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Boxshot & Details
The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North
  • Developer: Snowblind Studios
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Nov 1, 2011
  • ESRB: Mature

Question & Answers

Stuck siege of nordinbad

Any good strategies on how to stop the 2 trolls from tearing down the inner door? sometimes ill be busy attacking one and the other goes up the other staircase and destroys the door before i even get up the stairs.

john, Nov 4, 2011
Answers (Closed)

Answer from: park
Use the dwarf and make sure you have the abilities that make enemies attack you when you use warcry. when the level starts run up the steps and whenever the trolls start to head for the door use warcry and they will come after you. this is the only way i got through it

Posted on: Nov 6, 2011

Answer from: ihatetrolls
Yeah its hard to do because your teammates don't help you at all. ive been stuck on it for hours now and the most ive done is kill one troll, but as soon as he's dead, the other goes straight for the door and u cant stop him in time because he doesnt even pay you any mind. its bullshit

Posted on: Nov 6, 2011

Answer from: demon
Yea i tried to pass it with 2 other player like 10 times and it just seemed impossible the i gave up on this game its a shame tho it was really fun

Posted on: Nov 7, 2011

Answer from: Jasper
It's not that hard. my brother and i did it with just andriel and eradan. we succeeded after 5 tries. attack the trolls as soon as possible.

Posted on: Nov 11, 2011

Answer from: imthebest
The easiest way to defeat the trolls is with the drawf's exploding arrows skill. me and my friend killed both trolls and the champion in under 40 secs thanks to that skill.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2011

Answer from: umad?
U should keep one troll at bay at least (i prefer the one coming from left) one does not start breaking before other arrives (at least it what happens to me while playing) after you kill one troll downstairs kill some minions for a better breathing space then distract one at the door and then quickly avoid his smashes and use heavy attacks and explosive arrows or such if u have

Posted on: Nov 25, 2011

Answer from: jamfenelon
Use the turrets and blast through the hoards when the towers apear blast them to peices and to deal with the trolls use farins war cry to get he attention of the orc army

Posted on: Jul 27, 2012

Answer from: ThisGameIsAwful
Best bet is to start over your entire game from scratch. The troll glitch only works about 30% of the time, and even if you get lucky and get a glitched troll standing at the door waiting while you clear the rest of the map, as soon as you get near him he starts bashing the door. There is no way to pull aggro if this happens, even the dwarf skill that does nothing but pull ag will not pull that troll off the door. I've tried it about 100 times now and if anyone says it works they are lying to you, for some reason troll ag does not work the same on this level as it does on any other level. Once they are on that door, they are on that door, and your only chance is to kill them before they kill the door. Really the only way to clear this is to grind for uber items, get yourself way over-leveled, and build a character like that one guy who's bragging about basically 2 shotting the trolls.

The most ridiculous thing about this is that those dwarves stood for hours or maybe even days against this siege, but if one troll gets in we just give up the battle? Those dwarves can't handle one troll that has like 60% health? Those guys should love it if all they have to deal with is half a troll, what a bunch of jerks. Note to developers: uh, maybe code saving into your RPG, and add difficulty some other way besides flat out cheating and pretending I have no agro skills?

Posted on: Aug 5, 2012

Answer from: Awesomeness
Ok guys this might sound a little stupid but it works. Before we go any further note that this only works on the pc version. So once the trolls come press the start button (little windows thing) and wait about 5 minutes. Then comeback to your computer and pull the game back up. Run up to the door and one troll should be dead and the other one will only take a few hits. Sounds ridiculous but it works.

Posted on: Aug 6, 2012

Answer from: Orc Slayer
I just played as eradan and stuck a load of arrows in his head and went up to the one by the door and did the same - if u hit them at the door they wont break it down

Posted on: Aug 24, 2012

Answer from: Troll Hunter
Best bet is warcry with farin as soon as its the trolls part of siege get your skills up u need just five really and three are at the top the other two skills u need is the enemy comes after u part of warcry which is on the middle row of the war cry section i think. the other is the Lt+x[xbox] L2+square[ps3] the explosive bolt if u using warcry when they go to the doors and lead back down the stairs and start killing with ur skills note: have good armour and weapons for farin it will take less time also if u think eradan will kill both before the door is gone try it and find out that farin is pretty much ur only option unless u are like on level 40 on normal diffculty then u would probably mange easy with any character i did it with farin on level 20 with the best axe at the dwarven place. i found the hammer urgost gave me crap so i put the mithril on the axe ps mithril located near the start of gundabad mission first cave u need farin to break a wall

Posted on: Aug 30, 2012

Answer from: Titan
Hello, I also had a hard time with those two trolls but found a way to defeat them. This worked on the Xbox 360, dont know about other consoles. I used Farin.

1. When the trolls come, roll quickly to the one in the back and hit it a couple times. This will avoid the troll in the back to take the right stairs and go and break the door immediately.
2. Roll back immediately to your starting position and hit the trolls a couple times there. Use rolling and hit, rolling and hit.
3. The trolls will finally get the door. When they both are close, don't try to hit them at all, just run around and stay behind the column in your left. You will be able to see the trolls there. If any of them starts hitting the door, you better start again it's too late.
4. Believe it or not, after around 5 minutes, one of the trolls will just fall death. If there are humans coming while you wait, defeat them. Great way to defeat humans is defending yourself with LB + RB and then attacking with X while holding your defense.
5. After one troll is down, wait a bit, the other two guys will come and help you. Never attack the troll while is on the door, if he starts breaking the door, it is too late.
6. The guys will start shooting on distance to the troll, stand in front of the troll and when he comes towards you away from the door, hit him your best.
7. If he goes back to the door, only attack on distance never get too close, never hit him directly, he will come back to you.
This will work to kill the trolls, now get ready for the Orc Captain you may be in troubles again and looking for more help as I did

Posted on: Sep 3, 2012

Answer from: swimstar13
Best idea - after yelling at my TV for hours trying to beat it just give up all together and restart the entire game so that the dwarf has the war cry otherwise you will just be like me and be as angry as hell you just put in to it 5-6 quality hours only to realize you can't get past this one part cause your team mates are retards and stand there while you have to do everything.

Its a shame - the game was so good and yet they put some flaws in...and well making a flaw that makes you not want to play the game at all cause you can't get past a level - well its just not worth it - no one should have to go through the suffering when its just too damn difficult

Posted on: Dec 25, 2012

Answer from: rastajunior11
I played through with eradan and beat the trolls, you have to use as many skills as possible, the ranger strike, charged arrow, and the stun arrow. it also helps if you have a sword with fire damage and deep wound damage. but like others before me you have to put as many arrows into their heads as possible and when they come close dodge and attack with as many heavy hits as you can. once one is dead hit down on the d-pad to ask your teammates to defend and then the last troll is all yours with no distractions and just use as many skills on him as you can. make sure you have lots of health potions and power potions.

Posted on: Feb 15, 2013

Answer from: Joey
Don't engage the trolls at all. Stay on the lower steps and fight the minions until there are none left. After five minutes one of the trolls will just die. If you don not hit them in front of the doors they won't hit the doors. be Farin if possible and draw the last troll out with the Warcry skill. Second Troll should be easy enough. Watch out for Orc captain who comes out immediatly tho

Posted on: Feb 18, 2013

Answer from: Im Better
Be at the front gate when they appear and just keep attacking them until they are dead. They shouldnt be able to get away because when you attack them they turn around. At least for me they do. Never had to try more than once. :)

Posted on: Mar 15, 2013

Answer from: sjtcat
Not hitting the trolls at the door is key. You can shoot them, but don't hit them.

Posted on: Mar 22, 2013

Answer from: Shandril
After many times restarting over because I used andriel I finally did it in 2 min after reading these posts. I did a combo of stuff. I am on ps3 btw. I kept attacking the one troll and ignored the other. If he tried to get up the stairs I just kept attacking any way possible until he was dead. I didn't go upstairs then, I just kept killing all the minions until none were left but the one troll upstairs go btw did not attack the door the entire time. Then I went upstairs and just kept shooting at him to draw him away from the door and I was able to kill him fairly easy. The trick is do not attack at the door, use stave or bow or whatever attack that keeps u away fom the door and he will ignore the door. So frustrated I never got this before.

Posted on: Aug 7, 2013

Answer from: Gottabekidding
All those people saying they won't attack the door unless you attack them at the door- not true. i stayed down stairs while one of the trolls was up there and he still attacked the door. There is no way i can complete this level as Andriel.

Posted on: Oct 22, 2013

Answer from: Thislevelsucks
You do not have to re-start the game to get the dwarfs skills. Once you swap characters after exiting the game and loading the game again he will have all his skill points, all you have to do is spend them. still doesn't seem to be working at drawing the troll away though.

Posted on: Oct 22, 2013

Answer from: Fatty Bolger
I could not get through this part first time, even after reading these tips. Had to start again. Second time round I did the Mount Gundabad level about 4 times to level up to level 20. By that time I also had about 50 health potions. I also picked up the very capable sword 'Grimstoke' which helped a lot. These made it easy!

Posted on: Feb 9, 2014

Answer from: Ktgmike
"Ok guys this might sound a little stupid but it works. Before we go any further note that this only works on the pc version. So once the trolls come press the start button (little windows thing) and wait about 5 minutes. Then comeback to your computer and pull the game back up. Run up to the door and one troll should be dead and the other one will only take a few hits. Sounds ridiculous but it works." Perfectly worked for me!

Posted on: Feb 15, 2014

Answer from: BunnyFatale
People kept saying to use Warcry and in my game it didn't work! One troll would aggro to me and the other would ignore me and keep running right to the door, often ignoring my attacks unless I was right on top of him at the door. It took like 10x trying, but finally I had them both on me AT the door though. With a lot of dodging and heavy strikes, I got both down. None of anyone's suggestions here helped because one troll would constantly ignore me to go right to the door no matter what. If you hit him before, he'd knock you down and take off again. A very broken fight sequence in an otherwise good game. You definitely need the dwarf as the main here though, I've been using him most of the game because he's the strongest Melee.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2014

Answer from: Ashwee
I played as Andriel. When the trolls attack let them go to the door and dont attack them. Wait and fight the others then go to the trolls. One of the trolls will die easily and the other will go to the door but as long as you attack it and draw it away it will be fine.

Posted on: Jun 6, 2014
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