin. The Swordfish that attacked didn't break the rudder. It was jammed and because the Germans only used triple screw turbines, they were unable to stop turning in circles as HMS Rodney, HMS King Geroge V and a billion cruisers shot at it. How it was sunk is debated, some people claim torpedoes from a cruiser, while others claim it was scuttled. BTW that post with the DKM Bismarck lesson there is the real me. As for IJN Yamato paying out so much, simply, it shouldn't. It's quite easy to beat and making the reward higher means IJN Shinano also needs a boost in payout.

Posted on: Jul 2, 2013

Well I thought maybe all the pre-made ships(not including skeletons) will have thier own duel in the drills. Each will offer 3 medals and pay out 5,500 cash when defeated with a full 3 stars. I also would remove rare metals,so then, you won't have to spend real money on fighters and stuff. And as for that gun I mentained earlier,I will decrease range to 16.5 km,and will 1- hit kill 1-4.It will have 2 barrels and fire once every 45 in-game seconds.

Posted on: Jul 3, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
Rare metals = income. Without that, the game dies. I don't entirely like how the metal system works though. I think that a system where you can spend money to get bonuses is better. Things such as 10% more money from drills, or 5% more damage are things that could be implemented. This means that metal has a long term benefit, and I think is more appealing to the greedy eye.

I'm all for more drills, of course. I'd also MAYBE like to see some historical drills, such as DKM Bismarck and DKM Prinz Eugen vs HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales. Sadly tough, that's just a fantasy for me, because getting realistic stats for those vessels with the rather crummy physics engine the game has will be extremely difficult.

Posted on: Jul 4, 2013

Answer from: TRUE BUDDER!
I would aslo add identification numbers.If you name your ship after a real one,it will add the same identication numbers.For instance,the overpriced load of garbage they call USS Iowa would have the number 61 on the hull.So my flagship,The U.S.S. Missouri,will have the number 63 on the hull.My submarine,The U.S.S. Sampson,will have the number 102 on it.My cruiser,the Myoko,named after a japanese guided missle destroyer,will have the number 175.

Posted on: Jul 4, 2013

Answer from: FarCry3Rox
The problem with that is that there were multiple USS Iowas, muliple USS Enterprises etc.

Posted on: Jul 6, 2013

This is the real me. Well, If you name a ship that has multiple "copies," then a pop-up will let you see the numbers of all the "copies," and you can pick which number you want.Or you can just pick "random," and it will pick for you.And Lagoe,seriously,what are you?!?!A naval historian or somthing?!?!

Posted on: Jul 17, 2013

Answer from: Lagoe
I have, let's just say, I rather encyclopedic knowledge of naval thingy-majigs. BTW I'm still using 3G.

Anyway, I have another suggestion, dual purpose guns. There would be several sizes of these (4", 5", 6") in twin turrets and they would all be 2x2x1 in size. Right now we only have a single dual purpose gun, and it isn't quite what was used in WW2. As of now I'm not going to give exact stats, but the 4" gun could aim 90 degrees up in the air, 75 for the 5", and 50 for the 6". All these guns would cost 25000 and would have light armor (25/45/100 toughness and armor from 4" to 6"). The 4" gun would be the most accurate, but wouldn't be as good against other ships, and can't destroy planes in a single blast. The 5" gun would be slightly less accurate and fire much more slowly, and still be mediocre against ships, but would be able to destroy planes in a single hit. The 6"gun would be able to engage other small surface ships easily enough, but would have limited AA potential due to it's slow rate of fire (relatively). The guns would have a range of 3.3km (4"), 4.2km (5") and 6km (6"). Their respective rate of fires would be one shell every five seconds (4"), one shell every eight seconds (5") and then one shell every ten seconds (6"). Their weights would be about equivilent to their non-dual purpose cousins (15cm gun for 6", 12.7cm gun for 5", and around ten tons for the 4"). All these guns have an AA range of 2.3km. They behave so that when aircraft come into this range, they will shoot at the aircraft (they will aim, unlike the 25mm AA guns). However, even if there are still aircraft to shoot down, if the player decides to shoot at a ship, the dual purpose guns will fire at the ship. Player aiming (at ships) overrides A.I. aiming at planes in this case.

TL;DR: Dual purpose guns!
Oh wait, forgot something. The 4" gun should be 1x1x1, not 2x2x1.

Posted on: Jul 18, 2013

Answer from: Medic
So, i would have:

- the ships breaking apart when killed/sunk
- mele wepons
- automated wepons( premade or add on)
- upgrade wepons

They could even make a new "aircraft craft" game

Posted on: Sep 2, 2013
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