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Boxshot & Details
Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House
  • Developer: Last Day Of Work
  • Publisher: Last Day Of Work
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Dec 6, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set

Question & Answers

Favourite virtual people?

Hi does anyone else have a favourite virtual person, they could be from a past generation or in your current one. My favourite virtual person is this cute rainbow haired girl called Spell I had a long time ago. She was an orphan that arrived on my doorstep and was just a sweet little angel all her life. Sadly tho she died when she was a teen from starvation :(

Green bean, Jul 28, 2019

Answer from: Vf2 player
My favourite virtual peep is the one in my current generation called Cookie. I love her cuz first of all Cookie is a rlly cute name in my opinion second she is very pretty with short wavy brown hair a cute red headband and big blue eyes and also cuz she is a really kind, caring mum to her 3 kids: Eva, Capadocia and Prisma. Also I'm sorry Spell died when she was only in her teens :(

Posted on: Jul 29, 2019

Answer from: Purple Pikachu
I'm only on my second generation but my favourite virtual people so far are Tiny and her Mum Carrera from my first generation who both had curly blonde hair. I thought that was kind of cute because it looked like they were actually related. I'm a bit sad tho as Tiny died yesterday of old age, even though their not real I actually sort of miss them when they die :( .

Posted on: Jul 29, 2019

Answer from: Anonymous
I love my triplets I have at the moment who have blue eyes and long blonde hair. Their names are Frankie, Vulcano and Droopy. They're my first ever triplets after even tho I've had virtual Families for almost a year now.

Posted on: Jul 29, 2019

Answer from: Jz
I'm currently on generation 8 I have two fav people Zappa from generation 1 and Lilly from generation 6

Posted on: Jul 29, 2019

Answer from: Tigers
So sad ye my fav is a girl called Pixle and she hasn't come back from boarding school yet and she is 24!

Posted on: Jul 29, 2019

Answer from: April Gamer
I'm on my second gen and here r my favourite from each gen: First:Uffa (Inherited house) Second:Blondie(looks like mum so my fav)

Posted on: Jul 31, 2019

Answer from: LunaMoon
My favorite was Bitmap (weird name right?). She had purple hair with a silver headband. She had SEVEN kids with her husband (I forgot his name). She was a blogger which was really cool. I was devastated when she died, but hey, it has to happen in the game.

Posted on: Aug 4, 2019

Answer from: RedFlame
My favorite person is a girl named Zodiac who is in my current family. She is the second youngest (out of 6 children) and she has short, black curly hair and dark brown eyes. She is 6 years old and she's my favorite because she never does anything bad and she does lots of chores without me having to tell her to. (:

Posted on: Aug 5, 2019

Answer from: FireMelon
My favorite was Diskette, she had a rainbow hair!1! With cute green eyes, she was the only child that never misbehaves and I rarely get daughters in the game so naturally she becomes my fav and inherited the house :3

Posted on: Aug 5, 2019

Answer from: Giggles
My favorite was Wizzy, the first person I ever had. She had beautiful green eyes and curly brown hair. I pretended that her full name was Wisdom. I accidentally evicted her because I didn't know what the button would do. *sobs* Her son's name was Duke and he was the most well behaved child I've ever seen.

Posted on: Aug 5, 2019

Answer from: Angel Cake
My favourite child was Meteora she was sent away as a child to a talent agency when she was twelve! She was the youngest of six children, all boys so I really missed her when she left! I chose her for my new family then she had six kids, four girls, two boys! She was so cute, blonde plaits and she was the highest level career I have probably ever got! Wow! She is just so amazing! I miss her so, so much right now! I can't even have another blonde plait girl without thinking of her nooo!

Posted on: Aug 6, 2019

Answer from: Midnight Dragon
I don't remember all my generations but my favorite person from this generation is Bliss the mom who is so caring and really good at taking care of her 5 kids and Frostie who is the oldest of 5, Frostie has rainbow hair and lastly Maddie who is just an angel and really pretty!

Posted on: Aug 10, 2019

Answer from: Julia
My favorite person was a girl named Katola. I had her about two years ago, but not on my same game (I restarted my game). Katola had long, caramel hair and icy-blue eyes. She was the eldest, she wore a white dress with vivid-purple horizontal stripes. She was mature, confident and helpful. She had five other wonderful siblings (she was part of my All Time Favorite Family) and two great, supportive parents who guided her through her dream: music. She played the piano a lot, brightening the home and sang and played guitar and drums. She took good care of her younger siblings. I loved her very much and miss her and her family so badly!

Posted on: Aug 11, 2019

Answer from: ShmoneyGirl. x
My family consists of 4 children and my 2 faves are; Bengu(eldest boy) who is very well behaved with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. He is the first child Ive ever had. I also have Akella(the youngest girl) who have glossy, short red hair(the same colour as Fabbeta, THE MOM). She is cute and playful and is always working hard but also a bit of a wild streak. I dont know who I should pass the generation onto tho...

Posted on: Aug 12, 2019

Answer from: ShmoneyGirl. x
UPDATE: My family now has 6 children and 8 peeps altogether. Yesterday, Fabbeta and Balory,[The parents] had 2 more kids at the great ages of 47 and 48, a well-known miracle. They ended up having 2 children, Metro(8) and Paulino(6). Metro's not exactly what you would call 'the amazing-looking' Vf2 kid but his antics are adorable and so puppy-playful. Paulino looks just like Balory but has red hair dye and bright crimson glasses. He is angelic and hardly does anything to make me scold him for. There is one problem though, he is frequently on low energy. What do I do? Ive only starte playing this game 3 days ago so Im not too great on the technicalities. Im not sure who is my fave now... Thanks for reading! ~ShmoneyGirl.

Posted on: Aug 13, 2019

Answer from: April Gamer
Update! Uffa passed away (Im going away soon,I wanted to play with her on the plane) and I picked Blondie! She maybe wants kids and is married and has a baby!

Posted on: Aug 15, 2019

Answer from: ShmoneyGirl. x
UPDATE! I chose Akella after Fabetta died and she maybe wants kids. Later, she accepted her second proposal by a handsome, freckled red-head called Marcozo, yesterday. She ended up having Frania a pretty diva who looks just like Fabetta. When Frania was 4, she ended up gaining a little, sweet brother whom she now loves to play train with. Her brother is called Francur{Yes, I know, very similar names!}. Francur is the first peep in my game to have black hair but seeing as Im only on my 2nd generation, I probably have loads more peeps with black hair to come.{I was gonna say black-head as in someone who has black hair like Red-head, but of course that just sounded SO wrong!} THANKS FOR READING! ~ShmoneyGirl.

Posted on: Aug 15, 2019

Answer from: Ruby
My two fave characters ever was a girl called City (weird name but I pretended it was short for felicity) and she had lovely blue eyes, straight, vibrant purple hair and a pretty silver hair band. She liked roses and bread, and was in the fifth gen. City had an older brother, Gepono then an older sister, Montana, another brother called Gepetto (I guess their parents, baletto and utopia liked the start "gep" for boys) and then another sister bijou. City also had another sister Stella.

My other fave was called baci, and she was the first one I ever adopted and because I'd just downloaded the game I was super picky. She had really pretty rainbow hair (I was heart broken when it turned grey) and she married the quite handsome Ice (black hair, black eyes), and had the super hot Frania (green eyes and blonde hair) So yeah those are my faves

Posted on: Aug 17, 2019

Answer from: Goodies
Max. A twin from the first generation, very well behaved, made a lot of money from his career when he started the 2nd generation.. his children are now in control of 3rd. Max had glasses brown scruffy hair and a yellow jacket with brown pants. Was 3rd youngest as a child and that's it.

Posted on: Aug 23, 2019

Answer from: April Gamer
Update 2 Blondie passed away and I picked the third child(Roxy) she has three children and refuses to have more so I guess I should keep trying and adopt!

Posted on: Aug 26, 2019

Answer from: Birds4life
Tino he is a very well behaved 7 year old from the second generation

Posted on: Sep 18, 2019

Answer from: VF2 NOOB/EXPERT
My favorite character was from my first generation from my first time on the game (I got to 4-5 gens then evicted and I'm on my 1rst gen currently) I had a mom (I can't remember her name) but she had a daughter who was so sweet named Trisha(lia or lili idk) she's was my first kid super sweet but I sent her to boarding school on accident...I had 4-6 something kids but I picked Trisha to take over. BTW I always give the charcters nicknames because I usaully don't know how to pronounce their given ones...

Posted on: Oct 9, 2019

Answer from: Ellie
Sorry about Spell. :( My favorite person is an old man (the dad) in my current generation. He's 52 and his name is Idol. I love him so much because he is always so positive and he's so helpful to the family.

Posted on: Oct 12, 2019

Answer from: SisterCat
Sampi has to be my favorite. She was a coffee blender. She dad long orange hair with a blue headband, she wore a yellow top with a green skirt, her shoes were also green. She was very kind, but she died from old age :(

Posted on: Oct 13, 2019

Answer from: BlizzardinVF2
My favorite person was on my other Virtual Families 2. Sadly, I accidentally deleted the game when she was only nine! Her name was Bijou, SUPER pretty with blonde hair and seriously startling green eyes(every time I looked at them I was surprised!). She was also very well-behaved, unlike her sister Bitmap, who always hid. Bijou kept feeling a bit lonely when I sent Bitmap to boarding school at six. I still miss and still feel bad for her.

Posted on: Oct 27, 2019

Answer from: VF2's blizzard
My favorite person in my Virtual Families 2 is Samba, who I currently have. She is so cute and has brown hair and brown eyes, with a brave expression! Samba is very well-behaved, never hides, bangs dishes, plays in the toilet, or others. She reads, plays, watches TV, and does chores appropriately! I love her!

Posted on: Oct 28, 2019

Answer from: Cool girls
Tiny she has Brown hair in a bun with glasses and she is so cute! I literally love her right now she is 8.

Posted on: Nov 2, 2019

Answer from: Kiki
I've got so many favourite kids! Some I had recently was Atlas who had auburn hair in a bob and gold earrings. She was found on the doorstep when the dad (Amaretto) was still single. Eventually Amaretto married Rubella (but he got two marriage proposals from identical people) and they had Max, and then Meteora. Meteora had long black hair and green eyes and was so nice to her older siblings.

I thought that Amaretto and Rubella wouldn't have anymore children as they were well into their forties, but when they were 44 and 46, I had them try for a baby. I didn't think it would work because of their age, but they had twins who had short brown hair and dark eyes and lipstick (they were called Lutetia and Atara).

I looked at the other entries for this page and it's really strange bc my sixth child (born when they were 49 and 51) looked exactly like the first one that @Ruby mentioned: a girl called City with long purple hair, a silver hairband and blue eyes.

Strange coincidence I guess!

Posted on: Dec 23, 2019
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