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Boxshot & Details
Inotia 3: Children Of Carnia
  • Developer: Com2us
  • Publisher: Com2us
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Jan 6, 2011
  • ESRB: Not Set

Question & Answers

God of darkness (inotia3)

How do i beat the god of darkness(lvl45) im level 41 but he ass every time i attempt him

bryon, Jul 24, 2011
Answers (Closed)

Answer from: Mike
Kill the grasp that takes your partner's and run like hell from the doppleganger's that come when you have him at 1/3 health. they explode after a couple seconds and hit 1500+. use biggest pots possible and use them at 1/2 health, make sure you have a templar and probably a preist and control one to control the healing. heal with priest/templar as soon as skill is available. i beat him with 43 templar, 39 barbarian, and 42 arch-mage. took me a couple of tries though. i also used a rage potion... wow! took him from full health to half in the time the potion lasted. was a piece of cake after that. also, if your heals are out and your alt char is about to die, you can switch them out for someone else mid battle. so have a back-up char with good equipment to throw in if someone is about to die.

Posted on: Aug 10, 2011

Answer from: Pururu
Use a good combination character, i beat it with lv.43 arc-mage , lv42 priest , lv41 templar...

i use the life potion (m) that restores both mana and hp... it's still hard, but you can try to running around with the priest and using her bottom left skill (invisible for several seconds) so that will spare your lifetime while waiting the potion to recharge... the first 1/3 was quite short and easy, but the next one was very hard... control your priest and focusing on healing and maintain party health, let the arc-mage summon golem, at least learn whole skill one, and maintain on ones that fix with your play style... after that, you just used the combination of, heal--invicible shield skill--potions--and healing+defensive skill from your templar... quite hard in controlling the situations since it's hard to keep the arc-mage alive...

last tips if one of your party member dead, you can resurrect him and wait until he is really revived that used the health potion (l) immediately... but before you resurrect him, make sure your potion gauge is on ready to use...

Posted on: Nov 9, 2011

Answer from: azenith0902
I beat god of darkness couple of times using this characters, barbarian, priest, and templar.. best combo, templar and barbarian for tanker and priest for support, bring a lot of pots for backup..

Posted on: Jan 27, 2012

Answer from: jhakee
I lost a couple of times on the god of darkness then when i try to fight him again the portal is missing?? what happen??

Posted on: Mar 2, 2012

Answer from: dragonjahng2000
You need lucio-archmage ameli-priest and you need ada(arch mage), and not kuntu. ada can summon golem so you will probably have more atk strenth than when you use a kuntu, a barbarian. and also, you can't kill the god of darkness untill you reach level 50 or more.

Posted on: Mar 29, 2012

Answer from: birdman
I beat him at level 42 with no one else above 39 except for a barbarian i created before the battle. just use ur big attacts of the black thing that grabs one of u and keep alot of ressurection spells and healing potions. watch your characters health and switch them out when they get low. it makes things alot easier just b smart

Posted on: Apr 1, 2012

Answer from: Shadow Master
First, you have to buy 99 xl health and mana potions. combone them all to make 99 life potion xl. once you have them, make sure you have a good equipped mercenary in the party menu. they will help if someone dies during the battle. for characters, you need lucio-arch mage, ada(archmage), and a priest(ameli) to start. if ameli dies, replace it with a haldeit or a templar that has powerful skills of healing. if ada dies, replace it with juan(arrow shower and you can unlock group stealth from awakening emblem. very rare though.) you can use group stealth for the time to replenish health. if haldeit or juan dies, you can use a resurrection scroll or candace. you must destroy the spirit snare that disables your party member. destroy it soon as possible because during that time, the god shoots dark pulse, which does 100% damage more than usual. if lucio dies use resurrection scroll. try to use holy ground ability with ameli. the weirdo that appears at the god's 25% health, you either: run like hell, or score 1500+ damage. try using rage, defense, strenth, and invisibility potions, too. they help you a lot.(seriously) with these help, it should be easy.

Posted on: Apr 4, 2012

Answer from: dddddd
I beat him with:
lucio-arch mage-lvl 43
ameli-priest-lvl 42
ada-archmage-lvl 42

make sure you have life potions instesd of health, since they replenish both hp and mp. If he summons the inner darkness(clone of your party) focus on one of them. even killing one will blow all three of them up. Before he activates the spirit shackles, your pots should be ready. because when he does so, he sends dark pulse instead of regular tentacles which increases dmdages from: 340~380 to 650~750.

Posted on: Apr 11, 2012

Answer from: juanca
Actually i used lucio level 41 templar level 34 and barbarian level 40 i just had a lot of resurrection scrolls and healing potion. Everytime i was running low on life id hit the life potion. 2 barbarians with the tornado attack is really fun and easy to kill a lot of enemies with. Anyhow it wasnt as hard as i though.

Posted on: Jun 29, 2012

Answer from: Inotia333
First time, I fought him with 41Rogue/40Priest/40AM. Got owned. Then I tried 41Rogue/40Priest/39SH. Got owned again. Figured it was because I only had like 5 health pots and 2 res scrolls. I went all the way back to Crene, which isn't all that far, to stock up on Health Pots and Scrolls. Tried it again with the Rogue/Priest/AM and was still getting owned. Then I decided to level up some.
Now my party is 45Rogue/44Priest/44AM. First time with this new level, had GoD to about a tiny dot on the health bar. Thought I had him, but my whole party died. So close! and time, failed in less than 2 minutes. 3rd time was a charm, following what you guys posted. At the start of the fight, GoD uses the tentacle trap. Immediately back away from GoD and start using all my strongest attacks on the tentacles. I use a Rage Potions (attack speed) right away. Once the tentacles were defeated, I go for GoD himself. I use a Strength Potion and start attacking his a55. He summons the tentacle trap again and I do the same thing as before. By the time the 2nd tentacle trap is killed and I'm attacking GoD directly, he is already at %25. He starts to send out clones of the party, but I use a Defense Potion and Strength Potion and kill him off. During the whole process, I used a couple health pots and resurrection scrolls.

My advice is just to be smart about it. Be aware of your health bar. You have two sources of health: Health Pots and Skill. Make sure to always have at least one source available at all times.

Posted on: Aug 5, 2012

Answer from: Mickey123
I use Lucio and other two partners to defeat God of darkness and at the same time Lucio and God of darkness die. And when I try again the portal was gone what happen?

Posted on: Aug 12, 2012

Answer from: Alan
I just beat this boss using Lucio - level 43 barbarian, Ada - level 40 arch mage and Haldiet - level 38 templar. I upgraded templar's shield and set it to high priority. I also set Ada's golem to high priority and leveled it up to level 15. Then I was just spamming attacks with Lucio the entire time. Similar to what people said above, I simply just focused all my attacks on the target and switched to kill the shackles when they appeared. I used 3 strength potions, 1 rage potion throughout the fight. I just used a pot whenever I got below half health. When one character died, I simply used a resurrection scroll and then immediately gave him a pot to recover most of his HP. Just rinse and repeat.

Posted on: Aug 21, 2012

Answer from: soulstealer
I defeated it using these:
Lvl41 Lucio (templar)
Lvl39 Amelia (priest)
Lvl38 Candace (rogue)

And i used quite many items possible:
2 rage potions
2 strength potions
10 big bottles of potion (mana and the red potion xD ) *forgot the name
7 medium sized bottlesof potion ( same as above )
5 small bottles of potion (same of above of above XD )
10 resurrection scrolls

Weapons and armory may vary

Hope i helped :D

Posted on: Sep 18, 2012

Answer from: BEAST
I beat him with lucio barbarian lvl 44, candance rogue lvl 43, and ameli priest lv 42. I tried him once and failed and just lvled couple of lvls to get it over with candace is beast DPS also is lucio as barbarian :D

Posted on: Sep 22, 2012

Answer from: inky
Lucio rogue 43 + merc rogue 43 + merc priest 43. Actually, no problems. I bought arond 50 big healing potions and many scrolls of resurection. Also i had 2x"ResurectAll with full HP and mana". Then i just killed him. Took 1 RA, ~20 res scrolls, ~30 big healing potions. Rogues - hard damage dealers, can do up to 1k with critical assasinate. Priest... Just priest - heal+hammer+arrows. Probably, invulnberaluty for group from priest will help you to heal comfortably.

Posted on: Feb 19, 2013

Answer from: ...j
I beat the god of darkness when i was still at lvl 40 flat, i stacked 99x large health potions and 99x ressurection scrolls, i used kuntu and ameli as party members and usually the god of darkness only casts spirit snares on ameli only because im guessing because shes the only long ranged ones soooo. My advice is just nevermind the doppelgangers in mid-fight and focus on killing the god of darkness.

Posted on: Oct 4, 2013
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